Just what does the FBI investigate?

From the FBI website at http://www.FBI.gov you can learn that a major field of importance to their investigations are 10 areas including:

Click on “about us” and there is this list:

5. Civil Rights
– Hate Crime
– Human Trafficking
– Color of Law

4. Public Corruption
– Government Fraud

7. White-Collar Crime ….
– Financial Institution Fraud & Failures
– Health Care Fraud
– ..
– Mortgage Fraud
– Piracy/Intellectual Property Theft

(that is interesting, GJS has alerted the FBI to theft of her IP and nothing is done)

But the basic claim, one which has been submitted over and over in the Sykes case and Wyman is the court acting without jursidiction for over 3 years and nothing is done.  Ken and I complain vociferously like banshees and the ARDC shoots the messengers and lets the miscreants go.

All of the above torts and claims are present in the following cases: Tyler, Bedin, Sykes, Gore, Wyman–it it reported over and over to the authorities and nothing is done.

How long do these victims have to wait?

And I can’t do it all by myself — even with the wonderful assistance of Ken and the victims. So what i am asking is if you can make a donation, no matter how small, it will go to helping me help the victims.  I now keep track of all this pro bono work to the victims of court corruption that I have encoutered calling this “cost of corruption” and that is up to $273,000 through August 31, 2012.  Cases like Wyman need to be funded.  (Litigation funding is very, very lucrative at 2% per month interest, so consider signing up).

I plan on delivering books to the FBI next week on the Wyman case to reflect their recollection that the Wymans are suffering and terrorized by an out of control court acting for 3 years under “color of statute”.  I hope they can help, but so far, it’s just me and Ken.  I can’t begin to tell you how many attorneys I have encountered just look the other way and walk away from this horrid mess claiming, “it’s too difficult”, “you can’t go up against THAT”, “probate court is the worst court in the system for getting screwed over–don’t get involved in any difficult case there, you’ll just end up breaking your heart when you see what goes on.”–all from seasoned, experienced attorneys!  Years and years of experience.

Too late for that.

Below is “How to file a Complaint” with the FBI

Filing a Complaint

To file a color of law complaint, contact your local FBI office by telephone, in writing, or in person. The following information should be provided:

  • All identifying information for the victim(s);
  • As much identifying information as possible for the subject(s), including position, rank, and agency employed;
  • Date and time of incident;
  • Location of incident;
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witness(es);
  • A complete chronology of events; and
  • Any report numbers and charges with respect to the incident.

You may also contact the United States Attorney’s Office in your district or send a written complaint to:

Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
Washington, DC 20530

FBI investigations vary in length. Once our investigation is complete, we forward the findings to the U.S. Attorney’s Office within the local jurisdiction and to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., which decide whether or not to proceed toward prosecution and handle any prosecutions that follow.

Calling for YOU to request an investigation.

While Ken and I are apparently in deep doo doo for asking our elected and non elected officials to just do their jobs (and I hope in doing so, we will be vindicated of our “horrible crimes” which sit squarely on top of our First Amendment rights of free speech), apparently you can go right to the US Department of Justice website and file a complaint if you know that a disable senior is being discriminated against.  That’s right, just go to http://www.usdoj.gov and click on file a complaint.

Below is one that someone filed today on behalf of Mary Sykes and you can all use it as a format.  All the work is done for you and please thank Nancy, one of my faithful readers for doing that for us all.

U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
Disability Rights Section

OMB No. 1190-0009 

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Discrimination Complaint Form 

Instructions: Please fill out this form completely, in black ink or type. Sign and return to the address on page 3.

