Please, before you cite HIPA as prohibiting something, please actually read the law

I am always amazed when people cite laws that they have never read, or even read any scholarly articles about.  HIPA is one of these. 2,000 pages of gobbledy gook, and all it says is that insurance companies can share information.  Interpreted at its best, that means that the insurance companies can spot fraud easier (I’m not talking fraud by patients, but fraud by doctors and 3rd party service providers). Got that.  But what it was really intended for was to deny people coverage or claims (pre-existing condition), despite the fact that a denial of health care for pre-existing condition is illegal in most states now, the insurance companies do it.  I hear complaints and my husband and I even applied for insurance and they denied him based upon his sleep machine (CPAP), etc.  Nothing major, but here we have a top 10 insurance company denying coverage or making it astronomical under “preexisting condition” which was outlawed in Illinois years ago.

Please take a look at the below and understand HIPA does NOT protect patient privacy with respect to 3rd parties, only insurance companies.  And it’s a DISCLOSURE law, not a patient secrecy law or patient’s rights law.

Accordingly, no one can sue under HIPA for medical information disclosure.  At least not in Illinois, far as I can find on Fastcase.

The Illinois Supreme Court has recognized the tort of “intrusion upon seclusion” which requires 1) an unauthorized disclosure of private information 2) in a manner which would be considered outrageous.  This means the neighbor breaking into your home and rifling through your private papers, or someone hacking your computer (tho this may be covered under cyber hacking laws, federal and state).

Read on and rest assured that under HIPA all your insurance companies, past, present and future, now know all about you. Are they covered under HIPA?  Yes.  Can they disclose except to other insurance companies.  NO.  Can you sue them if they do disclose under HIPA?  NO.  In 2,000 pages of gobbledy gook, there is no remedy for violation of the statute, so that means if you are wronged or harmed (lose your job, your reputation, your clients) because someone discloses something like you have a lot of abortions, have an STD, whatever, you can’t sue unless another law provides a remedy.

Hipaa’s Use as Code of Silence Often Misinterprets the Law


Credit Shannon May

How do people use, misuse or abuse Hipaa, the federal regulations protecting patients’ confidential health information? Let us count the ways:
■ Last month, in a continuing care retirement community in Ithaca, N.Y., Helen Wyvill, 72, noticed that a friend hadn’t shown up for their regular swim. She wasn’t in her apartment, either.
Had she gone to a hospital? Could friends visit or call? Was anyone taking care of the dog?
Questions to the staff brought a familiar nonresponse: Nobody could provide any information because of Hipaa.
“The administration says they have to abide by the law, blah, blah,” Ms. Wyvill said. “They won’t even tell you if somebody has died.”
■ Years ago, Patricia Gross, then 56, and a close friend had taken refuge in a cafe at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, where Ms. Gross’s husband was dying of cancer. She was lamenting his inadequately treated pain and her own distress when a woman seated at a nearby table walked over.
“She told me how very improper it was to be discussing the details of a patient’s treatment in public and that it was a Hipaa violation,” Ms. Gross recalled.
■ In 2012, Ericka Gray repeatedly phoned the emergency room at York Hospital in York, Pa., where her 85-year-old mother had gone after days of back pain, to alert the staff to her medical history. “They refused to take the information, citing Hipaa,” said Ms. Gray, who was in Chicago on a business trip.
“I’m not trying to get any information. I’m trying to give you information,” Ms. Gray told them, adding that because her mother’s memory was impaired, she couldn’t supply the crucial facts, like medication allergies.
By the time Ms. Gray found a nurse willing to listen, hours later, her mother had already been prescribed a drug she was allergic to. Fortunately, the staff hadn’t administered it yet.
Each scenario, attorneys say, involves a misinterpretation of the privacy rules created under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. “It’s become an all-purpose excuse for things people don’t want to talk about,” said Carol Levine, director of the United Hospital Fund’s Families and Health Care Project, which has published a Hipaa guide for family caregivers.

Stop Court Crimes organization in California reporting rampant corrutpion in San Francisco

Apparently a number of scandals have rocked the San Francisco/Marin Valley court system, and the string of corrupt court decisions has been endless.

