Do Cheaters win over Truth and Justice?

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Subject: Re: Using Legal Entities to Protect Assets CLE – Final Chance for Early Bird Discount –
Date: Dec 31, 2015 11:00 AM
Continuing Legal Education is an oxymoron for the lawyers who have reviewed the actions of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission pursuant to the administration of Jerome Larkin and several other Lawyer disciplinary Commissions.    You cannot have Continuing education when you have void as to the basic tenets of the law.    For instance, in light of Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4, coupled with Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and the recent SCOTUS First Amendment cases – including and not limited to Alvarez, how is it possible that any lawyer could be suspended from the practice of law for reporting corrupt judicial officials and/or authoring a blog what outs corrupt Judges and Lawyers.
You cannot make this stuff up.   Larkin and his gang of incompetent and corrupt co-conspirators actually claimed that JoAnn Denison’s blog “MaryGSykes” was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   The blog discloses criminal activities that more not so different from the 1930-40 Holocaust.    For instance, one of most shocking things about the Holocaust was the propensity of the bad guys to kill hundreds of victims and then harvest the gold that was found in their filings!    In the Alice Gore case that is exactly what happened.    Indeed, reporting the horror was so shocking that Larkin wrote to the Supreme Court of Illinois that such was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   I guess he felt that his co-conspirators who are raping the medicare program with $10 – 15,000 a month charges for their participating in the exploitation the elderly and the redistribution of their assets would lose business.
America has had its share of miscreants, con=men (Larkin is reported to teach ethics in CLE classes), and outright infamous criminals.    They are legends!   Some people even write books about them.   Today’s Wall Street Journal has the following article.

Here is the article Ken is referring to:

which is a book review of “My Adventures with YOUR Money”

Also available in Kindle.

I am not going to publish the book review because it just gives energy to con men and trains people like the miscreants we see in court even more, but you can get the gist of what Ken is saying from the book review:

“To the American Damphool Speculator, surnamed the American Sucker, otherwise described herein as The Thinker Who Thinks He Knows But Doesn’t—greetings! This book is for you! Read as you run, and may you run as you read.”


By T.D. Thornton
St. Martin’s, 320 pages, $27.99

Jacob Herzig was born in 1870, the son of well-to-do Jewish immigrants in New York’s Lower East Side. As a young man, he stole money from the family’s furrier business. Sent to a reformatory, he befriended an elderly con,Willie Graham Rice, whose name he appropriated. For the next 40 years, his life was a whir of scams, fortunes quickly made and lost, and run-ins with the authorities.

Estranged from his family, Rice found himself, in the spring of 1901, short of money in New York. An acquaintance gave him a tip for a dead cert in an upcoming race. Rather than betting on the horse, he spent his last dollars advertising the tip in the papers. The horse came in, and Rice’s race-tipping service, Maxim & Gay, was born. Within a year, the firm was said to have earned $1 million. Rice started a racing paper, developed a large client database (aka the “sucker list”) and opened a mail-order betting service. The service tipped winners in fixed races and heavily advertised its successes by using, in Mr. Thornton’s words, “insider terminology and a cloak of secrecy to forge a compelling narrative.”

Good times didn’t last. Within a couple of years, the feds had cracked down and the paper folded…….

You get the idea.  Ken is noting that probate is full of cons and scams, just as this book is, and when it’s real peoples’ lives it becomes disgusting, especially when it involves licensed attorneys and when you complain that the attorneys are engaged in crime, you get a famous letter like this one back from the ARDC insisting that they can’t figure out the Ethical Rule that applies to attorneys engaging in crime, and besides (like L. Madigan and Alvarez), they just “don’t do” crime or corruption:

The Chicago Police Investigations–your window of opportunity

Don’t let this window of opportunity get away.

Now that Washington has promised that it will conduct a thorough and honest investigation of the Police, the Police Inquiry Board, the Mayor’s office, Judges and Lawyers who cover up evidence of police brutality, videos and other information which belongs to, and should be readily accessible to the public, for all of you out there who have been abused by the police, know that the police acted in conjunction with APS (Adult Protective Services), the OPG (Office of Public Guardian) or any other tied in agency to file false police reports against you, be sure to refile your complaints against the police, because an FBI investigatory team will be looking for false police reports, police brutality.

How many cases has this blog seen already of the OPG colluding with the police to deny Civil and Human rights to probate victims and their families?

Cases in Illinois where the police colluded with state agencies to fleece the estate of the elderly that I am aware of:

  1. the Wyman case.  The Rockford police had NO right to keep Carol Wyman in one of the worst nursing homes in Rockford where she eventually escaped and was near death at the time, down a pint of blood. She was beaten and sexually abused nearly every day and kept a diary. GAL Sharon Rudy and Judge Fabiano were involved.  The police had no warrant, no court order to keep Carol Wyman there, but they did anyway.
  2. ML case.  The son was false arrested, falsely charged with battery on a police office (video footage at Lutheran General conveniently disappeared) so that the son had to get back to his mother as sole caretaker because she had no one else, he was forced to plea to a felony so he could not be Guardian of his mother. The OPG, Rehab Assist all were involved in this Fraud on the Probate Court.
  3. In a recent case, the police and APS harassed an elderly couple for weeks and then dragged them out of the house–without court order or warrant when they finally locked their door–and then when the police dragged them out the house they beat them in the process and then blamed a family member who was then falsely charged with Domestic Violence.  A visiting nurse organization, APS, the police and the OPG were all involved in this case, and the offices of Anita Alvarez.
  4. In the case of MLV, she was harassed for months, breaking her windows, harassing the guy cutting her grass, the home was boarded up, the yard filled with weeds, then she put in peep holes and they taped those over, she removed the tape, they spray painted it over, they cut her phone lines, she got a cell phone.  You name it, the OPG and the police did it to her.  The OPG and the police came out all the time to harass her to leave her home, consent to a guardianship, go to a locked down nursing home (where she would eventually escape, live on the streets and beg for money from the OPG–who would not even take her calls).  Finally, they broke in to the home and dragged her out with 11 people.  She was bruised and traumatized.   It was all collusion with the police and the OPG to fleece her estate and in a few years she was broke and forced into a nursing home because she had no where else to go. They drained nearly half a million from her estate in 5 years.  Prior to OPG involvement, she had a paid up home and car and nice bank account.  After OPG involvement, she is near homeless and broke without a dime to her name.
  5. Frake case.  A good sister, Jean Semrow was falsely accused of running over the foot of her brother (which did not happen), when he became enrage against her and ran to her vehicle to physically attack her.  The police were called and she was charged (falsely) with domestic violence when in fact, it was SHE who was caring for her brother, it was she who discovered the theft of millions of dollars of funds and equipment from her brother, and it was she who request prosecution of the thief in question.  Instead, in probate, the probate court worked with the police to false charge her and get a protective order against her.  That issue has still not be resolved, but she has told all the attorneys involved she was falsely accused and further, the probate attorneys have not made the thief make any restitution. They removed Mr. Frake from his home forcibly and put him in Sunrise of Park Ridge (the one with the sign that you get $2,000 for every senior you place there) where he is currently heavily chemically restrained.  The judges and probate attorneys know this and do nothing about it.

I am certain there are more cases out there where the police colluded falsely with APS, GAL’s and other probate attorneys to fleece seniors and disableds.  If you know of any cases where the police colluded with state agencies to deny disableds and senior citizens rights in the Chicago area please come forward to report them.  Please file with the Judicial Inquiry Board, the ARDC, the local Police Grievance Boards and send a copy to the Dept of Justice at  Write me for the private FBI email address for violations of Civil and Human rights.

Ken and I care and don’t want this to happen any longer.  The ARDC and Jerome Larkin and James Grogin now write me and say if a crime occurs, they don’t know what Ethical Rules are violated and they will take no action until sometime after a lying, thieving, knivving attorney is convicted.

But when you blog about corruption, they go after you right away to shut you down.  Just like the Chicago police management that has to “study” video evidence for months of 16 bullets for one poor black child, and another bullet to the neck for a 55 year old activist woman. (Of course, they claim her being an activist and a bullet through the door to her neck is a coincidence, but that’s just a little too much for anyone to swallow).

What is happening in Chicago is an absolute disaster.  Blacks and minorities in poor neighborhoods are now being used for target practice.  The OPG, APS and police collude on a regular basis to drag senior citizens and the disabled out of their homes and then they file false police reports against honest citizens caring for their aged parents.  All these miscreants want to do is fleece estates and put Seniors and Disabled in nursing homes, a/k/a ghettos and slums for the elderly and disabled.  They will be tied to wheel chairs and beds, forcibly implanted with feeding tubes if they take too long to eat or need assistance, they will never see the light of day or take a breath of fresh air outside.  It would be better if they just committed a felony and went to prison.   And all of this is so a state agency can take $250 per hour in tied in attorneys fees and grossly inflated tied in agency fees for case (mis) managers, (anti) social workers and visiting nurses (of death).

So keep on filing your grievances.  Keep on sending a copy to the FBI.  Ken and I will be glad to help you and you know you can call me any time for assistance.  The ARDC has left Ken and I with plenty of time to help victims, write their stories for the blog, file complaints with the authorities, and write books on what really goes on in “Crook” county.