Complainant: Nancy Vallonehorizontal divider

Address: 503 Lafayette Avehorizontal divider

City, State and Zip Code: Niles, OH 44446horizontal divider

Telephone: Home: 330-979-1398


Person Discriminated Against:
(if other than the complainant)   Mary Sykeshorizontal divider

Address: 527 Grineshorizontal divider

City, State, and Zip Code: Naperville, IL 60631horizontal divider

Telephone: Home: unknown


Government, or organization, or institution which you believe has discriminated:

Name:  Cook county Illinois Probate Court and Guardian ad leitem

Address: Cynthia farenga 1601 Sherman Ave #200, Evanston Il 60201 and Adam Stern 105 West Adams St #3800, Chicago, Il 60603  and Cook County Probate Court 50 West Washington Street Room 1202, Chicago , IL 60602horizontal divider

County:Cook Countyhorizontal divider

City:Chicagohorizontal divider

State and Zip Code:Illinois 60602horizontal divider

Telephone Number: Farenga-847-475-1300 Stern-312-789-5730  Probate Ct-(312) 603-6441

horizontal divider

When did the discrimination occur? Date: Started 3 years ago until current timehorizontal divider

Describe the acts of discrimination providing the name(s) where possible of the individuals who discriminated (use space on page 3 if necessary):horizontal divider

When Mary found out what occurred she tried to unwind the transaction.
Mary first tired to obtain copies of the documents that she signed but the older daughter and the attorney refused her copies.
Thereupon Mary sought help from the civic authorities and she went to the Court to obtain an order of protection.
The daughter countered with an incompetency proceeding.

755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 –NOTICE REQUIRED No one is concerned there was no 14 day prior notice required by statute every order ended is void.  Mary was never properly served with a summons and complaint prior to hearing, she was not permitted to speak up in court and ask for an attorney of her choosing, numerous hand written notes, video taped and accessible on the web were ignored or disregarded in court.  Her sisters were not served 14 days advance notice of the time, date and place of hearing as required by the Illinois Probate Act in order for the court to attain jurisdiction.  Accordingly, Mary is living without her human rights, civil rights, choice of residence, choice of attorney (Ken Ditkowsky represented her and was her family attorney for years, she specifically asked for him, when he appeared in court, he was slapped with sanctions by the court–but these were later vacated by the Illinois Court of Appeals)

We believe that she lives under the constant threat of being placed in a nursing home to live in a pool of her own urine never to see the light of day again because nursing home residents are rarely allowed outside.
The younger daughter has not been allowed communicates with her mother for periods in excess of six months.   A younger sibling (of Mary’s age 80 plus) has been denied communication with her sister (Mary) for extremely long periods of time.  Before this, the siblings talked on the phone almost daily and visited monthly and at all holidays. Three years have gone by and no effort has been successful in obtaining Mary’s liberty rights, property rights, civil rights or human rights.
Retaliation , punishment, fines occurs if Any one questioning the Court for acting without jurisdiction and in concert with Farenga, Sterrn the GALS and the plenary guardian in intentionally denying senior citizen Mary Stern of her liberty, her property, civil and human rights.     Mary Sykes for three years has been in such condition!

Gold coins valued at approximately a million dollars (or more) have not been inventoried.  Cash that was in a mattress has not been inventoried (most likely $50,000 or more)

She’s living by force in a home and isolated from all.  She is drugged and denied assess to any person she trusts or loves in order to stop her from crying foul. She has been prevented from practicing her religion, attending civic activities, garden club, historical society, et al. Before she was kidnapped on June 9 2009 she lived a full and complete life and cooked, banked, and even marched in the local parades: she walked at least two mikes a day and cared for her own dog and now is told she never had a dog .
She had mini stokes years ago and more recently under Toerpes (the Plenary Guardian’s) care. So the court made her appear to be dementia the Altzheimers type by retaining one of their tied in physicians who rubber stamps every guardianship.  Video tape evidence posted on the internet AFTER her guardianization shows she is clearly thinking, knows what she wants and knows who she wants as her guardian (the other daughter who cared for her for years and is her proper POA).horizontal divider

horizontal divider

Have efforts been made to resolve this complaint through the internal grievance procedure of the government, organization, or institution?

Yes___x___ No______

If yes: what is the status of the grievance? I believe so and specific information can be obtained from Mary’s Advocates Ken Ditkowski 5940  w Touthy Ave Niles, Illinois phone 847-600-3421 email kenditkowski@yahoo.com and JoAnne Dennison 1512 N. Freemont St, #202 Chicago, IL 60642-2694 phone 773-255-7608 email joanne@denisonlaw.com.

horizontal divider

horizontal divider

Has the complaint been filed with another bureau of the Department of Justice or any other Federal, State, or local civil rights agency or court?

