Click Here: This blog declared subversive dissent to be crushed.

This page will be reserved for the letter I received from the ARDC stating that I am (which really means this blog, because all I have done is blog) is “misconduct” as determined by my tribunal.

So the real question is why have they decided that, and isn’t this just a case of blame the media?

This blog is nothing but political speech, and such speech must be given the highest protection under the US and Illinois constitution.

I would hope the ARDC would do the right thing and dismiss the complaint and start believing in the First Amendment.  However, both Ken Ditkowsky and I have appealed to the Federal District count and filed suit against Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga and Jerome Larkin for infringing our civil rights. Under color of authority, AS has repeatedly interfered with my blogging.  Upon information and belief he has caused video of Mary Sykes to be destroyed.  Ken Ditkowsky was threatened with sanctions by Peter Schmeidel and Adam Stern if he attempted to investigate the Sykes Case.

So what did the two of us do to deserve this? We investigated the Sykes case and found a number of highly unusual irregularities in both procedure and justice.

The IARDC then proceeded to create a trial format where nothing was investigated, obvious truths were denied by the miscreants involved–the whole 9 yards.

The only question is why?  Who is involved and how is the money flowing to support such a system?

Guardianship should always be a last resort. The families should care for their own.  Many elders have advance directives and POAs but many are regularly ignored.

It’s a shame.

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