From NASGA – Elder Abuse Report & Separation of Powers & Cheating man out of Life Savings

National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse

The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 12:53 AM PDT

The fraud research community has long suspected that losses due to elder financial abuse were worse than the $2.9 billion previously estimated. True Link’s data science team, looking for clarity and an accurate assessment of the problem, decided to tackle this question head-on.

The results of this research, The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015, reveals that seniors lose $36.48 billion each year to elder financial abuse — more than twelve times what was previously reported. What’s more, the highest proportion of these losses — to the tune of $16.99 billion a year — comes from deceptive but technically legal tactics designed to specifically take advantage of older Americans.

According to Shawna Reeves, Director of Elder Abuse Prevention at the Institute on Aging, “Those of us working in the field have long known that the United States is in the throes of an elder financial abuse epidemic. Unfortunately, we’ve lacked well-designed studies capturing the true nature and scope of the problem. This study is a game changer. Not only does it challenge the previous studies but it serves as a clarion call for further research and action.”

In our 2015 report, you can learn more details about the size and severity of the problem, how seniors are being targeted, what puts them at risk, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Other important findings include:

*Small losses are evidence of an underlying vulnerability: A senior who lost as little as $20 in a year to exploitation could be expected to lose $2,000 a year to other types of fraud.

*A person who receives just one telemarketing phone call per day is likely to experience three times as much financial loss as someone who receives no or only occasional telemarketing calls.

*It is estimated that 954,000 seniors are currently skipping meals as a result of financial abuse.

The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015

“Constitutional Requirement for Separation of Powers”

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 12:52 AM PDT

by NASGA Member David Arnold

The root cause of guardianship abuse is that the present system of managing guardianship violates the principle of separation of powers required under the constitution to provide checks and balances. Cut the root and the whole plant will die.

The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that no one in a democracy has absolute power. When there is no separation of powers the result is dictatorship.

Under the present system the court is responsible for selection and appointment of guardians in addition to its defined duty of prosecuting abuse by guardians. The court has sole power over guardianship.

If there is collusion between a judge and a guardian there is no legal recourse! If there is a complaint against a guardian the judge is both a party to the dispute and the arbiter of the dispute. This is a conflict of interest.

Judges cannot be forced to prosecute a guardian they appointed. This forces judges to admit they made a mistake. This violates the constitutional right of judges against self incrimination!

The answer to the problem is to separate authority for appointment and oversight of guardians from authority for prosecuting guardians.

Separation of powers can be accomplished by transferring authority for managing the affairs of incapacitated elder persons from the court to the state Elder Service agencies.

My state of Massachusetts has good Elder Service agencies that are capable of managing guardianship. This separation of powers would prevent collusion between a judge and a guardian and allow a judge to prosecute a guardian as a disinterested party without fear of self incrimination.

Having the Elder Service agency be responsible for selection and oversight of guardians does not represent a net increase in cost since the court would no longer have this duty.

NASGA Soapbox

ABC Team 10: Man Cheated Out of His Life Savings

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 07:54 AM PDT

Ed Ramsey, 81, lost his money in a sweepstakes-related scam.

Local Man Scammed Out of His Life Savings

From Ken Ditkowsky–US Shame–Elderly Trafficking = Seniors for cash

From Ken Ditkowsky;
I promised Mr. Larkin when he first tried to silence me that I would not silenced and until the injustice again the victims of elder cleansing was properly addressed I will be heard and will use my First Amendment rights to the fullest.
This article is forwarded to all with the following purpose:

