Continuing Saga: FBI v. ARDC v. this Blog–who is more honest? The Seth Gillman case

It has been some time now, and the IARDC blog still lists Seth Gillman as a good attorney without discipline, while the US Dept. of Justice says otherwise and has sued him for $90 million dollars for health care fraud wherein certain managers and executives at his company allegedly routinely and falsely upgraded patients from general in patient services in nursing homes to “hospice” level or from about $160 per day to $670 per day in order to reap huge false profits on fictitious services.

You can see the complaint and indictment here:

The saddest point of all of this is while families are struggling to pay huge chunks of cash under Obama care for basic health insurance, miscreants like these take years to bring to justice. (Many families must now pay $900 to $1200 per month or more for health insurance, after taxes).

All the while, $90 million went into some false scheme funded by the taxpayers.  Where were the complaints?  In one news story when a woman at Passages why Seth Gillman was taking an $800k bonus for 2 years — from a nonprofit no less — her complaints fell on deaf ears.

The public needs and deserves more accountability.  We need to make sure that our tax dollars are working hard and are not just being stolen.  I applaud the FBI for taking Seth Gillman to task over Passages.

When the company went down, employees were not told, and they worried about caring for patients who really were in need of services.

It’s a sad situation, but the ARDC’s duty is to warn the public.  So why doesn’t it publish links to DOJ indictments and complaints on Illinois attorneys.

Better yet, why does it appear, after 5 months of silence, the ARDC looks complicit in the “code of silence” involving any sort of fraud, criminal activity, lack of investigations, etc. in the health care arena, from probate, to attorneys involved in nursing homes, to their relatives churning favorable sales out of probate, etc.

I want people to have reasonably priced health care.  I want honest doctors, hospitals and nurses to get paid a fair wage.  i want families to afford health care and Obama care, but when stories like these are published on and (Health and Human Services or Medicare/Medicaid fraud),  I think there’s quite a bit more work to be done in this area.

And the ARDC could help

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