In memoriam–Guardianships gone (deadly) wrong

1) Carol Winifred Wyman, who was nearly murdered, when her husband wanted to get rid of her, he and his attorney put Carol in one of the worst nursing homes in Illinois where she suffered near daily beatings and sexual abuse.  She managed to escape to Colorado where her good son John Howard Wyman took her in, but Carol could never again return to Illinois to be with her other children and precious grandchildren. One week after she returned, it was determined she was down a pint of blood and near death. She lived another 3 years and went on to become an artist of national acclaim and interest, painting 300 amazing paintings.

2)  DB.  Starved and dehydrated to death while in a guardianship. The Guardian told her sister one day, there is no more money in the estate, so we are no longer providing the ward with food or water unless she (the elderly frail ward) can drink and eat herself– or you, the younger daughter want to do it, but we (GAL and Guardian) will not do this any longer for her.  (Totally illegal, that would have to be done by a court order and only if the advance directives allow for it).  She died within a very few days.

3)  Lydia Tyler.  $9 million documented fell off her accounting.  Her estate was drained and she was starved and dehydrated to death.  To date, her grave is missing.  If you can find the grave of Lydia Tyler, please contact me.  The day after the funeral and the lowering of the body into the ground, the grave was found empty with no coffin or vault. It was subsequently filled in without either. No headstone was ever placed either and the cemetery admits she was never buried there.

4) Alice Cooper.  99 year old woman.  Isolated from 20 friends and family for over 6 months. Devoted daughter wanted to take her into her home and care for her.  Nursing home/GAL would not allow for that.  Had to be spoon fed.  Nursing home wanted a feeding tube.  Instead after $1.5 million went missing from the estate and it was drained, she was starved and dehydrated to death in just a few days.

5)  Mr. Jaycox.  Temp guardianship granted over Mr. Jaycox.  Then he fell out of bed and suffered a massive brain bleed. That did not kill him, so next thing in a few weeks, he got aspirational pneumonia and expired.  Interesting thing is how he got aspirational pneumonia in a nursing home.

6)  Mary G Sykes.  Passed end of May 2015 in an abusive guardianship where her home was sold for 30% of its actual value (appraised for $750,000 in February of 2012, sold two months later for $213,000–all money went to attorneys fees, no petitions filed or granted.)  Tried to grab Gloria’s home too and failed.  Was able to take $210,000 of Gloria’s insurance settlement money for mold damage to her home and yep–it all went to attorney’s fees  In this case, Mary was murdered for $300,000 to go to attorneys.  On top of that nearly $1 million in valuable coins is missing–discovery repeatedly quashed by both the probate court (Judges Stuart, Connors and now MacCarthy), no investigation every opened into the missing coins and the low sales price of the home–to a Real Estate Investment company called “Lion and Magpie, LLC”.  No one lives there, no one has seen the “owners”.  Held for juicy sale at later date when things “calm down.”  It’s all disgusting.  Lisa Madigan, Anita Alvarez and Diane Saltoun “don’t do” corruption cases in Illinois (letters published else where on this blog), so poor Mary lies in an unknown grave without a funeral, no obituaries, nothing.  This was NOT her advance directives.

7)  Ms. Dorothy Baker.  Estate money ran out.  Guardian and her attorney told everyone, she is not to be given food or water any longer by Guardian.  Visitors can do it, but no one else.  Poor Ms. Baker died in 2 weeks.  Reported to FBI and authorities.  No investigation.  No one cares.

8)  Ms. Helen Rector.  Mother begged good daughter Jeanette not to leave her.  Evil sis and guardian got a court order Jeanette could see her mother one last time–for an hour.  Mother begged Jeanette–don’t leave me here with Joanne Lipinski, she intends to kill me.  2 weeks later Mother is dead, starved and dehyrdated and narcoticed to death.

All the while, Diane Saltoun, Lisa Madigan and Anita Alvarez–all our Illinois state’s attorneys announce in letters to me they “don’t do” corruption.  If they “don’t do” corruption, then if they are doing half their job, they should give back half their salary–or all of it, step aside and let someone else manage.

