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From RM: Great video from Shawn McMillan on corruption in child “protective” service

This is a must watch for those of you with corrupt children’s cases and lying social workers, DCFS workers and others in the court room.

In the video attorney McMillan gives a lot of case law citations on lies in written testimony and lies told as a witness in court by the police, DCFS workers, social workers and consultant and provides many, many case citations.

This is a must watch for all you corruption fighters out there

From FB: $8 million awarded in death of mentally disabled man abused in group home

$8 million verdict awarded in Oklahoma wrongful death lawsuit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
$8 million verdict awarded in Oklahoma wrongful death lawsuit


OKLAHOMA CITY – The family of a man who died in a group home in Oklahoma City was awarded an $8 million verdict on Monday by an Oklahoma County jury.

Shannon Adams filed the lawsuit against Renaissance Management Group of Tulsa after her brother, Mitch Boles, died at one of their group homes.

“Maybe it’ll stop it from happening to anybody else’s loved one,” said Adams. “This is the best justice we can get at this point.”

Adams’ brother…

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From FB: $8 million awarded in death of mentally disabled man abused in group home

$8 million verdict awarded in Oklahoma wrongful death lawsuit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
$8 million verdict awarded in Oklahoma wrongful death lawsuit


OKLAHOMA CITY – The family of a man who died in a group home in Oklahoma City was awarded an $8 million verdict on Monday by an Oklahoma County jury.

Shannon Adams filed the lawsuit against Renaissance Management Group of Tulsa after her brother, Mitch Boles, died at one of their group homes.

“Maybe it’ll stop it from happening to anybody else’s loved one,” said Adams. “This is the best justice we can get at this point.”

Adams’ brother, Mitch Boles, was 51 years old but had the mind of an 18-month-old.

For 40 years, he lived at SORC, Southern Oklahoma Resource Center, in Pauls Valley, a state-run institution.

But when the state decided to close it in 2012, his family had to find somewhere else for him to go.

Adams says they chose to go with Renaissance Management Group out of Tulsa.

“More or less marketed theirself (sic) to the state and me that they could do this,” Adams said “It was a dream come true.”

They moved Boles to a group home in northwest Okahoma City run by Renaissance in January of 2014.

But only a month in, Boles had to be hospitalized.

He’d had a seizure and Adams says the employees at the home did not know how to handle it.

“And he was completely limp, they testified. And drug him out of the house on this chair, swung him into a car, unconscious and limp and drove to the doctor’s office,” said Adams. “They killed my brother.”

Mitch Boles, family photo

The Department of Human Services was over SORC and NORCE, Northern Oklahoma Resource Center, in Enid.

They were dropped from the lawsuit before damages were awarded, but a DHS spokesperson told KFOR Boles is the only person transitioned out of both SORC and NORCE whose death has been blamed on the care they received.

The DHS spokesperson says Renaissance no longer cares for people with developmental disabilities.

Adams says she keeps in contact with other SORC families.

“There’s some that are transitioning ok and there are some that are still having a lot of problems transitioning,” said Adams.

She says her verdict was not about the money, but rather a promise she made to her parents, who died shortly after her brother.

“I had promised my dad two years prior that I wouldn’t give up, that I would get justice for Mitch and for their baby,” said Adams.

Renaissance Management Group only has to pay $7.2 million of the $8 million verdict.

The other part of the judgement was against others who cared for Boles after he was hospitalized.

Renaissance sent us the following statement regarding the judgement:

“Renaissance Management Group, Inc., is disappointed in the jury’s verdict, but respects the process by which the jury reached its conclusion. Renaissance intends to work with the attorneys for the family of Mitchell Boles and resolve this matter amicably, in the days to come.”

From FB: Baby Alfie dies at 2:30 am and parents left heartbroken

The question now is whether or not parents will gain more rights to determine what happens with their own child and whether guardianship laws will be curtailed to allow them to do this and not leave precious babies (and our elders) at the hands of cruel judges and lawyers (barristers) who know nothing and care nothing about a child or grandparent.

Let’s see what happens.

Maybe this cn change gship laws in the US.

so sad, prayers


From FB: the UK govt ensures that Babie Alfie must die. And the parents can go ##### themselves for trying to save him.

From a FB friend:

baby alfie must die

and we all know where this is going.  The father read a “hostage letter” yesterday and told everyone to shut up (on promise or money, he told everyone to back off).

You all have been in probate, have been threatened, jailed, false accused, defamed, slighted, told to shut up–the whole works and then some.

You tell me, do these psychopaths in robes and suits every change their stripes? Nope.  99% of the time, they tell you shut up, go along, get along and you get your money and beloved back.

Ask the victims on my 35 corrupt horror story sheet (published elsewhere on this blog) if that is true.

99% + tthe time, it’s just another cruel and heartless lie.

Please pray for the all and let Baby Alfie go home or to Italy or wherever the parents decide.


From FB: massive pedophile ring bust in NY

An Internet pedophile ring with up to 70,000 members — thought to be the world’s largest —has been uncovered by police, a security official said Wednesday.

The European police agency Europol said in a statement that “Operation Rescue” had identified 670 suspects and that 230 abused children in 30 countries had been taken to safety. More children are expected to be found, Europol said.

It said that so far 184 people had been arrested and investigations in some countries were continuing. Most of those detained are suspected of direct involvement in sexually abusing children.

They include teachers, police officers and scout leaders, AP reported. One Spaniard who worked at summer youth camps is suspected of abusing some 100 children over five years.

Europol director Rob Wainwright said Wednesday the ring, which communicated using an Internet forum, was “probably the largest online pedophile network in the world.”

    1. Image: Jose Salvador Albarengo

      Castaway’s parents thought they would never see him again

      The father of Pacific castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga said he was told his long-lost son vanished on a fishing trip but he didn’t have the heart to break the news to his ailing wife.

    2. Scotland legalizes same-sex marriage
    3. Weapons deal strengthened Assad: US intel chief
    4. Outcry over the fate of Sochi’s stray dogs
    5. Olympic construction leaves Sochi residents in the cold

Cori Bassett, a public affairs officer for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in an email that there had been five arrests and four convictions in connection with Operation Rescue in the U.S.

“Arrests so far have been made in Georgia and Connecticut. ICE continues to pursue the leads provided by Europol,” she added.

The website was shut down following the three-year investigation, Europol said.

“The website operated from a server based in the Netherlands and, at its height, boasted up to 70,000 members worldwide,” it added.

“It attempted to operate as a ‘discussion–only’ forum where people could share their sexual interest in young boys without committing any specific offences, thus operating ‘below the radar’ of police attention,” Europol said.

“Having made contact on the site, some members would move to more private channels, such as email, to exchange and share illegal images and films of children being abused. Computers seized from those arrested have harvested huge quantities of child abuse images and videos,” it added.

Police infiltrated site
The Europol statement said U.K. and Australian police infiltrated the site to identify the members who posed the greatest danger to children. Police also sometimes posed as children online as part of the investigation.

Law enforcement authorities from 13 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain and the U.K., were involved in the case, Europol said.

The statement said Europol analysts had cracked the security features of a key computer server at the center of the network which uncovered the identities of suspected child sex offenders.

And, after his arrest, the forum’s Dutch administrator helped police break encryption measures that shielded users’ identities, allowing police to begin their covert investigations.

“Europol subsequently issued over 4,000 intelligence reports to police authorities in over 30 countries in Europe and elsewhere, which has led to the arrests of suspects and the safeguarding of children,” Europol said.

Wainwright said he was proud of the “exceptional work of our experts in helping police authorities around the world to record these groundbreaking results.”

“The safeguarding of so many vulnerable children is particularly rewarding and demonstrates the commitment of our agency to make Europe a safer place for its citizens,” he added.

The investigation was led by Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center.

Peter Davies, of the center, said there would be more arrests as the investigations continue.

“Those who have been members of the site can expect a knock on the door in the very near future,” he said.

In Britain, police said, the children involved were aged between 7 and 14.

Australian Federal Police commander Grant Edwards said suspects arrested in Australia ranged in age from 19 to 84 and used the Internet to “prey on children with anonymity, with subterfuge and with camouflage.”

Children, Edwards said, “should be able to use the Internet safely, without fear of being approached or groomed by these online predators.”

From JOanne;

How does it take 3 years and 70,000 members to complete an investigtion on pedophilia and the explotation of children.

There is something seriously wrong here.

If you or I took 3 years to get our jobs done, we would be long gone.

Does starbucks take 3 years to get you a latte?  obviously not.

prosecutors and police are just lazy and ineffective, but that’s just MHO.

But take the ARDC. YOu publish about corruption and the Truth, and they take you out soon as possible.

As for those that bilk medicare/medicaid for millions or billions, that takes years and many, many continuances.

See something wrong here?  I do, for sure.

From FB: Interesting turn of events from Baby Alfie family–stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with hopsital?

The goal now of Baby Alfie’s family, having been denied the right to take the baby to Rome where Italian doctors will treat when UK doctors won’t, is now from the 21 year old father, stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with the hospital in hopes of taking our baby home.

How many times have you all heard that from DCFS, DFS, APS, the probate court system etc.–all you have to do is cooperate, stop the ralleys and protests, work with us and cooperate and then you can take your child home.

Did it work for Barbara Stone?  Nope, they’re getting ready to kill off Helen Stone as Barbara rots in prison on false charges.

Did it work for Ilwanna Lahoody where the son was promised, you can take mom home, if only you cooperate.  Well he lost his home, his $600k bank account and his mom.  I’m still not sure if all or just some of that bank account was returned to him, but his mom for sure wasn’t.

I am sure there are dozens of stories out there.

So the authorities in the UK are clamping down, just as they do here.

Generally it’s not a good thing, first will come court ordered isolation and then hospice as narcotics are dispensed (baby must be in pain) and food and water withdrawn.

We’ve all seen it a dozen times. The threats from the govt, the false promises, then you stand down, the public loses interest and the cover up plan is complete.  Dust and dirt successfully swept under the rug.

But for all the baby Alfies out there, how many scores of the elderly and disabled experience this all the time in the US and even in other countries, and there is no recourse and no remedy as persons in black robes and dark suits steal and even murder with impunity.

read on.

pray for them all.


Latest: Alfie Evans’ father calls on supporters to ‘stand down’ and says plan will be agreed to provide son with ‘dignity and comfort’

Little Alfie is “still going strong” nearly 60 hours after his life support was withdrawn – his parents last night lost their court battle to fly him to Italy for treatment


Alfie Evans’s father has made a dramatic u-turn tonight as he praised Alder Hey staff hours after claiming doctors “hate” the family and treat them “like criminals.”

Tom Evans has called on ‘Alfie’s Army to ‘stand down’ and asked for supporters to ” allow myself, Kate and Alder Hey to form a relationship, build a bridge and walk across it.”

His ‘final’ statement, which praised staff for ‘dignity and professionalism,’ came after he reportedly spent this afternoon in talks with the hospital.

The 21-year-old had earlier suggested Alfie could live for “months, possibly years,” and vowed to go back to court if today’s meeting “doesn’t go well”.

His comments also came just hours after it was revealed NHS staff in Liverpool have been told to hide their uniforms over fears of abuse.

Protesters across London, Belfast and Washington DC have marched in support of Alfie today after previous backing from Poland and Vatican and Italy.


Scroll down for updates on Alfie.

‘They aim to get him home’

Late last night, Alfie’s uncle Daniel posted a comment on the official Facebook page to update followers:

I have seen that people are believing this is the end of Alfie’s army?

Tom has released a statement that states he will not approach media or want any protests

This will be until something changes with the hospital but we hope and pray it doesnt

They aim to get him where they have always desperately wanted him HOME.

And with today’s positive meeting this could be a goal complete for Tom and Kate

I will continue to update when necessary

Alfie Evans protests across the world

Hundreds of supporters of Alfie Evans staged demonstrations in London, Ireland and America.

The protests come after Alfie’s parents Kate James and Tom Evans failed in a last-ditch attempt to persuade Alder Hey hospital and judges to let their seriously ill son on fly to Italy for treatment.

Alfie Evans protesters in Belfast (Image: Photopress Belfast)

Protests for the stricken toddler have been seen in Washington DC and Belfast after previous backing from Poland and Vatican and Italy.

However, the live stream of London’s march between Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament was abandoned part way through after Alfie’s dad issued a statement calling on ‘Alfie’s Army to ‘stand down.’

MEP launches ‘Alfie’s Law’ campaign

An MEP has launched a campaign for “Alfie’s Law” to give the parents of terminally-ill children more say in their end-of-life hospital care.

Steven Woolfe , Member of the European Parliament for North West England, is backing the bid following his support for the family of Alfie Evans.

He launched the campaign outside the Houses of Parliament today just a few hours before Alfie’s dad Tom Evans called on supporters to ‘stand down.’

‘Please respect this statement’

Alfie’s dad Tom has asked supporters to ‘respect’ the statement he issued last night.

On Thursday evening, the family said it was time to work with doctors at Alder Hey to give Alfie “the dignity and comfort he needs”.

On the official Alfie’s Army Facebook page he attached an image of the statement and added: “Thank you all from the bottom off our hearts please respect this statement



“You have all been the most crucial part of our fight and we love you all.”


From Joanne:

well, I guess they finally got to this 21 year old father. so sad.


From FB: Baby Alfie still alive but UK courts will not release him to Vatican Hospital by airlift, what scum these UK judges are.

In yet another episode of heartless and cruel court systems and a child under guardianship, read on:

while the UK judges got guardianship over poor baby Alfie, the lift support has been removed, the hospital refuses to feed him, and the UK judges refuse to release him to a Vatican airlift.  What scum does this?  The parents are heartbroken and who knows when life ends or when miracles happen.  the UK judges said he can’t be moved because that would be too traumatic, but not feeding him or intubating him to die is okay?  gimme a break.


Who is Alfie Evans, how long has the baby been at Alder Hey hospital and who are his parents Tom Evans and Kate James?

The child’s life support has been switched off after his parents lost the latest in a string of legal battles

ALFIE Evans has been at the centre of a life support battle between his parents, health officials and the British justice system for several months.

The tot’s life support was switched off after his family lost the most recent of a series of legal appeals. Here’s what you need to know about the heartbreaking case.

 Alfie was born with a rare degenerative condition

Alfie was born with a rare degenerative condition

Who is Alfie Evans?

Alfie Evans has been living in a coma for well over a year after being struck down with a mystery illness.

The 23-month-old missed numerous developmental milestones in his first seven months, his family said.


thanks for watching!

He started making “jerking, seizure-like movements” and was taken to the doctors, but his parents were told he was “lazy and a late developer”, the family claim.

But he caught a chest infection that caused seizures and was placed on life support at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool in December 2016.

His life support was turned off on April 23, 2018, after a last-ditch by his parents was rejected.

 Doctors believe that it is inhumane to keep Alfie alive

Doctors believe that it is inhumane to keep Alfie alive

What do we know about his mystery illness?

Alfie, who was born on May 9, 2016, is in a “semi-vegetative state” and has a degenerative neurological condition that doctors have not definitively diagnosed.

Some experts believe he might have a mitochondrial condition – the same as Charlie Gard.

After he was admitted to Alder Hey, his parents were told he wasn’t going to make it – but he fought back to beat the infection and started breathing on his own.

But he caught another chest infection and had to go back on a ventilator when he began having more chronic seizures.

Alfie is described as being in a semi-vegetative state and doctors at Alder Hey have said it is in his best interest to stop mechanical ventilation.

