From Ken Ditkowsky–update status on Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 case

To: White House <>, Chicago FBI <>, ……..
Subject: Fw: Re: MARY G SYKES
Date: Dec 6, 2017 10:59 AM
Few cases involve the infamy that this particular case has.   IT IS A MONUMENT TO PUBLIC CORRUPTION that is heretofore unmasked in American jurisprudence.    Indeed, judicial corruption has been exposed before, but, few cases match Sykes.
Please let me explain  –  The record documents in this case are replete with irrefutable evidence of FRAUD.     The miscreants were open and notorious in their misbehavior – in fact they were proud of it.    Let’s start with the service of summons.
Mary Sykes sought an order of protection from the person names as plenary guardian because she caught that person alleging stealing several thousand dollars from her.   The plenary guardian countered by filing a Petition for guardianship of Mary and REMOVED Mary from Cook County to DuPage County.   By Statute the petition should have been filed in DuPage Court as Mary was involuntarily in DuPage County.
Recognizing that even the Cook County Court looks with disfavor on kidnapping, the Petition for guardianship was filed in Cook County and the Sheriff was directed to serve Mary at an address that Mary no longer resided.    So open was the FRAUD that the miscreants shared the fraud with the guardian ad litem, and the guardian ad litem shared the information with the Judge.   In the file is a letter from GAL Cynthia Farenga reporting to the corrupt Judge that Mary is living in DuPage County and therefore they need a GAL who resided in DuPage.   Thus Adam Stern was appointed as the 2nd guardian in line.  He certainly was aware that he was party to a fraud, however, as the court record reveals this sham continued unabated.     Stern in an e-mail to Ms. Gloria Sykes makes it quite clear that he ‘drafted’ the order appointing a plenary guardian which the corrupt judge rubber stamped.    The transcripts even go so far as to reveal that Stern found a psychiatrist willing to sell out his license to (without examining Mary) would sign an affidavit that Mary was incompetent.
Of course Stern, Farenga, the corrupt judge et al knew that 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 required proof by clear and convincing evidence of not only the incompetency of Mary, but the degree.  – THIS DID NOT BOTHER ANYONE —
It was clear that the Judge would protect the criminal enterprise going on.   Judge Connors so admitted this on page 91 of her Evidence Deposition.    As time has demonstrated JEROME LARKIN and the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission = just like they attempted in the OPERATION GREYLORD scandal – were on the scene to thwart any HONEST INVESTIGATION and anyone examining the File.
To date the ‘swamp’ has been successful and Mary was killed off, 3 million dollars (plus or minus) stolen from Mary – sans any State or Federal Income taxes, hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from Medicare, social security etc – sans Federal Income taxes etc.     The perfect crime.
Even though Gloria Sykes is a journalist  – –  NOT ONLY IS LAW ENFORCEMENT IMPOTENT but the media shuns this case ignoring the THREAT that it imposed on every single citizen!      The miscreants enjoy absolute immunity!!!!!
Letters, e-mails, personal appeals etc all fall on deaf ears!
So obscene is this attack by the miscreants in the Mary Sykes case on the core values of America that even with the STATE OF ILLINOIS on the verge of Bankruptcy the STATE is disinterested in seeking to collect the INCOME TAXES that are jointly and severally due from each of every member of the ‘conspiracy.’     The legislature would rather raise the your taxes rather than interfere with the profits stolen by the miscreants and each of them!    The demand for a HONEST INVESTIGATION was laughed at and ridiculed by JEROME LARKIN comparing it and the exposure of judicial corruption as being akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.
Health care fraud comes with a 700% fraud surcharge — take a look at the Sykes case and it should be clear to all exactly why there is a 700% fraud surcharge and why Obamacare, Trumpcare etc ALL WILL FAIL!     (You should also get a clue as to why Illinois is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY!)

Ken Ditkowsky

From Joanne:

The Sykes case 09 P 4585 is hopelessly corrupt.  Mary Sykes was guardianized without service, without anyone reading her her rights and giving the required notices.  She wa not properly served as shown by the Record on Appeal.

Next, no hearing was held on her incompetency.  It was all allegations.  On the day of the “hearing” she was told to be quiet and her sisters and Gloria who tried to give testimony freely were not allowed to do so.  Judge Connors (someone is protecting her), did not require a doctor (MD) to testify to Mary’s incompetency.


Gloria’s former attorney, Jay Dolgin, asked Judge Connors for discovery prior to hearing.  She quipped, “why would you want that?” and denied his requested. He replied he wanted to find out Carolyn’s finances, if she had taken from Mary before, etc. And what about that Protective Order Mary filed.

Judge Connors did not care.

The case is replete with lack of due process, no service upon Mary or her elderly sisters.

At my trial, the ARDC had a fit because I prepared a “Table of Torts”–which is still valid today.

Gloria has had no accounting of the Trust which held her mother’s home and which was illegally broken to sell Mary’s home for “Mary’s care”, which really went to pay for a string of nursing home–a place where Mary never wanted to be per her advance directives, a Power of Attorney given to Gloria which was summarily terminate by Judge Connors without due process (Notice, Petition, Discovery and Hearing).

Another fit the ARDC had was over the fact Gloria finally, and after a huge long struggle and many years, was able to subpoena the “drill out” order for a safe deposit box that both Mary’s and Gloria’s name was on.  As soon as Carolyn Toerpe was appointed guardian, without telling the court or Gloria, she drilled out a safe deposit box containing hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuable coins.  Where are those coins?  Who has them?  No one knows because all discovery was quashed by both the ARDC and by the Probate Court.  Discovery of missing assets was not allowed.  Of course, there is no reason to look for assets when the entire court room knows they are being stolen.  By whom?  No one knows, but again, discovery and due process is never allowed when a court room is allowed.  The authorities will just say it’s a civil matter, even when the problem is happening right in the courtroom and there is no judicial oversight.

Today, someone sent me a law that the current president signed into law, DT.  You can read about it here.   $2.9 billioon is supposed to be used to fight elder abuse, but no where in this law does it attack the massive corruption in guardianship occurring right in our own nation’s court rooms.  This money is supposed to go to “training law enforcement” (that never gets involved anyway, and to “conducting research” which means there will be millions handed out in social justice grants–but these grants do not go to the NFP’s and NGO’s on the ground fighting this stuff (see my Wish List elsewhere on this blog), but it will go universities who collect data and research but really do nothing and don’t help people fight this stuff out in court or through the authorities demanding that the authorities investigate, return stolen/embezzled funds and indict.

