From Joel Handler who was not amused by lack of jurisdiction in 1804

As you are aware, an order was entered by Judge MacCarthy which rendered Joel Handler’s $4,000 judgment against Janie “unenforceable.”

When Atty Carrie Fung of the OPG was told by Judge O’Brien in 1401 that she was to give the key to storage to Atty Handler so he could assess and manage these assets–and he is a judgment creditor, it seems she did not like the order of Judge O’Brien, so Carrie Fung went and filed a 27 page 150 paragraph motion in court room 1804 to invalidate are more than 2 year old judgment that Atty Handler had obtained in June of 2014.

Hmmm.  Interesting.

Obviously I have to file objections to the entry of a void ab initio order (void from the outset) because I don’t want it to appear my client is condoning such behavior (and liability), but Mr. Handler says it well to Ms. Fung–what on this green earth is she thinking?

I guess Judge MacCarthy can just blame everything on Ms. Fung because she wrote the order and Ms. Fung wrote the motion, etc., but 1804 is still her courtroom.

Here is Mr. Handler’s letter:

I will publish a response if I get one.

Also, here is Carrie Fung’s Motion she sent out, which of course is in the wrong format and waayyy too long.

Perhaps Judge MacCarthy is more favorable to grant motions by the pound, even if there is no jurisdiction, because Ms. Fung definitely showed she was good at writing motions by the pound.

I didn’t put up the entire motion because it contained a lot of bank account records with account numbers on the statements and the rule is you’re not supposed to file documents with bank account records, so I left those out. For some reason Ms. Fung does not redact.  The rules are you must remove bank account numbers and social security numbers prior to filing.

From the front page of the NY Times–A dying Father’s last wish

This is a great article that does a wonderful job pointing out of the many fair and just issues that this blog was created to address–allowing seniors to die in their own homes instead of nursing homes.

I know that this isn’t the only blog posting that is entitled “A Father’s Last Dying Wish” but I am very glad that Joseph Andrey’s daughter, Stephanie was able to get some great publicity.  I wish her well and all the others that are trying to keep parents out of nursing homes when the parents never wanted to be there in their final days. Good luck to her.

Rauner’s nursing home deals may cost him

According to this article in the Chicago Tribune, before purchasing a nursing home, Rauner’s health care company had only $150,000 in total declared liabilites.

After some years of mismanagement his liabilities rose exponentially:

Jannotta, GTCR and other onetime owners of Trans Healthcare are defendants in the bankruptcy case, accused by plaintiffs’ attorneys of selling the chain in a complicated transaction to dodge liability for what grew to more than $1 billion in tentative wrongful death judgments secured by the estates of several nursing home patients. GTCR attorneys argue that the firm was far removed from the operation of the nursing homes in question and contend the plaintiffs’ lawyers are on a fishing expedition to extract payouts from deep-pocketed businesses.

And perhaps that is the problem, everyone is “far removed” from taking proper care of nursing home patients.

Read the article here:

But the real problem is, we are building more and more nursing homes and assisted care centers and we are pushing the need to find bodies for these institutions in lieu of in home care.

I was at the nursing homes when my father had to be ther, when my grandfather had to be there, and when our church did a lot of volunteer work?  What do you see and hear?  Residents pushed up in wheel chairs in front of a TV, that’s all.  If you talk to them, they all want to go home, if not to their own home, then to a child.

China has a law an adult child must visit an elderly parent.  The parents like the law.  Perhaps the US should push some of that and get these elderly people back into their own home or into the home of a caring relative.

Attorneys that are ISBA Pro Bono partners

As most of you know, I am completely dedicated to pro bono work and promoting it among attorneys. I believe cases should be taken on the merits and not on basis of money alone.  I know we all need to pay rent, utilities, staff and so forth, but there are many people with severe violations of human and civil rights, and loss of liberties too great to ignore.

I do believe that the courts should be provided with Public Defenders, according to income, where the loss of all money and housing is in question.

so the ISBA has an online pledge and I have taken it and I have also posted a bio on their website that features humanitarian legal services.

I hope other attorneys are inspired to do this and that the public encourages attys to do more pro bono or low cost legal work

the site:

ISBA Pro Bono Partner

Thank you for pledging to become an ISBA Pro Bono Partner. Your name is now listed below.

Members of the Illinois State Bar Association are committed to delivering legal services to those who need to turn to the courts to solve their problems, whether the people who need legal services are able to pay for the services or are unable to do so.

The Illinois State Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Foundation, and the lawyers who are members recognize that the need for legal services for the one-third of the State that is below the federal poverty level cannot be met by legal service agencies alone.

The Illinois Supreme Court Rules underscore the importance of Pro Bono legal services for persons of limited means whose household income is below the poverty level and also those people referred to as the “working poor”.

As a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, I am a supporter of the free legal services, training, and grants that ISBA and IBF provide to assist people in need, and I support ISBA and my local bar association and legal service provider.

I declare myself to be an ISBA Pro Bono Partner, and I promise to:

  1. Seek out the local pro bono legal services being supplied to individuals or charitable, religious or civic organizations in my community;
  2. Attend or support a recognition ceremony for those who participate in pro bono services in my community;
  3. Consider attending training provided to lawyers who provide pro bono services;
  4. Commit to joining the efforts to increase access to our legal system.

ISBA Pro Bono Partners

My new bio


Ms. Denison is a patent attorney that also practices in the area of business litigation in both state and federal court. Besides prosecuting patent applications, she is currently fighting to restore truth, justice and integrity at the IARDC, the Illinois Probate court and in other legal fora where the public and clients have presented a valid claim of a gross violation of human and civil rights or an unjust loss of civil liberties.  She runs two very popular pro-justice blogs at and, a 95 year old woman who was railroaded into a guardianship without first receiving a summons, complaint and no 14 days advance notice of the time, date and place of hearing was ever served on her siblings, yet the case has proceeded for 5 YEARS without jurisdiction.  In the Sykes case, approx. $1 million in gold coins have escaped inventory. The GAL’s claim they never existed in court, but numerous family members and the Sykes estate attorney can attest to the fact they are missing.

Ms. Denison represents other indigent clients that have suffered similar injustices (Mr. John Howard Wyman whose mother was placed in one of the worst Illinois nursing homes against her will and suffered beatings and sexual abuse when father wanted mother out of the house.  She finally escaped and one son Bill Wyman drove half way to Aspen Colorado and then John Howard picked her up and took her to Aspen where she was safe–but never to return to her Rockford home again)  The Carol Wyman case had no jurisdiction. Son John Howard Wyman has written a book “Against her Will” and you may contact me for copies.  Those who pledge to fight for truth, justice, integrity and honesty in the court system will receive a free copy upon request.  Ms. Denison also represents Dominic Spera, who was rendered homeless and on the street for 6 month when the GAL in his mothers case swiped over $100k of joint account funds left to him and his mother.  He now receives a stipend from the court so he is no longer homeless, but if Ms. Denison would not appear*****

Ms. Denison represents other injured and highly vulnerable probate family members who need assistance in probate court on the 18th floor of the Daley center.  Some of her clients were able to stay in their own homes, despite the fact the OPG (Office of Public Guardian) wanted nursing home placement–But Mr. Olson was adamant about staying in his own home.  (Mr. Olson has been happy at home for about 2 years now after Ms. Denison helped him to successfully prevent the sale of his home and forced placement in a nursing home).  Most of the cases do not pay or pay very little, due to the current system which she hopes to change so that disabled and elderly adults and their family members will not be taken advantage of by the court system.  She is suggesting that Probate provide public defenders in these types of situations.

She is also very concerned that the Probate system chooses attorneys for the wards from “secret lists” and the attorneys provide no CV’s to the family, do not disclose their charges, nor are they rated by past clients for how well they performed.

She is currently the Executive Director of or Justice 4 Every 1, NFP, an Illinois Social Justice Provider.

She is dedicated to social justice for the elderly, the disabled and their family members, who are often taken advantage of in probate.

She is happy that ISBA has a Pro Bono Partner pledge and hopes that more attorneys sign the pledge.

Blogging at the IARDC – Trial of Bob Holstein

To: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Subject: Re: Robert Holstein’s trial
Date: Sep 24, 2014 1:21 AM
Dear Ken;

Robert Holstein was charged in two counts by the ARDC.  The first one was for not paying a law firm a $24,000 judgment and the second was not disclosing he had a credit card in a Citation Judgment proceeding.

But the trial determined the credit cards were not his, they were his girlfriend’s.  He continued to operate his law firm, paying bills, but not paying himself and did not pay the $24,000 judgement, tho he did repeatedly call the attorney and attempt to work out a payment plan.  The law firm refused any payment plan.

Bob Holstein’s position was, he had to pay the immediate debts of the law firm, –phone, rent, utilities, salaries, in order to survive.  I believe the Citation forms say a debtor can keep tools of his trade which makes sense because you want a debtor to be able to continue to earn a living to pay all his creditors.

Bob did not take any salary from the law firm after numerous judgments were entered, but he lived off his girlfriend. (Maybe they won’t like that, I don’t know).

While he did take in fees from PI cases, many of those fees were already liened with case expenses or monies owed to vendors.

But one thing he screwed upon was the fact that the law firm gave him a $24,000 bill and Bob did point out that many of the charges appeared to be bogus, if not entirely fictitious.  That should have been challenged, but he was defaulted in arbitration for show up late to an 8 am Skokie call.  Next, he sued the law firm in question because they screwed up his bankruptcy schedules causing the bankruptcy not to be discharged.  Of course, the law firm successfully put the blame on Bob and the malpractice case was eventually dismissed.  But the most interesting point is that they then sued Bob, while Bob’s malpractice case was up on appeal, for the legal fees and got a judgment!  Bob should have alleged res judicata or collateral estoppel. This was same series of transactions, same facts and same parties, and I know there is an Illinois case (I can get it for anyone that wants it) under nearly the same facts.  In that case, an attorney worked at a firm and gave them her personal case.  The firm screwed up the case.  She quit and sued them for malpractice and lost.  After that, the firm sued her for fees.  The Illinois appellate court agreed the case was barred by Res Judicata because the fee claim should have been brought as a counter claim in the malpractice case.

Should be an interesting decision.  It would be fun to call the atty ethics hotline and ask what they recommend about judgments and paying them if you don’t have the funds.

I also wonder about the argument that Bob had a gazillion other creditors he had worked out payment plans with and was paying, and why the heck would a lawyer favor a law firm for monies owed over other creditors.  Typically, no one cares about debts owed to a law firm over other debts, and that’s just as it should be.

The most interesting part of the entire proceeding is that it is “Karavidas” like in nature.  Karavidas makes it clear the ARDC is not to go after attorneys for personal issues that are not part of their atty-client duties, right? In the Karavidas case (published elsewhere on this blog), Karavidas was appointed an estate representative and took money out of the estate as a personal loan, but did pay it back. That was breach of fiduciary duty and self dealing–typically fairly serious in nature, but no, SCOI said no harm no foul and Karavidas could not be disciplined because he was not the atty on the case.

But here is what the hearing board and the ARDC attorneys said about Karavidas today.  (it was like they were in unison spoon fed the meaning of the case without actually reading it).  They said during Bob’s trial that Karavidas did not apply to him!  They said that an attorney for sure can be disciplined for personal activities not part of attorney client duties because (get this), all Karavidas said was that the ARDC had to make its pleadings more specific and link an activity to a rule violation.  They said that Karavidas did not say the ARDC could not discipline an attorney for private or personal activities conducted outside an atty client relationship because (get this one)–you can still discipline an attorney for criminal conduct not part of an atty client relationship!

An amazing and creative rendition of that case.  In fact, that alone made it worthwhile for me to watch that case for about 2 days.