How brave Alfie has battled mystery illness

9 May 2016


1 December 2016


11 December 2017


19 December 2017


1 February 2018


2 February 2018


20 February 2018


6 March 2018


20 March 2018


28 March 2018


16 April 2018


18 April 2018


20 April 2018


23 April 2018


24 April 2018


25 April 2018


What is mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome?

Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDS) refers to a group of disorders that cause affected tissues to suffer from a significant drop in mitochondrial DNA.

The DNA is found in the mitochondria of cells – an organelle found in most cells in which respiration and energy production occur.

This means, as in Charlie’s case, that sufferers do not get energy to their muscles, kidneys and brain.

MDS causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage.

The condition is rare and Charlie is said to be one of only 16 people to have ever had the condition.

MDS is almost always fatal in babies and young children, although some sufferers have made it into their teenage years.

There is currently no cure but some treatments have shown a reduction in symptoms.

One of these is Nucleoside bypass therapy.

 Parents Kate James and Tom Evans have fought to keep their little boy Alfie Evans alive

Parents Kate James and Tom Evans have fought to keep their little boy Alfie Evans alive

Who are Alfie’s parents?

Alfie Evans’ parents are Tom Evans and Kate James, both in their 20s and from Liverpool.

The couple have consistently placed pressure on the justice system in a bid to keep their son alive.

Tom Evans has been particularly vocal in speaking out in public, slamming every one of the court rulings.

The couple appear to be religious, with Tom citing the 10 commandments in a court case, reminding the court “thou shalt not kill”.

Writing after judges at the European Court of Rights rejected the case, Tom said that he and his partner were “in bits, distraught, in pain”, and the decision meant their son was “about to be murdered”.

Tom and Kate have suffered a series of blows in their legal battles to keep Alfie alive.

They had taken their battle to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal agreed with Alder Hey that Alfie “could not be saved” and that it would be “unkind” and “futile” to continue treatment, but their bid was dismissed.

They had already lost a challenge at the Court of Appeal and failed to have the decision overturned at the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Following one appeal, Lord Justice Davis, ruled that Alfie’s life support must be turned off and told lawyers that doctors had agreed that there was “no hope”.

He said: “We cannot have a kind of legal Groundhog Day where you come back again and again and again on the same point.”

Alfie’s life support was eventually turned off at 9.17pm on the evening of Monday, April 23.

However, the following morning his dad said that the little boy was still battling on and breathing unassisted hours later.

On the morning of Wednesday April 25, Tom said the tot was “still fighting”, although the Court of Appeal was told he was “struggling” later in the day.

But by the evening of April 25, Alder Hey Hospital was on lockdown amid rumours of a planned raid by protesters supporting the ill toddler.

He was barred from going to Italy for treatment after another failed legal challenge as the Appeal Court in London rejected his family’s plea to have Alfie airlifted from the Liverpool clinic.

Merseyside Police warned supporters of Alfie’s family that their social media posts are being monitored over reports that Alder Hey doctors are being hit with abuse.


What did the Pope have to say?

The high-profile case even caught the attention of the Pope, who pledged his support to keep Alfie alive.

The Holy Father tweeted: “It is my sincere hope that everything necessary may be done in order to continue compassionately accompanying little Alfie Evans, and that the deep suffering of his parents may be heard.

“I am praying for Alfie, for his family and for all who are involved.”

On April 18, Alfie’s dad Tom visited Pope Francis and begged him to “save our son”.

The pontiff had used an address to pray for the toddler, saying the situation was “very painful and complex”.

He added that those who are terminally ill should be cared for “with unanimous support” from family and medical experts.

from FB: Baby Alfie is still alive after life support removed 36 hours later–yet another story of “medial tyranny”

Here is your update on Baby Alfie and I hope everyone is praying.

The UK courts and doctors said he is terminal and to remove life support and doctor filed affidavits the baby would not last more than 5 minutes after life support was removed.

The parents contacted a Vatican doctor who agreed to take the child and provide any and all life sustaining treatments for him. The UK courts basically said F that, we know when life is over.

Or do they?

Check out the story here:

The reality is, real scientists will tell you NO ONE on planet earth really knows when life begins or ends.  We have some grasps of quantum physics, chemistry and biology, but we are no where near the truth yet.

Baby Alfie so far has defied the odds.

So far he has shown all the alleged “expert” MD’s and for sure he’s showing the lawyers, who for sure don’t have even a basic clue.

Please pray for him and his parents. The parents are appealing again to have Baby Alfie transferred to Rome, Italy where one brave doctor, a woman (figure that one out, a woman is the center of this, but she can’t be made Pope or Bishop or Cardinal), but she is the center piece of the fight to save a blessed human life.

Go figure

Alfie Evans Survives for 36 Hours After Hospital Yanks His Life Support. Father: “It’s Totally Unexpected”


Little Alfie Evans has survived for 36 hours after a children’s hospital yanked his life support without his parents’ consent. That’s despite the prediction doctors made that Alfie wouldn’t live very long after his life support was removed.

Yesterday, the judge in the Alfie Evans case has officially prohibited his parents from flying the 23-month old boy to Rome Italy to take him to a pediatric hospital that has offered to provide appropriate medical care and treatment for him. Alfie’s parents had hoped to take the little boy to the hospital in order to potentially get treatment that could help his rare degenerative neurological condition.

Today, Alfie Evans’ father Tom Evans says his son’s still fighting and doing well 36 hours later.

He said: ‘He is doing as well as he can, he is fighting. I believe I am getting closer [to taking him home]. He hasn’t had any sign of pain and sustaining life like any other kid for the past 36 hours. It’s totally unexpected.”

“We were told he wouldn’t last five minutes but now here we are 36 hours down the line and he is doing absolutely amazing,” Evans continued in an interview on British television.

SIGN THE PETITION! Please Let Alfie Evans’ Parents Take Care of Him

Attorney Paul Diamond, who is representing the family of Alfie Evans, yesterday argued that it is not in Alfie’s best interests to be left at Alder Hey Hospital and that he should instead be flown overseas – with an air ambulance already waiting and Italy also offering him a private jet.

But Justice Hayden ruled that Alfie’s family would not be able to fly him to Italy for treatment and appeared to say that this was the final decision related to his case. He said flying Alfie to Italy could harm his health because, as court testimony indicated, the flight could trigger possible “continuous seizures due to stimulations” of the flight. But Alfie’s parents are concerned Alfie will die if he doesn’t get care and possible experimental treatment in Italy.

Alfie’s parents have appealed that ruling to a British appeals court. Evans said they are appealing the ruling from the judge today banning Alfie from flying to Italy where a Pediatric Hospital has offered proper medical care and treatment as well as potential experimental treatment for his rare neurological condition.

Evans indicated that Alfie is not in any pain and hardly taking any drugs — and he disputed the claim that Alfie should not be able to travel to Italy because of potential seizures, saying that Alfie has not having any seizures and is not on any anti-seizure medication because there was no problem at this time.

Tom Evans also disputed the notion that somehow his family or supporters of his family are causing a disruption for Hospital staff that makes it so it would take three days to discharge Alfie from the hospital, as Alder Hey Children’s Hospital alleged in court today. He says the reality is that Alfie’s family and supporters are having a hard time getting into the hospital to see Alfie and support them because of an intense police presence, whereas hospital staff go in and out as they please.

Evans indicated he is very concerned about Alfie’s lack of food — saying that it has been almost 24 hours since he has had anything to eat and he is just receiving water and fluids. He is worried that hospital staff are attempting to starve Alfie to death in an attempt to prove their contention that Alfie was going to die very quickly after his removal from life support.

The judge in the controversial legal battle over the life and death of Alfie Evans has told the little boy’s parents that they are not able to take him home, for now. Essentially Justice Hayden considers Alfie’s parents a flight risk and worries they will leave the country with the 23-month old boy in tow. After a decision by Italy yesterday, Alfie now has Italian citizenship which should qualify him for being able to leave the country.

If Alfie can’t leave the UK, attorneys for his parents say they want Italian doctors to be able to come to Britain to evaluate and treat Alfie.

A spokeswoman for the Christian Legal Centre, which is assisting Tom Evans and Kate James, said they intended to ask the judge to consider allowing medical experts in Italy to examine Alfie.

She said medics at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool had stopped providing “ventilation support” to Alfie shortly after 9pm on Monday.

But she said Alfie continued to breathe independently.

She said: “Alfie has survived much longer than the doctors predicted, lending support to the request from Alfie’s parents for Alfie to be seen by medical experts in Italy

“An air ambulance is now waiting outside Alder Hey Hospital ready to take Alfie to hospital in Italy.”

An air ambulance arrived today outside the hospital where little Alfie Evans is located. Alfie has breathed on his own and has survived for over 20 hours after the Children’s Hospital yanked his life support.

Alfie has defied doctors’ expectations to this point and his parents are headed back to court to fight for his life further. They are hoping to be able to get life support restored and also want to be able to take him to Italy, which granted him citizenship yesterday.

Today, a British doctors group, The Medical Ethics Alliance, expressed its horror over the treatment of Alfie Evans that it called a “medical tyranny.”

And Italy’s Healthcare Chief has slammed the decisions by UK courts to treat Alfie the way that they have. The President of the Italian National Institute of Health lambasted the UK High Court’s decision yesterday on Alfie Evans’ that resulted it the children’s hospital being allowed to remove life support over Alfie’s parents’ objections.

Alfie’s father confirmed the removal of life support and oxygen in a video at 9:17 p.m. London time. “Alfie’s still here and fighting,” he said.

Pope Francis has repeatedly spoken on Alfie’s behalf and urged that Alfie’s parents be allowed to bring him to Italy.

From FB: yet another report of forced hospice/Medicare/Medicaid fraud

Medicare Fraud Case Claims Optum Put Patients in Hospice Care Who Weren’t Terminal

The U.S. Justice Department has decided to join in a federal lawsuit filed by two Colorado whistleblowers; it alleges that a national palliative care provider improperly billed Medicare millions of dollars for hospice services provided to patients who weren’t terminally ill. The suit against Optum Palliative and Hospice Care claims that the company offered hefty bonuses to employees who kept the numbers of patients up and fired those who attempted to weed out patients who weren’t eligible for hospice benefits.

“Hospice care plays a critical role in our health care system, providing for end-of-life care as opposed to curative life care,” said John Walsh, Colorado’s U.S. Attorney, in a statement announcing the lawsuit. “When companies overbill Medicare by keeping people in hospice when they don’t need to be there, it jeopardizes the important benefit for others under the program.”

The Minnesota-based Optum, formerly known as Evercare, operates in eleven states. The lawsuit was originally filed in 2011 by two former employees, Lyssa Towl and Terry Lee Fowler, under the False Claims Act, which allows citizens to sue on behalf of the government to recover funds that were improperly paid. The case was sealed for three years from public view while the feds decided whether to join in the litigation but was finally unsealed late last week.

Towl, at one time the company’s executive director for northern Colorado, and Fowler, an RN who became a regional hospice quality manager, claim that up to one-fourth of Evercare’s hospice clients at any given time didn’t meet the Medicare eligibility requirements. Such care is reserved for patients with a life expectancy of six months or less, but the plaintiffs claim the company billed for patients who suffered from dementia, non-terminal pulmonary problems and other diagnoses such as “failure to thrive” — and sometimes collected benefits for years. By way of example, the complaint in the lawsuit lists 21 cases involving patients who didn’t meet the hospice criteria but generated Optum billings for periods ranging from several months to three years.

Between 2008 and 2010, Towl and Fowler claim, the number of Evercare hospice patients exceeding 180 days of billings rose from 28 percent to 44 percent, suggesting that close to half the cases may have been suffering from something other than a terminal illness and were thus ineligible.

Towl claims that she was fired for discharging ineligible patients. Fowler claims to have been put on a “corrective action plan” for also questioning the company’s methods.

In response to a request for comment on the case, a spokesman for Optum issued a brief statement: “We are grateful for the opportunity to deliver high-quality, compassionate hospice care to patients and their families. We stand by the services and care provided to our patients in their time of need, and we will vigorously defend our actions.”

Richard LaFond, an attorney for Towl and Fowler, says the amount of disputed billings may reach as high as $36 million; under the False Claims Act, damage awards can be doubled or even tripled, in addition to assessed penalties and fees.

Other cases alleging improper hospice care billings are pending elsewhere, and the Colorado action against Optum has already been consolidated with another case in Illinois. LaFond sees the allegations as part of a larger, disturbing trend in health care. “We’re watching the emergence of the bean counters,” he says. “CFOs are making decisions that medical officers should be making. It’s adversely impacting the whole industry.”

From LN: Young child undiagnosed told by UK Supreme Court docs may pull plug BUT Vatican Hospital agrees to take child

Now here’s an interesting story.

Apparently UK docs don’t want to spend a dime on a toddler who isn’t dignosed but appears to be unresponsive.

At the last minute, the parents flew to Rome, to get the boy into a Vatican hospital who agreed to take the child and treat him.

But the case has already been yanked from the control of his parents:

seems to me, the UK courts ought to let the parents seek asylum at the Vatican.

Read on:

Alfie Evans’ Parents Lose Supreme Court Case, Judge Says Hospital Can Yank Life Support Without Their Consent

The parents of little Alfie Evans have lost what may be their last ditch attempt to spare his life. The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom today decided that Alder Hey Children’s Hospital can be allowed to proceed with its decision to yank Alfie’s life support without their consent.

Alfie’s parents had relied on a habeas corpus bid to get the court to agree with them that they have the right to withdraw Alfie from the hospital since they are his parents and legal guardians. However the British High Court disagreed with their contention today.

Alfie suffers from a rare neurological condition that is destroying his body and doctors at the Children’s Hospital say his condition is too far gone and so they want to withdraw his life support which could kill him. His parents say they have a hospital in Rome, Italy ready to take him to provide appropriate medical care and treatment that the Children’s Hospital is denying and possible treatment that could overcome his neurological disorder. But the Children’s Hospital refuses to allowAlfie’s parents to take him to Italy.

Here’s more:

Tom Evans and Kate James, from Liverpool, had made another application to judges after losing a second fight over their 23-month-old son at the Court of Appeal. But justices on Friday dismissed their application.

Judges have also approved a plan for withdrawing treatment and bringing Alfie’s life to an end. The decision was made after three appeal court judges endorsed a plan drawn up by doctors earlier this week. They said treatment should continue until Supreme Court justices had made a decision.

Judges said no detail of the plan could be made public because Alfie was entitled to privacy as his life came to a close.

SIGN THE PETITION! Please Let Alfie Evans’ Parents Take Care of Him

After meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican, Alfie Evans’ father says the Vatican hospital is “ready to take Alfie immediately” and provide the care and treatment Alder Hey Children’s Hospital refuses to provide.

Tom Evans posted on the Alfie Army Facebook page to describe his time in Rome – where he met the Pope and the president of the Bambino Gesú hospital.

“The president of Bambino Gesú called me in for a meeting. She wants to take Alfie as soon as tomorrow and will do everything for him,” Evans explained. “Even if we find a diagnosis they will continue to search for a cure. She even wanted to come and meet him herself and still does. She was such a lovely woman and said they will do everything they can for Alfie as they would with any other.

“Pray hard this is Alfie’s step to his desperately needed transfer,” he said.

Evans also described what led to his trip to meet with Pope Francis.

He said: “Wow, what an emotionally exciting blessed 12 hours. I jumped on the plane at 11 last night [Tuesday] to Athens, got there for 4:50am, then took off at 6:05 to Rome to meet the Pope. Straight after interviews with various countries’ media – a lot of them. I spoke to the director of Vatican News, then was alerted the Pope had sent an urgent request to Bambino to take Alfie as soon as possible.”

