From Joel Handler who was not amused by lack of jurisdiction in 1804

As you are aware, an order was entered by Judge MacCarthy which rendered Joel Handler’s $4,000 judgment against Janie “unenforceable.”

When Atty Carrie Fung of the OPG was told by Judge O’Brien in 1401 that she was to give the key to storage to Atty Handler so he could assess and manage these assets–and he is a judgment creditor, it seems she did not like the order of Judge O’Brien, so Carrie Fung went and filed a 27 page 150 paragraph motion in court room 1804 to invalidate are more than 2 year old judgment that Atty Handler had obtained in June of 2014.

Hmmm.  Interesting.

Obviously I have to file objections to the entry of a void ab initio order (void from the outset) because I don’t want it to appear my client is condoning such behavior (and liability), but Mr. Handler says it well to Ms. Fung–what on this green earth is she thinking?

I guess Judge MacCarthy can just blame everything on Ms. Fung because she wrote the order and Ms. Fung wrote the motion, etc., but 1804 is still her courtroom.

Here is Mr. Handler’s letter:

I will publish a response if I get one.

Also, here is Carrie Fung’s Motion she sent out, which of course is in the wrong format and waayyy too long.

Perhaps Judge MacCarthy is more favorable to grant motions by the pound, even if there is no jurisdiction, because Ms. Fung definitely showed she was good at writing motions by the pound.

I didn’t put up the entire motion because it contained a lot of bank account records with account numbers on the statements and the rule is you’re not supposed to file documents with bank account records, so I left those out. For some reason Ms. Fung does not redact.  The rules are you must remove bank account numbers and social security numbers prior to filing.

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