It is also reported that Orange County recently underwent a sting operation for traffic ticket fixing.

While everything was blamed on one lone clerk, it is hard to believe that thousands of cases were “fixed” and only one person was involved and knew what was going on.


Probate court is where our mothers and fathers life savings are stolen by lawyers and judges who legally steal the victims homes, life saving and possessions by liquidating them in sales and absorbing them in huge legal fees. Think about this, one lawyer at $350 -$500 an hour can reduce hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months. Much of those legal bills are for needless legal actions or
time. Its ambulance chasing at best and legal murder at worst where they legally,
isolate, medicate and liquidate the victims entire life savings.

From Ken Ditkowsky–time for an HONEST investigation now that Mary is Dead, Narcoticized to death

To: “” <>, Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, Probate Sharks <>, Tim NASGA <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Nasga Us <>, Chicago FBI <>, Bev Cooper <>, Janet Phelan <>, KRISTI HOOD <>, Chicago Tribune <>, FOX News Network LLC <>, “” <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, BILL DITKOWSKY <>, SUNTIMES <>, Fiduciary Watch <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>
Cc: Diane Nash <>, Ginny Johnson <>, Cook County States Attorney <>, “Y. ACLU” <>, AARP Inc <>, Scott Evans <>, Edward Carter <>, Candice Schwager <>, Glenda Martinez <>, RosANNa Miller <>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC” <>, Illinois ARDC <>, Barbara Stone <>, Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik <>, Jay Goldman <>, “” <>, Alyece Russell <>, Tom Fields <>, Ronald Walker <>, Sylvia Rudek <>, Eric Blair <>, Cook Sheriff <>, Elaine Renoire <>, Nancy Vallone <>, Len Holland <>, Mary Richards <>, Janet Phelan <>, Martin Kozak <>, ACLU of Illinois <>, John Howard Wyman <>
Subject: I’ve asked the Neo-Nazis to remove me from their mailing list! I discovered that they are impotent and irrelevant –
Date: Jul 25, 2015 6:01 AM
In a democracy each faction whether to the right or the left of center is entitled to fully air their views including but not limited to opinions and hopes that are anti-social, racist, ethnically unacceptable and those that are patently vile.    Laws however prohibit the acting out of many of these miscreant positions.   Or at least we believed that was the situation.
A group of Neo-Nazis (National Socialists) has been writing me and spreading their vile and venal doctrines.     I’ve tried to get off their list and have been unsuccessful.    Their e-mails flow like water polluting my mail box.   However, as I review their product it has occurred to me that what they (the Neo-Nazis) is exactly what the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission under the administration of Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court has done.    The Lanre Amu case is patently a racist exercise.    When Crain’s Chicago Business made the very same allegations that Amu made, it was quite clear that the Illinois Supreme Court did not sua sponde order an HONEST investigation of how its administrative commission could find that Amu’s statements were unethical?   Amu had an obligation to report the clearly miscreant activities of the corrupt judge pursuant to Rule 8.3.
But let’s go a step further.    Diane Nash is an Icon of the Civil Rights movement.    She was interested in the obvious 18 USCA 241 and 18 USCA 242 criminal activity that Mr. Larkin and his co-conspirators were promulgating.    She thus appeared at JoAnne Denison’s hearing at the Offices of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.     In the same manner that the racists of the old South created a dichotomy between citizens have various shades of skin color – Jerome Larkin co-conspirators barred her from the hearing room.   (She was the only person barred!).
The Larkin (and co-conspirators) assaults on the First Amendment and the Equal protection of the law protections have been addressed previously.     Indeed, the Neo Nazi communications and recommendations are followed to the letter.
The heroes of the 3rd Reich preyed on the elderly and the disabled.     Interment camps rather than nursing homes were the facility of the holocaust, but the result is the same.      The similarity is driven home in the Alice Gore case.    Just like Larkin’s heroes of the 1930’s and 1940’s a victim’s mouth was the situs of an Au (gold) rush.    The Au was harvested and shortly thereafter the victim died!
If there is any doubt that Larkin and his co-conspirators have acted with malice aforethought (intentionally) Larkin has not denied the allegations and certainly not apologized for them.    In fact, he and his co-conspirators proudly exhibit and brag about their gulag and misconduct.     The Neo Nazis spout words – Larkin and his ilk actually exhibit their perfidy!     Unfortunately, the mainstream media is silent, law enforcement impotent, and most of our elected representatives uninterested!
Books are written about America’s decline by pundits.    They search for reasons as the most obvious smacks them in the face and they choose to ignore it.     We have lost respect for ourselves and our institutions!     The Rule of Law is a stranger in our courts!     Words are more important than deeds.     We rail against the Neo Nazi words and phrases and watch Neo Nazi scenarios play out in real time in our Courts – and in particularly in the Probate division.    We applaud the racial cleansing of Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators even watching him teach ethics!
It is time for an HONEST investigation of our activist Neo Nazis who are openly and notoriously violating our Bill of Rights and public trust.     It is time that their ill-gotten benefits and gains from their conspiracy and assaults against the Bill of Rights be taxed by the Federal and State governments.    The clear and present danger is not from the blogs (MaryGSykes) that expose judicial and political corruption, but from the actors being exposed!     The Illinois Supreme Court in suspending JoAnne Denison for authoring a blog that exposes a gaggle of jurists profiting along with corrupt judicial officials and political officials by looting the estates of the elderly and the disabled embarrassed not only itself, but Illinois government.    In the Amu case it demonstrated that Jim Crow is alive and well in Illinois.   The new KKK wears black sheets over their clothing rather than white.
In Operation Greylord the Illinois judiciary was exposed for corruption.    In the Elder Cleansing scandal Jerome Larkin is leading the charge to destroy democracy!     Talk is cheap!     Larkin is acting – he is not talking on his way to the Bank.     Mary Sykes, Alice Gore ***** are all dead!       Illinois is bankrupt!     It does not even have the will to collect the Income taxes owed by Larkin and his co-conspirators!