Yes______ No___x___

If yes:

as a private citizen and friend none that i’m aware ofhorizontal divider

Do you intend to file with another agency or court?

Yes______ No__x____

Signature: Nancy L Vallone RN, BSN, MSN, CNS, Advocate

Date: 12-27-2012


Return to:

U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Disability Rights – NYAV
Washington, D.C. 20530

Paperwork Reduction Act Statement:
A federal agency may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to a collection of information unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number. Public burden for the collection of this information is estimated to average 45 minutes per response. Comments regarding this collection of information should be directed to the Department Clearance Officer, U.S. Department of Justice, Justice Management Division, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Policy and Planning Staff, Two Constitution Square, 145 North Street, N.E., Room 2E–508, Washington, D.C. 20530.

OMB No. 1190-0009. Expiration Date: May 31, 2015.

Why don’t the news media outlets pickup stories on Sykes, Bedin, Tyler, Gore, etc.?

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Dec 27, 2012 9:27 AM
To: Nancy Vallone , GJS
Cc: Chicago Tribune , “David (NBC Universal WRC) Silver” , SUNTIMES , Cook County Sheriff , states attorney , scott evans , JoAnne M Denison , NASGA , Tim Lahrman NASGA , probate sharks , matt senator kirk , mary wooley state police , mary richards
Subject: Re: Sykes info

 December 27, 2012
Memo:  Wall Street Journal and other media outlets
To whom it may concern:
I read the Wall Street Journal Article decrying the attempt to censor and charge newsman David Gregory with a crime.     The editorial was impressive and correct.    The core of American culture is the First Amendment.   Unfortunately, I was struck by the fact that no one is interested in the fact that right here in Chicago – Gloria Sykes, who authored several books including Shattered Sense of Innocence and produced several documentaries – is fighting alone against avenging miscreants who appear to have the complete backing of the Circuit Court of Cook County in denying her First Amendment Rights.
In an attempt to prevent Gloria Sykes from doing an expose of corruption in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois Ms. Sykes has been subjected to unspeakable abuse.    This abuse has been previously detailed in e-mails that various citizens have forwarded to the local media outlets.   Indeed, the local media outlets have received anguished calls to help Ms. Sykes and no one is interested.    This situation is common – but not the subject of this memo.
 Ms. Sykes commenced her crusade after her mother complained of her older daughter’s financial exploitation.    In a failed attempt to help her mother escape the ravages of ‘Elder Abuse” and “Financial Exploitation of the Elderly”  journalist Gloria Sykes waded into the fray with both feet.  Like other family members of victims, Ms. Sykes has been demonized, defamed, and discriminated against in an effort to ‘shut her up!’       The most recent outrage is still pending in the Circuit Court.    The particular outrage that the media ought to be concerned involves the use of the ‘color of statute’ to separate a journalist from her research, her data, her notes and her intellectual property.
In an effort to prevent Ms. Sykes from continuing her efforts to author a publication and produce a documentary on the issue of ‘government supported elder abuse’ and expose a ‘Greylord’ type scandal, Ms. Sykes was subjected to what appears to be a totally improper ‘forcible entry and detainer action. (color of statute)     Whether the legal proceeding was proper or not is matter for the Courts; however, the collateral activities are not.     Ms. Sykes was beaten by the husband of the de facto plenary guardian for her mother and her notes, her research, her data, and her work product were stolen during the eviction.    [It should be noted that the order of eviction is reported as removing Ms. Sykes from the 2nd floor apartment located on the premises.    Ms. Sykes occupied the entire building and had for many years.
It is obvious that the focus of the eviction was to gain access to Ms. Sykes valuable intellectual property – i.e. the transcripts of proceedings that detail the fact that for more three years the Circuit Court of Cook County has not had jurisdiction as the original proceedings to declare Ms. Mary Sykes disabled did not comport to the Illinois legislative scheme.    The censorship effort was successful as most of the intellectual property associated with Ms. Sykes’ journalistic efforts vanished.   In an effort to garner the intellectual property the miscreants caused Ms. Sykes was beaten as stated aforesaid.   The Chicago Police were uninterested and the Sheriff’s office indifferent.    Efforts by Ms. Sykes to obtain a criminal prosecution were fruitless!
Lost were transcripts of Court proceedings.   The transcripts document the unusual proceeding that took place in the Circuit Court of Cook County and establish that Mary Sykes’ liberty, property, civil rights and human rights were violated and everyone (including yours truly) who attempted to help was subject to harassment and intimidation).     Thousands of pages of material including a copy of Government Accounting Office report to Congress detailing dozens of other elder abuse cases that the Courts systematically denied were removed.     Ms. Sykes has carried on this fight on her own.   CBS has done at least one interview – it was quashed!
All that said, Gloria Sykes as a pro-se is attempting to recover her intellectual property in the Circuit Court – she filed a Petition for a Rule to Show cause.    It is my understanding that the matter is scheduled for January 3, 2013.     The respect (noun) for the 4th estate’s work product and the First Amendment are issues that journalist Gloria Sykes is raising before the Circuit Court.   She is protesting that by the simple procedure of a Forcible Entry and Detainer action our new national socialists were able to thwart the efforts of an award winning journalist to expose the perfidy and corruption that rival that of the Greylord Scandal.   The only difference is that the victim in this case is unprotected and helpless to defend him/herself.
It appears to citizens that David Gregory’s grandstand action is protected journalism; however, it also appears that the exposure of Elder Abuse, the Financial Exploitation of the Elderly, and the systemic forfeiture of liberty, property, civil and human rights of the disabled is not!     Yes, Tiny Tim, this is American in 2013!     The Wall Street Journal should do a story on the Mary Sykes and Gloria Sykes adventure with the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois Probate Division – that story is much more important than ‘grandstanding’ with an illegal cartridge magazine.
Ken Ditkowsky
Ken Ditkowsky

