From LN: Young child undiagnosed told by UK Supreme Court docs may pull plug BUT Vatican Hospital agrees to take child

Now here’s an interesting story.

Apparently UK docs don’t want to spend a dime on a toddler who isn’t dignosed but appears to be unresponsive.

At the last minute, the parents flew to Rome, to get the boy into a Vatican hospital who agreed to take the child and treat him.

But the case has already been yanked from the control of his parents:

seems to me, the UK courts ought to let the parents seek asylum at the Vatican.

Read on:

Alfie Evans’ Parents Lose Supreme Court Case, Judge Says Hospital Can Yank Life Support Without Their Consent

The parents of little Alfie Evans have lost what may be their last ditch attempt to spare his life. The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom today decided that Alder Hey Children’s Hospital can be allowed to proceed with its decision to yank Alfie’s life support without their consent.

Alfie’s parents had relied on a habeas corpus bid to get the court to agree with them that they have the right to withdraw Alfie from the hospital since they are his parents and legal guardians. However the British High Court disagreed with their contention today.

Alfie suffers from a rare neurological condition that is destroying his body and doctors at the Children’s Hospital say his condition is too far gone and so they want to withdraw his life support which could kill him. His parents say they have a hospital in Rome, Italy ready to take him to provide appropriate medical care and treatment that the Children’s Hospital is denying and possible treatment that could overcome his neurological disorder. But the Children’s Hospital refuses to allowAlfie’s parents to take him to Italy.

Here’s more:

Tom Evans and Kate James, from Liverpool, had made another application to judges after losing a second fight over their 23-month-old son at the Court of Appeal. But justices on Friday dismissed their application.

Judges have also approved a plan for withdrawing treatment and bringing Alfie’s life to an end. The decision was made after three appeal court judges endorsed a plan drawn up by doctors earlier this week. They said treatment should continue until Supreme Court justices had made a decision.

Judges said no detail of the plan could be made public because Alfie was entitled to privacy as his life came to a close.

SIGN THE PETITION! Please Let Alfie Evans’ Parents Take Care of Him

After meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican, Alfie Evans’ father says the Vatican hospital is “ready to take Alfie immediately” and provide the care and treatment Alder Hey Children’s Hospital refuses to provide.

Tom Evans posted on the Alfie Army Facebook page to describe his time in Rome – where he met the Pope and the president of the Bambino Gesú hospital.

“The president of Bambino Gesú called me in for a meeting. She wants to take Alfie as soon as tomorrow and will do everything for him,” Evans explained. “Even if we find a diagnosis they will continue to search for a cure. She even wanted to come and meet him herself and still does. She was such a lovely woman and said they will do everything they can for Alfie as they would with any other.

“Pray hard this is Alfie’s step to his desperately needed transfer,” he said.

Evans also described what led to his trip to meet with Pope Francis.

He said: “Wow, what an emotionally exciting blessed 12 hours. I jumped on the plane at 11 last night [Tuesday] to Athens, got there for 4:50am, then took off at 6:05 to Rome to meet the Pope. Straight after interviews with various countries’ media – a lot of them. I spoke to the director of Vatican News, then was alerted the Pope had sent an urgent request to Bambino to take Alfie as soon as possible.”

Evans added: “Our child is sick, but not dying and does not deserve to die. He is not terminally ill nor diagnosed. We have been trying our best to find out his condition to treat or manage it.”

“I am now here in front of Your Holiness to plea for asylum, our hospitals in the UK do not want to give disabled children the chance of life and instead the hospitals in the UK are now assisting death in children. Alfie is not dying, so we do not want to take him out the way the hospital wish us to. We see life and potential in our son and we want to bring him here to Italy, at Bambino Gesú, where we know he is safe and he will not be euthanised.”

But it appears Alfie’s life is out of their control now.

From Joanne;
I also find it interesting the doctor willing to take the boy and who is the head of the hospital is a woman who is not eligible to become Pope or even a priest, but that issue is clearly for another day.
I hope Alfie gets the care he needs and the parents obtain comfort.
And shame on the UK for treating its disabled patients in such a shameful manner. Who are they to stop another hospital and team of doctors from helping this small boy and his grieving parents.  They need to be tested for psychopathy.

From MG: Call your state representative or email them to support shared parenting in Illinois

Right now, too many parents are suffering not seeing their kids on a substantially 50 50 basis.