Evans added: “Our child is sick, but not dying and does not deserve to die. He is not terminally ill nor diagnosed. We have been trying our best to find out his condition to treat or manage it.”

“I am now here in front of Your Holiness to plea for asylum, our hospitals in the UK do not want to give disabled children the chance of life and instead the hospitals in the UK are now assisting death in children. Alfie is not dying, so we do not want to take him out the way the hospital wish us to. We see life and potential in our son and we want to bring him here to Italy, at Bambino Gesú, where we know he is safe and he will not be euthanised.”

But it appears Alfie’s life is out of their control now.

From Joanne;
I also find it interesting the doctor willing to take the boy and who is the head of the hospital is a woman who is not eligible to become Pope or even a priest, but that issue is clearly for another day.
I hope Alfie gets the care he needs and the parents obtain comfort.
And shame on the UK for treating its disabled patients in such a shameful manner. Who are they to stop another hospital and team of doctors from helping this small boy and his grieving parents.  They need to be tested for psychopathy.

From MG: Call your state representative or email them to support shared parenting in Illinois

Right now, too many parents are suffering not seeing their kids on a substantially 50 50 basis.

I believe whatever one parent gets one year, the other parent gets the same the next year.  So if mom has kids Mon to Friday one year and dad has a Wednesday evening and every other weekend, that should be switched in the following year, unless the parties agree to something else.  This should be the default.

And Mom takes the kids to her house of worship on her parenting time, and Dad on his.

The parent with the most parenting time makes decisions about extracurricular activities for the year.

this means less shuffling back and forth for kids.

Oh, and the wealthier parent pays child support and the other one files an accounting. (yes, rent, utilities and mortgage can count).

So take a look below and find your representative and write them you want shared co parenting.

Then email the others and tell them you’re with “Justice 4 Every1, NFP” and as a volunteer, you are requesting they vote for shared parenting in Illinois.



House District Represetative Local Office Phone Springfield Phone Email
1st District Daniel J. Burke (773) 471-2299 (217) 722-1117
2nd District Theresa Mah (872) 281-5775 (217) 782-2855
3rd District Luis Arroyo (773) 637-2000 (217) 782-0480
4th District Cynthia Soto (773) 252-0402 (217) 782-0150
5th District Juliana Stratton (312) 291-9443 (217) 782-4535
6th District Sonya M. Harper (773) 925-6580 (217) 782-5971
7th District Emanuel Chris Welch (708) 450-1000 (217) 782-8120
8th District La Shawn K. Ford (708) 445-3673 (217) 782-5962
9th District Arthur Turner (773) 277-4700 (217) 782-8116
10th District Melissa Conyears-Ervins 773) 417-1020 (217) 782-8077
11th District Ann M. Williams (773) 880-9082 (217) 782-2458
12th District Sara Feigenholtz (773) 296-4141 (217) 782-8062
13th District Gregory Harris (773) 348-3434 (217) 782-3835
14th District Kelly M. Cassidy (773) 784-2002 (217) 782-8088
15th District John C. D’Amico (773) 736-0218 (217) 782-8198
16th District Lou Lang 847) 673-1131 (217) 782-1252
17th District Laura Fine (847) 998-1717 (217) 782-4194
18th District Robyn Gabel (847) 424-9898 (217) 782-8052
19th District Robert Martwick (773) 286-1115 (217) 782-8400
20th District Michael P. Mcauliffe (773) 444-0611 (217) 782-8182
21st District Sylvana Tabares (773) 522-1315 (217) 782-7752
22nd District Michael J. Madigan (773) 581-8000 (217) 782-5350 No Email
23rd District Michael Zalewski (708) 442-6500 (217) 782-5280
24th District Elizabeth Hernandez (708) 222-5240 (217) 782-8173
25th District Barbara Flynn Currie (773) 667-0550 (217) 782-8121
26th District Christian L. Mitchell (773) 924-1755 (217) 782-2023
27th District Justin Slaughter (773) 445-9700 (217) 782-0010
28TH District Robert Rita (708) 396-2822 (217) 558-1000
29th District Thaddeus Jones (708) 933-6018 (217) 782-8087
30th District William Davis (708) 799-7300 (217) 782-8197
31st District Mary E. Flowers (773) 471-5200 (217) 782-4207
32nd District Andre Thapedi (773) 581-9250 (217) 782-1702
33rd District Marcus C. Evans Jr. (773) 783-8492 (217) 782-8272
34th District Elgie R. Sims Jr. (773) 783-8800 (217) 782-6476
35th District Frances Ann Hurley (773) 445-8128 (217) 782-8200
36th District Kelly M. Burke (708) 425-0571 (217) 782-0515
37th District Margo McDermed (815) 277-2079 (217) 782-0424
38th District Al Riley (708) 799-4364 (217) 558-1007
39th District Will Guzzardi (773) 227-9720 (217) 558-1032
40th District James M. Andrade Jr. (773) 267-2880 (217) 782-8117
41st District Grant Wehrli (630) 696-4160 (217) 782-6507
42nd District Jeanna M. Ives (630) 384-9719 (217) 558-1037
43rd District Anna Moeller (847) 841-7130 (217) 782-8020
44th District Fred Crespo (630) 372-3340 (217) 782-0347
45th District Christine Winger (847) 252-9311 (217) 782-4014
46th District Deb Conroy (630) 415-3520 (217) 782-8158
47th District Patricia R Bellock (630) 852-8633 (217) 782-1448
48th District Peter Breen (630) 403-8135 (217) 782-8037
49th District Mike Fortner (630) 293-9344 (217) 782-1653
50th District Keith R. Wheeler (630) 345-3464 (217) 782-1486
51st District Nick Sauer (847) 984-2485 (217) 782-3696
52nd District David McSweeney (847) 516-0052 (217) 782-1517
53rd District David Harris (224) 764-2440 (217) 782-3739
54th District Thomas Morrison (847) 202-6584 (217) 782-8026
55th District Martin J. Moylan (847) 635-6821 (217) 782-8007
56th District Michelle Mussman (847) 923-9104 (217) 782-3725
57th District Jonathan Carroll (847) 229-5499 (217) 558-1004
58th District Scott Drury (847) 681-8580 (217) 782-0902
59th District Carol Sente (847) 478-9909 (217) 782-0499
60th District Rita Mayfield (847) 599-2800 (217) 558-1012
61st District Sheri Jesiel (847) 395-8000 (217) 782-8151
62nd District Sam Yingling (847) 231-6262 (217) 782-7320
63rd District Steven Reick (815) 880-5340 (217) 782-1717
64th District Barbara Wheeler (847) 973-0064 (217) 782-1664
65th District Steven A. Andersson (630) 457-5460 (217) 782-5457
66th District Allen Skillicorn (815) 893-4884 (217) 782-0432
67th District Litesa E. Wallace (815) 987-7433 (217) 782-3167
68th District John M. Cabello (815) 282-0083 (217) 782-0455
69th District Joe Sosnowski (815) 547-3436 (217) 782-0548
70th District Robert W. Pritchard (815) 748-3494 (217) 782-0425
71st District Tony McCombie (815) 632-7384 (217) 782-3992
72nd District Michael Halpin (309) 558-3612 (217) 782-5970
73rd District Ryan Spain (309) 690-7373 (217) 782-8108
74th District Daniel Swanson (309) 334-7474 (217) 782-8032
75th District David A. Welter (815) 416-1475 (217) 782-5997
76th District Jerry Lee Long (815) 510-9689 (217) 782-0140
77th District

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From KKD: More health care fraud exposed in Senate hearing on guardians

Assisted living connections highlighted inSenate hearing on guardians


Sen. Susan Collins makes a point during her opening remarks at Wednesday's hearing. Sen.Susan Collins makes a point during her opening remarks at Wednesday’s hearing.

Cases of financial exploitation of older adults by their legalguardians, including cases indirectly involving assisted living communities,“highlight shocking breaches of trust by people who obtained positions of poweror influence over vulnerable seniors,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), chairman ofthe Senate Special Committee on Aging, said Wednesday at a hearing on thetopic.

Connections to assisted living communities were mentioned byCollins and one of the hearing witnesses.

The senator recounted astory published in the  New Yorker  last year about howa woman obtained guardianship over an older couple, unbeknownst to theirdaughter, after she “allegedly showed up at the house … and informed them that she had an order from the local court to ‘remove’ them from their home, and that she would be taking them to an assisted living facility.”

The guardian, April Parks, “allegedly sold their belongings andtransferred their savings into an account in her own name,” Collins said.Parks, who was the guardian of more than 400 people over 12 years, later was indicted on more than 200 felony charges.


Collins also shared a case from her home state. In that case, apastor who volunteered at an assisted living community befriended a residentthere.

“According to police, the state determined the woman to beincapacitated and assigned her a guardian and a conservator. The pastorallegedly took the woman to her bank, withdrew money to have the locks changedon her former home, which had been on the market, and took down the ‘for sale’sign,” Collins said. “The police say that the pastor told the woman that hewould help her return to her home, even though it was not equipped for the wheelchair access she required. He suggested his daughter could live with the woman to care for her.

“Police said that his goal was to ingratiate himself and have access to this woman’s financial accounts and property,” the senator continued. “Fortunately, in this case, the conservator, who was legally responsible for protecting the woman’s assets, identified and reported the suspected criminal activity to the police.”

The pastor was charged with exploiting an incapacitated elderly woman, Collins said.

Witness Pamela Teaster, a professor and director of the Centerfor Gerontology at Virginia Tech, shared a positive story of a guardian thatinvolved an assisted living community.

“In 2016, the Virginia Public Guardian & Conservator Programwas asked to serve as guardian for a patient at a mental health institute and began visiting him to get to know him in anticipation of becoming his guardian,” she said. “Upon appointment, he was moved to an assisted living facility. The public guardian program employee had monthly visits with the individual and oversaw his medical treatment and benefits. Through working with him, the public guardian realized that he was capable of managing his own affairs and that he should be restored to capacity. The program secured a new capacity assessment for the individual, including an attorney to bring a restoration of rights proceeding on his behalf. Less than two years after the appointment of the public guardian, a Virginia Circuit Court judge restored the individual to capacity, remarking that it was the first time that she had ever restored an individual to capacity.”

Data needed

Efforts to improve the guardianship system have been hampered by a lack of data, said Teaster, one of four hearing witnesses. She recommended that reforms “take the form of greater clarity and training when persons assume the role of guardians. [2]

Indeed, more data are needed to solve issues related toguardianship, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), ranking member of the Senate Aging Committee, said in his opening remarks.

We don’t even have basic data on guardianship itself,” hesaid. “We don’t know how many people are subject to guardianship, who their guardians are, if a guardian has been thoroughly vetted and how many people are possibly being abused or neglected by their guardians. [3] We should be able to agree that finding answers to these questions is the least we can do to protect our loved ones.”

David Slayton, executive director of the Texas Judicial Council,said that last year, the state passed legislation to create a state wide registration system and database that will require all guardians to register, complete an online training course and undergo a criminal background check. The 50,748 active guardianship cases in the Lone Star State are valued at as much as $5 billion, he said.

Watch the hearing  here .

From Ken:

The guardianship scam that is fostering the trafficking inthe elderly is only one aspect of the problem.    The Sheltered care facility is a vehicle for fraud.     The Seth Gillman, Philip Esformes***** cases are the tip of the iceberg.    They present another aspect to the human trafficking in the elderly.

How do you legitimatize a criminal enterprise?     Adding well known and “respected” political elite (and Judicial elite) is no longer the functional equivalent of Ivory Soap.    Here in Illinois it is difficult to name five recent governors who did not go to jail.    Local Cook County political who are not caught with the hand in the till are rare.    However, common people, such you and I, are available to be the ones lured into investment and bilked.     Like lambs to the slaughter *****:

McKnight's Senior Living

LoisA. Bowers, Senior Editor

November 16, 2015

Sentencing today inassisted living CEO fraud case

Sentencing today in assisted living CEO fraud case Sentencing today in assisted living CEO fraudcase

A two-day sentencing hearing begins today inthe U.S. District Court in Portland, OR, for Jon Michael Harder, the former CEOof Sunwest Management, which at one point owned about 300 assisted living communities.

Harder is accused of defrauding investorsof more than $130 million in what the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Districtof Oregon is calling the largest investor fraud prosecution in the state’shistory. U.S. prosecutors are seeking at least 15 years in prison for Harder, as well as three years of supervised release and full restitution forhis victims. Defense attorneys are asking for a five-year prison term.

In January, Harder pleaded guilty to one felony count of mail fraud and one felony count of money laundering. He admitted to lying to more than 50 investors to obtain more than $5 million from late 2007 through February 2008. “Harder promised the investors that their money would go towards specific assisted living facilities when in fact the money was going to pay Harder’s personal expenses and the business expenses of other Sunwest entities,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a  news release  at the time.

The government believes that, between 2006 and 2008, Harder defrauded more than 1,000 investors out of about $130 million in a Ponzi scheme. He originally was indicted in 2012 on 56 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and other charges.

Harder left Sunwest in 2009 as part of a company restructuring. The remaining ownership  turned the company around , and the Blackstone Group, in a joint venturewith Emeritus Senior Living and Columbia Pacific Advisors,  bought several Sunwest properties  in 2010 for more than $1 billion.  HCP acquired the majorityof those properties from Blackstone in 2012, and Emeritus continued to operate them.

from Ken:

The time for an HONEST INVESTIGATION has arrived.    The time for HONEST PROSECUTIONS of the criminals who prey on the elderly is long overdue.       The time for the Honest prosecutions of the POLITICAL AND JUDICIAL co-conspirators is more than overdue, and the time for the political and judicial elite who render aid and comfort to the  criminal enterprise to fact the consequences of their perfidy has more than arrived.     Here in Illinois, our State is on the verge of Bankruptcy.    We have an income tax.    The Democratic candidate for Governor has made it clear that he is going to suggest to the legislature to increase the Illinois Income Tax.     Of course he i swell aware that co-conspirators (18 USCA 371 on the Federal level) have joint and several liability for the income taxes.    As an example, Jerome Larkin is well aware that his actions in prosecuting the attorneys on disciplinary grounds for complying with 18 USCA 4 and Rule 8.3 is an overt act in furtherance of the criminal schemes of ELDER CLEANSING.     Why is the Illinois Department of Revenue not seeking to collected the income taxes due as the result of the theft of $3 million in Mary Sykes’ fund, $1.5 million in Alice Gore’s funds  ***** from the thieves and their co-conspirator?

It appears that EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW is no longer part of Illinois’ RULE OF LAW  —  Illinois’ credo is  – exploit the elderly for fun and profit!

[1] Itis absolutely amazing to examine the Court File in the Mary Sykes case.   The Summons required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 is missing, there is no return of summons, no evidence that the hearing required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 and particularly 3b was ever held – it was not held.    So much for due process!      Exactly, how could the Judicial authorities allow a judge to remain on the bench who was so lax and arrogant that she issued orders and approved orders written the guardian ad litem when she knew or should have known that she was violating the core principles of American Justice and totally lacked jurisdiction!     (On page 91 of her evidence deposition taken by the Illinois attorney disciplinary Commission  – IARDC – she admits she was ‘fixed.’).     How could the same authorities re-slate this judge for another term?    How could the same authorities elevate this Judge to the Appellate Court?     No only did this happen, but when Attorney JoAnne Denison exposed this corruption in her blog (and the assault on the Constitution was exposed in Probate Sharks) upon the complaint of one of the two guardian ad litem disciplinary actions were commenced against her and other attorneys who pursuant to Rule 8.3 demanded an HONEST INVESTIGATION.     Mr. Larkin in seeking an interim suspension of Attorney Denison’s law license characterized the disclosure of judicial corruption – such as that of the jurist in the Sykes case as the same as “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”

This corruption is ingrained in the Judicial system as it has evolved in Illinois and some other States.

