More on gross human rights violations and a need to push to change these laws. Raif Badawi is hero!

How to make Raif Badawi a hero for free speech!

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On April 10, 2015 JoAnne Denison, a lawyer, who has edits a blog designed to expose corruption and in particular the corruption that has occurred in the Circuit Court of Cook County case of In re: Mary Sykes 09 P 4585, will appear at a hearing designed to suspend her license for speaking out in her blog.    It appears that Ms. Denison’s blog offends the clout heavy lawyers and jurists who have (reportedly without jurisdiction) reduced a two million dollar estate to virtually zero – tax free.    Mr. Jerome Larkin of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has decreed that it is unethical for lawyers to expose judicial corruption.
Where is the American Bar Association and what, if anything, does it stand for?  
Saudi blogger Badawi views survival of 50 lashes as miracle – magazine
ReutersBy By Michael Nienaber | Reuters – 10 hours ago
By Michael Nienaber
BERLIN (Reuters) – Jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi described in his first letter from prison how he “miraculously survived 50 lashes” as part of a conviction that sparked an international outcry, according to German weekly Der Spiegel in a report to be published on Saturday.
Badawi was arrested in 2012 for offences including insulting Islam, cyber crime and disobeying his father, which is a crime in Saudi Arabia. He was sentenced last year to 10 years in jail, a fine of 1 million riyals (US$266,000) and 1,000 lashes.
In his letter, Badawi recalled how he received the first round of lashes in January when he was surrounded by a cheering crowd that yelled “Allahu akbar”, according to Der Spiegel.
“All this cruel suffering happened to me only because I expressed my opinion,” Badawi was quoted as writing in what the magazine said was his first letter since being jailed.
“He’s in a poor condition,” the magazine quoted his wife Ensaf Haidar as saying, adding that her husband suffered from high blood pressure and that he was mentally very stressed.
Badawi’s letter is part of a book titled “1,000 Lashes: Why I Say What I Think” due to be published in Germany on April 1. Der Spiegel reported that the German government has warned against publication of the book because it could put the blogger’s life at risk.
A German diplomat told Reuters when asked about the report that Badawi was free to publish in Germany whatever he liked. But, she added, “The ministry cannot predict the consequences of such a publication for him.”
Publisher Siv Bublitz from Ullstein Buchverlage said in a statement on Friday that the company had “confidential contacts” with the German government regarding the Badawi book project.
“At no time we have felt that the exchange was an attempt by the foreign ministry to prevent our publication or to complicate it,” Bublitz said.
Human rights groups and several western governments have called on Riyadh to cancel the sentence of 1,000 lashes .
Earlier this month, Germany’s economy minister and vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said during a visit in Riyadh that he had discussed human rights issues in Saudi Arabia and suggested a pardon for Badawi.
(Reporting by Michael Nienaber; Editing by Toni Reinhold)
I hope the legal profession of the United States feels superior.    We of course are not.    Our distinction is that we are bigger hypocrites.    Right here in Chicago Attorney JoAnne Denison is being denied her Civil Rights by a venal Illinois political operative who was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to administer the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.     Attorney Denison, as a private citizen, publishes a blog that discloses the various felonies of elder cleansing.    
The American Bar Journal and other publications have reported the outrage that Ms. Denison is having to endure because she spoke out against blatant and open corruption as if such were common place in America.     The core values of America that have endured for over two centuries are treated by the legal profession as abstracts concepts to be mouthed but not enforced.    Congress passes laws to protect against gross abuses of Free Speech and petty bureaucrats (and lawyers) dream up excuses and rationalizations for ignoring them.    47 USCA 230 in particular was enacted to protect bloggers from governmental abuse.   18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 were designed to make certain the every citizen was protected by government from corrupt public officials who zest for CYA and graft could not be controlled.
The stench is overwhelming!       How does a free society and in particular America tolerate the abuses that Administrator Jerome Larkin of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has openly and notoriously committed?     How are his blatant assaults on the Bill of Rights (and in particular the First Amendment tolerated?)      How can we as a Nation hold our heads up high when we have so little respect for ourselves or our heritage?     Why are lawyer organizations such as the American Bar Association not hysterical that one of their own is being punished for ‘speaking out’ against organized corrupt practices that pollute the reputation, honor, and credibility of the legal profession?      
Right now, the silence of the American Bar to the outrage of American Lawyers being punished for speaking out against corruption and in particular elder cleansings forces the public to say unequivocally – the Second oldest profession has no courage of its convictions and stands for nothing!    SHAME!

