Clinton Emails and Ethics Filings of 2009 and Patrick Henry Quote

And while everyone is wondering why Mrs. Clinton decided to use personal email instead of government emails to conduct government business and is there anything hidden in those emails, we have the Illinois Atty Regn which still does not file Ethics Statements, the Office of Public Guardian that does not file and there is no reason why stated on either website ( and ( where you can view the ethics statements of all the attorneys involved in these cases.

I want to know what attorneys have contributed to the Judge’s campaigns, don’t you?  I would like to know if OPG attorneys have banking or nursing home or caregiver interests, realtor and real estate interests of them and their spouses.  I would like to know what income comes from any of these sources.  I especially want to know any 3rd party that is paying off any loan of theirs–mortgage, auto or otherwise.

I have emailed the OPG for their ethics statement publications, so I will let you know what they say, if anything.  If I don’t hear from them in a day or two I will call.

It just seems very fishy to me that neither the ARDC nor the OPG seems to file Ethics Statements, and yet both are in considerable positions of power.

The OPG publishes it’s “success stories” but it never tells of the horror stories from the families where estates were drained and the disabled person was then left penniless for years and after the estate was drained, they are left in horrible places to live where they don’t want to be, but can’t speak up because they are afraid of retaliation (a deadly 72 hour psych hold, a lock down nursing facility). These people know too well the ruthlessness and viciousness that is involved and that they could disappear without a trace in days and no one would ever care or investigate.

In Cook County, the judges hand back allegations of abuse to the abuser (Frake, Sykes, etc.) and no one cares.  The real question is why and why do certain agencies not have to file Ethics Reports and when you complain to the head of the agency, pursuant to statute, they are the ones that are directing this, so nothing ever comes of your complaint.

JoAnne Denison

And now from Patrick Henry:

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