10 thoughts on “Take our survey regarding attorney corruption and blogging!

  1. I took the survey and have a few more things to ad. I know lawyers that have been disbarred and there has to be some form of oversight of conduct but not because of what you say. example , in Tucson Arizona. an attorney caught ripping off his clients. fails to appear 9 times in a row when he did appear he was high on pot or drunk. nothing in the constitution protects him from that kind of behavior. But freedom of speech is protected. There is no kind of a panel that has the authority to deny your freedom of speech. that kind of harm is financial and derogatory. How much could you make in three years? and how does it affect your reputation as a legal professional? seems to me like a suit against the state and every named person on that panel. malfeasants in office?

    • We tried a Federal Lawsuit against the miscreants in the ARDC and it was dismissed out of hand in the Northern District Court in Illinois.
      It’s just too corrupt. They cite no case law, but refuse to Support our First Amendment rights to spot and wipe out corruption. They give protection to sleazy judges and miscreant attorneys–Kowamoto, Stuart, Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel. those judges “suddenly retired” for their corrupt behaviors, but the complaints against myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu for speaking out against corruption still remain.
      The corrupt attorneys that were on my panel were Sang Yul Lee and Aniquib and some doctor that was about 90 years old and whom I don’t think was paying attention. His only question was, I know you want to get rid of corruption, but why do you need to publish it and do it this way? Absolutely incredible.
      Anyway, Jerome Larkin has $1.2 million in unexplained loan payoffs, and Melissa Smart has a $250k condo paid off so you know what is going on. It’s ridiculous how the authorities turn a blind eye–and even the Norther District Court of Illinois Federal Judges turn their blind eyes.
      But it’s all fraud on the court–external bribes and payola so I can still renew the lawsuit on that basis at any time. There’s no statute of limitations on Fraud on the Court, so we just need to keep on trying.
      And now we have the Elonis v. US case that says criminal threats have to have scienter and mens rea so as not to run afoul of the First Amendment– 7 to 2 SCOTUS decision

      • My Autistic daughter’s inheritance was decimated in a Westchester County, NY court some twelve years ago. Her dying father made the mistake of rewriting his Will with a disbarred attorney….a convicted FELON on the Federal level. Despite warnings, the deed was done and needless to say a Felon never changes and he ultimately sold all assets, hid them and my daughter was left with nearly nothing. NOW… HOW could he do this one asks. Simply put, then sitting Probate court Judge, Anthony Scarpino…a judge with a checkered ethical past…..allowed it to happen. Despite all my legal filings, evidence given, etc. Judge Scarpino allowed a Felon to act as Fiduciary of the Will! The above is just one story of thousands happening across this country, once a Country whereby a decent Citizen could count on an avenue for justice. No longer true! The Just have no avenue, and the criminal is protected! Collusion, delays, (we are 12 years in Probate), no accountability (Judges can’t be sued), NO oversight…on and on! If this isn’t terrorism of a domestic nature, I don’t know what else to call it! Unity among victims must occur (our numbers count) to demand our Congress to ACT!

      • I am so sorry to hear all of this. please fill out y corrupt probate court survey form so I can send it to the authorities (congress, fbi and states attys and president) thanks

    • Thank you so much for coming forward. I am going to put this on a main post, the information is so valuable.

      I believe everyone serving on an estate should be a volunteer or reimbursed for parking and expenses only, not $300 per hour. It’s gotten out of hand.
      They also put them in nursing homes at $15,000 per month and kick back thousands per month to the attorneys involved.
      I agree, it’s a disgusting racket.
      If the attorneys take a dime, they should be required to ethics report every penny they made on the estate and if they took any kickbacks or anything of benefit from any source related to a guardianship case.
      Makes me want to vomit, what you have described.
      And the ARDC will do nothing about this, ezcept go after honest attorneys that report what is really going on.