Ken Ditkowsky

In Chicago, what does a nursing home do when it’s understaffed? Break out the chemical restraints.

Shamefully, in South Holland, this news story was recently reported:

Dorothy Byrd, age 98 died of an overdose of chemical restraints:

Paris said it’s his understanding the nurse used painkillers to sedate seven seniors at Holland Home. Six fell ill and were rushed to hospitals. Byrd died the next day. Rundin and Krynicki died about a month later. The other three residents who were hospitalized on February 3 have now recovered.

According to Paris, Byrd was taking hydrocodone for back pain, but not at the levels found in her body when she died, and she was not prescribed any morphine, which also was found in her system in toxic levels.

Finally someone is noticing that nursing homes chemically restrain residents as desired.

Finally, a coroner is doing tox screens on the elderly instead of saying “oh well, she was old, wasn’t she”.

From Ken Ditkowsky — what is the difference between Student Farkhunda and the ARDC..apparently not much

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Subject: IT IS AMAZING –

I was thumbing through the Sun-times and I ran across the following article, to wit:

Deadly blasphemy laws must be abolished

Posted: 03/26/2015, 02:37pm | Junaid M. Afeef
An Afghan university student on Thursday holds a poster to protest at the site where a mob beat to death a 27-year-old woman, Farkhunda, in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Blasphemy laws and equally repugnant apostasy laws, according to the Pew Research Center, are often but not exclusively found in Muslim majority countries.  These laws criminalize things like conversion from Islam, saying anything offensive about Islam, destroying or defacing the Quran, and drawing pictures of Prophet Muhammad.
In other words, these laws criminalize rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These laws must be abolished, and Muslim scholars must articulate a clear and unequivocal explanation that blasphemy and apostasy are matters best left between individuals and God.  Until that happens, more innocent people, like Farkhunda in Afghanistan, will be killed.
Last week, a mob of men stoned, beat, kicked and set on fire Farkhunda, a 27-year-old Afghan woman, after it was alleged that she burned the Quran.  This heinous murder happened in broad daylight, with throngs of onlookers, some of whom photographed the brutality. In the wake of the murder, the head of Afghanistan’s criminal investigation unit remarked that he was unable to find “one iota of evidence” that Farkhunda burned the Quran. That issue should be irrelevant. It’s a travesty that he needed to spend one iota of his time looking for such evidence; whether or not she burnt the Quran is irrelevant. This attack was unjustified and her attackers and killers must be brought to justice.

The people who took part in this young woman’s murder are vile, but until the archaic blasphemy and apostasy laws are stricken, and until the notion that in Islam blasphemy and apostasy are punishable by death is openly and clearly refuted, this will happen again. These laws are not the sole reason for these atrocities, but they play a significant role, and as such, abolishing them is merited.

Farkhunda’s killers may have thought they were defending Islam, but in reality, they are the ones desecrating it.  ….but the message and values the Quran conveys — that all human life is sacred, that charity and justice are paramount, that humans beings have free will, and that there is no compulsion in matters of faith — endure. If there is a blasphemy taking place, it is being perpetrated by those who kill innocent people in the name of religion.
Blasphemy and apostasy laws must be repealed.  …
Junaid M. Afeef is the Chicago-based founder of Common Good Advocates and a Political Partner at Truman National Security Project.  His views are his own.
The concept of political correctness is an assault on Free Speech and so many really good people get all excited when they hear a particular sound.   Of course at the extreme we have censorship.   Bureaucrats who are overpaid and under-educated except as to the use of ‘clout’ seek to prevent citizens (including lawyers) being critical of their favorite miscreants.   

Need an example – Mr. Amu found that he was in a wired case.   He complained.   He did not take it on the chin like a good sport – as a newly minted citizen he believed all the stuff they teach about the constitution.   (The judge did not even bother to deny the allegation).  However, on the scene comes our hero Jerome Larkin.   The idea of a man whose skin was not lily white being critical of a protected jurist was an abhorent!    Without a complaining witness or a denial from the judge Larkin ran to the Supreme Court of Illinois to get Mr. Amu’s license suspended.    This is Illinois!   The license was suspended and remains suspended – 

Need another example.   Ms. Denison is one of those computer people.   She has a ‘blog!’   On her blog she reported the Assault on the First Amendment. my cry for an Honest investigation, etc.    Our hero, Jerome Larkin, is out there again upholding the principles of the former Soviet Union, North Korea, the National Socialists, the Communists, religious fanaticists and his other heros – he is seeking a three year suspension for Ms. Denison.  