As creative as these trials are, they should all be taped.

Next fun thing about the trial is how I like to go to these trials and observe and blog.  Apparently the ARDC doesn’t like that because they covered up all the outlets in the galley!


So if you want to blog all day, bring all day batteries and a fully charged laptop.  The ARDC still does not feel it has sufficient transparency and accountability to promote or even merely allow blogging and note taking in it’s hearing rooms!  I for sure would never be proud of that.

Last point is, that Bob Holstein (age 78) was clearly an emotional wreck over all these ARDC proceedings and did not have counsel.  We all agreed that the ARDC should have public defenders or low cost defenders for those attys that cannot afford counsel or cannot find counsel.  No attorney should be alone during these trials either, that’s why I was there.  Had I more time, I could have organized more people to go. The ARDC provides a list of 30 alleged “ARDC defense counsel” but if you call, email or fax them only about 5 respond, and of those no one wanted my case because it was a “blogging” case and no one knew anything about that.

I propose the ARDC, with its nearly $400 per attorney per year fees set up a public defender or low cost legal assistance program.


From Ken Ditkowsky–on making the lies unprofitable thru exisiting government agencies

The Rape of the Ward

The assault on the First Amendment that has been promulgated in these guardianship cases by the Courts, the attorney regulators, the media, and others is particularly reprehensible.    It not only aids and abets the railroading of many seniors and disabled people into guardianships wherein they are segregated from their families, stripped of their liberty rights and their prior rights as they savings are redistributed to court appointed favorites.    These are the elements of elder cleansing when coupled with the assisted involuntary suicide of the ward.    The Code of Silence has allowed thousands of disabled and senior citizens to be ‘elder cleansed’ and their estates ravaged.     Billions of dollars have found their way from these incompetency estates to the miscreants and the other beneficiaries of this patronage.
What is most surprising is the fact that the tax man (Department of the Treasury/Illinois Department of Revenue) has not made this situation unprofitable.     As victims have pointed out, the guardians must file annually Internal Revenue form 1041.    That form discloses all the income (i.e. benefits from all sources) that the estate has earned and is entitled to, and all distributions.    As a fiduciary owes the highest level of loyalty to his/he ward this form must be filled out honestly and candidly.   Thus, even though the Judge who meted out the patronage of a guardianship is willing to overlook an incidental remuneration of a referral fee that the guardian obtained when he recommended that the ward be placed in a particular extended care facility, that fee is a rebate to the estate and must be reported on the 1041.   If the guardian pocketed the referral fee it is also income that has to be reported on the 1040 tax form.
Similarly, the State tax people are entitled to the tax on the referral fee that fraudulently found its way into the pocket of the guardian or other fiduciary.       A non- fiduciary can earn a referral fee, but, a fiduciary is required to pay the fee over to the ward.    (This theft apparently has been sanitized by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission administered to be Jerome Larkin.   Larkin was aware or should have been aware of the referral fees paid in the Alice Gore case, but, for the attorneys who receive guardianship patronage it is the policy of the IARDC to ignore their felonies and prosecute any attorney who complains to law enforcement concerning the theft)
Recent events in the Mary Sykes case are illustrative of the principle that I wish to illustrate.     Mary Sykes owned a very valuable parcel of real estate in Norwood Park.    Developers have been seeking the property for years and prior to Mary being railroaded into the guardianship (in the height of the downturn in real estate values a valuation of $700,000 was obtained.    Recently it was learned that the guardians sold the real estate for a price of less than $300,000.00.   For the purpose of illustration let me set the price at $300,000.00 and the value at $700,000.00.    Let us also assume that appropriate notice, hearing, etc. appear in the record.
In our hypothetical the fact that the Court approved the sale does not obviate the breach of fiduciary relationship.   The Judge acting either in concert or in violation of his oath does not bind the taxman nor does it obviate the rights of the estate to address the fraud that has occurred.    The future profit on the sale of the house is still the absolute property of the ward.    The amounts allegedly stolen from the estate by the guardian are income to him/her when the wrongdoing occurs and the taxes are immediately due.   The 1041 to be filled in correctly must report the transaction as it is, not as it is fictionalized.   To do less is tax fraud and a felony.    If the guardian has a change of heart and decides to honor his/her fiduciary duties, the gain still must be reported, but the timely reimbursement is a deduction.
A pre-Operation Greylord scandal was the appointment of receivers.   They like the disabled person and other guardians had their accounting rubber-stamped so that millions of dollars in real estate disappeared.    The fraud of these receivers went unpunished for years.    Hopefully the guardianship frauds will receive their due attention sooner rather than later.
The Mary Sykes hypothetical is not finished until by a series of mesne sales the full value is obtained in an ultimate sale to a developer or ultimate purchaser.    In the receiver cases the first sale was (like Sykes) for an amount that sounds good but is a real bargain.   The purchaser is a ‘controlled buyer’ who I refer to as a nominee.    To establish in the public mind that the sale is legitimate and to ‘cover up’ the fraud (and protect the rubber stamp judge) a second sale is promulgated.    In that case the price would be an amount in the neighborhood of $250,000.00.     This sale is conducted with fanfare!    The property is even adorned with ‘sold’ signs.
Clandestinely a sale is conducted in which the full price is obtained (hypothetically $700k,)       When the drawings are completed, condo declarations prepared, financing obtained etc. – about a year or so later, this sale is consummated and the miscreants pocket their profits and report them as capital gains.     Not one dime goes to the ward!    This is the rape of the ward.     (In Sykes we have other irregularities but personal property does not track in the same manner as real estate).
With political clout flying high over-head the miscreants have not only cheated their ward, but the taxman.    The proceeds of the theft from the ward’s estate is not a capital gain.   It is ordinary income!    That income was due on the individuals 1040’s in the year of the theft.    The 1040 also should have disclosed the theft on that year and subsequent years any conscience payments.
If the taxman is blind to the political clout and the ‘cover up’ by the judicial officials as the taxman is supposed to be, a 50% tax penalty should be assessed as well as interest at the statutory rate against the miscreants collectively and severally based upon the 18 USCA 371 conspiracy.    Pursuant to ADA and other laws the Justice Department should demand the return of gain to the Estate.   (NB  – a similar result should occur as to the referral fees that are routinely paid by the nursing homes, hospice entities, etc to the fiduciary who refers to the health care provider his ward as a consumer)
Exactly why elder cleansing gains are not taxed and law enforcement (and the media) are so resistant to protecting the elderly and the disabled is a mystery that will have to wait for a while to obtain the answer.   I wrote Mr. Larkin the IARDC a safe harbor letter so as to ascertain if Larkin and his merry crew were interested in protecting the public – Larkin by his silence indicated that he conceived his duty to protect the people carrying on the War against the Elderly and the Disabled from the public.    It is understandable in Cook County, Illinois – John Q. Public has no funds to wire anything!
Ken Ditkowsky

From Judy Ditkowsky–what is really going on with the drug Cartels in Mexico

Read the article and you will see direct parallels to what is going on in probate, the zoning board, hospitals, senior centers, “in home” and “in institution” senior/disable servicing–you name it.

Direct Parallels.

1) Don’t fight with the authorities, instead recruit them (the higher the better) to be your enforcers.  In the elder cleansing model, that means recruit certain doctors, tied in agencies (you can never get away from them, they’re on secret lists) be sure all the lawyers are ex-states attorneys or ex-Office of Public guardian so no matter what they do, no one will prosecute their buddies or alumni, also keep them on secret lists.

2)  give the appearance of “all is well”, discount deaths as being something else or for the good of keeping the community safe.  The deaths of Lydia Tyler, DB, Steven Jaycox, Alice Gore will never be investigated because the attorneys involved (“the enforcers who came from the dark side) are all operating with impunity.  No one cares that Alice Gore had her 29 gold teeth pulled about 3 years ago right before she died and no one will exhume that body.

3) When confronted, denigrate and spread rumors about your opponent which are carefully crafted to defame them through “enforcer channels”–the local police, whatever it takes.

thanks Judy, I learned a lot.


JUSTICE RALLY today in Daley Center 1 pm.

I will be making about 10 picket signs today.  Let me know if you want one (email me) and what you want on your sign.

These signs are easily made by sandwiching a plaster lathe from home depot (cost about 50 cents in bulk) between two foam boards and securing with plenty of hot glue.  Both the foam board and the plaster lathe can be purchased at Home Depot or Menards or Lowe’s.  CVS has great permanent poster board markers.

I generally decorate my signs with glitter paints (CVS) and crocheted fuzzy yarns (Michaels).

Support the economy and justice today by making a picket sign for Justice, the Bill of Rights, Jurisdiction–whatever.  The 18th floor of Probate is good to inform with these signs, so is family law court where custody and visitation should be joint.


PRESS RELEASE – Court victims to gather tomorrow at Daley Center 1 pm. Be there or be square.

For Immediate Release:
Unite for Justice meeting
Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.
Daley Center, Chicago

A group of domestic victims will gather in front of the Daley Center to discuss their experience of injustice by government officials within the court system.

Denise Rotheimer, author of Jasmine’s Law and the Victims’ Rights Sign-Off Sheet, organized a meeting with dozens of individuals who shared their grievances after becoming victimized by the system.  “The child welfare system is supposed to protect our children not break up the homes of innocent families. Who really protects the rights of the working poor from a system that fails us?” asks Lakisha Tanna, LCSW, Social worker.

Phillip Rotheimer, Vietnam Veteran and father of Adam Rotheimer, continues to question how Lake County authorities had a right to arrest his son without jurisdiction and hold him in a jail cell for forty days as a direct result of the malicious prosecution by formerly disgraced Lake County State’s Attorney Michael J. Waller.  “I served my duty as a Military Police Officer in the Vietnam war to protect the homeland and stop the spread of communism. Yet, I wasn’t able to protect my own son from becoming victimized by the system.” The criminal charge against Rotheimer was dismissed and his federal suit against Lake County officials is still pending.

“Our courts must work for the best interest of all people. Families must be united rather than broken apart. Our families are the foundation of society. The elders must be protected from the ‘Probate Sharks,’ their hard earned assets belong to them and their families and not to the army of unnecessary service providers. Equal access to justice and equal justice for all are human Rights, declares Attorney ’Lanre Amu whose law license was wrongfully suspended for exposing judicial corruption in Illinois.

Jasmine Jimenez, survivor of child sexual violence and recent law school graduate of Cambridge University in England, recalls her crusade for justice. “I was 12-years when I told the prosecutor that I would testify in court if it meant bringing the rapist to justice. But I never had the opportunity to speak. The prosecutor agreed to a plea deal without my knowledge and against my expressed wishes. After Jasmine’s Law was enacted,  in my junior year at Washington and Lee University, I filed a federal law suit to declare the Crime Victims’ Rights laws unconstitutional because the statutes deny victims of violent crime of our individual right to due process. As a victim of violent crime, I became a second-class citizen and was further victimized by the system.”
Attorneys Ken Ditkowksy and Joanne Denison who have spoken out against corruption in the Cook County Court system vociferously have also been targets of retaliation. Both attorneys have made it known that “groups of judges have acted so outrageously denying certain public members their human and civil rights,  that such injustices could not be tolerated in a democratic society. The grievances by the public there are many,” says  Ms. Denison.  “I am presently awaiting  ‘discipline’  having been convicted by an ARDC (kangaroo tribunal) of ‘misconduct’  for merely running a blog that speaks the truth.  Mr. Dtikowsky was suspended for 4 years.  These injustices cannot be tolerated in an open, free and democratic society.”
Contact: Denise Rotheimer at 847-406-8566 or email

From Gloria Sykes–the TRUTH about the Mary G Sykes case 09 P 4585

very good post!  thanks so much.

