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Small extra charge for weekend or holiday bookings.  Weekdays are free.  We try not to work weekends because the work in dealing with the indigent and victims of corruption is stressful and daunting.  But we are here for you.  We return phone calls in the afternoon between 1 and 6 pm.  In office appointments are from 6:30 pm to 10 p.m.  Written work is generated between 10 p.m. to early mornings so it is ready for court the next day.

Appointments are to blog and write a book about your case and to find honest licensed attorneys to assist you in court for free or low cost.  No legal advice given or billed for.

We do not charge for our services but we do ask for a small donation or whatever you can afford from time to time.  If you are broke or have no money our services are for free.  We concentrate our services on helping the poor and homeless and those in need first.  Clients who are in jail/prison come first.  Clients who are at risk of personal injury or injury to their property or assets come next.  This includes loved ones that are in dirty, filthy or abusive or dangerous nursing homes.  Clients who are at risk of losing their children to the court system where DCFS worker or the police have lied or fabricated evidence are next.  We help the indigent get food, clothing and housing and can help them fill out the necessary forms and paperwork.

Sample services:  filling out government forms, directing you to sources of food, clothing and housing for the indigent.  Obtaining copies of your court records, DCFS records, APS records, police reports, etc.  FOIA for Freedom of Information. Requests to Government  Copies of state attorneys records.  Contacting the Committee on the Judiciary or the Committee on Aging with information regarding reporting on corrupt cases. Documenting corrupt cases, predatory reverse mortgages for the elderly, elder physical and financial abuse and books regarding same.  writing articles for our blogs (this one and,) cross posts to twitter and Facebook where I have some 4200+ friends, many in the court corruption area.  Writing articles for the blog for pro se litigants on how to prepare basic legal documents such as Summons, Complaint, Motions to Transfer Case, Motions to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction, Notices of Appeal, Summary Judgment Motions, Appellate briefs, Writs of Cert to the Illinois Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court, Discovery Requests and Responses, etc.  Whatever a pro se litigant needs or desires, we will write an article on how to do this and provide a sample form for you to fill in on our blog so everyone can learn these techniques. There are simply too few pro bono attorneys and pro se litigants need a ton of help with their cases.  We also help clients prepare complaints to the ARDC (Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) and the JIB (Judicial Inquiry Board) and their equivalent in other states where they have encountered corruption (bribes to judges, judges acting without jurisdiction, attorneys wandering the private judges’ areas, docket tampering, file tampering, etc.

We also have volunteer attorneys who can help Indigent undocumented foreign nationals living in the US get documented.  Many of them are eligible for a path to US citizenship and have lived in the US for years, if not decades.  The immigration system is complex and daunting.

That being said, clients who engage in abusive behavior, screaming, yelling or swearing, or those who threaten others or our volunteers/staff may be terminated and blocked without notice, however we will endeavor to help you obtain counseling for anger management.  We know that many clients have been in dire circumstances for a long, long time because there is little assistances out there for the poor and homeless.

We do not charge for our services.  We rely only on donations from those who care to make donations.  We do not receive any government funding or grants.  We rely on individual donations from caring individuals who want to advance truth and justice in the court system, both state and federal.


Joanne Denison,

Executive Director, Justice4 Every1, NFP