In Saudia Arabia, they flog bloggers of the truth, in the US they suspend attorneys for years!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Mar 8, 2015 7:45 AM
To: AARP Inc , Alyece Russell , “JoAnne M. Denison”
Subject: Elder Cleansing – silencing dissent or mention of guardians for profit

The attached article gives America a view of the Illinois that a corrupt judiciary creates as it  ignores the Bill of Rights, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, and the right of free speech.
No this is not a mad delusionJerome Larkin the administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is actually prosecuting Attorney JoAnne Denison for writing a blog that discloses corruption in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.    Larkin and one of his kangaroo attorney panels are recommending to the Supreme Court of Illinois that she be suspended for three years for airing material demanding an Honest investigation on her blog of the railroading of senior citizens into abusive guardianships for profit wherein they are isolated from their families, stripped of their life savings and other assets, and systematically denied their human and civil rights [1] .
“Saudi Arabia rejects rights criticism after flogging of blogger
Reuters/Reuters – A picture of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi (C) is seen between others photos of prisoners in Saudi Arabia during a demonstration for his release from jail outside the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in …more 
RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia defended its human rights record on Saturday in its first public reaction to international criticism over last year’s sentencing of liberal Saudi blogger Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail for “insulting Islam”.
The first 50 of Badawi’s lashes were carried out in January, prompting strong criticism of the kingdom’s rights record in Western countries, including its laws on political and religious expression and the status of Saudi women. 
“Saudi Arabia expresses its intense surprise and dismay at what is being reported by some media about the case of citizen Raif Badawi and his sentence,” said a statement carried on state media and attributed to an unnamed “foreign ministry official”.
The statement said Saudi courts were independent and that the kingdom’s constitution ensured the protection of human rights because it was based on Islamic Sharia law.
“Saudi Arabia at the same time emphasizes that it does not accept interference in any form in its internal affairs,” the statement added.
A Jeddah court handed Badawi his sentence after he criticized the Saudi clergy in a blog and called for changes in the way religion is practiced in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia, the United States’ top Arab ally and birthplace of Islam, follows the strict Wahhabi Sunni Muslim school and gives the clergy control over its justice system.
It does not permit the public worship of other faiths or allow them to maintain places of worship inside the country. In a new law last year it included atheism as a terrorist offence. 
It uses the death penalty for offences including blasphemy, apostasy and witchcraft. The kingdom has beheaded 40 people so far in 2015, rights watchdog Amnesty International said this week, based on local media reports. 
Political dissidents have been given long jail terms in the past year after repeatedly raising human rights issues in international media and urging the absolute monarchy to introduce elections.
The kingdom is the only country in which women are forbidden to drive. Saudi women also need the permission of a male guardian, usually a close family member, to conduct many aspects of official business, including travel overseas. 
(Reporting by Angus McDowall, Editing by Gareth Jones)”
The danger to America is real.
The legal profession is silent and intimidated as they watch the assault on America’s core values occur in Illinois.     There was and is no hue and cry to protest the outrageous and wrongful actions of Jerome Larkin and the corrupt jurists who foster the assaults on the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights.    In addition to the current travesty being perpetrated upon Attorney Denison, Attorney L Amu, an American who immigrated from Africa, who happens to have a dark hue to his skin complained of the corruption of certain judges (who other lawyers also complained but in private) and received a three year suspension from the practice of law.   Yours truly demanded an Honest investigation and wrote the attorney General of the United States.   I was not repentant and received a four year suspension.   I will not remain silent and therefore I expect that I will never practice law again.
Yesterday, President Obama marched in Selma to give emphasis to America’s dedication to Equal Protection of the Law and need to preserve our Civil rights, yet, there was no protest when Lawyer Amu was stripped of his law license because he exercised his First Amendment Rights.    There was no protest and no march when the racial nexus of the discriminatory suspension was published.       President Obama did not order the Justice Department to investigate.      Legal organizations were not outraged.    My call for an Honest Investigation resulted in Attorney Denison publishing on her blog the embarrassing facts associated with the felonies of ‘elder cleansing [2] .’