Coming Up–National Whistleblower Appreciation Day–July 30, 2015

And the Whistleblower Center has a number of activites and you can check out their website at

National Whistleblower Appreciation Day

Last year the Senate passed Resolution 202, establishing National Whistleblower Appreciation Day (NWAD) on July 30. This wonderful action was taken in order to a) acknowledge and commemorate the contributions of whistleblowers to combating waste, fraud, abuse, and violations of laws, and b) to inform workers and the public about the legal rights of citizens of the United States to blow the whistle.

The events occurring on NWAD will be part of a larger whistleblower event, “Whistleblower Summit: Civil and Human Rights Conference” taking place from July 28 – 31. ACORN 8 is sponsoring the summit, and a full list of co-sponsors as well as additional summit information can be found at All events are free and open to the public. However, please RSVP here.

To promote the timeless efforts of whistleblowers, GAP has produced four panels (one on Tuesday, July 29, three on Wednesday, July 30) that center on critically important issues facing the whistleblower community. Details regarding such panels can be found below:

Emerging Threats and Protections for National Security Whistleblowers
Tuesday, July 29th 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
485 Russell Senate Office Building

National security employees are the nation’s best line of defense against government waste, fraud and abuse. Yet, these modern day Paul Reveres enjoy limited protections when they disclose government misconduct. From Edward Snowden’s disclosures of sweeping government surveillance to a recent court ruling that threatens the civil service rule of law, this panel will explore the vital role of whistleblowers within an ever-expanding national security state. It will further examine newly enacted protections for Intelligence Community government whistleblowers and a growing campaign to restore rights for their contractor counterparts.

– See more at:

25 Years of the Whistleblower Protection Act – WPEA: The Next Frontier
Wednesday July 30th 9:30 am – 10:30 am
441 Cannon House Office Building, C St SE, Washington, DC 20003

This year (2014) marks the 25th anniversary of the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA). A panel of noted experts will explore the strengths and limitations of the WPA and looming threats to the statute, in addition to recent reforms included in the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) of 2012. It will explore congressional efforts to address unresolved issues, from the extension of the all-circuit review provision to jury trial access for federal employees.

