From AO–Lawyers who spoke up againt corruption in Penn. are systematically disciplined. Please pray for them

One is a California family law attorney documenting alleged judicial crimes, the other a Pennsylvania civil rights attorney who has lost his law license for speaking out against judges. Both say they will continue to do what most lawyers won’t.

“They don’t speak up. The reason is you get targeted and you could lose your license,” said Barbara Kauffman of lawyers who witness judicial misconduct. Last month the California attorney contacted state officials alleging that a family court judge in Marin County tampered with court records.

Civil rights attorney Don Bailey had his law license suspended for five years in October by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. “The reason I lost my license is because I criticized judges,” said Bailey, a former Democratic Congressman and state auditor general, in a phone interview last week.

The pattern of attorneys losing their careers or facing hefty fines after speaking out against judges has legal experts worried. The law professor and legal analyst Jonathan Turley wrote of Bailey’s license suspension, “While some would agree with the case, there is a worrisome line of cases targeting lawyers who criticize judges.”

America’s judicial system is extremely ineffective at removing bad judges, said Kathleen Russell, the founder of the Center for Judicial Excellence, a non-profit that is working to stop family court judges from giving child custody to domestic abusers and pedophiles. “Judges are judicially trafficking children to abusers by ignoring evidence of child abuse. Even when judges behave maliciously, there is no law that holds them accountable.”

Over the past 40 years, court rulings have given judges increasingly strong immunity from civil suits under the principle that judges shouldn’t be sued by anyone unhappy with their decisions in court. Most notable is the 1978 Supreme Court decision Stump v. Sparkman that rejected a suit filed against an Indiana judge who ordered a 15-year-old sterilized without her knowledge.

The Democratic nominee for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 11th District has made a focus of his campaign curbing judicial abuses and protecting lawyers who criticize judges. Andy Ostrowski points to the Pennsylvania kids-for-cash scandal, where two county judges were convicted of charges involving millions of alleged kickbacks to send children to private juvenile detention facilities, as an example where lawyers failed to do the right thing.

“That didn’t happen in a vacuum,” Ostrowski said. “There were lawyers who were in there watching as these children were led into the courtroom in shackles without representation and led out in shackles to prison. They all knew it was wrong. Why didn’t they speak up? Simple — because they were afraid.”

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has taken the law license of several lawyers for criticizing judges, as described in a table that follows this story.

Fearful lawyers combined with strong immunity laws keep bad judges on the bench. Even in the kids-for-cash scandal, where the judges were criminally convicted and are serving lengthy prison sentences, experts say that civil suits filed on behalf of the children will likely have a tough time piercing judicial immunity.

In a blog post published on Thursday, Turley described how judicial immunity was used to dismiss a civil suit against a Michigan judge who was having an affair with the wife of a man before him in a custody case. “By any measure, former Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade McCree was a disgrace to the bench,” Turley wrote. “His case unfortunately could embolden other judges who consider abandoning the most basic ethical demands of their office.”

Ostrowski is one of only two political candidates in the U.S. who has signed a pledge to eradicate judicial corruption started by the Campaign for Judicial Integrity, an effort founded by disbarred California attorney Richard Fine, who was jailed for 18 months by a judge who found him in contempt.

Fine’s 2009 disbarment stemmed from court filings he submitted against judges for taking $57,000 in side pay from the county to supplement their state salaries. “Fine has long contended that the charges against him are politically motivated,” the State Bar of California summary of Fine’s disbarment explained. “The cases he filed against judges were not retaliatory, he said, but instead were based on his belief that judges who accept money from a county fund to augment their compensation have a conflict of interest in any matter involving government municipalities. Fine was jailed indefinitely in March on contempt of court charges — for refusing to answer a judge’s questions and practicing law without a license.”

Fine, 74, said he is still not sure why the judge finally set him free after 18 months. But Allan Parachini, who was the Los Angeles Superior Court spokesman while Fine was in jail, compared his incarceration to actions more common in authoritarian countries. “Fine was effectively a political prisoner for a year and a half,” Parachini, who no longer works for the superior court, told Full Disclosure Network in 2012. “This wasn’t about contempt. This wasn’t about getting him to disclose whatever it was he was directed to disclose. It was about getting back at him.”

