CLICK HERE to see WHOM to fax and WHERE to write

Make it clear that US citizens will NOT rest until our courts are filled with honest, justice and integrity again!

Get your friends together and have fax parites at Kinkos.  Copy what you all have to say, print it out and start faxing on forms and don’t stop.

Tell them the Illinois courts are filled with troubles and issues and terrorize many families and that Ken and I are wholly innocent of any wrongdoing and what we do is in fact the proper, honest and ethical way and Illinois atty should act.

Our behavior should be the role models for all other attorneys–and we should not be the pariahs of the legal world.

Commission on Professionalism of the Ill. Sup. Ct–Chair Gordon B. Nash, Vice Chair Debra Walker
fax 312-363 6218

Atty Reg and Discipinary Commission of the Ill. Supreme Ct
Chair:  R. Micahel Henderson; Vice Chair Joan M. Eagle;  Administrator;  Atty Jerome Larkin, Atty Melissa Smart, Atty Sharon Opryszek — fax no 312 565 2320

Illinois Supreme Court, Chief Justice Thomas L Kilbride, fax 217 785 9114

Acting US Atty, Gary S. Shapiro and Asst US atty Daniel Gillogly fax 312 353 2067

(it would be nice if this guy would stop “acting” like the US atty and actually do something about all these cases-teeheehee)

Illinois Atty General Lisa M Madigan fax no.312 814 2549
Chief of Staff Ann M Spillane

And there are also more fax numbers,,,,,,,,

Northern Illinois Regional Office, Asst Atty General and Director
Elizabeth Ann Phalen fax 815 9673890

Special Prosecutions, Atty Vincenzo Chimera Asst Atty Genl fax 312-814-2549

Financial Crimes:  Asst Atty General Edward Carter, fax 312-814-8536

Criminal Enforcement Asst Atty General and Bureau Chief Stephen Plazibat fax 312-814-2549

And what about CT and the Revenue Prosecutions Unit”  with Asst Atty General Lori L Jordan and James Rustik, fax no 312-814-8536

and Guardianship and Advocacy Commission, fax 312-793-4311, Program Director and General Counsel John H Wank (gotta love that name)

States Attorney District One, Atty Anita Alvarez fax 312-603-4708

IF YOU DON’T LIVE IN ILLINOIS–here are the 52 disciplinary boards for attorneys in the US and territories:

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