Please, before you cite HIPA as prohibiting something, please actually read the law

I am always amazed when people cite laws that they have never read, or even read any scholarly articles about.  HIPA is one of these. 2,000 pages of gobbledy gook, and all it says is that insurance companies can share information.  Interpreted at its best, that means that the insurance companies can spot fraud easier (I’m not talking fraud by patients, but fraud by doctors and 3rd party service providers). Got that.  But what it was really intended for was to deny people coverage or claims (pre-existing condition), despite the fact that a denial of health care for pre-existing condition is illegal in most states now, the insurance companies do it.  I hear complaints and my husband and I even applied for insurance and they denied him based upon his sleep machine (CPAP), etc.  Nothing major, but here we have a top 10 insurance company denying coverage or making it astronomical under “preexisting condition” which was outlawed in Illinois years ago.

Please take a look at the below and understand HIPA does NOT protect patient privacy with respect to 3rd parties, only insurance companies.  And it’s a DISCLOSURE law, not a patient secrecy law or patient’s rights law.

Accordingly, no one can sue under HIPA for medical information disclosure.  At least not in Illinois, far as I can find on Fastcase.

The Illinois Supreme Court has recognized the tort of “intrusion upon seclusion” which requires 1) an unauthorized disclosure of private information 2) in a manner which would be considered outrageous.  This means the neighbor breaking into your home and rifling through your private papers, or someone hacking your computer (tho this may be covered under cyber hacking laws, federal and state).

Read on and rest assured that under HIPA all your insurance companies, past, present and future, now know all about you. Are they covered under HIPA?  Yes.  Can they disclose except to other insurance companies.  NO.  Can you sue them if they do disclose under HIPA?  NO.  In 2,000 pages of gobbledy gook, there is no remedy for violation of the statute, so that means if you are wronged or harmed (lose your job, your reputation, your clients) because someone discloses something like you have a lot of abortions, have an STD, whatever, you can’t sue unless another law provides a remedy.

Hipaa’s Use as Code of Silence Often Misinterprets the Law


Credit Shannon May

How do people use, misuse or abuse Hipaa, the federal regulations protecting patients’ confidential health information? Let us count the ways:
■ Last month, in a continuing care retirement community in Ithaca, N.Y., Helen Wyvill, 72, noticed that a friend hadn’t shown up for their regular swim. She wasn’t in her apartment, either.
Had she gone to a hospital? Could friends visit or call? Was anyone taking care of the dog?
Questions to the staff brought a familiar nonresponse: Nobody could provide any information because of Hipaa.
“The administration says they have to abide by the law, blah, blah,” Ms. Wyvill said. “They won’t even tell you if somebody has died.”
■ Years ago, Patricia Gross, then 56, and a close friend had taken refuge in a cafe at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, where Ms. Gross’s husband was dying of cancer. She was lamenting his inadequately treated pain and her own distress when a woman seated at a nearby table walked over.
“She told me how very improper it was to be discussing the details of a patient’s treatment in public and that it was a Hipaa violation,” Ms. Gross recalled.
■ In 2012, Ericka Gray repeatedly phoned the emergency room at York Hospital in York, Pa., where her 85-year-old mother had gone after days of back pain, to alert the staff to her medical history. “They refused to take the information, citing Hipaa,” said Ms. Gray, who was in Chicago on a business trip.
“I’m not trying to get any information. I’m trying to give you information,” Ms. Gray told them, adding that because her mother’s memory was impaired, she couldn’t supply the crucial facts, like medication allergies.
By the time Ms. Gray found a nurse willing to listen, hours later, her mother had already been prescribed a drug she was allergic to. Fortunately, the staff hadn’t administered it yet.
Each scenario, attorneys say, involves a misinterpretation of the privacy rules created under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. “It’s become an all-purpose excuse for things people don’t want to talk about,” said Carol Levine, director of the United Hospital Fund’s Families and Health Care Project, which has published a Hipaa guide for family caregivers.

Stop Court Crimes organization in California reporting rampant corrutpion in San Francisco

Apparently a number of scandals have rocked the San Francisco/Marin Valley court system, and the string of corrupt court decisions has been endless.

It is also reported that Orange County recently underwent a sting operation for traffic ticket fixing.

While everything was blamed on one lone clerk, it is hard to believe that thousands of cases were “fixed” and only one person was involved and knew what was going on.


Probate court is where our mothers and fathers life savings are stolen by lawyers and judges who legally steal the victims homes, life saving and possessions by liquidating them in sales and absorbing them in huge legal fees. Think about this, one lawyer at $350 -$500 an hour can reduce hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months. Much of those legal bills are for needless legal actions or
time. Its ambulance chasing at best and legal murder at worst where they legally,
isolate, medicate and liquidate the victims entire life savings.

From Ken Ditkowsky–time for an HONEST investigation now that Mary is Dead, Narcoticized to death

To: “” <>, Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, Probate Sharks <>, Tim NASGA <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Nasga Us <>, Chicago FBI <>, Bev Cooper <>, Janet Phelan <>, KRISTI HOOD <>, Chicago Tribune <>, FOX News Network LLC <>, “” <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, BILL DITKOWSKY <>, SUNTIMES <>, Fiduciary Watch <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>
Cc: Diane Nash <>, Ginny Johnson <>, Cook County States Attorney <>, “Y. ACLU” <>, AARP Inc <>, Scott Evans <>, Edward Carter <>, Candice Schwager <>, Glenda Martinez <>, RosANNa Miller <>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC” <>, Illinois ARDC <>, Barbara Stone <>, Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik <>, Jay Goldman <>, “” <>, Alyece Russell <>, Tom Fields <>, Ronald Walker <>, Sylvia Rudek <>, Eric Blair <>, Cook Sheriff <>, Elaine Renoire <>, Nancy Vallone <>, Len Holland <>, Mary Richards <>, Janet Phelan <>, Martin Kozak <>, ACLU of Illinois <>, John Howard Wyman <>
Subject: I’ve asked the Neo-Nazis to remove me from their mailing list! I discovered that they are impotent and irrelevant –
Date: Jul 25, 2015 6:01 AM
In a democracy each faction whether to the right or the left of center is entitled to fully air their views including but not limited to opinions and hopes that are anti-social, racist, ethnically unacceptable and those that are patently vile.    Laws however prohibit the acting out of many of these miscreant positions.   Or at least we believed that was the situation.
A group of Neo-Nazis (National Socialists) has been writing me and spreading their vile and venal doctrines.     I’ve tried to get off their list and have been unsuccessful.    Their e-mails flow like water polluting my mail box.   However, as I review their product it has occurred to me that what they (the Neo-Nazis) is exactly what the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission under the administration of Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court has done.    The Lanre Amu case is patently a racist exercise.    When Crain’s Chicago Business made the very same allegations that Amu made, it was quite clear that the Illinois Supreme Court did not sua sponde order an HONEST investigation of how its administrative commission could find that Amu’s statements were unethical?   Amu had an obligation to report the clearly miscreant activities of the corrupt judge pursuant to Rule 8.3.
But let’s go a step further.    Diane Nash is an Icon of the Civil Rights movement.    She was interested in the obvious 18 USCA 241 and 18 USCA 242 criminal activity that Mr. Larkin and his co-conspirators were promulgating.    She thus appeared at JoAnne Denison’s hearing at the Offices of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.     In the same manner that the racists of the old South created a dichotomy between citizens have various shades of skin color – Jerome Larkin co-conspirators barred her from the hearing room.   (She was the only person barred!).
The Larkin (and co-conspirators) assaults on the First Amendment and the Equal protection of the law protections have been addressed previously.     Indeed, the Neo Nazi communications and recommendations are followed to the letter.
The heroes of the 3rd Reich preyed on the elderly and the disabled.     Interment camps rather than nursing homes were the facility of the holocaust, but the result is the same.      The similarity is driven home in the Alice Gore case.    Just like Larkin’s heroes of the 1930’s and 1940’s a victim’s mouth was the situs of an Au (gold) rush.    The Au was harvested and shortly thereafter the victim died!
If there is any doubt that Larkin and his co-conspirators have acted with malice aforethought (intentionally) Larkin has not denied the allegations and certainly not apologized for them.    In fact, he and his co-conspirators proudly exhibit and brag about their gulag and misconduct.     The Neo Nazis spout words – Larkin and his ilk actually exhibit their perfidy!     Unfortunately, the mainstream media is silent, law enforcement impotent, and most of our elected representatives uninterested!
Books are written about America’s decline by pundits.    They search for reasons as the most obvious smacks them in the face and they choose to ignore it.     We have lost respect for ourselves and our institutions!     The Rule of Law is a stranger in our courts!     Words are more important than deeds.     We rail against the Neo Nazi words and phrases and watch Neo Nazi scenarios play out in real time in our Courts – and in particularly in the Probate division.    We applaud the racial cleansing of Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators even watching him teach ethics!
It is time for an HONEST investigation of our activist Neo Nazis who are openly and notoriously violating our Bill of Rights and public trust.     It is time that their ill-gotten benefits and gains from their conspiracy and assaults against the Bill of Rights be taxed by the Federal and State governments.    The clear and present danger is not from the blogs (MaryGSykes) that expose judicial and political corruption, but from the actors being exposed!     The Illinois Supreme Court in suspending JoAnne Denison for authoring a blog that exposes a gaggle of jurists profiting along with corrupt judicial officials and political officials by looting the estates of the elderly and the disabled embarrassed not only itself, but Illinois government.    In the Amu case it demonstrated that Jim Crow is alive and well in Illinois.   The new KKK wears black sheets over their clothing rather than white.
In Operation Greylord the Illinois judiciary was exposed for corruption.    In the Elder Cleansing scandal Jerome Larkin is leading the charge to destroy democracy!     Talk is cheap!     Larkin is acting – he is not talking on his way to the Bank.     Mary Sykes, Alice Gore ***** are all dead!       Illinois is bankrupt!     It does not even have the will to collect the Income taxes owed by Larkin and his co-conspirators!

Coming Up–National Whistleblower Appreciation Day–July 30, 2015

And the Whistleblower Center has a number of activites and you can check out their website at

National Whistleblower Appreciation Day

Last year the Senate passed Resolution 202, establishing National Whistleblower Appreciation Day (NWAD) on July 30. This wonderful action was taken in order to a) acknowledge and commemorate the contributions of whistleblowers to combating waste, fraud, abuse, and violations of laws, and b) to inform workers and the public about the legal rights of citizens of the United States to blow the whistle.

The events occurring on NWAD will be part of a larger whistleblower event, “Whistleblower Summit: Civil and Human Rights Conference” taking place from July 28 – 31. ACORN 8 is sponsoring the summit, and a full list of co-sponsors as well as additional summit information can be found at All events are free and open to the public. However, please RSVP here.

To promote the timeless efforts of whistleblowers, GAP has produced four panels (one on Tuesday, July 29, three on Wednesday, July 30) that center on critically important issues facing the whistleblower community. Details regarding such panels can be found below:

Emerging Threats and Protections for National Security Whistleblowers
Tuesday, July 29th 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
485 Russell Senate Office Building

National security employees are the nation’s best line of defense against government waste, fraud and abuse. Yet, these modern day Paul Reveres enjoy limited protections when they disclose government misconduct. From Edward Snowden’s disclosures of sweeping government surveillance to a recent court ruling that threatens the civil service rule of law, this panel will explore the vital role of whistleblowers within an ever-expanding national security state. It will further examine newly enacted protections for Intelligence Community government whistleblowers and a growing campaign to restore rights for their contractor counterparts.

– See more at:

25 Years of the Whistleblower Protection Act – WPEA: The Next Frontier
Wednesday July 30th 9:30 am – 10:30 am
441 Cannon House Office Building, C St SE, Washington, DC 20003

This year (2014) marks the 25th anniversary of the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA). A panel of noted experts will explore the strengths and limitations of the WPA and looming threats to the statute, in addition to recent reforms included in the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) of 2012. It will explore congressional efforts to address unresolved issues, from the extension of the all-circuit review provision to jury trial access for federal employees.

  • Tom Devine, Legal Director, GAP (Moderator)
  • Michael McCray, General Counsel, FEW Legal Education Fund
  • Krista Boyd, Counsel, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

From Firings to Criminal Referrals: The Changing Face of Whistleblower Retaliation
Wednesday July 30th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
441 Cannon House Office Building, C St SE, Washington, DC 20003

During the last few years, there has been a surge in whistleblower protections against workplace retaliation affecting federal and corporate workers alike. Finding it more difficult to justify firing truth-tellers in the face of these buttressed rights, retaliatory managers are increasingly using a new method of retribution – referring whistleblowers for criminal investigations and prosecutions when they engage in protected whistleblowing. This panel will explore the gap in current whistleblower protection legislation against criminal retaliation, and legislative proposals to address this emerging reprisal tactic.