Of course – I used some forbidden words! One of them was the word Honest – I, and others, begged the ARDC to conduct an Honest and Thorough investigation and instead I got a four year suspension.

We do not have to worry about anyone else but us!   Jerome Larkin and his gang run a state agency and are paid with public entrusted funds!   Their cronies – i.e. the people that they act in concert with and aid and abet are even more privileged.   We feed them the elderly and the disabled!   Find an elderly person with a few dollars who is not at the top of his/her game and the parasites can quickly strip a million dollars in a matter of days.   Best of all – they have corrupt jurists OK the theft and escape taxes.   In the Sykes case a 3/4 million dollar property was sold with a court order for a little over 200,000.00 dollars!   A million dollars in gold coins disappeared.   NOT ONE DIME OF FEDERAL INCOME TAXES was reported.   The State of Illinois is bankrupt!   The Illinois Department of Revenue is not hurrying to collect any taxes!

ABC news action team-billing for guardianship thousands of dollars after the ward dies

ABC Action News I-Team: Guardian and Attorney Bill Thousands for Years After Ward Dies

excellent video at:

What is the first saying on this video?  “target, medicate, isolate, drain and eliminate”.  how is it that everyone knows the credo but the Illinois Atty Registration and Disciplinary Commission who targets myself and Mr. Ditkowsky for repeating the credo of criminal attorneys and judges (Sykes, Gore, Bedin, Wyman, Drabik, Richards, Frake, etc.)but the IARDC consistently denies any knowledge or responsibility.  Instead, it wants to shut down this blog and distance itself from conducting honest, thorough and complete investigations of the criminal elements defrauding the public, and worst of all, the senior citizens and disabled persons that are targets of these criminals.

When Florida says it is clamping down on bilking estates for tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars of court appointed guardians and attorneys, you know the house of cards just got in the way of a huge fan of truth, honesty and justice.

Mr. Larkin, you cannot hide, for Ms. Justice will hunt you down and take you to task. She is a b****.

I am in the process of filing my response to the ARDC’s Petition to Suspend me immediately.  If lawyers cannot step into probate and protect seniors and disableds from the “target, medicate, drain and eliminate” scheme which is now on national ABC news in Florida, then who will?

Is this what we want for our government, for our lawyers, for our judges.

The news says one thing, and the ARDC says another.  Now it is up to the Illinois Supreme Court and my question is, will the Illinois Supreme court give carte blanche to the cottage industry flourishing on the 18th floor in probate to “target, isolate, medicate, drain and eliminate”–a phrase now seen in mainstream media.

I, as far as I know, am the only pro bono or low cost lawyer on the 18th floor. We need a cadre of lawyers to fight all of this. I find it amazing that so many lawyers and judges think this system is okay, when many are elderly, and can face the same issues in just a few years.  On the east coast, we have a powerful lawyer and former judge whose $9 million estate is being drained by over a million a year in fees, his one daughter is a lawyer and one day a bank lawyer stepped in and wrested guardianship away from her and two daughters and 4 grandchildren were immediately isolated so the new attorneys (bank and former partner) could drain that estate by one million per year.

Who is letting this go one?  One person is Jerome Larkin.  Two state agencies are the Ill. Atty. Regn. and Disc. Comm. and the Office of Public Guardian.

Now we are seeing the credo in mainstream media.  We are now seeing, for the first time, actual cases in mainstream media.  The public is now interested.

It is not too late for Larkin and his state agency to reverse this tide.  Mr. Larkin, please go after the attorneys and judges that target, medicate, isolate, medicate and eliminate.  Please forgive Ditkowsky and myself for being the bearer of this news.  I know you were shocked. I was too.  I couldn’t believe in all my years as a lawyer this was going on right under my nose.  Honest attorneys were too terrified to speak out.  They were threatened (as were Ken Ditkowsky and myself) if they reported these crimes (quashing subpoenas for missing $1 million in Sykes, quashing discovery in Gore, Drabik, Richards, etc.) that their law licenses were in jeapordy (Judge Connors for myself, Atty Stern and Farenga for Ken Ditkowsky).  The threats were real.  But it is not too late to stop the nonsense and investigate–what Cynthia Farenga in a letter specifically asked you NOT to do in the Sykes case. Come on now, you see where the media is going).