1) obtain justice for the Elderly and the disabled who are victims of the corrupt judges and lawyers engaged in the elder cleansing scandal
2) to call attention to the fact the scam of protecting social security is nothing but an excuse for not addressing the real problem , to wit:  The political and judicial elite are profiting from the elderly scandal and are using the IaRDC and other organizations to distract from the MAJOR crimes that are being perpetrated.    Esformes engaging in the alleged fraud and theft of a billion dollars in Florida is and was not accomplished without major players in our political and judicial life being co-conspirators.   Simply put – I do not want Esformes to be an escape goat – all who acted with him are equally guilty and must not only share the blame but the restitution requirement.
3.  Most importantly I want America to be a safe place to grow old.
It is now time for action!    Talk is cheap.   Donald Trump wants to make America Great again.
It is respectfully submitted that a large part of making America great again is to restore honesty to the Justice system, and restore HONOR to the endeavors of government.   Medicare which is reputed to have lost a billion dollars to Esformes is not innocent!   Esformes could not accomplish such a theft without strong assistance from the established political and judicial figures in the South Florida government.   These co-conspirators have to be exposed and properly punished.
As you can see from the Jan Scherrer article below that this problem is not new, and was not unknown.   Indeed, when Jerome Larkin started his persecution of Attorney JoAnne Denison and his ‘wards’ (i.e. the corrupt lawyers and judges on the 18th Floor of the Chicago Daley Center)  he was aware of this criminal conspiracy.    He also was not alone.   Both major newspapers in Chicago and every media outlet had knowledge.    No one did anything or said anything!
OK – that is all in the past; however, the problem exists and it must be efficaciously addressed so that tomorrow it will be safe to grow old in America!    Even before he is elected Donald Trump can show that he is one of us and a real leader who acts rather than talks.    Elderly citizens are being elder cleansed in Illinois, Florida, California, Arizona, New York *****.    The opportunity is NOW!
(NB   We invite every person, including those people running for public office to take the challenge – we want to grow old in the United States of America without fear and particularly without being elder cleansed.   Ergo, we no longer want talk – we want action.    Believe it or not we really understand the difference.     We, the great unwashed, are not as stupid as the political elite think we are.    If you are running for public office stop talking – DO SOMETHING to show us that you merit our support!
Ken Ditkowsky

Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2016 9:51 PM
Subject: [Shared Post] America’s Shame: Trafficking Our Elderly

From Joanne, Ken is right.
Now they have indicted the Esformes in California for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Certainly the Esformes stole at least that much in Illinois and Chicago.
It is time for the FBI to add to the charges of the Esformes the murder and looting of Alice Gore’s teeth and Mary Jane Teichert’s death in Chicago, and reimburse those family members.

From Ken Ditkowsky –Esformes has been indicted and it’s good riddance

To: 70+ recipients
Subject: Why the Judicial/political elite are above the law.
Date: Jul 23, 2016 2:00 PM
Yesterday the Justice Department announced that it charged Esformes with a One Billion dollar Fraud Medicare Fraud Scheme.    Take a look at the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times for today.
The Esformes nursing homes have been infamous here in Chicago and the relationship between them and the elder cleansing scandal notorious.   Alice Gore was one of the notable alleged victims and blogs and public access television has fought the news blackout with valor.   How often does anyone steal a billion dollars?  Even the Clinton’s with their $250,000 speeches, foundation conduit, etc are no so bold or so callous.   But – the Saturday newspapers of Chicago have barely a mention! 
The past few months have demonstrated that the ‘great unwashed’ are restless and want HONEST and responsive government, public institutions, and judiciary.    The crafty  from whom Justice can be purchased is no longer admired.   The double speak and double dealing political miscreant who promises the world and delivers a cesspool no longer has the large following that is mesmerized by the words ******* and *******.    People no longer look to the mainstream media for their filtered news and even the New York Times has financial problems.   Here in Chicago is not conceivable that we are to become a town with no daily newspaper (such as the Suntimes/Tribune) .   
It is a shame!    But with the political and judicial elite being a able to cover-up their amoral and criminal conduct because the mainstream media desires to control thought by discriminating journalism (i.e. protecting the elite from bad publicity).   The fact is that any mention of bad conduct by the political and judicial elite that  fortuitously occurs – i.e. they get caught – is suppressed.
The most recent example is found in the JoAnne Denison disciplinary case.    Forget about the fact that everything she did was appropriate and as a good citizen she had an obligation to do.   Forget about the fact that blatantly openly and notoriously her appropriate conduct was derogatorily labeled. (Yelling fire in a crowded theater equated to exposing judicial corruption).    Forget about the fact that the actions of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission not only told lies about her, subordinated perjury, abdicated its official duties, and lied to Supreme Court as to the holdings of the SCOTUS, and the facts.
Forget about the fact that the American Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association, ***** all were good little Nazis and sat silent.   Forget all about that!
It used to be if a man bit a dog it was news, and the New York Times printed it under the heading of all the news meant to be printed.
Fast forward to 2016.   The Illinois legislature determined that to protect the public and preserve some integrity in the legal process Court reporters have to be licensed.    (The legislature wanting to make certain that Reports of Proceedings were no edited so as to change testimony – see the testimony of Judge Stuart and the editing out of her admission to lying under oath during direct testimony).    The IARDC has been formed to protect the public from dishonest lawyers whether practicing law or on the bench.    (Ask Mr. Larkin and his cronies as to what their mission is!)
It appears in documents that the IARDC filed before the Supreme Court of Illinois in ex-parte proceedings that should never have been ex-parte, that unlicensed court reporters were engaged by the IARDC.    Yes, the IARDC admits that they hired unlicensed court reporters.   Their excuse – we need time to think of an excuse, or how to cover up the violation of law!
The story that is suppressed!   Jerome Larkin, that bastion of the morality of the 2nd oldest profession, dipped into public funds to make illegal payments.   Jerome Larkin, like the GAL who supervised the prospecting for gold in the mouth of Alice Gore, teaches legal ethics in the official Illinois Continuing Legal Education program.
No – you cannot make this stuff up!    Even the cover-up of one hell of story of Illinois corruption cannot kill the outrage that Larkin’s theft of public funds is causing or the fact that local law enforcement is disinterested.   
We are citizens are creating a hue and cry.  If you read the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times it appears that we are accepting his outrage in the very same manner as we accept the South and West sides of our City of Chicago being turned into war zones.    Or maybe NOT!
We shall see *******.       
Ken Ditkowsky