The California Bar has not opposed three successive motions in the state Supreme Court to set aside the disbarment, but the court has yet to reinstate his law license, said Fine, a former Department of Justice prosecutor. A case to force the justices to restore his license is now before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

“I understand why lawyers are not speaking up when they witness corruption. They want to protect their income and they want to protect their families,” Fine said. “They took an oath to uphold the laws of the United States. If they did not intend to fulfill the oath and uphold the laws, they should have saved themselves and the public from their hypocrisy.”

Kauffman, the California attorney who notified officials last month of alleged criminal wrongdoing by a judge, said protecting the integrity of the U.S. justice system can be a lonely task. Last year, she filed a lawsuit against a retired Shasta County judge who had been appointed to preside over cases 208 times since 1994, never having to face election to hold the position. “I couldn’t get anyone to serve him. I had to go to his house and do it myself,” Kauffman said. The state barred the judge from serving shortly after she filed the lawsuit.

Losing her law license is not the 58-year-old attorney’s only worry. “I have concerns about safety,” Kauffman said. “For a while my office was getting broken into on a regular basis. For months, each night the alarm would go off. I had a strange man knock on my door and tell me he knew where my kids were playing.”

Being vocal is her best protection, Kauffman said. “I share all the information I have with everyone.”

Whether her efforts will actually impact the judicial system is not clear. “These are all little drops in the bucket and hopefully they will add up to something,” she said. “But the corruption is so big, where do you even start to clean it up?”

This is the eighth in a series of articles for Daily Kos about the treatment of abused children in the U.S. family court system. M.C. Moewe is a former criminal justice and investigative reporter for several newspapers with a B.A. in journalism from the University of North Texas. Email m AT or use this link.

Pennsylvania lawyers who criticized judges and lost their license to practice

Lawyer Decision Date (and Link) Quote from Ruling
Neil Werner Price 6/24/1999 Respondent, Neil Werner Price, was therein charged with filing court documents that contained false allegations against two District Justices and an Assistant District Attorney.
Robert B. Surrick 4/23/2000 The Pennsylvania Supreme Court had suspended appellant Robert Surrick from the practice of law for a period of five years after it concluded that he had violated a provision of the Rules of Professional Conduct by falsely accusing two lower court judges of “fixing” cases.
Eugene Andrew Wrona 3/31/2006 The Petition charged Respondent with violating seven Rules of Professional Conduct by making false statements of material fact and false accusations against a judge and engaging in conduct involving dishonesty or misrepresentation and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.
Donald A. Bailey 10/2/2013 This matter is before the Disciplinary Board for consideration of the charges against Respondent of professional misconduct arising from a series of allegations made by Respondent against members of the Federal Judiciary in a Motion for Reharing En Banc.

Hallelujah! Andy Ostrowski lawyer activist has been released and we have video conference he is okay

some comments from Ken Ditkowsky:

AT this point in time Andy has been free – below is a link to his interview with John Adams   – it is worth a listen – at least in part.
On Friday, September 29, 2017, 8:10:01 PM CDT, Brian Fedorka <> wrote:
You can go to his page for a live video interview (crappy audio) earlier today with John Adams. If you don’t trust the link below then to repeat, simply visit Andy’s facebook page, ‘Andy Ostrowski’.
It is now clear that we are in fact all in danger.    As an attorney Andy had the training to know what he was facing and to deal with it; however, had the miscreants been able to drug him — he would have been a candidate for “elder cleansing!”  
Now that the ordeal is over, Andy indicates that he wants to get on with his life – however — the wrongful mental health arrest of Andy is a warning for every one of us — Democracy is not a spectator sport and in a flash – any one of us, including some of us who feel immune, can be hauled off to the Gulag and the next time any one sees us – they see a zombie!    A dose or two of the right chemical and  – bingo!   You are none person!     
Mary Sykes was a vibrant elderly lady.    She was kidnapped by her older daughter and presto/chango – after she was stripped of her assets and humanity (over a period of several years) she achieved her final reward.     Some miscreants showed up with about 3 million in Mary’s assets (including a million dollars in gold coins) and it was time for Mary to die.   She did.   The miscreants are protected!    Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the IARDC, has in his possession an evidence deposition from the jurist who was ‘fixed’      He diligently tried to ‘cover up’ the fraud – he stopped any honest investigation and thus the booty is safe = for the moment – Mary is dead!     Inspite of 18 USCA 371 – Larkin still roams the street and he and the miscreants have not paid a dime of the taxes due on the booty – HOWEVER, Illinois tax payers got a raise in their taxes.
Lawyer Ken Ditkowsky,
Susended by the ARDC for 4 years in Illinois for writing letters of protest regarding
court corruption in Cook County Illinois
From Joanne;
Listening to the video, main points
  • Andy was taken into custody without a court order or arrest warrant
  • He suffered a wrist injury during arrest, despite the fact he was not resisting arrest, he was fully cooperating with the police
  • His laptop is stolen or missing and has not been located yet. This is the laptop where he videoed his own false arrest live on FB streaming, and stated he had done nothing wrong, he knew of no warrant for his arrest and he appeared to be not just competent and rational, but fully engaged in complex, higher level inellectual discourse regarding a dire situation (false arrest and imprisonment)
  • His video went immediately viral with over 20,000 hits in the first few days
  • The psych hospital staff, was, for the part, respectful and helpful to him.
  • He signed no documents and admitted nothing, other than he participated in the group therapy they imposed upon him.
  • he won his incompetency hearing and was released.  this is a rarity.
  • he has done these hearings before for others as their lawyer and has helped many with them.
  • he rejected the public defender assigned to him because he knows, as many of you have experienced…..
  • he is well aware of the fact he is an activist, has named names of very clouted people and he knows they wanted him institutionalized, locked away and drugged.
  • the cops got a key to his back door from a friend or neighbor (turncoat).  (Do we need slider locks and chains for our doors?  Rape chains)
  • he insisted on looking at the paperwork before he got into the ambulance and determined the paperwork wasn’t complete, it was defective and it looked like the judge was going to hold a hearing and sign it later that day.  Doing a FB live video on another issue of corruption, prompted an early arrest.
  • Andy did comply with everything, except signing documents admitting anything.

Please go to Andy Ostrowski’s FB page and friend him and show him your support.

We all have to band together and take care of these activists that promote and protect our human and civil rights.

And Andy needs a good laptop with a camera and microphone to do his live streaming, so if you have an extra laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. please get this to Andy so he can continue his very blessed work in fighting for optimal human and civil rights.

Blessing to all the light workers out there.


From Jane Stillwater–New Scam on elderly. Pretend you work at the nursing home and steal cash, credit cards and checks.

This just another reason to keep your loved ones at home under your watch.  Everyone knows it’s pretty much the staff that pilfers cash, credit cards, jewlery and anything of value from elderly residents in nursing homes, but this is crazy.

Arrested: Woman Accused Of Stealing From Elderly At Assisted Living Centers

LAMORINDA, CA — Thousands of pairs of eyes have been watching for this woman, and Moraga Police announced this week that she has been arrested. Antoinique Bryant, 29, of Richmond, was arrested by a fugitive task force from the U.S. Marshals Service in Antioch on Tuesday. She is accused of stealing from elderly residents at assisted-living centers and senior housing in Moraga and Orinda.

Her alleged accomplice, 30-year-old Richmond resident Shawn Morris, was already in custody.

Moraga Police received reports of the thefts and fraud in late August from several elderly residents at Aegis Living in Moraga. Orinda Police found a similar theft at the Orinda Senior Village in which an elderly resident was victimized.

Booking photo of Antoinique Bryant:

According to a written release from Moraga Police, “Officers located video surveillance that showed the suspects engaged in cashing checks and using the credit and debit cards. One of the suspects was a female who was dressed in a nursing uniform. Witnesses described seeing the same female suspect inside the Aegis facility at the time of the thefts, although she is not an employee at the facility.”

The suspects were identified as Bryant and 30-year-old Shawn Morris of Richmond. A search of their residence turned up property and evidence. Morris was arrested, but Bryant remained on the run with a $655,000 warrant outstanding for her arrest.