I believe whatever one parent gets one year, the other parent gets the same the next year.  So if mom has kids Mon to Friday one year and dad has a Wednesday evening and every other weekend, that should be switched in the following year, unless the parties agree to something else.  This should be the default.

And Mom takes the kids to her house of worship on her parenting time, and Dad on his.

The parent with the most parenting time makes decisions about extracurricular activities for the year.

this means less shuffling back and forth for kids.

Oh, and the wealthier parent pays child support and the other one files an accounting. (yes, rent, utilities and mortgage can count).

So take a look below and find your representative and write them you want shared co parenting.

Then email the others and tell them you’re with “Justice 4 Every1, NFP” and as a volunteer, you are requesting they vote for shared parenting in Illinois.



House District Represetative Local Office Phone Springfield Phone Email
1st District Daniel J. Burke (773) 471-2299 (217) 722-1117
2nd District Theresa Mah (872) 281-5775 (217) 782-2855
3rd District Luis Arroyo (773) 637-2000 (217) 782-0480
4th District Cynthia Soto (773) 252-0402 (217) 782-0150
5th District Juliana Stratton (312) 291-9443 (217) 782-4535
6th District Sonya M. Harper (773) 925-6580 (217) 782-5971
7th District Emanuel Chris Welch (708) 450-1000 (217) 782-8120
8th District La Shawn K. Ford (708) 445-3673 (217) 782-5962
9th District Arthur Turner (773) 277-4700 (217) 782-8116
10th District Melissa Conyears-Ervins 773) 417-1020 (217) 782-8077
11th District Ann M. Williams (773) 880-9082 (217) 782-2458
12th District Sara Feigenholtz (773) 296-4141 (217) 782-8062
13th District Gregory Harris (773) 348-3434 (217) 782-3835
14th District Kelly M. Cassidy (773) 784-2002 (217) 782-8088
15th District John C. D’Amico (773) 736-0218 (217) 782-8198
16th District Lou Lang 847) 673-1131 (217) 782-1252
17th District Laura Fine (847) 998-1717 (217) 782-4194
18th District Robyn Gabel (847) 424-9898 (217) 782-8052
19th District Robert Martwick (773) 286-1115 (217) 782-8400
20th District Michael P. Mcauliffe (773) 444-0611 (217) 782-8182
21st District Sylvana Tabares (773) 522-1315 (217) 782-7752
22nd District Michael J. Madigan (773) 581-8000 (217) 782-5350 No Email
23rd District Michael Zalewski (708) 442-6500 (217) 782-5280
24th District Elizabeth Hernandez (708) 222-5240 (217) 782-8173
25th District Barbara Flynn Currie (773) 667-0550 (217) 782-8121
26th District Christian L. Mitchell (773) 924-1755 (217) 782-2023
27th District Justin Slaughter (773) 445-9700 (217) 782-0010
28TH District Robert Rita (708) 396-2822 (217) 558-1000
29th District Thaddeus Jones (708) 933-6018 (217) 782-8087
30th District William Davis (708) 799-7300 (217) 782-8197
31st District Mary E. Flowers (773) 471-5200 (217) 782-4207
32nd District Andre Thapedi (773) 581-9250 (217) 782-1702
33rd District Marcus C. Evans Jr. (773) 783-8492 (217) 782-8272
34th District Elgie R. Sims Jr. (773) 783-8800 (217) 782-6476
35th District Frances Ann Hurley (773) 445-8128 (217) 782-8200
36th District Kelly M. Burke (708) 425-0571 (217) 782-0515
37th District Margo McDermed (815) 277-2079 (217) 782-0424
38th District Al Riley (708) 799-4364 (217) 558-1007
39th District Will Guzzardi (773) 227-9720 (217) 558-1032
40th District James M. Andrade Jr. (773) 267-2880 (217) 782-8117
41st District Grant Wehrli (630) 696-4160 (217) 782-6507
42nd District Jeanna M. Ives (630) 384-9719 (217) 558-1037
43rd District Anna Moeller (847) 841-7130 (217) 782-8020
44th District Fred Crespo (630) 372-3340 (217) 782-0347
45th District Christine Winger (847) 252-9311 (217) 782-4014
46th District Deb Conroy (630) 415-3520 (217) 782-8158
47th District Patricia R Bellock (630) 852-8633 (217) 782-1448
48th District Peter Breen (630) 403-8135 (217) 782-8037
49th District Mike Fortner (630) 293-9344 (217) 782-1653
50th District Keith R. Wheeler (630) 345-3464 (217) 782-1486
51st District Nick Sauer (847) 984-2485 (217) 782-3696
52nd District David McSweeney (847) 516-0052 (217) 782-1517
53rd District David Harris (224) 764-2440 (217) 782-3739
54th District Thomas Morrison (847) 202-6584 (217) 782-8026
55th District Martin J. Moylan (847) 635-6821 (217) 782-8007
56th District Michelle Mussman (847) 923-9104 (217) 782-3725
57th District Jonathan Carroll (847) 229-5499 (217) 558-1004
58th District Scott Drury (847) 681-8580 (217) 782-0902
59th District Carol Sente (847) 478-9909 (217) 782-0499
60th District Rita Mayfield (847) 599-2800 (217) 558-1012
61st District Sheri Jesiel (847) 395-8000 (217) 782-8151
62nd District Sam Yingling (847) 231-6262 (217) 782-7320
63rd District Steven Reick (815) 880-5340 (217) 782-1717
64th District Barbara Wheeler (847) 973-0064 (217) 782-1664
65th District Steven A. Andersson (630) 457-5460 (217) 782-5457
66th District Allen Skillicorn (815) 893-4884 (217) 782-0432
67th District Litesa E. Wallace (815) 987-7433 (217) 782-3167
68th District John M. Cabello (815) 282-0083 (217) 782-0455
69th District Joe Sosnowski (815) 547-3436 (217) 782-0548
70th District Robert W. Pritchard (815) 748-3494 (217) 782-0425
71st District Tony McCombie (815) 632-7384 (217) 782-3992
72nd District Michael Halpin (309) 558-3612 (217) 782-5970
73rd District Ryan Spain (309) 690-7373 (217) 782-8108
74th District Daniel Swanson (309) 334-7474 (217) 782-8032
75th District David A. Welter (815) 416-1475 (217) 782-5997
76th District Jerry Lee Long (815) 510-9689 (217) 782-0140
77th District