  • Tom Devine, Legal Director, GAP (Moderator)
  • Michael McCray, General Counsel, FEW Legal Education Fund
  • Krista Boyd, Counsel, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

From Firings to Criminal Referrals: The Changing Face of Whistleblower Retaliation
Wednesday July 30th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
441 Cannon House Office Building, C St SE, Washington, DC 20003

During the last few years, there has been a surge in whistleblower protections against workplace retaliation affecting federal and corporate workers alike. Finding it more difficult to justify firing truth-tellers in the face of these buttressed rights, retaliatory managers are increasingly using a new method of retribution – referring whistleblowers for criminal investigations and prosecutions when they engage in protected whistleblowing. This panel will explore the gap in current whistleblower protection legislation against criminal retaliation, and legislative proposals to address this emerging reprisal tactic.

– See more at:

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act established the SEC Whistleblower Program. Since its inception in 2010, the program has recovered over $550 million based on whistleblower tips, and whistleblowers enjoy access to an SEC bounty program. However, its anti-reprisal rights are in need of an upgrade. This panel will examine appropriate rule-making for the SEC to clarify and strengthen protections available to those who report misconduct internally or externally. Otherwise, a hostile work environment – rampant with fear of retaliation – could lead future potential whistleblowers to keep quiet and allow fraud continue or intensify. – See more at:

From Ken Ditkowsky–always teach peace and love and truth and justice

Subject: exhibit 1
Date: Jul 23, 2015 11:27 AM
It is interesting what birds of feather flock together.     I noticed that since I’ve started my personal campaign for an HONEST investigation of elder cleansings and the War on the Elderly and the disabled, and I zeroed in on Jerome Larkin and his co=conspirators my e-mail box has been receiving communications from a bunch of neo-Nazis.      While I reject the conclusion that the administrator of the Attorney Disciplinary Commission is a fellow traveler with these despicable individuals I do notice that they do have much in common.    Spoliation of evidence, frugality with the truth, disrespect for America’s core values, and hate mongering are present in both the neo-Nazi and the Larkin conspiracy.
Larkin’s abomination, i.e. the disciplinary proceeding against Lanre Amu (and the barring of Diane Nash from a public proceedings) demonstrate his hate mongering and unacceptable racism.      The fact that Crain’s Chicago Business   made the very same averments as Mr. Amu places Larkin’s conspiracy is stark suspicion of being motivated by something more than his delegation to protect the public.     In fact, the false complaint filed by Larkin smacks of the Nazi and soviet purge complaints that so offended our self-appointed and silent civil libertarians.     NB.  How can Larkin author and verify complaints that he has not investigated and which are on the record truthful?     How can his co-conspirators masquerading as hearing, appellate, et al. panel find the false statements proven by clear and convincing evidence when the record and evidence are overwhelmingly contrary to Larkin’s averments?    Of course we know!    Wired proceedings do not need proof to obtain the desired result.     Social Democrats and their Communist brethren need no evidence to convict.
The sale of HATE is an easy commodity.      The Neo-Nazi and the Larkin conspirators are blood brothers even though their methods are bit different and Larkin and his co-conspirators are much more subtle.     This is what make Larkin much more dangerous.     I’ve asked the Neo-Nazis to please take me off their mailing list; however, they refuse.    Even the spam setting on the computer is ineffective – so I receive their offensive renderings.        Unlike the Larkin conspirators I recognize and honor the Bill of Rights and in particular the First Amendment.
I say unlike the Larkin conspirators because in outrageous, unlawyerlike, and disingenuous statements because the Larkin conspirators in the JoAnne Denison disciplinary proceeding not only ignored Civil and Criminal statutes, but, totally misrepresented the words and phrases of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Alvarez case.     The Larkin conspirators actually attempted quite successfully to misrepresent Alvarez as authority for suppression of political/content related speech by a lawyer.     Except in a wired case an attorney attempting such a feat would be disbarred!    Larkin is engaged to teach ethics to lawyers!
Recently I was informed that massive spoliation of evidence is being undertaken by the Larkin conspirators.    No longer do the miscreants set fire to the records, this group just is stealing the file.     The file in 09 P 4585 (In re: Mary Sykes) Cook County, Illinois is reported to almost ½ gone.     This file (09 P 4585) which demonstrates that Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators were strangers to the truth in violation of Rule 137 of the Circuit Court Rules was kept out of evidence because it demonstrated that Mary Sykes was never served with process as required by 755 ILCS 5/11a- 10, denied a hearing, and denied a court with jurisdiction.     This spoliation of evidence is occurring as Larkin and his co-conspirators have joint and several liability for millions of dollars in Federal and State Income taxes (plus interest and penalties) due to the conspiracy to elder cleanse Mary Sykes, Alice Gore *****.
The foregoing, notwithstanding the communication from the National Socialists are suspicious if you do not believe in coincidences.     If Mr. Larkin and his co-conspirators exercise any influence on their ‘blood brothers’ I would certainly appreciate it if they would just their clout and help me keep my mailbox clear of the racist, ethnic, et al propaganda.     I am not interested in buying ‘hate.’
America is in trouble!     The fact that Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators will draw substantial salaries for assaulting America’s core value and nothing is being done about it raises Red Flags!    Sorry about the pun!