Ken and I will not stop speaking out for those that cannot do so. And we are NOT heroes.  WE, unlike other attorneys are simply doing our jobs.  So what if other attys don’t do their jobs. Ken, Mr. Amu and myself, we do our jobs. We need no thanks for doing what we ought to do, what we were trained to do by 3 years of law school and the bar review and exam.

We are not special as lawyers, we are not extraordinary, we are doing what we were trained to do and then we took an oath to uphold the laws and the constitution of Illinois and of the United States.

This is not difficult.  This does not take a super power to do.  It only takes ordinary dedication, courage and belief in what this country was founded to be.


Posted: 23 Mar 2015 06:29 PM PDT

She’s been dead for over two years, but her state-appointed professional guardian has been billing her for thousands the entire time.
This is just the latest in a long line of disturbing issues surrounding Florida’s guardianship program.

Lynn and Alan Sayler were in Tallahassee last week, testifying  before a legislative committee calling for more reforms of the state guardianship program.

From Joanne:
The same was done to Alice Gore in Chicago area. Billed for years, thousands of dollars by the attorneys after the disabled senior is dead. The attorneys should return the money.  ABC news in Chicago should investigate.

A reprint of Ken Ditkowsky’s article on the PPJ–the word of Ditkowsky and Denison and Amu is going Viral

and cannot be stopped on the internet, which is free and open and democratic, despite the protests, the shameful conduct of attorneys and judges acting badly and trying to stop those that speak out against harm to the elderly and disabled!

Before we are distracted or otherwise side tracked in our struggle to defeat the corrupt and venal political and judicial officials who are conducting a war on the elderly and the disabled I want to thank every person who has joined he battle on the side of the elderly, disabled, and families thereof.   By persistence and by joining hands piece by piece the word is getting out and law enforcement is enforcing the law and protecting the Constitution.   Yes, the gains are small to date, but, a search of the internet has revealed that the word is getting out.
Mr. Jerome Larkin and his cronies may lack respect for the Bill of Rights and in particular the First Amendment but even the billions of dollars and mountains of clout they have cannot silence the internet and those who covet America’s core values.    On a lark I did an internet search of my own name and among the listing I found the following:

The Illinois Jihad

January 17, 2015
new-logo25Ken Ditkowsky
“There is no dispute the elder cleansing is wrong. There is no dispute that a ‘cover up’ of corruption by a public official (such as Larkin) is wrong. It is an axiom that any jurist that tolerates such wrongful conduct as elder cleansing, directly or indirectly is corrupt”
The concept that appears to be lacking in Illinois judicial circles is that any public office including that of a judicial official creates a public trust. Judges are elected to serve the public interest by resolving cases and controversy. The Administration of justice is a solemn responsibility and when perverted by corruption, including intellectual dishonesty, cannot be tolerated in a free society. Operation Greylord was the tip of the iceberg and the remnants today have surfaced not only in more overt corruption such as we are seeing in the Elder Cleansing cases arising in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Illinois, but in the assaults on the Federal and Illinois Constitution by the nadir of the legal profession.
The deliberate misrepresentation of the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States (such as the Sawyer[1] case) by the IARDC attorneys is a mere demonstration of the intellectual dishonesty that Mr. Larkin and his unprofessional hordes practice as they assault reason and the ‘Core Values’ of the republic in their prosecution and cover up of the serious felonies of elder cleansing.
The ultimate insult to America is when the ‘conscience of the legal profession’ (i.e. the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission cites as authority their decision in the Amu case as authority. One has to search long and hard to find such arrogance and perversion. Dred Scott was an embarrassment to modern lawyers as it fails to recognize the core value of America – i.e. Equal Protection of the Law for everyone regardless of race, color, creed, National origin, religion etc.
This concept is the lynch pin of America regardless of whether or not certain members of our society degraded themselves by attempting to enslave others. The rationalizations notwithstanding slavery in all its forms was and is wrong.
The commission lawyers (and the rubber stamp panel) in citing Amu degrade themselves by knowingly acknowledge that they approve of the racial nexus that the case reeks of! Mr. Amu was the clear victim of the racial bias of a public official (Jerome Larkin) who openly and notoriously acted to deprive Mr. Amu of his ‘equal protection of the law’ and his Right of Free Speech. Mr. Amu had every right to protest the actions of Judges who by their silence do not contest their corruption even if he has a deeper hue to his skin than the average citizen of Wilmette, Illinois. (Mr. Amu is of the Negro race and an immigrant from Africa) Practicing Law while Black is not a disciplinary offense[2] – but racial discrimination by judicial officials is a violation of the 14th Amendment, 42 USCA 1981, and 1983. It is also a violation of 18 USCA 242 and just about every canon of ethics that requires decency from a lawyer.)
The citing of the Amu case by the commission is an insult to every lawyer who has ever practice law in the United States of America. In fact the case itself is an abomination that should never have been brought.
The act of bring such as case as the Amu case is a per se breach of the public trust. It is sad, but the assault on the First Amendment by Mr. Larkin and the commission in attempting to silence individuals who happen to be attorneys who complained of corruption is quite common and appears to be an established policy of the Illinois Supreme Court. Allowing Larkin to engage in his assaults on the First Amendment is a breach of trust by the Court. This is fact whether the action by Larkin, the Court, or those he acts in concert with are just engaged in the commerce of providing a little extra non- budget compensation to certain favor jurists or ‘covering up’ and doing the commission’s bit to wage war on the elderly and the disabled.
What is also sad is that the major ‘cover up’ that Larkin is engaged in is protection of dishonest miscreants who prey on the elderly and the disabled. Larkin is aware that:
1. Federal law (Americans with Disabilities act) requires that public entities provide the disabled with a reasonable accommodation so that they can enjoy the privileges and immunities that all citizens enjoy. A reasonable accommodation is not ravaging their estates, isolating them from their prior lives or drugging them out of their minds so that they are easy prey and lucrative objects for guardians and other health care pirates.
2. Federal law (Americans with Disabilities act) prohibits 42 USCA 12203 retaliation against persons (including lawyers) who seek the enforcement of Federal Law, and Illinois law 320 ILCS 20/4 prohibits disciplinary proceedings.
3. The railroading of senior citizens and disabled people into guardianships for profit (such as was done in the Sykes case 09 P4585) is wrong.
4. Separating and isolating a senior or disabled person from family, friends, and prior life is wrong.
5. Misappropriating (by the use of the guardianship) the assets of another person is theft and wrong.
6. Depriving another individual of their liberty and/or human rights is wrong.
There is no dispute the elder cleansing is wrong. There is no dispute that a ‘cover up’ of corruption by a public official (such as Larkin) is wrong. It is an axiom that any jurist that tolerates such wrongful conduct as elder cleansing, directly or indirectly is corrupt. There is no case and controversy as to the wrongful actions concerning the guardianship of Alice Gore, Mary Sykes et al. They are examples of corruption and wrongful conduct. They are an example of numerous felonies being openly and notorious committed in Illinois and unfortunately in many of States.
No matter how Jerome Larkin and those he acts in concert with [18 USCA 371] to ‘cover up’ the obvious felonies and wrongful conduct everyone knows that he and his ilk are nefarious people who are intentionally using their public offices in derogation of not only their oaths of office but the core values of America. Such is pure ‘corruption!’ Right always will be Right no matter how much clout or intimidation that the miscreants can assert. Larkin’s shameful reincarnation in Illinois (in the Amu) case of Jim Crow became a permanent stain on the Judicial history of Illinois when attorned to by the Illinois Supreme Court. It is rare that a Supreme Court disgraces itself so completely in public.