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From KKD: More health care fraud exposed in Senate hearing on guardians

Assisted living connections highlighted inSenate hearing on guardians


Sen. Susan Collins makes a point during her opening remarks at Wednesday's hearing. Sen.Susan Collins makes a point during her opening remarks at Wednesday’s hearing.

Cases of financial exploitation of older adults by their legalguardians, including cases indirectly involving assisted living communities,“highlight shocking breaches of trust by people who obtained positions of poweror influence over vulnerable seniors,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), chairman ofthe Senate Special Committee on Aging, said Wednesday at a hearing on thetopic.

Connections to assisted living communities were mentioned byCollins and one of the hearing witnesses.

The senator recounted astory published in the  New Yorker  last year about howa woman obtained guardianship over an older couple, unbeknownst to theirdaughter, after she “allegedly showed up at the house … and informed them that she had an order from the local court to ‘remove’ them from their home, and that she would be taking them to an assisted living facility.”

The guardian, April Parks, “allegedly sold their belongings andtransferred their savings into an account in her own name,” Collins said.Parks, who was the guardian of more than 400 people over 12 years, later was indicted on more than 200 felony charges.


Collins also shared a case from her home state. In that case, apastor who volunteered at an assisted living community befriended a residentthere.

“According to police, the state determined the woman to beincapacitated and assigned her a guardian and a conservator. The pastorallegedly took the woman to her bank, withdrew money to have the locks changedon her former home, which had been on the market, and took down the ‘for sale’sign,” Collins said. “The police say that the pastor told the woman that hewould help her return to her home, even though it was not equipped for the wheelchair access she required. He suggested his daughter could live with the woman to care for her.

“Police said that his goal was to ingratiate himself and have access to this woman’s financial accounts and property,” the senator continued. “Fortunately, in this case, the conservator, who was legally responsible for protecting the woman’s assets, identified and reported the suspected criminal activity to the police.”

The pastor was charged with exploiting an incapacitated elderly woman, Collins said.

Witness Pamela Teaster, a professor and director of the Centerfor Gerontology at Virginia Tech, shared a positive story of a guardian thatinvolved an assisted living community.