[2]The lack of data scenario is the common bases for government not doing its job.     There have been at least four GAO reports to congress that are being ignored, and blogs such as Dr. Sugars AAAPG, probate sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA almost daily offer information as to elders abused by judges and attorneys in guardianship cases.     The “checks in the mail” prevarication is the truth compared to the lie of lack of data promulgated by our Political elite.

[3]Senator Casey would know who the guardians are if he did basic homework; however, the ‘swamp’ is not interested in the rights, privileges and humanity of the American citizen – it is interested solely in getting re-elected.    When I made a call for help from Senator Durbin his response to me (in re: Mary Sykes) was to send me a copy of one of his stupid speeches on how he is saving social security.     The Court records are public records –there is absolutely no reason why our elected officials and our law enforcement people could not vigorously prosecute some of the worst offenders.    In Florida, Philip Esformes was indicted for stealing a billion dollars from Medicare – The Esformes clan (and nursing homes) have been alleged to have been parties to the theft of the grains of gold from Alice Gore’s 32 gold teeth as well as the theft of 1.5 million dollars from her Estate.  (See: Probate Sharksblog!).

From EF: Is Judge Quish associated with a $1500 bribe? If so, why is she still a judge?

Corruption: Judge Clare Joyce Quish paid $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Ald. Isaak Carothers and his fake “Senior Wizdom Consulting” company (aka Carother’s own home)


chicago summer

3:40 AM (17 minutes ago)

to reportcorrupti.correspondence.correspondenceChicago.aabadankovatsgrassrootsdeborah.simscbonjeanDennis.Deeredward.moodycommissioner.g.jeffrey.tobols.jerry.butlerjohn.fritcheyjohn.daleylsuffredinLuis.ArroyoJrcookcty9richard.boykinSean.Morrisonstanley.moore2tim.schneiderbkrajeliskgjablonskijjgrogan
*all materials can be published on all anti-corruption sites and blogs.
Dear All,
I continue to report rampant judicial corruption in  Illinois Court system; and want to provide updates how Judge Clare Joyce Quish obtained her judicial seat through her family and personal connections; and paid   $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Alderman Isaak Carothers  and his fake  “Senior Wizdom Consulting” company  (which is NOT registered in the State of Illinois and in fact is operated from  Carothers’ own home) for some questionable campaign consulting services.
Clare J. Quish is a well-connected jurist, former Clerk to Justice Mary Jane Theis (who is responsible for judicial appointments); and a niece to well-connected Judge  James McCarthy , who is  a long-time Judge in Law Division Cook County Court.
I believe that Clare Quish’s mother, Mary Jo Quish (sister to Judge McCarthy) is an Assistant Principal for a religious St. Athanasius School who provide  students with an unsurpassed Catholic educational opportunity, to encourage strong academic achievement  and to inspire students to become leaders in the imitation of Christ.
Based on my observation , Clare Quish  ASSIGNMENT by Justice Theis on  a position of public Trust was  beyond unethical, if not say more.
I respectfully demand Judge Clare Quish to  explain to Illinois public for which particular consulting services she paid $1,500.00 to convicted in bribes Ald.  Isaak Carothers.

From Mike Ference on Clergy sex abuse victims: there may be good news coming

By Mike Ference

The latest scathing report on not one, but six Pennsylvania Dioceses is expected to be out possibly as early as May. Some advocates for survivors are predicting the worst case scenario. I’m one of them.

Is it possible that Pennsylvania government, PA law enforcement, PA media, PA Catholics and several others may have willingly given this institution a pass for sexually abusing innocent children?

As an advocate for Catholic Clergy sex victims for almost 30 years I crafted articles and essays, created a blog, posted on Facebook and comment sections. My views were turbulent analysis that took no prisoners.

Every story, article, comment I wrote took a toll on me; not only financially – as I let my home-based business almost fade away – but emotionally; as the stress was never ending.

When my articles started popping up on and; I knew I couldn’t quit.

Even the Pittsburgh Diocese noticed my toils.

A former director of communications for the Pittsburgh Diocese wrote a rebuttal to a scalding viewpoint I penned for a weekly community publication, where the editor actually cared about protecting children and exposing dysfunctional sex freaks within the Pittsburgh Diocese.

“It borders on slander,” the spokesperson wrote, in trying to repudiate my dissertation.

That’s when I knew I was a writer. When I went pen to pen, keyboard to keyboard with a modern-day Goliath and I was able to walk away after severely mutilating the titan’s reputation, with not even a scuff to my character.

That was almost twelve years ago. Not much has happened.

I even tried to challenge publishers, editors and station managers to debunk my amateur investigation with the hope of finally exposing the clerical culprits.

They deliberately chose to give the Pittsburgh Diocese a pass.

Most recently, I was reviewing all the awards given to local journalists for their great writing skills.

I guess kudos are in order for their creativity, wordsmithing and whatever else goes with the prestige of those honorable distinctions.

I wonder what publishers, editors, station managers, journalists, investigative reporters and other media people will proudly proclaim they did nothing to protect children and everything to protect pedophiles.

If necessary, I could recommend a suitable award and I know where you folks could stick it.

 from Mike Ference.

From Joanne:

I understand completely Mike’s frustration with publishing many facts and investigative documents that show a trail of crimes and corruption, only to be met with reluctance from mega media to confirm and advance these great stories and information because certain entities are simply “too big to challenge.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Two dogged journalists in Penn. took down a system of corruption in the Kids for Cash scandal, but what about the banksters involved, only one went to prison?

We need to extricate the slime from society and stop holding back for the elite and well heeled who beg to be granted a break while all the time they’re deep into it.

This has to end. Everything has to be exposed and cleaned up. The dirty ones among us can no longer be given a pass for being in the upper echelons of nothing good will come from what they do.


From EB: Texas attorney admits in guardianship, the wards have fewer rights than a prisoner

As we have argued many times on this blog–you have more rights in a prison than you do in guardianship.  And in a guardianship death is 99% of the time the only way out.

New Court Filing Argues the State’s Guardianship System Puts the Disabled at Risk

Posted By  on Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 4:05 pm

Thomas Coleman (left), appearing on a talk show aired by the Arc of Riverside County, said failings in the guardianship system put the disabled at risk of exploitation and abuse. - COURTESY OF THE SPECTRUM INSTITUTE

  • Courtesy of the Spectrum Institute
  • Thomas Coleman (left), appearing on a talk show aired by the Arc of Riverside County, said failings in the guardianship system put the disabled at risk of exploitation and abuse.

A group that advocates for the rights of the disabled has filed a class action complaint with the Texas Supreme Court arguing that the state’s adult guardianship system violates parts of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The Spectrum Institute, which made similar court filings in Missouri and Washington, says Texas’ state-appointed attorneys are often unable to adequately represent people placed in guardianship — typically those with mental impairments that prevent them from looking after themselves. What’s more, attorneys may have financial incentive to aid probate judges at the expense of the people they’re representing, according to the filing.

Officials with Texas Health and Human Services, which administers a state guardianship program, declined comment on the filing since the appointment of attorneys is a court function.

“In many cases, someone in the prison system has more rights to make decisions about his own life than someone in guardianship,” said Thomas Coleman, Spectrum Institute’s legal director. “He can make decisions about his own medical care or about his finances. In many cases, these individuals cannot. That makes them especially vulnerable.”

Without adequate court representation, disabled people face the risk of exploitation, abuse and neglect at the hands of their caretakers, Coleman added.

Currently, 54,000 Texas adults are under guardianship in the state and more than 4,500 cases are filed annually, according to Spectrum Institute. The majority of people under guardianship in the state have intellectual or developmental disabilities, but some are seniors experiencing cognitive decline. Both populations are expected to grow over coming years.

The population of Texas seniors has increased more than 19 percent since 2012 to 3.4 million.

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From the Fla Court efiling system: While Barbara Stone rots in prison on false charges, her mother is about to be quietly dispatched–by a evil court order.

Well, I guess everyone knew this was coming. Barbara Stone fought hard for her mom. She created a bunch of blogs and exposed the guardianship corruption in Florida.  For that they took away her New York and Florida bar licenses.

No surprise there.

Next, it became much more evil, with the miscreants telling her to shut up or they would kill off her mom.

I could have told her to keep on yelling, because they will do that anyway, but now we have the proof and the end is near for Helen Stone, who for sure has given up on life because they are drugging her with chemical restraints, placed her in a nursing home and she is isolated from her daughter.

Why?  because Daughter Barbara Stone one day a few years back got a day of visitation with her mom.  Her mom was already on a feeding tube laced with drugs because, you know, those evil nursing homes in Florida just typically let 15 residents bake to death if there is no electric due to a hurricane.

So Barb took Mom out of the nursing home, took mom to Culvers and got mom a hamburger, fries and a shake, because mom asked for that.

While Barb had to chop up the hamburger, mom ate everything just fine.

Then they went to a hotel to take a nap and go and sit by the pool for the afternoon.

Next thing you know, there was a knock on the door by police saying Barb had interefered with the care and custody of an elderly person, and off she went to jail and mom back to the nursing home.

Then the deal was, if Barb shut up about evil judge Michael Genden and Roy Lustig who does this evil stuff all the time, they promised not to kill off mom.

But time went by and they got Barbara Stone and got her convicted with 18 months in prison. For what? For feeding her mom with a hamburger which mom wanted and relished because in the nursing home they had implanted a feeding tube against her will and refused to feed her any actual real food–despite the studies that show there is no known reason not to let the elderly eat finely chopped real food or mashed food slowly and carefully vs. a feeding tube.

Imagine that. Someone did a study to show that nursing homes just do as they want to save money and abuse the elderly on a regular basis.

So take a look at this order I got in my email today.

It’s disgusting.

The courts (Judge Michael Genden) and evil Blair Lapides (certainly a psychopath) kill off the elderly and vulnerable all the time.

Please pray for Barbara Stone and Helen Stone.  Barbara’s life has been a living hell since this all happened.


The Ward. CASE NO: 12-4330 GD 02
THIS CAUSE having come to be heard on the Petition for Emergency Petition for Instructions regarding a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order and a Do-Not-Intubate Order and the court being otherwise advised in the premises, it is:
ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Rosa Romero, Esq is hereby appointed Attorney Ad-Litem on behalf of HELEN STONE, the Ward, regarding the Emergency Petition for Instructions Regarding a Do-Not-Resuscitate and Do-Not-Intubate Order.
DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers at Miami-Dade County, Florida, on 04/16/18.
No Further Judicial Action Required on THIS MOTION
The parties served with this Order are indicated in the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal “Notice of Service of Court Documents” email confirmation. The movant/petitioner shall IMMEDIATELY serve a true and correct copy of this Order, by mail, facsimile, email or hand-delivery, to all parties/counsel of record for whom service is not indicated in the “Notice of Service of Court Documents” email confirmation, and file proof of service with the Clerk of Courts.
Filing # 70792154 E-Filed 04/17/2018 07:00:35 AM

From GG: $3.6 million verdict against Ocwen Loan Servicing for FFDCA violations, Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, etc.

By now most of you know OCWEN loan servicing (Ocwen is New Co spelled backward after too many horrible law suits against them, the banks use “loan servicing companies” and “evictions companies” and all sorts of 3rd party vendors to avoid true liability and that should be made illegal–consumer groups, do something about this scam).  Ocwen violates laws all the time, and graft and corrupt keeps these out of control foreclosures coming and coming at consumers.

TILA laws (or Truth in Lending) laws are frequently ignored in Cook County Courts and elsewhere throughout the nation as the banks have our judges in their pockets.

Read on for one small consumer victory. But for this one, thousands of consumers have no access to competent legal assistance, their cases are routinely dismissed, while banks and “mortgage servicing companies” collect massive fine, fees, penalties.  For more information, see the Kang Lee case where Bank of Hope wrongfully foreclosed on an elderly Korean gentleman (age 72) and stole his entire wealth.  The Circuit court rubber stamped dismissal of his counterclaims, the Illinois Appellate court confirmed and the Illinois Supreme Court routinely ignored the perfidy of the trial and appellate court.

These cases are COMMON folks and we have to get our court system back.  It’s out of control.

$3,582,000 jury verdict obtained by Cook County Resident Against Ocwen Loan Servicing!

default icon

Atlas Consumer Law Secures $3,582,000 jury verdict obtained by Monette Saccameno, a resident of Cook County Illinois, and against Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, a national mortgage loan servicer and US BANK as Trustee…

News provided by Atlas Consumer Law

Apr 11, 2018, 17:37 ET

Jury awards $3.5M to woman who claimed loan servicer mishandled mortgage during, after Chapt 13 bankruptcy

by Scott Holland |

Apr. 12, 2018, 9:05am

A federal jury awarded more than $3.5 million to a Franklin Park woman as a result of her lawsuit against a mortgage loan servicer over the handling of the default on her home.

Monette Saccameno sued Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, of West Palm Beach, Fla., for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, violations of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and violations of the unfairness and deception provisions of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act. The jury deliberated for seven hours before issuing its verdict April 11.

Ahmad SulaimanAhmad Sulaiman | Atlas Consumer Law

Atlas Consumer Law, a division of Sulaiman Law Group Ltd., represented Saccameno and issued a press release touting its victory. The firm said Saccameno defaulted on her loan in late 2008 and filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in December 2009, but encountered problems when Ocwen took over servicing of the loan. Saccemeno claimed Ocwen allegedly assessed fees and expenses even though she made all payments, then tried to collect additional inaccurate fees after the bankruptcy was discharged in June 2013.

“Holding funds in suspense and not properly applying those suspense funds allowed Ocwen to charge fees such as late fees, foreclosure sales and property valuation expenses which could not and should not have been charged,” Saccameno said in her complaint, filed in February 2015. “In addition to all the improper charges, Ocwen also returned and/or reversed several payments to create alleged defaults and to make alleged defaults higher when in fact the Plaintiff was current or had obligations as set for by her confirmed Chapter 13 Plan.”

According to the firm, Ocwen inaccurately coded Saccameno’s account, showing it as dismissed rather than discharged, and although she provided several written notices, the company didn’t correct its errors and continued to enforce the 2009 foreclosure despite the bankruptcy court’s determination she was current on the loan.

In one instance, Saccameno said, Ocwen issued a loan reinstatement quote for escrow due in the amount of $13,180, which she insists was “a factual impossibility” both because it exceeded the sum of both the property taxes and insurance payments from the relevant period and also because her escrow account had a positive balance for the same timeframe.

According to Atlas: “Saccameno suffered from emotional distress, depression, mental anguish, anxiety and incurred medical expenses and loss of employment and other damages that were incurred during the nearly three-and-a-half-year ordeal.”

The jury awarded $500,000 in compensatory damages, $70,000 in non-economic damages, $12,000 in economic damages and $3 million in punitive damages.

On April 9, Ocwen asked Judge Joan B. Gottschall and Magistrate Judge Susan E. Cox to grant judgment in its favor. In that motion, the company maintained Saccameno failed to make monthly payments, did not provide sufficient evidence of damages and failed to prove the company engaged in material deceptive acts or practices. The company also asserted it had provided written responses to Saccameno’s written requests.

“When responding to a qualified written request, it is irrelevant whether the servicer’s understanding of the account is correct, so long as it is reasonable,” Ocwen said in its motion. “A reasonable explanation of the servicer’s belief as to the account is sufficient, even if it is later determined that the belief is erroneous.”

