From Gloria–the life of a whistleblower is never easy

an amazing story of a woman with a heart helping out a sexual abuse victim, and SHE is penalized.

Apparently those in charge have gone to the Jerome Larkin school of staff management.  If someone’s doing good, stop it and punish them.  If someone is following the law, stop them and punish them severely.  And if they let others know, make the penalty outrageous as a warning to other do gooders.


From the City–it admits it runs Kangaroo Courts during administrative hearings

And no less this was in the Chicago Sun Times.

I had always wondered all those years of parking tickets, fines, garbage tickets, etc. if any were legal because no prosecutor or atty for the City was present.

When there is no prosecutor for the city, the proceedings easily devolve into kangaroos courts were anything goes and there is no uniformity of decisions.

I am sure many of you have seen that.

I wonder also how many complaints were filed with the ARDC over this that were trashed.  Time for a FOIA?


For Jerome Larkin today, It is time to start defending the Constitution and stop ignoring it.

Yes, Mr. Larkin, the US Supreme Court is still recognizing people’s rights under the US Constitution as the law of the land, even if you are not.

I feel sorry for Alice Gore, Carol Wyman, Rose Drabik, Lydia Tyler, Mrs. DB, Ms. LV, Mr. Spera, Mrs. L, Mrs. MP and other Illinoisans who have suffered under your watch and command in the Probate Courts and complaints were filed and routinely dismissed.  GAL’s and probate attys were protected at the expense of these elderly women.

I advise clients who have suffered injustices to write to the ARDC too with their complaints, but don’t expect much, write to the FBI and be specific.

It’s a very sad statement to make.  Let me know when your polices have changed.

And no, your agency does not need more money to simply glance at a complaint, discern the word “probate” and toss the letter in your circular file or get our your rubber stamp of “breach excused”.

And I am not impressed either with your connection to social media articles and the law where the ARDC has taken the position that it must crush and obliviate any honest, ethical attorney dissent and then prosecute honest attorneys with kangaroo proceedings with no due process, quashed defenses and one sided hand picked tribunals acting in historical star chamber procedure.



From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 28, 2014 2:25 PM
To: JoAnne Denison , “” , Eric Holder , “” , “” , “” , Chicago FBI , NASGA , probate sharks , j ditkowsky , Cook County States Attorney , Chicago Tribune , “” , Eric Blair , “” , GLORIA SYKES , scott evans , Kathie Bakken , Ginny Johnson Justice4 Everyone Blog Fan , jim , SUNTIMES , matt senator kirk , “” , “”
Subject: Fw: post for the day

The assault on the First Amendment that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Distortion Commission, Jerome Larkin, Administrator is engaged in is much more pernicious than an ordinary cover-up is as illustrated by the Amu prosecution, the Denison prosecution, the attempted intimidation and witness tampering involving Gloria Sykes and the ultra vires actions in my prosecution.
Larkin is fully aware of the ‘elder cleansing’ which has ultimately resulted in the untimely death of dozens of senior citizens and the involvement in this involuntary assisted suicide of several Judges and other judicial officials.   Yet, Larkin has refused to institute investigations of the homicides that are occurring, and refused to join in the calls for investigation.   However,  Larkin has been pro-active in not only acting in concert with the felonious judicial officials 18 USCA 371, but using under color of statute his position acted to attempt to prevent and intimidate any attorney from reporting the felonies to law enforcement.
It should be noted that as a lawyer Larkin is obligated by his oath to defend the constitution, not unilaterally use his position as Administrator of the IARDC to ‘cover-up’ and thwart the efficient administration of justice.   Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 I have once again forwarded my comment and Ms Denison’s post to Law Enforcement in the hope that they will honestly, intelligently, completely and comprehensively investigate Mr. Larkin and his role in the War on the elderly and the disabled.  