You can see the law here, and thanks to Jinny Johnson for passing this along.

it’s  a law with no teeth and it looks like it is money that was given to certain friends and cronies for doing nothing about the real problem–abusive guardianships.



From LB and KKD: lawyer facing disbarrment over cronies in corrupt abusive guardianship case.

Illinois has the blood on it’s hands  of myself, Ditkowsky and Amu over exposing corruption in Cook County Illinois.

However, not to be outdone, is Barbara Stone protecting her mother in Miami Dade Florida, and for that she lost her license to practice law and her mother is still at risk. The case started when Barbara Stone filed a guardianship case in Miami, Florida when her brother forged hundreds of thousands in checks out of mom’s accounts.  Guardianship was to protect Mother; instead, that turned into a nightmare.

Next is Lisa Belanger in New York.  She was handling her 89 year old father’s estate when she got into some minor bickering with Melon Bank New York when they did not perform transfers promptly to pay his bills.  Next thing she knew, a third party attorney, accountant and GAL took charge of the estate draining millions from it in months.

Please read the below and pray for Mother Helen Stone and Lisa Belanger.






by Lonnie Brennan

“High-powered lawyers” is an understatement to describe the North Shore powerhouse of attorneys who have been accused of isolating and medicating retired Attorney Marvin H. Siegel of Boxford, Mass. in order to liquidate his estimated $7 million estate.


Mr. Siegel has been held as a virtual hostage in his own home, with 24/7 round-the-clock “guards” (medical providers), who, according to one of his daughters, have isolated the 89-year old from close family members for the past five years. Mr. Siegel was placed on lock-down through a court decree of unlimited powers granted to Attorney Brian T. Cuffe, courtesy of Judge Susan D. Ricci (who wrote the order while the presiding judge was on vacation in Italy).

Mr. Siegel’s nightmare is complicated, but highlights are contained in Parts 1, 2, and 3 in prior issues of The Boston Broadside.  In summary, he was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility (Whittier Pavilion in Haverhill, Mass.) by a doctor at Beverly Hospital, following a questionable ambulance transport from his house to the hospital. His evaluation was for potential Alzheimer’s onset. It has been charged that Brian Nagle of BNY Mellon, which held the bulk of Mr. Siegel’s multi-million dollar estate, dispatched Atty. Edward Tarlow and his associate Catherine Watson to the psychiatric facility where, according to Mr. Siegel’s attorney daughter, Lisa Siegel Belanger, Mr. Siegel s was administered drugs and lied to, and unwittingly signed away years of careful, deliberate family and estate planning documentation.

Mr. Siegel later experienced a second involuntary commitment at Merrimack Valley Hospital half-a-year later, the daughter charges, after the newly signed documents were used by Attorney Cuffe to further drug and control the senior. The details of that commitment are noted in prior issues of this newspaper. Nightmare is a gentle term to describe the “legal kidnapping,” medication, isolation, and subsequent liquidation of Mr. Siegel’s life-estate.


High-profile Attorney Marsha V. Kazarosian, along with Attorneys Cuffe, James E. Feld, and Thomas J. Barbar, have collectively filed a complaint to the Office of the Bar Counsel, Board of Bar Overseers (B.B.O.) of the Supreme Judicial Court in Boston for “professional misconduct” on the part of daughter Lisa Siegel Belanger, who has fought the high-financed lawyers tooth and nail for five years.

In their complaint (B.B.O. File NO. C2-12-002476408 – Marsha V. Kazarosian, et. al.), the lawyers who have controlled Mr. Siegel’s estate – and have drained an estimated $1 million from the estate over each of the past five years (according to court filings) – submitted 101 pages of counter-claims against Lisa Siegel Belanger, inclusive of exhibits which admonish Lisa for speaking to the press. The exhibits include several pages of Boston Broadside coverage of the case.

Attorney Marsha V. Kazarosian participating in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Circle of Excellence 2016 Roundtable  – YouTube


The complaint states that The Boston Broadside was provided with lies by the daughter, but in 101 pages, not one lie is exposed, nor even mentioned. We’ve reviewed the case files (thousands of pages, and exhibits, as well as video and audio tapes and eagerly await clarification in the future on what appear to be a broad-brush tarnishing of Lisa Siegel Belanger for daring to go up against such a powerhouse team of attorneys. Most striking is that Lisa’s exposure throughout this process of multiple other seniors who have suffered similar actions by some of these same lawyers, is not addressed.

Since the Boston Broadside’s articles have been published in more than 38,000 printed newspapers, as well as online, other media have picked up the story. The question which is repeatedly asked is how Kazarosian and her fellow “untouchables” could have gained so much control over Mr. Siegel. And the recent B.B.O. complaint, when shared with others brings more questions. In the complaint, Kazarosian charges Mr. Siegel’s daughter with exploiting her own father, for spending a fraction ($85,000) of his multi-million dollar holdings. Apparently, most of those funds were actually spent defending Mr. Siegel against the “untouchables.” So, how is this “exploitation” by Lisa, we are asked? And how can Kazarosian keep a straight face saying that the untouchables need to spend millions to defend themselves against Lisa?

The untouchables’ complaint against Lisa also spills much ink over a series of contempt-of-court charges made against Lisa. The bulk of the charges were made because Lisa visited her father in the hospital, where he was believed critically ill from complications of various drugs. Lisa took too long to respond to the first contempt-of-court charge, and was subsequently fined multiple times (and re-charged with multiple contempt-of-court charges) until she made payments to certain untouchables to cover their legal fees in prosecuting her for visiting her father, against their wishes. Seriously, truth is stranger than fiction.

Counter-complaint filed by Attorneys Kazarosian, Cuffe, Feld, and Barbar against Marvin Siegel’s daughter Lisa, claiming she is the reason they have had to deplete millions from his estate to fight her – to protect Marvin Siegel from her exploitation.

A further question we’ve been asked is: If Lisa had been guilty of misspending any money, why was she not charged or has had any complaint lodged against her for five years, until she recently went public to the press?