– See more at:

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act established the SEC Whistleblower Program. Since its inception in 2010, the program has recovered over $550 million based on whistleblower tips, and whistleblowers enjoy access to an SEC bounty program. However, its anti-reprisal rights are in need of an upgrade. This panel will examine appropriate rule-making for the SEC to clarify and strengthen protections available to those who report misconduct internally or externally. Otherwise, a hostile work environment – rampant with fear of retaliation – could lead future potential whistleblowers to keep quiet and allow fraud continue or intensify. – See more at:

From Ken Ditkowsky–always teach peace and love and truth and justice

Subject: exhibit 1
Date: Jul 23, 2015 11:27 AM
It is interesting what birds of feather flock together.     I noticed that since I’ve started my personal campaign for an HONEST investigation of elder cleansings and the War on the Elderly and the disabled, and I zeroed in on Jerome Larkin and his co=conspirators my e-mail box has been receiving communications from a bunch of neo-Nazis.      While I reject the conclusion that the administrator of the Attorney Disciplinary Commission is a fellow traveler with these despicable individuals I do notice that they do have much in common.    Spoliation of evidence, frugality with the truth, disrespect for America’s core values, and hate mongering are present in both the neo-Nazi and the Larkin conspiracy.
Larkin’s abomination, i.e. the disciplinary proceeding against Lanre Amu (and the barring of Diane Nash from a public proceedings) demonstrate his hate mongering and unacceptable racism.      The fact that Crain’s Chicago Business   made the very same averments as Mr. Amu places Larkin’s conspiracy is stark suspicion of being motivated by something more than his delegation to protect the public.     In fact, the false complaint filed by Larkin smacks of the Nazi and soviet purge complaints that so offended our self-appointed and silent civil libertarians.     NB.  How can Larkin author and verify complaints that he has not investigated and which are on the record truthful?     How can his co-conspirators masquerading as hearing, appellate, et al. panel find the false statements proven by clear and convincing evidence when the record and evidence are overwhelmingly contrary to Larkin’s averments?    Of course we know!    Wired proceedings do not need proof to obtain the desired result.     Social Democrats and their Communist brethren need no evidence to convict.
The sale of HATE is an easy commodity.      The Neo-Nazi and the Larkin conspirators are blood brothers even though their methods are bit different and Larkin and his co-conspirators are much more subtle.     This is what make Larkin much more dangerous.     I’ve asked the Neo-Nazis to please take me off their mailing list; however, they refuse.    Even the spam setting on the computer is ineffective – so I receive their offensive renderings.        Unlike the Larkin conspirators I recognize and honor the Bill of Rights and in particular the First Amendment.
I say unlike the Larkin conspirators because in outrageous, unlawyerlike, and disingenuous statements because the Larkin conspirators in the JoAnne Denison disciplinary proceeding not only ignored Civil and Criminal statutes, but, totally misrepresented the words and phrases of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Alvarez case.     The Larkin conspirators actually attempted quite successfully to misrepresent Alvarez as authority for suppression of political/content related speech by a lawyer.     Except in a wired case an attorney attempting such a feat would be disbarred!    Larkin is engaged to teach ethics to lawyers!
Recently I was informed that massive spoliation of evidence is being undertaken by the Larkin conspirators.    No longer do the miscreants set fire to the records, this group just is stealing the file.     The file in 09 P 4585 (In re: Mary Sykes) Cook County, Illinois is reported to almost ½ gone.     This file (09 P 4585) which demonstrates that Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators were strangers to the truth in violation of Rule 137 of the Circuit Court Rules was kept out of evidence because it demonstrated that Mary Sykes was never served with process as required by 755 ILCS 5/11a- 10, denied a hearing, and denied a court with jurisdiction.     This spoliation of evidence is occurring as Larkin and his co-conspirators have joint and several liability for millions of dollars in Federal and State Income taxes (plus interest and penalties) due to the conspiracy to elder cleanse Mary Sykes, Alice Gore *****.
The foregoing, notwithstanding the communication from the National Socialists are suspicious if you do not believe in coincidences.     If Mr. Larkin and his co-conspirators exercise any influence on their ‘blood brothers’ I would certainly appreciate it if they would just their clout and help me keep my mailbox clear of the racist, ethnic, et al propaganda.     I am not interested in buying ‘hate.’
America is in trouble!     The fact that Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators will draw substantial salaries for assaulting America’s core value and nothing is being done about it raises Red Flags!    Sorry about the pun!

Prosecutorial Misconduct–from Texas, the Ill. ARDC could teach the course to Tx prosecutors

According to this reporter,

Television personality Kelly Siegler is under fire this month for what critics are saying is a history of unethical conduct as a prosecutor, including the hiding of evidence in capital punishment cases. After a career as a Harris County prosecutor, Siegler became the star in a reality series on TNT called Cold Justice, now in its third season. Siegler’s allegedly checkered history as a prosecutor is reminiscent of the controversy surrounding Nancy Grace, who was denounced an an unethical prosecutor who violated the rights of accused persons but has been retained by CNN as a show host and legal commentator.

Interestingly enough, I believe that Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Leah Black Guiterrez appear to operating under the same standard.

During the trial of one attorney suspended, she told the witness, one Justine McGinty, that the attorney in question had told SO that McGinty was ugly and nasty–right before her testimony.  Justine knew that wasn’t true, and found out later it wasn’t.

When I brought up SO’s behavior to the ARDC, I received a letter back “this was not a problem.”

SO should be teaching a course in prosecutorial misconduct, together with Jerome Larkin and also how to cover it up.

I guess Kelly Seigler hasn’t figured out yet how to do it.

A Beaumont judge who decided that David Mark Temple deserves a new trial in the 1999 slaying of his pregnant wife cited 36 instances of prosecutorial misconduct in his ruling, most of which are tied to legendary former Harris County prosecutor Kelly Siegler.

For her prosecutorial misconduct, a new trial was ordered.  For the case of the ARDC, with regard to prosecutorial misconduct in mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s case, all of it was dismissed by one Tom Zimmerman, appointed by Blagogevich to investigate instances of misconduct, which he most certainly did not do. When this was pointed out and I asked both the Tribunal and Tom Zimmerman to remove SO from my case, both demurred.

One of the things when working on corruption which is what I do full time now, and Ken to a lesser extent, is that when someone is faced with obvious corruption and will not investigate, you collect their names. So far we have the ARDC, Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, my Tribunal, Ken’s Tribunal, both Review Boards, the Alvarez-Madigan-Saltoun team of “we don’t do corruption”, and everyone wonders why Illinios and Chicago in particular is in the top 5, if not the absolute top of corruption in the US.

Apparently Kelly Siegler needs to come up here and talk to the real pros about how to cover up, deny, prosecute the honest attorneys, create an ambiance of a code of silence when the clout and political heavy get involved.


Shattered Sense of Innocence now on Paperback and ebook format,d.eXY

I have read it and thought it was excellent.  Good investigative reporting.

More links:

youtube synopsis:

This book is by Gloria Sykes, whose mother was murdered in probate by the probate court appointed attorneys.

So please support her and her work and please write a review when done on Amazon.

I will ask Gloria to get some up on ebay too.



Worst and most amazing gag orders imaginable–from a Detroit Michigan Probate court and Judge

I challenge every law school student and graduate to find the dozen or so illegal portions of this order, it is so reprensible, it deserves to be on a bar exam: (note this has been OCR’d and scanned so please excuse errors)

From the Probate court in Michigan:

PC609 Case 1I9nOls 1:32PM
In the matter of Gayle  Robinson, Legally Incapacitated Individual
At a bearing on 7-08-15, Honorable Terrance A. Keith ORDERED the following:
1. That Randy Robinson failed to appear pursuant to Order dated 7-06-15
2. That Randy Robinson failed to communicate with Guardian, Mary Rowan or her staff as ordered on
7-06-15 about the return of Gayle Robinson to Michigan.
3.That a bench Warrant shall be issued for the return of Randy RobiDson to jail and that he shall not be released until further order of the Court.
4. That a Motion and Order to Show Cause shall be issued for DEBBIE FOX to appear before the Court at a date to be set by the Court.
5.That Guardian or her staff shall make arrangements for the return of Gayle Robinson to Michigan within 30 days or sooner [comment:  since when does a sitting Judge in Michigan have the power or authority to just step into California land and remove a woman who is now a California resident, and has changed all of her addresses to that state?  Residency requires presence plus intent.  You would think that after being forced into a psych hold for 9 days with forced drugging they would get it she does not want to go back, but then there are a lot of dense people and judges out there]
depending on the removal of Randy Robinson and his daughter Lynette from the residence. James Brown shall return Gayle Robinson [Comment:  Randy is gone.  He just plans to sue the pants off the “players” involved in this travesty of justice–it’s all illegal)
to Michigan once presented with the arrangements made by Guardian. Mary S. Rowan and her staff. In the interim, Gayle Robinson shall remain in the physical custody of James Brown at his residence in California. [As if any of these idiots have a choice].
In particular paragraphs 3 and 4 whereby there shall be no contact or (communication with RANDY ROBINSON, LYNETTE ROBINSON AND DEBBIE FOX AND HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY WHICH INCLUDES HER HUSBAND AND CHILDREN. [comment:  clearly illegal gag order]
(the SIBLINGS OF DEBBIE FOX are not included in the phrase immediate fumily)
6.That in addition to the fees ordered to be paid in the order of 6-17-15, Randy Robinson shall be personally responsible for reimbursement to the estate !he cost of the return ticket to Michigan. [He’s indigent, so what’s the point of that, they will never collect].
7. That Consorvator, MARY S ROWAN, and /or her staff shall be pernitted to enter the residence and marshall the assets (steal the assets)  if it appears that the property has been abandoned by RANDY ROBINSON AND LYNETTE ROBINSON the LOCKS SHALL BE CHANGED. [comment: now Michigan has a statute for a tenant abandoning property, perhaps this judge should look it up.  Randy has not abandoned his home, he has been harrassed out by a sitting Judge clearly engaging Abuse of Power]
8. That Randy Robinson. Lynette Robinson AND bebbie Fox shall report to the Court Guardian/Conservator all possessions and financial medical and legal papers removed from the residence, as well as provide a list of all papers that were shredded and put in
bins. [even assuming this is true, and I bet it’s not, how do you make a list of something that is in shreds?  who writes these orders?  and again, if it’s documents, most are stored electronically anyway, so what’s the point?]
9. That all children of Gayle Robinson, with the exception of Randy Robinson, his daughter Lynette, Debbie Fox and her immediate family, shall be able to conununicate with Gayle Robinson while she is in California.
In the event that Guardian or her staff are notified that any of the other children are communicating with Gayle about the Court proceedings, orders or family dynamics in an attempt to attempt to influence Gayle that Child shall be suspended from communication by the directive of Guardian or her staff. [Good, gaslighting is shown to be harmful to seniors, so why not throw that in?]
10. It is further ordered that all internet communication concerning Gayle Robinson shall cease and desist. That all postings of whatever nature including links and blogs where information has been disseminated shall be removed by RANDY  ROBINSON AND

[comment:  this judge obviously hasn’t read  47 USC sec 230 which protects the rights of bloggers and gives any offended a statutory scheme for removal of false or offensive content.]
JUL 13 2015

Randy Robinson continues to fight for his mother in Detroit Michigan probate

Dear Readers;

As many of you are aware, Randy Robinson can’t return home because he is under a court order (believe this one) to have his mother returned to Detroit Michigan from her brother’s home in California, so (satan’s) “guardian” can put her in a nursing home and liquidate Gayle Robinson’s property–all for her attorneys fees.

We all know that Gayle Robinson’s property is toast, they can all kiss that one good bye.  (Satan’s) Guardian in this case is on “Mary Rowan”, an attorney with an incredible notorious reputation for abuse of the elderly in guardianships.  She needs to be removed.

Note the comments at the bottom of this article which are scathing in nature and describe other horrific guardianships under her (mis) management.

Please pray for Randy and his daughter who cannot return home because Mother Gayle has made the decision to leave Detroit Michigan after Mary Rowan and her flying monkeys has invaded their family and for all practical reasons, destroyed it.

In more good news, both Lyle and Andrew Harrison were RELEASED from prison on Friday, after arguing with Judge Brosch (who has clearly lost his mind) as usual.  Opposing Counsel cooked up some crazy “Motion for Body Attachment” previously published on this blog, insisting that Lyle was practicing law without a license because in his pleadings he purports to represent other family members and a trust (he did not, and I defy anyone to find any sort of statement or representation in the documents in question–his counter claims).