Public officials such as Jerome Larkin belong a Club Fed wearing orange jump suits, not drawing substantial State salaries!   Illinois has a National Reputation for corruption – it is time for the citizens of Illinois to clean house and remove the miscreants from public office.   Larkin has such arrogance that it is reported that he has not filed the required public disclosures!  
The law protects the public from miscreant public officials.   The law is more than adequate to address the felonies that have been committed against the elderly and the disabled by the judicial officials and political elite who are conducting the war against the elderly and the disabled – We need enforcement of the law now!    Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Ken Ditkowsky

Atty Ken Ditkowsky speaks out-agan, and again, and again, and again—because nothing is being done by the ARDC to protect seniors/disableds

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 28, 2014 3:59 PM
To: GLORIA Jean SYKES , JoAnne Denison , “” , Eric Holder , “” , “” , “” , Chicago FBI , NASGA , LUCIUS VERENUS , Judy Ditkowsky , states attorney , Chicago Tribune , “” , Eric Blair , “” , scott evans , “” , Ginny Johnson Justice4 Everyone Blog Fan , jim , steve huntly sun times , matt senator kirk , “” , “”

Jerome Larkin and the attorneys in the employ of the Attorney Registration and Deception Commission – as well as Mr. Stern, Ms. Farenga, Ms. Schmiedel, Ms Solo, Judge Connors, Judge Stuart and all who engage in the cottage industry of elder abuse are culpable.   18 USCA 4 requires that they be reported to law enforcement.  18 USCA 371 affords them culpability.    18 USCA 1341 and other statutes in the Federal Criminal code subject them to Criminal RICO penalties so that they cannot profit from their miscreant behavior.
The actions of the US. Attorney in prosecuting the hospice bandits give hope to all of us that the Obama Administration has come to realize that the health care industry fraud (including the guardianship frauds) is making it impossible for the President’s signature legislation to even have a chance of success.  The elder cleansers have stacked the deck against health care reform for their own pecuniary benefit.  Rogue public officials such as the Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Deception Commission chartered by the Supreme Court of Illinois are the real enemies of the people of Illinois and the President.  
The disreputable conduct that Larkin has fostered, aided and abetted in reference to you (Gloria) and your mother reaches out to be classified as beyond disreputable.    It is totally amoral!!!  Had Larkin personally any integrity he would be leading the charge for an HONEST complete, intelligent and comprehensive investigation.    Larkin and his ilk choose to be ignorant of elder cleansing – the choice did not work for Gov Ryan, Gov Blago, et al.   It is will not work for Larkin, Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel, Solo, et al.  
The Birthday of America is next week.  I wonder if the Obama Administration will honor America with indictments of the miscreants who hold Mary Sykes and so many other elderly people hostage.    I wonder if President Obama will honor America by enforcing the law so that people like Mary Sykes can go home to their families and loved ones?   I wonder if Senator Durbin will stop talking and do something to defeat the war on the elderly and the disabled?   
Talk is cheap!   You, I, JoAnne, et al have taken a stand against those who would subvert America and American ideals.  It is time for some of our leaders to join the battle against those promoting the war on the elderly and the disabled!   Democracy is not a spectator sport and Larkin and his ilk have to be taught to respect our Bill of Rights and the principle that All of us are created equal and entitled to equal protection of the law.   Public service is a public trust – the years that you mother has been deprived of her liberty and property were years in which a great number of public servants openly and notoriously violated their public trust – Larkin and his cohorts should be shown our disapproval.
Ken Ditkowsky

And I will note for the record that Larkin has NEVER publicly responded to this blog, has never apologized to  A SINGLE VICTIM, and he persecutes me and you both.  He could easily withdraw his case against us.  Kowamoto and Stuart are gone.  Game over.  How does he explain that one?  coincidence?  I think not.  Not even a 5 year old would believe that one.