23 thoughts on “In memoriam–Guardianships gone (deadly) wrong

  1. the judges and court appointed guardians are like vultures they feast on the victim’s money they don’t care what happens to the ward as long as they have money to be taken guardianship has become a for profit business billions of dollars of a year

  2. A healthy , functioning , good , moral woman , Paula Kryszpel , who asked nothing of anyone her whole life , who worked every day and blessed every normal day , is almost gone . Forced into a nursing home while walking and healthy , she has been injured so many times , now crippled in a wheelchair and her body shocked from strange drugs she is almiat gone . Please pray for this good woman.

  3. Joanne, to see your loved one who did everything good in her life , who was like the sun , optimistic and helping people in the worst of times of their lives to want to live . She told them ” just wait . Don’t give up . There will come a better day ” . to see that an unnatural death will be on her any time now , a death after she has been continually injured , drugged , now crippled and she still wanted to live . She fought to live when young and now fights to live against odds . The ones who do this to others are free , laughing , untouchable .wealthy . While a good person like PAULA is dying . No one had the right to do this to her. Joanne , how can this be happening ?please keep praying for PAULA

      • She
        Is just not awake anymore . Good people, honest , moral and strong people would have loved to know her . You would be so proud of her . I swear you would have liked and respected her . . It took ALOT to do this much damage to her , ALOT !! But how can one person , even one who knows evil close up from young and strongly fights back with bravery and valor , knowing life has never been easy, continue when she has been so injured ?! We are now just waiting and praying .Will the police help , the Attorney General?

      • No but report it over and over and get a blog and write a book. Get her court pleadings. If you need my help, I can send you a book contract

  4. Thank you so much for being right there ! The police , all of the people that we think are supposed to be there to protect the good citizens , none of them will do anything ? And why is that ? They all know . Lawyers know , the ‘JUDGE ‘ knows, the dept of aging knows , politicians know . And they let PAULA just die . Oh, that’s right ! It’s her’ age ‘ I mean how long is she expected to live , they ask? NO one had the right to decide when this PROVABLY healthy woman should die . NO ONE .

    • report them all , and keep on reporting them. report the lawyers to their discipline board and the judges to the discipline board where you live.

      if people don’t complain and start blogging and writing books, we can’t clean up the mess. we MUST talk about it and be loud, very loud

      • You’ve got that right. This needs to be an open discussion that gets longer and louder with each passing year. And sooner or later the definitive book will arrive on the shelves. And then another…and another…
        This is a problem that is far from reaching a peak. That might not happen for another 20 years, and there are far too many millions of elderly to save from this atrocity going forward.

    • You are overly kind. But I am just doing my job. I am just one of a few that apparently takes the oath of a lawyer to uphold and defend the US and state constitution on behalf of others seriously. Illinois has some 83,000 attorneys. Where are they in supporting this work. The only ones I know of are Ken Ditkowsky, Lanre Amu and NL (name not disclosed because I am sure they would disbar this person if only they knew). What a shame.
      Nope, I am not brave. I am just delusional perhaps to think that honor, integrity and doing your job is all that matters. Apparently not. But I’ll just keep on going along as I have been. If they think they can stop me, they’re the delusional ones. We all have to protect one another. We have to care for the elderly and disabled and not fleece them.

      • To go against this is like little David going up against Goliath .
        The retribution that is done against moral people that speak up comes in ‘many’ forms . MANY. We need to pray for you and the others to have the strength for all of us . We who are watching our beloved mothers die need all our strength right now .

      • Okay, I am in there trying. And I agree, watching our elderly being narcotized to death, food and water withheld when the money runs out is a show of unbelievable horrors. thanks for your comment

