Good news–Crime victim of likely sex trafficking released

But now she needs a place to stay.  She needs psychological help, patience and a whole lot of caring and kindness.  She does not do drugs or alcohol.  She does not smoke.  She does have a very distrustful personality that is very abrasive and wearing.  Her background is Roman Catholic.

If you know of a place for her to stay where she can be helped and the persons involved will have a great deal of patience and understanding, that would be very helpful.

She is looking for a roommate situation where she can have a small area for a desk, computer and lamp. She prefers a neat and clean environment.

Any leads anyone can provide for a safe, clean envirnment for her where she will be around tolerant, understanding people will be greatly appreciated.




PS–thank you so much to all the people donating bail money on such short notice.  Your donations were greatly appreciated and have allowed her to leave a dangerous environment–26th and California lock up.

PPS–and no, I have faxed 4 entities and no one has contact me with any help for this person, who is likely a victim of sex trafficking.  Not the ARDC, Sheriff Dart, the Women’s Justice Center, the Lithuanian consulate or the FBI.  My investigator has also contacted the help line for women human trafficked, but they have not provided any help for her either. She needs pscyh counseling, career counseling, a clean, safe environment to stay in and a lot of kindess and patience. She is out of jail and I pray safe for now, but she still needs a lot of assistance.  Please pray for her.

Please call or email if you know of some help for her.

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