and we must never forget Alice Gore, Rose Drabik, Lydia Tyler, LB, Carol Wyman–all passed over, and were either murdered or there was  attempted murder and all under Illinois “guardianships“.  Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth were pulled  in an Illinois nursing home when she was age 99.  Gloria, a younger daughter was handcuffed and threatened with the euthanization of her pets on the 18th floor if she did not detail her accounts for probate attorneys fees, the GAL’s said the money was to “care for Mary”, but it is not.  90%+ of that estate will go for attorneys fees, some $350k.  JT was falsely accused of stealing by a GAL so she would fork over $20k to the estate which went for attorneys fees to avoid disparagement of her good name.  Bob Schwartz had $200k in imaginary promissory notes that estate is trying to collect–which will all go, (you guessed it) for attorneys fees.  In the estate of Spera, the GAL grabbed all the joint accounts, locked DS out of all of them–$150k and he was rendered homeless for  6 month. Mother and son want to go home and live together.  That is Illinois law.  But the GAL and probate atty forbid it.  LV has no jurisdiction and her $350k estate went hugely to probate and atty fees.  She was rendered incompetent when she told probate goons to get off her porch, she wanted nothing to do with the OPG or a guardianship because they were all thieves, and she was immediately deemed delusional and schizophrenic.  Papers were served Friday and she was guardianized next Monday, put in a locked down facility, she escaped, couch surfed for 18 months, but that did not stop the probate goons from billing her estate $20k. She called and begged the OPG for money and food and no one would respond or they told her to go live in the designated nursing home where they put her. Mrs. L is still in dire straits, out of her home, massive atty fee billings ($200k in 20 months).  Mrs. P has suffered the same fate.  Now I have  anew case and a new high level of billings, (low level of ethics), Mr. F with an amazing $2.2 million in probate crony fees in 2 years.
All Illinois probate system.  Most from the 18th floor of the Daley center.
These people have NOT seen justice.  No one, not Jenner and Block, not Winston and Strawn, Jones Day,  no major with money and power, no major attorneys with money and power have come to my blog (despite 55k views) and said “how can I help?”
I am one woman.  I cannot clean up this mess alone. Ken is the only one helping me but he is suspended for 4 years. It will take a team of attorneys working 18 hrs per day to clean up this mess of injustice propagated on the elderly and disabled. Who does these things?
Where are the big “pro bono” law firms with money and power to help me out?
Are they afraid of Jerome Larkin and the ARDC too?  I am not.  What will be, will be and I will always stand to the challenge, no matter what.
PLEASE, if you are an attorney or a law student that can help out or if you know of a law firm with the resources, please beg and plead with them to help me out on these cases.
the justice system of Illinois depends on it.

Quotes from my favorite case — US v. Washington Post aka “Pentagon Papers”

At one time, back in 1972, Daniel Ellsburg was deemed by the FBI the country’s “most dangerous man”.

His crime (and he had his kids help him with this), he leaked to national media Pentagon Papers that indicated that 1) the war in Vietnam was a sham; 2) the Pentagon and executive branch was publishing outright lies about the war in order to promote it and lengthen it; and 3) this was done for the benefit of US mega corp war profiteers.

The district court dismissed the suit and the US government’s request for an injunction against publishing the Pentagon Papers, The Court of Appeals reverse and an injunction issued.  The US Supreme Court, in a 9 to 0 decision firmly told the US court system that the First Amendment is alive and kicking, and the lower courts should be ashamed for what they had done to Mr. Ellsburg.

They ended their 4 page main decision congratulating the brave news women and men that published the Pentagon Papers across the nation, even fearing a 10 year federal prison sentence hanging like the sword of Damocles over them.  The Justices commended those news women and men for what they had done–exactly what the founders of our country had envisioned when the First Amendment was enacted.

Mr. Ellsburg is now 83 and is trying to help Mr. Snowden, for about the same stupid issue–publishing old government documents that are nothing but the unvarnished truth that only hides the lies from US mega corp war profiteers and those in conspiracy with them for war fraud on the nation.

