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7 thoughts on “Take our survey regarding attorney corruption and blogging!

  1. I took the survey and have a few more things to ad. I know lawyers that have been disbarred and there has to be some form of oversight of conduct but not because of what you say. example , in Tucson Arizona. an attorney caught ripping off his clients. fails to appear 9 times in a row when he did appear he was high on pot or drunk. nothing in the constitution protects him from that kind of behavior. But freedom of speech is protected. There is no kind of a panel that has the authority to deny your freedom of speech. that kind of harm is financial and derogatory. How much could you make in three years? and how does it affect your reputation as a legal professional? seems to me like a suit against the state and every named person on that panel. malfeasants in office?

    • We tried a Federal Lawsuit against the miscreants in the ARDC and it was dismissed out of hand in the Northern District Court in Illinois.
      It’s just too corrupt. They cite no case law, but refuse to Support our First Amendment rights to spot and wipe out corruption. They give protection to sleazy judges and miscreant attorneys–Kowamoto, Stuart, Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel. those judges “suddenly retired” for their corrupt behaviors, but the complaints against myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu for speaking out against corruption still remain.
      The corrupt attorneys that were on my panel were Sang Yul Lee and Aniquib and some doctor that was about 90 years old and whom I don’t think was paying attention. His only question was, I know you want to get rid of corruption, but why do you need to publish it and do it this way? Absolutely incredible.
      Anyway, Jerome Larkin has $1.2 million in unexplained loan payoffs, and Melissa Smart has a $250k condo paid off so you know what is going on. It’s ridiculous how the authorities turn a blind eye–and even the Norther District Court of Illinois Federal Judges turn their blind eyes.
      But it’s all fraud on the court–external bribes and payola so I can still renew the lawsuit on that basis at any time. There’s no statute of limitations on Fraud on the Court, so we just need to keep on trying.
      And now we have the Elonis v. US case that says criminal threats have to have scienter and mens rea so as not to run afoul of the First Amendment– 7 to 2 SCOTUS decision

    • Thank you so much for coming forward. I am going to put this on a main post, the information is so valuable.

      I believe everyone serving on an estate should be a volunteer or reimbursed for parking and expenses only, not $300 per hour. It’s gotten out of hand.
      They also put them in nursing homes at $15,000 per month and kick back thousands per month to the attorneys involved.
      I agree, it’s a disgusting racket.
      If the attorneys take a dime, they should be required to ethics report every penny they made on the estate and if they took any kickbacks or anything of benefit from any source related to a guardianship case.
      Makes me want to vomit, what you have described.
      And the ARDC will do nothing about this, ezcept go after honest attorneys that report what is really going on.

  2. I know what you mean. The corruption is real. I am the guardian of a disabled person who has a 12 million dollar estate and I along with Northern Trust is the Guardian of the estate and Northern Trust for over 10 years keep saying that the estate don’t make enough money to purchase the disabled person an assessable home. The home that the disabled person live in is know for mold growth, is not assessable, doors to small, windows don’t open, and a lot of internal and external damage to the home that Northern Trust won’t even fix. Yet, Northern Trust can steal money from her account in many ways, example, They lie and say their paying large amounts for pharmacy bills and they are not, They pay kiddie land child care bills through the estate and the disabled person don’t have kids, They pay Rehab assist every month and we only meet with them once every 3 months for 20 minutes, they pay large amounts of money the home healthcare company to lie even when you have a signed contract with the home healthcare company to pay them less, when you challenge them, they forge documents and don’t show you the originals and they give the guardian ad litem over 7 raises without court approval, they give home healthcare raises without court approval, they purchase millions of the disabled person money in their own failing Mutual Funds losing Millions every year. Over 75% of the disabled persons funds is in Northern Trust Mutual Funds. And the money that the estate earn in S & P stock, Northern Trust take the money and buy more of their failing funds and they don’t look out for the disabled person best interest. When I try to tell the judge, she yells at me and tells me to shut up because she is not going to believe the they are going to risk their license to do wrong. I have a lot of proof and she won’t even look at it. We hired and fired many attorneys and home healthcare companies and still the problem still exist. Now I understand whats going on. One of the Big Fish is Northern Trust. Most of the disabled person estate is in Northern Trust stock. The Judges and attorneys don’t know stock so the believe anything Northern Trust say. Northern Trust pays the attorneys, Case Managers, Home healthcare companies etc to lie on the Disabled person or senior so they can be taken out of the home and have limited on no family visitors and then they steal the money on saying that the stock market lost all the money and during that time, they pay the new Guardian of person, case manager and Guardian ad litem high amounts of money until they apply for government assistant for the person or the person expires within two to three years. So for those with big estates, should go after the Big Fish thats paying off the little people. You will see a lot of wrong i the annual reports if you look closely. Its so easy for them to commit crimes. they need stiffer rules. The Guardian ad litem has been on this case for about 10 years. And please note, if their is no problem, the Guardian ad litem and case managers don’t make money so they have to create a problem or lie about a problem. They have to pay their bills and support their families but its wrong. Guardian at litem should not be over a case for more that 2 years. They should be replace by a new court appointed Guardian ad litem after 2 years and if the problem is not fixed in two years, points should be taken away from the Guardian ad litem and they get less case assignments for low scores. And the same for court appointed case managers. And case manager company should not be appointed if they are licensed to be guardians too, because they can lie on family with larges estates just so they can become the guardians of the person and estate. The only time a case manager should be kept on a case after 2 years is per the ward and family guardian Written request and they must show up in court and give a verbal and written request. Banks, Trust combines, should only be able to purchase and hold 30% of the estate money in their own stock or mutual fund (together) and they should get penalized if they go over the 30% and they should be able to make as much money and they possibly can for the estate. And, Trust company should never be able to invest the estate money in foreign real estate. The only real estate that should be purchased is homes and business that the ward have signed contracts and knowledge of. These are some rule that should go into effect.

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