  5. God help us all. Yes, watching our moms die is horrendous. Called police. Down here in Chattanooga APS must be pretty straight because dept human services said call police and help would come. APS never showed as police refused to report. Later fpond out APS can overide any probate decision. Must be kept out. Beware of National Healthcare Corporation. And in Chattanooga if city wants say a piece of property for school or themselves or a lawyer who they favor city bides its time till person becomes vulnerable and waits for a fall or hospital stay or a wanna be heir or insider to contact as everyone wants control of assets to skim. And Chattanooga’s probate angel Linda Norwood gal will tell whatever’s necessary to get job done. POAs mean nothing. Bruce Allen Pendley MD is one who declares incompetent and dopes from afar telling all to say person can live three weeks without food when next of kin says victim starving to death. The FBI investigated but does nothing saying nothing wrong here even when shown evidence of two version of same GAL investigative report by Norwood. Dr Pendley kept trying to bill medicare for face to face visits nearly a year after victim died. Greed never ends. And the lawyer who drew up the directives and will. He’s the son of a b**** who started it. Pulled in relatives mom and next of kin hadn’t seen since seventies but a few ph calls. Got a preacher on board testifying against daughter he had never met. All witnesses kept secret till daughter after victims death wrote judge and got partial list. Healthcare center at standifer place nhc owned had lawyer jeremy johnston esq going to testify against daughter he had never met. Had filed initial petition saying victim had no children. But seemed to get to know daughter fast even though daughter had to look him up to know who he even was. Preacher man daughter never met going to testify against daughter he had never met. Everyone vying for brass ring of conservatorship. Religion big propaganda in bible belt. But ten commandements thrown out window harder than moses ever threw them. Pastor todd mcelyea should have been paying more attention to his son who has a rap sheet more than this victims assets. A woman carolyn alley claiming to be victims friend signing anything nhc put in front of her. Started to lay low when daughter told how alley admitted to taking 68 000 from family after previous friend aileen griffith brown died. Beat her family to the bank. God knows what all forged there. Said victim hadnt seen daughter in many years. And another so called friend should have paid a bit more attention to daughter melanie reynolds who claimed dad sexually abused her…a dr. reynolds. Mom jeanette reynolds. Poor melanie left for california in the seventies and never returned. Guess we know why now. Guess we know now why younger sister wanted roses arranged in a vase from daddy on her sixteenth birthday instead of a car or clothes. Certainly we can guess. These are the witnesses norwood was using. All this of course must be stated as allegations as no one ever gets prosecuted of course. And the wanna be heir insider has targeted more elderly. He likes to send his catfish young men money. Seen a few quite very young. He loves to talk man boy love and says talks about it as acceptable. Norwood will take anyone who will testify against next of kin. Mitchell l brackin, loverboy racked up another felony theft since the jewerly theft. Only one with victim when she succumbed to starvation was the daughter. It was the day before court to declare victim incompetent even though she was sharp as a tact and the papers said so. She was not qualified for nursing home care but nhc doesnt care about that said jeremy johnston esq for nhc. This is the greatest threat to our constitutional rights since the last world war. The same people at the local level can be found at involved at state level in state medical boards who do nothing to hold accountability if facility doctors are in the right club so to speak. The medical profession backed by the legal profession I believe poses the greatest danger to our rights since the world wars. This threat is domestic. It is internal. God help us before its too late as the majority of society will not accept its possible. But anything’s possible if driven by greed.

  6. I wish I’d seen this blog before June of 2017. That’s when our lives started a downward spiral. It’s amazing how fast greed and resentment kick in when you stop family from being able to take advantage of their so called loved one. It went from a simple investigation through Catholic Charities gone drastically wrong to Office of the Public Guardians striping him of his savings and eventually, his life. I lost him on April 23, 2020 once he was financially drained, On April 9, 2020 I received a call from the lawyer assigned to his case stating they’d put him in an assisted living facility because “WE” no longer had the funds to continue to let him stay in his home. My heart sank as realized that I couldn’t visit him because of the pandemic. They didn’t even furnish him a phone so that I could keep in touch until I’d be able to see him. We talked almost every day once COVID-19 hit when he was home. I’m an essential worker and I wanted him to stay safe. A lot of good that did. On April 20, 2020 I received a call from the same lawyer informing me that he was in the hospital. They’d found him unresponsive in his living quarters and he’d contracted COVID-19. Three days later, he’s gone. He should’ve been left in his home where he was safe at least through this pandemic. What would it have hurt? That’s all he had left. It was his pride and joy. They’ve dismissed themselves through court. No more money to be had. His estate which just consists of his home has been turned over to probate for his grandchildren to get the scraps They’ve left behind. But not before they get their last paycheck of what due them. Yes, they submitted a final bill to the probate judge against his estate for close to TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. As if taking everything including his dignity weren’t enough. His home is sitting vacant right now as of this writing.

    • I am so sorry to hear all of that. That’s terrible. Of course you need to find a lawyer and sue all of them. You are welcome to talk to me or see me anytime. I would be glad to write about your case with your loved one and/or write a book. We really need to inform the public about this. You should file complaints against all the judges and lawyers invovled to remove them. I’d be glad to help. Call me 773.255.7608

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