Let’s take the “crook” out of “crook” county.

Merry Chrismas from Scrooge for the Elderly

My Christmas was lovely with friends and family over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  This is now, what, about the 5th day of Christmas (I need all 12 days to get everything done, I assure you).

One of my beloved children bought my husband and I some tickets to a Christmas Carol and it was by far, the best performance I have seen, complete with smoke and mirrors.  I cried thru most of it.

Since I frequent the Cook County Court system and still talk to corruption victims on a regular basis (they just keep on flowing in, the FBI investigation team for the deaths on the south side by police, take note), the entire play reminded me of my current avocation: personal counselor, blogger and book writer for the probate and corruption victim.

I do want to wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those of you falsely maligned and who cannot see their beloved parents and disabled relatives (as Gloria saw her beloved mother only a handful of times in 5 years and was under an illegal and unconstitutional isolation and gag order)  You are constantly in my prayers and thoughts as you go through this holiday season with false Orders of Protection, false police reports, false gag orders and the like and you are asked to comply with the gaslighting of the elderly, which is a form of abuse the probate courts routinely promote and foster.

Who is Scrooge in Probate?  Name one Probate attorney that is tied in.  Name the attorneys from the OPG or Office of Public Guardian where one infamous Tom Brennan once told me in the hallway when my client only wanted to stay in his home until he died and OPG wanted to sell the home and foist him into a locked down nursing home where he’d rather die forthwith: “Some people (elderly) just remain in the community far too long when they should be put in an institution.”  Thanks Scrooge.  I have a few institutions for you too when you suppress the rights of the elderly and violate their Human and Civil rights, and I’m sure the same is said of you that you remain in the community far too long when there are institutions with orange clothing and silver wrist and ankle bracelets waiting for you.

But I digress.

So I want to leave you all with this famous exchange between the good people of the earth and Mr. Scrooge:

From the original play:

Spirit of Christmas Present: My time with you is at an end, Ebenezer Scrooge. Will you profit from what I’ve shown you of the good in most men’s hearts?

Ebenezer: I don’t know, how can I promise!?!?

Spirit of Christmas Present: If it’s too hard a lesson for you to learn, then learn this lesson!

[opens his robe, revealing two starving children]

Ebenezer: [shocked] Spirit, are these yours?

Spirit of Christmas Present: They are Man’s. This boy is Ignorance, this girl is Want. Beware them both, but most of all, beware this boy!

Ebenezer: But have they no refuge, no resource?

Spirit of Christmas Present: [quoting Scrooge] Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?


First Collector: At this festive time of year, Mr. Scrooge, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the poor and destitute.

Ebenezer: Are there no prisons?

First Collector: Plenty of prisons.

Ebenezer: And the union workhouses – are they still in operation?

First Collector: They are. I wish I could say they were not.

Ebenezer: Oh, from what you said at first I was afraid that something had happened to stop them in their useful course. I’m very glad to hear it.

First Collector: I don’t think you quite understand us, sir. A few of us are endeavoring to buy the poor some meat and drink, and means of warmth.

Ebenezer: Why?

First Collector: Because it is at Christmastime that want is most keenly felt, and abundance rejoices. Now what can I put you down for?

Ebenezer: Huh! Nothing!

Second Collector: You wish to be anonymous?

Ebenezer: [firmly, but calmly] I wish to be left alone. Since you ask me what I wish sir, that is my answer. I help to support the establishments I have named; those who are badly off must go there.

First Collector: Many can’t go there.

Second Collector: And some would rather die.


I see a definite collorary here.  The probate judges and attorneys are nothing but Scrooge.  And I fear that even 100 Christmas angels of the past, present and future cannot make them open their hearts to the very people they liquidate all their assets for attorneys fees and tied in nursing homes.

So I leave you with this:

Honest Attorney (Ditkowsky and Denison) Can I count on your support, Mr. Scrooge (probate miscreant) to assist us in enforcing the Human and Civil rights of the Elderly and Disableds?

Scroogy Probate miscreants:  Are there no nursing homes, no Assisted Living centers, no psych wards where these elderly can go while we fleece their estates?

Honest Attorey:  But sir, most do not want to go there and many would rather die.  Most are abused, tied to wheel chairs, beds and treated horribly, often drugged with chemical restraints.  They slump over and drool, barely able to move.  They implant feeding tubes against their will so they do not need to take time to chop food and spoon feed them.  They never see the light of day or take a breath of fresh air ever again.


Scroogy Probate miscreants: Good. Then if the nursing homes, assisted living centers and psych wards are still in operation, I support them (by getting kickbacks).  Those who are elderly and can’t fight back must go there and the sooner the better.  Use the police, use APS, use OPG, whatever it takes to get them in there and drain the estate.  I own many filthy, decrepit nursing homes.  I send out expensive (anti) social workers, case (mis) managers and visiting nurses (of death).  I can make money from misery.


And I want to thank all the probate miscreants I have met over the last 5 years who have provided me with the inspriation to write these few lines.

As a non psycopath, you have educated me well in your deceptive, evil ways.  You have shown me your tricks, your deceptions, your lies and skullduggery.  I would never have believed all of this or thought of it myself, unless I saw it with my own two eyes, heard it with my own two ears.  You are tuly the spawn of Satan and his flying monkeys.  Be proud, you evil ones.  You have created death, misery and shame by the boatloads.  Your holidays of evil for sure are pleasure to you.

As for the rest of us, we pray for the many victims you have left behind in your wake of evil and greed.  A string of tears, misery and grief is your legacy in the probate world.

Merry Christmas to the good ones out there, all of you.  May God/dess save you and bless you.  And I pray that the evil ones be bound up to speak only Truth and Justice.


Nursing Homes-slums and ghettos for the elderly

Okay, that was a quote from Har Justice on my FB.  Good one!  Although when they don’t take time to cut and feed meals the elderly lovingly but instead (falsely) deem them an aspiration risk and put in a feeding tube against their will, add a few chemical restraints to it (illegal) and then tie them to a bed or wheel chair because they’re a fall risk, I think slums and ghettos are better places.  You can get out of them alive.  Not so in a gship nursing home placement.  From what I’ve seen most die and many are murdered and none are investigated.  Once the gship is started, most wards will be forced into a nursing home and will never see the light of day again or breathe any fresh air again.  Ever.

And I wonder if that’s where the probate courts get their list of nursing homes for wards forced to go there.  Nah, they already have a list of nursing homes with the best paybacks.  (See prior post on sign from Sunrise of Park Ridge with a $2,000 bounty on any elder’s head making them a target for probate courts and Guardians)

From the website:

The country has a problem! Over 90% of Nursing Homes in the United States have had some kind of violation or confirmed complaint in the last 3 years. Some of these issues are minor and some are life treatening. So, how do you know which nursing homes you can trust. As you are browsing nursing homes on this site, check the reviews at the bottom of each listing as many have warnings about potential problems. We have created administrative reviews for nursing homes with outstanding issues. Many of these problems may be minor so please check or your local Ombudsmen for the latest information.

The nursing homes on this list were flagged as some the worst facilities in the country. The original data set was derived from and then was expanded based on data from the state web sites and from other public resources. The list is relatively short so there are plenty of other options to chose from. If you need to find an alternative to a nursing home on this list, use our advance search to find ALL the nearest services in your area ( we list 98% of all the available facilities). After you find a set of facilities that interest you, call your local Ombudsmen or state inspection office to get the most current information about these options. You may be surprised.

There are over 15,000 nursing homes in the US. This list of bad nursing homes represents only a very small percentage of the total options available (less than 1%). Here are the worst nursing homes in the country, you can find options to these facilities using our advance search (Upper Right).

From US News Report–pictures of protestors lying mid Michigan Ave 12/24/15

And this is apparently before the double shooting on Dec. 26, 2015 involving a disabled man and a 55 year old activist woman.

I tell you this has shut down my appetite for shopping the Mag Mile EXCEPT for the store supporting the protestors and inviting them in for tea, coffee and cakes.  Maybe some crow for Rahm Emanuel.

In any case, some have formed  Coalition for a New Chicago.  Let’s hope it involves Truth and Justice for all in the City. 2016 is a new year.  If the feds get in there and look at the Police Department, the Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission, the Judicial (do nothing) Inquiry Board and all the judges and lawyers involved in cover up and supressing evidence of innocent deaths in the City should be investigated and removed. First step.  And then they can take a look at how the corruption festers and flourishes because anytime a lawyer speaks out the ARDC and Jerome Larkin and their cronies and henchmen go right after them and take away their licenses–and these entities, when the corruption is published and is shown to be true in major publication, do not rectify the wrongs and harms they have created and show no remorse (Sykes case, myself and Ken Ditkowsky, Judge LE, for Atty Lanre Amu).

Chicago clearly needs a Civil Rights overhaul. The problems with police, law enforcement, the courts, attorneys, judges and politicians has risen to a crisis level.

Gov. Dan Ryan went to prison because he ignored/covered up a massive CDL license scam that eventually led to the death of 5 innocent children when a piece of truck broke off and lodged under a family mini van.  The jury agreed that a properly trained and licensed CDL truck driver would have inspected the truck and not let that happen.