Most curiously, we’ve been asked: Why now? Why are these four, high-powered attorneys who took control of Mr. Siegel’s estate, now, after five years, striking out against Mr. Siegel’s daughter, Lisa? Is it because Kazarosian’s, Cuffe’s, Feld’s and other’s actions have “seen the light of day” in a newspaper?

Of interest, Kazarosian has taken out a full-page color advertisement in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, a private publication made available to lawyers, stating (in all capital letters): “LAWYERS TRUST MARSHA KAZAROSIAN AND WALTER COSTELLO TO LEAD THEIR BAR ASSOCIATIONS. CLIENTS TRUST THEM TO OBTAIN THE BEST RESULTS.” The ad is estimated to cost in excess of $4,500 according to the publication’s online posted rates. In the ad, Kazarosian is featured in a low-cut top, with a smiling, suited Costello.

Kazarosian is the immediate past president of the Massachusetts Bar Association. In addition to a long list of service in various lawyer associations, in January 2016 Kazarosian was appointed by Gov. Charlie Baker to the Supreme Judicial Court Nominating Commission. She had previously served six years with the B.B.O.

Notes: Lisa Siegel Belanger had previously filed multiple submissions to the B.B.O. (approximately a dozen, she stated) against Kazarosian and her group during the past four years. Each has been outright rejected, stating that no investigation could take place as it was “pending litigation.” In contrast, Lisa is now forced to reply to the one Kazarosian complaint – the one complaint that seeks to strip Lisa from her livelihood –  her ability to work as a lawyer.

Lisa filed a complaint of racketeering against Kazarosian, et. al., but the courts refused to consider it, despite multiple attempts (and it has been revealed that more than one court judge is closely tied with Lisa’s opponents!).

The lawyers who control Mr. Siegel’s estate continue to try to get him vacated from his $900,000+ Boxford home. And Lisa continues to fight them every step of the way, appeal after appeal. But the case has never been discussed in court – always rejected in the lower courts on technicalities of paperwork filings, never on the merits of connected lawyers isolating, medicating, and liquidating a defenseless senior.

Where from Here?

With the involvement of such high-powered lawyers and the seeming acquiescence of the judicial system, several people have suggested that perhaps it is time for the U.S. Attorney’s Office to take a look at this entire case. Similar cases of elder mistreatment have also recently come to our attention which we are in the process of investigating. Stay tuned.

(NOTE: Kazarosian either intentionaly lied or else has serious comprehension problems: she misrepresented The Boston Broadside’s article regarding the cataloguing and control of the contents of Mr. Siegel’s safety deposit box in her complaint to the B.B.O.)


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  1. Go instantly to the feds:

    In addition to elder abuse, financial abuse
    and racketeering, covered in RICO laws.

    The racketeers are the members of the state Bar (both
    lawyers and judges) who use their “special knowledge” (a legal term
    of art in RICO law) to create a problem in order to
    charge fees to solve it.

    We will be re-posting your series at,
    with your permission.

    Go on offense!

  2. Same thing is happening in New Mexico. I dared to protest against the attorneys theft of my mother’s trust’s Earned Interest Income through the attorney’s misuse of their IOLTA accounts. I filed a complaint at the New Mexico Disciplinary Board against loss of Earned Interest Income, as well as the court-appointed Trustee’s renewal & subsequent use of my deceased mother’s American Express credit card, and cell phone, and the sale of my mother’s house at well below market value to a former client of court-appointed Trustee. I was punished, not the lawyers.

    The District Court Judge found me guilty of “making mistakes” and “running to the Disciplinary Board” for every disagreement and since the Chief Disciplinary Counsel had — on his own and without any review by the complete Board — dismissed all my documented complaints against the 6 attorneys involved, I was fined $11,700+ in legal fees, paid to the lawyers to reimburse them for the time they spent defending themselves against my complaints to the Disciplinary Board.

    The Chief Disciplinary Counsel of New Mexico is Bill Slease (I am not making up that last name.) Slease is an estate planning attorney, and therefore hardly a disinterested party in guardianship and trust cases. Slease had repeatedly and acting on his own and without oversight from the complete Disciplinary Board, dismissed multiple complaints about the same group of attorneys who are conducting a probate racket in New Mexico, much as Kazarosian et al are in Massachusetts. Evidently, the ‘new’ way for probate attorneys and judges to make money, is to steal it from the incapacitated, and the dead.

  3. Kellys comment is absolutely factual as our family is still in the Guardianship turnstile of looting and financially abusing the elderly in ABQ, NM. This is a finely tuned well oiled machine. The Judges are at the Helm of the Crime, appointed Corrupt colluded Conservators who themselves has history of abuse to his 2nd wife. These appointees are not vetted, no background cks and have a license to steal with their Law Degree. Bill Slease, Disciplinary Director in NM is part of the collusion. Everyone of the many know who have filed complaints are told they lack supporting documents and that is true. The Trustee who is his friend refuses to provide them to the family’s which is illegal and in direct violation of state statutes and Uniform Probate Codes. We have taken this to the Supreme Court who sat a panel of 16 Judges and Attys, (Appointed will not Sanction these attys even after proof has been filed and provided to Judge of the laws broken by the appointments. NEVER go to an atty in NM and get your parents out of their.

  4. ” Improper use of an adult’s funds, property, or resources by another individual is elder abuse. This includes, but is not limited to, fraud, embezzlement. forgery, falsifying records, coerced property transfers, or denial of access to assets.”

    ABQ victims first thought is Darryl Millet, Greg MacKenzie, Decades, Tom Schmidt II, Bruce Puma, Barbara Buck, Patrick Westerfield, Vanessa DeNiro, Ruth Pregenzer, Modrall Law Firm, Judith Wagner CPA, Judge Brickhouse/Judge Nash, allegedly have been part of the exploitation “allegedly” for decades looting Elderly Estates.

Ken Ditkowsky

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From KKD: New Chicago Task force for Health Care Fraud Formed

With Chicago being a major center for health care fraud (see the tales of death of Jay Brouckmeersch, murdered in probate, Mary Sykes, Dorothy Baker, Helen Rector, Alan Frake, etc.) this comes as no surprise:

United States Attorney’s Office in Chicago Creates New Unit to Prosecute Criminal Health Care Fraud Violations

CHICAGO — Joel R. Levin, Acting United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, today announced the creation of a new unit dedicated to the prosecution of criminal health care fraud violations.