>>Previous: Woman Accused Of Stealing From Elderly At Assisted Living Centers

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office has filed 27 felony and misdemeanor charges against Bryant and Morris, including elder abuse, burglary, fraud and identity theft.

If you have information that would help the investigation, call Moraga Police Detective Kevin Mooney at 925-888-7056.

-Images via Moraga Police

What has to be the most corrupt case in Illinois right now? Baby Peterson. I challenge everyone.

Baby Peterson was born to a mother who allegedly had drugs (cocaine) in her system and in the baby’s meconium and cord.  However, the Father has done nothing wrong and the State of Illinois has nothing on him, and he is a Verteran and a certified EMT and is trained in medical care.  Further the state never tested for the actual presence of cocaine, they only test for a metabolite, which is easily mimicked by poppy seeds and even quinine water.

Of course, that does not stop corrupt DCFS and a corrupt judge from keeping his baby from him.

At first, the excuse was there was no DNA test.  Well, now the results are back and HE IS THE FATHER.

So, then armed with an Emergency Petition to Return the Child to Father, what does the State of Illinois do?

First all the Public Defenders quit.  No one wants involvement with this case.  Heck no.

The judge and clerk of court say they need 3 DAYS FOR AN EMERGENCY ORDER.  What is that when the abduction was illegal to begin with?

Next, I am told the States Attorney quits.  Smart guy.  He knows this is a case going down.

Then I am told there is a 2 hour meeting between all the attorneys and judges but father is told nothing about this meeting. Even though his new attorney (found in the basement of the building) has a fiduciary duty for full disclosure to his client.  What is that?

I just simply cannot comprehend all this corruption.  The judge knows the kid is his.  He has done nothing wrong.  The attorneys (states and his attorney) knows he is the father and has done nothing wrong.

What is going on in the state of Illinois.  Why can’t this Veteran and father get his kid back and out of a home where the child suffered a spinal injury (state blames mother, but hospital records show no injuries at birth–typical state bs).

Now the state says they have to transfer Baby Peterson to yet a new foster home because the first one wasn’t properly licensed for multiple children.

Will anything happen? Will anyone care?

What is going on and who is this judge that can’t simply grow a spine, take out a loan and buy a spine and send this kid back to his father?

What about father’s rights?  Where are all the father’s rights activists out there?

This post is typically shared with over 800 FB friends, a bevy of new stations, etc. and the White House (never hear a peep from them) and nothing ever happens.

As usual, I have lots of questions and no answers.



From FB: Warning: with the New World order if you pray and fast you are now subject to guardianship from which you will never, ever escape.

Woman Confined by Force to Psychiatric Ward for Praying and Fasting

Worshiping God

Health Impact News Editor Comments

The use of psychiatry to “diagnose” people with “mental” illnesses and restrain them against their will in psychiatric wards is not new.

Psychiatry is not a medical science based on biology. There are no laboratory tests that can detect “mental disease.” All mental illnesses are defined by psychiatrists according to behaviors and then voted on to be included in their “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM). The latest version, version 5 (DSM5) is very controversial, labeling what many see as common behaviors as new “disorders.” New “disorders” are added with each revision, making it legal to prescribe dangerous and addictive drugs for these published mental diseases. (See: Everyone Opposed to Creation of New Psychiatric Disorders Except Those Who Stand to Profit from Them)

The Courthouse News Service has published a news release regarding a case filed in court where a 56-year-old woman was forcibly confined to a psychiatric ward against her will for praying and fasting.

Medical tyranny is alive and widely practiced in the U.S. today. And there are signs that the role of psychiatrists will increase under Obamacare.

It’s Prayer, not Psychosis, Woman Says

Courthouse News Service

CLEVELAND (CN) – A self-published spiritual author sued a doctor and hospital, claiming she was involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric ward after becoming “confused and disoriented” on the 15th day of a “biblical fast,” and that hospital staff misinterpreted her prayers as psychotic tendencies.

Jane Doe sued St. Vincent Charity Medical Center and Dr. Saraj Brar, in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.