The systematic denial of Civil Rights to activists (Bettie Jones was one, what a coincidence she was shot thru her door in the neck), their harassment in the street by police, the destruction of my video indicating as late as July, 2014, one year prior to her death, Mary Sykes was function on a very high level and clearly not incapacitated, show the incredible level of corruption and cover ups in Chicago coupled with denial of basic First Amendment rights (this blog).

Let’s hope and pray the feds investigate Civil Rights complaints against the police, pols, lawyers and judges that support corruption in Chicago and get the bums out of office.

Sign the Petition to end Coverups by our paid/elected officials in Chicago

Subject: Justice Now for Bettie and Quintonio


I signed a petition to Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago and United Nations Human Rights Commission which says:

“Early Saturday morning, Chicago police were called to respond to a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex. Police shot through an unopened door and killed Ms. Bettie Jones — who died from a gunshot wound to the neck [1]. Officers then turned their weapons onto Quintonio Legrier, a 19 year old holding a baseball bat and experiencing a mental health crisis. The officer’s identity has not been released and he has been placed on administrative duties for 30 days. We demand:

– The immediate release of the officer’s name;
– Fire the officer who murdered Bettie Jones and Quintonio Legrier
– An independent investigation by the United Nation
– The resignation of Rahm Emanuel

Will you sign this petition? Click here:

Early Saturday morning, Chicago police were called to respond to a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex. Police shot through an unopened door and killed Ms. Bettie Jones — who died from a gunshot wound to the neck [1]. Officers then turned their weapons onto a young man suffering from mental illness holding a baseball bat, 19-year-old Quintonio Legrier.

The officer’s identity has not been released and he has been placed on administrative duties for 30 days. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced that the murder will be investigated by the Independent Police Review Authority. But this is not enough.

From Rekia Boyd to Laqun McDonald, the violence perpetuated at the hands of the Chicago Police Department continues to claim the lives of Black women and men living in Chicago, and that violence continues to go unchecked by city leaders and officials.

The Chicago police were called in order to help with a domestic disturbance. However, instead of providing help to those in need, Chicago police exercised excessive violence and claimed two more Black lives.

Recent cases and released videos show a culture of excessive force and a ‘shoot first and cover it up’ culture within Chicago’s police department. They are killing people, mostly Black people whether or not those people cooperate. The state’s attorney and mayor’s offices seem determined to assist officers that abuse and murder the very citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.

We are demanding more than a full and transparent investigation into the murders of Bettie Jones and Quintonio Legrier. We are demanding authentic justice. The entire Chicago Police Department needs to be changed, from the racist, unjust policies to the people who enforce them.

Bettie Jones was a member of Action Now and we will not rest until she gets justice.

“Chicago Cop Shoots Dead Teen, 55-Year-Old Woman” The Huffington Post, 12-26-2015

Of course you can add to the cover ups in Chicago myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu for speaking out as lawyer activists against this type of cover up and corruption in Chicago and “Crook” County.  Apparently, according to the ARDC, we are not allowed to speak out publicly against corruption and cronyism, unethical conduct and immoral lawyers and judges in Illinois.

But we want to take the “Crook” out of Crook County.

We speak up and out for human and civil rights and the Illinois Atty Regn & Discipline Comm. persecutes and prosecutes us. It does not let the victims of its corruption testify at the Tribunal and Hearing Boards (Gloria Sykes and Scott Evans, her friend) in an obvious cover up action.  It does not respect laws such as 47 USC sec 230 which provides Free Speech and First Amendment rights to the Internet and Blogs such as this one (this Blog is the one that the ARDC wanted to shut down).  It wanted to stop Lanre Amu from revealing the fact that in cases he appeared in, a certain Judge’s brother was opposing counsel and winning motions that there was no way he should have won.  She and he never disclosed this fact.  The same Judge sat on the Board of Directors of a corporation she was hearing cases on, and always ruled in the Corporation’s favor. Sometime after this was announced on this Blog, Crain’s Chicago Business investigated, found the allegations to be true, and the Corporation involved dumped her and publicly apologized for the corruption.

The Judge has not apologized or removed herself from the bench.  The ARDC has not apologized to Attorney Lanre Amu because apparently he, being a well educated Black immigrant from Africa is similar to the Blacks some Chicago police use for target practice in certain ethnic sections of Chicago.  The Chicago Police have apologized for this shooting and acknowledged it as a mistake but refuse to turn over all documents, videos and information–despite the fact all of this belongs to the public.  The City of Chicago does not personally own any of that.

I would like to know if Jerome Larkin and James Grogin, head Administrator and Chief Counsel for the ARDC, participated in any manner with the Laquan McDonald shooting, or any shooting where information, documents, records and video were not released, or the release was delayed and who requested the delay.  Lawyers are not supposed to participate in obstruction of justice or supression of evidence.  A city lawyer must provide “honest services” to the public.  I do not believe “honest services” includes coverups for friends and bosses, nor does it include denying FOIA requests to cover up information, documents and video belonging to the public.

It is interesting to note that the reason why Ken Ditkowsky and I were prosecuted by the ARDC when the perps of the problems in the Sykes 09 P 4585 case were not is because one of the Guardians ad Litem wrote a letter to the ARDC to investigate Ken Ditkowsky and myself, but not her and her crooked cronies–Peter Schmeidel, Cynthia Farenga, Deborah JoSoehlig, Harvey Waller and the Judges O’Connor and Stuart (who would soon retire over changing her testimony at my trial).

This is exactly similar to the Laquan McDonald case and now Bettie Jones and Mr. Legrier.  16 shots for Master McDonald and 8 for Mr. Legrier. (One commentator darkly joked on a blog, “you gotta admit those Chicago cops are really thorough with the bullets.”)

The protestors have been out interfering with the Board of Trade, the Merc and the shops on Michigan Ave.  Who wants to do business with those entities knowing they are being targeted by protestors who want the Abuses of Power and unnecessary deadly force to end.  I don’t and when I see protestors at these entities, I don’t want to do business with or through them either until the problem of Abuse of Power and Excessive Force ends.



From Ken Ditkowsky–no one forced Larkin to suppress the 1st Amendment

Date: Dec 28, 2015 7:43 AM
The Chicago Police scandal is not occurring in a vacuum.  Illinois being on the verge of Bankruptcy is and having so many political types go to jail is also not occurring in a vacuum.
When Lanre Amu exposed a judge who was presiding over a case in which she was a board member of the defendant and her brother was the defendant’s attorney Mr. Larkin, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, and the Illinois Supreme Court invoked the ‘code of silence’ and issues and ultimatum to Lawyer Amu –  observe the code of silence or lose your license to practice law!
When JoAnne Denison and I called attention to elder cleansings of Mary Sykes, and the total disregard for her human and civil rights,  the two corrupt guardians ad litem screamed to Larkin and the Illinois ARDC for aid — the call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION published in Probate Sharks and later in MaryGSykes blog might cause scrutiny of Cook County case 09 P 4585!    Larkin acted!   Even though prohibited by the Rule of Law, the conspiracy of silence in direct violation of 18USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 openly and notoriously acted and continues to act.
Only Mary Sykes, Alice Gore and some old people died.   There were no demonstrations in the streets, no religious people decried the slaughter of innocents.   No one mentioned that when Alice Gore’s mouth was ravaged so that the miscreants could garner the few pennies from her gold filings *****.   Indeed just as the media and the law was concerned with bigger things as the Holocaust was promulgated, they were silent as hundred (if not thousands) of senior citizens were provided the final solution by the Illinois Courts.
Yes, most judges and lawyers are honest decent people.   Indeed, most policeman are honest decent people.    HOWEVER, all these honest decent people are silent as thousands of innocent senior citizens are being administered to by the minority of corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials and all the corrupt public officials are being exposes for their role in the coverup of all types of government corruption (
It is time for law enforcement to enforce the law, and root out the criminals who are polluting our government institutions.     Law enforcement has the tools — at the very least Jerome Larkin and his cohorts who are engaging in elder cleansing ought to pay the income taxes, interest and penalties on the booty that was/is stolen from hundreds of senior citizens by the open and notorious guardianships such as Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Tyler, etc.    
nb.   No one put a gun to Jerome Larkin’s head and forced him to misuse his office and attempt to silence Amu, yours truly, Denison, **** and others.    Larkin knew of Rule 8.3 and knew of 18 USCA 4.    He also knew of Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the First Amendment.    Instead, he used the color of his office to attempt to silence the call for HONEST INVESTIGATIONS.      This voluntary action on Larkin’s part makes him personally liable for the taxes, interest and penalties of his co-conspirators.   
Ken Ditkowsky

More than 5 dozen Judges in Georgia step down in disgrace

Many of these judges resigned after paying prostitutes, accepting bribes, fixing cases, exparte communications (taking to one side but not the other and a wide range of misconduct.

Cochran, a Murray County magistrate for eight years, was convicted of orchestrating a plot to plant drugs on a woman shortly after she publicly accused him of propositioning her in his chambers.

When Angela Garmley, of Chatsworth, appeared before Cochran in April 2012 on a routine legal matter, Cochran said he’d grant her a favorable ruling in exchange for sex, prosecutors said.

Garmley previously told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Cochran told her he wanted a mistress he could trust and asked her to return to the courthouse the next day wearing a dress with no underwear.