In a very short, four page, 9 to 0 opinion the Black/Douglas team reaffirmed the strength of the First Amendment.

First Amendment

Congress shall make no law abriding freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Next the court starts out with the fact Justice Douglas started the opinion with the statement “the injunction should have been summarily lifted without oral argument when the case was first present and every moment this injunction is effect amounts to a flagrant, indefensible and continuing violation of the First Amendment.”

The New York Times, Washington Post, etc., Should be commended for serving the original and true purpose of the First Amendment.

You might say, well this is a court, so certainly a court can get more discretion in First Amendment matters.  Not so, saith Justice Douglas:

“The government does not even rely on an Act of Congress. Instead, it makes the bold and dangerous farreaching contention that the courts should take it upon themselves to make a law abridging freedom of the press [and speech] in the name of equity or presidential powers or national security.”

A sincere thanks today for all the brave, honest justices on the Supreme Court in 1971 who reaffirmed freedom of the press and freedom of speech.  They make this blog possible, and my defense of all of you court victims out there–NOT the  IARDC who has repeated over and over this blog is like yelling fire in a crowded theater and so it must be crushed as dangerous dissent and inconvenient political speech.

The ARDC has become like the fearful executive and judicial branches in 1971 that feared the public’s knowledge of the truth about the Vietnam war and mega corp war profiteers might expose the rampant corruption in the executive branch, which it did.  For those of you too young or too old (haha) to remember, the US started drafting soldiers in 1965, a major escalation ensued, and by 1968 US involvement in war in Vietnam was at its height.  The publication of the Pentagon Papers and more information after that started to take serious wind out of the sails of the war, and by August 1973, a full scale withdrawal was underway.  But the bombing, the deaths, the crimes against humanity left their toll on the average citizen in that country.




ISBA says “find out more” on Social Media and the Law via Jerome Larkin.

In the June 2014 ISBA journal, there is an entire article on social media, and this article  seems to center on the issue of Facebook containing derogatory and defamatory posts–which 90% of the time seems to revolve around employee/employer disputes.  Interesting.  Illinois is an at will state so I don’t think what you say on Facebook is going to help the average employee that posts something adverse or embarrassing about his or her employer and gets terminated for it.  BUT one narrow caveat is employees who are non exempt (lower level staff), discussing work place conditions, they may be covered under NLRB that allows employees to organize and present grievances to employers.  Again, it’s a narrow, unreliable exception, so I would not rely on it, except if you have already been fired for trying to make things better at work by acknowledging problems, that might make for a good wrongful discharge suit.  Be sure you were an excellent employee prior to the firing tho, because wrongful discharge suits are not guaranteed, either.  Better yet, keep workplace discussions at work and in appropriate formats and try not to be very negative about your employer, its products or services.

Interestingly enough, the article does not mention copyright issues, or that employees can be fired at will anyway.

My copyright Response to Jerome Larkin’s motion to dismiss my Copyright Infringement suit against him may be found here: for defendant Nextpoint

and here for the ARDC

The article itself cautions to 1) send targeted discovery requests requesting information about a specific topic; 2) asking for everything in Facebook is not likely to be well received; 3) the attorney should make sure the posts turned over are relevant.

While the article recommends programs like Snagit and Camtasia, the reality is, you capture a lot and the other side finds out, you WILL be facing a counter claim for copyright infringement and removal to Federal District court.  If Snagit and Camtasia are informed of your super infringing activities and take no action to stop it, they may be contributory infringers as aiders and abetters or vicarious infringers.  Most blogs are not sold or offered for sale, so technically they are unpublished under the US Copyright Act and Fair Use is NOT  a favored defense.  Any honest, competent, copyright attorney will tell you it simply cannot ever be relied upon.  It is best to take the least amount of text or data, generally no more than 3 or 4 short lines.  The upshot is write your own copy. (see, page 278) and make sure that what you take is clearly pertinent, relevant and most of all, MUST be downloaded and preserved.