The real crux of the issue is that Lyle Harrison is claiming against Hardware State Bank in Moultrie, IL because they failed to deposit crop proceeds into a trust account pursuant to handling these farm proceeds on behalf of the Harrison family. Since 10% of the crop proceeds was to be deposited in 9 separate accounts for each of the Harrison family children since they were born, Lyle Harrison estimates that the children are now owed $43 million, Present Value (Lyle is a Kettering or GMI graduate, so he knows how to properly crunch numbers such as these).

The really question is, where did that money go?  The FBI in Springfield has been alerted, they know that Lyle and Andrew were put in jail on the bogus notion that they had to withdraw their counterclaims due to assertions of legal representation therein, they know that opposing counsel Eberspacher cooked these false motions up and supported them.  (I have the transcripts).

Lyle and Andrew will be working on the appeallate brief and counter claims.  The Judge (Brosch/Flannel, the names are interchangeable) has already threatened Andrew and Lyle if they file an appellate brief, he will have them arrested and incarcerated again!  Unbelievable.

I don’t know if it was Eid or what (Muslim holiday after Ramadan which is filled with prayer) or what that got these two gentlemen out of the Moultrie County lock up (with violent criminals), but I am glad they are out.

And contrary to the judge’s orders they WILL be working on filing new counter-claims and they WILL be working on filing an appellate brief, threats of jail or not.

Contine to pray for this family and continue to pray for Randy Robinson.


Right to visit a parent now the law in California!

This will be a great law for Illinois.  I know these organizations are pushing this Uniform law in all 50 states as elders are constantly being isolated by some abusive Guardians (Sykes, Gore, etc.) and abusive family members.

Let’s pray all 50 state and US terrotories pass this law.


From Ken Ditkowsky-what to do about the pervasive elder cleansings

Who are the elder cleansers?    
Answer:   By in large the people who are appointed by the corrupt jurists and judicial officials.   It appears that these are the very individuals who during our school years most of us ignored or trampled upon as non-entities.   They were the “would be bullies” who just did not have whatever was required to be bully.  Thus, we largely ignored them and went they attempted their bullying we meted out an appropriate remedy.
When CF entered the hearing room during my IARDC hearing both I and my attorney had the same anti-social reaction to her appearance and demeanor.    Others had the very same anti-social reaction.  We were both embarrassed a bit, but no one seemed to notice and no issue was made of it.   Most of us recognized her and what she stood for!  We knew exactly who she was and just as we…

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From Ken Ditkowsky-what to do about the pervasive elder cleansings

Who are the elder cleansers?    
Answer:   By in large the people who are appointed by the corrupt jurists and judicial officials.   It appears that these are the very individuals who during our school years most of us ignored or trampled upon as non-entities.    They were the “would be bullies” who just did not have whatever was required to be bully.  Thus, we largely ignored them and went they attempted their bullying we meted out an appropriate remedy.
When CF entered the hearing room during my IARDC hearing both I and my attorney had the same anti-social reaction to her appearance and demeanor.    Others had the very same anti-social reaction.  We were both embarrassed a bit, but no one seemed to notice and no issue was made of it.   Most of us recognized her and what she stood for!  We knew exactly who she was and just as we had during our school years – laughed at her appearance and demeanor!  We considered her adolescent attempts to “bully” us as pathetic!   However, this time because of the Conspiracy with Jerome Larkin and the corrupt judicial officials we were vulnerable to her – and she took full advantage of it.  Indeed when she found by reading the Blog Probate Sharks that JoAnne Denison and I were calling for an HONEST INVESTIGATION she notified Lea Black and Jerome Larkin and disciplinary action against us commenced immediately!     The concept of an HONEST investigation was beyond the pale!    A call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION by attorneys intolerable.
Since my brother’s recent illness, I’ve been struggling not to dwell on the illness and consequences because I totally lack control.  I look in vain for a way to turn the energy into something more productive.     
Therefore I’ve started looking into the WHY of things.     Let’s look at the salient facts.    The assault on my First Amendment Rights caused me pain for several reasons:
1)     It was an official attempt to make me a second class citizen
2)        The effect is to allow a small group of national socialists temporarily in power to create a bad precedent and maybe in the future hurt my family, my friends, and those people I care about.
In point of fact reduced to its lowest common denominator a bunch of terrorists were targeting me in an attempt to bully me.     This is not the first time someone has attempted to bully me!  In the past I acted – I did not react!    Usually, I do not react – I act in a productive and proactive manner.
  My previous MO was to make an analysis, work out a plan, and deal with the situation.     This time I struck out blindly, and did not start with the usual objective analysis.    The analysis came in midstream when I realized that there was no level playing field and every aspect of the battle had been pre-wired.   To my dismay, I’ve noted that everyone in my situation had had the very same reaction to strike out first and worry about the consequences and the effectiveness of the action later.    The usual marshalling of assets and unity was lacking.
The flow of acrimonious e-mails between certain members of the group to each other is a gross example of the reaction that each of us is guilty.   We all as a group forgot that “this is not high school.”  This is the real world and the threat to our core values is real.
Indeed, I cannot run up to AS or PS put my nose in his face and scare the pants off of him so he runs away.    Both AS and PS know that with the help of the corruption in the Courts they can bully me and they have taken away most of the remedies that society has built in to protect me, you, and those people we care about.     We know that her in Illinois the IARDC hearings and the appeals all were ‘wired!’  Thus, we know that a trip to the Courthouse is going to yield absolutely no relief!
Indeed, everyone knew going in that the Rule of Law was whatever Jerome Larkin’s whim and caprice was and his minions and co-conspirators would make happen.
Integrity, honor, honesty, truth, and freedom from perjury and graft were non-existent concepts.     Avarice ruled and the miscreants were not going to tolerate any diversion from their goal of redistributing the wealth of the elderly and the disabled into their own pockets.   When Judge Stuart (during the JoAnne Denison proceedings) admitted to a criminal violation of Gloria Sykes’ civil rights in her courtroom, and perjury – reported by Court watchers – Larkin and the Conspiracy just doctored the Court transcripts to eliminate the embarrassment!   Law enforcement did nothing!
M****E*****, one of the Nursing home operators and his prodigy M**** S***   was asked by Beverly Cooper,

“Why are you doing this to my mother?”  

The answer received was: 


            “ Because I can!” 


Alice Gore, like the six million innocents who in the mid -20th   century fortuitously happened upon this mentality to her detriment and the endless pain inflicted on her family and society.    Because Hitler could and law enforcement was impotent (either intentionally or otherwise) the ancestors of our current national socialists were able to prospect for gold in the mouths of the innocent and harvest the booty.     Outrage was just as non-existent as it is in this War on the Elderly and the Disabled.    FDR’s administration refused entry to refugees who sought asylum and they were returned to extermination camps and the holocaust.    Law enforcement and our government today refused asylum to the elderly and the disabled as they are systematically isolated, abused and exploited.    The lawlessness of the Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Helen Stone ****** cases received blind eyes.   

The bottom line is that the current day elder cleansers, like the bad guys of the 20th Century, are enjoying the gold that they harvested from the teeth of Alice Gore without repercussions, paying the taxes, or fear of the RULE OF LAW .   In fact as Larkin has demonstrated – HE IS THE LAW and he and his co=conspirators can and do thwart the FIRST AMENDMENT of the United States constitution and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution at Will.  Indeed – this is the ultimate FIX!   
Hell!     Even though America owes 18 trillion dollars and is almost bankrupt the Department of the Treasury has made little effort to collect the income taxes that the conspirators who are preying on the elderly and the disabled owe!      The State of Illinois is ‘bankrupt’ and not only continues to make certain that the conspirators (and especially Jerome Larkin and his minions) receive funding to continue their assaults on America’s core values and basic freedoms but it ignores the millions of dollars of State income tax owed including the interest and penalties.   
Why is our government fostering the criminal enterprise of ‘elder cleansor?’    Why is law enforcement intimidated so that not only is the public not being protected, but, trillions of dollars of Federal and State income taxes are not being collected?   Thus, the conspiracy is rewarded and encouraged by our government making it ‘tax free’ to abuse, exploit and isolate the elderly and the disabled in direct violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, the United States Constitution and the Illinois Constitution!    
Is JL bullying Governor Rauner and Attorney General Madigan in the same manner that he tries to bully JoAnne Denison, Lanre Amu and yours truly?    Or- ***** (you fill in the blanks!)
Looking at me with the magnifying glass that for the past half century I’ve looked at others I sense an outrage at me (by me) because I reacted rather than acted.   I regressed to my “school days” reaction to a bully rather than marshalling my forces and dealing with the ‘fix’ on day one.     Yes, I am also not very happy with me (or you for that matter)!     In my mind it is forgivable that I failed to professionally address this corruption and reacted rather than acted.   The acrimony that is expressed in some the e-mails circulate is thus a lack of self-control in keeping silent as to self-disapproval. 
We all know who the enemy is!     Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom created a mechanism for dealing with our 21st Century bullies and miscreants.  The aforesaid forefathers knew who was going to be our public servants and that some were going to be corrupt.  Jerome Larkin and his co=conspirators were anticipated!    During our school years we broke a few noses and kept them in check.   Now we have to address them in a more subtle manner.  In the Blago affair, the United States of America took a ‘bully’ to the woodshed.       What clout does Jerome Larkin have that he can prevent an HONEST investigation?   
That should have been a number one inquiry!   It is not too late – even though it feels like it!     As the conspiracy of Larkin with AS,PS,MS, CF **** creates joint and several liability for not only the damages but the United States Federal Income Taxes and the State of Illinois taxes the funding for the HONEST INVESTIGATION is right on the table.     The termination of Larkin and his co=conspirators from public employment is not a problem as he and his co=conspirators are ‘AT WILL’ employees!   The Elected official is a public servant!     If an elected official is part of the problem (a co=conspirator) or disinterested getting defeated in the upcoming elections may be an incentive to ‘level the playing field’ and join the fight to protect the civil rights of the elderly and the disabled in fact – rather than by insincere statements and protestations!
If this was not clear – let me spell it out – our number one inquiry is to objectively determine who our friends are and who our enemies are.   Anyone who is allied with Larkin and the corrupt jurists, corrupt judicial officials and political figures is not a friend.   Meaningless words and campaign slogans are also our enemies.    
A Half Century ago in the little town of Selma a ‘statement’ was made by a bunch of brave citizens who stood up to the Jerome Larkin and his conspirators of the time.    Jerome Larkin cast a stone at those citizens when he and his minions assaulted the civil liberties of Citizen Lanre Amu and denied him Equal protection of the Law because of the color of his skin.    Larkin encouraged by the fact that he got away with his nefariousness then and there denied entry to a public hearing to one of the heroes of Selma!      He got away with this atrocity without even making the usual insincere apology that a miscreant whose hand in caught in the cookie jar utters!   Our friends are those people who actually do something about the affront to Mrs. Diane Nash and Attorney Lanre Amu!   Our friends are those people who will not tolerate what happened to Alice Gore, Mary Sykes *****.  

Portsmith official sued for trying to silence a $2.3 million whistleblower

some important excerpts:

CONCORD – Auxiliary  Portsmouth police officer John Connors is suing city officials, including the police chief, alleging they violated his free speech rights by placing him under a gag order after he blew the whistle on the allegedly unethical activities by a Portsmouth police detective who inherited the bulk of the multi-million dollar estate of Connors’ elderly next door neighbor. – See more at:
On Oct. 18, 2010, Connors brought his concerns to then-police chief Lou Ferland but the chief told him he should stay out of it, according to the lawsuit. He then told DuBois, who at the time was deputy chief, but he did not respond, according to the lawsuit.

Next, Connors stopped at the home of Commissioner John Russo, who lived near him, and told him of his concerns. “I was wondering where all the police cruisers were going,” Russo responded. Russo, according to Connors, said Webber had plenty of money and if Goodwin could get some of it and get away with it, “Good for him,” according to the lawsuit. – See more at:

Connors alleged Goodwin visited Webber’s home in an unmarked police cruiser “hundreds of times” before she died. Goodwin, Connors said, knew he was watching because sometimes he would take photos of him while other times he would take his dogs outside.

“I wasn’t being nosy,” Connors was quoted in the article. “I was watching a crime as far as I was concerned.” – See more at:

McEachern says Connors learned about what was going on with Goodwin and Webber because he was her neighbor, not because he was a police officer, and says he spoke out because it “was a matter of public interest.”