All told, the magistrate was convicted of six counts, including one that he sexually assaulted a county employee over a six-year period.

This type of conduct apparently went on with impunity for years, if not decades. Prosecutors routinely would refuse to go after judges committing crimes.   Bar associations did nothing.   Complaints were routinely ignored, as with the letter I published a few days that if the lawyer is involved is powerful, the intake attorney suddenly “does not understand” what criminal codes are violated when crimes are committed against the public.

Another attorney, suspended in another state for revealing corruption and crimes in the judicial system there and pushing for the authorities (FBI, states attorneys, bar associations and disciplinary boards) to take action when judges were involved in corruption there.  He assembled together a long list of the crimes and ethical rules violations in his letter to the Florida State

Just weeks before Cochran was sentenced to prison, a Fulton grand jury indicted former Chief Judge Amanda Williams from the Brunswick Judicial Circuit on two felony counts. She is charged with giving a false statement to the Judicial Qualifications Commission and violating her oath of office.

In 2012, Williams resigned from the bench after being accused of running her courtroom under tyrannical rule and indefinitely locking up drug court offenders. One defendant, Lindsey Dills, was sentenced by Williams in 2008 to indefinite detention in solitary confinement with no outside contact

Dills, previously flagged as a suicide risk, slit her wrists after 61 days in detention.


Tragic Video from Skokie IL shows woman battered

This video is endemic of problems in the Chicago area related to corruption.

Mayor RE in Chicago covered up the murder of LaQuan McDonald for 14 months, and covered up the fact that myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu publicly objected to corruption in the court rooms by suspending all of us for simply telling the truth.

Judge Stuart left the bench for lying during my trial, she has not written to the ARDC to apologize and ask I and Ken be reinstated to correct her Karma, Lanre Amu reported on corruption, Crian’s Chicago Business picked it up, investigated and confirmed that a brother of a judge appeared before Judge Lynn Egan and she ruled in his favor multiple times.

What Skokie did to this poor woman was horrid. The two cops coming afterward and comforting the woman should be promoted.  I hope the reported the cop before them, then they should be given a “corruption outing” medal.

All cops, lawyers, judges should be tested for psychopathy/narcissims/sociopathy. The results should be published.


I called for this at the ARDC last month because their management knows they must Ethics Report under the Illinois Eithi c Re[porting Act of 2009 and they refuse to do so.

Please tell Mr. Larkin and Mr. Grogan to file Ethics reports for all managers, attorneys and staff.

The Illinois Legislature is being snubbed by the people who are required to enforce the laws–the Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Comm.

With all of the Ethical breaches in Chicago, the following people simply have to take and publish their MRI/brain/pet scan for psychopathy/narcissism/sociopathy:

  1. all lawyers and managers at the Illinos. ARDC
  2. all Justices of the Illinois and Appellate Courts
  3. all Judges in the Cook County Court Sytem.

I am claling on the authorities to get this done.


Time to forge a new, ethical and honest Cook County, Illinois.

Tell Texas that their plan to murder a conscious person is an outrage

And from the land of Texas abusive guardianships, we have this story:

A former police officer and Homeland Security, the man had no health insurance. With a mass in his abdomen and a need for air, food and nutrients via hospital technology, the hospital wants to shut it all down and seeks a guardianship to do it.

This should be a national outrage.  Is this where we have come.  How is it that a hospital has the right to take in and then terminate life through a court system?

Everyone involved in this outrage at the hospital should be immediately tested with a brain scan/pet scan/MRI for psychopathy/narcissism/sociopathy and removed from this case.  No one like that should be involved in a guardianship.  They should be removed, and this includes the lawyers and judges, doctors and nurses.

Who does this to another human being?

Apparently the authorities in Texas think it is okay.

In the land of Illinois, we have seen the likes of Jerome Larkin, head aministrator of the Ill. Regn and Atty Discipline Comm. watch and do nothing as Mary Sykes was stripped of $2 million in assets, $1 million with repeatedly quashed discovery, no investigation (when the ARDC could have investigated when asked by Ken Ditkowsky and myself, but instead it covered up nefarious activities of Illinois licensed lawyers because they–Cynthia Farenga, Adam Sterm, Peter Schmeidel, Harvey Waller–all those who profit from abusive gships like the one Mary was in, asked the ARDC to do so.  The ARDC then complied with days of kangaroo court testimony, a ruthless persecution of Ken and myself and others who dared to buck  money making and money grubbing system of grief, despair and terror heaped upon families in the court system.  In my case, the family and dozens of supporter were there for me to fight an abusive system.  Only the money grubbers showed up for the ARDC to protect like vultures the rich dead flesh the court system allows them to feist upon)

Then we have LaQuan McDonald where likely dozens of city attorneys were PAID to cover up a brutal police murder of a child–a 17 year old boy.

The corruption in Illinois is endemic.  We now have the internet, we can now easily find and investigate ourselves.  We have videos of Mary acting competently, begging the court system for help, begging Judges Stuart, Connors, MacCarthy for help, and none helped her.  Ever.


This has to end in Illinois.   Demand the Illinois ARDC file its ethics reports. Demand that attorneys who engage in cover ups be tested for being psychopaths/sociopaths and removed from office.

Chicago must purge this insidious and pervasive corruption from its ranks.

From Ken Ditkowsky, testing the bar and judges for psychopathy

One more thing –  Mr. Larkin and his 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 gang seem to have attorned to the harvesting of Alice Gore’s gold filings by the corrupt judicial officials under the supervision of a patently incompetent and corrupt judge.  (see communications by  Mrs. Beverly Cooper addressed to IARDC as to Alice Gore guardianship and the alleged conduct and actions of guardian ad litem, Lawyer Miriam Solo).
In any mental evaluation of the lawyers, judicial officials etc for whom an investigation is requested by Ms. Denison and the public the participation pursuant to 18 USCA 242 in the event (by inaction) must be considered!
THIS IS VERY SERIOUS STUFF.   The action of public officials in prospecting for gold in the mouths of the elderly and the disabled is not be taken lightly!


Sent: Sunday, December 20, 2015 9:37 AM
Subject: Follow through as to citizen complaint concerning Jerome Larkin – a clear and present danger to the public

The SCOTUS has made it clear that political and content related speech is not subject to regulation by any government entity.   Jerome Larkin individually and as administrator not only ignored the Rule of Law, but acted in concert with other conspirators to deny lawyers (including the undersigned) their First Amendment rights to complain of certain corrupt judges.  The judges who presided over the Mary Sykes and Alice Gore cases are particularly note worthy for their lack of ethics, lack of knowledge of the law, disrespect for the law, and either refusal (or lack of ability) to preside as a judge in a case where human and civil rights are involved.    As judges are elected the speech is political.
In the JoAnne Denison case Larkin and others (including the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois justices) effectively held that a citizen speaking out as to elected judges and institutional corruptness in Illinois is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater and thus the exposure of corruption is a danger to the public.
In light of the Alvarez case and its related cases, such a claim by a public body and especially one financed by the State of Illinois the aforesaid ‘akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater’ credo adopted by a public body is a clear violation of the public trust and while the words are protected by the First Amendment the action of suspending JoAnne Denison is not only reprehensible and illegal but a very serious breach of the Oath of a Lawyer and the oath of a public official.    No amount of intellectual dishonesty by Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 conspirators can rationalize the criminal action of the miscreant conspiracy away.    The total disregard for the RULE OF LAW is an offense that should render larkin and each of the persons who acted in concert with him disbarred!   Respect for the law is the first criterion of a lawyer.
On the MaryGSykes blog, it is suggested that there may be a medical reason for Mr. Larkin (and his co-conspirators) actions.    The blog suggests:

New fax challenge to the ARDC–test for your psychopaths/narcissists and sociopaths, please