The newly created Health Care Fraud Unit will operate within the office’s Criminal Division. The unit will be tasked with prosecuting defendants in all types of health care fraud, from providers who engage in fraudulent billing schemes to doctors who falsify patients’ diagnoses to justify expensive tests or procedures that aren’t medically necessary.


“Every year, health care fraud causes millions of dollars in losses to Medicare and private insurers,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Levin. “Health care fraud also often exploits patients through unnecessary or unsafe medical procedures. Health care providers who cheat the system must be held accountable. Our office has successfully prosecuted numerous health care fraud cases in recent years. The new Health Care Fraud Unit will build on that success and bring even greater focus, efficiency and impact to our efforts in this important area.”


The unit will include five prosecutors, led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Heather McShain. Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Chahn Lee will serve as the unit’s Senior Counsel.


The office has a long history of prosecuting significant health care fraud cases, and the new unit is expected to expand on those efforts. Last week the office participated in the largest health care fraud enforcement action in Department of Justice history. The national takedown involved more than 400 defendants, including 15 individuals charged in the Northern District of Illinois.


Other significant health care fraud prosecutions include a north suburban chiropractor and his brother and father, each of whom was sentenced to prison in connection with a phony billing scheme that bilked insurance carriers out of more than $10.8 million. DR. VLADIMIR GORDIN JR., VLADIMIR GORDIN SR. and ALEXSANDER GORDIN used their chiropractic clinic, Gordin Medical Center S.C., to falsely bill for medical services that were either not provided or weren’t medically necessary. The Gordins were sentenced to prison terms earlier this year. Vladimir Gordin Jr. was sentenced to seven years; Vladimir Gordin Sr. was sentenced to two and a half years; and Alexsander Gordin was sentenced to two years.


The office also recently secured ten criminal convictions as part of a multi-year investigation into Sacred Heart Hospital in Chicago. For more than a decade, Sacred Heart executives conspired to pay kickbacks and bribes to physicians to induce them to refer patients for services that would be reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid. The fraud scheme earned Sacred Heart millions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid. The convictions include EDWARD NOVAK, the hospital’s owner and chief executive officer; ROY PAYAWAL, the chief financial officer; CLARENCE NAGELVOORT and ANTHONY J. PUORRO, chief operating officers; DR. VENKATESWARA R. “V.R.” KUCHIPUDI, a physician; as well as four other physicians. Sacred Heart closed in 2013.


Fraud in the home health care and hospice industries have also been the subject of prosecutions, and the Health Care Fraud Unit will continue those efforts. The office’s investigation of home health care fraud has resulted in convictions of doctors, nurses, marketers, and executives at multiple companies, including DIKE AJIRI, the former owner of Chicago-based Mobile Doctors; BANIO KOROMA, a physician at Mobile Doctors; and DIANA JOCELYN GUMILA, the former clinical head of Schaumburg-based Doctor at Home. An investigation of PASSAGES HOSPICE in Lisle recently resulted in prison sentences for multiple defendants, including owner SETH GILLMAN, who was sentenced earlier this year to six and a half years in prison; and ANGELA ARMENTA, Passages’ former director of certified nursing assistants, who was sentenced last month to 20 months in prison.


The Health Care Fraud Unit will also focus on prosecutions related to the diversion of controlled substances, which is an area of emphasis for the office as it continues to battle the opioid crisis. The office has previously prosecuted significant diversion cases, including procuring the guilty plea of DR. SATHISH NARAYANAPPA BABU, who formerly owned Anik Life Sciences Medical Corp. in southwest suburban Darien. Dr. Babu prescribed controlled substances, including OxyContin and Hydrocodone, to certain patients without having examined them. Dr. Babu was sentenced in 2015 to 18 months in prison.


In announcing the new unit, Acting U.S. Attorney Levin acknowledged the cooperation and determination of the office’s investigative partners, including, among others, the Chicago offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

The formation of this unit several month’s ago was a step toward addressing the serious problem of elder cleansing right here in the Chicago area.     I understand that there is also a National unit.
The problem that runs right along with the fraud surcharge is the problem of official corruption.
Without the connivance of corrupt judges and public officials the health care frauds could not flourish!    In the Philip Esformes indictment there is a public official – a minor one – who allegedly took bribes.    Was she alone?    I think not!    The criminal conduct of the POLITICAL ELITE is the fuel that drives this particular fraud.    Only an HONEST INVESTIGATION commencing instanter can find out the facts.   This investigation has to start at square one.
Where is square one?    Dr. Sugar – you are writing the book!    I yield to your expertise.    By this e-mail all I want to do is send out the word that we MAY NOT BE ALONE!    We might have friends over at the Department of Justice!

Ken Ditkowsky

What we are really waiting for is for the FBI to investigate the murders and thefts involving the following estates:

  1.  Mary Sykes.  $3 million missing, unaccounted for.  One judge, Judge Stuart resigned and Judge Connors is being protected.  No jurisdiction in this case, no service upon Mary Sykes, or notice to her 2 elderly sisters Yolanda and Josephine prior to the guardianship trial.  Nearly $1 million is missing in gold coins.  The probate court quashed all discovery.  Mary was narcotized to death in the end.  Attorneys Farenga, Stern, Waller, Schmeidel, Soehilig and others were a part of the scheme.  Farenga, in particular, begged the ARDC not to investigate her but to investigate other attorneys (myself and Ken Ditkowsky who were complaining the case was corrupt) and the ARDC complied, handed us both lengthy suspensions, and ignored the fact millions are missing from the Sykes case and Mary was murdered in the end.  None of the miscreant attorneys have been investigated:  Farenga, Stern, Waller, Schmeidel and Soehlig all helped to cover up a nasty string of felonies.  At the ARDC, Larkin, Grogin, Opryszek and Smart helped to cover up the conspiracy there to loot and murder Mary at the end of her life.  No investigation has been undertaken.  No subpoenas have been served and depositions have not been taken.  Judge Stuart resigned over the case, but Connors is being protected.  Why?

Other cases which require investigation are Peterson, Frake, Dorothy Baker and others.  I have list of over 30 cases you can find here:

lots to investigate.


From the ABA journal: 2 interesting cases of lawyer discipline involving Social Media

ABA article:

While the ABA headline focused on the lawyer’s FaceBook Posts as follows as a basis for discipline, after reading the decision which may be found here

it turns out the lawyer said this on Facebook but had no follow up with the client to answer all of his questions and fully and timely inform him of the status of his case.