And let’s not forget that Ken Ditkowsky is one of the leaders of the hue and cry to eliminate corruption in guardianship and in the health care system and in Medicare.  For these hundreds of emails, faxes and letters to the authorities to get off their butts and do something, he was awarded a 4 years suspension by the Ill. Atty.Registration and Disciplinary Commission, when all he did was ask for justice for those that could not speak out for themselves.  While Ken argued the First Amendment and that he, as a lawyer, was not only helping others, but he was also well within his constitutional rights, the ARDC and Jerome Larkin mde an exmple to him that not cowing to the supreme elite would earn him a lengthy suspension, as well as anyone else who dared come to the assistance of the hoi poli and the unwashed masses.  Lawyers are the elite and are only to serve the elite.

 You may as well use your copies of the US Consitution to line your bird cages, as far as the ARDC is concerned.

 Foolish arguments by “senior litigation” counsel did not go unnoticed, as they asked Ken to be repentant for sending out reports of corruption to the authorities such as the states attorneys and FBI and asking for a complete and honest investigation.  At the same time these same counselors asked Ken to be repentant for quote GAO and other government articles with scores of stories and statistics that there are real problems and issues afloat in Illinois and across the US.  And finally, they just blatantly lied about US Supreme Court law saying that lawyers “had no First Amendment rights” when they very well knew that both the Sawyer case and the Bates (lawyer advertising case) said exactly the opposite.

 Someone must be reading this blog and Ken’s unending emails to every FBI agent, states attorney, politician and senator/congress person, because there seems to be fires lighting up across the US as Atg Loretta Lynch is taking her position seriously.

Just this last week, I published yet another harrowing story involving a judge on the 18th floor of the Daley center where an elderly woman, Mary Jane Teichert was abused at the Carlton and kept drugged and away from her daughter. Her daughter was not even allowed to waive at her own mother in the parking lot.  This, the guardian, GAL and guardian’s attorney, was for the protection of Mary Jane.  How could that be?  The two were as close as peas in a pod.

Next we find out that the elderly son is disabled, can only walk with a walker and has slurred speech.  So what do they do to him?  Threaten him with loss of visitation if he lets his sister call her own mother or even waive at her in a parking lot.   He lived with his mother for 20 years.  What does the OPG (office of public greed) do to him?  Allow him to visit once per week for 2 hours. And what does he see when he visits Mary Jane, a heavily drugged woman, on her way to death, who can barely speak or move at times, always in a soiled diaper, always begging someone to change her and take her to the toilet.  The brother Mark is in tears as he tells me this story, for most of the story.

What happens to Mary Jane, formerly a kind, sweet elderly woman who loved to go to church almost daily and fix her clothes, hair and nails as if she were going to a royal wedding?  She never sees the light of day again.  20+ former friends and family are forbidden to see her ever again. They are all told they cannot and must not visit, it’s for the protection of Mary Jane.

The son is ridiculed constantly and harangued and told HE should be put in a home away from his mother, locked up because he’s a waste.

Who says these things?  Nursing home staff in a nursing home approved by the court “for Mary Jane’s protection.”

Ken and I speak out against these abuses, so we are severely sanction with 3 and 4 year suspensions.