December 19, 2015
RE:   ARDC v. JMD 13 PR 001
Public demand for testing for the ARDC staff, Tribunals and Review Board personnel  being psychopaths,narcissists and/or sociopaths.
Dear Counsel;
It has come to my attention in speaking with PsychD’s and Board Licensed Psychiatrists that you may be at risk for psycopathy/narcissim/sociopathy and that is the reason you unjustly prosecuted and persecuted me, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu–and we have all spoken the Truth that there is corruption in the court system.
You repeatedly dismiss valid citizen complaints (see my blog for manifest injustice).
In the case of Lanre Amu, he spoke out against Judge Lynn Egan, and subsequently Crain’s Chicago Business investigated and found the allegations to be true.  Then, the corporations involved discharged her from her position on the Board of Directors and publicly apologized for the breach of ethics and corruption.
The ARDC has not done the same. It shows no remorse for public corruption, lying and deceptive practices by corrupt attorneys and judges on a repeated basis.
Now Chicago is embroiled in the Laquan McDonald case where dozens of attorneys, judges and politicans obviously cover up the death of an unarmed child of the wrong skin color shamelessly gunned down by protected police officers in our streets.
The ARDC is suddenly silent on the issue.  It shows no remorse. It has opened up no investigations, nor has the JIB.
I want to know why.
I am herewith demanding that the following individuals have a brain scan, MRI or pet scan to determine the pathology of the brains involved that repeatedly show no remorse, no compassion, sypathy, empathy or concern for grossly unjust actions by public officials paid to protect the citizens of Illinois and uphold the US and Illinos Constitutions:
JMD case:  ARDC attorneys,attorney Melissa Smart,attorney Sharon Opryszek,attorney Steven Splitt,  SRDC Tribunal Chair (Nov. 2014)attorney Sang-yul Lee,attorney Ziad Alnaqib,doctor Eddie Sanders
ARDC Review board corruption, (May 2014)attorney Johnny A. Fairman II,attorney Robert M. Henderson,attorney Gordon B. Nash
I am also demanding that former Judges Jane Louis Stuart and Justice M. O’Connor receive the same test for psycopathy/narcissims/sociopathy
and from the Ken Ditkowsky case: Prosecutor Leah G. Black  Tribunal: (May 2013)  Jeffrey S. Torosian,Donald S.B. Hilliker,Fran M. Williams,Review Board: (Dec 2013)  Johnny A. Fairman, II,Robert M. Henderson, Anna M. Loftus
and from the Lanre Amu case:  Irwin S. Solganick, Thomas R. Chiola, Francis J. Dolan and Lynn M. Egan, Judges who would not testify when subpoenaed.  ARDC atty for Larkin: Thomas Verrando   Tribunal: (May 2013)              Debra J. Braselton  Andrea D. Rice Donald D. Torisky             Review Board (Dec 2013)  Robert M. Henderson  Anna M. Loftus  Keith E. Roberts, Jr.
All of the individuals need to take the brain scan, pet scan or MRI for psychopathy/narcissim/sociopathic behaviors. There is also an additional blood test for alleles that can detect tendencies toward anti-social behaviors.   I and the public are demanding these tests and that the test results be published.  The citiszens of Illinos demand that every attorney in court be declared free of any anti social or psychotic tendencies.
The lack of emapthy, sypathy, compassion and human emotions is a national scourage and the public demands better and more accoutability from the Illinois ARDC.
Very Truly Yours,
/joanne m denison/esignature/
Joanne M. Denison

Posted in Uncategorized 1 Reply

I agree, with  Citizen JoAnne Denison’s demand,  and respectfully request a full and complete investigation by law enforcement to ascertain how in Illinois so many lawyers who have so little knowledge and/or concern for the Constitutional Rights and privileges of citizens of Illinois could be granted licenses to practice law.    It should be noted that pre-teen age children are required to demonstrate knowledge of the Constitution prior to being allowed to enter high school.    In the Amu, Denison and Ditkowsky case (and others) Mr. Larkin and the lawyers named supra even though they took an oath to defend the Constitution (of Illinois and the USA) the most important provision has been openly and notoriously disregarded by highly compensated lawyers who demonstrate their disrespect and criminal contempt for America.
 Ken Ditkowsky
also see the clinical study on altered brain configurations for pathological narcissists (one form of anti social behavior, akin to psychopaths and sociopaths)

Illinois pols holding up necessary student grant–Sign the Petition Now

IIT students are having their grants held up in Springfield by our politicians for no good reason.

College is important.  Education is a top priority in Illinois.  Please sign the below petition ASAP and post to your Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

Some students cannot register for next semester, and may not be able to use health services, and cannot see their grades, not be able to apply to graduate and other nefarious problems all because they do not want to fund education for Illinois.


New fax challenge to the ARDC–test for your psychopaths/narcissists and sociopaths, please

ARDC Attys:
Jerome Larkin, ZJames Grogin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Leah Black Guiterrez, Steven Splitt

Fax 312-565-2320    From:                      Admitted Ill*., N.  Carolina and Patent Bars
JoAnne M. Denison,      Pat.  Agent.  Reg.  No.  34,150
JUSTICE4EVERY1.COM    FAX 312-553-1307
5940 W Touhy Ave, #120
Niles, IL 60714    PHONE 312-553-1300  or
we speak for Truth and Justice when the court system cannot

December 19, 2015

RE:   ARDC v. JMD 13 PR 001
Public demand for testing for the ARDC staff, Tribunals and
Review Board personnel  being psychopaths,
narcissists and/or sociopaths.

Dear Counsel;

It has come to my attention in speaking with PsychD’s and Board Licensed Psychiatrists that you may be at risk for psycopathy/narcissim/sociopathy and that is the reason you unjustly prosecuted and persecuted me, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu–and we have all spoken the Truth that there is corruption in the court system.

You repeatedly dismiss valid citizen complaints (see my blog for manifest injustice).

In the case of Lanre Amu, he spoke out against Judge Lynn Egan, and subsequently Crain’s Chicago Business investigated and found the allegations to be true.  Then, the corporations involved discharged her from her position on the Board of Directors and publicly apologized for the breach of ethics and corruption.

The ARDC has not done the same. It shows no remorse for public corruption, lying and deceptive practices by corrupt attorneys and judges on a repeated basis.

Now Chicago is embroiled in the Laquan McDonald case where dozens of attorneys, judges and politicans obviously cover up the death of an unarmed child of the wrong skin color shamelessly gunned down by protected police officers in our streets.

The ARDC is suddenly silent on the issue.  It shows no remorse. It has opened up no investigations, nor has the JIB.

I want to know why.

I am herewith demanding that the following individuals have a brain scan, MRI or pet scan to determine the pathology of the brains involved that repeatedly show no remorse, no compassion, sypathy, empathy or concern for grossly unjust actions by public officials paid to protect the citizens of Illinois and uphold the US and Illinos Constitutions:

JMD case:
ARDC attorneys,
attorney Melissa Smart,
attorney Sharon Opryszek,
attorney Steven Splitt,

SRDC Tribunal Chair (Nov. 2014)
attorney Sang-yul Lee,
attorney Ziad Alnaqib,
doctor Eddie Sanders

ARDC Review board corruption, (May 2014)
attorney Johnny A. Fairman II,
attorney Robert M. Henderson,
attorney Gordon B. Nash

I am also demanding that former Judges Jane Louis Stuart and Justice M. O’Connor receive the same test for psycopathy/narcissims/sociopathy

and from the Ken Ditkowsky case:

Prosecutor Leah G. Black

Tribunal: (May 2013)

Jeffrey S. Torosian
Donald S.B. Hilliker
Fran M. Williams

Review Board: (Dec 2013)
Johnny A. Fairman, II
Robert M. Henderson
Anna M. Loftus

and from the Lanre Amu case:

Irwin S. Solganick, Thomas R. Chiola, Francis J. Dolan and Lynn M. Egan, Judges who would not testify when subpoenaed.

ARDC atty for Larkin: Thomas Verrando

Tribunal: (May 2013)

Debra J. Braselton
Andrea D. Rice
Donald D. Torisky

Review Board (Dec 2013)

Robert M. Henderson
Anna M. Loftus
Keith E. Roberts, Jr.

All of the individuals need to take the brain scan, pet scan or MRI for psychopathy/narcissim/sociopathic behaviors. There is also an additional blood test for alleles that can detect tendencies toward anti-social behaviors.

I and the public are demanding these tests and that the test results be published.

The citiszens of Illinos demand that every attorney in court be declared free of any anti social or psychotic tendencies.

The lack of emapthy, sypathy, compassion and human emotions is a national scourage and the public demands better and more accoutability from the Illinois ARDC.

Very Truly Yours,


/joanne m denison/esignature/

Joanne M. Denison

cc: blog

The crime of being the poorer parent

What a beautiful post. Thanks so much. You are a talented musician and writer. Keep up the good work.



Yes it can become quite a “crime” to make less money, way less money, than your former spouse, especially when your time is spent trying to stay out of jail because you can’t keep up with a lawyer’s bills.   It ends up going way beyond not being able to buy stuff as nice as the other parent does or driving the older car.

Because I don’t recall us ever really going without around here.  I remember homemade gifts and cakes, homemade dinners, laughter and love.  I remember all those trips to the library instead of the movie theater, garage sale-ing together instead of trips to the mall.  I remember things you can’t put a price-tag on; the gifts of togetherness, laughter, faith, reading, studying, caring for animals, gardens and friends.  I remember scholarship applications/essays and wonderful academic acceptance letters.

But more than all this material stuff, it goes to…

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The only question is, why don’t they march on the ARDC that protects corrupt attorneys and judges.

Protestors march around Chicago shutting down businesses and income to Chicago for protesting the death of an unarmed child with 16 bullets.  Young Laquan McDonald.

Why don’t they ask the Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Committee how many corrupt attorneys they protected?  Why are they asking the Illinois Judiciary Inquiry Board how many judges that they protected?

Where are the 13 other videos the city attorneys and Mayor refuse to turn over?

I know how this all happened and so does Ken Ditkowsky.  If a lawyer speaks the truth about corruption in Chicago, they disbar or suspend them.  But if a lawyer covers up, obstructs justice, destroys or suppresses evidence, they ignore it with a letter of dismissal.  Mr. Lanre Amu spoke out against certain judges, the media investigated and confirmed the corruption and the judge involved resigned her position at the corporation and the corporation apologized to the public and shareholders, but not the ARDC.  Nope, they were in league with this corrupt judge. Crains Chicago Business published the truth, but not the ARDC, they cover up the truth.