If you can’t answer that question with a firm “yes”, then forget it.  If you’re mad about a Facebook post, most generally disappear in a few days.

The article also fails to mention if it’s not your stuff, don’t worry.  Under 47 USC 230, if someone else wrote it and you posted it, you should be protected.  If they ask for you to remove it under that statue, do so, following the statue closely.

Another issue not tackled by the article is that is you do engage in Fair Use because you want to use quotes or a short example for your blog article, most authors want acknowledgment.  Many will want a plug to their book or artistic work.  Many will also ask you post a copyright notice “(c) Name of Author, all rights reserved, year of publn. or creation for unpublished works.” and then the notation “used with permission of the author”.  The ARDC hasn’t figured out how to do that.  They should respect other’s copyright right, despite the fact as a government agency, they have none themselves.  You should always ASK to repost or republish from the author.  Many authors on the internet allow for cross posting.  Be sure to follow the free to repost instructions because it could invalidate the permission and subject you to copyright infringement liability.

Once, an attorney for Mr. Eformes wrote me demanding that I take down Ken’s assertions that his client had been indicted.  So, of course I complied.  I deleted what Ken wrote and inserted instead about a half dozen articles from wire services regarding his client’s indictments and litigation over nursing home fraud.  So there is a caveat that if you are trying to cleanse the internet of all your client’s misdeeds, this might in fact backfire.

Several citizens have pointed out to me the Social Media article and that Jerome Larkin’s name appeared on the page, and yet he wants to delete his adverse information from the internet and crush attorney dissent and extreme dissatisfaction over the fact that the law is X and courts are doing Y.  They found his name on that page ironic and asked me to mention it on the blog.

So I was pleased to comply.



From Ken Ditkowsky — what is the ARDC even thinking? Raising fees? Are they kidding.

Dear Readers;

In the wake of highly suspicious deaths which family members swear are murder by aiding and abetting GAL’s, Guardians and others known and approved of by the courts, the ARDC is raising its prices starting next year, courtesy of the Ill. Supreme Court.  Yikes!  more money to white wash, cover up and be embarrassed holding when the feds step in and do their job.

This week recently, I heard another take of a bankrupt guardianship, so what did the GAL do?  He created a false accusation against the Guardian (who, by the way had top secret clearance in the US government), and said she stole money from the estate, forcing her to write a check back into the estate so HE could get paid from a bankrupt estate.

This woman would never even think of stealing, but the false accusation and smear to her name forced her to comply.

It will be reported to the ARDC and I’ll let you know what they do.

Below is from Ken but please voice your opposition to the ARDC raising fees and ask that they be disbanded until the Ill. Sup. Ct. can find a way to set up an independent, competent, honest and ethical agency that WILL conduct thorough, competent and HONEST investigations of these cases.

Our elderly and disableds deserve much better than what is going on now.

take care


from Jerome Larkin

“The timing and amount of the ARDC’s fee increase request takes into account the economic challenges facing many lawyers,” said ARDC Administrator Jerome Larkin. “Our fee has not been raised in eight years – twice its projected lifespan. The ARDC has acted prudently to extend the life of that fee in response to the Court’s directive for fiscal restraint during the economic downturn.


“The amount of the increase for the ARDC is an historic low on a percentage basis. The additional funds will allow the ARDC to continue its educational, remedial, and disciplinary work.”


The increased revenue will be used to undertake new and expanded responsibilities in education of the profession, particularly in support of the updated Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct that went into effect in 2010; to fund the regulatory and disciplinary authority of out of state attorneys who practice in Illinois under Rule 707; and to upgrade technology in following the Supreme Court’s lead in e-business initiatives.”


You will note that nothing is carefully said about the ineffective, ignored and tossed aside “investigations” on these cases.  Nothing is said about sudden resignations of certain Judges.