In addition, the law firm initially sued the wrong defendant.

Finally, the lawyer did not dispute or respond to any of the allegations, but just entered into a settlement agreement for a 90 day suspension.  No First Amendment issues were brought up and it seems the allegations of improper FB posts seems flimsy for any form of discipline.

But the charges of not fully and timely informing the client of the status of his case were far more serious, as was suing the wrong defendant initially.

Seems there is more than simple FB post problems here and the discipline was not based upon mundane answers to client questions posed on FB.

From a second social media case from the ABA Journal:

This case does seem to fall squarely under the First Amendment.

The Nevada Supreme Court has suspended a Las Vegas lawyer for six months partly because he accused a judge of religious discrimination on Facebook.

Jacob Hafter was suspended in a Nov. 17 order that said he made the comments with no basis in fact and also had made false statements under oath in another matter, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Three of the court’s seven justices said they would have instead imposed a stayed suspension.

Hafter criticized a judge who denied his request to change a trial date to accommodate a Jewish holiday. He accused the judge of religious bias on Facebeook and repeated his claim in an interview with the Review-Journal.

“Either she’s anti-Semitic or she’s biased against me. In either case, she shouldn’t be the judge in this case,” he told the newspaper.

The judge said she refused to move the trial date because it would prejudice the plaintiffs and because Hafter agreed to the date in the first place.

Hafter made the alleged false statements during a collection proceeding against him and his wife, according to the suspension order. Hafter said he lacked income or possessions to satisfy a judgment, despite evidence his firm had received attorney fees and contingency payments, the court said.

The court initially said Hafter’s suspension should take effect immediately, with a 15-day period to wind up current client matters. The court gave Hafter an additional 30 days in a Nov. 21 order.

In an interview with the ABA Journal, Hafter said cases of much worse misconduct had gotten lesser punishment. “This is punitive, this is a horrible case,” Hafter said.

Hafter also said he sought to change the trial date five months before the trial when he realized the conflict with the Jewish holiday. And he said his law firm received a settlement during an appeal in the collections case, so his initial testimony was not false.

Hafter added that the First Amendment protected his comments about the judge.

Hafter criticized his suspension in a Facebook post. A screenshot is below.

“Overlooking the fact that they can use a private litigation matter and my advocacy to observe my religious practices to suspend me for six months is appalling. Worse, for the court to suggest that because they didn’t believe my speech to be true, or, in other words, they did not agree with me regarding the content of my speech, and therefore I do not have any First Amendment protections eviscerates the entire purpose of free speech. We should be able to criticize our elected judges without fear that we will lose our entire livelihood and professional career,” Hafter said in an email.

Updated at 11:45 a.m. and 12:05 p.m. to include Hafter’s comments.

Numerous commentators, including myself and Ken Ditkowsky found this to be covered under the First Amendment and suffice to say, this is far from any conduct by a lawyer serious enough to warrant discipline by “clear and convincing” evidence.

Here are some comments that are relevant and clearly support the First Amendment:

  • The Schuz said:

    Nevada isn’t the only state going after attorneys who accuse judges of discriminatory behavior. My money’s on an eventual Supreme Court case taking state bars to take for their repeated violations of the First Amendment. Judges really need to grow thicker skins or get out of the courtroom.

    Posted: Nov 22, 2017 01:25 pm CST
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  • Buck said:

    In the contrary, this SCOTUS will likely support judges, ala New Kings, who can do no wrong are therefore presumed good and true (immune – FOUND NOWHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION)

    Posted: Nov 23, 2017 03:18 am CST
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  • Kenneth Ditkowsky said:

    Did we wake up this morning and find that the First Amendment had be abrogated? The lawyer said:

    “Either she’s anti-Semitic or she’s biased against me. In either case, she shouldn’t be the judge in this case,”
    How would the lawyer disciplinary commission determine that the statement was false? The lawyers doing the disciplinary assassination are grossly unethical and demonstrate an extra-ordinary disrespect for America’s Constitution. The ABA should stand up and be counted! If the 2nd oldest profession will not stand up for the 1ST aMENDMENT it is a very sad day.

    Posted: Nov 27, 2017 06:36 pm CST
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  • TruthHurts said:

    No sympathy. Lawyers like this, who always have an excuse for everything and “take cases no other lawyer will take,” are always total slimy scuz-balls who demean a profession already suffering from a poor reputation.

    Posted: Nov 29, 2017 08:25 am CST
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    • joanne denison said:

      you don’t know that. many lawyers in fact DO take on civil rights issues that other lawyers are afraid of. face it, the comment was fairly benign and seems to fall squarely under the 1st Amendment. If we allow the disciplinary boards and Judges to violate the First Amendment, then what hope is there for the public. He made a private comment to warn others about this judge and possible bias, which I believe he had the right to do. By the same standards, your post would be seen as defamatory if not protected by the First Amendment. You might want to think about that.

      Posted: Nov 29, 2017 12:44 pm CST
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    • Kenneth Ditkowsky said:

      A judge has a duty to protect all the litigants who appear before him, and the 2nd oldest profession has a duty to protect FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS of every one – including lawyers. I would have little problem with the Judge protecting his courtroom with CONTEMPT proceedings, but I great problem with the disciplinary commission drawing the words false far out of context and definition as a cheap rationalization for disciplining the lawyer and 2nd making the assumption that the lawyer’s religious beliefs were not genuine.
      Julius Hoffman, US District Court Judge who presided over the Chicago 7 trial was publicly castigated in open Court by the Chief Judge of the District for holding Court on the High Holy Days. – the words heard were: ” IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RESPECT FOR YOURSELF, AT THE VERY LEAST HAVE THEM FOR ME.” The proceedings were sua sponde cancelled.
      This is not a simple issue= court procedure has to be conducted as if presided over by Caesar’s wife! The Courtroom is not the FISH MARKET! even though in many jurisdictions the smell is similar.