To: Tim Lahrman NASGA <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, scott evans <>, Sue Fege <>, states attorney <>, “” <>, Lucinda <>, LUCIUS VERENUS <>, Debby Holda – cousin <>, “Sgt. Tom Kammerer Naperville Police” <>, “Chief David E.. Dial Naperville” <>
Subject: RE: Stern and Farenga’s fee petitions
Date: Sep 19, 2014 4:39 PM
Dear Tim,

Please note for the purpose of this email, I’ve cc’d people who should be aware of some facts, which I just obtained today, via mail from GAL Adam Stern and attorney for Carolyn Toerpe, Peter Schmiedel.

1.  Re: Adam Stern, who was appointed as a Special Guardian Ad Litem to preform two specific duties (because the court appointed GAL, Cynthia Farenga did not appear because, as she wrote to the Court, my mother Mary G. Sykes had not been served notice and/or summons regarding the guardianship, and 2, Mary G. Sykes was living in DuPage County (527 Grimes), not Cook County):

(1)  Stern was to procure ‘all’ of the Naperville and Chicago Police Reports regarding Carolyn Toerpe (from 2009) and,
(2)  Stern was to check on a ‘reverse mortgage’ for my mother, because Carolyn Toerpe told the Court that mother’s assets were ‘scant’ and she could not afford to live in her home.

Adam Stern did not comply with the August 26, 2009 court order and did
not file with the Court the Naperville and Chicago Police Reports, or even
provide the Court with an evaluation of Mother’s assets and if a reverse
mortgage could keep her in her home. (Mother lived very comfortably, and
on August 26, 2009, has an estate worth over $1.5 million dollars: today,
Mary G. Sykes is a pauper, according to Toerpe.)

2.  Re. Adam Stern, who filed a fee petition claiming 211 hours of work, and requested payment of $66,500!

3.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged Mary G. Sykes for legal consultation with Debby Holda as Ms. Holda called Mr. Stern with questions about a FED Supeona where she was commanded to appear and testify regarding her knowledge of Toerpe having removed all of Mother’s (and my) property from 6014 N. Avondale and having an estate sale, as well as at least one garage sale which Toerpe brought property belonging to Mary G. Sykes and me for sale.  Debby Holda testified under oath that she did not retain any attorney or consult with any attorney..

4.  Re.  Adam Stern, who charged my mother, Mary G. Sykes for preventing Kenneth Ditkowsky — who she asked me to locate and retain, to help get her out of the guardianship and protect her property — from investigating claims brought to him from family and friends:

5.  Re. Adam Stern, further charged my mother, Mary G. Sykes for reading emails from Kenneth Ditkowsky, Kathie Bakken, Debbie Holda,

6.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother for a Chancery coomplait I filed against Carolyn Toerpe:  (again, showing that Adam Stern also represented Toerpe….)

7.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my Mother for the ADA complaint which Stern was sued.

8.  Re. Adam Stern, who showed up in my bankruptcy to support Schmiedel who represented Toerpe for the modification of stay, charged my Mother.

9.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother for the Adversay complaint against Adam Stern, in my Chapter 11.

10.  Re. Adam Stern who charged Mary G. Sykes for the 7th Circuit Appeal in the ADA Complaint that named Carolyn Toerpe and Stern as Defendants.

11.  Re. Adam Stern who charged Mary G. Sykes to review the appeals (4) filed which he was not a party, but Carolyn Toerpe as alleged guardian was the defendant.

12.  Re.  Adam Stern, who charged my Mother in the partiction action against my property 2016 and for looking for a qualified Commission, which he found none, and instead got the court to appoint a probate attorney, who was not bonded or certified as a Commissioner, who *****.

13.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother for when Kenneth Ditkowsky appealed for writing the response brief: Adam Stern was found to have no standing and the order sanctioning Diskowsky was vacated.

14.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother for Kenneth Ditkowsky’s appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court on the ARDC matter.

15.  RE. Adam Stern, who charged my Mother for all of the ARDC proceedings against attorney Kenneth Ditkowsky, including TC (telephone conversations) with the ARDC attorney!!!!

16.  On August 13, 2013, Adam Stern charged .5 hours to work on letter to family regarding visitation — in consultation with Cynthia Farenga and Carolyn Toerpe.  (Huuuummmm, I never received any letter from Stern regarding visitation with my mother!!)

17.  Re. Adam Stern, who charged my mother, Mary G. Sykes for emails with and between attorney JoAnne Denison, regarding Dennison’s ARDC complaint.

19.  Re. Adam Stern, who consulting with Peter Schmiedel and Carolyn Toerpe regarding the Federal litigation and Kenneth Ditkowsky.

20.  On June 13, 2014  Adam Stern had a conference call with Peter Schmiedel, Amanda Bryne, and CINDY?  I beleive this may be somebody with U.S. Bank, and the safe deposit box, but not certain, although the date is correct.
(I guess Adam Stern had a lot more involvement with the drilling out of the safe box and the contents of the safe deposit bank box than he testified.. and to how to “SCAM” the court and get Toerpe’s name on the safe deposit box’s ownership card…)

21, And, but not limited to, (VERY IMPORTANT) Adam Stern “reviewed” the ADA Request for Accommodation with Peter and Amanda.

Let me close by saying that Adam Stern must feel so protected by someone (maybe an imaginary friend) that he actually believes he can charged a disabled person (under the ADA) for working with Toerpe to discriminate against Mary G. Sykes.

And charging my mother for Kenneth Ditkowsky’s ADA suit, and the Illinois Supreme Court appeal, and the 7th Circuit Court  — but it appears thus far he has not consulted on the U.S. Supreme Court, but then maybe I missed it.

In sum, Peter Schmiedel and other attorneys from Fischel and Kahn, did the same, charging mother to protect Carolyn and perpertrate a discrimation so serious, I wonder if Stern and Schmiedel are simply too arrogant (sociopaths, and people of the lie) or Stupid, as Forrest Gump would say, “Stupid is what Stupid Does”.

I will scan and send full petitions and accounting of both Stern and Schmiedel to you this weekend and I ask that these fee petitions be circulated and posted far and wide.

As far as the States Attorney’s office is concerned, i hope now you can see the crimes committed: Stern and Schmiedel made a deal from the beginning with Carolyn Toerpe that they would protect and represent her and be paid only when they got all of my assets (which they just divvied up to pay Stern and Schmiedel) and rendered me homeless and penniless.

A complete review of the record the STATES ATTORNEY  will see hat Stern and Schmiedel said that all of (my) assets (Lumberman’s settlement) were for my mother’s care.  As it is, about $$160,000 has gone to Stern, Fischel and Kahn (Peter Schmiedel) and other unnamed atorneys who represented Carolyn in Bankruptcy, Adversary, Forcible and Detainer, and Chancery matters where Stern, Schmiedel, and Farenga, and Carolyn Toerpe were the named defendants.  I know this is called money laundering and serious violations of the Title II of the ADA.

The fact that Adam Stern consulted with Debby Holda and Debby Holda LIED under oath, is ****.  I will put judicial notice accordingly.

The Fact that the GAL and Schmiedel is charging my mother for Chancery is also *** and judicial notice is forthcoming.

The reality that my mother is paying for Ken Ditkowsky’s and JoAnne Dennison’s ADA complaints, well, that’s simply bulshit and financial exploitation in the highest degree.

The fact that Adam Stern has a $65000 IRS lien on his home and is charging my mother $66,500 is no coincidence.

I guess, since Stern has stollen $66,000 from my bankruptcy estate, alleging that it’s from my mother, a disabled person under the Title II of the ADA, to pay his IRS lien, I should provide the IRS with the document too.

Post, republish, do what you may but please help support my moher and stop the money laundering, discrimination, and abuse, and ultimate MURDER of my Mother, who, by the way her life is in serious danger, because once a Guardian gets all the money (or the money runs out) the Elder/Ward is either over or under medicated, then suffocated, and murdered and cremated. Don’t believe me. Please READ Dr. Bennet Blum’s studies. I also have a professional interview with Dr. Blum.

Healthy Regards,

Gloria Jean Sykes

From Gloria Sykes–see how the lawyers get paid and Mary gets zippo

Also, notice the conversion of the dog Hannah. If any of you are there are animal rights activists, you might want to represent me in court.  The deal with Hannah (and I told the GAL’s this) is that she was Peanut’s sister, she was given to Mary as a therapy animal, and she was to be returned to me or Gloria if or when Mary passes.

My dog Peanut is Hannah’s sister and they love each other dearly (I would like Sherri Brenner to take pics of them at play if we can get visitation from CT).

I am deeply upset and disappointed that CT is engaging in conversion of Hannah, and HAD HER INSERTED WITH ANOTHER AVID CHIP!  Hannah is already chipped, like Peanut with Home Again. The rechipping is a blatant conversion of precious property–mine and Gloria’s..

See also in the order how ALL OF THE LIQUIDATION OF MARY’S ASSETS, contrary to what the GAL’s have said in court, are going to the attorneys.  Tens of thousands of dollars, and what does Mary get for her care–zippo.

please see the court orders below:

and once again I note that we publish EVERYTHING. the ardc does not.  they don’t do ethics reporting which they are mandated to do under the Illinois Ethics Act of 2009 and they do not publish their salaries as do 99% of other Illinois state agencies.

What is up with that?

The Illinois public, which has suffered as THE MOST CORRUPT STATE IN THE NATION, deserves a whole lot better.

I’m just saying


The following is what Gloria had to say:


On the 15th of September, attorneys Peter Schmiedel and Adam Stern (Cynthia Farenga did not appear) and Carolyn Toerpe hurried the court (in less than 5 minutes) to sign the attached 14 pages of orders, in order to create the illusion that they can launder money for their personal financial gain — and make certain that I was not present, to object, and be part of the record.  Of course I didn’t receive 10 day notice or even copies of all of the documents, including but not limited to Toerpe’s (you know, the alleged psychologist, PhD, who signed the initial CCP211 Toerpe filed with the court)  REPORT on my Mother’s health, Fee petitions from Stern, Schmiedel and Bryne and other attorneys from Fischel and Kahn (Deborah Jo Soehlig and Mr. Manning, who neither represented Toerpe the Guardian, or my mother’s estate (although Deborah Jo Soehlig told Judge Darrah in the U.S. District Court she represented my Mother Estate)).  As normal for Toerpe, Toerpe claimed that Mother’s health had declined so much that Mother was in need of serious 24/7 care, (which means that now that Toerpe and company got all of mother’s money, all of my money, as Dr. Bloom stated, Toerpe will “murder” my mother either by over or under medication or suffocation, and will then cremate Mother, to hide any proof of abuse and wrongful death/murder.  All of this comes on the heals of the Naperville Police having eyes on Mother in June 2014, and finding mother highly articulate, very healthy (and she’s 95).  Interesting that Toerpe refused to let the police have eyes on Mother this past weekend, Toerpe telling the police that they could see mom if they wanted, but as Guardian she could prevent them from doing so.  In any event, the truth is, Toerpe didn’t want “eyes” on mother because she did not want yet another police report by the Naperville Police reporting how healthy, and without dementia, my mother still is. It’s just too bad that the Naperville Police, who I’ve copied, refuse to learn the laws, including the Probate Act of 1975, and the ADA title II and DOJ Regulations.