“In 2016, the Virginia Public Guardian & Conservator Programwas asked to serve as guardian for a patient at a mental health institute and began visiting him to get to know him in anticipation of becoming his guardian,” she said. “Upon appointment, he was moved to an assisted living facility. The public guardian program employee had monthly visits with the individual and oversaw his medical treatment and benefits. Through working with him, the public guardian realized that he was capable of managing his own affairs and that he should be restored to capacity. The program secured a new capacity assessment for the individual, including an attorney to bring a restoration of rights proceeding on his behalf. Less than two years after the appointment of the public guardian, a Virginia Circuit Court judge restored the individual to capacity, remarking that it was the first time that she had ever restored an individual to capacity.”

Data needed

Efforts to improve the guardianship system have been hampered by a lack of data, said Teaster, one of four hearing witnesses. She recommended that reforms “take the form of greater clarity and training when persons assume the role of guardians. [2]

Indeed, more data are needed to solve issues related toguardianship, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), ranking member of the Senate Aging Committee, said in his opening remarks.

We don’t even have basic data on guardianship itself,” hesaid. “We don’t know how many people are subject to guardianship, who their guardians are, if a guardian has been thoroughly vetted and how many people are possibly being abused or neglected by their guardians. [3] We should be able to agree that finding answers to these questions is the least we can do to protect our loved ones.”

David Slayton, executive director of the Texas Judicial Council,said that last year, the state passed legislation to create a state wide registration system and database that will require all guardians to register, complete an online training course and undergo a criminal background check. The 50,748 active guardianship cases in the Lone Star State are valued at as much as $5 billion, he said.

Watch the hearing  here .

From Ken:

The guardianship scam that is fostering the trafficking inthe elderly is only one aspect of the problem.    The Sheltered care facility is a vehicle for fraud.     The Seth Gillman, Philip Esformes***** cases are the tip of the iceberg.    They present another aspect to the human trafficking in the elderly.

How do you legitimatize a criminal enterprise?     Adding well known and “respected” political elite (and Judicial elite) is no longer the functional equivalent of Ivory Soap.    Here in Illinois it is difficult to name five recent governors who did not go to jail.    Local Cook County political who are not caught with the hand in the till are rare.    However, common people, such you and I, are available to be the ones lured into investment and bilked.     Like lambs to the slaughter *****:

McKnight's Senior Living

LoisA. Bowers, Senior Editor

November 16, 2015

Sentencing today inassisted living CEO fraud case

Sentencing today in assisted living CEO fraud case Sentencing today in assisted living CEO fraudcase

A two-day sentencing hearing begins today inthe U.S. District Court in Portland, OR, for Jon Michael Harder, the former CEOof Sunwest Management, which at one point owned about 300 assisted living communities.

Harder is accused of defrauding investorsof more than $130 million in what the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Districtof Oregon is calling the largest investor fraud prosecution in the state’shistory. U.S. prosecutors are seeking at least 15 years in prison for Harder, as well as three years of supervised release and full restitution forhis victims. Defense attorneys are asking for a five-year prison term.

In January, Harder pleaded guilty to one felony count of mail fraud and one felony count of money laundering. He admitted to lying to more than 50 investors to obtain more than $5 million from late 2007 through February 2008. “Harder promised the investors that their money would go towards specific assisted living facilities when in fact the money was going to pay Harder’s personal expenses and the business expenses of other Sunwest entities,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a  news release  at the time.

The government believes that, between 2006 and 2008, Harder defrauded more than 1,000 investors out of about $130 million in a Ponzi scheme. He originally was indicted in 2012 on 56 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and other charges.

Harder left Sunwest in 2009 as part of a company restructuring. The remaining ownership  turned the company around , and the Blackstone Group, in a joint venturewith Emeritus Senior Living and Columbia Pacific Advisors,  bought several Sunwest properties  in 2010 for more than $1 billion.  HCP acquired the majorityof those properties from Blackstone in 2012, and Emeritus continued to operate them.

from Ken:

The time for an HONEST INVESTIGATION has arrived.    The time for HONEST PROSECUTIONS of the criminals who prey on the elderly is long overdue.       The time for the Honest prosecutions of the POLITICAL AND JUDICIAL co-conspirators is more than overdue, and the time for the political and judicial elite who render aid and comfort to the  criminal enterprise to fact the consequences of their perfidy has more than arrived.     Here in Illinois, our State is on the verge of Bankruptcy.    We have an income tax.    The Democratic candidate for Governor has made it clear that he is going to suggest to the legislature to increase the Illinois Income Tax.     Of course he i swell aware that co-conspirators (18 USCA 371 on the Federal level) have joint and several liability for the income taxes.    As an example, Jerome Larkin is well aware that his actions in prosecuting the attorneys on disciplinary grounds for complying with 18 USCA 4 and Rule 8.3 is an overt act in furtherance of the criminal schemes of ELDER CLEANSING.     Why is the Illinois Department of Revenue not seeking to collected the income taxes due as the result of the theft of $3 million in Mary Sykes’ fund, $1.5 million in Alice Gore’s funds  ***** from the thieves and their co-conspirator?