Ocwen was represented in the matter by Duane Morris LLP, of Philadelphia.

Saccameno’s litigation team included attorneys Ahmad Sulaiman, managing partner of Atlas Consumer Law; Nicholas Heath Wooten, managing partner of Nick Wooten LLC, of Alabama; Ross Michael Zambon, managing partner of Zambon Law Ltd., and an attorney with Atlas Consumer Law; and Mohammed O. Badwan, of Atlas Consumer Law.

Ocwen (OCN) Receives Daily News Sentiment Rating of 0.15

Case Number: 1:16-cv-05278
Court: Illinois Northern
Nature of Suit: 423(Bankruptcy Withdrawl)
Ocwen Financial Corporation
U.S. Bancorp

Case No. 1:15-cv-1164
Applicable Law: 15 U.S.C. § 1692
Cause: 15 U.S.C. § 1692 Fair Debt Collection Act
Nature of Suit: 480 Consumer Credit
Source: PACER

Saccameno v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC et al, No. 1:2015cv01164 – Document 265 (N.D. Ill. 2018)

Saccameno v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC et al, No. 1:2015cv01164 – Document 231 (N.D. Ill. 2018)
MEMORANDUM Opinion and Order Signed by the Honorable Joan B. Gottschall on 3/9/2018

Saccameno v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC et al, No. 1:2015cv01164 – Document 152 (N.D. Ill. 2017)
MEMORANDUM Opinion and Order Signed by the Honorable Joan B. Gottschall on 11/8/2017

Saccameno v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC et al, No. 1:2015cv01164 – Document 75 (N.D. Ill. 2015)
MEMORANDUM Opinion and Order Signed by the Honorable Joan B. Gottschall on 11/19/2015

US Government Publishing Office
15-1164 – Saccameno v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC et al

From KKD: Medicare/Medicaid fraud rises to $36 billion in 2017

From VR: Court watchers/court reporter needed for Tues. April 17, 2018 9:30 am for corrupt custody case

This case involves dissipation of marital assets and the yanking away of 2 young girls from a mother that loves them very much.

The mother has not been shown to be unfit.

She was set up by her ex husband to be in another country while he got a default divorce judgment in the US and custody of 2 little girls.

Mother is heartbroken and destitute.  He dissisipated over $300k in marital assets and now makes over $250k per year.

Mother has “supervised” visitation for $100 per hour with some corrupt court room vendor.  But she has no money and no job (if you have one for her, plmk, she works sporadically when she can get work).

Please pray for Mother and girls and contact me if you can court watch on that day, the 17th at 9:30 am Daley Center.

If you are a court reporter and can donate your time and services, the mother is likely at risk of being jailed for bringing up a very corrupt situation.  If you are not a court reporter but can donate a $150 sitting fee, also please contact me.  I’d pay it, but I’m behind a bit in rent still.



Controversial Gship: Britney Spears. Is she ready for freedom? Was she fleeced in gship like so many others?

I have to tell you, I am only asking the questions.  As most people know, 10 years ago, Ms. Spears was in the throes of drug addiction and psychosis.  We all know that.  Her parents stepped in and guardianized her and made her live in their home and disconnected drug dealers and druggie friends. While it appears this is a success story, how much did the lawyers charge?  Obviously her kids still have a mom, but at what cost?  do you think the lawyers should have helped her for free or low cost?  I do.  Then again, how much can anyone charge to save a highly talented life?  But maybe you think otherwise.

Britney Spears may soon be released from the court ordered conservatorship that was imposed upon the Mickey Mouse Club star in 2008 after she was taken to a psychiatric hospital. It has been more than 10 years since the famous singer publicly shaved her head and reportedly hit rock bottom.

According to news reports, her father Jamie Spears has begun consulting with physicians about his daughter’s improved mental condition. But many others without Spears’ notoriety and earnings may never be freed.

“The court appointed attorneys for these individuals often fail to defend the rights of their clients and have sometimes surrendered their rights, such as the right to vote,” said Tom Coleman, founder of the Spectrum Institute in Los Angeles.

That’s because a court-ordered conservatorship, also known as a guardianship, prevents people like Spears, who may have mental, cognitive or physical disabilities, from making any personal or financial decisions without the approval of their court appointed attorney or guardian. In Britney’s case, her father controls the finances, including paying $20,000 a month to ex-husband Kevin Federline who recently requested an increase in monthly payouts for the support of their two children.

There are currently more than 1.5 million adults in the U.S. who are in court-ordered guardianships or conservatorships. Tens of thousands of new cases are filed each year. In these proceedings, judges take away the rights of adults to make basic life decisions, such as where to live or work, control over finances, medical choices, whether to marry, who to socialize with and even the right to vote.

“Court appointed attorneys are often under the control of the judges in the probate court who order the payment of their bills so the attorneys are incentivized to please the judge not their disabled clients, which creates a conflict of interest and a scenario for potential abuse and neglect,” Coleman told Newsmax Finance.

In an audit of 100 cases, Spectrum Institute research found that 90% of those under conservatorship in the state of California alone were no longer permitted to vote.

“This isn’t isolated,” said Coleman, civil rights attorney. “Across the nation, the elderly and people with disabilities placed under a court imposed conservatorship or guardianship are losing their right to vote and other rights.”

In response, the Spectrum Institute is filing class action complaints with the administrative dockets of the Supreme Courts of all 50 states, advocating for more oversight of the players in state operated guardianship systems.

So far, the supreme courts of Texas, Washington and California, have been open to dialogue about reform. In California, the right to vote was restored to wards of the State with the enactment of SB589 on January 1, 2016 but other states are behind the bell curve.

“Each state is independent,” Coleman said. “Each one does their own thing but every single one of them has a dysfunctional system that is violating the constitutional due process rights of the seniors and people with disabilities of all ages who they are supposed to be protecting.”

The recently released film the Pursuit of Justice, produced by the Spectrum Institute, documents exactly how guardianship and conservatorship are being manipulated to financially exploit and abuse the rights of vulnerable adults.

With any luck and the hard work of advocates like Coleman, more of the elderly and people with disabilities may follow Britney Spears’ footsteps to freedom.

Juliette Fairley is an author, lecturer and TV host based in New York.

Read more: Britney Spears’ Journey to Financial Freedom |
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Read on.


From KKD and NBC News: Mega Pharma in Florida manages to murder three victims by overdoses and Fraud

Ken Ditkowsky asks:  Is Florida in the business of murdering its citizens?

Florida’s Billion-Dollar Drug Treatment Industry Is Plagued by Overdoses, Fraud

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Florida — For the first responders who found her lifeless body one October morning, 24-year-old Alison Flory was yet another casualty of addiction here on the front line of Florida’s opioid crisis.

To her family, she was a daughter, a beloved sister, a goofy bookworm who made them laugh and a young woman they desperately hoped would get help. She had arrived in South Florida from Illinois just more than a year before she died, seeking treatment for her addiction. Her parents believe it is that treatment, paid for by her family’s excellent insurance, that ultimately got her killed.


The Florida Shuffle: The Sometimes Dirty Business of Rehab 11:19

“It haunts me,” said Scott Weber, Alison’s stepfather. “She trusted in people that she shouldn’t have trusted in.”

“And we told her to trust those people,” said her mother, Jennifer Flory.

The Rehab Capital of America

Palm Beach County can feel like paradise. The ocean laps on soft-sand beaches and the wind rustles through tall palms. Maseratis cruise the roads and mansions rise behind gilded gates. On the wealthiest stretch of waterfront sits Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s winter White House. In its backyard is one of the rehab capitals of America.

Image: Alison's Stepfather and Mother, Scott Weber and Jennifer Flory
Alison Flory’s stepfather and mother, Scott Weber and Jennifer Flory NBC News

Related: How to Find a Good Drug Treatment Program and Avoid the Bad Ones

Thousands of addicts arrive here each year from Ohio and West Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, hoping that at one of South Florida’s many drug treatment centers, they’ll find recovery. And some do.

But an investigation by NBC News has found that many of these vulnerable patients have become grist in an insurance fraud mill. Crooked treatment centers partner with “body brokers” and operators of so-called “sober homes” to find patients with good health insurance. Brokers and sober home owners offer those trying to get clean free rent and grocery store gift cards, cigarettes and manicures in exchange for going to a specific treatment center, which pays kickbacks for every client.

Related: Death Race: Florida’s First Responders Race To Save A Steady Stream of Overdose Victims

Once they’ve reeled patients in, these treatment centers bill their insurance tens of thousands of dollars for often questionable counseling, costly and potentially unnecessary drug screens, and exotic laboratory tests. Some treatment centers not only overlook drug use — they encourage it. To Florida’s worst operators, relapse doesn’t mean failure. It means profit.

Image: Alison Flory with Her Little Sister in 2013
Alison Flory with her little sister in 2013. Courtesy of Jennifer Flory

“This is an entire industry that’s been corrupted by easy money,” said Palm Beach County’s top prosecutor, State Attorney Dave Aronberg. “Unscrupulous actors have taken advantage of well-intended federal law, and a lack of any good law at the state level, to profit off people at the lowest stages of their lives.”

That law is the Affordable Care Act, which along with the federal Mental Health Parity Act passed in 2008, was meant to ensure people suffering from addiction could get the care they needed. Together they required insurers to cover substance abuse treatment, barred companies from rejecting those with preexisting conditions, and allowed young people to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26. But this broader coverage met with little oversight.

Those looking to make cash found the country’s opioid epidemic had provided them with a trove of desperate people, many young and hooked on pills or heroin, and access to a deep pool of insurance dollars. Everyone got in on the business. Substance abuse treatment in Palm Beach County used to consist largely of a scrappy network of treatment centers and sober homes that just scraped by. In the past few years it’s become a $1 billion business, according to the Palm Beach Post’s calculations.

Image: A Street in Delray Beach
A street in Delray Beach, Florida. NBC News

“It’s a total scam,” said Aronberg. “Not only are taxpayers footing the bill, but people are dying unnecessarily because of this.”

The scammers have made it difficult for the ethical, and sorely needed, treatment centers and sober homes to survive, said John Lehman, the director of the Florida Association of Recovery Residences, an industry group that oversees sober homes.

“The broad brush of bad actions and illegal activity is painting across everybody,” said Lehman. “So the good guys are having trouble keeping their beds full. And the bad guys are saying you want to shoot dope in the bathroom, go ahead.”

Three Moms Send Their Daughters to Florida

Alison Flory was a teenager who loved to be in love. She loved trips to the bookstore in Sugar Grove, a Chicago suburb, Star Wars, ice cream, and when she was 17, she fell for a boy. He was artsy, and moody, and loved her back, so much that when she said she wanted to break up, he threatened to kill himself. Her mother thought it was teenage stuff. “I said, ‘That’s ridiculous,'” Jennifer Flory said.

Image: Alison Flory
Alison Flory with her siblings at the beach. Courtesy of Jennifer Flory

He called Alison one night after they split. She didn’t answer. On the voicemail, she could hear as he jumped in front of a train. Alison was beside him at the hospital when he died.

“She felt like it was her fault,” said Flory. “I felt like it was my fault. We all felt like it was our fault.”

Alison started with prescription pills to dull the pain. Her parents read the signs — moodiness, languishing in bed — as grief. And they were. But she was also sinking into substance abuse. Flory’s smart, ambitious daughter made it less than a year through college, dropped out, and sank deeper. She did a month of rehab in Illinois, and Flory thought she’d get her smiling daughter back. But when Alison got out, her parents said a boy Alison met in rehab introduced her to heroin. Jennifer didn’t know exactly what was wrong with her daughter. In 2015, when Alison was 23, Flory knew she needed help.

Related: Moms Unleash Anger on Corrupt Rehab Owner

That was the same year that Michelle Curran decided that rehab was going to be the difference between life and death for her daughter, Mikaya Feucht. Mikaya first used pills after a surgery while she was still in high school outside of Columbus, Ohio, a state that routinely leads the nation in deadly overdoses. By the time Feucht was 23, she had two little boys she loved fiercely, but the pull of heroin threatened to tear them apart.

Image: Mikaya Feucht
Mikaya Feucht died of an overdose in 2016. Michelle Curran

Across the state in Troy, Sandra Hinkle was at work as a 911 dispatcher the day in April 2015 when the call came in that her 22-year-old daughter Kaitlyn Cruea had overdosed on heroin. Cruea had a little boy, too. Hinkle wanted Cruea to live to see her son Karter grow up. To get her well, Hinkle felt she had to get her daughter out of town.

These mothers discovered that Florida was happy to help. They found the state’s flourishing recovery industry through an internet search, word of mouth, and the help of an Illinois man working as a marketer for a Florida treatment center. Their daughters each started at a different treatment center, but the pattern is the same.

Someone checked their insurance, asked a few questions, bought their daughters a plane ticket to South Florida — a potentially illegal marketing practice. The mothers were told their insurance would cover the care and that everything was going to be okay.

“I felt hopeful, more than I had ever felt,” said Jennifer Flory. “I didn’t know. I thought going to this treatment program was going somewhere special.”

Within a few months, each mother began to suspect something was wrong. Their daughters would call every few weeks to tell them they had moved to a new sober home. And when they did, the names of the treatment centers on the bills that kept arriving changed too.

Envelopes from their insurance company arrived almost daily, detailing thousands of dollars in treatment and thousands more in laboratory tests. There were bills from chiropractors and bills from counselors and bills for DNA testing.

Image: Kaitlyn Cruea at Christmas with her son Karter
Kaitlyn Cruea at Christmas with her son Karter. Courtesy of Sandra Hinkle

Dizzied, the mothers tried to track from afar where their daughters were and who was helping them get sober. Sometimes, when they called, a counselor on the other end of the line would offer updates, or explain charges. Others never even picked up.

As their girls hopped from house to house, the envelopes from the insurance companies mounted. But the mothers didn’t realize the scope of the problem, because no one ever came to collect. Treatment centers routinely, and illegally, waive co-pays and deductibles, according to prosecutors, telling patients and parents insurance covers everything.

Treatment centers and labs rack up sky-high bills, sometimes collecting only a fraction of the money charged for a $5,000 urine test or a $1,800 counseling session. What they don’t get paid, they write off, said Aronberg. Flory, Curran and Hinkle said they never got calls from debt collectors, so it took time to realize what was unfolding.

Curran’s insurance would be charged more than $600,000 by the seven treatment centers Mikaya attended between January and June of 2016. Flory’s was charged about $1.2 million during the 15 months Alison bounced between nine different facilities in South Florida. At least three of the facilities the girls attended have been raided by law enforcement and shuttered. All of the facilities declined requests for comment by NBC News.

Sam Petulla

Hinkle hasn’t tallied up everything yet, but she keeps coming back to that one month when she said she got billed for more than 172 different charges.

“How did I not see this? I should have known,” said Hinkle. “You just want to believe they’re in the right place, that they’re getting the help that you sent them for.”

How the Florida Model Was Born

In 2015, the year these mothers first sought help, nearly 52,500 people lost their lives to an overdose in the U.S, up nearly 40 percent from 2010. About 33,000 of those deaths were due to opioids, more than any year on record. Overdoses now kill more people than car accidents, more than guns.

Treatment is not always within reach. Waitlists for beds at state-run facilities across the country can run weeks or months. Many private rehabs don’t take insurance, and their fees can run $10,000 or more a month.

For these problems, the Sunshine State had an answer.

The “Florida model” was born with good intentions. In a traditional, 28-day inpatient program, patients are cloistered, then return to the community.