Goodwin was fired last month after an investigation headed by retired Judge Stephen Roberts found he had violated department regulations and the city’s Code of Ethics, all related to the inheritance. – See more at:

Another case of investigating a crime, and the whistleblower and messenger is fired, hounded and ridiculed.
This is very similar to the Sykes case where Ditkowsky was Mary and Charles estate attorney for years, was contacted by concerned neighbors and friends that Mary was railroaded into a guardianship, there was no hearing, and many person appearing in the courtroom (Farenga Waller, Stern and Schmeidel appeared to have a great interest in benefiting from the MarySykes estate.  Her home was on valuable land right next to a huge multi storied, multi unit condo.  Her land at 200 x 400′ (which included that of Gloria Sykes), stood to benefit from a cheap quick sale at a huge discount (which has now happened).
Like the authorities above, who failed to investigate and prevent the crime, their attitude was, if an outside bennefited by multiple visits with an elderly (in this case the person in fact did suffer from dementia) “good for him”.
I guess that is the attitude of Jerome Larkin, head of the ARDC in hounding and punishing myself and Ken Ditkowsky, that if other attorneys are taking $300,000 in attorneys fees and selling poor Mary’s home at a deep discount (70%) off sale, it seems to me their attitude is “good for them”, not, who is benefitting and why and is there a crime.
Mary’s body needs to be exhumed and atuopsied and checked for a tox screen–hair and nails and the authorities need to take a close look at this case and others where seniors without diagnoses are placed in hospice and quickly drugged to death.
There needs to be a system.  Seniors need and deserve better protection.
It is not a case of “good for him” when strangers get the bulk of an estate, advance directives are ignored, a hearing is not held, no independent medical tests or brain scans or MRI’s are done, and no one ever, ever asked Mary what she wanted.
Mary is gone. The tale the ARDC and the probate judges wanted to cover up has come to fruition.  “Target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, quietly eliminate” is exactly what happened to Mary, it almost happened to Carol Wyman, but she escaped.  Others live in fear, having their estates drained, but they escaped, that the attorneys will come and hunt them down and “quietly eliminate” their main witness, and then there’s Alice Gore (mined of 29 gold teeth and put in a nursing home on a feeding tube with drugs at one end a diaper at the other), Rose Drabik, Lydia Tyler, Helen Rector (begged not to be left alone with an evil guardian that would kill her, and she did). Seniors still at risk, are Janie Thomas, Alan Frake and others who escaped and are in hiding.
Randy Robinson needs your prayers.  His mother escaped to California so they want to imprison HIM until she comes back.  Please pray for him and his daughter. They are suffering very much to ensure his mother’s safety.

China arrests over 100 lawyers and human and civil rights activits in a clamp down

One law firm that represented many activists was deemed “a major criminal organization.”

Jerome Larkin would be proud.  And my favorite is one commentator’s quote of Mark Twain who understood this argument well: “It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either”.

In a country where cell phones and police web cams are giving us shocking footage of how the police really act when out on the streets and the adjustments that need to be made,  I am certain the international backlash to the arrests will be overwhelming.

Today the seniors still at risk and who are not currently defended by independent counsel are:  Janie Thomas of Chicago, Alan Frake at Park Ridge Sunrise Senior Living and Ms. X, who is too afraid to even provide a name, they drained her estate, took every dime she had, left her with a huge judgment like branding a cattle, and now she has nothing but fear, fear they will scoop her up, put her in  a locked down nursing facility, then forced hospice and she will be gone.

All of these seniors are at grave risk.

Neither mine nor Ken Ditkowsky’s law license have been returned to us even after Mary Sykes was narcoticed to death in forced hospice as we warned everyone.  All her assets sold, the home sold for a fraction of its value to “an investment real estate corp.”

Last year, Ms. Helen Rector begged one daughter not to leaver her alone with the other evil daughter, a guardian, because she would kill her, but there was a court order of no contact in place and so Ms. Lipinski had to stay away from then on.  Mom was dead in 2 weeks, narcoticed to death, the body quietly and quickly disposed of when the money ran out and Mrs. Rector became an inconvenient witness and piece of trash to be tossed aside.

I have no idea what the ARDC or SCOI is thinking when both Ken and I were most tragically right in the end.  They persecute and prosecute us for lying about draining the estate, giving $300,000 to favored, clout heavy attorneys, which has now happened, $1 million is still missing from the Sykes estate and now she is dead.

And anyone that spoke out against the system, myself, Ken Ditkowsky, Mr. Lanre Amu, and the honest, caring family members, have been ostracized, denigrated, false lighted, defamed, libeled and slandered in some of the most horrific manners possible.  Gloria Sykes in particular was terrorized by clout heavy attorneys at every possible turn for 5 years of an insufferable and illegal guardianship over her mother.

They never protected Mary G Sykes.

Instead they covered up a string of felonies.

Attorneys involved:  Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, Peter Schmeidel, Deborah Jo Soehlig, Fischel and Kahn and Harvey Waller.  Judges involved:  Justice Maureen Conners, Judge Jane Louis Stuart (removed from the bench) and Judge Aicha MacCarthy

It’s simply time to call for the installation of a federal monitor on the 18th floor to protect all these seniors, the disableds and their families.

We have to stop ignoring the obvious–target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and secretly eliminate is one of the most despicable, unjust and inhumane systems flourishing in the Daley center and elsewhere.

It must end and it must end now.  Too many seniors and disableds are still at risk.


Time to make all of the Attorneys General in Illinois Do Their Job or Else…..

Refund their salaries to the Illinois Taxpayers!  Yeah!

Read on below.  I think I made a mistake in not faxing them, emailing them and calling them as Ken has shown us the way.

Maybe if we were incessant and relentless, Mary Sykes would not be dead today (narcoticed to death), Helen Rector would not be dead (narcoticed to death).

Let’s make a stink that flooding the elderly with drugs to hold their estates ransom will not be tolerated in the US.

refund their salaries to the Illinois coffers.

see below.

To: Diane Saltoun
Executive Inspector General
fax 312-814-8444
cc: Lisa Madigan,
fax 312 814-3806
Anita Alvarez
fax 312-603-4708    From:                    Admitted Ill., N.  Carolina and Patent Bars
JoAnne M. Denison,     Pat. Atty.  Reg.  No.  34,150
Justice 4 Every1, NFP    FAX 312-553-1307
5940 W Touhy Ave, #120    CELL PH 773-255-7608
Niles, IL 60714    PHONE 312-553-1300 or
Federal Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
Illinois’ Most Dangerous Blogger, suspended 3 years in Illinois for telling the truth about the Sykes case and corruption in probate!

For transmission problems, please call 312-553-1300
A confirmation copy       WILL   ✔   will NOT be sent.
Pages in fax, including this coversheet – ( see fax header )
July 14, 2015

Re:   In re Estate of Mary Sykes, 09 P 4585 and other probate cases involving
Endangered senior citizens

Dear Diane;

It is with a heavy heart and with sincere apologies to you that I may have inadvertently mislead you in the above case, that I write to your offices today.

Mary Sykes died late May 2015, narcoticed to death, and a quick secret burial followed–no announcements, no obits, just quick and secret.

You may recall that in July, 2012, I wrote to your offices with a warning that the above case was proceeding without jurisdiction, that Mary’s home was to be sold, probably for pennies on the dollar by a corrupt probate court and probate attorneys that only desired to drain Mary’s estate to line their own wallets and purses, (to the tune of $300,000) and you wrote me back and said your offices “don’t do corruption”.  I had also advised the offices of Lisa Madigan and Anita Alvarez that this type of corruption was ongoing in probate, day in and day out with attorneys lying in order to take undeserved attorneys fees from estates, selling homes for pennies on the dollar, intentionally putting properties into foreclosure, hundred of thousands of dollars of assets missing or falling off the books, innocent family members who care about the disabled being defamed, insulted, false lighted and libeled in court, as well as being isolated from the disabled so that the disabled is drugged, held in nursing homes against her or his will, and then killed off (narcoticed to death in “hospice”) when the money runs out.

I’m sorry I stopped writing to your offices and those of Ms. Madigan and Ms. Alvarez because now it has all come to fruition with the Estate of Mary G Sykes.  Namely, Mary is dead. She died last month narcoticed to death:

1) Mary G Sykes was guardianized in a “deal” between the proposed guardian and the GAL’s.  She was never served with a Summons and Complaint nor read her rights, as required by the Illinois Probate Act.  She never received a hearing with competent medical evidence (a brain scan or MRI showing her brain either malfunctioned or was diseased).  Is it too much to ask that before a person is stripped of all their rights and treated worse than a prisoner that there is some scientific evidence, just  a bit, that the person is actually suffering from a mental disease or defect and not just the BS of some tied in doctor that is paid handsomely to ensure the target is squarely hit and skewered with lies and deception?  We have MRI’s now.  We have brain scans.  Science.  Why is science throw out on the 18th floor in favor of BS.  For most people, jive walks and evidence talks, except Probate.

2) Mary G Sykes was then whisked away to Naperville, a place where she did not want to be to live with an estranged daughter.  Her last POA for health care was to her younger daughter Gloria Sykes and it clearly stated in her own handwriting she wanted to live in her own Home until the day she died, and was to be cared for there by her 2 daughters.  The elder daughter, Carolyn Toerpe ignored all that, made a deal with the GAL’s to declare Mary incompetent, sell off her belongings and pay attorneys fees.

3) Mary’s home was appraised in January 2012 for $750,000. At that time it was likely worth $1 million being on a multi use zoning lot approx. 50′ by 200′.  Two months later it was sold for $213,000 and the Realtor’s family name was Mell, as in Richard Mell and it was sold to a Real Estate investment company, Lion and Magpie LLC.  Properties sold in probate are not supposed to be deals sold to real estate investment companies.  I live in the neighborhood, drive by that property all the time, and no one ever appears to live there.  Richard Mell, a Realtor, was involved in the sale (son of Dick Mell)

4) When all the assets were sold and they even took the younger daughter’s insurance proceeds of $200,000 which were from improper repairs after ice damming and mold flooded her own home (and the home is still in disrepair today), Gloria was the one with the insurance policy on the home, it was in her name, she paid all the bills, only her property was in this house (6016 N. Avondale), but the GAL’s got it all.  In the end, as I tried to warn you back in 2012, they would sell all of Mary’s property, it would all go to attorneys fees (it has, but they always told the judge it would go to “Mary’s care”) which did not happen at all.

5) In June of 2014, myself and 3 other witnesses found Mary at Sunrise of Naperville.  Carolyn (the Pleanary Guardian) found out and called the police.  The police called GAL Stern and upon information and believe, Stern told the police to have me delete a 40 minute video in which Mary was competent, asking complex questions (did Carolyn sell my house-yes, does she have the money-yes, and we can’t use it to start over Gloria, right?-yes.)  Over and over she asked one thoughtful question after another and continually told Gloria everything would be okay that they could start over and would Gloria please try to come and get her out as soon as possible-yes.  She clearly at that time did not have Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia. While approximately 20 other seniors were place in front of a TV obviously heavily drugged.  Mary assured Gloria she was in perfect health, ate vegetarian every day still, she did her one hour of walking every day and she would wait for Gloria to come get her.  Only one other woman was up and walking and Mary and her were great friends.

6) End of May 2015.  Gloria is called by Carolyn and told she has one hour to come and see Mary, Mary is dying.  Gloria comes and notes that Mary is heavily drugged and asked the reason why and she is told that Mary has dementia (she does not) and is in hospice.  Mary never wanted hospice and wanted to die at home.  She asked that her life be prolonged with all possible means.

7) Next day body is taken to Suerth Funeral Home the family funeral home and Carolyn (the Plenary Guardian) tells the funeral director to embalm Mary on the spot, no one is to be told she is there, she to have no obituaries, no death announcements, no funeral or wake. She is not to have an autopsy or any other tests.  She is to be buried as quickly and quietly as possible with no one knowing about it. Secret burial.

So I apologize for not reminding you that Mary was on the typical probate track of “target-isolate-medicate-drain the estate and quietly eliminate.”  I was hoping you were reading my blog on the case, and would intervene before they killed off Mary.

I am requesting at this time that you investigate 09 P 4585 (one Judge has already had to “suddenly retire” over this case because she lied about chaining Gloria and threatening her pets with euthanization on the stand in my ARDC case over this entire probate mess.

So I am begging you and imploring you to stop this trail of death on the 18th floor. Right now, Al Frake is at great risk of death.  Ms.  ALV (call for name she fears for her life)  (a probate victim) now her money is gone in her estate–she is at risk too.

Recently, Ms. Lipiniski’s mother was narcoticed to death.  Ms. Lipiniski’s mother begged her not to go, there was a court order against Ms. Lipinski seeing her mother, so she had to leave (this is despite the fact Ms. Lipinski’s name was on the title to the home), and within 2 weeks, her mother was also dead, narcoticed to death.  The other daughter quickly cremated the body.

Probate and the 18th floor of the Daley center is nothing but a cesspool of lies, deception, missing assets and death and destruction for many familes.  Many, many family members have been terrorized by the attorneys there and have been defamed, false lighted, libeled and slandered when they try to protect their loved ones.