      Posted: Nov 29, 2017 10:56 am CST
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    • joanne denison said:

      Lawyers get dates changed all the time, often for a sore toenail. But he’s a solo, so the courts often treat pro se litigants and solo practitioners with much less respect than large law firms, which they hope to work at some day and make a bundle of money for sending out a few emails and talking on the phone a few minutes per day. I see nothing wrong with what the lawyer said. He commented fairly on the judge’s actions on social media. the judge can’t complain because as a public official, and likely elected, he can’t sue for defamation, libel or false light. He forced himself into the public arena for comment and criticism. The 1st Amendment was the only amendment voted in without any discussion or commentary. If you don’t like the First Amendment, in 1776 King George would have put him to death. Today in many mideastern countries and in S. Korea such commentary is a death sentence. If we don’t stand up for lawyers making reasonable commentaries, our own 1st Amendment rights are being eroded. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

      Posted: Nov 29, 2017 12:49 pm CST
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      • Charles B. Tiffany said:

        All rights come out of a gun barrel.If you are worried about a jack-in-apes writing nasties on Social Media being abused that is your affair.As for me and my house,we are armed and if anybody wants to take our liberties away, I say come and get them.”Form a militia and get ready to rumble. When Trump is hounded out of office,this country will explode and face book problems will fade away as starvation haunts millions.Every lawyer I know is armed to the teeth. Only an idiot can not see that despotism is coming or already here.Just watch this Salem witch hunt that is going on. All our valued liberty safeguards go out the window as the mob takes over. If yo are not ready to man the barricades than get used to wearing chains.

        Posted: Nov 29, 2017 01:06 pm CST
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From Joanne; a belated Thanksgiving and prays for all of you who have been isolated from your grandparents, siblings and children thru wrongful state action

Dear Readers;

I have heard from many of you who cannot see their own grandparents, parents and even children due to wrongful state actions.  Rest assured you have been in my thoughts and prayers as we battle Elder Cleansing, State and Medical Kidnap and Wrongful Custody cases in the court system.

BP still cannot see his new born child. DCFS is withholding the child from him.  His attorney has asked that the child be immediately returned, but the Juvenile (travesty of justice) court system refuses to do anything, instead putting a good father through a rat maze of spur of the moment drug tests, endless parenting classes and inspections and all sorts of what not.  He has not be charged with anything, no complaints have been filed against him, but on the day his infant son was set to be discharged from the hospital, DCFS swooped in and removed the child based upon a metabolite of an alleged illegal drug in the child’s meconium, etc.  There was no real analyis, DCFS tests are for metabolites, which are often mimicked by common food products such as poppy seeds and quinine water.  Please pray for Brian.  Juvenile court and DCFS have assumed the role of evil monster and the Juvenile Court judge doesn’t care.

Another mother, Ms. SK had her daughter wrongfully ripped from her arms, when the child’s doctor filed a DCFS report for possible sexual abuse by him and his 29 year old son.  The mother did nothing wrong, but at the next court hearing, her incompetent attorney told her she had to waive her rights to coparenting because otherwise the “police would arrest her.”  This turned out to be a croc of you know what.  It seems the evil GAL and her attorney were in on a plot to churn the bill with endless proceedings against a wholly innocent mother!  She now has a competent attorney advising her.  But does she have her daughter back?  Heck no.  She will be going into court next month to get her daughter back, please pray for her too.

I hear about new cases of corruption every week.  Other cases develop new aspects of corruption as corrupt lawyers and judges continue to feast like vultures on the innocent and uninformed.

And guardianship judges left and right continue to engage in the mantra of “target, isolate, narcotize, drain the estate and then narcotize to death when the money runs out.”  We need to return truth and justice to our court system.  It is sorely needed.

Please pray for them all.



See from Ken Ditkowsky below:

With the Federal Trial of Philip Esformes looming in March, this cartoon from the Wall Street Journal has particular meaning.
All of us are frighted that a ‘fix’ is in the works!    This is especially concerning as right here in Illinois it appears that activities similar to those exposed in the Esformes case are going one hot and heavy with no end in sight.    The ‘cover up’ which included the Mary Sykes case and the Alice Gore case are becoming old hat and the miscreants not only escaped criminal prosecution but neither the State of Illinois or the United States of America appear to have made any effort to collection the INCOME TAXES generated by the criminal abuse of the public trust.
The mantra of the State of Illinois was made very clear by the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) when he wrote the Illinois Supreme Court concerning a blog that exposed judicial corruption and pointed out that it was akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater”
The Billion dollars that Philip Esformes stole from Medicare (alleged in the indictment) apparently has not set the PRICE high enough to induce any interest in the product called: LAW ENFORCEMENT!

I thought this article from The Wall Street Journal would interest you.

Pepper…and Salt

From JP: Another letter to the US DOJ asking them to investigate clearly corrupt courts, and they take no action.

Another letter detailing a string of felonies goes uninvestigated by the FBI and other authorities, despite the fact the victim makes it clear that a string of felonies has occurred.


Jacqueline Pidanick

262 Old Bridge Dr.

Bluffton, SC 29910






U.S Department of Justice

Civil Rights Division

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530


Re: My Reply to your  UNSIGNED Nov 9th 2017 letter indicating you refuse to investigate

Rampant Corruption in the Courts of Beaufort, South Carolina


Dear Sir or Madam;


       This is in response to your unsigned letter of Nov.9, 2017 in which you advised me that that you would not be investigating the court system, lawyers and judges of North Carolina despite the fact they have engaged in the following string of felonies:


  1. infant 8 week old daughter was beaten by Christopher Maddaloni (“Father”) and pictures were shown in court to Judge Fuge who did nothing but allow the Father joint custody. Father, it turns out has a long history of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.  Judge Fuge ignored all the evidence of past Domestic Violence and child abuse and would not hear it.
  2. transcripts were changed, evidence was changed and distorted on numerous occasions.  complaints were repeatedly filed and ignored by the local authorities
  3. I was repeatedly told not to talk in court, being pro se, and I could not refute numerous blatant lies which were spewn in court–while the abuser’s attorney was able to put into the record every ridiculous, blatant and obvious lie he could think of
  4. Many or most of my Appellate motions and filings were ignored or the Appellate court clerk says she never received my filings even though there is proof of delivery to the court by UPS and the UPS legal department has verified the deliveries as being actual.
  5. Honest lawyers do not want to go to court and help me because they have no tolerance for the amount and level of corruption displayed in the courtroom and they believe finding justice there to be an elusive undertaking they would never charge for
  6. I was haled into court without any proper notice or petition and given a Sanction of $5,000 or 30 days in jail for posting a petition to remove Judge Fuge.  The Appellate court stayed the sanction.  However, the attorney for father, Michael Horton, still refuses to return all of my $5,000 paid to him prior to the Appellate Court issuing that order.  I sued the attorneys and Father in Federal Court for First Amendment Retaliation.  Two police officers then visited my home and threatened me not to make any more posts on social media because my posts appear to threaten judges and attorneys.  I added these two police officers to my suit for First Amendment Retaliation.