From Atty KDD–case synopsis

Thank you for submitting a formal complaint to the DOJ in Chicago regarding the cases you have or have learned of.   I have not seen the HHS response.
If you forward it to me I will respond immediately and answer fully and completely any question they have.   The Sykes case is a bell weather case as it has all the elements of abuse.
The Illinois ARDC has reservations concerning lawyers complaining about the corruption in the Courts, but I have no concern.   The ARDC filed a complaint against me for exercising my first amendment rights and even presented into evidence my letter to the Attorney General of the United States complaining about the extra -judicial acts in the Sykes case.  As a citizen of the United States of America I can and will continue to speak my mind and file complaints when I see the liberty of a person is taken from them.
The facts of Sykes are quite simple.
Mary Sykes had two daughters.   The older daughter took her to a lawyer and when they emerged the older daughter pursuant to a power of attorney had control of the Mary’s estate.    The documents were written in deceptive manner and Mary was clearly taken advantage of.    When Mary found out what occurred she tried to unwind the transaction.
Mary first tired to obtain copies of the documents that she signed but the older daughter and the attorney refused her copies.   Thereupon Mary sought help from the civic authorities and she went to the Court to obtain an order of protection.
The daughter countered with an incompetency proceeding.    She enlisted the co-operation of two of the court favorites:  Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern.    With their aid she was able to thwart any hearing on the petition for an order of protection and was able to avoid the jurisdictional criterion of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 –NOTICE REQUIRED BY STATUTE.   this jurisdictional necessity was and is being totally ignored by the lawyers, the judges, law enforcement and the Illinois ARDC.   No one is concerned that without the 14 day prior notice required by statute every order ended is void.
Under color of statute Mary’s estate has been looted and Mary has been isolated from her family, her neighbors, and her activities.   We believe that she lives under the constant threat of being placed in a nursing home to live in a pool of her own urine.   Gold coins valued at approximately a million dollars have not been inventoried.  Cash that was in a mattress has not been inventoried.   The younger daughter has not been allowed communicates with her mother for periods in excess of six months.   A younger sibling (of Mary’s age 80 plus) has been denied communication with her sister (Mary) for extremely long periods of time.   Three years have gone by and no effort has been successful in obtaining Mary’s liberty rights, property rights, civil rights or human rights.
To expedite the vesting of the unlawful benefits anyone who questions the actions of the older daughter is subjected to punishment.   The younger daughter has had her life disrupted and her assets attached and taken from her under color of statute.   A court without jurisdiction on the mere whim of Faranga and Stern even tied up property out of the Illinois jurisdiction.
As you are aware even I have been subjected to harassment.   Knowing that there was no jurisdiction ( a fact affirmed by the Appellate Court of Illinois) the two guardian ad litem (Farenga and Stern) joined by the older daughter prosecuted a sanction motion against me for attempting to investigate this travesty.    The Appellate Court found that the Probate Court was acting without jurisdiction; however, the Illinois ARDC decided to investigate me and is presently prosecuting me for being unethical in questioning the majesty of a Court acting without jurisdiction and in concert with Farenga, Stern, and the plenary guardian in intentionally denying senior citizen Mary Stern of her liberty, her property, civil and human rights.     Mary Sykes for three years has been in such condition!