Their reactions in the Sykes case is supported by all of the fraud on the court perpetrated by Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel, Bryne, and Toerpe.  I swear none of these people have said anything of fact or truth in the Probate Court, Chancery Court, U.S. District Court, Bankruptcy Court, or even to law enforcement.  They are, what Dr. Peck calls, “People of the Lie”.  Unfortunately LIARS as these people are, are not considered mentally ill, although Peck argues that as sociopaths, People of the Lie who harm others, are definitely mentally ill. LOOK AT AND TAKE A HARD READ of Stern, Farenga’s and Schmiedel’s “MEMORANDUM AGREEMENT” (attached).  There may be a few words of truth, but at first, second or third read, there’s so many lies, that even the ounce of truth is hidden.  From the beginning of their memorandum, they omit that Toerpe is the Respondent to an order of protection authored by my mother, and then, go on to say that Stern was appointed special guardian because Cynthia Farenga was out of town, et al.  We all know that Cynthia Farenga didn’t appear as she wrote in the fax to the court, because she hadn’t put eyes on mother, and more important, mother had not been served summons or notice, and mother was living in DuPage County, not Cook County.  I don’t have the time to go point by point, but please publish this document, as the RECORD does not support one word they say!

But then this is how it’s been for a long, long time.  It’s been all about Gloria  — me — who has done this and that, including having stole $1.3 million dollars from my mother, while Stern and Farenga knew or should have known Toerpe was the abuser and financial exploiter.  BTW I also just bought a ‘flashy new Lexis” in 2009 with my mother’s money, and ****.  I’m still driving my 1999 1/2 Infiniti QX4 that I bought in August 1999. (Infiniti didn’t make a 2000, so I guess in reality this is a 2000)

Curious, the order reads that Stern is asking for $66,000 which is at this time the same amount he owes the IRS for the Lien now on his very expensive home. [see property records published in other posts on this blog] Stern Farenga and Schmiedel said they were already paid a combined total of about $100,000 from the sale of Mother’s (my) home, 6014, you know the one they sold for cash $238,000, (50% less than the value of the property) and not one penny from the $238,000 was inventoried. (The home was sold in 2013, May, and the attached inventory is for 2013).

Apparently Mother is not living in Toerpe’s home or is bussed out every day so Toerpe can enjoy her retirement with her unemployed-forever husband.  All said, Mother has complete medical, dental and prescription drug coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield and he City of Chicago, and yet, look at all the medical bills mother’s paid for….. They certainly do not reflect the 5 Wellness Checks from 2013 where mother was always found in good health, alert, communicative, and without dementia.

In any event, Stern, Bryne and Schmiedel refused to send me a copy of the attached 14 pages of Order and ya gotta wonder why.  The answer is simple.  if I read certain case law correct,  orders granting fee petitions are final and therefore, appealable.

BUT THERE’S ANOTHER REASON THEY DIDN’T WANT ME TO HAVE THE FINAL ORDER(S).  Look at the last few pages of the order, the two pages before the order granting Fischel and Kahn another $45,000.  It’s the transfer orders for the 2009 Petition for an order of Protection.  Yep. Although there is a transfer order from another case (I’m looking up), Stern, Schmiedel and Bryne probably convinced the court that the OP was against me!!!  Even thought it says  Mary G. Sykes v. Carolyn Sykes-Toerpe!

Finally, and not to further waste anybody’s time, as all ya gotta do is read this crap and you can see that it’s just that, LIES and crap, apparently the entire $260,000 was removed from the Probate Clerk’s account some time ago, and there is no transfer from that account, where Stuart wrote an order that only $50,000 was to be disbursed to Toerpe.  The order reads that everything comes out of the Estate of Mary G. Sykes, which is — wait, wait, wait… in the U.S. Bank  — ya know he same bank where mother had all of her accounts (3) and over $25,000, plus the safe bank box.  I cannot find any account with my mother’s name, or as i should, The Estate of Mary G. Sykes, at U.S. Bank.

Its really telling why Stern, Schmiedel and Toerpe refused to send me a copy of the final orders stealing my money, and why Health Report Toerpe submitted on Mother was not an original, and was redacted and restricted, and I cannot get a copy from the Clerk’s office too.  it’s also telling that Stern never sent me a copy of his fee petition.  Even a challenged child could connect the dots.

PLEASE POST and cross post the entire 14 pages of orders I got from MacCarhy’s clerk.  And please, everybody put in a request for a Wellness Check on my mother.  If she is in hospice, as it is believed a person who was sitting in the courtroom heard, then my mother will be or is dead by murder.  As Dr. Bloom reports, when the money runs out, or after the guardian and others get all of the Ward’s money, the elderly or disabled are either over or under medicated,and or  suffocated and then cremated.  Word isn’t published for weeks or until way after the remains disappear.

I thought long and hard as to whether I would make public these documents and I’d be remiss to not to expose Toerpe and company for who they are.  If anybody wants to the facts, please contact me.  I’ll give you the page numbers in the Record which disproves everything Schmiedel, Stern and Farenga say.

And you wonder why they didn’t have notarized or swear to what they wroe in their Agreed Memorandum.   Enjoy the read.

see the orders at

PS–from Joanne, I just got told in another 18th floor court room that family could not object to fee petitions because they had no standing (sister and only heir son). This is even more bizarre in light of the fact that the family hired this attorney, and they were to pay her. But in the midst of fights with the “appointed attorneys” she turned redcoat and dropped all her pleadings on behalf of the family to get paid $3700 our of the estate! And the judge said the family could not object!  amazing. Does anyone miss the irony of this?

New Chinese Law–Visit and call your parents–or else!

Apparently China has an elderly population of some 200 million and increasingly children are not sticking around to care for grandma and grandpa.  The one child mandate has left many elderly without someone to care for them as adult children are pursuing their own goals of career and money–often hundreds of miles away.

While there doesn’t seem to be a penalty for foregoing frequent visits and phone calls, a person could be haled into court and filed or imprisoned or both.

It does seem like a law unlikely to be enforced, unless there is some tragedy that could have been prevented by frequent calls and visits.

A big thank you to Aleyce Russell for pointing out this significant new law to us.

From Ken Ditkowsky–a shocking comment from a retired judge!

—–Original Message—–
From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 16, 2014 11:07 PM
To: “J. Ditkowsky” , “JoAnne M. Denison”
Cc: Harry Heckert , Probate Sharks , Tim NASGA , Nasga Us , Eric Holder , Matt Senator Kirk , Janet Phelan , Chicago FBI , Chicago Tribune , “FBI- ( (” , SUNTIMES , BILL DITKOWSKY , Ginny Johnson , Illinois ARDC , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , “Y. ACLU” , “Foxnews_7D7B711AF105DCA690AB56169C0FF242 (” , Scott Evans , Bev Cooper , Edward Carter , Diane Nash , ISBA Main Discussion Group , Cook County States Attorney , “Chicagotonight (” , Fiduciary Watch , Human Rights Watch , “” , Barbara Stone , “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC” , The Wall Street Journal , “Jim (” , Sam Sugar , 60m Cbs News <>, Cook Sheriff , Martin Kozak , Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik , Martha Jantho , Eric Blair , Len Holland , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Rudy Bush , “” , Elaine Renoire , Alyece Russell , Kathie Bakken , ACLU of Illinois , “” , Glenda Martinez , “Truthbetoldradio (” , Tom Fields , RosANNa Miller , Nancy Vallone , John Howard Wyman
Today’s talk at the Northshore senior center had a dividend that I did not plan and did not anticipate.

As you know I have been suggesting that judicial corruption includes the situation in which a Judge is uninformed as to basic or core values.   Judge Connors in her evidence deposition illustrated the point when therein she demonstrated she had in fact never read the very act that she was administrating and which had an enormous effect on the lives of countless seniors.     I was discussing this type of situation and during the question and answer session a former Judge had the temerity to explain to me that a defendant can waive his or her personal jurisdiction.    Of course it can be, but not by an alleged incompetent.    No said the former judge – “ the guardian ad litem can waive jurisdiction!”

As we had an intelligent audience they were shocked!    This is basic!     If you are going to declare someone incompetent you have to protect their rights.    This means that actual service of process along with a copy of the complaint not only has to be accomplished, but a surrogate who has the interest of the alleged incompetent also has to be give prior notice.    Our Illinois Supreme Court and appellate court have both pointed out this prior 3 rd party notice is jurisdictional!   [See, In re Soldini and In re Seinfeld]/

The foregoing is Constitution 101.    The pre-teens who have to pass their Constitution test to go to high school have to know this fact – HOWEVER judges who are highly paid (as well as lawyers and lawyer regulators ) who we have encountered in relation to these cases, all appear ignorant of America’s core values.

Exactly how does a society survive when those persons who are charged with administrating the law lack a clue as to what it is, where to find it, and its basis.     It is no wonder that the public has no respect for the judicial system and the lawyers who are in charge.

Ken Ditkowsky

Now on–JMD on guardianship troubles in Illinois TWO HOURS!

You can now turn your internet to to hear about recent troubles and issues in Illinois probate.

While our last Monday’s program was interrupted, we are hoping for continuous broadcast this week.

Check out the chat room–lots of sympathetic probate court and other court problem sufferers.  Make some new friends.

My comments last Monday can be found here:

Another retaliation letter from the ARDC to Kenneth Ditkowsky

Dear Readers;

What Ken and I and Mr. Amu have done is clearly whistleblowing, with a plethora of evidence, facts, affidavits and pleadings in our favor–overwhelmingly so.  We send them to the FBI, the states attorneys, and of course, the ARDC who conveniently ignore them.  Wait, that’s not entirely correct, what the ARDC does if you confront them with evidence of a serious felon perpretrated by a favored attorney or a judge, is they provide you or your client with a nonsensical answer–as in Sykes where Ms. Guzmann said that Adam Stern was Gloria’s guardian ad litem (a veiled threat to guardianize her, but that won’t happen, they made Gloria broke and penniless), and more recently Bev Cooper was told it looked like a “civil dispute” when her mother was isolated from 20 friends and family for 6 months before she died, 29 gold teeth were pulled, and she was dehydrated and starved to death and $1.5 million fell off that inventory.  In the case of Janie Thomas, were a loving, long term sister POA was removed by miscreants who “pretended” not to understand accountings done on Microsoft Money and took away her POA because a body attachment issued (Janie was in the nursing home at the time, so she could not attend church and none of the other court appointed attorneys did ANYTHING until I stepped in, but they blamed the POA, a loving sister regardless), now the family is isolated from her with an 8 to 3 Mon to Fri visiting order when before the family spent hours with her and a beloved neice and nephew are distraught they cannot take Janie to her favorite church, restaurant–or most likely ever see the light of day again.  I will file a complaint, but watch the reaction, it will be nonsensical.  The ARDC is currently pretending in the Owens/Thomas case that the POA does not exist.

Where cronyism is involved, favoritism, handing off business is concerned, the ARDC will just put any sort of words together and issue a letter in response, completely ignoring the problem and doing their job to properly investigate.  So if you get a response to your grievance against an attorney that makes no sense (Sykes, Gore, Owens-Thomas), you know you’re picking a scab and there’s something festering underneath.  If you do find yourself in this position, don’t give up hope, you have the email to the US Dept of Justice, you have the emails to State’s attorneys, etc. and keep on investigating yourself and turning over the information.  Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.  Just keep on going.  If the ARDC is sputtering nonsense, you know you’re on to something valuable.

Mr. Zimmerman, I understand was appointed by the SCOI to investigate the attorneys at the IARDC.  I recently learned he was appointed there by Gov. B, who is now in club fed med, and far as I can see, Mr. Z has no experience on how to do this, nor is he in fact doing anything about corruption and cronyism in the Illinois legal profession which is being hotly complained about by many.

This is nothing but First Amendment violations by Mr. Larkin, and unlike the Federal District Court, the violations are direct in that he files false charges against each of us claiming what we say is untrue when in fact the evidence is and has been published for all to see.

The filing of “other charge” against Mr. Ditkowsky for sending a letter to Dr. Patel and asking him for any information he might have that would help an investigation of Mary — for when he would appear, appearance form enclosed, are clearly retaliation charges.  The charges of misleading Dr. Patel are retaliation when they are facially deceptive.