Doe, 56, describes herself in the complaint as “a Pentecostal Christian and a self-published author of books about God and spirituality.” The lawsuit continues:

“As part of her religious devotion, she periodically observes a biblical fast during which she abstains from all foods and consumes only water. In the early morning hours of July 10, 2013, Doe was on the 15th day of such a fast. While at a BP gas station in the city of Cleveland, Doe became confused and disoriented, and she contacted her mother for assistance.”

Doe says she was taken to the emergency room at St. Vincent’s and then involuntarily admitted to the hospital’s psychiatric ward. “Blood tests taken at the time of Doe’s admission revealed low sodium, potassium and electrolyte levels, indicative of water intoxication and hyponatremia,” the complaint states.

“Notwithstanding the results of Doe’s blood tests, Dr. Brar diagnosed Doe on admission as suffering from bipolar disorder with psychotic features.” Doe claims that while she was at the hospital, “Dr. Brar and other St. Vincent’s staff characterized Doe’s religious devotion as evidence of mental instability, making repeated references to her ‘religious preoccupation’ and noting Doe’s Bible reading and audible praying as evidence [of] mental illness.”

She claims that “when Doe refused to take anti-psychotic medications prescribed by Dr. Brar, defendants sought continued involuntary commitment through the Cuyahoga County Probate Court.”

Doe says Brar refused to let her leave the hospital after nearly five days of observation, and “instituted an action in the Cuyahoga County Probate Court seeking Doe’s continued involuntary detention.” She claims that “Dr. Brar’s affidavit was incomplete and misrepresented to the Probate Court that defendants had complied with their obligations under Ohio Rev. Code 5122.”

The Probate Court scheduled an initial hearing for July 25, but Doe says the hospital refused to provide copies of her medical records until the day before the final hearing, scheduled for Aug. 9. She claims that “based on the evidence presented, the Probate Court granted Doe’s oral motion to dismiss the proceedings and ordered Doe’s immediate discharge.”

She seeks punitive damages for false imprisonment and violations of patient rights. She is represented by Angela Lavin, with Wegman, Hessler, and Vandenburg.

Read the Full Report Here.


From Joanne

Note her age. At 56 the quest starts to guardianize anyone with assets or who can be a patient traded on the open market between hospitals and nursing homes for the profit of their health insurance or Medicaid.  Be aware, be very aware and afraid, very afraid.

Avoid probate gship at all costs.  Do not get into a hospital and let them claim you have any mental illness or condition.  Do not admit to any drug use, even ditch weed, the US govt has even outlawed a common plant.  If you are targeted try to find an honest attorney that will go up against the system (good luck, most get disciplined or disbarred).

We have to fight this. People are not a profit center for miscreants and psychopaths in suits and with professional licenses.  Those who target the elderly, those over 55 and those that are disabled are the scum of the earth.

Even though the courts don’t care and let it happen anyway


From Ken Ditkowsky–Attorney Activist Andy Ostrowski still missing and what happens when a mental health issue means jail time in the US?

When a mental health emergency lands you in jail



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Early last year, two suicidal patients showed up at a hospital emergency room in Pierre, South Dakota, seeking help. Although the incidents happened weeks apart, both patients ended up in an unexpected place: jail.

Across the country, and especially in rural areas, people in the middle of a mental health crisis are locked in a cell when a hospital bed or transportation to a hospital isn’t immediately available. The patients are transported from the ER like inmates, handcuffed in the back of police vehicles. Laws in five states — New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming — explicitly say that correctional facilities may be used for what is called a “mental health hold.” Even in states without such laws, the practice happens regularly.

“It is a terrible solution…for what is, at the end of the day, a medical crisis,” said John Snook, executive director of the Treatment Advocacy Center, a national group that advocates for the severely mentally ill. Research shows that the risk for suicide, self-harm and worsening symptoms increases the longer a person is behind bars.

But in a shift, Colorado recently outlawed using jail to detain people in a psychiatric crisis who have not committed a crime. The state delegated just over $9 million — with $6 million coming from marijuana tax revenue — to pay for local crisis centers, training for law enforcement and transportation programs.

The new law was passed after Colorado’s sheriffs lobbied the state to extend the amount of time a person could be detained. In rural counties, sheriffs testified, lack of manpower meant they were forced to hold onto people longer than the 24-hour legal limit. A state task force instead recommended ending the practice entirely.

