CLICK HERE to get links to Petitions and the Famous Banned Videos


1) Petition to Return Mary G Sykes home:

2) Petition for the Illinois ARDC to drop the complaint against Ken Ditkowsky for merely trying to help Mary G Sykes and call for an investigation and allow his emails to be posted to a Probate blog:

Video Links
Watch Mary G Sykes–a victim of elder abuse, probate abuse and financial abuse who was declared “incompetent” speak her mind clearly!  Amazing footage of what the Illinois court considers “incompetence”!  Several of these videos were taken down by unknown miscreants on YouTube.  I have put them up again on Vimeo where they are now secure AND in High Definition–better quality.

This link will take you to 5 videos at once!  We have more than 50 likes on these videos so far!


NEW–the soon to be banned videos–see them now before they disappear:


The Coopers corners videos:

The first, 6/11/14 JoAnne Denison:

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