In the Sykes case nearly $1 million in valuable coins disappeared and the ARDC quashed discovery repeatedly in my trial, and of court the Probate Court also quashed any discovery of these coins–tho later the Plenary Guardian paid off her daughter’s college loans, started sporting a 2 carat diamond ring, but she has never been served with any subpoenas or has had her deposition taken regarding where hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold and silver coins went to.  The probate court quashed all of that repeatedly. The GAL’s told the judge repeatedly the coins were imaginary–without serving any discovery!  A safe deposit box bearing Mary’s and Gloria’s name was drilled out within a few months of Carolyn Toerpe being appointed guardian, and the judge was not told. The GAL’s admitted on the stand they never told the judge.  Discovery was repeatedly quashed on the video tape showing who emptied the box and did not inventory it.

Two attorneys, myself and Ken Ditkowsky have been suspended for 3 to 4 years over this case and we tell nothing but the truth.  No discovery was had.  Mary is now dead, and $300,000 went to attorneys in one of the most shameful cases on the 18th floor (that I know of).  Mary was narcoticed to death and Carolyn acted in such a manner she was trying to cover up a crime or series of crimes.

And please don’t respond this does not impact upon the State of Illinois and its coffers.  In fact it does. The federal tax penalty for crime is 75% (see below)!  The penalty for avoiding filing taxes in Illinois is 100% of the tax due or 3.75%x 2 or 7.5%. That means the State of Illinois and the US govt, in not investigating and going after attorneys Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel and Waller and the string of Judges on this case–Connors, Stuart and MacCarthy is passing up $1 million tax penalty for the theft of the coins, $750,000 for the artificially depressed sale of the home and $300,000 given to attorneys in fees for not performing valid legal services for an estate but rather concocting crimes against the public and the state and federal governments.

There is now a boat load of money to get from the above entities for the State of Illinois and the US Government.  Criminals that do not pay taxes cost us all in the long run.

I am imploring you once again to honestly investigate the 09 P 4585 case for criminal activity.  Mary Sykes didn’t have to die if the perps thought they would have to pay 100% of the proceeds to the IRS and State of Illinois of fees, fines and interest for tax evasion.

In addition, since it is within the purview of your offices to collect for fraud on state agencies, you should have all along been prosecuting corruption in Illinois.  It is no secret that Illinois and Chicago are either the top corrupt state/city or in the top 5.

Since many others have reported your offices refuses to investigate and bring to justice corruption cases, it would seem that you are not entitled to 100% of your salary since you took office.  I would argue if you are only doing 50% of the job, you should refund the other 50% of your salary for all those years you have been in office.  Likewise for Ms. Madigan and Ms. Alvarez “don’t do” corruption, then I see no reason why the citizens of the State of Illinois are paying them 100% of their salary. They should be paid the percentage of the job they do and the rest should be turned over to an attorney that takes her or his oath seriously and “does do” corruption in Illinois.

I emailed each of Alvarez and Lisa Madigan way back in 2012 when I saw that there had been a string of crimes committed. Everyone was warned that unless they did something about the mess on the 18th floor of the Daley center, Mary Sykes would die a horrible death, alone and in a place she did not want to be.  Her home would be sold for pennies on the dollar, even her younger daughter’s assets would all be taken from her.  100% of her estate would go to attorneys fees–some $300,000.

No one did anything.  Except myself and Ken and a handful of honest citizens outraged at the treatment of Mary.  We were threatened, hounded and prosecuted for merely protecting a 90+ year old widow in grave danger of conversion of her assets and murder.

In the intervening years, Chicago Magazine wrote an article on how Lisa Madigan “the people’s lawyer” doesn’t go after corruption.

I dropped all of bugging you with faxes and emails figuring you all could read my blog and see where this is going.

Again, I apologize.  Mary is dead.  You were all warned.

Now, please exhume the body of Mary Sykes and give Gloria her estate back–some $1.3 million you owe her because you and Madigan “don’t do” corruption.  Plus, the miscreants can pay the State of Illinois and the US government the back taxes they owe.  $1.3 million to the IRS and some 10% to the State of Illinois, or $130,000, plus the transfer taxes on the home sold at a discount of some $60,000 to the state, city and federal government.

Then, and only then after Gloria has her money back, you can go after the miscreants over at the ARDC that tried to shut down my blog that told the truth–Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart, Sharon Opryszek, Stephen Splitt and the Tribunals and Hearing Boards that violated mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s first amendment rights in trying to save Mary Sykes and people like Mrs. Lipinski’s mother and Dorothy Baker. Those cases had judges and GAL’s that knew what was going on–target the senior, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and quietly eliminate all witnesses to the crimes.

If this is not what you thought you signed up for, then just return all your salaries and turn over your jobs to someone that will do them properly.

Some of us take our oaths as an attorney seriously.  I did my job, Ken did her, a group of honest citizens and relatives of Mary stepped forward and have created a rukus.

Now it’s your turn.  Stop the thefts, drugging and murder in probate.

Very Truly Yours,


JoAnne Denison

JoAnne M. Denison

cc: Ken Ditkowsky and blog.
Chicago FBI via email, Lisa Madigan and Anita Alvarez

From the IRS website:
Civil and Criminal Penalties – Abusive Tax Schemes

Investors of abusive tax schemes that try to escape their legal tax responsibilities are still liable for taxes, interest, and civil penalties. Violations of the Internal Revenue Code with the intent to evade income taxes may result in a civil fraud penalty or criminal prosecution. Civil fraud can include a penalty of up to 75% of the underpayment of tax attributable to fraud, in addition to the taxes owed. Criminal convictions of promoters and investors may result in fines up to $250,000 and up to five years in prison.

From Gloria Sykes–more information on the Atty Harvey Waller tie ins in probate

Sent: Jul 13, 2015 7:02 PM
To: “”

RE:  Attorney Harvey Waller

Remember Harvey Jack Waller, who Toerpe hired in January, 2009, when mother learned that Toerpe stole $4000?  Well,  what I didn’t know until moments ago (a woman called me with the information) is Harvey was / is very politically connected — in fact, it is why perhaps he squeezed out of the lawsuite where the State of Indiana sued  him for soliciting elders for remodeling jobs and then causing them to get reverse mortgages, which he got a kick back, to pay him.  (See, file:///Users/shaggy7/Downloads/Harvey%20Waller%201.webarchive)

Well, here’s Waller’s new website complete with bragging rights…  See highlighted stuff… and ya wonder how or why he was able to freeze my assets, cross state lines and steal my medical account, et al.  Let me make it clear, Harvey J. Waller NEVER withdrew from the Sykes case.  Now ya wonder if Schmiedel and company are just the strawmen?  Quite honestly I thought Waller was an idiot, but when I exposed the Indiana scam against seniors in the reverse mortgage scandal, Waller never showed up agains — but all of a sudden there was Schmiedel.
Waller and Stern are known to hang out and they do a lot of guardianships together.  I’ve seen Waller in court with Stern often…still.
But read on.  Sometimes the answers as to why the FBI wont investigate the Sykes case is right in front of our noses.

Harvey J. Waller, CPA, JD


DePaul University College of Law, JD
Roosevelt University, BBS

Bar Admissions and Certifications:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
 United States Tax Court
State of Illinois Supreme Court
United States District Court – Northern District of Illinois

Harvey Waller is an Attorney and Certified Public Accountant based in Chicago, Illinois with over 40 years of experience. Harvey’s passion and expertise is in the area of estate, retirement planning and asset protection planning, federal and state tax matters, and business/corporate matters and succession planning.

Harvey Waller worked at the Internal Revenue Service prior to practicing law. There, he spent 7 years as an IRS Agent; eventually serving on the US Attorney’s Office – Strike Force Division. In addition, Harvey gained valuable experience at the IRS as an Examiner for individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, an Auditor on the IRS Review Staff, and as an IRS Staff Instructor.

Harvey Waller has conducted over 100 Estate, Retirement, and Asset Protection Planning seminars where he enthusiastically shares his experience and knowledge in these areas with attendees. Many of these seminars are conducted by financial and investment advisors throughout the Chicagoland area. There, Harvey educates their clients on various legal and tax issues in the area of Estate Planning.

Harvey Waller acts as general counsel for a variety of small and mid-market businesses, providing them a full sphere of legal support. His clients include manufacturers, financial services companies, physician groups, real estate developers, and nationally recognized entertainers.

Harvey Waller was also a guest lecturer for Becker CPA Review for approximately a decade. There Harvey taught tax law and agency law. Becker is a global leader and perhaps the most well-known and respected professional education services in the area of tax and accounting.

Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2015 11:34:29 +0000

Operation Greylord

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Operation Greylord was an investigation conducted jointly by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Chicago Police Internal Affairs Division and the Illinois State Police into corruption in the judiciary of Cook County, Illinois (the Chicago jurisdiction). The FBI named the investigation “Operation Greylord” after the grey curly wigs of British judges.[1]

The operation[edit]

The 3 1/2-year undercover operation took place in the 1980s. The first listening device ever placed in a judge‘s chambers occurred in the undercover phase, when the narcotics court chambers of Judge Wayne Olson were bugged. In order to acquire evidence of corruption, agents obtained U.S. Department of Justice authorization to present false court cases for the undercover agents/lawyers to fix in front of the corrupt judges.[2] The first defendant to be found guilty was Harold Conn, the Deputy Traffic Court Clerk in the Cook County judicial system. Conn was convicted in March 1984 and was one of the many bagmen in the ring of corruption.[2] The last conviction was that of Judge Thomas J. Maloney, who was indicted in 1991 on bribery charges and convicted in April 1993 of fixing three murder cases for more than $100,000 in bribes.[3] Maloney was released from federal prison in 2008, and died the same year. A total of 92 people were indicted, including 17 judges, 48 lawyers, ten deputy sheriffs, eight policemen, eight court officials, and state legislator James DeLeo.[1] Out of the 17 judges indicted in the trials, 15 were convicted.[4] One judge, Richard LeFevour, was convicted on 59 counts of mail fraud, racketeering and income-tax violations, getting 12 years in prison.[5] Ten years after the undercover case concluded, the historical investigations, prosecutions and trials concluded in 1994.


The systemic corruption led to the formation of the Special Commission on the Administration of Justice in Cook County, a group assembled in August 1984 to examine the problems of the Cook County courts. The group also issued recommendations that were designed to contribute to a period of reform in the courts. The Commission wrote a total of 165 recommendations for the courts of Cook County.[6] Operation Greylord led to many other similar investigations targeting corruption in Cook County including Operation Silver Shovel, Incubator, Lantern, Operation Gambat, and Safebet.[4] Operation Greylord was also a turning point in the use of eavesdropping devices in order to obtain evidence for trial.

FBI investigation[edit]

The key undercover FBI agents and lawyers were David Grossman, David Reis and Terrence Hake. Hake was a Cook County prosecutor, who complained about the bribery and corruption in the Murder and Sexual Assault preliminary hearing courtroom in Chicago.[4] The FBI and United States Attorneys Office learned of his complaint and recruited him to pose as a corrupt prosecutor and later as a bribe-paying criminal defense attorney. While playing the role of a corrupt prosecutor, Hake supplied the evidentiary probable cause to bug Judge Olson’s chambers. Lamar Jordan, David Benscoter, Marie Dyson, William C. Megary, and Robert Farmer were the principal FBI case agents and supervisors during the investigation. Cook County Judge Thaddeus Kowalski was important in the case due to his cooperation with authorities even though he knew his cooperation might endanger his career.[7]


First Assistant United States Attorney Daniel Reidy and Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA) Charles Sklarsky, Scott Lassar, Scott Mendeloff and Candace J. Fabri led many of the prosecutions. Four United States Attorneys, Thomas P. SullivanDan K. WebbAnton R. Valukas and Fred Foreman supervised the investigations and prosecutions. Valukus and AUSA James Schweitzer indicted 22 corrupt court personnel in 1985, along with Judge Raymond Sodini, who presided over the corruption in his courtroom at Chicago Police Headquarters.