The lawyers and judge in the Mary Jane Teichert, according to the family and friends, belong in prison for many long years and may they never see the light of day again.

Neither the daughter nor son could ever report the abuse in court. They were sushed up immediately and surrounded by burly bailiffs who ensured they were intimidated.

What is going on here?

Why are Ken and I suspended, but these lawyers and judges are free to roam the Daley center and abuse the disabled, drug them, isolate them, degrade and defame family members–and it’s all a system.

Why aren’t the actors in the Mary Jane Teichert story investigated, de liensed and indicted?

The public wants to know



Phillip and Morris Eformes are going down also, per the Feds, for $1 billion

The US Attorney General Loretta Lynch is after the Medicaid fraudsters like flies on dead bodies.  From the New York Times and a huge THANK YOU to Atty Lynch. Without prosecutions like these, our elders and disableds are at risk of the “target, medicate, isolate, drain the estate and cremate” scheme currently plaguing our probate guardianship courts, nursing homes and hospitals.  This should send a huge message to the Illinois Atty Registration and Disciplinary Commission and Atty Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek and Melissa Smart that such actions will not longer be tolerated and the feds know exactly what 18 USC 4 for misprison of felony and 18 USC 371 can be used for.

WASHINGTON — In the biggest health care fraud case the Justice Department has ever brought, prosecutors charged on Friday that the owner of a network of Florida nursing facilities orchestrated an elaborate scheme to defraud Medicareand Medicaid of more than $1 billion over the last 14 years.

The case, featuring allegations of bribes to Miami doctors, hush money to witnesses, and laundering of huge profits through shell companies, shone a light on a lucrative Medicare black market that has surfaced in the last decade.

“Medicare fraud has infected every facet of our health care system,” Wifredo A. Ferrer, the United States attorney in Miami, said Friday in announcing the indictments of the owner of the medical facilities, Philip Esformes, and two others.

Mr. Esformes’s lawyer said on Friday that the businessman, who runs about 30 health care facilities in Florida and other states, “strongly asserts his innocence.”

Prosecutors, however, described him as the “mastermind” of a conspiracy that cycled some 14,000 elderly people in and out of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, whether they needed medical care or not.

With the help of doctors, pharmacists, health care consultants and other medical personnel who got kickbacks for their roles, the facilities billed Medicare and Medicaid for high-priced drugs, medical procedures and health equipment that the patients either did not need or never received, prosecutors said.

In some cases, they charged, Mr. Esformes’s operation “preyed upon” the elderly patients by giving them narcotics so that they would have to remain longer in the care facilities to treat their addictions and “the cycle of fraud could continue.”

The Justice Department charged that Mr. Esformes, 47, who owns homes in both Miami Beach and the Chicago area, profited handsomely from the ill-gotten proceeds.

He reported assets of $78 million two years ago, and he withdrew more than $4 million in cash over the years from his many banking accounts, using proceeds from the scheme to pay for a $600,000 watch, the leasing of private jets and chauffeured limousines, and periodic trips with escorts to a Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando, prosecutors charged in Federal District Court in Miami.

The scheme produced “staggering losses in excess of $1 billion,” said George L. Piro, the special agent in charge of the F.B.I. office in Miami. Leslie R. Caldwell, who leads the Justice Department’s criminal division, said that the $1 billion in fraudulent billings made the prosecution the biggest that the department had ever brought against individuals in a health care case.

“This was a whole network of people scratching each other’s backs, paying kickbacks and giving each other referrals,” she said. “It shows what people can do when they’re determined to put their hand in the Medicare pot.”

The indictments refer to other unnamed participants accused of taking part in the billing scheme, including doctors and pharmacists, and Ms. Caldwell said the Justice Department was continuing its investigation to determine whether additional charges should be brought.

With evidence of Medicare fraud growing, federal officials have created “strike forces” in Miami and eight other locations in recent years to better identify and prosecute suspects. They have also turned more frequently to data analytics tools to look for red flags. The effort has led to charges against 2,900 people in the last decade, with the fraudulent billings totaling $10 billion.

Ms. Caldwell said that in prosecutions like the one in Miami, “we’re getting better at focusing on the worst of the worst.”

Mr. Esformes has faced legal scrutiny before in Florida and Illinois over the operations of his nursing and assisted-living facilities. In 2006, he and his partners agreed to pay $15.4 million to settle a civil lawsuit brought by federal officials over accusations of Medicare fraud in the Miami area.