It appears that EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW is no longer part of Illinois’ RULE OF LAW  —  Illinois’ credo is  – exploit the elderly for fun and profit!

[1] Itis absolutely amazing to examine the Court File in the Mary Sykes case.   The Summons required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 is missing, there is no return of summons, no evidence that the hearing required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 and particularly 3b was ever held – it was not held.    So much for due process!      Exactly, how could the Judicial authorities allow a judge to remain on the bench who was so lax and arrogant that she issued orders and approved orders written the guardian ad litem when she knew or should have known that she was violating the core principles of American Justice and totally lacked jurisdiction!     (On page 91 of her evidence deposition taken by the Illinois attorney disciplinary Commission  – IARDC – she admits she was ‘fixed.’).     How could the same authorities re-slate this judge for another term?    How could the same authorities elevate this Judge to the Appellate Court?     No only did this happen, but when Attorney JoAnne Denison exposed this corruption in her blog (and the assault on the Constitution was exposed in Probate Sharks) upon the complaint of one of the two guardian ad litem disciplinary actions were commenced against her and other attorneys who pursuant to Rule 8.3 demanded an HONEST INVESTIGATION.     Mr. Larkin in seeking an interim suspension of Attorney Denison’s law license characterized the disclosure of judicial corruption – such as that of the jurist in the Sykes case as the same as “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”

This corruption is ingrained in the Judicial system as it has evolved in Illinois and some other States.

[2]The lack of data scenario is the common bases for government not doing its job.     There have been at least four GAO reports to congress that are being ignored, and blogs such as Dr. Sugars AAAPG, probate sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA almost daily offer information as to elders abused by judges and attorneys in guardianship cases.     The “checks in the mail” prevarication is the truth compared to the lie of lack of data promulgated by our Political elite.

[3]Senator Casey would know who the guardians are if he did basic homework; however, the ‘swamp’ is not interested in the rights, privileges and humanity of the American citizen – it is interested solely in getting re-elected.    When I made a call for help from Senator Durbin his response to me (in re: Mary Sykes) was to send me a copy of one of his stupid speeches on how he is saving social security.     The Court records are public records –there is absolutely no reason why our elected officials and our law enforcement people could not vigorously prosecute some of the worst offenders.    In Florida, Philip Esformes was indicted for stealing a billion dollars from Medicare – The Esformes clan (and nursing homes) have been alleged to have been parties to the theft of the grains of gold from Alice Gore’s 32 gold teeth as well as the theft of 1.5 million dollars from her Estate.  (See: Probate Sharksblog!).

From EF: Is Judge Quish associated with a $1500 bribe? If so, why is she still a judge?

Corruption: Judge Clare Joyce Quish paid $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Ald. Isaak Carothers and his fake “Senior Wizdom Consulting” company (aka Carother’s own home)


chicago summer

3:40 AM (17 minutes ago)

to reportcorrupti.correspondence.correspondenceChicago.aabadankovatsgrassrootsdeborah.simscbonjeanDennis.Deeredward.moodycommissioner.g.jeffrey.tobols.jerry.butlerjohn.fritcheyjohn.daleylsuffredinLuis.ArroyoJrcookcty9richard.boykinSean.Morrisonstanley.moore2tim.schneiderbkrajeliskgjablonskijjgrogan
*all materials can be published on all anti-corruption sites and blogs.
Dear All,
I continue to report rampant judicial corruption in  Illinois Court system; and want to provide updates how Judge Clare Joyce Quish obtained her judicial seat through her family and personal connections; and paid   $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Alderman Isaak Carothers  and his fake  “Senior Wizdom Consulting” company  (which is NOT registered in the State of Illinois and in fact is operated from  Carothers’ own home) for some questionable campaign consulting services.
Clare J. Quish is a well-connected jurist, former Clerk to Justice Mary Jane Theis (who is responsible for judicial appointments); and a niece to well-connected Judge  James McCarthy , who is  a long-time Judge in Law Division Cook County Court.
I believe that Clare Quish’s mother, Mary Jo Quish (sister to Judge McCarthy) is an Assistant Principal for a religious St. Athanasius School who provide  students with an unsurpassed Catholic educational opportunity, to encourage strong academic achievement  and to inspire students to become leaders in the imitation of Christ.
Based on my observation , Clare Quish  ASSIGNMENT by Justice Theis on  a position of public Trust was  beyond unethical, if not say more.
I respectfully demand Judge Clare Quish to  explain to Illinois public for which particular consulting services she paid $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Ald.  Isaak Carothers.

