Important–From Glenda Martinez–A video story you won’t want to miss

I highly recommend this video as a typical story I learn about at least once or twice per week–and for which the court does absolutely nothing about.

This week I learned one client after asking and begging for one mother to see her son (it has been months and she could not see him, not for Christmas or New Year’s) and a sister.  They were awarded visitation once per week, but the wife never allowed it, said it was never a good time. We have a year of recordings of this. The court just told both the mother will never see her son again, and the sister will never see her brother again. The wife claims this man is too demented to recognize them, so why bother? (This woman is just another living heat donor if you ask me, and has no right to be a guardian).

another video story from Ontario:

And of course, we have the Alan Frake case who is about as drugged as the man in this video.  Al Frake is at Sunrise Nursing home in Park Ridge and son Gary Frake reports they are killing him with sedatives/psychotropic drugs.  This has been reported to Judge Quinn several times and it is always deny, deny, deny.

So thank you Glenda for sending along this shinning example of elder abuse by the “professionals” who are just about always allowed to abuse with impunity.


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