There are no national figures on how many people are held each year in jail just because they have nowhere else to go in a mental health crisis. Reports from the federal agency overseeing hospitals — the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — offer a glimpse. Since 2011, at least 22 hospitals in 16 states have been cited by CMS for failing to stabilize patients in need of mental health help, instead handing them over to law enforcement to wait for a psychiatric evaluation or a bed. The hospitals span the country, from Alabama and South Dakota to New York and Ohio.

The practice affects patients of all ages. At Avera St. Mary’s Hospital in Pierre, South Dakota, children from 12 to 16 were sent to spend the night in jail on at least seven occasions, CMS inspection reports show. One 16-year-old girl came to the emergency room after overdosing on Motrin and was escorted to jail less than an hour after her arrival, without a psychiatric evaluation. Hospital staff waited until the morning to notify her parents. At the same hospital, a 12-year-old girl arrived in the emergency room after an attempted hanging. She was sent to spend the night in jail less than an hour later. The hospital did not respond to requests for comment.

Few people think jail is an appropriate place for someone in a mental health crisis. Most jails, especially small rural facilities, do not have mental health staffers on site. For the suicidal, law enforcement agencies have few options other than periodically stopping by the cell to check on the person and putting potentially violent individuals in restraints and seclusion. Once someone has been held for 24 hours, he or she has to be charged, transferred to a treatment facility or released. “People should not, because of their mental illness, be in jail,” said Jennie Simpson, a public health analyst with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the federal agency that oversees national behavioral health policies.

The problem highlights a nationwide scarcity of available doctors and inpatient beds for people in a mental health crisis, particularly the poor. The number of psychiatric beds decreased by 96% across the country over the past 50 years, research shows. At the same time, awareness of mental health needs has increased and more people have access to health insurance, allowing them to seek care.

The issue was exacerbated by a 1972 federal law that was intended to help stop the widespread warehousing of people with mental illness. The law forbids the federal government from paying for inpatient mental health and drug treatment at psychiatric facilities with more than 16 beds. States are left to foot the entire medical bill for those on public insurance, straining budgets already struggling in the midst of the opioid crisis. A federal commission recently recommended that exemptions to the law be given immediately to states that request one.

In New Hampshire, a long waitlist for beds led the state to begin sending non-criminals who were ordered committed for their own safety to a prison psychiatric unit for treatment. Patients and inmates participate in the same therapy programs. During group therapy, to protect patients and staff, particularly violent inmates are placed in metal cages with a bench.

The decision of who gets sent to the sheriff and who gets to stay in the ER can have serious consequences. Baptist Memorial Hospital in Union City, Tennessee, was cited by CMS in 2012 for allowing an eye doctor to evaluate suicidal patients. The doctor discharged one patient to jail who returned to the hospital the next day after attempting suicide. He later died of his injuries.

At another hospital in Tennessee, a suicidal man who waited 10 hours in a seclusion room was told he would have to finish his wait for a bed in jail. For the next two hours, the man banged on the door to his room, asking staff over and over what he had done to have to go to jail, according to federal inspection reports. Eventually he tried to escape. A security guard pushed him back into the room so hard that he was momentarily airborne before landing and fracturing his neck.

Though local strategies have led to some improvement, it seems the real solution may be federal. “We’re never going to train our way out of this problem,” said Snook of the Treatment Advocacy Center, “The reality is we need much more.”

This article was originally published by The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering the U.S. criminal justice system. Sign up for their newsletter, or follow The Marshall Project on Facebook or Twitter.

