An Open letter to Atty Zimmerman, special counsel to SCOI

Dear Readers;

Recently Mr. Zimmerman sent me a letter he will NOT be pursuing further an investigation into 1) why SO lied to a witness before her testimony in the Hogan Case (the witness is still furious and publishing that the ARDC is corrupt across the internet); and 2) why SO acted strenuously to deny Gloria Sykes the right to bring her therapy animal with her to the ARDC for her deposition and the antics associated with that violation of federal law.

So Mr. Zimmerman has a soft spot for SO.  I highly suspect he also has a soft spot for Mr. Jerome Larkin who’s Administration is fostering all these shenanigans and non adherence to laws against obstruction of justice and witness tampering and violations of the ADA.

So, I wrote him the following response letter.

5940 W Touhy Ave, #230 PHONE 312-553-1300
CHICAGO, IL 60642 FAX 312-553-1307
JoAnne M. Denisonm
JoAnne Cell Phone 773-255-7608 Efax 312-376-8842 Admitted IL, NC (Inactive) & US Patent Bar (inactive)
June 21, 2014
Mr. Tom Zimmerman
Special counsel to SCOI
via email at
Dear Mr. Zimmerman
This is in response to your letter dated June 3, 2013 in which you determined that the ARDC, and in particular, Ms. Opryszek, etc. had done no wrong when she clearly interfered or attempted to interfere in the testimony of two ARDC witnesses, Ms. Justine McGinty and Ms. Gloria Sykes. However, you should be made aware, that the ARDC has a strong history of, dispensing with perfectly valid client complaints in favor of certain preferred attorneys.
Under the tutelage of Mr. Larkin the following events have happened. In the case of Alice Gore, a disabled person, Judge Kowamoto and attorneys Miriam Solotevitch and David Martin were attorneys of record. Ms. Gore was at first isolated for months from about 20 caring family members, and then her 29 gold teeth were
pulled. How did that happen?
The Sykes case 09 P 4585 has been running for 5 years now without jurisdiction. Judges Connors and then Judge Stuart were on that case, as well as Harvey Waller, Peter Schmeidel, Dorothy Soehlig, all know this, there have been huge discussions over it between counsel and on my blog at, yet the case continues with Mary living in a place she never intended with a person who was not named in her advance directives to be her Guardian. Further, while the attorneys involved, Farenga, Stern, Waller, Schmeidel, Soehlig, etc. keep on telling the court they must sell homes (Gloria’s and Mary’s) to care for Mary, this is not at all the case. Mary’s home was sold for $238k (after an appraisal of $700k), and Gloria’s bank
account of approx. $210k was seized by the probate court, but all or nearly all will be paid to these attorneys.  The person who is her Guardian is a known abuser and is under an unresolved Petition for Order of Protection–in direct derogation of Illinois laws. How does this happen under Jerome Larkin?
In the cases of Alice Gore, Lydia Tyler and Rose Drabik, millions have fallen off the inventories and accountings, and then the ladies were heavily drugged, (morphine, halodol, seroquel, fentanyl patches, etc.) some had fake aspiration orders, others just said “no food or water” and these ladies died within 2 to 3 days.
In the case of Carol Wyman, now deceased, her husband simply did not want her around any more, so he cut a deal with atty SRR to get her out of the house and SRR could lien the house. Carol Wyman was placed in a locked down nursing home where she could not leave–but she was not declared incompetent at first. There
was actually no case filed against her at all, but the police told her she could not go, they told her son, John Wyman she could not go. Then a case was filed against her, without jurisdiction and proper service of summons and complaint and notice to relatives. She was then subject to severe and brutal beatings, she was
knowingly isolated from the family members that cared about her. When she finally escaped, her sons drove her all night to Colorado where the bruising was documented. One week later the doctors found out she was actually down 2 pints of blood and near death and would not have survived unless she had escaped.
This woman then went on to paint 300 highly critically acclaimed paintings as an amazing and talented artist. Go ahead and google “Winifred Carol Wyman, artist”. She recently passed. Under the attorneys involved, S**** and Kim **** she would have died in days in one of the most horrible nursing homes in Rockford, IL.
This was reported to Jerome Larkin and he did nothing.
Now I find out that a new client, Ms. X’s mother was killed in a similar fashion. The money was gone. The atty H***** and the caretaker one day told Mrs. X that her mother was no longer to be fed or receive liquids (there was not a POA in place). They said Mrs. X could feed her and give her fluids, but no one else was to do this. Mrs. Y died within days. Mrs. X had no idea what to do or where to turn.
Is there a directive in Probate Court now, or are there panels that allow attorneys to determine who will live and who will die?
Recently, an attorney who has been outspoken about corruption and has had his license suspended, Mr. Lanre Amu, asked at the ARDC ethics seminar what an attorney is to do when he spots corruption. They said they did not know but would get back to him. That never happened. This ethics seminar was run with Jerome Larkin as Administrator.  You see, there is no answer to what attorneys must do when they spot corruption when JL is in charge.  He likes it that way.
Our Daley center courts are in a crisis. The lack of following the laws as the Illinois State Legislature in that building is in shambles.
But what is happening in Probate Court is not just corruption. The failure to follow laws as written has spread and now has blossomed into MURDER. Gore, Drabik, Tyler, Mrs. Y–all murder. Carol Wyman–attempted murder and sexual abuse.
Both Kowamoto and Stuart have “quickly retired” after my blog published the details about Mrs. Gore’s 29 gold teeth being removed and the no food or water order. Then Stuart “suddenly retired” after I submitted documented evidence from my trial that Stuart changed her testimony on the stand and the transcripts were altered.
This is with Jerome Larkin in charge.
There is only one little problem with the way Mr. Larkin is running things and that is 1) the First Amendment; 2) 18 USC § 4 for misprison of felony; 3) the Elder Abuse reporting act which provides immunity for those who report crimes against the elderly; 4) 47 USC § 230 which provides immunity for bloggers.
How long must we wait for justice, honor and integrity to return to court? The public is furious about all these cases, and many victims have suffered cruelly and have been terrorized by a Probate system that ignores all of this. But under an open and honest democracy, US citizens deserve much better government service,
especially when it means that basic laws are devolving into greed and anarchy.
I implore you to CONDUCT AND HONEST, OPEN AND THOROUGH investigation of the ARDC, instead of brushing off what the attorneys and Mr. Larkin do there. FYI the victim of Ms. SO is furious to this date about what happened with her and the lies of Ms. SO. She is very public about it and publishes on numerous blogs about her harrowing ordeal with the ARDC and lack of honesty and ethics under Jerome Larkin. This
does not endear the public to attorneys and the ARDC.
I trust you will look into the problems with Mr. Larkin and his staff and start cleaning house in that government agency.
I would also like to know for the record, why you are not taking the proper steps to ensure that the ARDC 1) does not comply with the Illinois Ethics Act of 2009 and require all staff, management and attorneys to file their Ethics Reports annually; and 2) does not require disclosure of salaries like 99% of the other Illinois agencies.
Both of these actions are crucial to keeping the ARDC itself open, honest, transparent and ethical.
Very Truly Yours,
JoAnne M. Denison

2 thoughts on “An Open letter to Atty Zimmerman, special counsel to SCOI

    • And the ARDC’s official position for attorneys is to just not talk about it. Sweep it under the carpet. Stick your head in the sand. Look the other way.
      Time to end that nonsense. Thanks for your comment.

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