The ARDC still does not publish a link to the letter, as does this blog.  They want to hide an obfuscate — using funds they collect which are entrusted to the public.

All of this qualifies for a qui tam action because Ken and I continually contact the authorities about the continuing string of felonies.

Accordingly, Mr. Ditkowsky offers the below safe harbor letter to Mr. Larkin.  Simply come clean and do what is right, and we will forego filing yet another law suit to clean up our precious courts so that we can take our clients there and expect the playing field to be level and the decisions well reasoned, just and fair.

I publish all the evidence to the public.  The ARDC does not.  They need to go to efiling on their cases and I will ask the SCOI to implement that.  The public needs to see every pleading, every motion to strike, the now apparent move to prevent even traditional motions of 2-615 and 2-619 for failure to state a claim, dismissal on other grounds.  They also strike all affirmative defenses.  In addition, they refuse Summary Judgment Motions–all of which is a waste of the funds they are entrusted with.  They quash subpoenas left and right.  Poor Mr. Amu not only could not file any of these traditional motions, but with no witnesses against him, his tribunal still found in favor of the ARDC.  How does this happen?  What sense of justice is that other than rubber stamp?  You have to have witnesses against any defendant or the case has to be dismissed.

Apparently not at the ARDC.

What Mr. Amu did was entirely proper.  The judges he complained of:  Chiola, Egan, etc. are notorious and 2 of the 3 reversed their decisions regardless based upon Mr. Amu hammering them for justice for his poor immigrant clients.

Of course, this would never happen at a large law firm that has political connections and jobs galore.  Don’t step on those toes.

But what it means is the sameole, sameole for the little guy out there.  The person of color, the immigrant, the person with an accent–their chances of seeing justice are greatly diminished and that’s not right or fair.  Lady Justice is blind, remember?


From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: JoAnne M. Denison <>; Probate Sharks <>; Harry Heckert <>; J. Ditkowsky <>; Nasga Us <>; Tim NASGA <>; Eric Holder <>; Matt Senator Kirk <>; Janet Phelan <>; Chicago FBI <>; Chicago Tribune <>; FBI- ( ( <>; SUNTIMES <>; BILL DITKOWSKY <>; Ginny Johnson <>; Cook County States Attorney <>; Illinois ARDC <>; ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT) <>; Y. ACLU <>; Foxnews_7D7B711AF105DCA690AB56169C0FF242 ( <>; GLORIA Jean SYKES <>; Bev Cooper <>; Edward Carter <>; Diane Nash <>; ISBA Main Discussion Group <>; Chicagotonight ( <>; Fiduciary Watch <>; Human Rights Watch <>; tips <>; Barbara Stone <>; Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC <>; The Wall Street Journal <>; Jim ( <>; Candice Schwager <>
Sent: Sat, Sep 13, 2014 4:00 pm
Subject: Re: $1000 of nonsense and corruption

JoAnne – thank you for forwarding the retaliation letter.   [he refers to

I expected that the nadir of the legal profession would reach into its bag of tricks to retaliate for my continued exercise of my First Amendment Rights and privileges.   Illinois’ corruption apparently has no limits whatsoever and all of the miscreants are in lockstep.    

This should demonstrate to the ‘world’ the level of corruption in the legal system of the State of Illinois.    A lawyer who steals hundreds of thousands of dollars from a client is either given a pass or a slap on the wrist, however, the lawyer who reports the crime is deemed to be liar and given a four year suspension – and fined!   The amount of the fine – costs of $1000.00 is also interesting.   N.B.  The petition for cert was filed on or about June 6, 2014 in the United States Supreme Court.   On September 11, 2014 Larkin got the Illinois Supreme Court to fine me a $1000.00.  The terrorists are reported to like to assault America on the anniversary of a prior assault – ergo – The Supreme Court of Illinois joins in the assault on the First Amendment not on September 10, 2014, but on the anniversary of a day that will live in infamy in America!

Very appropriate!
Pursuant to 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 4 I have forwarded this information to the United States Department of Justice.  May it is time for reform to come to Illinois even if it is not ready for it!   Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities act and my oath as an attorney I will continue to protest the discrimination and the elder cleansing that so many senior citizens and disabled people are suffering.   I also continue to demand law enforcement to instanter do an HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation.    Please join with me in this demand!!!

What do you get when you Google “Kenneth Ditkowsky”? Ans–articles of bravery/activism!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 10, 2014 4:38 AM
To: “J. Ditkowsky” , Harry Heckert , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , Tim NASGA , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Janet Phelan , BILL DITKOWSKY , Barbara Stone , Eric Blair , Tim Lahrman , “Jim (” , Eric Holder , Matt Senator Kirk , Chicago FBI , Chicago Tribune , “FBI- ( (” , SUNTIMES , Ginny Johnson , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , “Y. ACLU” , Scott Evans , “Foxnews_7D7B711AF105DCA690AB56169C0FF242 (” , Illinois ARDC

It is always interesting to check your name from time to time  You never know what you will find.

Activist attorney’s license cancelled after exposing court’s ‘elder cleansing’ corruption

Submitted by knowmore on Sat, 03/29/2014 – 05:27

(INTELLIHUB) – In yet another legal maneuver to shut down dissent, the attorney disciplinary board in the State of Illinois has suspended Chicago-based activist attorney Kenneth Ditkowsky’s license to practice law for four years, following a hearing where Ditkowsky’s right to speak out against corruption in the courts featured center-stage.
Ditkowsky, who has been practicing law since the early 1960′s, came to public attention after he became outspoken against what he calls “elder cleansing,” which is taking place in guardianship programs in courts throughout the United States. Ditkowsky has been sending emails to public officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder and US Senator Matt Kirk on a regular basis, asking for an “honest and complete investigation” of reported abuses going on under the mantle of adult guardianships.
Ditkowsky has defined “elder cleansing” as a three-step process: First, a court must assert its dominion over an elder person’s life and assets by appointing a guardian. Ditkowsky has detailed instances, such as in the Mary Sykes guardianship, where legal process was not adhered to. Second, the elder is systematically isolated from concerned family and friends and his assets pilfered by the very guardian who is in place to conserve the estate. The final stage of elder cleansing, according to Ditkowsky, occurs when the elder, now isolated and placed into a facility, is drugged to death.

The suspension for four years of my law license is a badge of honor in that it is positive proof to me that when the time to stand up be counted came up, I stood up and did not whim out!   

Every one wonders when they read about some horrible situation ‘- “What would I do?”    would I hide or would I stand up.   My father and his brothers right after the attack on Pearl Harbor enlisted in the Army and Navy.   They (and several of my cousins) temporarily gave up their personal security to fight for the ideals of America.   Could or would I do less?   

The greatest generation had to address overt monsters; however, our generation has to deal with back stabbing cowards who make war on those who are vulnerable.   ISIS (or ISIL) has a counterpart in the corrupt judicial officials, public officials, appointed cronies and those who aid and abet them (for profit) .   The political use of the IRS, the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission et al are the weapons of our current monsters!    I noted that some of this crowd are now using the National Socialist symbols in their nefarious endeavors.     I wonder if Mr. Larkin has a *** tattooed on his arm?   Certainly displaying that America Flag at the Illinois ARDC would be inappropriate after Larkin’s assault on the First Amendment.

Ken Ditkowsky

Going on internet radio in a few minutes

Please tune in to and click on channel AVR1 at 11 pm Central Daylight Savings Time (Chicago Time) or 12 midnight Eastern DST.

I will be talking about my 5 or 6 worst cases in probate and what will help my chairty.

Let’s see if I can make a difference in probate at the 18th floor of the Daley center and across the nation.

Probate victims are popping up everywhere it seems.


From Ken Ditkowsky — The story of Mr. Jaycox and his nursing home and the probate court

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 8, 2014 12:01 PM
To: “Dr. Sam Sugar” , Tim Lahrman
Subject: Re: Malpractice

There is no question that the doctors who prescribe for the nursing homes and the hospice facilities openly and notoriously commit medical malpractice on a daily basis.   I find it very hard to justify an office visit wherein the physician never leaves his vehicle to be in the physical presence of the patient and his vehicle never slows below 20 mph.   Even in Florida such activity is below the standard of medical care of the average doctor in the community.  (Though considering the number of nursing homes and hospice facilities operating in South Florida it might be a close survey).
In all seriousness these people as so adept at lying that the prosecution of a Medical Mal case will be very difficult.   Let me explain. 
We had an explosion of medical mal cases after the Korean War.   Health insurance became a common occurrence and doctors became the only individual professionals who collected more than fifty percent of their billings.   The press reported doctors earning three hundred thousand dollars a year, driving Rolls Royces etc.    Worse yet, many doctors had an attitude that suggested that medicine was not an ‘art’ but a science.  They assured patients that if the patient did what he/she was told the cure was in the bag.  It was not always in the bag!   Sometimes the cure did not work.
The public reacted and came to the conclusion that if the doctor did not complete cure what ailed you he was incompetent and obvious negligent.   He promised by taking two aspirin a day my left leg would grow so that it was the same length as my right leg!   
The medical mal situation became absolutely intolerable and had to be arrested.   It was and each state has some safeguards so that a honest doctor can make a living and not be a hostage to an insurance carrier.   
Thus, we have step one.   Will the commission second guess the treating physician?   If it is accepted practice to treat patient x with drug y when he/she exhibits z symptoms who are you or who am I to say that is wrong.   The fact that every patient of Dr (1)**** is prescribed the same medications may just be a coincidence.    The fact that Dr. (2) has a different opinion means very little.   Dr (3) and Dr. (4) who specialize in ‘elder medicine’ all share Dr. (1) position.
The case become moot when the patient suffers from an aspirated pneumonia and dies!   Cremation occurs almost simultaneously with the last breath!   You are of course aware that in South Florida *****.   You just do not want to keep dead bodies around.   
OK – how do I know this?   I had a case here in Chicago involving a client by the name of Jaycox.   He was placed in a nursing home and they needed a guardian to be appointed so that they could charge the United States of America for their services.   I was hired by Mr. J’s paramour (significant other) and Mr. J (by letter to the Judge) to represent Mr. J’s interests.  It appeared to me that J was in the nursing home because they were administering a drug to him that had the side effect of serious muscular pain.   The nursing home would not let me see J’s medical records and the Court stated that under Hippa the guardian would have to consent.  Until there was a guardian we had a catch 22.
When I requested that the hearings be transferred to the nursing home so that Mr. J could attend J suffered a series of injuries.   On the day went ahead with a hearing at Swedish Covenant Hospital Mr. J literally went from the recovery room to the hearing room.   His pain from hip surgery was unbearable!   
The doctor who signed the certificate of incompetency was called to testify and his testimony was to the effect that Mr. J was so incompetent that a ‘stone’ had more cognitive acumen that Mr. J.   (The judge did the examination) I was given the right to cross examine.   I asked the physician who signed the consent for the operation.   Of course it was Mr. J!   That ended the hearing and it was continued to another date certain.
Mr. J then was reported to have an ‘aspirated pneumonia‘  He had ingested while in the loving care of the nursing home so solid material from some unknown source.  He died shortly thereafter.   The Court of course just before he died appointed a guardian for him so that the nursing home could be paid.  Cremation occurred almost simultaneously with the notice of his death to me.   
No attorney was interested in looking into a lawsuit.   No doctor was willing to certify a malpractice occurred.  In fact no one wanted to get involved.   
Why, you ask?   Take a quick look at the proceedings that Mr. Larkin brought against JoAnne Denison and myself!   There is so much money sliding under the bridge in these elder cleansing cases that the grease flows everywhere.    My profession has not covered itself with glory and the evidence is piling up that even the professional regulators have ‘sold out’ their professional responsibilities to be part of the ‘cover up.’  
Ken Ditkowsky

Free Speech and Lane v. Franks – can an employer retaliate, or is testimony against him a First Amendment right?