  2. I know what you mean. The corruption is real. I am the guardian of a disabled person who has a 12 million dollar estate and I along with Northern Trust is the Guardian of the estate and Northern Trust for over 10 years keep saying that the estate don’t make enough money to purchase the disabled person an assessable home. The home that the disabled person live in is know for mold growth, is not assessable, doors to small, windows don’t open, and a lot of internal and external damage to the home that Northern Trust won’t even fix. Yet, Northern Trust can steal money from her account in many ways, example, They lie and say their paying large amounts for pharmacy bills and they are not, They pay kiddie land child care bills through the estate and the disabled person don’t have kids, They pay Rehab assist every month and we only meet with them once every 3 months for 20 minutes, they pay large amounts of money the home healthcare company to lie even when you have a signed contract with the home healthcare company to pay them less, when you challenge them, they forge documents and don’t show you the originals and they give the guardian ad litem over 7 raises without court approval, they give home healthcare raises without court approval, they purchase millions of the disabled person money in their own failing Mutual Funds losing Millions every year. Over 75% of the disabled persons funds is in Northern Trust Mutual Funds. And the money that the estate earn in S & P stock, Northern Trust take the money and buy more of their failing funds and they don’t look out for the disabled person best interest. When I try to tell the judge, she yells at me and tells me to shut up because she is not going to believe the they are going to risk their license to do wrong. I have a lot of proof and she won’t even look at it. We hired and fired many attorneys and home healthcare companies and still the problem still exist. Now I understand whats going on. One of the Big Fish is Northern Trust. Most of the disabled person estate is in Northern Trust stock. The Judges and attorneys don’t know stock so the believe anything Northern Trust say. Northern Trust pays the attorneys, Case Managers, Home healthcare companies etc to lie on the Disabled person or senior so they can be taken out of the home and have limited on no family visitors and then they steal the money on saying that the stock market lost all the money and during that time, they pay the new Guardian of person, case manager and Guardian ad litem high amounts of money until they apply for government assistant for the person or the person expires within two to three years. So for those with big estates, should go after the Big Fish thats paying off the little people. You will see a lot of wrong i the annual reports if you look closely. Its so easy for them to commit crimes. they need stiffer rules. The Guardian ad litem has been on this case for about 10 years. And please note, if their is no problem, the Guardian ad litem and case managers don’t make money so they have to create a problem or lie about a problem. They have to pay their bills and support their families but its wrong. Guardian at litem should not be over a case for more that 2 years. They should be replace by a new court appointed Guardian ad litem after 2 years and if the problem is not fixed in two years, points should be taken away from the Guardian ad litem and they get less case assignments for low scores. And the same for court appointed case managers. And case manager company should not be appointed if they are licensed to be guardians too, because they can lie on family with larges estates just so they can become the guardians of the person and estate. The only time a case manager should be kept on a case after 2 years is per the ward and family guardian Written request and they must show up in court and give a verbal and written request. Banks, Trust combines, should only be able to purchase and hold 30% of the estate money in their own stock or mutual fund (together) and they should get penalized if they go over the 30% and they should be able to make as much money and they possibly can for the estate. And, Trust company should never be able to invest the estate money in foreign real estate. The only real estate that should be purchased is homes and business that the ward have signed contracts and knowledge of. These are some rule that should go into effect.