From Mike Ference on Clergy sex abuse victims: there may be good news coming

By Mike Ference

The latest scathing report on not one, but six Pennsylvania Dioceses is expected to be out possibly as early as May. Some advocates for survivors are predicting the worst case scenario. I’m one of them.

Is it possible that Pennsylvania government, PA law enforcement, PA media, PA Catholics and several others may have willingly given this institution a pass for sexually abusing innocent children?

As an advocate for Catholic Clergy sex victims for almost 30 years I crafted articles and essays, created a blog, posted on Facebook and comment sections. My views were turbulent analysis that took no prisoners.

Every story, article, comment I wrote took a toll on me; not only financially – as I let my home-based business almost fade away – but emotionally; as the stress was never ending.

When my articles started popping up on and; I knew I couldn’t quit.

Even the Pittsburgh Diocese noticed my toils.

A former director of communications for the Pittsburgh Diocese wrote a rebuttal to a scalding viewpoint I penned for a weekly community publication, where the editor actually cared about protecting children and exposing dysfunctional sex freaks within the Pittsburgh Diocese.

“It borders on slander,” the spokesperson wrote, in trying to repudiate my dissertation.

That’s when I knew I was a writer. When I went pen to pen, keyboard to keyboard with a modern-day Goliath and I was able to walk away after severely mutilating the titan’s reputation, with not even a scuff to my character.

That was almost twelve years ago. Not much has happened.

I even tried to challenge publishers, editors and station managers to debunk my amateur investigation with the hope of finally exposing the clerical culprits.

They deliberately chose to give the Pittsburgh Diocese a pass.

Most recently, I was reviewing all the awards given to local journalists for their great writing skills.

I guess kudos are in order for their creativity, wordsmithing and whatever else goes with the prestige of those honorable distinctions.

I wonder what publishers, editors, station managers, journalists, investigative reporters and other media people will proudly proclaim they did nothing to protect children and everything to protect pedophiles.

If necessary, I could recommend a suitable award and I know where you folks could stick it.

 from Mike Ference.

From Joanne:

I understand completely Mike’s frustration with publishing many facts and investigative documents that show a trail of crimes and corruption, only to be met with reluctance from mega media to confirm and advance these great stories and information because certain entities are simply “too big to challenge.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Two dogged journalists in Penn. took down a system of corruption in the Kids for Cash scandal, but what about the banksters involved, only one went to prison?

We need to extricate the slime from society and stop holding back for the elite and well heeled who beg to be granted a break while all the time they’re deep into it.

This has to end. Everything has to be exposed and cleaned up. The dirty ones among us can no longer be given a pass for being in the upper echelons of nothing good will come from what they do.


From EB: Texas attorney admits in guardianship, the wards have fewer rights than a prisoner

As we have argued many times on this blog–you have more rights in a prison than you do in guardianship.  And in a guardianship death is 99% of the time the only way out.

New Court Filing Argues the State’s Guardianship System Puts the Disabled at Risk

Posted By  on Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 4:05 pm

Thomas Coleman (left), appearing on a talk show aired by the Arc of Riverside County, said failings in the guardianship system put the disabled at risk of exploitation and abuse. - COURTESY OF THE SPECTRUM INSTITUTE

  • Courtesy of the Spectrum Institute
  • Thomas Coleman (left), appearing on a talk show aired by the Arc of Riverside County, said failings in the guardianship system put the disabled at risk of exploitation and abuse.