See below:

This is how the ARDC responds to valid citizen complaints. They pretend they can’t prosecute or open an inquiry. They pretend that crimes and felonies are insufficient to prosecute lawyers.  But, then they prosecute THIS blog, block all my witnesses, make one witness stand up during my Review Board hearing and declare to the entire world that what I say on my blog is true, and the Review Board does not mention it.  They claim I lied (when I did not) and they prosecute me.

My Review Board hearing was filled with my supporters and those who protested corruption in the Courts. They made sure that crucial witnesses (Diane Nash, an original Selma Marcher) could not get in and relay the story to the mega news media (Ophra Winfrey and Hollywood).

When are the protestors going to demand that the Mayor resign, the judges resign and the chief of the ARDC that protects the lawyers resign (Jerome Larkin and James Grogin). They should also demand the chief of the Judicial Inquiry Board resign for protect the crimes and cover ups of Illinois judges.  The crimes and the mob are endemic to our court system (see prior blogs).

I hereby demand that Jerome Larkin and all those that persecuted myself and and Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu be tested for psyopathy/narcissism and sociopathy and publish the results.

The public demands this.  We want uncorrupted officials for the the $200k per year per public official we spend to have these people commit a string of felonies upon the public.


New Petition on White House website calls for reform of corrupted US judiciary

And while I continue my campaign to ask that Jerome Larkin and James Grogin take tests (brain scan, pet scan or MRI) to determine if they and any staff members at the Ill. Regn. Atty Discipline Comm. are psychopaths, narcissists or sociopaths, people continue to protest the judicial tragedy of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, both online and in the streets.

No one who is a good person wants anyone else to get hurt. The pols, judges and lawyers involved must resign.  Those who continue in office should volunteer to take a brain scan/MRI/pet scan for psychopathy and resign if they have it.

People in Chicago are tired of all the corruption and cronyism that makes life hell here when innocents are gunned down in the street and crimes are covered up.

We now have a group of 25 lawyers across the nation who have been suspended/disbarred for outing corruption, cronyism and a string of judicial criminal activity.  We have RICO and the mob now as part of our court system, and the Ill. ARDC just covers it all up.

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Every word that JoAnne has published is privileged and protected by the First Amendment and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution.    The attempt to silence her blog – MARYGSYKES is reprehensible beyond belief as well as illegal and a violation of her Constitutional Rights.  
It is true that the IARDC and Mr. Larkin, its administrator, are unhappy that she can expose their criminal actions, but, the IARDC attorneys and Mr. Larkin all took an oath to defend the Constitution.    Defending the criminals who are committing elder cleansing and assaulting the Constitutional Rights of citizens is in derrogation of the oath taken by attorneys and public officials.     Labeling this blog as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater is ignorant and wrong.    More seriously it indicates that the lawyers involved in making such a statement or acting on it by suspending Ms. Denison lack the intelligence to practice law.    
Here in Illinois a  pre-teen desiring to enter high school must take a Constitution test –  it is apparent from Ms. Denisons IARDC hearings et al that not one member of any of the panels including the Illinois Supreme Court could pass the pre-teen Constitution test.   Even children are aware that the SCOTUS in Alvarez pointed out that content related and political speech cannot be censored or interfered with.
Any honest investigation in addition to looking into fraud, bribery, cover up, must also address the issue of “how Jerome Larkin ***** got their licenses to practice law”     Illinois has had scandals concerning the Bar examination – one of Chicago’s mayors was alleged to have had a proxy take the test for him.    It would not surprise me one bit if such was no uncommon and the public has been left to the mercy of unqualified lawyers!     Larkin’s examination should be revised along with that of every person involved in determining her suspension.
Ken Ditkowsky

Articles on Attorney dissent and Bar Associations crushing dissent continue to go viral

I just got about the 3rd or 4th email this week that an article by renown reporter Janet Phelan (who escaped to Mexico to avoid persecution for her work in the US on corruption in the courts), is still, after about two months, going viral on the internet.

If you have not seen this famous article, you can do so now at:

No one can believe that US Bar associations still continue to persecute and prosecute attorneys that speak out against corruption in the courts and spill the beans on what Atty Ken Ditkowsky calls “a string of felonies” covered up by clouted miscreant attorneys, judges and justices in our US court systems.

Previously, I have published much information on how the mob controls the puppet strings of the court system, official court reporters routinely changing transcripts and even the court of appeal in Illinois covers up attorney crimes and elsewhere with numerous states attorneys offices infiltrated by the mob.

I have been the victim of changed transcripts and testimony during my “kangaroo court” at the ARDC.  I have published the information and evidence of how my chair, Sang Yul Lee fixed my case.  I have sent it to the FBI.  I am certain that after enough time and witnesses, they will prosecute him.  I am also certain that the person fixing my case at the Review Board level will seek the same fate.

And with respect to Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu, also outspoken for corruption and fixing in the Illinois and Chicago Court system (renown for corruption on just about every valid nationwide survey there is), we now know that the fixer is a certain judge Anna M Loftus that sat on their Review Boards, was then promoted by Ann Burke at the Illinois Supreme Court to Judge in Cook County after she took out both Ditkowsky and Amu, upon information and belief (my belief) by fixing their cases, and now she is a new Cook County Judge with questionable property records.  What else is new.

I am certain that the FBI is working on all of this.  If anyone knows a cheap or free investigator to pull the bank records of all the miscreant judges, attorneys and others involved, please write me.  If anyone is looking to really change this system, the banking records of all attorneys and judges in Illinois should be freely discoverable by anyone alleging corruption. That will fix a whole lot of problems in Illinois.

I operate on a shoe string.  I am dedicated to stopping corruption in Chicago and in Illinois.  In a land where a good pol and cronies are those that once bribed, stay bribed, I am the most dangerous blogger in Illinois. Every day I get evidence of new corrupt cases, of more information on the miscreants I have listed on this blog as the “usual suspects.” But I am dedicated to you, my public who demands truth, honor, justice and loyalty thereto.

We will not be stopped in all of this. We will prevail.  Chicago has to come clean, the legacy of pols before us is not our motto or our desire.

As I write this memo, the strong and unyielding good people of Chicago every day take to the streets and demand that those who suppressed evidence and committed felonies (all the judges and lawyers involved) in the 16 bullet death of Laquon McDonald  immediately resign. They shut down streets every day in downtown Chicago, they shut down the Chicago Board of Trade frequently (resulting in losses of millions of dollars per hour), they go to the Chicago Police Department headquarters and shut that down.

This is clearly democracy and protest in action. Support these people.  Call write and fax the leaders of these protests (if you must go to work) and tell them that you support them.

Democracy, freedom and protest cannot and should not be stopped. By anyone, even the Mayor, the head of the ARDC (Jerome Larkin who routinely dismissed the complaints of those who complain about suppressing evidence in a court case for 14 months were a child is shot to death maliciously with 16 bullets) and a corrupted police department and “investigative” (cover up) unit.

Demand that these people be tested for psychopathy, narcissism and sociopathy. Demand that these pols and their cronies be removed.

Dr. Hare wrote in his book on psychopathy that there is a high level of psychopathy/narcissism/sociopathy among pols.  I bet Chicago runs much higher than any national average.  We have to.  We are no. 1 in the corruption surveys of all top news mega media and the ivy league law schools.

This must end.  Now.  Today.  Chicagoans protest in the streets and on the internet in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

We are the good people. We care about truth and justice and fairness and we want to stop the death of hundreds, if not thousands of seniors who are forced into guardianships in Illinois and across the nation, against their will, drugged with illegal chemical restraints, and then narcotized to death when money runs out for the clouted attorneys and others in guardianship cases.


We will not be stopped. We will not be silenced.

Finally–Nevada requests Criminal investigations in guardianship

from mainstream mega media:

The accompanying text has many quotes that most of us are familiar with:

When it comes to your civil rights, being put under guardianship is worse than being sent to prison.  Those words from a judge who sits on the commission. 

“Later my aunt was examined by a neurologist who determined she was competent,” Brenda Ralphs told the commission, through tears.  “My aunt was victimized based on a defective document and incorrect diagnosis by an unqualified person!”

Brenda Ralphs found our Contact 13 investigation online, then flew in from Seattle to share her aunt’s story with the guardianship commission. 

She told commission members she fought to free her 92-year-old aunt, Barbara Lasco, from an unnecessary guardianship, but succeeded only after Parks and her lawyer drained nearly $20,000 from Lasco’s accounts.

The commission also voted to establish a bill of rights for people under guardianship and to ensure they have legal counsel. 

One Supreme Court Justice remarked “what has been going on in guardianship is just plain crazy.

The commission unanimously voted to send a letter to all sheriffs and district attorneys in the state, as well as the Attorney General, asking them to prosecute misconduct and seek restitution for people subject to unjust guardianships.

Time to make fun of the people who say “take me off your list”

Now for a bit of comic relief.

I have never actually understood anyone who says “take me off your list”.  I don’t have an email list.  I have a blog.  I like my blog.  So why do they write me. They have no evidence in fact I have them on an email list.

So for all of you out there today that get these annoying insulting emails like you give a rat’s tail about them, here is your response.

Please feel free to just save, cut and paste:

To:  My favorite recipient that actually thinks they can get off an email list.  To the truly delusional.
Subject: Re: Getting Off Email List–thank you so very much for your annoying, useless email–which being a comedian, I am now going to make fun of you for
Date: Dec 16, 2015 4:36 AM
just to let you know you are not on any of my lists.

actually, come to think of it, I don’t even have any email lists.