The fact that the 4th Estate has been silent as to Illinois’ shame does not mitigate it. It just makes us sad to see a proud Sovereign State fall so deep into the cesspool of corruption! At some point in time the people of Illinois will have to rise up and remove the cancer that has permeated its borders and deal with problem.
France and the world last week received a ‘wake up’ call when terrorists invaded a newspaper and assaulted FREE SPEECH. The people of the State of Illinois have similar terrorists in their bosom who wish to assault FREE SPEECH. Larkin and his band of terrorists are more sophisticated than their colleagues at ISIS – they elder cleanse their victims before they assault the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights!
I requested an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation. JoAnne Denison joined in the request. Amu complied with his Himmel requirement. Indeed Larkin knew that each of us took an oath to defend the Constitution, yet, instead of complying with his Oath, Larkin and the Agency of the Supreme Court of Illinois (and the Illinois Supreme Court) retaliated! Amu, in an action that had an obvious racial nexus, was summarily suspended. I went through a kangaroo set of mesne proceedings before being suspended. And JoAnne is going through a similar set of mesne proceedings; however, with Seth Gilman indicted for Hospice fraud and government starting to prosecute health care fraud, it is rumored that Larkin is desperate to shut down Denison’s blog – he is reported to be filing or has filed a petition before the Supreme Court for her interim suspension for three years.
Illinois is at a crossroads. Larkin is his radical Muslim jihad against lawyers who comply with 18 USCA 4 and the Constitution of the State of Illinois and the United States of America has not to this point used automatic weapons in his assaults against Free Speech, but, his action is no less reprehensive and wrong. No rationalization can justify Larkin’s assaults or his breach of his duty as a public official. Time is fleeting! The window to save Illinois and the Nation is closing. Elder Cleansing today is a cottage industry; however, tomorrow it can be the 4th Reich! Free men and women have to rally against the Jihad by corrupt judicial and other public officials against our BILL OF RIGHTS AND OUR ELDERLY AND DISABLED CITZENS![3]
[1] “it hardly needs elaboration to make it clear that the question of the total insufficiency of the evidence to sustain a serious charge of professional misconduct, against a backdrop of the claimed constitutional rights of an attorney to speak as freely as another citizen, is not one which can be subsumed under the headings of local practice, customs or law. “ In re SAWYER, 360 U.S. 622, 640, 79 S. Ct. 1376, 1385, 3 L. Ed. 2d 1473, 1485-1486, 1959 U.S. LEXIS 1744, 30 (U.S. 1959)
[2] The Denison, Ditkowsky and Amu cases prosecuted by the IARDC do not involve any charge of Contempt of court or actions before a Court. They all involve 18 USCA 4 compliances by the attorneys that Larkin persecutes. Amu complained of judges he believed to have been ‘wired’ or had a conflict of interest, Ditkowsky requested an Honest complete and comprehensive investigation of the elder cleansing of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585, and Denison repeated the request in her blog. Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, and Peter Schmiedel the attorneys who complained to the IARDC to successfully prevent an Honest complete and comprehensive investigation tried to induce a judge to impose sanctions so as to prevent Ditkowsky from doing a FRCP 11 investigation. When they were unsuccessful the made application to Larkin and his commission to do indirectly what they could not directly. Larkin as part of his Jihad responded with Disciplinary proceedings aforesaid.
What is interesting is that had the Court thought that any of the charges were significant it would have to meet the standard:
In order to support a conviction for criminal contempt under § 401(1), the record must establish beyond a reasonable doubt the following four elements:
First, there must be evidence that the defendant engaged in some conduct that can be considered “misbehavior.” See Vaughn v. City of Flint, 752 F.2d 1160, 1167 (6th Cir. 1985). Second, that misbehavior must amount to an “obstruction of the administration of justice,” see id., an obstruction that “must be … actual, not … [71] theoretical….” See id. at 1168 (citing In re McConnell, 370 U.S. 230, 234, 82 S.Ct. 1288, 8 L.Ed.2d 434 (1962)). Third, the contempt must occur in the presence of the judge imposing the summary determination of criminal guilt. See id. at 1167. Finally, the defendant must have formed an actual intent to cause the obstruction of justice. See Id. Thus, the improper act must be “a deliberate or intended violation, as distinguished from an accidental, inadvertent or negligent violation.” Id. at 1169 (quoting TWM Manufacturing Company v. Dura Corp., 722 F.2d 1261, 1272 (6th Cir.1983)).
In re Moncier, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 78458, 68-71, 2008 WL 1808547 (E.D. Tenn. Apr. 7, 2008)
Before his Commission Larkin must meet the standard of clear and convincing. To the Illinois Supreme Court’s interpretation in Amu and also in Ditkowsky clairvoyance is sufficient.
[3] The Amu case is extremely disturbing as it represents not only a racial nexus motivating wrongful action against an attorney for speaking out, but, the acceptance of the proposition that government will accept the assertion that some of its citizens are not to be afforded equal protection under the law. The Illinois Supreme Court in first granting an interim suspension of Attorney L. Amu allowed a major injustice to be consummated by a racist enjoying the mantel of the ‘conscience of the 2nd oldest profession’ and when it affirmed the racism disgraced itself and the State of Illinois! The Court’s indifference to this racism creates a very dark day in the history of Illinois!
Ken Ditkowsky