If you wish to forward my e-mail to HHS I would be honored for your do so.   Everyone who has heard of the Sykes case has one question, to wit:   HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Unfortunately it has happened and is happening to dozens of senior citizens and other disabled people today and no one is interested.   The seniors are in need of their own Martin Luther King!   We have substituted a wrinkles for a darker hue to the skin as the criteria for second class citizenship.   It is ironic that many of the very people who obtained first class citizenship by the heroics of Doctor King are active in the persecution of the disabled and the elderly.    (The ARDC prosecutor, and the Sykes judge are all African American  – how quickly we forget)
Let me say one thing – even though those given the responsibility to ensure that every American citizen’s liberty, property, civil rights and human rights are fully protected a disinterested in the disabled and the elderly – we still in America and we still have Rights, privileges and immunities.    I intend to exercise each right to the fullest and I expect all my friends to do the same.  On December 7, 1941 citizens from all walks of life gave up their lives to join in the fight to protect these rights, privileges and immunities and thus today there is no excuse for us not to do the same.   America is worth saving.
The year 2013 is going to be our year and the miscreants who seek to deny the disabled and the elderly their property, their liberty, their civil rights and their human rights are all going to pay the piper.    In the Sykes case the miscreants are at the very least going to pay the income taxes, interest and penalties  on the gold coins and cash not inventoried and (we assume) not reported as income on their Federal and State tax returns.
Ken Ditkowsky


A dedication to all those fighting for justice and love in probate court

This post is dedicated to all of you that are fighting for justice in probate court and who cannot see their beloved seniors or disabled loved ones on Hannakuh, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  The holidays are sad when “GAL’s” side with the Plenary Guardians to say that someone “aggitates” a senior so the senior is banned from seeing beloved children and grandchildren.  This is happening and continues to happen in the Bedinger case, the Sykes case– and in the Bedin case, the children were threatened their beloved mother would be “taken away” and isolated in a nursing home if Northwestern Memorial Hospital did not “do as it wanted them to do.”

All in the land of the free and the brave.

We talk the talk, but do not fight for justice for these seniors and disabled.  A woman has been writing me about a beloved young niece who has autism and is isolated and abused in a nursing home.

Another wrote me tonight and pleaded “do not write me to say that my father is better off in a nursing home.”

I would never do that.  It is situations like these that are the height of cruelty to elders.

We need the tort of “loss of consortium” passed in every state where seniors are systematically isolated from beloved family members on a whim, caprice or even pure evil and malice.

We need our “Power of Attorney Forms for medical care” in every state to say if you  isolate me from the following people (list beloved children and grandchildren and friends) you will be disinherited.

More needs to be done to represent and respect the rights of the seniors and elderly.

I want to file a class action, and I am looking for funding to do that.  If you can help or look around, please do so.

And in between times, know that I care about you all, I pray for you even if I cannot litigate for you, I will help you even tho your funds are limited or gone.  I cannot fly out to your home state right now and represent you pro bono and pro hace vice, but I hope some day that is a possibility.

