From Ken Ditkowsky–another sad case of elder cleansing

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 19, 2014 9:14 PM
To: Jo Anne Denison , probate sharks , Eric Holder , “” , Chicago FBI , j ditkowsky
Cc: Harry Heckert , Bill , “” , “”
Subject: Re: Estate of Alice R. Gore
I do not believe that Miriam Solo finished the guardianship of Alice Gore.   I met an attorney who informed me that after Alice died the guardianship estate was in such terrible shape that a Bank was hired to clean up the mess.   The attorney informed me that he represented the Bank and got enough together to close it.   He had some choice words describing Miriam Solo.  He indicated that the Bank was so upset with obvious criminality that they found that they wrote the IARDC concerning Solo’s conduct.   Of course this came to nothing!   Solo continued to get referrals (some from the same judge) etc – she is one of the favored attorneys.   It has been suggested that her relationship to Morris Esformes is worth its weight in gold!


As to recovering anything, I believe a telephone call to the Bank (US Bank) will garner the information you require.   As they we called in to undo the mess created by the prior guardian (and her attorney’s) incompetence they have no incentive to be untruthful at this point in time.   Their attorney was indeed candid with me.


As you can see from the ‘cover up’ that has reached far and wide I would expect that alot of effort would be wasted with few results – UNLESS – the Attorney General of the United States would be interested in assisting the effort.    A Qui Tam case might be a possibility but they are highly technical and Mr. Larkin would be expected to attempt to stop such an action using his ‘clout!’  This might be a case of picking your spots.


Diane X as an example is a true fighter with the scars to show it.  She has a history of fighting corruption and has given most of her life in trying to protect all of us from the ravages of constitutional assaults.   The rest of us (me included) are amateurs!   You have to spit in the face of a BULL CONNOR while he is raging and armed with a gun.   Saying to Judge Connors “Judge you are wrong” is not the same thing.


This is the reason that we all should concentrate in assisting law enforcement in any way possible to achieve an HONEST COMPLETE INTELLIGENT AND COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATION of the elder cleansing scenario.    People like Jerome Larkin who use their positions to attempt to prevent lawyers from living up to their oaths and obligations of citizenship must be returned to private life post haste – and if they violated the law by acting in concert with the miscreants given a gift of an orange jumpsuit.

Ken Ditkowsky


From Joanne Denison:


And I have to add, and it cannot be ignored, that under the nadir of leadership of Jerome Larkin, the following events have occurred, been reported to the ARDC and authorities and have been ignored–so far.

Lydia Tyler and Rose Drabik were allegedly murdered while in guardianships.  The money ran out in their estates, a lot fell off the accountings and then they expired when others were told they should recieve no further “food or water” and they were either shot up with psychotropic drugs and/or patch after patch was used on them.  Next is Carol Wyman who was placed in the worst nursing home in Illinois, was brutally beaten numerous times, sexually abused nearly every day, kept a diary, and escaped to Colorado where she was found down two pints of blood and near death.  The GAL and probate attorney involved were reported to the ARDC and under Jerome Larkin’s leadership, the attys did nothing.  In the Sykes and Wyman cases there was no jurisdiction, no service of summons and complaint, no notice to next of kin.  Reported to the ARDC. They did nothing.  They issue letter after letter of “we investigated (lip service) and nothing was wrong.”

Now we have just found another murder, Mrs. DB who was told “no food or water” and was given morphine when she wanted to eat or drink and she also passed over quickly.  The probate atty knew (PH) and supported this, apparently.  The Guardian supported this and told the caregiver–all of whom never questioned anything.  After all, like the goosesteppers, they just were following orders.

Jerome Larkin is now determining who will live and who will die.via his unimpeded unofficial death panels.  Attorneys Opryszek, Smart, Apostol, Black-Guiterrez, Muchman, etc. are apparently on the committees of which elders and disables will live or die.  They prosecute attorneys that speak out strenuously to protect seniors and disableds from the who will live and who will die committees, and those who protest court injustices publicly– (myself, Mr. Ditkowsky and Mr. Amu, an African Immigrant of a skin color not to the likings of Mr. Larkin and his staff), to silence them, to bully them, to violate their human and civil rights–and they believe they are omniscient and are the true sovereigns of a house of cards with complete immunity.

The crisis has become so desperate that Mr. Amu and his church have taken to protesting the Daley Center’s inability to formulate a plan of implementing justice for all.

There is no doubt that Mary G Sykes would be dead by now, but for the protest of this blog, the actions of myself and Ken, and the outcries of those friends and family of Mary Sykes that genuinely care for her life, civil and human rights and well being–namely, the very brave Gloria Sykes (younger and beloved daughter) who will never stop and never shut up, and Kathy Bakken (beloved niece) who will not be silenced in all of this.

Let’s see if the authorities act on all of these murders.  After all, I am told there are pictures of seniors near death and starvation and all sticks and bones, there are bodies to be exhumed and anyalyzed for starvation and dehydration.  All has been reported to the authorities, and all has happened under the watchful eyes of Jerome Larkin and his litigation staff.

I want truth and justice to be done.  Don’t you?

JoAnne Denison

4 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–another sad case of elder cleansing

  1. Would it be the strangest thing in the world to have personal appeals directed to Mr. Esformes on this blog? I don’t think it would be.

  2. Based on a recent situation I was apprised to involving Miriam Solo / Soloveichik / Faskowitz / Greenfield, it sounds like she’s expanding her horizons to ‘mentally disabled cleansing’ now. This should technically include herself by all reasonable logic.

    • Philip is fourmis is now in prison where he belongs for about 20 years. He is likely to die in prison just like he imprisoned all those poor old folks who he abused and mistreated. But correct the rest of the swarm he’s family and friends who participated in these crimes should also be in prison

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