After all of this, all I get from the US Department of Justice is an unsigned form letter you see no reason to investigate corrupt courts and police in South Carolina?  That is truly a preposterous insult to honest law abiding taxpayers.


When I complained to the local judicial disciplinary committee, the disciplinary committee told me they will take no more complaints regarding Judge Peter FUGE. The sad part was I never said the name of the judge–they just knew immediately whom I was speaking of when I started to discuss my case with their personnel.


The packets of information and evidence I send to your offices are very time consuming and expensive to prepare.  Each one can cost $50 or more.  I have a family to feed, I cannot afford those types of expenses.


Accordingly,  I am requesting a phone call and visit to review all evidence that has already been uploaded completely into numerous clouds and computers.  I demand that an investigation be opened into the courtroom of Judge Peter Fuge and the Beaufort County Appellate court.  Hundreds of Affidavits are out there at this point and this case is not going away. I demand respect and consideration. I have a popular blog.  Other popular blogs pick up my postings on my case and other Fuge corrupt custody case stories.  I am also sending this to President Trump asking for a phone call and a personal meeting regarding rampant court corruption which is not addressed by either the US DOJ or FBI. This is our country and thousands in South Carolina have the same problem, thousands, and I am now collecting all your letters stating you have reviewed this horrendous situation and your offices do not find any violations of law, when in fact, they are clearly a string of felonies perpetrated by lawyers in suits and judges in black robes in Beaufort County, including Judge Fuge.


I can no longer afford to send all the massive evidence of corruption again and again for you to lose or write back some unsigned form letter that a citizen of South Carolina does not matter to the US DOJ. If you lack the time, please hire some competent people willing to address these horrendous situations good parents encounter in the South Carolina Court system. This is your job ! Do it !


With sincere respect I am also submitting this letter to numerous reporters–local and nationwide, government officials and so on.


Jacqueline Pidanick

College student and mother of two young children


From EF: More information on Jerome Larkin and Chicago corruption

Jerome Larkin

Jerome Larkin

Jerome Larkin, the Administrator of the ARDC, Speaker Madigan ‘s crony and one of the main Protectors of rampant judicial corruption in Illinois Court system. 

jerome larkin

From 2006 to present time Jerome Larkin always closed all my complaints against predatory  lawyers who operate massive racket and money laundering mill in Illinois Court, no matter how much evidence I provided.

Instead all Jerome Larkin’s energy went to quash opposition and  vigorously attack honest lawyers who truthfully expose judicial corruption. ARDC disbar honest lawyers

Jerome Larkin is very likely a father to Julia Larkin, former political aid to IL Democratic Party Speaker Michael Madigan.


Julia Larkin worked for the Speaker from June 2008 through January 2017 and was  a very multi-tasking employee.

Besides political help to Mr. Madigan supported candidates, her work tasks also included “Reviewing wide range of complex documentation including but not limited to property tax documentation

Julia Larkin resume

It is not a secret that Mr. Madigan makes his money by lowering property taxes

Apparently with support from Madigan’s taxpayers’ funded political aids like Julia Larkin who was regularly involved in Mr.Madigan-related ethics scandals


Jerome Larkin’s family is very active on political horizon and  donated very substantial amounts of money to various political campaigns, 38 pages of contributions.

lakrin donations

Jerome Larkin , who has signed the complaint against Ken Ditkowsky, has funneled several million dollars through his property in the last ten years.

For example, Larkin took out a loan for $450,000 in December of 2001 and paid it back in exactly five years. In the meantime, he had taken out another $450,000 loan—in October of 2006, which he paid back in just a tad over four years, in January of 2011. In the meantime, he had taken out yet another mortgage—this one for $101,000—in November of 2009, which he was miraculously able to repay in just about a year.

But his unusual loan behavior doesn’t stop here. In January of 2011, Larkin took out a whopping $750,000 mortgage on the same piece of property. Larkin must have a direct line to lottery bucks, because he was able to repay this loan by January of 2013.

In the meantime . . . are you getting the picture yet? . . . he took out another $750,000 loan in December of 2012.

Neither Jerome Larkin nor his wife, psychologist Antoinette Krakowski responded to telephone inquiries concerning the amount of money being funneled through their home.

Larkin is the big cheese over at the ARDC. There are other attorneys in the employ of that powerful, shadowy, not-government, not private – commission whose loan history is also questionable, including attorneys Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryzcek.

Apparently, the word about the loan trough is getting out. A check was run on the loan history of attorneys and guardians ad litem, Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga, whose actions first alerted Ken Ditkowsky to the predatory nature of probate guardianships. Lo and behold, Adam Stern’s loan history looks like that of a hyperactive kid in a Ritalin store.

Details can be found  below.

A scandal is brewing in Chicago which threatens to make Operation Greylord look like a dress rehearsal for a cotillion. Starting with a seemingly innocuous question, tendered to press liaison Jim Grogan at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) in Illinois, a boil of corruption got inadvertently pricked, which threatens now to reveal a subterranean cancer in the legal system in Illinois.

For those who are unaware of Greylord, here is a bit of history: back in the eighties, a collaborative effort by the FBI, IRS and a couple of outraged judges and attorneys resulted in one of the biggest takedowns of public officials in the history of Illinois. At the end of the 3 1/2 year undercover operation, a total of 92 people were indicted, including 17 judges, 48 lawyers, ten deputy sheriffs, eight policemen, eight court officials, and state legislator James DeLeo.

The extent of the takedown might have mitigated further predatory acts by those in the legal system. Thirty years later, however, the corruption that was supposedly expunged by Greylord has simply become systemic.

Back to Jim Grogan. Grogan, who is an attorney as well as ARDC press liaison, declined to reply to questions from this reporter as to why no statements of economic interests could be found for the attorneys who work for the ARDC. The law governing economic interests reporting is in place to ensure that those working in government capacities are not being influenced by financial lures and temptations. These statements are mandated by 5 ILCS 420 to be filed every year for nearly everyone who works in a government capacity.

