YES! Hurrah to Tim Evans for issuing an order PERMITTING note taking

Dear Readers;

As all of you know, this blog has been critical of the powers that be when our laptops and notepads are taken away by the deputies–sometimes even when the Judge says it is okay to use a laptop to take notes.

Well, in response to the many of you who have let it be known that we believe under the First Amendment to the US constitution and in order to preserve our democratic society and free and open and honest courts, we have the right to note take–especially when transcripts are so darned expensive (and don’t get me wrong, I love the ladies and gentlemen who work long hard hours listening and straining to make transcripts possible), but nonetheless, they are out of reach for many litigants.

So maybe we bring a friend to note take.  Maybe be do it ourselves on other cases.

I always learn a lot by sitting in court listening to attorneys argue and the judge talk.  Those judges sure know an awful lot and maybe I want to take accurate and highly detailed notes so I can put what happens on this blog.

On numerous occasions, I have had my laptop taken away. To her credit Judge Jane Louis Stuart finally told the deputies my detailed note taking on my laptop was okay in her courtroom, which I am very grateful for.

Recently in the news, Prof. Samuel V. Johnson was told “no note taking.”

This General Order remedies that.

So a huge thanks to Tim Evans today for getting that Order done and clarifying for the public and deputies that he wants to make the courtrooms open and honest.

“I firmly believe that the integrity of our courts depends on increasing, not limiting, public access in the courtroom, whether that access is allowing the media to film proceedings or allowing people to simply write down what they see and hear,” said Chief Judge Evans. “Every time integrity is embraced, justice is enhanced.” — Tim Evans.

Now let’s add taking notes on a keyboard on a laptop or a tablet.  Certainly that can be allowed for, esp. when typing is something everyone knows, it is much faster and more efficient and we certainly want to capture all those precious gems of legal knowledge and theory granted to us in an open court system  by the judges and attorneys present.


1 thought on “YES! Hurrah to Tim Evans for issuing an order PERMITTING note taking

  1. This is fantastic news. Many times when having a friend accompany me in court, or accompanying a friend I have wanted to make notes on postures or other important accounts that are not in the expensive notes. This is truly a step forward.

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