But prosecutors charged in the indictment announced on Friday that he continued the fraudulent billings even after that settlement, using intermediaries, shell companies and money laundering operations to disguise the scheme.

He is also accused of trying to pay an associate, Guillermo Delgado, who was prosecuted earlier in the same investigation, to flee to Europe rather than stand trial.

Mr. Esformes is charged with health care fraud, paying and receiving kickbacks, obstruction of justice and other crimes, and prosecutors said he could face a life sentence if convicted. The Justice Department asked on Friday that he be held without bail because his wealth and history made him a risk to flee.

Michael Pasano, a Florida lawyer representing him, said in an email after the charges were announced that “Mr. Esformes is no flight risk and is anxious to get back to his family and to be working on defending against these charges.”

He said that Mr. Esformes asserts his innocence and “insists all billings related to his facilities are legitimate and appropriate.”

As for the details of his client’s lifestyle, he said that “we will not comment on unfair and spurious allegations,” and he added that the Justice Department’s “only purpose” in including them was “to taint and defame Mr. Esformes.”

Breaking news–Dorothy Brown is going Down–big time

After several new articles in the Trib and Sun-times about corruption and pay to play with Dorothy Brown, a new lawsuit has survived a Motion to Dismiss brought before ND Illinois Federal Court Magistrate judge Valdez.

Earlier this year Atty Nejla Lane filed a most excellent complaint against Dorothy Brown and company for her “pay to play” system where Nejla’s Plaintiff went to the FBI and sung like a canary. Tweetie Bird would be proud.

You can find the complaint here:

You can find the Memorandum and Decision Order here:

Recently DB has been in the news for her corrupt friends, here’s a goat deal that went down:

A former employee in Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown’s office pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to a federal grand jury investigating pay-to-play allegations in the clerk’s office.

In pleading guilty to one count of perjury, Sivasubramani Rajaram, 48, did not agree to cooperate with prosecutors in the ongoing investigation. He faces up to 16 months behind bars when he is sentenced in September by U.S. District Judge John Darrah.

The charge alleges that Rajaram was hired by Brown’s office in September 2014, just weeks after he purportedly lent $15,000 to a company controlled by Brown’s husband, Benton Cook III.

Illinois secretary of state records show Goat Masters Corp. was incorporated in June 2014 by Cook, who is listed as the company’s agent.

In an interview in January with the Tribune Editorial Board, Brown said she and her husband founded the goat meat supply company after securing “several acres of land down south” and buying goats from Arkansas and Texas.

“They have a lot of babies. So you can buy a few goats, and you can increase the number, your profit, very quickly,” Brown said. “Goat meat is actually eaten by a lot of different groups in the United States. It’s very profitable.”

Brown also repeatedly denied wrongdoing, saying it’s “impossible for me or anyone else to sell any jobs in that office.” But she has denied a Tribune request for copies of subpoenas related to the federal probe, saying they are not subject to state open records laws.


Really, impossible?  Apparently her “impossible” sales deals leave bread crumbs behind and more workers are calling hard working Attorney Nejla Lane to represent them because they are coming forward with details of DB’s  “pay to play”.  Please call or email her offices if you know anything about this or are one of her victims.

and see this article on allegations of corruption tied to Ms. Brown:

In this article, she refused to turn over her office emails to the FBI!  Incredulous.  And, the FBI apparently backed down.  Atty Lane will not be backing down.

For years we in Cook County have not had a computerized court system. You still have to pay $2 first page, $1 second page then .25 cents per page for court records.  You can’t get them on the internet.  Most files in the files rooms on the 12th, 7th, 8th and other floors are a disaster with crumpled beat up pages no where near in chronological order. This is a court system?  It’s a disaster.  An unmitigated disaster with surly clerks that dwaddle and ramble over slowly to help. And NEVER piss these people off or you will never leave there.

One time I printed out about 500 pages, paid for them, the printer failed, the supervisor said come back tomorrow, refused to email me the docts, and of course, I never got them.  Still, to this day. They don’t care.  I called and called.  Always they say “I dunno”.

Pacer went into the Federal Courts in 2000–SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.  Eight cents a page. Easy, simple quick system. Everyone likes it, tho it’s still very rudimentary, it’s not the dark ages filing system of DB.

I can’t say I will miss DB and her crazy ass filing system and lack of technology and service to the citizens and lawyers of Cook County.