Image: Alison Flory Overdosed and Died at this Sober Home in 2016
Alison Flory overdosed and died at this sober home in 2016 NBC News

In many South Florida programs, clients first attend inpatient detox, then do more intensive rehab and outpatient treatment while living in the community. The idea was that this would better develop their ability to live on their own. It also kept costs lower, so some insurance companies would cover treatment longer.

“Sober homes” became key to this model. Patients would pay rent to live in the group homes, sleeping and eating there, then report to nearby drug treatment centers staffed with counselors and doctors. At their best, these homes provide structure, rules and a community to lean on in the early stages of recovery. But unscrupulous operators began to realize these homes could be a way to reel in vulnerable addicts.

Some sober homes offered addicts free or discounted rent, cash, and other perks in exchange for attending a specific treatment center, which law enforcement officials said violates Florida laws barring kickbacks and insurance fraud. Those in the shuffle are more blunt.

“It’s like hustling humans,” said Drew, a 21-year-old from West Virginia who was living in a sober home in Delray Beach last February. “They’ll take extra insurance money and pay you to live there and just let you get high because the owner’s making bank.”

Image: Colin and Drew
Colin (R) and Drew on the street in Delray Beach, Florida. Both came south for drug treatment. NBC News

Delray Beach Mayor Cary Glickstein estimates that his city of 66,000 has about 700 sober homes that house up to 7,000 people in recovery. Nearby Lake Worth, Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach likely hold hundreds more. Exactly how many is hard to know, because sober homes operate without any kind of oversight — and the bad homes, he said, are crowding out the good.

“These kids are just cycled through different houses,” said Glickstein. “There’s no supervision. Many times they’re supervised by convicted felons, people that are trafficking drugs while they’re supposed to be supervising kids in recovery.”

This is an unintended consequence of federal disability and housing laws that bar municipalities from discriminating against those with physical or mental disabilities, including addiction. Cities that have tried to limit sober homes have been successfully sued for discrimination. But because the treatment isn’t technically being provided within the homes, they can’t regulate them as they would drug treatment centers either.

Within these homes, people are dying. Palm Beach County’s overdose deaths have quadrupled in the past four years, hitting almost 600 in 2016, as the number of treatment centers and sober homes has grown. The rise of the synthetic opioid fentanyl is exacerbating the problem, making batches of heroin stronger, and more deadly.

“It’s a tragedy on so many levels,” said Glickstein. “The desperate parents in Ohio and Kentucky and Michigan that are being lured through deceptive websites with palm trees have no idea what their kids are getting into when they get down here.”

Image: MIkaya Feucht and Her Children
MIkaya Feucht and her children. Michelle Curran

Palm Beach County has started to crack down. Last year it launched a task force, headed up by State Attorney Aronberg, which has made 30 arrests for so-called “patient brokering” since last July.

In May, Gov. Rick Scott officially declared Florida’s opioid crisis a state of emergency. Legislators recently passed a bill that would increase penalties for brokering. It will give prosecutors sharper tools to crack down on what a grand jury last December found was rampant brokering and fraud across the industry.

“The legitimate players, the good guys, are far outweighed by the corrupt,” said Aronberg. “This is not a case where a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. This is a case where most of the apples are spoiled.”

Among those to see gold in addiction was a man who became one of South Florida’s most notorious treatment center owners. All three of the girls from the Midwest, Alison, Mikaya and Kaitlyn, would get wrapped up in his network. His name was Kenneth Chatman.

‘He Sees A Dollar Sign’

Rehab was not the first way Chatman tried to make a buck in Florida. In 2008, Chatman, a transplant from New York, pleaded guilty to federal charges for running a credit card fraud scheme. After that, he founded a car dealership that didn’t go far. Then he had a gym, where, according to an account he posted online, he got interested in the journey to recovery.

In 2012, while he was still on federal probation, he became what’s known in South Florida as a “body broker.” He rented houses in the area and began to operate them as sober homes under the name Stay’n Alive. He stepped into a game already hot throughout South Florida. He partnered with local drug treatment centers, offering to send them his residents in exchange for kickbacks.

Image: Kenneth Chatman
Kenneth Chatman walks to the Reflections Treatment Center on December 10, 2015 in Margate, Florida. Richard Graulich / The Palm Beach Post via ZUMA Press

More than 100 pages of police reports obtained by NBC News through an open records request show that his homes were chaotic from their earliest days. One address was visited by the police 15 times in a year.

Sometimes Chatman called the cops to deal with an unruly resident. Sometimes the residents called to complain about Chatman — for kicking them out, refusing to give them back a phone, or in one woman’s case, trying to block her from leaving.

There were also rumors of Chatman trafficking his female clients. In 2013, a woman reported that her god-daughter was living in one of Chatman’s houses. She told police he had called her to demand money, and that she had heard Chatman was prostituting women under his care.

In 2017, he would plead guilty to a multi-million dollar conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud, and to sex trafficking, for prostituting his female clients.

But at the time, those rumors didn’t hinder him. In fact, Chatman worked his way up from brokering patients out of his sober homes to running the drug treatment centers themselves.

In Florida, nearly anyone can open a treatment center, as long as they have a little cash, find a doctor to write prescriptions, and a clinical director to oversee treatment. The exceptions are those, like Chatman, with felony convictions. To dodge that, his wife, Laura, became the official owner. Reflections Treatment Center launched in late 2013.

The empire rose quickly. One arm of it oversaw the sober homes, some of which Chatman continued to run himself. He also recruited a network of other homes to funnel bodies to his treatment center. He has since admitted to giving $500-a-week kickbacks to sober home operators who brought him insured clients. All told, court papers show Chatman paid out at least $640,000 to three sober home operators who sent people his way.

Image: Reflections Drug Treatment Center
Reflections Treatment Center in Margate, Florida. NBC News

In exchange for free rent, addicts boarded vans — “druggie buggies” as locals call them — three to six mornings a week, bound for Reflections. Chatman, fit and nattily dressed, put up a good front. He posted videos of success stories, and made a brand of t-shirts his clients wore that read DOPELESS HOPE FIEND.

But behind the blackened windows of the treatment center in a Margate, Florida strip mall, former clients and employees said treatment wasn’t the priority.

“I walked right into the group room and I could easily spot that at least 90 percent were getting high,” said Jack, who attended Reflections in 2015. He said Chatman made it clear clients could use as long as he could bill their insurance. “When he looks at a client, he doesn’t see a human being,” said Jack. “He sees a dollar sign.”

But the real dollars didn’t come from sitting kids down for treatment. It was in getting them to pee in a cup.

A $10,600 Bill for a Drug Test

In the spring of 2016, the incessant bills Michelle Curran received in the mail began to make her wonder. She called her insurance company, Cigna, but she said no one ever called her back. (Cigna said it could not comment directly on Curran’s case for privacy reasons, but said it has since contacted Curran and is addressing fraud issues in Florida).

One day on the phone with her daughter Mikaya Feucht, Curran started to try to get to the bottom of things.

Mikaya Feucht died of an overdose after six months in at least seven rehabs in South Florida, including Reflections, a facility whose owner has pleaded guilty to health care fraud and sex trafficking. Her mother, Michelle Curran, provided NBC News with a copy of a bill showing the total charges submitted to Mikaya’s insurer, Cigna.

“I’m like, ‘I didn’t know you saw your therapist every single day,'” Curran remembered. Feucht said she most certainly did not. “So I said, ‘Are they doing drug tests every day too? I have a bill here for $10,600.” And she goes, ‘Mom, I’ve’ — and these were her words — ‘I’ve peed in a cup twice this week.'”

Random drug screens have long been a key piece of recovery. Treatment centers and sober homes used to depend on dipstick tests, the kind anyone can do, which can run as low as $5 apiece. If staffers got what they thought was a false result, they’d send it over to a lab for “confirmatory” tests to make sure the results were right.

Chatman was among a group of treatment center operators who realized laboratories could become the financial fuel of the rehab industry.

They made deals with labs, or started up their own, so they could take a slice of every test billed. Particularly lucrative were young people from out of state like Feucht, Flory and Cruea, because their insurance could be charged at sky-high out-of-network rates. One tally by an industry group found 75 percent of the young people in treatment in Florida are from out of state.

Doctors at treatment centers would put in “standing orders” for near-daily drug screens, along with genetic and allergy tests that could run thousands of dollars.

Image: Michelle Curran
Mikaya Feucht’s mother, Michelle Curran NBC News

To maximize profits, some treatment centers retest samples or double-test patients. When Chatman didn’t have enough clients in treatment to hit his lab numbers, he had employees submit their own saliva and urine to keep the money flowing, according to court documents.

Chatman teamed up with at least five different labs, according to the federal indictment filed against him in 2016. Kickbacks were so common that he allegedly complained to one laboratory rep when he wasn’t offered money or wined and dined.

One unnamed lab wrote Chatman at least $160,000 in kickback checks between December 2014 and May 2015, court papers show. Another allegedly had a driver go to the Florida Keys to cash checks and deliver thousands of dollars to Chatman each week.

Chatman went to great lengths to keep a hold on people. Former clients and court documents describe how he nailed the windows of houses shut, and locked them in from the outside. He confiscated and never returned their cell phones. He took their money and then plied them with drugs so they would relapse, trigging another round of insurance-funded treatment.

Curran said that in May 2016, she learned a man named Kenny had allegedly provided her daughter drugs so she would relapse. When Feucht overdosed, he allegedly left her on a sober home lawn for the first responders to find.

When some parents called Reflections to ask about stories they were hearing from their kids, Chatman convinced the parents their kids were lying, according to one former employee, because that’s what addicts do. But his most effective tool may have been that he always provided a home of last resort.

“Even though he mistreated a lot of them, he had this hold over them,” said a woman who worked at Reflections in 2014. “A lot of people had been cut off by their parents. He always took you back in.”

Image: Kenneth Chatman
Kenneth Chatman walks to the Reflections Treatment Center on December 10, 2015 in Margate, Florida. Richard Graulich / The Palm Beach Post via ZUMA Press

Former employees said they tried to raise flags. Three said they asked the state’s Department of Children and Families, which regulates treatment centers, to do a surprise inspection. In an email sent to DCF in February 2015 and provided to NBC News, one person who had worked there told the agency that despite the fact that Chatman’s wife Laura was on the paperwork, Chatman was actually in charge. The email also said patient applications had been forged, and that there were rumors Chatman was prostituting his clients.

DCF told NBC News that the agency did not have authority to screen personnel or spouses not listed in certain leadership roles on licensure applications. The agency did not respond specifically to NBC News’ questions about warnings employees said they submitted about Chatman.

Two months later, in April 2015, a woman contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. She told police that Chatman ran flophouses, using one as a “staging home for women who are addicts,” according to her account in a police report obtained by NBC News. She charged that he kept her and other women “in a state of impairment in order to pimp them out,” placing ads for them on a local escort site.

Local police turned the investigation over to the FBI. Police reports show the agency already had an active investigation going on Chatman.

But that didn’t hinder Chatman from growing his business. In September 2015, DCF gave Reflections a permanent license to run both intensive rehab and outpatient treatment. A year later, Laura Chatman applied to open a second treatment center, Journey to Recovery. The application, obtained by NBC News, shows that while the center was opened under Laura’s name, Kenny Chatman is listed as a signatory to its bank account. It was approved.

Sam Petulla

The same month, he and Laura bought a $1.1 million home in Reflections’ name. Chatman posed for photos at charity events, where he gave away large checks to support kids’ football games and unwed mothers.

Chatman relied on this image as a pillar of the community in December, when the Palm Beach Post published a scathing expose, which included details from the report of the woman who said she had been prostituted. Chatman denied everything, telling the paper in a statement, “I would never, knowingly put any of the clients of Reflections Treatment Center or any other vulnerable young person in harm’s way.”

In the wake of Chatman’s arrest, DCF said it has accepted the surrender of both licenses for his treatment centers. The agency said it refers complaints that are beyond its authority to law enforcement, and coordinates with those groups to hold individuals accountable. It has also supported recent legislation to beef up standards for substance abuse in the state.

“The alleged practices of those who have been accused of taking advantage of vulnerable individuals are shameful and sickening and DCF has no tolerance for this type of behavior,” the agency said in a statement.

Chatman’s attorney Saam Zanganeh said that his client was a small fish in an industry where fraud and kickbacks run rampant. “Everybody’s looking for a scapegoat,” Zanganeh said in May, when a judge sentenced Chatman to spend the next 27 years in federal prison. Zanganeh said his client had fully cooperated with federal authorities, and criticized the judge for overruling the “miraculous” plea deal of 14 years Zanganeh had negotiated.

Laura Chatman pleaded guilty to two felony counts for letting her husband use her name on the paperwork for the treatment centers they opened. Her attorney, Christopher Lyons of the Miami-based firm Mase Tinelli, said that she had been kept in the dark about her husband’s business. “She is sincerely remorseful for her role in the offense and causing so much pain to the victims and their families,” he said.

Two sober home operators, a mental health counselor and a doctor have also pleaded to fraud charges. A third doctor has pleaded not guilty, and is taking his case to trial.

The First To Die

Katie Cruea was the first of the three Midwestern girls to move into Chatman’s houses, and she was the first to die.

She’d been living in sober homes linked to Chatman for about two months when her mother, Sandra Hinkle, bought her a ticket to come back to Ohio for the holidays. She arrived at noon on Christmas Day 2015, and left a few days before New Year’s. At the airport, Cruea begged Hinkle not to make her go back. Hinkle thought her daughter was just getting cold feet, doing that addict thing.

“She said, ‘Mom please don’t make me go, I’m afraid I’m never going to see you again,'” Hinkle remembered. “I gave her a hug, and said ‘You will absolutely see me again, I’ll never let anything happen to you. I’m your mom.'”

But Hinkle never did see her daughter again. Cruea overdosed on February 24, 2016. She was found in a local motel, dead of an overdose of cocaine mixed with the synthetic opioid carfentanil. “It was almost like she was giving me a warning, like she knew,” Hinkle said.

Image: Katie Cruea
Sandra Hinkle holds a picture of her daughter, Kaitlyn Cruea, who died of an overdose. Courtesy of Sandra Hinkle

Five months later, Mikaya Feucht, who had been shuffling through the same network of Chatman-linked houses since March, got kicked out of her sober home after her boyfriend got in a fight with the manager. In the middle of the night, Feucht, her boyfriend and bags holding all of their belongings were dumped at a motel in Boynton Beach.

Curran was in touch with Feucht that night and most of the following two days, trying to figure out a plan to get her daughter stabilized. Then the phone went quiet. At 3:07 on the morning of July 31, two sheriff’s officers knocked at the door of Curran’s house in Ohio, where Feucht’s two boys slept tight.

Curran sat on the couch, tired and confused. It wasn’t until an officer knelt on the floor next to her that it clicked. Curran said he told her, “‘We had a detective from Florida get ahold of us.’ And I knew. I said, ‘What happened to my daughter?’ They told me she was found in that hotel.”

Local police have responded to 17 overdoses at that motel since 2010, at least five of them deadly. For many addicts caught in the South Florida shuffle, motels are the last stop.

Alison Flory was still living in her sober home the day she died. Things seemed to be going well. Alison would call back to Illinois to talk to her younger siblings for long stretches, chatting about movies or counseling her brother on how to navigate the bullies at school. “She was their idol, just the fact that she was in Florida was breaking their heart,” Flory said. “She was really feeling a bond with family, she was trying to make things right.”

Image: Jennifer and Allison Flory
Jennifer Flory (left) and her daughter Alison Flory. Courtesy of Jennifer Flory

October 13, the last day of Alison’s life, was like many before it. She got up, she went to treatment at Reflections, she sat in group therapy, she peed in a cup. Then she went back to her sober home, a yellow bungalow where she and her boyfriend were living with at least three other couples. Shamar Brooks, the 24-year-old “manager” who rented and operated the home, lived in the green house next door.