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From Dan Devine–an article on protecting seniors

Protection of elder rights 24 hours a day

By Richard Devine
Cook County State’s Attorney
Our job as prosecutors isn’t always easy. We not only deal with heartbreaking violent crimes, we also run across clever con artists who deliberately target victims because they’re elderly or vulnerable. We’ve seen caretakers who mistreat their charges pitifully—and steal from them in the meantime. We’ve seen cold-hearted cases of financial exploitation. And we’ve seen home repair fraud schemes that operate almost like corporate firms. A recent Sun-Times series outlined the kinds of crimes I’m talking about. I’m sure some of you read it. If you did, you learned that what we handle isn’t often pleasant. The cases are sometimes pathetic, and sometimes our work is tragically sad.
Recently, though, I had an unusual task — much nicer than the normal routine. This time, it was my job to hand out money. Let me tell you about it. It involved a case that had more than 100 victims. The victims were all elderly, and none of them were rich. But each had made at least one solid investment in their lives: they each owned a home.
As I said, they weren’t rich. Their houses were often small and deteriorating. Some of these men and women had lived in their homes for decades. Their houses didn’t look like much, but they were the only real assets these people had. And then those homes became the target for a clever ring of con men.
The con artists worked out of two companies. One was Senior Citizens Remodeling, Inc. The other was the Senior Income Reverse Mortgage Corporation. They approached homeowners one by one and convinced them that they could improve the value of their homes. The sales people were well spoken, sophisticated and persuasive. They spoke of new roofs, brand new garages, new electrical and plumbing systems. They convinced the victims to take part in a federally funded “Reverse Mortgage” program. That program allowed the homeowners to borrow against the equity in their homes.
Then, when the loan checks came, the con artists stepped in and took the money up front. They promised to do repairs and renovations. They promised to make things better and increase the worth of the old homes. But they never showed up to do the work. Or if they did, they often did the jobs only halfway, or worse.
The owners were trusting. At first, they thought they were making a smart move. Slowly they learned they were wrong. They started calling the company, again and again and again. They did what they could, but they got nowhere. To their detriment, they had believed the promises and they were left with nothing. There was another part to the scam.
When the mortgage company arranged the loans, they charged lender fees that were out of line and above federal limits. In most cases, the victims never even knew it. But I’m pleased to tell you that that’s not the end to the story. When we got wind of the con, our office went to work. We took action against both the remodeling company and the mortgage company they worked with. After long months of legal work, we reached a settlement with the mortgage company early last year. That settlement for $200,000 was paid.
Then, later in the year, we reached a settlement with the remodeling company, too. The scam company was ordered to pay full restitution to its victims, and $50,000 in fines on top of that. After that, our office had another job to do. We sorted through the evidence to try to find all the homeowners. By the time it was over, we’d found 164 elderly people who’d fallen victim to the cold-hearted scam. Next, we had to figure out how much money the con artists scammed from each one. In many cases, it amounted to thousands of dollars. The best part came last.
Last month, it was my job to start giving the money back. That was a pleasant task. We got a lot of smiles and a lot of thank you’s. One man, who is 82 years old, joked about it. He told me he didn’t like the scam companies, and was glad to see them go out of business. “I like YOUR company,” he told me.
Of course, our office isn’t exactly a company. But we try to operate in a business-like way. And we try, whenever we can, to protect the vulnerable and the elderly. To do so, we’ve taken up new legal tools and a new system of organization. Three years ago, we reorganized. We created a special “Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Division” made up of experienced felony trial attorneys. The attorneys rotate duty so that someone is on call 24 hours a day.
These specialized prosecutors handle their cases vertically. That means they go to work when a call comes in from police and work the case from beginning to end, from the preliminary hearing, to trial, all the way through to sentencing. It may be a financial exploitation case, a case of abuse or neglect, or a violent crime. Whatever the case, we find that elderly victims are more comfortable if they can rely on one attorney throughout. It takes away some of the intimidation that courts can cause, and it’s worked. We’re proud to say that our new division had a conviction rate of over 90 percent last year.
We also have specialized personnel in our Victim-Witness program, who help guide elderly victims through the legal process. When it’s needed, they offer transportation and other assistance as well. Beyond that, our office drafted new laws to fit the crimes. We’ve written laws that help strengthen the testimony of older victims, and we drafted groundbreaking legislation that tackles identity theft, another crime that often hits the elderly. We’re doing what we can to protect the vulnerable citizens of this city.
As I said earlier, the job can be sad. And it can be frustrating, but not always. I’d like to finish by reading you a letter we got after we handed out those checks last month. This was from a man named Harlan Naas, one of the victims in that home repair fraud scheme.
“Thank you for making my holiday season the happiest in a long time,” he wrote. “I am age 81, undergoing cancer treatment, and had less than $100 to spend when the $3,200 check arrived.”
That’s why we do what we do.
Please remember that at the State’s Attorney Office, it’s our job to protect you. If you believe that you or someone you love has fallen victim to fraud or exploitation, please contact us. It’s our job to do what we can.


I just wonder where Atty Devine was when we asked the states attorneys offices to protect Mary G. Sykes.  Instead she was fleeced of hundred of thousands of dollars–which the attorneys said would be used for her care–but it went to the attorneys!   She was guardianized and railroaded into this “crime” without due process-no evidence of service of process with Sheriff Dart and it was a done deal with Adam Stern and Cynthis Farenga and all Mary’s rights were gone, she was stripped of her home, her nearly $1 million in valuable coins (and discovery was suprressed on those at my trial and by the probate court whenever the GAL’s Stern and Farenga said so, or Harvey Waller or Peter Schmeidel said so.  My trial was a joke with the Tribunal believing every dumb thing out of the mouths of Judge Jane Louis Stuart (who lied on the stand and was subsequently forced in the sudden retirement, likely by the FBI), now Aicha MacCarthy who was on the bench on this case when Mary G Sykes was narcoticed to death, placed in hospice and on drugs despite being a staunch Roman Catholic who put in her last POA to prolong her life by all means.

Where is the hue and outcry over the death of one lone woman from Norwood Park neighborhood in Chicago, her home sold by the probate flying monkeys for pennies on the dollar, stripped of her all her rights, isolated from 20+ former friends and family.

I understand that the Catherine Falk Organization is getting the Aging Parental Reunification Law passed in Utah right now, please pray for them to get this done.  I believe in California it is on the Gov’s desk for signature.  Please pray it is signed right away.

In the case of Gloria Sykes, she is now dead, being narcoticed to death, no funderal, no announcements, no obituary, embalmed while the Guardian waited.  No tox screen, no autopsy.

What about the other seniors.  At least Mary has quite a few voices–Gloria, Kathie, Ken, myself and others–willing to go to the ropes and beyond for one little old lady we knew and loved well.  But there are others–Ms. Lipinsky’s mom was narcoticed to death after she plead with Ms. Lipinsky, a beloved daughter not to leave her with the evil sis, but Ms. Lipinsky had to, there was a court order.  Not long after her mom too was narcoticed to death “in hospice”, and the sis made sure there was no tox screen, no autopsy and no questions, a quick cremation.

please pray for the below bill:

Click to access Peter-Falks-bill-NY.pdf

And if you get a chance, go to their website and show your support

Another good story to read is on the dangerous of psychotropic meds and how they are frequently used in nursing homes far too often and generally as chemical restraints.  Of course, none of this is legal in Illinois where the patient has to give consent to the use of such drugs, warned of the side effects and given alternatives, but it happens all the time, so please be aware and protect your loved ones.

An Apolology, Blood on their Hands and Out Damn Spot

Dear Readers;

I really do owe all of you an apology.  I thought by only writing to the authorities that were interested in these cases would be the best way to proceed.  I thought Ken’s 500 emails to the Police Chief in Naperville wouldn’t help because the guy was obviously hitting the delete and/or archive key when there was theft, conversion and possible murder afoot.

Now Mary is gone, narcoticed to death in hospice, following in the footsteps of Helen Rector, Lydia Tyler, Alice Gore, Dorothy Baker, Rose Drabik, Carol Wyman was attempted murder and she escaped in the nick of time.  Currently at risk and are probably the most endangered of all endangered species are Al Frake, Janie Thomas and ALV (she escaped and fears for her life any day she can be scooped up, held down, shot up and killed narcotics with starvation and dehydration in any nursing home in Illinois and no one would care).  She’s right.  No one.  Not do nothing Lisa Madigan, Diane Saltoun, any police chief throughout the state.

In the State of Illinois, if you are over 70, you are garbage to be tossed aside and looted for your goodies, just as Ebenezer Scrooge in a Christmas Carol (that Dickens was a smart writer).

So, Mary, today I apologize because I did not fax and email Lisa Madigan and Diane Saltoun a gazillion times.

Maybe you’d be alive with Gloria today.

Ken was right.  500 emails, 100 emails, whatever it takes is clearly the right thing to do.

And now that Mary Sykes is dead, all the money ($300,000) gone to attorneys without a fee petition, what is there left now for Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart, Stephen Splitt (an “ethics” professor no less, he needs to resign and learn some real ethics–what a load of crappy Karma he’s building up, and the rest of my crappy “hearing board” and “review board” attorneys left to do?  what about Ken’s crappy “hearing board” and “review board”  attorneys going to do?  Mary’s blood is on their hands.  They could have done something, they should have done something).

All of mine and Ken’s Tribunals and Review Boards should be resigning from the ARDC and withdrawing their decisions and apologizing to us for the damage they cause.

And by rubber stamping my interim suspension and continuing Ken’s suspension for every day past the date of death of Mary, the blood just grows and grows.

They were wrong.  They were all clearly wrong.

And now Mary is dead, Gloria got to see her for an hour while she was heavily drugged in a coma being starved to death in “hospice”, $300,000 went to Farenga, Schmeidel, Stern, Soehlig, Fischel and Kahn for ATTORNEY’S FEES.

I said the Mary Sykes case was filled with theft, conversion, corruption (failure to follow the laws as written) and was unethical and immoral.  The Tribunal and Review Board say I lied about that.

Now the case is over and it looks like I’m right–dozens of attorneys and Judges and Justices did nothing and now poor Mary is dead because they said they didn’t care when they should have done something.  They should have investigated, used their subpoena powers and removed Carolyn and handed Mary back to Gloria to live in luxury the rest of her life.

Remember, Mary said in her last POA that she wanted to live in her home until she died, she wanted to have her life sustained by all means as a Roman Catholic.

No where in Mary’s advance directives did she say it was okay to live at Carolyn’s in Naperville, be put in a nursing home, be put into hospice to be drugged and starved to death.  Roman Catholics don’t do hospice.  Poor Mary didn’t even get last rites by her own priest, but this is all okay in the State of Illinois and with Judge Aicha MacCarthy.

The ARDC, the Tribunal (Hearing Board) and Review Board all had their opportunity to help poor Mary, but she died anyway.  What kind of lawyers are these?

All I can say to the following is:  OUT DAMN SPOT  and BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS award goes to:

1) first and foremost:  Jerome Larkin, administrator of ARDC, lawyer

Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, litigation counsel

My tribunal:  Sang-yul Lee – lawyer
Ziad Alnaqib – lawyer
Eddie Sanders, Jr.
; – member of public who did not protect Mary, a member of the public

Witnesses: Jim Halberg, Peter Schmiedel- lawyer, Cynthia Farenga- lawyer, Judge Jane Louise Stuart, Adam Stern- lawyer, Ricky Krakow

My Review Board:

Johnny A. Fairman, II- lawyer
Robert M. Henderson- lawyer
Gordon B. Nash, Jr.- lawyer


Why even Obama couldn’t get me out of this mess—the connections between Sang Yul Lee-Matyas-Madigan-Murray

Make no mistake, they all have their connections.

The chair of my tribunal was Sang Yul Lee. Sang Yul Lee is business partners with Thomas Matyas who is related to Lisa Madigan. (This is from the Sullivan’s Law Directory):

The most important thing to remember from the above article is this statement:

Lisa Madigan

Occupation: Attorney general, State of Illinois

Connection: Family member

Madigan’s adopted daughter; elected AG and, before that, a state senator with the help of the Madigoons—Dad’s political workers; criticized for being the “people’s lawyer” who never investigates public corruption in Illinois

Well, Ken and I and others keep on writing to her any way. You gotta have some high hopes in Illinois that someone will find the change to Truth, Justice and Honesty a good idea, or at least try it for awhile.

I wonder how they advertise for ARDC Hearing Board Members.  Is this an ad in the ISBA journal?  ABA journal? Craig’s list.  Wanted:  Connected Attorneys to sit on Boards and get rid of other honest attorneys that refuse to belly up, that won’t pay to play, that won’t get a nice bribe or kickback to make their lives easier.  Come on, we all got families and friends to take care of, and if I don’t do it, then who will? (Famous words of Richard Daley, Sr.)

I mean, how is it that Diane Saltoun, Inspector General of Illinois says she “doesn’t do” corruption (even if it costs the taxpayers millions and perhaps the lives of grandma and grandpa in probate?)  Then we have Lisa Murray Madigan who not only doesn’t do corruption, but she actually has Chicago Magazine announcing it.

Why are these ladies getting full pay for only a portion of the work? And just who convinced them this was in fact a good idea (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) when the corruption complaints come a rollin’ in.

I still have yet to see a story in the Tribune about who Lisa Madigan’s biological father was (he was Jewish and a criminal attorney who represented drug lords in New York, quit his law practice after 5 years and then bought an airline in the midwest that eventually became American Eagle.  What a win-win.  Walter White would be proud).  How does the Chicago press stay away from these issues anyway.  I guess there has to be something for bloggers to do.