But let’s give a great honor to Atty Nejla Lane for cleaning up the Court System of Cook County.

And in addition to Magistrate Judge Maria Valdez for upholding the law against such nonsense and Plaintiffs Mildbrandt and Zepeda for coming forward and fighting a very entrenched corrupt system.

from the Daily Law Bulletin

Judge allows suit vs. clerk to continue

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
by Patricia Munson

A federal judge has cleared the way for two employees to pursue a lawsuit against the Cook County circuit clerk over the clerk’s hiring practices.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Maria G. Valdez did not rule on the merits of a lawsuit filed by Maria Milbrandt and Esther Zepeda. But she rejected the clerk’s argument that the women waited too long to sue.

Milbrandt and Zepeda allege that Circuit Clerk Dorothy A. Brown was providing jobs and promotions to people of Indian or Pakistani descent in return for cash payments.

Valdez acknowledged that a two-year deadline applies to bringing a claim under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 1983.

And she acknowledged that Milbrandt and Zepeda’s allegations extend back as early as 2001 — 14 years before they filed their lawsuit.

But the women maintain they were not aware of the alleged system until recently, Valdez wrote.

The women’s first amended complaint alleges Zepeda was told by a “reliable source” — a co-worker of Indian descent — that money was being paid for employment and advancement.

The complaint also alleges a “reliable source” told Milbrandt in July 2014 that a former chief deputy clerk was given his position in return for a relative’s $50,000 payment to Brown.

Construed in the light most favorable to the plaintiffs, Valdez wrote, citing Savory v. Lyons, 469 F.3d 667 (7th Cir. 2006), “the claim accrued within the two-year statute of limitations period.”

Valdez also declined to dismiss a Section 1983 claim against Cook County based on the purported system of hiring and promotion.

Milbrandt and Zepeda adequately allege the existence of a pattern or practice of paying Brown for career opportunities, Valdez wrote.

“While the complaint relates only two incidents in which plaintiffs were told about the ‘pay to play’ system,” she wrote, “that is not the same as alleging that the system was only implemented on two occasions.”

The lead attorney for Milbrandt and Zepeda is Nejla K. Lane of Lane Keyfli Law Ltd.

In an e-mail, Lane said Valdez “did the right thing.”

Her clients continue to face discrimination and harassment and to be denied the chance to advance, Lane contended.

“Too much discrimination and human rights, quality of life violations exist even to this date,” she wrote.

She contended pay-to-play in Brown’s office was “the norm” until the FBI began an investigation within the past two years.

The lead attorneys for Brown and the county are Cook County Assistant State’s Attorneys John E. Murray and Kevin W. Frey.

In an e-mail statement, Brown spokeswoman Jalyne R. Strong said the clerk “finds these allegations baseless.”

Brown, Strong continues, “has nothing further to add regarding this ongoing litigation, which is being handled by our attorney.”

Milbrandt and Zepeda still work in the clerk’s office at the 3rd Municipal District courthouse in Rolling Meadows. Milbrandt is from Mexico and Zepeda is from El Salvador.

They allege they were denied promotions and cross-training and subjected to a hostile work environment because of their national origin.

They also allege their supervisors targeted them with emotionally distressing scrutiny and harassing remarks.

And they allege they were denied equal protection of the law because of the purported pay-to-play scheme.

In her opinion Monday, Valdez dismissed some of their claims, included counts accusing the clerk of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Valdez held that such claims based solely on the discrimination allegations are pre-empted by the Illinois Human Rights Act.

But the claims based on the insults and constant scrutiny the women allegedly endured may move forward, she held.

The case is Maria Milbrandt, et al., v. Dorothy Brown, et al., No. 15 C 7050.

This week’s ruling came two months after a former Brown employee pleaded guilty to lying to a federal grand jury investigating pay-to-play allegations in the office.

The perjury charge against Sivasubramani Rajaram of Glenview alleged that he made a $15,000 loan to a company run by Brown’s husband in return for a job as a level-four senior clerk. In his plea agreement, Rajaram admitted to offering false testimony regarding personal contact with Brown after his hiring in 2014. United States v. Sivasubramani Rajaram, No. 15 CR 692.