Should I have one so that people will know me and complain?

I love these emails.  I never, ever have had a single list, and if you’re trying to stop me from being lazy, you have not succeeded with your email.

And don’t take it personally, I am sure you are a great person, and very kind and very concerned about public affairs,

It’s just me.  I am a list slug.  Good luck with those that actually care to have a list.

I bet they never let you go.

I bet they actually have “human list trafficking list” .  Okay that was funny.

Sorry, I don’t like you enough to have you on my list, which I am too lazy to have in the first place anyway.

merry christmas anyway.


PS–If you ever think of having a list and put me on it, don’t bother.  I’ll just make fun of you anyway.

Lisa Nadig in brutal battle for child, please pray for her

Lisa Nadig is a highly acclaimed bel canto (opera) singer.  Her son was ripped from her nearly two years ago when she asked her son to put away his laptop at 3 am because he had school the next day and he attacked her.  She called the police. The police recommend that charges should be filed so that the child may get court ordered therapy.  However, the judge in her divorce case ruled that since he ordered that mother cannot call the police on her son (what judge has jurisdiction to rule that?), she violated his recommendations and therefore custody passed to the ex-husband 100%. She became under a “no contact” protective order because she called the police and showed them bruises on her arms from an attack by her son because he did not want to shut off his laptop on a school night at 3 am they told her to press chargew so son could get free therapy. What  divorce judge does that?  Apparently Cook County Circuit Judge Levinson does.

Lisa N. believes this physical attack was programming from her ex-husband who has told the child repeatedly that mother is crazy, not to listen to her and the son can beat her at any time because no one will listen to a woman in court.  (Ex husband’s background is Iranian, and that should tell you something.)

The ex-husband is clearly a psychopath (someone with anti social behaviors, as reported to the court by court appointed evaluators). He attacked Lisa on a basis repeated and unwarranted during their marriage, both emotionally and physically. Now he is on a terror campaign to keep custody of his son with both the judge (Levinson) and the child rep (Natalie Koga) on his side, knowing that the ex-husband suffers from “anti social” behaviors, which is a nice term for a socio path, or someone that has no good feelings of love, tenderness, caring, empathy, sypathy, etc., but whose feelings only become ehightened when experiencing terror, nastiness, inhumanity, violence, war, anything destructive, etc.  This is what the court appointed evaluator wrote in his report.

Lisa has now lost her child to a known sociopath.  Please pray for her and for her court hearing on Wednesday.

Lisa needs to next file a motion to have an MRI or Pet scan on her ex to clearly show he is either a psychopath or sociopath, but first she needs to regain custody.

Natalie Koga and Judge Levinson support psychopaths.  Both need to be removed as judge and as child representative.  Permanently. Support the testing of both judges and attorneys, GAL’s (guardians ad litems) and child representatives for PET and MRI scannings and pretesting for MMPI’s for psychopathy. DNA testing can also reveal alleles for problems such as lack of remorse and violent tendencies.

We now have the science and technology. Let’s use it to get psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists out of our lives.

Her pleadings to read are here:





PS – here are quotes from Mike Volpe, a renown investigative reporter and author:

Michael Volpe

Dec 11 (4 days ago)

to JoAnne, JoAnne

“It’s not surprising to hear that there was so much communication between Ms. Nadig’s ex-husband and the child representative. It’s often the case in corrupt relationships with court professionals that the communication between the court professional is entirely one sided between the professional and the party they favor.”

‘The child representative was the third or fourth court professional to be assigned to this case and besides making an already complicated matter even more complicated having so many court professionals holds no logical purpose. Furthermore, it’s never been made clear why the child representative’s opinion has been held with such deference when each of the other court professionals concluded Ms. Nadig was the parent who should have physical custody.”

“Energy rightly applied and directed can accomplish anything.” Nellie Bly

From Ken Ditkowsky –the Mayor and Jerome Larkin were not given keys to public funds to protect the clouted and cover up the embarrassing

To: Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Chicago FBI <>, Probate Sharks <>, Tim NASGA <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Nasga Us <>, Bev Cooper <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, Chicago Tribune <>, BILL DITKOWSKY <>, FOX News Network LLC <>, SUNTIMES <>, “” <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>, Fiduciary Watch <>, Candice Schwager <>, Ginny Johnson <>, Diane Nash <>, Glenda Martinez <>, Scott Evans <>, Cook County States Attorney <>, “” <>, “Y. ACLU” <>, Edward Carter <>, RosANNa Miller <>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC” <>, Alyece Russell <>, Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik <>, Jay Goldman <>, Illinois ARDC <>, Tom Fields <>, “” <>, KRISTI HOOD <>, Nancy Vallone <>, Eric Blair <>, Cook Sheriff <>, Elaine Renoire <>, Len Holland <>, John Howard Wyman <>, Andy Ostrowski <>, ABA Commission On Racial and Ethnic Diversity In the Profession <>, Mary Richards <>, Angela Woodhull <>, “Aging Contact (Aging)” <>, Ann Boucher at ISBA <>, Attorney Dr Richard Fine <>
Subject: The Chicago Fire via @WSJ
Date: Dec 14, 2015 10:03 AM
The MacDonald case continues to confound.   The day after the last election for mayor, the City Counsel (including is black members) voted to approve a settlement that was obviously part of a cover-up.  The cover-up was designed to keep the electorate from learning that a policeman had shot an unarmed black teenager 16 times and killed him.
Seeing the Alderman out on the street demanding the head of the police commissioner for engaging in a cover-up was reminiscent of Jerome Larkin’s Attorney Disciplinary commission (IARDC) suspending Lanre Amu for practicing law while Black, JoAnne Denison for exposing judicial corruption in her blog and me for demanding an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the elder cleansing of senior citizens, and in particular Mary Sykes and Alice Gore.   Larkin is highly over -paid to protect the public from dishonest lawyers – i.e. the very same lawyers that he is protecting by his open and notorious string of cover-up operations.    The City council is paid to approve settlements so that City funds are not used to cover-up political embarrassments.
The WAll Street Journal, not being based in Chicago, is much more polite – The Chicago Fire via @WSJ      However, the message is the same!    We all are calling on the Justice Department to do an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the cover-up and not provide us with scapegoats or fall guys — if laws are violated, the Citizens want the laws enforced.
Mr. Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 cover-up is not an exception.   The citizens know why Larkin does not file the disclosures required by the Illinois Ethics statement!   (See, the Illinois Ethics Act of 2009 that the ARDC is mandated to file annual Ethics Reports for all managers and supervisors). Indeed, we know why he objects to an HONEST INVESTIGATION and a blog disclosing judicial corrupt is AKIN THE YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER.    We also know that billions of dollars in income tax money earned pursuant to the conspiracy 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 connoted in the Sykes and Gore cases have not been reported to either the State or the Federal taxing authorities.
As citizens we demand that the political and judicial elite be subject to the same laws and the same level of enforcement that the rest of us would be subject.    Our Mayor and our City counsel are not special citizens because they are temporarily in power – the garner no special privilege or immunity!    Jerome Larkin was never granted any power to silence lawyers or deny them their First Amendment Rights.    The Mayor was not give the key to the treasury to buy off embarrassment.    If the Mayor or Larkin did wrong they ought to take a consequences.   That is what America is about.   Our political elite are in essence fiduciaries!    They are well paid and their income should come from their salaries – not extra=ordinary sources.

Please pray for and offer assistance to this Mother and Daughter abused in Probate Court

This page tells a harrowing story of guardianship abuse with a tale of fleecing this woman’s estate by churning the charges, drugging her with chemical restraints, forcing her to live in a small assisted living room when she already has a 4 bedroom home she loved, etc.

Please pray for this mother and daughter.

There are photos of her writing “I do not want to be here.  I am not a criminal.”

This woman begs to go home and says she was “slammed dunked” into this guardianship for her money and property.

The woman calls her daughter every night begging her to figure out a way she can go home again.

The court ordered the Mother to live in a tiny cochroach infested room rather than her own 4 bedroom home.

Mother’s hair did not get washed for 3 weeks under a court order guardianship.

She did not get to see her grandchildren on Halloween because visiting hours were only 1 to 5 pm (many guardianship activists are petitioning for access 24/7 to their loved ones.  It is an act of discrimination under the ADA to force restricted visiting hours.  In the elder’s own home, they could stay up late watching movies with the family.  Nursing homes often don’t do this, and as a result, they discriminate under the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.)




Good news–Crime victim of likely sex trafficking released

But now she needs a place to stay.  She needs psychological help, patience and a whole lot of caring and kindness.  She does not do drugs or alcohol.  She does not smoke.  She does have a very distrustful personality that is very abrasive and wearing.  Her background is Roman Catholic.

If you know of a place for her to stay where she can be helped and the persons involved will have a great deal of patience and understanding, that would be very helpful.

She is looking for a roommate situation where she can have a small area for a desk, computer and lamp. She prefers a neat and clean environment.

Any leads anyone can provide for a safe, clean envirnment for her where she will be around tolerant, understanding people will be greatly appreciated.