The 911 call came from Brooks at 8:35 the next morning. When he entered the house to wake everyone up to go to Reflections, he told responders, he found Alison wasn’t breathing. He couldn’t feel a pulse. She was declared dead at 9:09 a.m.

Flory said she never got a call from Brooks, or from Chatman at Reflections. “No condolences,” said Flory. “There was nothing.” It was a roommate of Alison’s who called to tell Flory her daughter had died. Brooks told NBC News he considered Alison a friend, and declined further comment.

On May 17, Hinkle, Curran and Flory traveled to Florida for Chatman’s sentencing. Each took a turn, along with nine other people, standing before a federal judge in Palm Beach County to tell him what Chatman and the South Florida shuffle had done to their families.

“He had such influence — why didn’t he use that influence to help people?” Flory told the judge as Chatman sat, shackled at the waist and nearly motionless at the table behind her.

Like the other mothers, Flory wanted justice. But above all, she wanted Alison’s death to bring change, to save someone else’s life.

“There’s no sentence that will bring my daughter back,” Flory added. “She didn’t deserve to die.”

From JP: Detailed Affidavit about how “Family” Court ignored the beating of a 2 month old infant

pidanick.beaten.babyThank you Jakkie.

Published with permission

Affidavit of Corruption, fraud of Beaufort county Family court system


of Jacqueline Pidanick


To Who it May Concern;


This is a account and record of violations of the judicial system that has fogged my case and hurt my children. In my affidavit, Listed will be the event and laws broken by a string of characters that have hurt and fraudulent acted against the South Carolina Code.


In January 2014,I lived with Chris Maddaloni and we have a little girl Olivia Grace Maddaloni. I have another child with Roman Udvornocky, Jacob Udvornocky who is now 5 but at the time was 2 and Olivia a few weeks old. 


In January 2014 Chris became mad at me for leaving the house to go to a yoga class. when I returned he throw a recycle bin filled with glass at his sister because he was so mad he was watching Olivia for a hour.


Next day, Chris was mad at me for something else and throw the baby on the sofa. I grabbed her and my son and locked us in the bedroom once he cooled down I ran out of the house and called the police and reported it. I have numerous reports against Christopher Maddaloni.


In January 2014, 29th if i remember correctly was the night from hell. I had a migraine and put Olivia down and I went up stairs to lay down. I was awoke by my daughter’s heart wrenching scream . I ran to the entry way of the stairs as Chris was coming up them . He throw the baby at me and said “take your fucking child” . I placed her head on my chest to calm her down . It was dark and I followed him down the stairs as he is screaming and punching walls . As I passed Jacob’s door, I checked to see if he was asleep and he was . I then thought I could run out and knock on a neighbor door for help but my son I couldn’t leave him . Chris was so out of control. I knew I was going to die that night, I thought it was over .. I asked Chris ” did you feed her or change her?” He yelled no! I stated well that is probably why she is crying . I placed her on the bed as Chris entered the bathroom. He turned on the light and I noticed her whole left side of her face was black and blue. I said you hit her!!!!! He ran out and I saw not remorse not sadness I saw oh crap I’m caught on his face. Then to get away, I hit Chris and ran up stairs with the baby in arms to grab my cell phone . Right before I could grab it, Chris pushed me on the bed and tried to suffocate us as he stated ” you won’t ruin me”. I kept as much pressure as I could off of Olivia. He grabbed my cell and placed it in his pocket. I followed him down the stairs stating I loved him to calm him down and it will be ok.


I placed Olivia who was now asleep in her swing as my mind kept thinking of ways to escape. My phone went off and I stated to Chris a client needs a response. He throw my phone at me and I knew if I placed my phone to my ear I would be dead. I quickly texted Catherine Delong for help and get your husband call 911. Then switched on my voice recorder, I knew this would be the only way my family would know what happened to me. As Chris walked back and forth in rage out of control. He looked at me and said what are you doing and grabbed cell twisting it out of my hand placing it in his pocket again (this is kidnapping that Chris was not charged with nor child abuse due to corruption by Sargent Adams) . He then called his parents and they refused to come out to get Olivia to take her to the hospital and Chris would not let me get her help. His parents are very into themselves Chris even states something along those lines because now he is coming down from his anger.


I beg him let me call the police… He states “I can get help, I have violent rages and I can’t control myself… I can..” As he shakes his head ( prosecutor states this wasn’t a admission of guilt my law professor said it was!) . I said ” I know Chris I love you it will be ok.” He throw my cell phone at me and walked into the kitchen to clean up his mess. I called 911 and stated there was a accident. As Chris got farther away I stated, “ Help my boyfriend hurt our baby I have a 2 year old too, I think he’s going to hurt us help!“ ( God as I write this I cry … I truly thought this night was it … I thought my kids and I were going to die and I couldn’t save them). The police came and Chris fled the scene. They chased Chris down and arrested him for Domestic violence. I asked the Sargent later that night if Chris wasn’t guilty why would he flee? They refused to answer me. As I got my son up and ready and Olivia went to Er. I remained calm so that my 2 year old would remain calm. As I got to the Er. The first words out of the detective’s mouth (Sargent Adams) was you don’t look like a de-shoveled mom. I stated “I have to remain calm for Jacob my son”. The detective laughed. If you read my statement it is doesn’t make sense because I was in shock. I held Olivia and followed the nurse to the ct scan when she went limp. The nurse ran me to the doctor and removed me from the room. Have you ever held your child limp in your arms and you can’t hold her hand because you can’t go in the room!  


My two year old hung to my leg as I watched. Then she moved and I realized I wasn’t breathing. I passed Olivia to a friend that night Chris knew nothing of her to hide her not knowing if Chris was coming back. I could barely stand. I then called Roman Udvornocky which is Jacob’s dad to take him and told him the story.  


 As I returned home, the police were searching the house at 26 victory pt drive. As I was allowed to go back in the detective kept asking me if you thought you were in danger why were you here (Sargent Adams). I stated, ” I was trying to leave, I wasn’t working and I had no family . February when Chris was to be out of town I was going to run.” The detective then told me your going to go back right they all go back. I said ” not me ” He said “sure” as he laughed. The Beaufort county Sheriff’s department should be deeply disturbed by how the Sargent treated a victim, deeply.



Later as I played my tape I was told it was nothing and they were not charging Christoper Maddaloni with kidnapping and child abuse. ( they were covering it up).  I cried … I sat in my condo without furniture. I played picnic with the kids each night and slept with them in my bed to ensure they were safe. I worked 14 hours a day to pay a lawyer and to be torn apart by the court for being the victim. I was told it was my fault by those that were sworn to protect us. As the state v. MADDALONI trial began, Marshall Horton ( Chris’s lawyer) shook the prosecution’s Mr. Hall’s, hand and said ” we are playing golf this weekend right?” I was floored. Then the prosecution said there was a shuffle and that was how the baby got hurt. Judge Elizabeth Prince, Stated I take this very seriously after she stated he can’t by gun or leave country as his only punishment ( I later found out that wasn’t true, no governing body means Chris can buy gun local and can leave country because no one wrote down his so called sentence, Scary , trust me I even called the FDA and talked to a federal agent who thought it was messed up too and called it a cover up, July 2016).


 Our temporary hearing with judge Peter Fuge , he didn’t allow me to speak. He opened my divorce fills to gain evidence against me when I was asking to protect my child. Fuge reduced my support and called me a whining girl just after money and gave Chris MADDALONI now convicted on Criminal Domestic Violence due to my cd I threatened to play at the State trial, the ability to see Olivia without protection. This was with Christopher Maddaloni having a 15 year record of Domestic Violence and hurting his son Micheal Maddaloni for years. Chris immediately admitted guilt at the state trial.  Mr. Fuge gave Chris at temporary trial visitation without supervision and called him hitting the child a mistake. Chris Denys hitting the child but I have emails where Chris said he elbowed her or throw a bottle at her. The police said he had hit her.(Judge Fuge thought nothing of this) in the police report the officer stated in the police report from Jan 29th 2014, he saw four knuckle marks on the side of Olivia’s face placed there by her father. Yes if Chris hit her she would be dead but a quick jab the doctor claims would leave marks with low injuries and the police wrote it as such.


The following crimes have occurred:


PETER L. FUGE CORRUPTION ( Contains Regina Strickland GAL)


Peter L Fuge

Judge’s Oath

All Members of the Unified Judicial System in this state shall take the following oath of office: I

do solemnly swear that: I am duly qualified, according to the Constitution of this state, to

exercise the duties of the office to which I have been appointed, and that I will, to the best of

my ability, discharge those duties and will preserve, protect and defend the constitution of this

State and of the United States. I pledge to uphold the integrity and independence of the

judiciary. I pledge, in the discharge of my duties, to treat all persons who enter the courtroom

with civility, fairness and respect. I pledge to listen courteously, sit impartially, act promptly,

and rule careful and considerate deliberation. I pledge to seek justice, and justice alone.


Mr. Fuge violated the following rights to due process:


During my temporary hearing in 2014, April 17th, at 11 am, Mr FUGE allowed the plaintiff to talk and give more then the allotted so called evidence. I asked to speak and was told I could not. During this court case, Mr. FUGE went into my divorce files which is out of Mr. Fuge’s jurisdiction, to use against me instead of focusing on Christopher Maddaloni’s 15 years of Domestic violence charges. During the Temporary hearing Mr. FUGE would not allow the Domestic Violence laws in and Title 63 of South Carolina law states: Domestic violence must be considered during deciding custody and visitation .Mr. FUGE waved his hand to dismiss it. Violation of my Due Process Rights Amendment 14.




Was the guardian ad litem for the FINAL ORDER of the court hearing for Maddaloni v. Pidanick.

  1. She never investigated  
  2. The past G.AL, Nick Felix claimed Chris Maddaloni to be dangerous and Regina Strickland did nothing to ensure safety of a infant.
  3. Never called my witness until I had to push her and write letter after letter.
  4. Said evidence did not exist when did. Cd where Christopher Maddaloni claims he has violent rages and can not control himself. He then states he can get help in the voice recording. Regina Strickland still did nothing to ensure safety of infant daughter. She still requested payment even though she did not do her job as to the standards of the G.A.L outlined in Article 7, private guardians ad litem.


    Section 63-3-830 Responsibility of a G.A.L


          MUST represent the best interest of the child

  1. Conducting an independent, balanced, impartial investigation to determine facts. Including obtaining criminal history of Christopher Maddaloni and his abuse of alcohol and cocaine abuse. Since Ms. Strickland after numerous attempts by myself to obtain the G.A.L report, never returned emails or request for final report to be handed over to me. This demonstrates that the history of Christopher Maddaloni and the past G.A.L report claiming Mr. Maddaloni to be dangerous on top of a voice recording in Mr. Maddaloni’ s own words authenticated by Beaufort county sheriff department, stating he had violent rages and in a way blacks out during them, that Ms. Strickland did not do her job in which I had paid her for. Ms. Strickland still failed to place proper elements in place to ensure safety of a infant.


Which violates Section 63-3-830


       G.A.L MUST do a report on parties and provide to parties 10 days before hearing.


  1. Have a voice recording of Chris Maddaloni stating he has Violent rages and can not control himself . Regina dismissed it. Asked for more money that day.
  2. She sat with the abuser laughing and hanging out day of hearing, Mr. Udvornocky was deeply disturbed by this along with many members of opposing counsel.
  3. I am a GAL and rule 1 is file a report of your findings. Regina requested money but no report was filed.
  4. Asked for certification of completion of Chris Maddaloni finishing therapy, Regina is still unable to provide this. Maddaloni is in contempt. She returns no calls and only sends one letter without evidence completion.


During a Rule To Show Cause hearing , March 30th 2016


Again Mr. FUGE would not let the Domestic Violence Laws in the courtroom. When I was testifying he was what looked to be a grocery list Mr. FUGE was writing. At the end of the hearing, Mr. FUGE claimed to be quoting my words only I never said the words he claimed he was stating. He then claimed if I continued to go after my abuser, Mr. FUGE would take my child away. This is a crime and against my Constitutional rights, amendment 1 and 14.


I proceed with a suite against Mr. FUGE but due to undue stress from court and abuse from court I was forced to drop suite filed 2016 ( please see in exhibit). Mr. FUGE, I was told he had removed himself from my hearings and if I pressed he would take Olivia my little girl leaving her in the hands of a abuser of 15 years (documented).


  1. FUGE DENIES MY 5th Amendment Rights


Mr. FUGE violated my 5 th Amendment rights to due process and a legal obligation to fair procedures. In 2014, Mr. FUGE denied me the ability to speak at my own hearing. Mr. FUGE acted outside his jurisdiction by going into my divorce files from 2013 to obtain evidence to use against me in a different hearing. He then made up evidence or reason to rule against me and rule for the abuser, Christopher Maddaloni.(convicted of CDV in criminal court)


  1. FUGE DENIES MY 1st Amendment Right


Mr. FUGE denied my 1st amendment rights by attacking my use of media to gain help from abuse. Use of Media is my protected right. The 1st amendment states freedom of speech to express and use of media. The facts I posted and story I expressed were of true as I know them statements in which I reached out to officials for help. Mr. FUGE held me in contempt of exercising my 1st amendment right. Very disrespectful of Mr. FUGE for the United States Constitution to deny a citizen their rights. Mr. FUGE let the abuse from Chris Maddaloni continue due to Chris Maddaloni being a wealthy man.


  1. FUGE DENIES MY 14th Amendment Right


Mr. FUGE would not let the following sections of South Carolina law into the court room:


Section 63-15-40 (a) States Criminal Domestic Violence must hold weight when discussing and considering visitation of the convicted parent.


Section 63-15-40 was denied by Mr. FUGE in both hearings 2014 and 2016, March 30 th.


Section 63-15-50 (2) states order of visitation to be supervised by another person or agency. Judge FUGE dismissed and chose freely to ignore South Carolina code, and has been known to do so by other attorneys.


Christopher Maddaloni was charged with Criminal Domestic Violence in 2014. Mr. FUGE stated Christopher Maddaloni with a 15 year history, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, called Mr. Maddaloni ‘s abuse to be just a simple mistake.


Transcript Violations for Mr. FUGE Hearing 2016, March 30th


Transcripts of that day were Changed by a Dana Hartley. Audio of that day was requested and I was denied November 2016 (please see in exhibit).


Transcript of July 25th ,28th 2016 by a Missy Brown was changed. Audio of that day was requested and denied November 2016 ( please see in exhibit).




Canon 1: A judge shall uphold the integrity and independence of the Judiciary. A judge should participate in establishing, maintaining and enforcing high standards of conduct.

Deference to the judgements and ruling of courts depends upon public confidence in the integrity and independence of judges. The integrity and independence of

judges depends in turn upon their acting without fear of favor. Although judges should be

independent, they must comply with the law including the provisions of the code.


Canon 2: Judge Shall Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all of the Judge’s Activities.

  1. A. A judge shall respect and comply with the law and shall act at all times in a

manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of

the judiciary. Public confidence in the judiciary is eroded by irresponsible or improper conduct by judges.

  1. b. A judge shall not allow family, social, political or other relationships to

influence the judge’s judicial conduct or judgement. Nor shall a judge convey or permit to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge.