Please note that our email address has changed:

From Ken Ditkowsky–Letter from Sen. Kirk to VA to investigate

I have been faxing the Illinois senators to look into the 30 horror cases in probate.  If you have not submitted your story on my form, please do so now.   I also have a list of about 8 corrupt custody cases, and 30 wrongfully discipline lawyer cases.  These are faxed about once per week if I have time and money.  The problem is, many times I don’t have either, so keep up your support.
WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) today sent a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Inspector General Michael Missal on recent investigations into VA hospitals in Illinois. The Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission found that rights violations were committed against Illinois veterans with disabilities at the Edward Hines Jr. and Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Hospitals. Senator Kirk called on Inspector General Missal to address and investigate reports of forced administration of medication without direct correlation to a veteran’s mental health needs and the issuance of criminal citations for a veteran exhibiting mental health related behavioral symptoms.
“Our veterans, especially those seeking treatment for mental health issues, deserve the best health care available and must be treated with dignity,” said Senator Kirk. “Addressing disturbing reports of violations at VA facilities should remain a top priority for IG Missal and receive immediate attention. Mistreatment of veterans at the VA is unacceptable.”
July 8, 2016 
The Honorable Michael Missal
Inspector General
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C.  20420
Dear Mr. Missal,
Please find enclosed the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission’s recent investigations into ongoing rights violations committed against Illinois veterans with disabilities at the Edward Hines Jr. and Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Hospitals.
The Commission is particularly concerned with the forced administration of psychotropic medication, sometimes with VA police presence, without adequate cause to a veteran’s mental health needs and the issuance of criminal citations for a veteran exhibiting mental health related behavioral symptoms.  As the Commission explains it, the VA Hospitals use the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code (405 ILCS 5/2-107) to involuntarily commit veterans, however, they fail to uphold the same Code’s rights protections for these veterans. 
The Guardianship and Advocacy Commission was created to protect the rights and promote the welfare of Illinois disabled citizens.  I am confident you share my concerns over the violations the Commission has investigated and ask that you open an investigation.   Specifically, please focus on the following questions:  
1. The report details a complaint where VA police were present during the administration of medication “to hold the patient (sic) down if he refused.”  What is the VA policy regarding the involvement of VA police officers in the administration of treatments with patients?
2. As a federal agency, what is the standard for VA facilities to follow state laws that govern how patients in mental health units must be treated and how medications are administered?  This report suggests that violations of Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code (405 ILCS 5/2-107) occurred when staff administered forced psychiatric medication to veterans.  Were the rights of the Illinois veterans mentioned in this report violated while in the care of the VA hospitals?  What Illinois and federal laws, as well as VA policies, were overstepped or disobeyed by the VA health care professionals or the VA police officers during the incidents described in the report?
3. This report indicates that staff in the Behavioral Health Unit at Hines VA Hospital “have stated that forced medications are given on an emergency basis at the first sign of agitation.”  The report states that upon investigation in Authority case #14-030-9023, the veteran did not meet the standard for dangerousness before forced medication was administered.  What is the VA policy for administrating emergency medication without veteran consent?  What assessments are employed to determine if/when a veteran is exhibiting dangerous or self-harming behavior requiring emergency medical intervention?  Is there a VA standard for such assessments?  What training is VA staff provided to identify these behaviors?
4. This report includes testimony from a VA physician who states “I wouldn’t use emergency medications at all.  But these are trained killers.”   Is this standard VA policy when interacting with veterans with mental illness?
5. This report states that upon investigation in Authority case #15-030-9003, the Jesse Brown VA Hospital inappropriately issued a criminal citation for a veteran who exhibited behaviors related to his documented mental illness.  This report indicates this is a direct violation of protection guaranteed by the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code (405 ILCS 4/1 et eq.)  Were the rights of the Illinois veterans mentioned in the report violated while in the care of the VA hospitals?  What Illinois laws or policies were overstepped or disobeyed by the VA health care professionals or the VA police officers during the incidents described in the report?
6. The Commission states that “attempts to resolve the violations at these hospitals have either been unsuccessful or ignored.”  Additionally, this report states that “even after repeated requests the VA has failed to respond to these substantiated findings of rights violations for Illinois veterans with disabilities,” and that the two above mentioned cases were closed and published without any VA response.  Why was there no response by the VA to these reports?  What action has the leadership at Hines and Jesse Brown VA hospitals taken to address the Commission’s concerns and recommendations?  Does the VA have a policy in place requiring response to state investigations based on violations against veterans in the VA’s care?
7. There is a reported practice of issuing criminal citations to in-patient veterans with mental illness.  This report indicates that the Commission’s Legal Advocacy Service Program has represented veterans at both Hines and Jesse Brown VA in involuntary commitment and court ordered medication hearings, one of which the veteran could not attend his hearing due to his in-patient status in the VA Behavioral Health Unit, but it took painstaking steps by the legal team to get the citation dropped so the veteran patient would not be held in contempt.  What are the VA policies governing VA police issuing criminal citations to veterans on the premises of VA hospitals, and most importantly, those veterans who are receiving in-patient treatment?
I am concerned that these practices may be widespread and only thanks to the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission these violations were uncovered.  Veterans with mental health problems should not be treated with less respect or without protections of their rights.  Finally, I request that the VA establish a working relationship with state agencies like the Commission who provide important services to our less fortunate and disabled veterans.  The wellbeing and humane treatment of veterans in need of mental health care is of vital importance.  Federal and state agencies should be working together in the best interest of our nation’s heroes.
I look forward to receiving timely updates on your investigation and learning of your findings and recommendations to protect the rights of veterans who are seeking or in need of treatment at a Behavior Health Unit at Hines and Jesse Brown VA Hospitals.
I appreciate you opening an investigation into these allegations.
Mark Kirk
United States Senator
From Joanne:
This is a ridiculous letter. 1)  Ken and I have been constantly in contact with Sen. Kirk’s offices reporting the corruption in probate and forced drugging of 60 to 80% of the nursing home population (including VA nursing homes) and they are well aware of the problem and that it is illegal in Illinois and I assume the vast majority, if not all states.  There are black box warnings on these drugs they are not to be given to those over 60 or under 20 because they ruin your internal organs, including the brain.
2) He is perfect been made aware of the Sykes case (murdered)  Alice Gore case (murdered and 29 gold teeth pulled) and numerous other murder-in-guardianship cases in Illinois and he does not respond to those as he should.
How many faxes and emails do we have to send to take care of the problem of murder and attempted murder in probate?