PS–thank you so much to all the people donating bail money on such short notice.  Your donations were greatly appreciated and have allowed her to leave a dangerous environment–26th and California lock up.

PPS–and no, I have faxed 4 entities and no one has contact me with any help for this person, who is likely a victim of sex trafficking.  Not the ARDC, Sheriff Dart, the Women’s Justice Center, the Lithuanian consulate or the FBI.  My investigator has also contacted the help line for women human trafficked, but they have not provided any help for her either. She needs pscyh counseling, career counseling, a clean, safe environment to stay in and a lot of kindess and patience. She is out of jail and I pray safe for now, but she still needs a lot of assistance.  Please pray for her.

Please call or email if you know of some help for her.

Tonight internet talk show on US govt efforts to crush dissent via psych holds

Katherine Hine will be co-hosting a broadcast TONIGHT with activist journalist Dr. Bob Fitrakis on his live call-in show, Fight Back, from 7 – 8 p.m. Eastern time. You can listen to the show by going to The call-in number is 877-932-9766. Fight Back is also syndicated on several Ohio terrestrial radio stations including Columbus stations WVKO-1580 AM and WCRS 102.1-98.3. There may be others now carrying this great broadcast.

The topic tonight will be the growing instance of psychiatric detention and indefinite incarceration of citizens identified as undesirables – including whistleblowers, members of religious groups, returning veterans who disagree with the government’s actions overseas, those who blow the whistle on psychiatry itself, even dissident police officers, among others. Also to be discussed is the fact that our courts and legislatures, like those in the former Soviet Union, Communist China, and Nazi Germany are not only refusing to protect citizens’ legal rights, they are collaborating with government psychiatrists to lock up and force drug those who are sane – all at taxpayer expense. Folks are reminded that every Tuesday Katherine broadcasts the psychiatry exposé, Bedlam in America, on

New book on Court Corruption in Ariz. by retired Judge

These books are very important because they help us understand the mindset of the psychopath/sociopath.

Good people never understand how the psychopath brain works.  They think everyone is good like them and evil acts are just a “mistake”.

No, they are not.  The psychopath brain thinks and likes evil. They have no feelings for love, affection, empathy, sympathy or remorse.  They are only happiest when then engage in cruelty, torture, bullying, humiliation, war, violence, theft, etc.

So what’s a good person to do? Start reading books on corruption.  Find out how they think, what makes them tick and with knowledge you can feel empowered, fight and overcome.

Emergency Appeal–victim of human trafficking needs $1,000 bail

Someday I will let you all know in a book what has happened to this woman.  I have already written Sheriff Dart, the ARDC, the Women’s Justice Center and the FBI.  The fraud surrounding her case is deep as the Sears Tower.

I don’t have the money, but please paypal or chase quick pay and I will try to get her out tomorrow.

Thanks for your assistance and please cross post.

Anything over the amount needed will be declined or refunded

Wish list of Public Policy for state and federal laws: for Guardianship

Recently I took a survey on improvements to current guardianship laws and this is my Christmas wish list for federal and state laws:

Every guardianship statute should say it is the public policy of the state: 1) to have family members serve as guardians over non family members; 2) that wards should never be moved to institutions against their will; 3) that disabled persons should always be placed in the least restrictive environment; 4) that no disabled person should be restrained with chemical or other restraints and the use of psychtropic drugs is illegal; 5) waiver of any substantive rights (ie, right to an attorney, right to a trial, right to a jury) shall be recorded by a GAL or attorney for the disabled and made available publicly and may be revoked at any time prior to trial; 6) volunteer guardians and attorneys shall be preferred over for profit guardians and attorneys and the state shall institute programs to recruit and train volunteer or low cost GAL’s and attorneys; 7) a volunteer senior assistant program should be developed to help the disabled pay bills, make good decisions and stay safe shall be preferred over a guardianship; 8) all attorneys, judges and managers of the disabled making any placement decisions or spending the ward’s money shall file Ethics Reports with the Office of the Attorney General annually disclosing all sources of income and any campaign donations; 9) enforcing a patient’s bill of rights in all nursing homes in every state and notifying the disabled of same in large, bold print, 10) lists of all attorneys, GAL’s, case managers, social workers shall be made public with the hourly rate and the senior and family members shall be able to rate their services and costs and publish to the public; 11) ban gag orders and isolation orders, unless the person is a known felon or psychopath– if the disabled person wants to see the ward and the ward wants to see the vistor, this should be their right; 12) make all guardianship records publicly availble and the transcripts for all hearings and hearings must have a court reporter or audio recording; 13) provide funding for those that need to appeal termination of right, POA, etc. incluign money for transcripts and a public defender; 14) all wards have the right to attend any guardianship proceedings if they desire and any family member may bring them and no one–GAL, court appointed attorney, etc. shall interfere with that right; 15) gaslighting and failing to inform the ward of the status of the court proceeding is prohibited; 16) all states must have a tort law that prohibits loss of consortium between parent and child and siblings in a guardianship situation.

Protesters continue to block streets in Chicago over corrupt case of Laquan McDonald

Today I heard on the news reports for traffic that protestors continue to block Chicago streets, and espcially the shops on North Michigan Avenue, over the heinous shooting of a 17 year old child.

And in the wake of that cover up, we see another 13 videos that need to be released:

and we also see hundreds of protestors at the Board of Trade Building:

and protestors here:

States attorneys say the videos may prejudice the jury, but it does not seem that’s all they are worried about.  Videos are often dereguier during bond hearings, and they come out at that time in a public space.  Why, then, the need to suppress them when it might lead to more eye witnesses at the scene who can explain what they saw when a Chicago citizen, apparently unarmed, is gunned down by Chicago Police.

But what everyone needs to know, from Father Pfledger to Jessee Jackson, Jr, the leader of many protests, is that it is not just IDPR or the Internal Department of Police Review which is corrupted.  We have string of people covering up and refusing to prosecute corruption in derogation of their official duties from Lisa Madigan’s offices, who have refused to investigate the Mary G Sykes case and who wrote me a letter saying her offices “don’t do” court corruption to the same from Anita Alvarez (heavily implicated in the L. MacDonald cover up) to Diane Saltoun, the inspector general who must investigate thefts from the state, in this case, the millions due in tax liability to both the feds and to a lesser extent the State of Illinois.

Why it is that the State of Illinois is broke and cannot pay its debts, to the Federal Government which allows 20% of all children to live in the US in abject poverty, and no one collects the crimes that are 100% taxable, is unknown at this time.

Corruption affects us all, and for certain, with Jerome Larkin, head of the Atty Regn and Disc. Comm. forcing lawyers such as myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu to shut up on all corruption, never disclose it to the public, (despite the fact the GAO –US govt accounting office–writes entire booklets on it, and Chicago Crain’s Business confirms problems with sitting judges), lawyers are to keep all crimes, all strings of felonies covered up until others publish about them.

It is corruption and coverups like this, a code of silence amoung the cops, politicians and lawyers in Chicago that have directly led to the cover up of dash cam police videos, and the deaths of teens in Chicago for merely having the wrong skin color.

Insidious racism and discrimination must end.  LaQuan MacDonald is now dead for being a black teen.  Mary G Sykes was narcotized to death by the guardian and nursing home staff (the nursing home doctor would not even sign the death certificate, it had to be signed by a doctor that had no seen Mary G Sykes for years) because she was too old at age 95 so her estate had to be fleeced and the crimes covered up by the court and the ARDC.

The current Pope has made it clear that deaths of the very young and very old will not be tolerated because this is clearly immoral and unethical, yet Chicago covers it all up.

Write to the Mayor’s offices and let him know it is not accpetible to kill off the very young and the very old.  Their lives matter.

Mary G Sykes needs a tox screen and autopsy.  Her death and the loss of 90% of her assets needs to have an honest investigation.  The ARDC has to be investigation in all of this.

The Mayor admitted investigations have to go further than the police department, and that is true.  Where are the lawyers and judges in  all of this unethical and immoral conduct?  Why does the Mayor and the Illinois Supreme Court let the ARDC discipline lawyers for speaking up and speaking out that corruption is wrong and unethical and immoral?  Why can’t we get investigations into deaths all over the place by corrupt officials, incluiding the police and the court system?

At some point, the FBI has to acknowledge and investigate the police, the lawyers and the judges.  They are all guilty of hundreds of deaths per year, and a typical Chicago investigation just covers everything up.

We must return to a free, open and democratic society.  No more cover ups.  Lawyers that protest and disclose must be declared protected Whistleblowers.



Pastor arrested in front of courthouse for passing out flyers informing Jurors of their rights

$150,000 bond for passing out flyers informing jurors they have the right in the US to acquit even if they do not agree with the law and find it morally or ethically repugnant to a free, open and democratic society.

The  man is a Pastor.  He did not speak out against any particular case, controversy or judge, and yet he was arrested for witness and evidence tampering which is a felony.

This happened merely on the say so of one of the judges who directed the arrest.

This should not be happening in a free, open and democratic society which has the First Amendment for free speech.  It should not be happening when there is and was judicial precdent for the information given.

Support the First Amendment in the US.  Let the judicial system know this will not be tolerated in the US.  N. Korea, China and other fascist countries may enforce such tolaritarian policies, but we need to oust this type of behavior from the US.