It is time for honest, integrity and to face what is going on and make the information public.

I will be publishing quotes from one of my favorite cases–U.S. v. Washington Post, a great 1971 case where the US government went after Daniel Elssburg for publishing the Pentagon Papers — documents that were in fact years old–but they revealed “top secret” information the US govt did not want published–that is, that the US military and executive branch constantly lied to the US public about the conditions in Vietnam and false need for a war there, all to the benefit of certain war profiteers.

The same thing BTW, is now going on in Syria, with US war profiteers selling weapons to foreign nations, creating false wars, etc., all to benefit war profiteers–huge US corporations that make expensive weapons.

Now, from Ken Ditkowsky

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 27, 2014 8:27 PM
To: Eric Holder , “” , “” , Tim NASGA , GLORIA SYKES , Chicago FBI , Chicago Tribune , “” , “” , Jo Anne M Denison , NASGA , Diane Nash , probate sharks , Harry Heckert , Naomi Chambers , matt senator kirk , j ditkowsky , Cook County States Attorney , “” , SUNTIMES , “” , “”
Subject: Fw: Hospice Series

The participation of the Courts, judicial officials, Mr. Jerome Larkin of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Deception Commission et. al, in aiding an abetting this scandal and homicide factory is deplorable and clearly part and parcel of a the fostering of felonies.   Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 I have forwarded the article to law enforcement.   


Over the past four years I have sent hundreds of e-mails to law enforcement and others in an attempt to promulgate an honest, intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation of this war on the elderly and the disabled.   The net effect is that in a effort to silence me and others. Mr. Jerome Larkin has obtained the suspension of my law license [to be hung as a despicable trophy in a case filled with the skeletons of innocent attys falsely accused and prosecuted without due process, or any sense of justice] .   Attorneys who have aided my efforts to obtain JUSTICE for the elderly have been similarly assaulted by Larkin.


While I cannot understand how attorneys employed by the State of Illinois would not know the basic credo of America and the Bill of Rights I cannot understand how the Administrator of the IARDC would not know when the lives of the elderly are being artificially shortened and he is aiding and abetting in this criminal act and felony *****.   Obviously, Larkin and his cronies are aware and are intentionally acting pursuant to the criminal enterprise – why else would they be so much in opposition to an Honest intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation.


It is apparent that Mr. Holder has started an investigation and indictments have been reported.   Is it not time for the facade to end, and Mr. Larkin and those who have aided and abetted him in the coverup surrender to Justice, confess their participation and aid in ending this terrible scenario.   Larkin can show that he is repentant by, in addition to confessing his role to dismissing the absolutely ultra vires and absurd prosecution of Ms. Denison, but prosecuting all the serious cases of elder abuse, financial exploitation and murder his staff routinely dismisses as “proper probate procedure”–despite the fact that no seniors should be harmed, suffer lack of jurisdiction, due process or murder, under his watch and command without a serious investigation and interference by the ardc.   larkin is surely aware of the recent SCOTUS decisions and 47 USCA 230.   His facade has been exposed!    It is time for larkin to cease and desist in dragging the legal profession into a scum and mud cesspool.   It is time for Greylord Jr to end!


The Obama ADministration has an incentive to intervene and end the war on the elderly and disabled – the signature legacy of President Obama is Obama Care (Affordable Care Act).   With the fraud in the health care industry estimated at 70% no health care program can be successful.   The simple act of enforcing the laws that are already on the books and prosecution of the criminals will reduce the fraud substantially.  Yes a few members of the political elite might acquire orange jumpsuits, but, a few more senior citizens will receive the health care that they are entitled to and have a right to obtain.   Yes, Mr. ***** (nursing home operators/hospice care providers) might have a few less dollars and might be inhibited in their political contributions –  BUT – WE LIVE ARE AMERICANS, AND WE WANT OUR DEMOCRACY!


Ken Ditkowsky