From Lane v. Franks where an employer fired an employee for testifying against him when he was engaged in fraud, is the sworn testimony protected speech or ordinary speech?  SCOTUS held:

Lane’s sworn testimony outside the scope of his ordinary job duties is entitled to First Amendment protection. Pp. 6–13.
(a) Pickering v. Board of Ed. of Township High School Dist. 205, Will Cty., 391 U. S. 563, 568, requires balancing “the interests of the[employee], as a citizen, in commenting upon matters of public concern and the interest of the State, as an employer, in promoting the efficiency of the public services it performs through its employees.”Under the first step of the Pickering analysis, if the speech is made pursuant to the employee’s ordinary job duties, then the employee isnot speaking as a citizen for First Amendment purposes, and the inquiry ends. Garcetti v. Ceballos, 547 U. S. 410, 421. But if the “employee spoke as a citizen on a matter of public concern,” the inquiryturns to “whether the relevant government entity had an adequatejustification for treating the employee differently from any other member of the general public.” Id., at 418. Pp. 6–8.
(b) Lane’s testimony is speech as a citizen on a matter of public concern. Pp. 8–12.
(1) Sworn testimony in judicial proceedings is a quintessential example of citizen speech for the simple reason that anyone who testifies in court bears an obligation, to the court and society at large, to tell the truth. That obligation is distinct and independent from any separate obligations a testifying public employee might have to his employer. The Eleventh Circuit read Garcetti far too broadly in holding that Lane did not speak as a citizen when he testified simply because he learned of the subject matter of that testimony in the course of his employment. Garcetti said nothing about speech that relates to public employment or concerns information learned in the course of that employment. The critical question under Garcetti is whether the speech at issue is itself ordinarily within the scope of an employee’s duties, not whether it merely concerns those duties. Indeed, speech by public employees on subject matter related to their employment holds special value precisely because those employees gain knowledge of matters of public concern through their employment. Pp. 9–11.
(2) Whether speech is a matter of public concern turns on the “content, form, and context” of the speech. Connick v. Myers, 461 U.S. 138, 147–148. Here, corruption in a public program and misuseof state funds obviously involve matters of significant public concern. See Garcetti, 547 U. S., at 425. And the form and context of the speech—sworn testimony in a judicial proceeding—fortify that conclusion. See United States v. Alvarez, 567 U. S. ___, ___. Pp. 11–12.
Turning to Pickering’s second step, the employer’s side of the scale is entirely empty. Respondents do not assert, and cannot demonstrate, any government interest that tips the balance in their favor—for instance, evidence that Lane’s testimony was false or errorenousor that Lane unnecessarily disclosed sensitive, confidential, orprivileged information while testifying. Pp. 12–13.

Interestingly enough, an even more important question is whether the employee could seek damages from the employer and the government agency because could the employer have held a reasonable belief that his action was protected.  That, it turns out was a  question for another day because it was not part of the brief submitted to SCOTUS.


Nonetheless, the decision by SCOTUS was unanimous that government employees when speaking out against corruption do have First Amendment protection.

Ken’s Writ of Cert. has been submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Approximately 4,000+ Writs for Certiorari are submitted.  Only about 300 get a decision, with about 100 summary confirmations, another 100 short or slip opinions, and only around 70 get a full blown opinion.  Let’s hope and pray that Ken’s brief is considered and the decision of the ARDC dismissed on grounds similar to Lane v. Franks.

Read the entire opinion here:


The decision was unanimous and I think SCOTUS makes it clear that when speaking of corruption, very wide berth must be given to one’s First Amendment rights.

From Ken Ditkowsky–that Probate courts must interact with the ADA and ensure non-discrimination twoard the wards

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 7, 2014 4:20 PM
To: Barbara Stone , “JoAnne M. Denison”
Subject: The War on the elderly and the disabiled – and in particular the ultra vires assault on Barbara Stone


Barbara Stone:

The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to all persons with disabilities in that it levels the playing field   for the disabled by requiring reasonable accommodation of person so that they will not be deprived of their ‘core’ privileges and immunities.   I refer you to the U.S. Department of Justice Publication entitled Commonly Asked Questions about the Americans With Disabilities Act and Law Enforcement .

As you have read in the GAO Report to Congress and numerous other publications persons appointed as guardians have been noted to have been miscreant in the manner in which they have carried out their duties.     The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that the guardian and the Court make a reasonable accommodation for the disabled person.     This is not a license to separate the disabled person from his/her prior life, bar family from having social intercourse with her, or exploit her.     In too many cases the guardian acts (with the Probate Court attornment) entirely contrary to the mandate of the act.     In such cases 18 USCA 4 requires that such conduct be reported to law enforcement.      It is my opinion that such conduct whether approved by a judge or not is a very serious matter and an assault on the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Cons titution.

I find the information that you have related to me to be extremely disturbing and I have forwarded the same to Attorney General Eric Holder.      If the guardians and/or the attorneys for the guardian do not know what disability your mother suffers from they in my opinion are committing a fraud on the Court.      In the Federal Court notice pleading is the criterion and the fact that a guardian has been appointed for your mother ipso facto (the fact speaks for itself) avers that Florida Probate Court found your mother suffered from some rather serious disability.     Why else would the Court have appointed a guardian. [1]

The guardian whether legally or illegally appointed by a Court is a fiduciary and therefore, the guardian owes your mother (and you as a ‘associated’ person) the highest degree of fidelity and honesty.     If a guardian is ‘churning   the file’ whether a Court awards the excessive attorney fees and other fees is yet another violation of Americans with Disabilities.    Dishonesty (even if inadvertent or well intentioned) is not a reasonable accommodation!

Enforcement of ADA is a Federal obligation.     There is similar legislation at the State level, but, Congress has not delegated to the State the exclusive authority to determine what is a reasonable accommodation and what is not.     The reason for this is the fact that there is a long history of dishonest guardians, receivers, and other appointed judicial officials.      The disabled have been deemed a special class of citizens in need to protection so that they can enjoy the rights, privileges and immunities of all citizens.    (see answer to question 1).

As I read your documents what you are asking for from the Federal Court is that the guardians and certain other people (including some Judges) by ordered to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act .      America is a Nation of Laws and even if we do not like the particular law we have to obey it.      The problem that has developed is that a cottage industry of elder cleansing has developed and across the United States certain judges and their appointed guardians have chosen to ignore the Americans with Disabilities Act and the core values of America.

This e- mail may be used by you in any way that you deem to be appropriate.

Ken Ditkowsky.

[1] The games playing that you and other family members of ‘elder cleansing’ victims have had to endure is outrageous and contrary to the ‘core values’ of American civilization.     The Court and all attorneys are charged with being aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the requirements of reasonable accommodation.     If your mother was appropriately awarded a guardian under Florida law (as I read it) the Court must make specific findings as to what, if any, disability your mother had before appointing a guardian.    That guardian is limited in his authority to in a reasonable manner (at minimal expense) addressing only the disability found by the Court.     The guardian is not elected God, nor can a State Court abdicate its responsibilities to a professional guardian.     


For the record – if the averments that you make are 5% accurate the miscreants under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title 18 of the United States Code   have some very serious accountings to do.     Read 18 USCA 371.   

Ken Ditkowsky

ADA and the US Dept. of Justice — What is a service animal?

Only the US government can come up with such a poster:


If you read the poster carefully, it says 1) the animal must be individually trained; 2) PTSD is a recognized disability; but 3) the purpose of the animal cannot be just to calm and/or simply providing emotional support is insufficient.

Many smaller dogs and cats already have been bred to sit and be petted–and that’s all they want to do all day long.  The only training they would need to be a therapy animal would be to ignore everything around them, which is often what these animals naturally do–especially when comfortable in a lap and being petted.

If PTSD or LAS (Legal Abuse Syndrome) can cause anxiety and emotional outbursts and a therapy animal simply being present or being petted quells the condition, then that should be part of the ADA.

Stress is extremely taxing and detrimental to the health of the human body.  People have died of anxiety attacks or they have provoked seriously and deadly diseases within a short period of time in a normally healthy human being.

When a body is stressed, temperature can wildly fluctuate, heart, lungs and all internal organs go into “fight or flight” mode–which is seriously abnormal and can lead to severe and/or permanent damage.  Adrenalin and other stress

I have therefore no idea why a therapy animal for PTSD or LAS or PTLD cannot just simply “be there”.  I assume the disabled person must, when stressed, then pet the dog or cat to stop the anxiety attack or emotional outburst.  Is being petted a job or task that the dog is trained to do?

Anyway, if it takes this much analysis to figure out what the ADA means, and the poster isn’t clear, that’s a huge issue in and of itself, since the statute is supposed to be remedial in nature and to be interpreted broadly.

We have seen what happens when the ARDC interprets the statute narrowly.


From Linda Kincaid–a disabled justice advocate–slideshow and you tube presentation

The slide show was presented at a public conference and posted on the conference website.  It is available for anyone to view or re-post as they wish.
You might also be interested in my attached presentation for the Social Justice Symposium and my summer school film class project now on YouTube.

From Ken Ditkowsky–a nursing home is a treasure trove

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 5, 2014 6:47 AM
To: Candice Schwager , Theresa M , Barbara Stone , JoAnne M Denison , Sherry Johnston
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From Ken Ditkowsky–a nursing home is a treasure trove

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 5, 2014 6:47 AM
To: Candice Schwager , Theresa M , Barbara Stone , JoAnne M Denison , Sherry Johnston
Cc: Nasga Us , Eric Holder , Chicago FBI , “FBI- ( (” , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Probate Sharks , Harry Heckert , “J. Ditkowsky” , Tim NASGA , Matt Senator Kirk , Janet Phelan , Chicago Tribune , SUNTIMES , BILL DITKOWSKY , Cook County States Attorney , Ginny Johnson , Fiduciary Watch , Human Rights Watch , Barbara Stone , GLORIA Jean SYKES , Illinois ARDC , “Y. ACLU” , Scott Evans , “Foxnews_7D7B711AF105DCA690AB56169C0FF242 (” , Bev Cooper , Edward Carter , Cook Sheriff , Diane Nash , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “Chicagotonight (” , “” , “” , “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC” , Rudy Bush , The Wall Street Journal , Mary Richards
Subject: Re: Using_Law_and_Regulation_to_Protect_Nursing_Home_Residents_Updated_sept82006.doc

 By State Law, nursing homes are regulated by the State and are to regularly inspected.
Unfortunately the nursing home is a treasure trove.
1) Government funds flow almost unimpeded to the well connected nursing homes.   
2) When an inspection is to occur, the facility is warned by co=operative public officials and major money deficiencies are covered over.
3) creative book keeping is virtually undetectable and ethically challenged doctors are well paid to fictionalize medical conditions and acceptable procedures.
4)  treatment such as PT are figments of imagination however the charges are not.
5) Enron type corporations dot the landscape so as to provide bills for such items as nursing care, drugs, transportation, utilities, laundry, etc.   If you want the nursing home to make a profit – bingo!   If you want it to operate a loss that is also readily obtainable.
6) come election time between a controlled pooling place in the facility and absentee ballots we can deliver 100% of the votes cast to Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, or whomever.  
We have legislation!    The  salons can pass more if they wish, but as long as the large nursing home operations have public officials in their pocket, judicial officials in their pocket, etc – the elderly are merely predator targets. 
Ken Ditkowsky

Unfortunately across America there are dozens of cases that are similar – Elder Cleansing is a cancer.  