Prosecutorial Misconduct–from Texas, the Ill. ARDC could teach the course to Tx prosecutors

According to this reporter,

Television personality Kelly Siegler is under fire this month for what critics are saying is a history of unethical conduct as a prosecutor, including the hiding of evidence in capital punishment cases. After a career as a Harris County prosecutor, Siegler became the star in a reality series on TNT called Cold Justice, now in its third season. Siegler’s allegedly checkered history as a prosecutor is reminiscent of the controversy surrounding Nancy Grace, who was denounced an an unethical prosecutor who violated the rights of accused persons but has been retained by CNN as a show host and legal commentator.

Interestingly enough, I believe that Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Leah Black Guiterrez appear to operating under the same standard.

During the trial of one attorney suspended, she told the witness, one Justine McGinty, that the attorney in question had told SO that McGinty was ugly and nasty–right before her testimony.  Justine knew that wasn’t true, and found out later it wasn’t.

When I brought up SO’s behavior to the ARDC, I received a letter back “this was not a problem.”

SO should be teaching a course in prosecutorial misconduct, together with Jerome Larkin and also how to cover it up.

I guess Kelly Seigler hasn’t figured out yet how to do it.

A Beaumont judge who decided that David Mark Temple deserves a new trial in the 1999 slaying of his pregnant wife cited 36 instances of prosecutorial misconduct in his ruling, most of which are tied to legendary former Harris County prosecutor Kelly Siegler.

For her prosecutorial misconduct, a new trial was ordered.  For the case of the ARDC, with regard to prosecutorial misconduct in mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s case, all of it was dismissed by one Tom Zimmerman, appointed by Blagogevich to investigate instances of misconduct, which he most certainly did not do. When this was pointed out and I asked both the Tribunal and Tom Zimmerman to remove SO from my case, both demurred.

One of the things when working on corruption which is what I do full time now, and Ken to a lesser extent, is that when someone is faced with obvious corruption and will not investigate, you collect their names. So far we have the ARDC, Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, my Tribunal, Ken’s Tribunal, both Review Boards, the Alvarez-Madigan-Saltoun team of “we don’t do corruption”, and everyone wonders why Illinios and Chicago in particular is in the top 5, if not the absolute top of corruption in the US.

Apparently Kelly Siegler needs to come up here and talk to the real pros about how to cover up, deny, prosecute the honest attorneys, create an ambiance of a code of silence when the clout and political heavy get involved.


Shattered Sense of Innocence now on Paperback and ebook format,d.eXY

I have read it and thought it was excellent.  Good investigative reporting.

More links:

youtube synopsis:

This book is by Gloria Sykes, whose mother was murdered in probate by the probate court appointed attorneys.

So please support her and her work and please write a review when done on Amazon.

I will ask Gloria to get some up on ebay too.