  3. I watched the Bernie Madhoff movie with Robert Denero playing Bernie and one scene hit me like a ton of bricks, they were demonstrating how many thousands of customers, many retired , many with everything invested in one product were instantly destitute in one second, one minute set for life, the next unable to buy a burger at the outlet you will soon be flipping burgers for the rest of your life, that fast, 1 phone call, a stroke of a pen, ruined.
    They said everyone recalls what they were doing and where they were when they discovered they were financially destroyed, impoverished.
    Not unlike RFK, MLK and JFK’s assassinations or the 911 attack on the World trade center.
    People who are ripped off, in Probate or by a Trust, Trustee or Trust attorney face the same horror and pain.
    It is one thing to lose a gift or receive a reduced gift ,you never sacrificed for anything nor provided specific consideration thereby relying upon the inheritance as a result of providing 24-7 care for long duration of years, sacrificing your best years, most productive work years in exchange for an assured trust status to avoid impoverishment being the reward for providing an extreme level of care afforded only the very rich can afford and few will ever know.
    I saw upon my horizon My Grandfather age 87,slowly dying, suffering end stages of hepatitis C from open heart surgery done in the 1970’s where he received transfusions of untested blood.
    My Grandmother age 86 and Uncle age 68 lived together, My Uncle had end stage CLL, he had it for 8 yrs, at one point he was given 6 months to live, he far outlived the estimate however his quality of life was not good and getting worse every week, up till now the 3 all took care of another, My Uncle felt he took care of them and they felt they were taking care of him. My Grandfather died in July 2007, My Grandparents were married 65 yrs and My Grandmother had never lived without My Grandfather and My Uncle was hanging in there from sheer will to be there for my Grandparents. I got a call one day from Kurt My Uncle, he was stuck on the bathroom floor he said and needed me to come by to help him up! I was at work but took off the rest of the day to drive to him over 30 minutes away. When I got there he was sitting on the floor so sad and embarrassed covered in diarrhea which due to chemo was poisonous to me , although I never acted v v or scared and actually was cavalier so to not give impression I was scared or unable to handle this.
    I lifted him up, removed his soiled clothing, showered him off and made him feel better best I could, his scrotum was the size of a football due to a hernia he had that his football sized splled was displacing as far as I could tell. 2-3 litres of fluid were drained from his cest to be able to breathe, I sat with him for many 8 hr chemo sessions and was with him at Stanford when they told him there was nothing more they could do for him.
    My Grandmother fell in the bathroom bruing 50% of her body and used a walker now so at this point I moved in with them to care for Kurt and be there for my grandmother who never wanted to be alone nor live in a care home, her worst nightmare.
    I was already a 50% beneficiary of the family trust, an AB trust I learned later.
    My Grandmother and I were always extremely close, I wanted to be there for her and she wanted to have me care for her avoid a care home and preserve the trust in her words.
    I agreed and made a contract simply stating it was a care contract, not forpay but a promise to not revoke my existing status of 50% in the trust which had $2.3 million cash.
    The other beneficiary being my Sister in LA who had purposely not invited My Grandparents to her wedding and never set foot in each others homes over the rest of her life, Decades past & she was equally in the trust as I., I was not worried as there was enough money for both of us to not worry about hourly pay for me at 24-7,365 for over 6 years
    Everything went well for several years until 2011 she was prescribed Pradaxa which destroyed her life and mine, mine more than I knew until after her death learning that after stroking several times and ICU stays of 1 month each she made 6 codicils each progressively attacking me but never telling me,l ultimately she left me impoverished only telling me via the trust which I read after her death. My last 7 yrs I was repeatedly promised by my Uncle for his care and Grandmothers care to be richly rewarded and My Grandmother as well always making comments like It’s your money someday anyways or I want you to travel after I am gone there is money for that, She often told me you never want to be elderly or ill and poor, How prophetic her words were I didn’t realize then.
    I contacted my Sister and was met with a crazed angry person, she was furious my money was not distributed to the Grand kids, 2 of which were her grown kids! She fought me in probate to get a penny despite my caring and sacrifices, even drafting my girlfriend to help when bathing Grandmother was required due to my claw foot tub and 1920 built home terrible for a walker
    plus she was getting incontinent but refused to wear diapers but wore mini pads that did nothing, so she required assistance through the day and night going to the bathroom every 4-6 hours.
    We did everything, shopping, cooking, cleaning drive to Drs 24-7 not a day off in all the years time a fly she saw was dispatched inminutes and never did she fall one time with me with her obly when I was gone did she ever fall down
    Her last 4 months were in 3 care homes, thats how grouchy and racist she was,
    During this time she decided she was going to LA to a care home by my sisters.
    My Grandmothers tax man who I thought was ok was actually a shady groomer who did favors and drove tax papers over to my house so he knew the deal with her care, as a financial adviser he was not supposed to accept a POA or Trustee position I never learned this until too late, its not done and a big conflict, in fact FINRA had a record of him being fined $19,000 for failure toi use due diligence , the last guy you want as trustee!
    Plus he never informed my Grandmother of his FINRA record nor the conflict this was as POA then as Trustee
    Well he was the nightmare cliche you can imagine, anything he did was wrong, half way and secretive, I had to open Probate only then learned of a stale B trust the attorney ignored and trustee too and ignored the B trust beneficiaries never informing us we were 50% irrevocable since Grandfathers death!
    Immediately he failedto account for $1 million of the $2.3 million I knew and could prove, and did was there in the trust, it took me to prove it before magically he then found the extra million he hid for months and forced me to provide a statrement luckily I had kept
    He sent My sister a letter telling her she had $250,000 and to sign the release which she did and I told her there was far more money than 250k, she denied it saying our Grandmother told her this but I knew was wrong, the trustee and trust lawtyer were going to keep it if we never knew about it existing! I had to figgt 2 yrs and settle in mediation and pay an attorney 33.3% of my rediced settlement despite having a fulfilled care contract for years of 24-7 care.
    The POA then came to me hoping I as health POA would stop my Grandmother from going to LA alleging my Sister was kidnapping her!
    I went to my grandmother who was shocked and made he was trying to stop her by lying to me about my sister and never asking her what she wanted to do!! as her POA!!!
    She instructed him to release her Lexus tom e which he agreed however the day after she left he refused to comply and held the car 2 yrs putting 7k miles and causing $6k in damges from the sun and sitting plus never registering or insuring it the whole time
    2 yrs later I got the car as My Grandmother instructed while she was alive.
    I had no idea what a red flag this was and what as Trustee to expect and of course he was the nightmare you can imagine, he knew my girlfriend worked nights and days helping bathe and bathroom my Grandmother but ignored my contract and her specific performance and consideration for a long time!
    I saw a case of a care giver non family who was similarly treated for 1 year this way and it was called an egregious example of abuse to a caregiver and an uttter disregard of her rights and dignity! but for family its ok to do so secretly and for years pull the rug out from under me secretly to continue receiving exemplary 24-7 care only a royal could afford!

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