Attorneys that are ISBA Pro Bono partners

As most of you know, I am completely dedicated to pro bono work and promoting it among attorneys. I believe cases should be taken on the merits and not on basis of money alone.  I know we all need to pay rent, utilities, staff and so forth, but there are many people with severe violations of human and civil rights, and loss of liberties too great to ignore.

I do believe that the courts should be provided with Public Defenders, according to income, where the loss of all money and housing is in question.

so the ISBA has an online pledge and I have taken it and I have also posted a bio on their website that features humanitarian legal services.

I hope other attorneys are inspired to do this and that the public encourages attys to do more pro bono or low cost legal work

the site:

ISBA Pro Bono Partner

Thank you for pledging to become an ISBA Pro Bono Partner. Your name is now listed below.

Members of the Illinois State Bar Association are committed to delivering legal services to those who need to turn to the courts to solve their problems, whether the people who need legal services are able to pay for the services or are unable to do so.

The Illinois State Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Foundation, and the lawyers who are members recognize that the need for legal services for the one-third of the State that is below the federal poverty level cannot be met by legal service agencies alone.

The Illinois Supreme Court Rules underscore the importance of Pro Bono legal services for persons of limited means whose household income is below the poverty level and also those people referred to as the “working poor”.

As a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, I am a supporter of the free legal services, training, and grants that ISBA and IBF provide to assist people in need, and I support ISBA and my local bar association and legal service provider.

I declare myself to be an ISBA Pro Bono Partner, and I promise to:

  1. Seek out the local pro bono legal services being supplied to individuals or charitable, religious or civic organizations in my community;
  2. Attend or support a recognition ceremony for those who participate in pro bono services in my community;
  3. Consider attending training provided to lawyers who provide pro bono services;
  4. Commit to joining the efforts to increase access to our legal system.

ISBA Pro Bono Partners

My new bio


Ms. Denison is a patent attorney that also practices in the area of business litigation in both state and federal court. Besides prosecuting patent applications, she is currently fighting to restore truth, justice and integrity at the IARDC, the Illinois Probate court and in other legal fora where the public and clients have presented a valid claim of a gross violation of human and civil rights or an unjust loss of civil liberties.  She runs two very popular pro-justice blogs at and, a 95 year old woman who was railroaded into a guardianship without first receiving a summons, complaint and no 14 days advance notice of the time, date and place of hearing was ever served on her siblings, yet the case has proceeded for 5 YEARS without jurisdiction.  In the Sykes case, approx. $1 million in gold coins have escaped inventory. The GAL’s claim they never existed in court, but numerous family members and the Sykes estate attorney can attest to the fact they are missing.

Ms. Denison represents other indigent clients that have suffered similar injustices (Mr. John Howard Wyman whose mother was placed in one of the worst Illinois nursing homes against her will and suffered beatings and sexual abuse when father wanted mother out of the house.  She finally escaped and one son Bill Wyman drove half way to Aspen Colorado and then John Howard picked her up and took her to Aspen where she was safe–but never to return to her Rockford home again)  The Carol Wyman case had no jurisdiction. Son John Howard Wyman has written a book “Against her Will” and you may contact me for copies.  Those who pledge to fight for truth, justice, integrity and honesty in the court system will receive a free copy upon request.  Ms. Denison also represents Dominic Spera, who was rendered homeless and on the street for 6 month when the GAL in his mothers case swiped over $100k of joint account funds left to him and his mother.  He now receives a stipend from the court so he is no longer homeless, but if Ms. Denison would not appear*****

Ms. Denison represents other injured and highly vulnerable probate family members who need assistance in probate court on the 18th floor of the Daley center.  Some of her clients were able to stay in their own homes, despite the fact the OPG (Office of Public Guardian) wanted nursing home placement–But Mr. Olson was adamant about staying in his own home.  (Mr. Olson has been happy at home for about 2 years now after Ms. Denison helped him to successfully prevent the sale of his home and forced placement in a nursing home).  Most of the cases do not pay or pay very little, due to the current system which she hopes to change so that disabled and elderly adults and their family members will not be taken advantage of by the court system.  She is suggesting that Probate provide public defenders in these types of situations.

She is also very concerned that the Probate system chooses attorneys for the wards from “secret lists” and the attorneys provide no CV’s to the family, do not disclose their charges, nor are they rated by past clients for how well they performed.

She is currently the Executive Director of or Justice 4 Every 1, NFP, an Illinois Social Justice Provider.

She is dedicated to social justice for the elderly, the disabled and their family members, who are often taken advantage of in probate.

She is happy that ISBA has a Pro Bono Partner pledge and hopes that more attorneys sign the pledge.

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