On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 10:25:51 AM CDT, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:
It is now almost noon in PA   – Andy is still in the Gulag  – so far all proceedings are secret and there is a conspiracy of silence.
This Gulag is a Window, providing each of us with the opportunity of experiencing element number 1 of elder cleansing.    The seizing of Attorney Andy Ostrowski from his home, spiriting him off to ‘where-ever’ and maintaining a facade of acting in his “best interests” is exactly what happened in the Cook County guardianship case of MARY SYKES 09 P 4585 and dozens of similar cases in Illinois, Florida, California *****.    This type of gulag/abduction could not occur without CORRUPT JUDGES acting in concert with corrupt opportunists who have little, if any, respect for the American core values, its Constitution, or the Rule of Law.
We have all seen evidence of the corruption in the Courts and the impotency of LAW ENFORCEMENT and Government in General to address it.    Part of the problem is the fact that there is great pecuniary benefits to be obtained by the corruption and the miscreants have no moral compass.   Distortion, Extortion, Intimidation, and perjury are the weapons of these miscreants and they have the ‘clout’ to carry off their felonies and punish all who oppose them.    If you open your eyes examples are available in many many incidents of daily life.    Of course it is not politically correct to challenge the pernicious behavior.
The long and short is the clout of the miscreants is so great that perfidy is fast growing to a state beyond remediation.    The headlines on yesterday’s news highlighted an issue of whether a pregnant policewoman layoff violated the “Americans With Disabilities”     Had the policewoman been kidnapped and placed in a Gulag facility the ACLU, and all the organizations that were traumatized by whether or not pregnancy leave should be x days or y days would have demonstrated not a scintilla of interest.     Indeed, Andy’s right to protest the favoritism being afforded a clout heavy child trafficker  – who happens to be a corrupt judge – takes a back seat to whether or not the President has the free speech to comment on the free speech exercise of disrespect for the flag of the United States of America by millionaires who are paid to play child games many times what we pay the President of the United States.   The media is silent as to the Gulag, but the President’s free speech objection to disrespect is a hue and cry that is misrepresented into advocacy for racial hatred, etc.    The same media ignores actual criminal activity by public officials and elder cleansing.
Of course Hypocrisy is indicative of any society – and the thinking of most individuals; however, so is self protection.   It could be ME – not Andy who was kidnapped by Police from my home and how is being held against his will in some secret place.    Indeed, it could be me who is being fed Opioids or similar stuff to silence me!     IT ALSO COULD BE YOU!
This Andy Ostrowski case may be a LINE IN THE SAND.    Unless, Andy received prior to incarceration a full and complete hearing with adequate NOTICE to all interested parties and was found to not know the objects of his bounty, could not formulate a simple business plan, did not know the extent and nature of his property, and was proven by CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE to be a clear and present danger to himself and/or society.    (Anticipating that Andy might do something terrible is not sufficient).
If in fact Andy had such a hearing and the appropriate quantum of proof was provided to a duly constituted court it certainly does not appear to be the case.    Had any semblance of due process or adherence to America’s core values been provided ANDY, the persons responsible for such action would be delighted to demonstrate their ‘good deed!’      However, the secrecy and the deceptions suggest that very serious FELONIES HAVE OCCURRED and pursuant to 18 USCA 4 DEMAND IS MADE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT for an IMMEDIATE HONEST INVESTIGATION and if the law was not strictly observed that CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS commence immediately and remediation occur as to Andy Ostrowski.

Judge Quinn and her associates still deny free speech and the ADA to probate victims.

This Protective Son has not talked to his son in 2 months and has not seen his mother since April of 2006!  The conduct is absolutely reprehensible.  Quinn still continues to appoint people that deny human rights, civil rights and the Americans with Disabilities Act to the Elderly.

This woman has told the Protective Son who took care of his mother from 2008 to 2015 when the guardianship began he cannot talk to his mother as follows:


Per your request, here’s the list of off-limit topics to avoid while talking to your mom. This list was compiled after speaking with your mom’s guardian about topics that upset your mom and I am relaying the message to you. The list includes:

-Your girlfriend/fiancé
-court dates
-Chicago – moving there, being with you in Chicago, where you’re living in Chicago, or anything along those lines.
-Dawn or her sister
-Dawn’s family
-Florence’s house
-the will
-any complaining or negativity

I’ve been instructed to end the call if Florence begins to get upset or cry or if you don’t stick to the list. I know this will challenging for you and I’m sorry for this. I’m doing my best to try to coordinate this call for you so you can at least talk to your mom while accommodating the requests of her decision maker.


This is her email.  She is from court appointed agency as shown:

Midwest Care Management Services.

please email her and advise her that she is violating the ADA, the First and 14th amendments of the rights of this Protective Son to see his mother, visit with her and talk her about anything the Mother wants to talk about.

There is no court gag order issued.