From Barbara Stone and Candice Schwager-unraveling the depth of corruption in Florida

Dear Readers;

Atty Candice Schwager in Florida was kind enough to share her most recent brief with us:

As many of you will recall, in spring of 2014, Barbara discovered her brother had forged $600,000 in checks from mom’s account.  So she asked a Fla attorney what to do and he said get a professional guardian down here and we will do a guardianship.  You cannot be guardian because you live in New York.

So, spot the two lies.  1) a “professional guardian” (aka Jacqueline Hertz) will help you and not terrorize you if you question the employees she forces on you, or drugs or the money she takes from the estate and 2) you can’t live out of state and be a guardian.

Flash forward to now.  JH moves in two Haitian caregivers who barely speak English and it’s clear mom doesn’t like or trust them.  Barb advocates for a replacement.  Doc prescribes Miralax, not FDA approved for seniors and objects in court.  Judge Genden and atty Roy Lustig–for the first time–have her arrested for interfering with the care of a disabled person.  Next, they insert a feeding tube and lace it with drugs.  Barb takes her mother out to eat.  Mom eats just fine, no one wants to bother feeding her.  Barb is arrested again and banned from seeing her mother, must move out and the 2 (death) caregivers entrench into the home fall of 2014.  By January, Mrs. Stone is rushed to the ER with fractures, contusions, lacerations, sores, a rash, dehydration and malnutrition, and pneumonia.

After all that, Barbara asks for them all to be replaced in court, and she is arrested again.  Mrs. Helen Stone is promptly returned to her abusers.

Next she is placed in a nursing home where she currently resides–with a feeding tube laced with drugs.  Some days she is so groggy she can barely speak.

So, this lawsuit is Barbara suing in Federal District Court in Broward county to get a restraining order against the miscreants and to release mom to her so she can get mom out of Florida where she is being abused.

Barbara hasn’t seen her mother in about a year. That’s abuse per se.

I think it’s a wonderful strategy to go to the jurisdiction where the nursing home is when the probate court is nothing about abuse and lies.

And the $600,000 that was stolen?  After more than a year, no one has gone after the brother, they have only drained mom’s estate by a million.

We have a string of them lately–Mrs. Lipinski, Mrs. Mary G Sykes, Al Frake is in grave danger and so is Helen Stone.

Please pray for them all.  The next step is “hospice by poverty and greed”, which is why I’m wondering if Attorney Seth Gillman wasn’t given the job because he knew he could be trusted to keep his mouth shut.

I wonder how many of his “victims” of death by hospice for greed were part of this system of target-isolate-medicate-drain the estate-quietly eliminate.  It seems odd to me he is indicted by the feds with over 100 affiants but the ARDC files nothing.

Ken and I and Amu speak out against corruption, and Jerome Larking and gang of thugs are right on our doorstep.

It’s also strange the feds aren’t going after Larkin and company for supression of mine and Ken’s First Amendment rights.

As Ken noted, the corruption is so thick, even if Obama came to town to represent myself and Ken he would lose against this group of evil.

Mary is dead, she’s been murdered now, this blog has been warning and warning and warning everyone.  The discovery of her valuable (nearly a million in gold coins) has been quashed and quashed again by the flying monkeys.

Ken and I write and publish and mail and email every day to protect the seniors and disabled.  Ken’s retired and this is his hobby.  I have patents to do and this is still my hobby–each day and every day.

NASGA and Probate Sharks and the other blogs are behind us 10000%

The victims keep on coming out of the cracks and hounding us, demanding justice.

I do believe in karma and I do believe once you cross over you review your life, see your screw ups and you have to apologize and make up every intentional nasty act you ever engaged in while you were here.  It doesn’t matter what it was–murder, war, rape, –if you intended to harm another you will one day feel their pain and sorrow AND you will have to make plans you don’t do it again.

People ask me or tell me if I want jail or prison for these murderers, theives, goons and thugs, but I reply 1) vengeance is not mine to dish out and therefore it’s none of my business and 2) IF I got to pick a way to get a soul to never, never do this again, it would be the Al Frake method–get them in a nursing home, make them suffer a fall with a hip or leg injury, do not treat, drug heavily, take away glasses, hearing aids, anything the elder depends upon, the force a feeding tube and drugs on the elder and call it a day.  that way they are trapped in their own body in pain.  All Al Frake says to his son Gary is “I want to die”.  It is reported to the court, all the flying monkeys deny it (cover up) and reports of abuse go right back to the abusers.

The way we treat our elders and the way the kickbacks flow is shameful.


From Ken Ditkowsky and the NASGA website–demands for an HONEST investigation

To: “” <>
Cc: Illinois ARDC <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, Eric Holder <>, “FBI- -civil rights , Chicago FBI
Subject: As the IARDC collects money to protect the public and instead conspires with (18 USCA 371) and aids and abets the exploitation, abuse, and isolation of the elderly and the disabled (elder cleansing) the citizens of the State of Illinois who have been adversely affected by the corrupt judicial officials, jurists DEMAND an HONEST INVESTIGATION OF THE FOLLOWING PERSONS.
Date: Jul 9, 2015 6:38 AM
To Law Enforcement and the IARDC   –  demand is made for an investigation of the following individuals who have been the subject of numerous complaints by the families who have been victimized by elder cleansings.     (This list does not include Jerome Larkin, Lea Black *****  and attorneys who are employed by the public, who have not filed ethics statements required of public employees, and who have assaulted the First Amendment Rights of Illinois citizens as they ( Larkin et al) violated 18 USCA 4, 241, 242, 371, 42 USCA 12203, 18 USCA 1341, 47 USCA 230, the Illinois Constitution and the Core values of the United States of America), to wit:

Melanie Frazier…(IL)…Guardian
Miriam Solo…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
David Martin…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Melinda Martin…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Lynne Kowamoto…(IL)…Judge
Jane Stuart…(IL)…Judge
Benjamin Topp…(IL)…Care Management
Sally Griffin…(IL)…Trust Officer
Janna Dutton…(IL)…Attorney
Morris Esformes…(IL, FL, NY)…Nursing Homes Owner
Moshe Faskowitz…(IL, FL, NY)…Rabbi
Pam Chwala…(IL)…RN (Case Manager)
Bruce Lange…(IL)…Attorney
Tom Kleinhinz…(IL)…CEO Rehab Assist
Karen Bowes…(IL)…Attorney
Peter Schmiedel…(IL)…Attorney
Kevin Carter…(IL)…Agent for Rehab Assist
Cynthia Feranga…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Maureen Connors…(IL)…Judge
Joel Brodsky…(IL)…Attorney
Len LeRose…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Dawn Lewandowski-Keller…(IL)…Attorney
John Fleming…(IL)…Judge
Ruben Garcia…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Donita Link…(IL)…Nursing Home Administrator
Adam Stern…(IL)…Attorney GAL
Helen Grimaldi…(IL)…Elder Abuse Investigator for Catholic Charities
This list was taken from the NASGA website.   It appears to be relate only to the Sykes case and the Gore cases.   A complete list of all the miscreants and suspected miscreants should be complied and forwarded to law enforcement so that every one of the predators  and their co-conspirators is disclosed and subjected to the HONEST investigation that Jerome Larkin and his personal co-conspirators are seeking so desperately to prevent.
 The MaryGSykes and Probate Sharks web=site lists more of the conspirators who have been allegely conducting a war on the elderly and the disabled.   This war is costing America dearly!   The “tax free” (by tax evasion) unjust enrichment of these criminals is costing ILLINOIS and the United States billions of dollars and adds to the 700% fraud surcharge that is imposed on ‘health care!’   People like Larkin are using their public positions to undermine the judicial system of confidence (if any) that ordinary citizens have in the said system.     Elder Cleansing and its corruption are a cancer that threatens our ‘core values.’
And you can add in yours and my Tribunal and Review Board who have taken lies and deceit for the truth and protected their friends.
Yesterday, I am told by a home health care provider he often loses clients when the OPG or government steps in because his clients all go to nursing homes.  Why?  Because the attorneys involved and their friends and cronies all get from $1,000 to $3,000 PER MONTH in nursing home placement.  Of course, it’s all fraud, but the ARDC supports this program and does not investigate allegations of kickbacks, the ARDC has no ethics reporting despite the fact it is mandated by the Ethics Reporting Act of 2009, and the OPG does not ethics report.either.
If someone wants to change the law, any attorney or licensed professional that recommends, supports, advises or prescribes or asks for a court order or does not oppose one for nursing home placement must ethics report.

Teen Jailed over fight with family friend for 5 years in Detroit Michigan

Just when you thought the judicial system couldn’t do a worse job in taking care of our youth, another shocking story comes out:

Placed in adult jail, her 6 month sentence went up quickly to 5 years because in one instance she gave a guard a threatening look and in another she shouted at another prisoner she would “beat her a**” for slapping her.

Obviously the “prison for profit” system isn’t much better than slavery from the 19th century and earlier.

In another case in Detroit, we have another person (son) being jailed over a probate dispute where a competent woman is trying to escape a wrongful guardianship.  The state of Michigan wants mom, but she left to go live with her brother. So what happens to the son?  He is threatened with indefinite detainment in jail until mom comes back to Michigan (so her home can be looted and sold and her placed in a locked down nursing home–despite the fact she is clearly competent).  A greedy out of control professional guardian has targeted this family and want mom’s money and home.  Mom left and told them to get lost, so now they extort the son.  What a mess.  Please pray for them all.  Son is on the road right now, living out of his car, looking for a “safe state” to live in  If anyone has any suggestions, please email me.

Next on the list of things to do are my documents filed with the Supreme Court this week.

Motion to Reconsider my Interim Suspension:

Next is my motion for additional relief (did I ask for enough help on my wish list?)

and finally my Petition to file Exceptions with the Review Board.

Now, as you are all aware, the items that the ARDC and Jerome Larkin are most trying to cover up for their cronies is:

1) target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and quietly eliminate. That is game over in the Sykes case, and the clear victorious winner is the blog in all of this, together with everone involved from Gloria and Kathie, to Ken and Tim and host of others (Bev and Ken Cooper, Sylvia Rudek, let me know if I forgot your name, oh John Wyam) who are all too familiar with the mantra.

Mary is now dead, having been medicated to death “in hospice” with no known major illnesses, and the Plenary Guardian shows up at the funeral home openly telling the funeral director to hide a crime.  Isn’t that convenient.

The police don’t care, the FBI doesn’t care (other than to remove Stuart and Kowamoto, but there are other judges willing to cover up fresh kills, including Carolyn Quinn who hands back reports of abuse to Allen Frake to his court appointed abusers), and no one cares.  Nothing is done.

Sunrise Nursing Home even advertises it’s “seniors for cash program” here:

Of course, everyone involved, from the judges to the FBI, to the probate attorneys think they can keep on running this “Seniors for Cash” program because no one cares about old people, as Adam Stern said on the stand, old people get sick (and presumably die off all the time) and that’s normal and no reason to investigate.

But flash forward onto the lives of these judges and all their attorney helpers in the Kids for Cash program, and most have either been indicted, are wearing orange jump suits or have fled.  All it took was 5 years and a couple of feisty reporters that never gave up.  The 2nd circuit recently announced none of the judges or the attorneys will have immunity.

In the case of all the flying monkeys on the 18th floor, that means the following will apply to them without any immunity: conversion, theft, embezzlement, wrongful death, liability for hate crimes (saying someone is old so narcoticing them to death is not a problem, they die all the time anyway) (and I want to thank Ms. Lipinski today for reminding me the forced drugging and death of seniors forced into hospice against their will, without  court order, and being told it doesn’t matter old people die all the time–is in fact a hate crime. Good catch and thanks)

It’s all a house of cards waiting for the right wind.

Ken and I have out our industrial fans, probate victims have been buying theirs.  Mary Sykes, the poster child of this website is now dead.  The ARDC disciplined myself and Ken merely for speaking out and saying there was nothing good going to come of the illegal, corrupt actions of Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel and Soehlig and that Mary’s case was a classic Target-Isolate-Medicate-Drain the Estate and Quietly Eliminate and now it’s come to fruition.

Ken, I, Gloria, Probate Sharks, NASGA, Evans–you name it, we were all right about this.  It’s all done now.  We screamed and yelled and warned and nothing happened to prevent the murder of Mary G Sykes in a place she did not want to be (nursing home) by a person she did not want to have her legal authority (Carolyn Toerpe) and now she is gone.

The million dollars in missing coins does not want to be investigated by the likes of Larkin, Smart, Opryszek, Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel, Soehlig or MacCarthy.  That is gone and discovery quashed over and over again.