A group that advocates for the rights of the disabled has filed a class action complaint with the Texas Supreme Court arguing that the state’s adult guardianship system violates parts of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The Spectrum Institute, which made similar court filings in Missouri and Washington, says Texas’ state-appointed attorneys are often unable to adequately represent people placed in guardianship — typically those with mental impairments that prevent them from looking after themselves. What’s more, attorneys may have financial incentive to aid probate judges at the expense of the people they’re representing, according to the filing.

Officials with Texas Health and Human Services, which administers a state guardianship program, declined comment on the filing since the appointment of attorneys is a court function.

“In many cases, someone in the prison system has more rights to make decisions about his own life than someone in guardianship,” said Thomas Coleman, Spectrum Institute’s legal director. “He can make decisions about his own medical care or about his finances. In many cases, these individuals cannot. That makes them especially vulnerable.”

Without adequate court representation, disabled people face the risk of exploitation, abuse and neglect at the hands of their caretakers, Coleman added.

Currently, 54,000 Texas adults are under guardianship in the state and more than 4,500 cases are filed annually, according to Spectrum Institute. The majority of people under guardianship in the state have intellectual or developmental disabilities, but some are seniors experiencing cognitive decline. Both populations are expected to grow over coming years.

The population of Texas seniors has increased more than 19 percent since 2012 to 3.4 million.

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From the Fla Court efiling system: While Barbara Stone rots in prison on false charges, her mother is about to be quietly dispatched–by a evil court order.

Well, I guess everyone knew this was coming. Barbara Stone fought hard for her mom. She created a bunch of blogs and exposed the guardianship corruption in Florida.  For that they took away her New York and Florida bar licenses.

No surprise there.

Next, it became much more evil, with the miscreants telling her to shut up or they would kill off her mom.

I could have told her to keep on yelling, because they will do that anyway, but now we have the proof and the end is near for Helen Stone, who for sure has given up on life because they are drugging her with chemical restraints, placed her in a nursing home and she is isolated from her daughter.

Why?  because Daughter Barbara Stone one day a few years back got a day of visitation with her mom.  Her mom was already on a feeding tube laced with drugs because, you know, those evil nursing homes in Florida just typically let 15 residents bake to death if there is no electric due to a hurricane.

So Barb took Mom out of the nursing home, took mom to Culvers and got mom a hamburger, fries and a shake, because mom asked for that.

While Barb had to chop up the hamburger, mom ate everything just fine.

Then they went to a hotel to take a nap and go and sit by the pool for the afternoon.

Next thing you know, there was a knock on the door by police saying Barb had interefered with the care and custody of an elderly person, and off she went to jail and mom back to the nursing home.

Then the deal was, if Barb shut up about evil judge Michael Genden and Roy Lustig who does this evil stuff all the time, they promised not to kill off mom.

But time went by and they got Barbara Stone and got her convicted with 18 months in prison. For what? For feeding her mom with a hamburger which mom wanted and relished because in the nursing home they had implanted a feeding tube against her will and refused to feed her any actual real food–despite the studies that show there is no known reason not to let the elderly eat finely chopped real food or mashed food slowly and carefully vs. a feeding tube.

Imagine that. Someone did a study to show that nursing homes just do as they want to save money and abuse the elderly on a regular basis.

So take a look at this order I got in my email today.

It’s disgusting.

The courts (Judge Michael Genden) and evil Blair Lapides (certainly a psychopath) kill off the elderly and vulnerable all the time.

Please pray for Barbara Stone and Helen Stone.  Barbara’s life has been a living hell since this all happened.


The Ward. CASE NO: 12-4330 GD 02
THIS CAUSE having come to be heard on the Petition for Emergency Petition for Instructions regarding a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order and a Do-Not-Intubate Order and the court being otherwise advised in the premises, it is:
ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Rosa Romero, Esq is hereby appointed Attorney Ad-Litem on behalf of HELEN STONE, the Ward, regarding the Emergency Petition for Instructions Regarding a Do-Not-Resuscitate and Do-Not-Intubate Order.
DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers at Miami-Dade County, Florida, on 04/16/18.
No Further Judicial Action Required on THIS MOTION
The parties served with this Order are indicated in the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal “Notice of Service of Court Documents” email confirmation. The movant/petitioner shall IMMEDIATELY serve a true and correct copy of this Order, by mail, facsimile, email or hand-delivery, to all parties/counsel of record for whom service is not indicated in the “Notice of Service of Court Documents” email confirmation, and file proof of service with the Clerk of Courts.
Filing # 70792154 E-Filed 04/17/2018 07:00:35 AM