With senior citizens as the prey for corrupt public, judicial, and other officials we need law enforcement to enforce the law.   Tim Lahrman has suggested that our legislative remedy has already been enacted – i.e. Americans with disabilities title 2.   


Last night I was confronted by a question – how does a public official who makes a serious mistake correct it?       The question arose out of a discussion of Judge McCarthy’s violation in open Court of Gloria Sykes’ Americans with Disabilities right to reasonable accommodation for a historically recognized disability.     As Judge Serving in the Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois McCarthy is presumed to be aware of the strong policy of the United States of America to make certain that a disability does not create a discrimination that prevents full enjoyment of the benefits of American democracy.     Simply put Judge McCarthy was required to provide Ms. Sykes with the reasonable accommodation of having her ‘working dog’ or ‘service dog’ Shaggy with her. [1]     

The proposition was presented:   “Suppose that Judge McCarthy really did not know of ADA or in the alternative had a blind spot?”     The answer is quite simple .     McCarthy as a Judge could ‘sua sponde’ vacate the order of September 5, 2014 authored by Guardian Adam Stern and Attorney Peter Schmiedel and do two things:   1) acknowledge that it is a reasonable accommodation for Gloria to have Shaggy with her as she presents her case in Court, and 2) set Gloria’s Petition (also under ADA) requesting that the Circuit Court comply with the law in reference to guardianship and ADA as it relates to the ‘elder cleansing’ that is illegally continuing in which her mother is a victim.    

ADA is not a ‘gotyou’ statute – it is a good faith recognition that minor disabilities including but not limited to deafness, blindness, old age, etc. are not forfeitures of the core protections of America.   This concept is recognized in America Law and our fight against elder cleansing is aimed at preventing guardian miscreants and those who aid and abet them from exploiting their judicial position for their (the miscreants) personal benefit.      A senior citizen who is losing some of his abilities is entitled to a reasonable accommodation for the age related disabilities pursuant to ADA.     The concept and practice of elder cleansing that is being recognized as occurring in probate divisions across the United States is a felony and prohibited by not only ADA, but by State law as well.     The Sykes case 2009 P 4585 is a poster board case and exhibits the most obscene picture of ‘elder cleansing’ in most of its forms.    In re: the Estate of Alice Gore and the prospecting of Ms. Gore’s mouth for the gold in her teeth represents the nadir.

Corruption does not have to have the element of avarice associated with it.     Judge McCarthy during term time has the ability to sua sponte correct her order.     Yes, if she does do such a thing she will offend some of the predators who are conducting the War on the elderly and the disabled.     Yes, she will have to admit not being knowledgeable of some very basic law.    Yes, she might feel embarrassed.     But – so what!     A Judge (and lawyers) complying with the law is what America expects of the 2 nd oldest profession.         In a similar manner, Jerome Larkin had the opportunity to recognize that Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission was assaulting the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights in its prosecution of Mr. Amu, Ms. Dension, and myself for speaking out against corruption in the Circuit Court of Cook County.     Larkin knew or should have known that compliance with 18 USCA 4 was not ethically challenged.    Yet to mollify Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, Peter Schmiedel, Judge Connors, Judge Stuart and other clout heavy individuals who were engaging in the elder cleansing of Mary Sykes or other corruptions, Larkin seized upon complaint letters to the Attorney General of the United States and wired his ‘hordes’ to suspend Amu for three years, and Ditkowsky for four years!       The felons who stripped Mary Sykes of her Liberty and ravaged her estate removing with inventory of more than a million dollars were protected by Larkin.     Larkin had every opportunity to recognize that such conduct on his part violated the core values of the United States and ADA – he of course continues in his assault on America!      Larkin by my definition is corrupt even if he does not obtain a penny of graft!     Judge McCarthy will be corrupt if she does not sua sponde comply with ADA.

[1] Shaggy is a lovable animal who is well trained and totally benign.     Even individuals who a terrified of dogs find him to be so attractive that a few minutes in his presence results in a virtual ‘love affair.’     Shaggy claims Gloria’s anxiety disorder and allows her to perform complex intellectual tasks.    Only Larkin’s hordes have prior to this time failed to recognize ADA, but, even they relented when they realized that this was one act that was guaranteed to bring them personally and individually to the bar of justice.      This is what made Judge McCarthy’s refusal to comply with ADA so obscene.


Ken Ditkowsky

From Kathie Bakken–where and how to file an ADA complaint

To file a complaint re: Americans with Disability Act

To file a grievance regarding the ADA with the Circuit Court of Cook County

and a 4th circuit brief explains why Judges are not excluded from immunity for an injunction under the ADA, they only are immune from a damages suit:

this is a very good brief that explains a whole lot.

Further, the article below explains the ADA in the content of Olmstead integration, where seniors and disables want to remain in the community, they cannot be forced into nursing home care:

Who is Clarence Earl Gideon and where are the constitutional rights of Illinois citizens today?

Who is Clarence Earl Gideon?  And how do people like him do it?

So today I am watching a Netflix I have to highly recommend to you all out there.

Gideon’s Army.  I give it 10 starts out of 5, that’s how good it is.

Significance (for those of you that hated the “underlying” hidden themes of literature and religion and society and didn’t get into this).  First of all Mr. Gideon started it all with respect to public defenders.  He was arrested for stealing a few bucks and a soda and maybe a couple of beers at a pool hall in Florida.  Sentenced to jail FOR 5 YEARS, he argued successfully to the US Supreme Court that an attorney is the essential basis to the US justice system and without one the US constitution means nothing.

Out of the thousands of petitions submitted to the US Supreme Court each year, only a handful (100 to 200) get relief/review.

Mr. Gideon studied a bit of law in prison and determined that under the 14th amendment, as a drifter and someone who had no attorney, that in fact, he had no equal protection under the law.

Of course, as soon as the Writ of Certioari to SCOTUS was granted he was able to attract an attorney.

The biblical story, for which the drifter without a mother and many, many hard times was named after (for those of you not a Sunday School teacher) was that Gideon wanted to have freedom of religion for his people, the Jews.  They had been recently oppressed.  Gideon assembled an army of about 30,000 men.  He prayed.  God/dess said, no, that was too many, only take the most faithful and those without fear.  So somehow, an ancient survey was taken without benefit of PolDaddy and the internet, and that left 10,000.  He prayed and God/dess said, nope too many. The next instructions were, take the 10,00 down to the river, tell them to drink of the river and those who “lapped the water like a dog” (I guess prostrate), vs. those who lifted hand to mouth would determine the army, and that left only 300.  So the 300 went out with just a shofar (horn of an animal that makes a loud sound) and torches hidden in clay jars.  Apparently the 300 shofars and torches did the trick and the enemy simply ran away with no apparent deaths.  I’m not sure how that pans out today in terms of war mongers utilizing drones and white phosphorus on mostly women and children, but I digress.

Getting back to Mr. Gideon and his modern army, about 12,000 public defenders handle millions of cases per year.  Scary.

The movie is wonderful.

But in a way, it explains what happened to Gloria Sept 4, 2014.  As you will recall, when she tried to take her dog to a deposition at the ARDC, they gave her hell.  That was Sharon Opryszek who does not believe in the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.  After Gloria was banned at my trial for not turning over 12,000 emails over 4 years (an impossible, hurtful task I would not put her thru), Sharon Opryszek’s witnesses (Judge Stuart who changed her testimony on the stand, Cynthia Farenga, with a husband with 120 property transactions and a super jumbo mortgage and Adam Stern with a $60,000 tax lien and of course Peter Schmeidel with his testimony 90% of which said “I care about Mary” but never saw her in 4 years but billed her estate over $200,000–and apparently has or will collect), on Sept 4 2014 Gloria was told by Judge Aicha MacCarthy “dear, there is no ADA, you are mistaken” and banned Gloria’s therapy dog from court.

Here is the order:

They got Adam Stern to write it up.  He must be the scapegoat of the day. Good going.

Now as I believe I previously reported on this blog, Judge MacCarthy is the sameole sameole.  I asked her to use my laptop in court because I do have arthritis in my hands and using a pen is harder for me.  Shockingly, despite the ADA, she said, hire someone else to write for you!  I argued that as an attorney that only handles mostly pro bono cases, I can’t afford that and that is not the law regardless. She was not interested.  She looked primarily bored with an ADA argument.

Same ole, same ole.

Good going.

It’s official now.  The ADA does not exist in court room 1804 for Judge MacCarthy nor before the ARDC.

Leave that one at the door.

Mr. Gideon handwrote a 5 page petition to the US Supreme Court which change history forever in 1961.

Gloria Sykes is still yelling, screaming and kicking to get it off paper and put it into the mouths and decisions of the judges.  Like Rosa Parks, she and Shaggy are still being directed to the back of the bus.  There is no front of the bus for probate victims and their family members.  It’s isolation, exclusion, being told to shut up in court, and being told don’t bring your therapy animal after we’ve pounded your soul into the ground over 5 years without jurisdiction.

Did anyone tell Judge MacCarthy that this case has no jurisdiction?  I wonder.  how did she get this case, the sykes case, is she also a designated scape goat like AS?

Ken and I are still on the outs, with the ARDC firmly saying no Illinois attorney is supposed to talk about corruption and damned be the first Amendment for Attorneys.  They like and want the “code of silence” regarding corruption.  

Ken’s Petition is up at the US Supreme Court now.  I don’t know if any of the 9 or their law clerks have heard of Ken Ditkowsky or my humble blog (which I admit isn’t perfect, but then again who is, Mr. Gideon certainly wasn’t), but we keep on hoping and praying and just helping everyone we can– pay or not.

If you have a chance, watch the Netflix Movie Gideon’s Army and also make a donation to your local Public Defender that works like a dog, lives on crumbs, and yet serves the poor of the poor the hopeless and the forgotten, those without a voice.

I pray, like in the movie, every day I have money to buy gas to get to court, to try to pay rent and salaries.  My landlord is Simon LeGree and cashes my check spot on, wether I put it for the 5th of the month or not.

So please, give us all a break.  I deal with PTLD every day in many, many ways from the clients that contact me and depend upon me.  I don’t ask for money up front when a case is just and injustice was severe–ie constitutional in nature.  I don’t think neither did Ken, but he survived.

And let’s give a huge thanks to Clarence Earl Gideon and his famous 1961 decision that has saved the US from many a mighty injustice.

And while you think that my constitutional troubles have not ended Ken’s and my appeal is now up at the 7th circuit on constitutional grounds.

From arguing the first amendment to the Sheriff Dart’s deputies, my ID was taken away.

So, here are the documents that prove it–do NOT ARGUE the constitution to Sheriff Dart or his employees, they do not know of it, they passed 6th grade constitution test without knowing this, and that must be how he hires them:

But remember I do it for YOU.  I and Ken and Mr. Amu are the lawyers brave enough to speak our truths like Sarah Barrielles sings about.  

I don’t care I don’t have a “special ID”. I’d rather wear the badge of honor that I spoke up for the  common woman and man out there, at peril to my law license, at peril to my “special” Sheriff Dart ID.  I lost my ID because I was speaking up for the Sykes case, a 95 year old woman and this blog who lost hers and her younger daughter’s $350,000 to court appointed attorneys fees.  That’s a badge of honor.

At least I can publish this and let you know DO NOT REELECT SHERIFF DART, HE DOESN’T BELIEVE IN THE 7TH CIRCUIT DECISIONS OR THE FIRST AMENDMENT or what we grew up to believe was an open, free and democratic court system.

Maybe he will apologize to me, maybe not.  I will publish the apology. But I don’t get how he would do this and not ask the specific question of I ARGUED WITH THE DEPUTIES, BUT DID I ARGUE MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS?  Am I and the First Amendment nothing to him?