Mary needs to be exhumed and an autopsy done and a tox screen, but they will work to quash that too.  You wait and see.  The medical records will disappear or get altered with diseases never found or recorded otherwise.  Mary’s home was sold for pennies on the dollar to some real estate corporation for “investment purposes” for cash.  Yep, that’s why probate exists, to make money for undisclosed real estate investors.

No one in the neighborhood has really seen or talked to the owners of Mary’s property.  The place always, and I mean always, looks vacant.  When Mary and Gloria were there, they cleaned the walk, they did the gardening, they walked dogs, they participated in the neighborhood.  Now, just an erie emptiness surrounds the property.

Yesterday, Ken quipped with all the money, subterfuge, cover ups, discovery quashing and head turning in court, even if Obama came himself to defend myself and Ken in all of this, even he would lose.

I just have to agree.  There is some serious dark, evil and sinister surrounding Mary’s death and the missing money and the property sold at a deep discount.  The stuff creepy cheap horror movies are made from


Guardian Melodie Scott in Riverside California needs an HONEST investigation–from Ken Ditkowsky

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 3, 2015 11:01 PM
Cc: Eric Holder , “FBI- ( (” , Matt Senator Kirk , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Tim NASGA , Chicago FBI , “J. Ditkowsky” , BILL DITKOWSKY , Bev Cooper , Janet Phelan , Chicago Tribune , SUNTIMES , FOX News Network LLC , Diane Nash , Ginny Johnson , Fiduciary Watch , Cook County States Attorney , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “Y. ACLU” , AARP Inc
Subject: The guardian license of Melody Scott – 18 USCA 4 notice to authorities of possible felonies!

I understand that there are many people who wish to be heard and wish to protest the renewal of the guardian license of Ms. Melodie Scott.
In particular, from the information that I received concerning her dealings with Ms. Janet Phelan her reputation is extremely poor and her credibility and honesty have been questioned.    The danger to the public is apparently known to just about everyone in the community except local law enforcement and the licensing commission.   In particular:
1) It has been reported that the commission has received a tape in which Ms. Scott made a death threat to one of her ‘wards!  It appears that the Ward complained as to the dissipation of her estate.    The threat was recorded and copies were sent to your commission, local law enforcement and as we write this e-mail they are being sent to the United States of America.
2) A journalist found that Ms. Scott has an alcohol problem and at least one conviction for drunk driving.
3) Ms. Scott appears to many as being corrupt.   In particular it was reported to me that her accounting for the money of her wards has been nominated for the Nobel prize in fictional literature.    The sentence that she received for drunk driving is unusually mild!    ******
The licensing process was intended to protect the public.   It was not intended to create a special class of predators who are given leave to by the courts and the licensing commission to have exclusive right to prey on the elderly and the disabled.     The licensing process was supposed to be transparent and protect the elderly and the disabled.
Please be advised that many citizens believe that a 18 USCA 371 conspiracy is occurring and the licensing commission is acting in concert with Ms. Scott in her activities that pursuant to 18 USCA 4 we would classify as THEFT BY A FIDUCIARY.

Uncovering Medicare Fraud, over $700 million in fraud in recent cases.

This video is very important.  It talks about how the DOJ and HHS have a joint initiative strike force to eliminate Medicare fraud and the joint initiative has been very effective.

Healthcare fraud is “distressingly common”.  Despite the fact doctors make very good money, they participate in incredible schemes to defraud health care.  The new Obama Care act gives state agencies the tools they need to uncover fraud and return the stolen money.

In Miami recently dozens of defendants were involved in $263 million in false medicare claims. There were reports of ripoffs from hospices to hospitals.  In one case involving $74 million in thefts, certain companies and doctors where shuffling around hundreds of dementia patients and saying they were providing intensive psychotherapy, but in fact these were services that never happened.

In one of the single largest cases in Miami, doctors and administrators were participating in schemes to “upcode” patients, meaning, expensive services were billed, such as CT scans, etc., when in fact the patient only had a cold or sore throat. Of course, the expensive service was never performed.

Another common scheme was to bill for expensive equipment, but never actually get it.  For examply, say 100 expensive specialized wheelchairs are billed to medicare but they never appear, or if they do, they are sold to other places.

And all the while, there are in fact elderly, sick patients, often with dementia, that are in need of services they just don’t get, and all the doctors and medical administrators see are the elderly as ATM machines printing money for thieves.

One recent wheel chair scam in Los Angeles involved $123 million in phantom equipment, including 1,000 expensive wheelchairs

The problem turns out to be nationwide.

$15 billion has been recovered in 7 years related healthcare fraud in medicare making the program a winner.  This joint DOJ/HHS program is very successful, because for every dollar spent on this program $8 are returned making it an 800% ROI.

$50 billion in 5 years has been returned to DOJ.

Many claims have come from false claims act (qui tam) where whistle blowers were very helpful to stop these criminals.  However, these whistleblowers face huge retaliation from their employers and others part of the schemes. There are countless stories of the terror these whistleblowers were put through for merely reporting the crimes they saw committed by major hospital companies and doctors.

I am glad there is hope that the HHS and DOJ are stopping the treatment of elders as walking ATM’s for dispensing millions to the criminals attracted to health care where previously anything goes.


Probate Victim in Detroit Michigan needs Assistance

Please email me if anyone has a place for this good son to stay and a job for him.

He can no longer return home, his name is not on the home, and they are likely in the process of evicting him.

So he needs a small apartment and a job because he lost his last job when he had to go to court all the time.

Any assistance you might provide is very appreciated.

Email me at



Guardianship abuse runs rampant in LA! From the LA times

A disability-rights group has filed a federal complaint alleging that the Los Angeles County Superior Court has systemically violated the civil rights of intellectually disabled residents who are under limited conservatorships by failing to provide effective legal assistance through its court-appointed attorneys.

The class-action complaint, filed with the U.S. Department of Justice in Los Angeles on Friday, claims that court-appointed attorneys routinely violate the Americans with Disabilities Act during limited-conservatorship proceedings.

The complaint alleges that the court system has failed to provide adequate training to attorneys in how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, has failed to train the attorneys on how to effectively work with a client who has developmental disabilities, and lacks qualification and performance standards.

The court also places a conflict of interest on these attorneys, the complaint says. The court requires attorneys to advocate for the client while also assisting the court in…

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Guardianship abuse runs rampant in LA! From the LA times

A disability-rights group has filed a federal complaint alleging that the Los Angeles County Superior Court has systemically violated the civil rights of intellectually disabled residents who are under limited conservatorships by failing to provide effective legal assistance through its court-appointed attorneys.

The class-action complaint, filed with the U.S. Department of Justice in Los Angeles on Friday, claims that court-appointed attorneys routinely violate the Americans with Disabilities Act during limited-conservatorship proceedings.

The complaint alleges that the court system has failed to provide adequate training to attorneys in how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, has failed to train the attorneys on how to effectively work with a client who has developmental disabilities, and lacks qualification and performance standards.

The court also places a conflict of interest on these attorneys, the complaint says. The court requires attorneys to advocate for the client while also assisting the court in resolving the matter, violating the client’s right to due process, the complaint says………..

While Catherine Falk is running around the US getting her “Parental Alienation” law passed so children can visit ailing parents without interference from body guard attorneys and miscreant judges, LA Time is finally reporting the truth in guardianship.

It’s as if over night the mainstream media has picked up on these stories and is finally going strong.

Gloria, Ken and I all filed Civil Rights suits and ADA complaints regarding the gross civil and human rights violations of Mary Sykes.  Those suits went no where in the Federal Northern District Court of Illinois which currently shields Guardian abusers together with Jerome Larkin of the ARDC

.  Without any significant disease–heart disease, internal organ disease or dementia (see the Vimeo video if you doubt the mental facilities of Mary Sykes, and based upon reports from this blog last year, she was walking, talking, reasoning, assuring Gloria all would be well despite the sale of her home, the theft of the sale proceeds by CT and company, the paying of attorneys hundreds of thousands of dollars, she still wanted to get out of the nursing home with Gloria, and “they would start all over again.”  THAT tape was destroyed by, upon information and belief, Stern.  Then the money runs out, and Mary is drugged to death.

Then Mary is ushered off to a Funeral home and the director is told no obituary, no announcements, no one at a service please, just a quick funeral and don’t tell anyone where she is buried?  Oh, and no autopsy, no tox screen.  Just embalm her quickly and bury her quickly.

And the police don’t get involved?

How many clues does CT have to leave about her behavior before one of the myriad of Keystone cops gets a clue about Mary, and then there’s Mrs. Drabik, Ms. Tyler, Ms.Wyman was nearly murdered by probate and company, Mrs. Baker, the list goes on and on.

So for all of you attorneys and judges out there from probate hiding from the truth, fixing deals everywhere, the public and HONEST attorneys are demanding truth and justice and that major media publishes the same.

Cash for kids went on for 6 years before the feds stepped in and dismantled it and put the perps in prison. For good.  The litigation out of that one is huge and horrendous and the 2nd circuit has already declared:  no immunity for these judges, for the attorneys involved.  Your licenses are now worth toilet paper to protect you.

The guardianship cases are the same.

Check out the Catherine Falk Organization for more info on allowing adult children visitation to see their ailing parents.  Good for her.


Guardianship Abuse runs Rampant in Texas, according to Rebel Pundit

Read the whole article here:

After speaking to victims, lawyers, and activists, the investigation reveals that the probate court in Harris County works much like a good ole boys club where judges receive campaign contributions from lawyers who then receive favorable rulings. In a court with little oversight, several victims suffered physical and mental abuse and were left to effectively be euthanized.

Sherry Johnston told RebelPundit her mother was one of those victims. Her mother died in September 2014, weighing less than thirty pounds her normal weight. She provided Rebel Pundit with a series of photos which showed bruising, bed sores, and she made a You Tube video of doctors and guardianship professionals refusing to provide her mother with treatment, instead choosing to send her to hospice care to die.  (Sykes, Gore, Drabik, Richards, Wyman (attempted murder), etc.)

Johnston said her ordeal started when a family dispute led to an order placing her mother, Willie Jo Mills, in guardianship. Rather than choosing a family member to be her guardian, Judge Christine Butts, appointed David Dexel to be the guardian.

The judge also appointed a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) and an Attorney ad Litem to oversee the case, all at the expense of the estate. Rather than allowing Mills to live with Johnston, as both wanted, Dexel placed Mills in the Silverado Nursing Home in Kingwood, Texas, in the spring 2009.

The estate was charged $7,000 a month for the care.

“At Sliverado she was abused, isolated and neglected,” Johnston told RebelPundit.

Sound Familiar?

Barbara Monaghan charged elderly Sophie Reichert $2400 a month and took excellent care of Sophie, so excellent and the house was so clean and neat, Catholic Charities and the OPG both claimed, they saw no evidence anyone was caring for her!  The judge agreed and took away Barbara Monaghan’s POA.  Now the OPG hasn’t paid the mortgage on a $2 million piece of property and they take the rents and pay THEIR caregivers, now a nursing home to care for Sophie, who has had numerous health problems since being isolated from her family (Barbara, Ronald, Ryan and Martin) for months on end. You think there’s not a connection. So Sophie is in a nursing home.  Her son who lived with her for decades is in another nursing home and both are upset they are being separated from one another.

Does the OPG care?  Heck no.  Supervised visitation for everyone!

Barbara went to Sophie’s home three times or more per day bringing her home made food, did the cooking, the cleaning and laundry, then went to the building, dealt with tenants and repairs and the City–all for $2400 per month.

The OPG takes the rents and pays 2 caregivers $8,000 to $9,000 per month.  They find a “building manager” for 8% of the rents or another $1,000 or so per month.  They then stop paying the mortgage on a $2 million income building–to force it into foreclosure so a friend will buy it up cheap.  I’ve already received calls from “interested lawyers.”

How is this happening that the OPG’s $10,000 per month is better than Barbara’s $2400 per month bill?

How is this happening that the OPG does not have to pay rent?

How is it that the ARDC does NOTHING about this outrageous behavior of the attorneys involved–Epstein, Franciskowicz, Fung and Stilton, letting them lie, lie, lie.

They falsely accuse Barbara of stealing, but it is they who are stealing and churning the bill at about $7500 per month and not paying the mortgage.

The Judge does nothing and should be reported.

The FBI should investigate the lot of them all–Epstein, Franciskowicz, Fung, Stilton, Judge Quinn and Dr. Shaw–who finds every wealthy widow/er incompetent who has no interest in the time, date or President, but sure can run a TV remote just fine, thank you.


Nursing home abuse in New York caught on camera.

And while the linked in probate attorneys force elders and disableds into institutional care, some nursing home actually have cameras (but only in the halls, it appears), for the worst of the worst:

There are no words to describe how awful it is to see these beloved sick and in need persons be mistreated by staff.

Let’s pray videos like this turn around nursing home management.