Elder Cleansing is the first cousin of Ethic and Racial Cleansing.    It encompasses the railroading of a senior or disabled person into a guardianship so that the victim can be isolated, his/her assets (including life savings) redistributed to a cadre of corrupt jurists, judicial officials, appointed guardians et al, as all civil, liberty, and human rights are denied by Court order.    In the Alice Gore case the miscreants (protected by Jerome Larkin, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, and the apathy and disinterest of the public, our elected officials, and the 2nd oldest profession) were able to prospect in the mouth of Ms. Gore for gold.   They found she had gold filings and harvested them.     In the Mary Sykes case they found gold in her safety deposit box!     The millions of dollars of booty was never inventoried, reported to the Court, etc.      It is quite obvious that the benefit to Mr. Larkin and those who act in concert with him was ‘tax free!’ and insulated.
The judicial system is society’s pressure valve.      When a call for an Honest investigation is considered by a society to be ethically challenged whether in a letter to the Attorney General of the United States or in a blog America is in deep trouble.    No I do not expect that Attorney Denison will be flogged, but,  she stands to have her law license suspended without a whimper from the legal profession or the very public that depends on her and others like her to make certain that they individually and collectively do not face Badawi’s fate.     Such is intolerable – unless we as Americans have attorned to oppression and tyranny.
No, we do not need more laws.     The guardianship statute does not authorize the elder cleansing guardianship for profit.    In fact, it is consistent with title 2 of the Americans With Disabilities Act in actually prohibiting the felonies committed by the miscreants and their co-conspirators.      In the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 the guardians for profit and their co-conspirators were so arrogant that they never bothered to obtain jurisdiction for the probate court that was used to give an air of legitimacy to their felonies [3] .     47 USCA 230 protects by Federal law Ms. Denison’s blog.   320 ILCS 20/4 provides immunity from all prosecution including disciplinary proceedings for the protest of elder cleansing for Ms. Denison and all others who complain.   735 ILCS 110/ et seq.  protects her free speech.    Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the First Amendment remove government authority and that of Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court from their assaults on the right of Free Speech.    All are ignored by Mr. Larkin and those who act in concert with him.
Ironically the Federal and State Criminal Laws make Mr. Larkin’s (and those who conspire with him to engage in the War against the elderly and the disabled) felonies.   18 USCA 4 requires that these felonies be reported to law enforcement.    18 USCA 242 provides enforcement authority for the United States of America to prosecute the violations of civil rights of not only the victims of elder cleansing but the assault by Larkin on the First Amendment of the complaining lawyers.   18 USCA 371 draws into the criminal court all who act in concert in these criminal endeavors.   18 USCA 1341 prohibits the use of the mails in the criminal endeavor ******.    The Justice Department is delegated the authority and mandated the obligation to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act.   42 USCA 12203 prohibits the obvious retaliation that the threatened and decreed suspensions of law licenses promulgates.
The President yesterday decried the need to protect the Civil Rights of all Americans.   Right here in his home state Jim Crow is alive and well and has been extended to the now cottage industry of silencing the legal profession’s protest against corruption.    Lest we forget – it was not long ago that a score of Cook County Illinois jurists were prosecuted in Federal Court and sent to jail in Operation Greylord.    It was not long ago another couple score of jurists had to resign so as to avoid criminal prosecution – however today in the State of Illinois a lawyer who publishes a blog and calls for an Honest investigation is prosecuted as ethically challenged for exercising her First Amendment Rights.