Here are relevant clauses from the law, with pivotal sections underlined:

When Grogan failed to respond to the query, Press Secretary Jim Tybor at the Illinois Supreme Court was contacted and astoundingly told this reporter that this law did not apply to the judicial branch. (See 6 and e, above).

Michelle Burton, a paralegal at the ARDC assured this reporter that the ARDC employees are not state employees. However, the website for the ARDC announces that the Commission is an arm of the Illinois Supreme Court.

The ARDC is in a particularly pivotal position. As the Commission responsible for disciplining attorneys, the ARDC functions as a gatekeeper. In that sense, the ARDC defines the legal climate in Illinois. Right now, the ARDC has taken upon its shoulders the regulation of an attorney’s right to free speech. Attorney Ken Ditkowsky, who has been practicing law in Chicago area since 1961, is facing disciplinary proceedings for sending emails to federal authorities asking for an investigation of corrupt practices in Illinois courts.

Shades of Greylord . . . Except this time, the feds are turning a deaf ear to evidence of legal malfeasance in Illinois. And Ditkowsky may in fact lose his license to practice law, due to his incisive perceptions and requests for investigation.

Attorney Ken Ditkowsky’s concerns about judicial and attorney misconduct began with the adult guardianship of Mary Sykes, an elderly woman who was placed under a guardianship without due process. Another Illinois attorney, JoAnne Denison, is also under disciplinary proceedings due to her maintaining a blog about the Sykes guardianship. (Source)

Ditkowsky soon realized that the phenomenon of what he is calling “elder cleansing” is going on nationwide. And for his act of speaking out against a pervasive assault on a vulnerable demographic group—the elderly and incapacitated—the ARDC has recommended a four year suspension of his license to practice law.

As it turns out, the ARDC attorneys appear to have quite a bit to hide in terms of their economic interests.

If you want to bribe someone, there are only a couple of ways to do this that would not trigger the red flags that are built into the banking infrastructure. One way would be to give someone a big envelope stuffed with cash. Brian Mulroney, a former Prime Minister of Canada, was caught red handed receiving such a bounty and a scandal ensued. (Source)

The other way is through a “loan.” The mechanism is simply and virtually opaque—Mr. X takes out a loan, such as a mortgage and Mr. Y pays it back. There are no banking flags to trigger and no embarrassing wads of cash, a la Mulroney, to explain.

The use of such property loans to funnel payola to judges was exposed in a 2009 article, which first appeared in the San Bernardino County Sentinel. Now it seems that those in the Illinois legal system, specifically attorneys at the ARDC, have climbed onto the dinero express.

Jerome Larkin, the Administrator of the ARDC and the individual who has signed the complaint against Ken Ditkowsky, has funneled several million dollars through his property in the last ten years. For example, Larkin took out a loan for $450,000 in December of 2001 and paid it back in exactly five years. In the meantime, he had taken out another $450,000 loan—in October of 2006, which he paid back in just a tad over four years, in January of 2011. In the meantime, he had taken out yet another mortgage—this one for $101,000—in November of 2009, which he was miraculously able to repay in just about a year.

But his unusual loan behavior doesn’t stop here. In January of 2011, Larkin took out a whopping $750,000 mortgage on the same piece of property. Larkin must have a direct line to lottery bucks, because he was able to repay this loan by January of 2013.

In the meantime . . . are you getting the picture yet? . . . he took out another $750,000 loan in December of 2012.

Neither Jerome Larkin nor his wife, psychologist Antoinette Krakowski responded to telephone inquiries concerning the amount of money being funneled through their home.

Larkin is the big cheese over at the ARDC. There are other attorneys in the employ of that powerful, shadowy, not-government, not private – commission whose loan history is also questionable, including attorneys Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryzcek.

Apparently, the word about the loan trough is getting out. A check was run on the loan history of attorneys and guardians ad litem, Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga, whose actions first alerted Ken Ditkowsky to the predatory nature of probate guardianships. Lo and behold, Adam Stern’s loan history looks like that of a hyperactive kid in a Ritalin store.

A review of the Cook County recorder’s website reveals that Stern has run over a million dollars through his property loans in roughly the last ten years. A couple of examples of quickly repaid large loans taken out by Stern include a $272,000 mortgage taken out on 9/13/2004 and paid back on 2/17/05. Stern also took out a $51,000 mortgage on 9/13/04 and paid it back May of 2005. On October 4, 2004 Stern took out an $80,000 mortgage which he paid back less than three months later.

Adam Stern also has a federal tax lien on his home for $60,000. Stern, who is parenthetically serving as guardian ad litem in the Sykes guardianship and is thus in the responsible position of looking out for OPM—other people’s money—can’t even pay his own taxes.

Attorney and guardian ad litem Cynthia Farenga’s loan history is similarly manic. Farenga is also a guardian ad litem in the Sykes case. For example, Farenga took out a $385,000 loan on 11/09/2006 and paid it off on 6/12/2007. A loan of over a half million dollars – $575,000 to be exact – was paid off by Farenga within five years, on 6/24/2013. Farenga took out a smaller, $244,000 mortgage on 10/16/2003 and paid it back within two years, on 9/28/05. In the meantime, she had taken out another mortgage, this time for an even $300,000 on 9/07/2005, which she quickly reconveyed in less than a year and a half, on 1/08/2007. All told, over two and a quarter million dollars have been funneled through Farenga’s property in the last ten years.

The head of a private investigator’s firm out in the Southern California area confided in me that judges were coming to him to inquire how to hide their property, so that public searches for these records would not result in transparency. Recently, Judge Ronald Christianson, formerly the Presiding Judge in San Bernardino County, changed the name on the records of his primary residence to “Property Owners.” Such tactics will make determinations of suspicious activity increasingly more difficult.

Ditkowsky has filed a complaint with the ARDC referencing the impropriety of Adam Stern working as a GAL when he has failed to fulfill his own tax liabilities. At the time of going to press, other records detailing suspicious financial activity by ARDC attorneys and others are being turned over to a Grand Jury.

The Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Supreme Court, Michael Tardy, did not respond to queries from this reporter concerning the economic interests and reporting requirements of the ARDC, which is an arm of the Illinois Supreme Court.


Government Attorneys Implicated in Ethics Scandal
Janet Phelan
October 28, 2013
Activist Post