I wish everyone during this amazing holiday season, peace, joy, understanding and patience and that you be surrounded with the sympathy, comfort and understanding of your family and friends as you go through these difficult times.  The karmic ties we form in this life time with family are of a magnitude of love that far stronger than any court order, any lies, deceptions, threats by the police and court system to simply ignore and toss out like yesterday’s news paper.  This all just has to change.


PS–My Christmas gift from one of my (brilliant) kids was a “disappearing civil rights” mug where you put a hot drink in it, the civil rights printing consisting of the bill of rights, disappears!  how amazingly apropos.  I think Leah Black at the ARDC needs to make that one her china pattern.

What’s next to do? Officially a blogger non grata

For all of you faithful followers of this blog, you have had the chance to read amazing and wonderful news about the rights and abilities of each US citizen to say what they want, when they want and in the manner they want to every other person on this planet earth–without worrying about not being entirely correct or diplomatic about it.

We give lip service to saying this is the most wonderful country in the world if we do not acknowledge the fact that we have embraced freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom of the press to the most encompassing metes and bounds possible, when most of the people running around have no true idea what this means on a day to day basis.  And it appears that the ARDC is in that category.

However, the ARDC (not unlike recently the nuns that are under the the holy thumb of the Pope in  Italy) have decided to reign in us attorneys for being highly critical of the reverable  likes of Adam stern, Cynthia Farenga, Justice Connors, Judge Stuart and  others wander in the probate halls of the 18th floor of the Daley Center and Kim Timmerwilke, Sharon Rudy and Judge Fabiano in Rockford probate court also join the landed gentry parade.  For some reason, the ARDC believes that these individuals are exempt from the slings and arrows of free speech, the first amendment and so forth, but they can get the ARDC to keep the rest of the lawyer hoi poli out there under an oppressive thumb by saying that statements made on this blog were made with a “reckless disregard for the truth” or some other such nonsense. For some reason, apparently KDD and I are afflicted with a cornucopia of malice for being highly critical of the likes of these fine and august (and clout heavy) individuals and it is actually Ken and I by calling for an investigation, that are clearly in the wrong and must be prosecuted for it.  We MUST be oppressed, silenced, wiped out, knuckle under the thumbs of our oppressors.

The ARDC it appears would like to have us transported back to the land of the kings and queens of yesteryear when it was possible to reign in those who were critical against the monarchy and the powers that be.  You were pulled into a star chamber and the king’s prosecutor would ask the favored politicos “did you do anything to harm Mary G. Sykes in the honorable land of guardianship?” and Prince Stern would put on an innocent lie boy face and say “no, sir”.  Then the king’s prosecutor would ask Princesses Farenga, Connors, Fabiano and Sturart, “did you do anything to harm Mary G. Sykes in the land of guardianship” and the princesses would respond in unison with their innocent lie girl faces saying, “no, sir–we are all innocent.”

Then the king’s prosecutor would say to the peons Ditkowsky and Denison, “where are your landed gentry to speak for you?”  All the while ignoring the numerous peon groups of NASGA, Probate Sharks, etc. standing out the rain because they are too lowly to enter the high courtroom.

Have times changed?  Our founding fathers and mothers certainly thought there was a problem with all of this, and they gave us the “First Amendment” (note the adjective first, like it is highly important).

I don’t know, on December 12, 2012, apparently the high lords at the ARDC voted to have Leah Black draft a complaint against my blogging.  I have not found any other state disciplinary cases against blogging and being critical of attorneys that operate in court rooms without jurisdiction and deny it, so this is a new one for all of us.

See the documents below.

KDD’s additional response to the ARDC

KDD’s additional calls for an investigation

Of course, the ARDC Inquire Panel votes to file a complaint against ME for blogging, and what does attorney Ken do?  (Since he was voted to engage in “misconduct”), right away he sends out MORE letters calling for an investigation.

I love it!

Each of Sykes, Wyman, Bedin, Tyler, Gore, etc. were cases operating without jurisdiction for years, and no one investigates. When KDD does a great job of raising a ruckus to investigate, all they do is rubber stamp misconduct on his forehead, and then look for the next forehead, which apparently is mine!  I’d better cut my bangs.