The Silence of the America Bar Association is an affront to second oldest profession and a demonstration of why society has so little respect for the profession – it will not stand up for its own rights – how can the public have confidence in such a group of citizens.   The Silence of the American Civil Liberties Union and its related tax exempt organizations is a demonstration of hypocrisy.      Why should they care about the civil rights of the elderly and the disabled?    Why should they concern themselves about basic civil rights of law abiding citizens?      There is no headline to be gained.       Indeed, as the President utters a speech that few listen to the words become empty and meaningless as right here in Chicago a tainted political miscreant tramples on the First Amendment as he seeks to silence all calls for an HONEST investigation of the cottage industry of elder cleansing and the support of the political establishment (by its silence at least) of the War on the Elderly and the disabled.

[1] The word HONEST appears to be the word that troubles Mr. Larkin and those who conspire with him in the endeavor to elder cleanse senior citizens and the disabled.
[2] It should be noted that criminal activity including but not limited to breaches of fiduciary relationship are taxable events.    It is basic that when a ‘conspiracy’ is created – (see 18 USCA 371) – all the conspirators share joint and several liability.   Thus, the proceeds of the criminal activity, such as elder cleansing, are taxable and in my opinion each of the miscreants enjoys liability to the United States of America and the State for the income taxes due plus all interest and penalties.    Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy – the USA has a massive debt.   There is no just reason that even though the proceeds of elder cleansing should give Mr. Larkin and his co-conspirators some jail time that he should not pay the taxes and the penalties due to the government.    Had he performed his job of protecting the public from the predatory guardians and corrupt jurists who appointed them *****   No one forced him to attempt to thwart free speech or assault the First Amendment.
[3] It appears that not only was there no jurisdiction but any mention of that fact evokes almost violent responses from the Court, the guardians, the IARDC etc.      To protect the Civil Rights of seniors the guardianship act provides very limited jurisdiction and a procrustean procedure for obtaining jurisdiction.  755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.      A review of the Court file in case 09 P 4585 ( subpoena quashed in disciplinary hearings) is clear in demonstrating not only deception but the unsuccessful efforts to even create the shameful facade of compliance with the statute so as to obtain jurisdiction.   Larkin and his lackeys in the disciplinary proceedings appear to have copied the MO of the judge – do not read the Statute – and claim waiver.   Waiver by an incompetent person is a oxymoron.
Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne:
If the ARDC really wanted to distance itself from Saudi Arabian officials and Al Quaida and Isis who routinely flog, maim and kill those who speak the truth and stand up for peace, democracy, justice and human rights, the ARDC would immediately and sua sponte dismiss all charges against you, Mr. Amu and myself.  In Saudia Arabia they flog bloggers that plead for human and civil rights for all–women, gays, activists and libertarians.  In Saudia Arabia they strip women lawyers of their custody rights and place the children in state homes–the worst catastrophe that could occur to both the woman lawyer and her children..
So, I ask, now how is the US any different from Saudi Arabia?  We have no rights to speak the truth, to say that in some cases grandma is railroaded into a guardianship, stripped of her free will and human and civil rights, forced into a locked down nursing home, a feeding tube at one end, a diaper at the other–when she can eat, albiet slowly and only with assistance which takes time (money), and when the estate is gone, she is put on hospice and bombarded with morphine and psychotropic drugs (Drabik, Gore, Frake, etc.)
We are now up to 7 or 8 murders in Cook County or deaths of very questionable means at questionable times (right after the estate is drained of money by probate attorneys and esp. the OPG), I want an investigation.  Ken wants an investigation and so do many of my clients.
What is wrong in asking for an investigation on a blog and demanding that the illegal chemical restraints stop (In re Tiffany) and that our Illinois elders be treated with care and love and not the conditions of your average Gulag in years past?
How is the US any different, Mr. Larkin?  How is the ARDC litigation dept any different from flogging bloggers, taking children away from women lawyers who beg and plead for women’s rights?  Ken and I plead for the rights of the elderly and disabled on the 18th floor, and while we are not flogged, we are stripped of our right to help others in the courtroom.
The actions of Mr. Larkin and the ARDC to protect a pot of gold over the elderly and the disabled is utterly shameful.

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