From Sandra Black Go Fund Me and she and her family need a lawyer

Sandra Black would like you to support:

Sandra’s Family Needs a Lawyer

Donate below, or forward this email to a friend now.

As the ARDC gets ready to suspend one of the only truly low cost or pro bono defense lawyers in probate, Sandra Black and her family are looking for assistance too.

I hope a good pro bono lawyer comes to their assistance to help them out.

Let us know how it goes, Sandra.

A message from Sandra Black…

Hello, I am Sandra Black. My elderly mother, family, and I have lived under extreme abuse (not physical) and mental/emotional torture in America due to the State of Indiana’s laws that make it right to discriminate against its disabled residents. We have been cursed out, threatened, isolated/alienated, and had torture tactics used against us for years. Our family fell through the cracks of society being forced by law to live under the leadership of a cruel, greedy, severe marijuana addicted con-artist’s rules. The suffering is totally indescribable. Imagine being set-up by law, your very own government agencies and forced into exile away from your loved one without any idea how far the abuse can go. In Indiana apparently the disabled reporting abuse and a morally sick family member is considered automatically a fact that it never happened, not necessary to talk to witnesses or conduct any real investigation to determine if the allegations are true or false, they are automatic false in our case. It sounds bad, it sounds impossible, but I swear it happened. Agencies and officials all refused to do their job for years.

I want to hold them accountable by law in civil court for our losses.

This case is so unique that it would set precedence; totally change how government can allow its residents to be victimized without recourse. Cases like these no lawyer want to touch because it requires a great deal of money, a lot of hard work, expert witnesses, and research. Regular cases are simple, only refer to past cases that are just like it and win. I possess a Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s degree from Tuskegee University. My disability is work related only and could have easily been verified that I would have been a better choice for mother if anyone cared. I need your help to hold the guilty accountable and change our nations actions against its very own citizens.

Time is of the essence, my daughter told me about this site a few days ago and recently the State stepped in (February, 2015) and stopped the exile of my family, thus I think the statue of limitations is ticking away now. Meaning that if a lawsuit is not filed quickly, I may be in danger of losing any right so whatever to file a lawsuit. The exile lasted from 2010 to 2015, which does not include mention of the abuse/neglect.


We need a lawyer to set precedence in this country and to show our government that the people are tired of government literally destroying the lives of people and behaving as if that’s what should be done, turning a blind eye and deaf ears. I want to hire a team of lawyers to not only use all the great well documented information that I have collected over the years proving KNOWN REPORTED ABUSE AND NEGLECT, but the use of experts to dive into subpoena information of the torture/abuse that I do not know about or have access to behind the scene as well. This will be very costly and greatly change the laws for the people forever.
Currently we live in a society where our government and officials show very little concern for the needs of the people. Big corporations, locking up the citizens, destroying the financial security of the people, the right to freedom of speech, embracing corruption and idiotic incompetent decisions that lead to victimization are just a few of what this case will address. If you ever wanted to do anything to stop the upper 1%, then this is the case you should donate to.
I swear with all my heart to donate and use all my court winnings for the cause of uniting, educating, and empowering the 99% against these same issues that tried to destroy my family. I am an adamant advocate for this cause. After years of isolation and abuse, the STATE has finally stepped in and allowed my mother, Mildred Barber fair visitation with her daughter, Sandra Black. Do you think it should have taken years just to have the right to care for your mom and stop abuse/neglect? If your answer is no and you want to support the cause of ending the rule and entitlement of the upper 1%, please show your support here and now. Thank you Continue Reading >>

Palm Beach Florida says no more Guardian-cochroaches

In a land where cochroaches are large and plentiful come this story about reigning in guardians who attain the position only to isolate the ward and drain estates:

While these main stream media stories are few and far between, it’s only a matter of time before they start going after the “cochroaches”–guardians and attorneys alike that line their pockets off the elderly and the families they tear apart with drugs, isolation orders and draining the estates (Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Fracke, Drabik, Richards, etc.).

We apparently have a fine supply of probate cochroaches ourselves.