From Ken Ditkowsky–on the rights of wards in the system

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 1, 2014 7:11 PM
To: Candice Schwager , Tim Larhman , Barbara Stone , JoAnne M Denison

 I think it is time we put some of this to bed.
1) Guardianship is a taking away of Rights, Privileges and Immunities of a citizen, ergo, pursuant to state statute and the Americans with Disability Acts it is not only a serious job, but it is a thankless, procrustean and job in which the guardian by law has to be selfless.    In America we do not take away the liberty rights without very careful consideration and the only with the criterion of only taking away that portion of the rights that absolutely need to be taken away to accommodate the disabled person’s continued participation in society and the maintenance of life style.     As for property rights not only is the right limited, but the guardian can earn only the bare necessity that will actually compensate the guardian for the services that 1) benefit the ward and 2) are absolutely necessary to the well being of the ward.     In addition the Court must approve the expenditures.
2) That if a business entity or stranger wants to be a guardian that entity has to be viewed with suspicion.   The job is fraught with heartache and bare minimum compensation.    The highest level of fidelity is required.
3) for a guardian to be appointed every protection of civil rights has to be observed.   No only must the alleged disabled person be given every opportunity to object, but so must family members.    The petitioner must prove not only a disability by clear and convincing evidence, but must plead and prove by clear and convincing evidence the extent and nature of the disability.   To do less is to commit a fraud on the court and the felony of theft!
4) the Court has a pro-active responsibility to protect the alleged incompetent not only today, but every day and the first sign of a fiduciary breach must remove the guardian and appoint someone with greater fidelity.
The claim that family members agitate the ward is not only unacceptable but suspect.   A judge who accepts such a claim is not doing his/her job and should be removed from the bench!    Being a judge is not a perk – it is  a responsibility!     No one is forced at gunpoint to be a judge – most actively seek the job – therefore each should take very seriously the duties imposed.
Like it or not the foregoing is square 1.   Corrupt judges who take extra- circular remuneration are felons and ought to go to jail and lose their law licenses.   People who judge lawyers and judges ought to be more pure that Caesar’s wife!    A Jerome Larkin who aids and abets the felony of elder cleansing not only should be in jail but should be sent to ‘devil’s island’ to serve his very long sentence!    (The temerity of lawyers assaulting the First Amendment is unspeakable and deserves the most severe punishment – Larkin in attempting to intimidate lawyers to force silence is beyond contempt – that criminal conduct ought to be addressed instanter!)
It is apparent that some lawyers in Texas (and the other States) have the idea that guardianship is a license to steal.    It is not!    Yes, they have been getting away with it but that has to stop immediately.    The elder holocaust is unacceptable and an integral part of the health care frauds.   
Let me disclose a horror story that was related to me by a very reliable source.
A reported holocaust survivor who had been placed into a nursing home died.    He happened to have the same or similar name as a well know predator guardian ( lawyer ) from Chicago.    His estate was probated in a rural county in Florida and the predator guardian filed a document in the probate division of the Florida court in which she claimed to be an heir.   (she elected to name also as heir certain of her siblings – leaving out one sibling who had some mental problems.   This sibling was recently exposed as killing his significant other)

The Florida AG noted the inconsistency and filed a document contesting the heirship.    The estate had a value of a million dollars.   The miscreant guardian saved the tax-payers of Florida the litigation costs – she split the difference and Florida got about 1/2 of the estate and the miscreant got the other half.    
The outrage was so obnoxious that members of the clergy and other citizens wrote to Mr. Larkin and the IARDC about this event.   As he could not silence either the clergy or the members of the public who were not lawyers he and the IARC just ignored the fraud committed by *****.    Other ethical lapses of a similar nature were also ignored by Larkin and the IARDC.    It is not ethically challenged in Illinois to rob, steal, abuse, or exploit a senior or disabled person.    Mr. Larkin, the Illinois Supreme Court and the co-conspirators have made it very clear – the ethical lapse is reporting it to law enforcement pursuant to 18 UsCA 4.
The governmental corruption that is herding senior citizens and disabled persons into guardianships is what we are fighting.    We are fighting also the deprivation of liberty interest including but not limited to the segregation of senior citizens from family members who do attorn to the ravaging of the estate by the criminal elder cleansers including but not limited to guardians, attorneys, nursing home (and hospice) operators et al.    We do not have an enemies list nor do we refuse the good faith assistance in protecting the Bill of Rights, Constitution and the Rule of Law.     The terrorist attacks on America and its institutions by the elder cleaners and those who aid and abet them is intolerable and unless we wish to lose our personal freedom we had better at this point in time address this problem and demand that law enforcement and the State and Federal office holders do their jobs to protect the elderly and the disabled.
Ken Ditkowsky
From: Candice Schwager <>
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Sent: Monday, September 1, 2014 6:21 PM
This is disturbing

Candice Schwager
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Extremely distraught court abuse victim needs IMMEDIATE temporary emergency housing

Please call me if you have anything. She was rendered homeless and penniless in cases either without summons and complaint and no jurisdiction, or she received orders without notice or hearing.

She needs a clean place to stay, preferably with loving and very patient support.  She is clean, honest and a staunch conservative Roman Catholic.

Anything you might find or hear of would be most grateful.  Experience dealing with Legal Abuse Syndrome will be helpful (see book on this blog or and search “legal abuse syndrome” for more information.

Please call me on my cell or text me.  773 255 7608 joanne


take care and thanks

From Atty Barbara Stone in Floria–ground zero for probate problems!

Subject: My beautiful mom whose death was ordered by a black robed predator
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 14:16:16 -0400

Dear Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey

Please protect my beautiful defenseless elder mom, Helen Stone from life threatening danger.  She has been abused by being punched and shaken until she is black and blue.  She is being drugged by drugs so powerful that a 300 pound man would be knocked out.   Her speech is very slurred – she cannot speak because of the chemical restraints that are forced on her.  She was given fake glasses and cannot see.  She is isolated and is forcibly kept in a lock down facility in Miami, Florida. 

 My mom weighs less than 90 pounds because she was deprived her food money.  She was emergency admitted to the hospital after my spiritual leader visited her and found her unconscious and incoherent.   My vibrant mom who was always impeccably dressed now looks like a refugee from a third world country because she was emaciated.  She suffered surgery to implant a feeding tube although she is perfectly capable of eating because the criminal enterprise that owns her does not want to spend the time to give her food. 

My mom’s property and her treasured possessions have been looted.  She has been forcibly removed from her apartment that I found for her that she and my father proudly fixed up and made it their home.  My dad always wanted to be on the ground floor of an apartment building so I spent months finding them the perfect place that would suit their needs.

My mom always called me her heart.  We were inseparable – wherever we went, we were always told we looked alike. 

Now my mom can’t see me because someone who wears a black robe, operates under color of law abuse and issues death edicts wants her to die in isolation so the cabal that operates a criminal enterprise called “guardianship”  can steal her assets and possessions.  

Taking my mother’s possessions by theft ordered by a black robe predator is a sordid, discriminatory and criminal felony under Florida laws statute 825 and Federal laws 18 USC 4, 42 USC 1983 and 1985.  It is a heinous affront to a law abiding citizen.  Yet the plundering and beatings and atrocities committed on a vulnerable defenseless widow that has now been made public is tyrannical.  

 I wonder why the word ‘guardian” seems to have some different connotation when it is referenced by that term instead of the definitions that accurately describe the activities being perpetrated by the guardian enterprise- human trafficking, money laundering. crimes against humanity, color of law abuse, criminal enterprise, RICO crimes, identity theft, social security theft and discrimination.   

These are Federal and State crimes that fall under the purview of the Department of Justice and the FBI.    

I am the target of malicious retaliation for trying to protect my mom that is so vicious that I have no frame of reference to even comprehend.  I have been slandered and vilified with perjured with repeated stay away orders.   I have been denied the right to see my mother.  My mother does not even know why she cannot see me. 

The mastermind of this operation is an attorney who was found guilty of fraud, perjury and lying under oath by the 3rd DCA.   He uses my mother’s assets as his slush fund.   He has taken the law into his own hands with the collusion of a criminal wearing a black robe. 

This attorney, a criminal is thumbing his nose at you and taunting the law enforcement profession.  I have notified the police.  In utter astonishment and disregard for their duty to investigate, instead of doing so, they contact the very people who are abusing her who shut them down.  I have contacted Governor Rick Scott who is well aware that Florida’s citizens are being deprived of their life  by this criminal enterprise who informs me that although “he cares for our citizens”, there is “nothing” he can do.  


These are crimes of abuse, exploitation and discrimination. 


Please deputize me to enforce the law if law enforcement will  not enforce their laws..


How is it that our American justice system has come to this – where I must plead for my mother’s life? 


How can you tolerate this shameless unlawful abuse of an innocent law abiding defenseless citizen? 

Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey- my parents were the foundation of America.  They meet in college after my dad did a tour with the army and served in Vietnam.  He received an honorable discharge and married my mom. the town beauty of a small town in the deep south – Canton Mississippi.  They moved there after college and opened a retail store.  The Kl Klux Klan reigned at that time.  My grandfather would go to the jail in the middle of the night to bail out persons who were discriminated against.  My parents would give clothes from their store on trust alone to the townspeople to take home and try on without being bullied by other customers.  My dad was a steadfast believer in human rights.

 This is a photo of my mom and I when I arranged a surprise birthday party for her before our encounter with this underworld operation.   The other attached photo is my mom’s emaciated body after the cabal took human possession of her and her money and deprived her of food.

This enterprise is a massive financial fraud scheme that dwarfs the Bernie Madoff and Enron scandal.   It is way overly ripe for your investigation.  It is rampant and as our population ages, it will explode and infiltrate crime into every pore of our country.

Massive emergency measures are needed.

Mr. Holder and Mr. Commey, my mother is in imminent danger.  She is being kept isolated, denied her right to eat, she is being chemically restrained, denied her right to see me, her daughter and is kept in a lock down facility in Miami,  Florida.  Her body is frail and she is in life threatening danger.  

Please take my mother to safety and save her life.

Please, please have someone from your organization contact me and proudly carry out your law abiding protection of my mother.   



Barbara Stone


212.994.5481 – fax’

Favorite theme of this blog–how nursing homes threaten residents and their families if the family reports abuse

Below is a very sad story sent to me today from another state where a woman was isolated from her children after the children posted in detail how the nursing home was abusing the mother and other residents.

The nursing home used the GAL then to isolate the children from their mother and lock her down.

Unfortunately, these stories are rampant. Nursing homes get worse and worse with little meaningful inspections. Resdients (and the US govt) pay $4,000 to $7,000 per month (depending on the size of the estate), to put the resident in a nursing home bed, provide 1/10 of a $8 per hour employee per day (at home you would spend $150 per day for 100% hands on care and it would be less), feed the seniors cheap processed food from a food service (read, balogna sandwiches, processed eggs or mostly cereal for breakfast, etc. or about $2 per day for meals) and reap huge profits in a variety of ways already published here.


Nursing homes are inspected about once every 5 years across the US, if that.  A report of abuse (beating, starvation, hydration) will NOT bring an inspector out necessarily.  As in the Sykes case, the agencies are peppered with “inspectors” that ignore and do no meaningful inspections and just about always find in favor of the nursing home (ask John Wyman, his mother was beat with bruises, near death, and he had to submit the paperwork 3 times to get a finiding of “abuse indicated”–months later).


Now the nursing homes check social media, Yelp, etc. and demand the information come down.

Then they further abuse and isolate the senior–with permission of the court and the investigative agencies.

Dissidence in the US is no longer protected in the US where lucrative nursing home contracts are involved–it is crushed, the seniors further abused, and with a vengeance.

Of course, Ken and I have reported to and you all should do the same.