My favorite psychopath videos on Youtube explain why these entities do not think as “normies” or empaths do. Have a psychopath-a-thon tonight

One of the worst problems I have with court corruption victims, like many therapists out there, is that they have problems explaining that other people do not think like they do.

The “normies” or empaths as psychopaths love to call us, do not think like we do. They are cold and calculating, they love torture, humiliation, violence, cruelty, nastiness.  Remember, psychopathy is NOT a mental disease or defect.  These people LIKE to live this way.  They love living this way and want money, power and fame.  It’s like being type A or type B.  There is no therapy for them and they are not going to change. Don’t bother with that nonsense.

While we have sought love and nurturing all our lives, they are out for money and power. They think that “emos” or emotionals waste our time and talents. Good for them because they are only in it for money, power, fame and glory.

So here’s my psychopath-a-thon for those of you still thinking the judge that ripped away your kids with false evidence is a nice guy because he is decorous to you.  No, he’s not, he a glib, shallow, nasty psychopath.


Here’s a Christian youth minister as a psychopath molesting children (yes, psychopaths are in your church, they feed on your and your kids)

watch the Part 2, it’s bone chilling.

Dr. Hare is the first psych D that developed the term. See what he has to say:


and here we have the psychopaths in suits that go to work



still not convinced?  try this one, and remember, that judges and attorneys have a high rate of psychopathy, but they dress in suits and ties:


I would greatly appreciate if you watch these and stop telling me your GAL, your judge, the courtroom vendors “mean well” but the file false reports, lie in court and rip away your kids and elders.  Stop that nonsense.

They wear Armani suits and Italian leather shoes on the outside, but there’s a devil on the inside.

Not all psychopaths murder, commit crimes or rape kids.  Sociopaths conform to laws.  But underneath it they are just as cruel and end up as doctors, lawyers, judges, CEOs–even litigation lawyers and administrators at the ARDC.

Don’t be fooled. Watch these videos and learn.

Fortunately, we now have a PET brain scan to detect and diagnose psychopathy that cannot be fooled.  Psychopaths are master manipulators and live to fool psych tests.

I want to test the entire ARDC with a PET brain scan.  But then again, they don’t file Ethics reports as required by the Illinois Ethics Reporting Act of 2009, so what hope do I have?

Also, banks will not reveal and the courts will not allow any common person to divulge the contents of bribes and kickbacks known as “deposits from others” when huge home loans are taken out and other people pay them off, so what chance do I have?