Cannon 3: A judge shall Perform the Duties of Judicial Office Impartially and Diligently

  1. B. Responsibilities: a judge shall hear and decide matters assigned to the judge except those which disqualification is required (Myself proceeding with a suite against him was a recusal stated by the lawyer and Judge Cely Brigmann stated Mr.FUGE recusal).
  2. C. A judge shall be faithful to the Laws and maintain professional Competence in it.
  3. D. A judge shall be patient dignified and courteous to litigants.
  4. E. A judge shall perform judicial duties without bias or prejudice, a judge must refrain from speech, gestures or other conduct that could reasonably be perceived as sexual harassment

A Judge shall NOT, while a proceeding is pending or impending in any

court, make any public comment that might reasonably be expected to affect its outcome or impair the fairness of the trial (Fuge was said to have recusal). Administrative Responsibilities A judge shall diligently discharge the judge’s administrative responsibilities without bias, prejudice and cooperate other judges (Mr. FUGE stated he would remove my daughter if I proceeded to try to get help  against my abuser). I, Ms. Pidanick has never had a issue with the law or any problems with alcohol or cocaine unlike the opposing counsel, Christopher Maddaloni which as been arrested for Domestic Violence and harassment for 15 years, drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Mr. Horton has had issues with harassing a opposing counsel and was sued for such. Mr. Kiker has had numerous legal malpractice law suites over the years. Again I, Ms. Pidanick have nothing but is declared by Mr. FUGE the problem. Christopher Maddaloni is a wealthy man, I think it is pretty clear the fraud on the court that is transcending. Deeply saddened by the lack of respect for the law from these cast of characters and how they hurt child after child for the sake of money. They should know children have no price.

  1. D. Disciplinary Responsibilities

A judge who receives information indicating a substantial likelihood that another judge has committed a violation of this code should take appropriate action. (Cely Brigmann, the other judge who followed Fuge’s corrupt ruling. Mrs. Brigmann was a new Judge and  like most feared the presiding Judge for fear of career).

  1. E. Disqualification

A judge shall disqualify himself or herself in a proceeding in which the

Judge’s impartiality might reasonably be questioned, including but not limited to instances where: Impartiality might reasonably be questioned. Or the judge has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party.

  1. G. A judge has belief that another judge or lawyer may be impaired by drugs, alcohol or mental or emotional condition must take action (Cely Brigmann did not take action).


Marshall Horton Corruption

  1. Mr. Horton Went after me as in a warrant for my arrest, without having an order signed, tried to have me arrested when I had no order in hand. Mr. FUGE signed a corrupt order by Mr. Horton who wrote a order outside the verdict for his own gain. Mr. Maddaloni his client paid lots of money to Mr. Horton and Mr. Horton did not want to let Mr. Maddaloni down. If you read the verdict of the transcript dated March 30th 2016, and the order by Mr. Horton you will read two different verdicts. Mr. Horton denied me a right to trial a federal offense for his so called “ethical previsions”.


  1. Mr. Horton followed me out of Olivia’s daycare at low country day to see if I buckled child (Olivia) in correctly. Stood and watched me. Harassment, Mr. Horton was looking for some angle to use against me. In my order dated May 1st 2015, Mr. Horton can not harass me but he does and disregards the law. Since corruption is of fraud on the court in style and law, Mr. Horton does not fear repercussions and continues to act outside the law.


Fraud upon the court is fraud which is directed to the judicial machinery itself and is not found between parties or fraudulent documents, false statements and perjury. Which I have expressed in the affidavit by all parties involved. Usually and sadly once targeted any lawyer hired will participate which is seen when my former lawyer try’s to cover up his legal malpractice. These lawyers practiced malicious prosecution, which held myself in false litigation actions. It seemed to be the more fear for this Judge the more the fraud which I turn creates a fog of false orders which is seen in my situation. Next as in both Mr. FUGE and Mr. Horton evidence now becomes fabricated. Which means all parties in fear or gain of funds work together to deny your evidence. This was seen in my hearing on July 25 th. I am in school for law and my evidence was deemed fit. Some hoe my evidence was denied or barely allowed to admit. Bent Kiker still with holds my evidence from me. Over a course of time my evidence with fraud upon the court begins to get hidden by the Judge and opposing counsel with help from your own attorney. Another fact is material is not fabricated til trial where as you can see from the hearing of July 25 th 2016, Mr. Horton fabricated evidence and material misrepresentation to focus efforts away from the truth. Mr. Horton and Brent Kiker with held evidence from me which is extrinsic fraud, with holding and is associated with Fraud upon the court. The main point is to steer away from discovery which makes sense because when I asked Brent to do discovery he never answered and when I asked Brent Kiker to extend restraining order, Brent also created a fog to deter me from following up with the extension. I know this to be true since now in school for law. The clouded cover up is the biggest characteristic of the fraud which again is seen in my case. Mr. Kiker relied on attorney client privilege, excusable neglect and plausible Deniability. The easiest way to see in my case of fraud upon the court is any claim I brought was turned against me to create confusion which is what Mr. Horton relays upon. Attached are the transcripts and orders where the confusion created by Mr. Horton is apparent. Since Mr. Maddaloni is wealthy, this type of fraud is on the lower income of the two I had learned in school for the ease to cover up.


  1. Mr Horton changed a citation of a order to Contempt when no contempt was placed on me. How embarrassing for Mr. Horton to try to be deceiving only to mess up the order. Again verdict from Mr. Horton’s order reads differently then verdict placed on me at the 2016 hearing by corrupt Judge. Still Mr. Horton attempts to manipulate order more for his own selfish gain, not up holding the code of law he took a oath to protect.


  1. Mr. Horton who has written me numerous times as to his ethical stand point of complete truthfulness has repeatedly lied . In July 25th 2016, Mr. Horton added on to his affidavit of fees against me, the court case cost against Susan Maddaloni in magistrate court which I had been victorious in. To my knowledge, I was told Mr. Horton promised his clients he would win and lost, to recover cost he unethically placed fees from his loss inside another hearings affidavit of fees to unethically try to retrieve fees. Mr. Horton yet again was acting outside the color of the law.


In the same affidavit of fees Mr. Horton added fees for the trial against Mr. Maddaloni for a protection order. Nikki Haley 2015 Domestic Violence laws clearly states one can not retaliate for a hearing to obtain a protection order. This of course means you can no obtain fees lost. Again Mr. Horton place cost of this trial into yet again a different trial fee affidavit. Mr. Horton should be embarrassed that he calls himself highly ethical. Yes of course all the proof is attached in exhibit.


Mr. Horton as a lawyer is in violation of the following


Rule 1.11 Special conflicts of interest

(1) Since Marshall Horton is a magistrate judge in Beaufort S.C as I understand it, He should have been disqualified to represent a client within this jurisdiction without proper approval.  Rule 1.15 safekeeping.

(A)(b) A lawyer must keep your funds separate from others and my only place their own money in account for fees. Mr. Horton held in escrow my fees corruptly stolen from me but when ask for documents obtaining those funds there is backed out funds not related to my funds.


Rule 3.3 candor towards judge



  • Lawyer Marshall Horton lied to judge repeatedly about findings of facts and used extreme means of manipulation to obtain false findings.




  • Offer evidence that is known to be false. Facebook post was not mine and case was dismissed, Mr. Horton continue to use double jeopardy to try to bring about these issues, lying to the judge. Facebook post was cut and pasted without any connection to me or surrounded with a post type background. This is a federal offense to use a false post or any post to bully and Harass a victim of Domestic Violence or any person. Mr. Horton continued to Introduced evidence that was found to be false or before the date of the court order. The Judge was corrupt for admitting evidence.



This type of crime, using statements of truth against me, found in a place not given access to is call CYBERSTALKING. This “ is the use of the internet to stalk or harass  an individual. It includes FALSE accusations, defamation and slander. Also include threaten or bully to harass monitored person.” This is a desire to control , intimidate or influence a victim which is all characteristics of a person in which commits Domestic Violence( I studied Domestic Violence social-pathetic behavior for 6 months under a therapist). Christopher Maddaloni would attempt to use information or money even hurting the children in attempt to control me. The internet is used the same way. Cyberstalking is a criminal offense (another violation to add to Mr. Hortons list, and yet another contempt Mr. Maddaloni remains shielded from due to the “legal mafia”. This is punished by jail). Cyberstalking is a strategic offense since Christopher Maddaloni pays Mr. Horton to find things on the internet to use and twist against me, the opposing counsel fits the mold. Main point is to instill fear through legal actions of bad faith. This is obviously the current situation. This information is all found on the national department of justice website which encourages one to file a FBI report against all involved. That is how horrific this crime is that Mr. Horton freely participates in. My favorite statement from the department of justice states “ false victimization, the cyberstalker will claim that the victim is harassing him or her , this being Christopher Maddaloni. If you look at the hearing of July 25th 2016 and March 30th 2016, Mr. Maddaloni and Mr. Horton clearly demonstrates such claims. This is a great example of cybercrimes. This is addressed in the Violence Against Women Act, 2000. Again Mr. Horton is breaking the law and admits getting paid for it. He is also in violation of Federal law 47 U.S.C. Which was brought to Mr. Hortons attention during hearing July 25th 2016 by myself. Did Mr. Horton stop? No, he proceeded to break the law. A fourth degree charge is a sentence of 10 years and yet Mr. Horton disregards the law. The internet is protected by the 1st amendment which was just backed by the U.S Supreme Court.


(4) legal arguments: lied to judge about Facebook post and past evidence that was found to

be ungrounded. Also Cely Brigmann stated Judge Fuge was recused when he was supposedly not. This is grounds for a mis trial since fact was not retracted at time of hearing. Again this is a due process right the Beaufort county court violated.


(5) offering evidence, can prove the evidence in Cely Brigmann case was of past-dismissed

claims and is double jeopardy in which Horton built his whole case around faulty evidence

and the evidence was before the court order in question leaving it inadmissible evidence.

(8) lawyer must know evidence is false, yes Mr. Horton (Christopher Maddaloni’s) lawyer was providing evidence that was know to him to be false to him. Mr. Horton again is in violation.


(12) lawyer must report fraud. Mr. Horton was part of the fraud with Peter Fuge. Rule 4.4 respect the rights of 3rd party. Mr. Horton failed to report such violation which is a professional misconduct violation on Horton also.


Mr. Robertson was on my property to help keep me safe from Chris MADDALONI during

exchanges. Mr. Horton harassed Mr Robertson by stating he followed Chris Maddaloni when they both Mr. Maddaloni and Mr. Horton had no proof and wrote letters to Mr. Robertson lawyer trying to file a restraining order against Mr. Robertson without cause. Horton was in violation of final order dated May 1st 2015, Harassing a 3rd party being Mr. Robertson.


Rich Ulrich Private Detective


Title 40 Professions and Occupation

Section 40-18-20

Trustworthy, honesty business.

Rich, when he found out Mr. Horton was the opposing attorney, Rich stopped

charging me claiming he wanted to help but in actuality, Rich was not charging so

he can use what he learned to sell and or give to opposing counsel . Mr. Horton knew more than I ever told him when I realized it was Rich to my knowledge I stopped all communication. This put Olivia’s Life in  jeopardy.


Mr. Hall Prosecutor in State v Maddaloni

Rule 3.8 special responsibility of a prosecutor. The prosecutor must administer justice. Mr.

Hall shook Mr. Horton’s hand and Mr. Horton asked if they were going golfing just before hearing. Then told the Judge (Beth Prince) lied to by Mr. Hall covered for Chris Maddaloni stating there was a shuffle that hurt the baby. The police reports that baby had knuckle marks on side of face (see exhibit). Chris had 3 different stories given to police in police report.


(5) prejudice statements… Mr. Hall told me I was changing my story when I protested his account of actions. He tried to intimidate me from speaking the truth and aiding the cover up


Sgt. Adams

Refused to listen to my cd which caught Mr. Maddaloni in a confession that he had Violent rages and could not control them. He then states he needs help. I told Sgt. Adams that I have this recording. Sgt Adams states that he as in Chris is not being charged for child abuse or kidnapping when Mr. MADDALONI took my phone leaving me stuck and helpless also delaying medical attention to our daughter after Mr. Maddaloni hit her.I brought up recording to a number of police until Sgt Adams was forced to listen and Christopher Maddaloni then feared a trial and Recording to be heard. Mr. Maddaloni pleaded guilty. Sgt. Adams tried to cover up.


Brent Kiker Violations ( former lawyer )


Rule 1.1 Competence: Brent was not prepared on the laws of Domestic Violence or he participated in fraud to deceive. He did not ask the court to follow the laws for Domestic Violence one removed by the Judge, I believed he was scared of Mr. FUGE and lack of use of visitation laws, Brent, He chose to ignore me when my G.A.L training I took was in favor of pushing title 63 Domestic Violence laws. FUGE throw those laws out of court room, Brent needed to object. He didn’t even try. Horrible. I truly feel Brent was afraid to protest the corrupt Judge due to fraud.


Rule 1.1 (5),Brent Kiker would tell me that we would sit down and meet to discuss case and he never allowed me to because I feel it didn’t matter since Brent Kiker was only going easy on Mr. Maddaloni for a preplanned out verdict. Again Mr. FUGE didn’t listen to my testimony and was writing a grocery list at the time. It felt as if they were only going through the motions.  Brent always called last minute to prepare and never followed through with his course of actions he was hired for. (filing my motion RTSC which he agreed with and took money for)


Rule 1.1 (6) was violated because Brent was not aware of the Domestic violence laws of 2008 and he never tried to make himself aware therefore was not doing justice for his client.


Rule 1.2 (5) scope: Brent refused to file suit against Maddaloni and report FUGE even though he agreed FUGE was acting out of jurisdiction and was falsifying statements.


Rule 1.2 (10) Brent knew the order against me was fraud and the opposing lawyer was fraudulent but never addressed it or stopped it out of unlawfulness or fear.


Rule 1.3 Diligence: was not worried about working on my behalf, never followed

through with motions and was always last minute with prep, we were hindered and I the client had to prepare the trial on more then one occasion.


Rule 1.4 Communication


(1) Area of promptly informing client. I had asked Brent to appeal not do a

motion 59. Then Brent with held evidence consisting of transcript from State v Maddaloni and recordings along with paperwork. To this day Brent Kiker still with holds my evidence from me.


(2) Reasonable consult with client. Would never sit down with me and talk about decisions or outcomes, nothing. He failed to explain situations and options as if he was pushing a outcome. I question if he received a threat or pay off from opposing counsel. Mr. Horton would then be considered aiding a convicted criminal.


(3) Promptly reply for information. Still has not returned all evidence I have been asking for over the 6 months. Made an appeal process impossible, please see exhibit.


(B) No real explanation only his paralegal and I had to scream at her to get him

on the phone when the law states the lawyer must explain to an extent to

ensure the client understands. This was denied for me. Motion 59 was not

something I wanted to do. I wanted a supersedes but Brent was fraudulently working to help Mr. Horton because Mr. Hortons client was a millionaire and wanted the corrupt order not to be stopped.


The whole law, Rule 1.4 was denied. I at one point have proof I thought my

lawyer Mr. Kiker had dropped me has a client and I reached out to other lawyers. Mr. Kiker, would not return calls nor emails or show up at office for lengths of time. Mr. Kiker with held information at all times. One being, Mr. Horton named Brent Kiker the tier of fact and I stated that’s the judge not a lawyer but either lawyer would address what that meant.


Rule 1.5 FEES

(F) written agreement: Brent Kiker and I never had a written agreement and I have proof that I repeatedly asked for one and / or an invoice in which I never got but you better believe I was harassed for the money and when I was quoted a price for the filing of the RTSC motion (he never filed), Brent Kiker charged me 2,500 more then quoted and never filed my motion. I literally was running cash everyday to his door or checks so he would file it. I wrote and filled self.


Rule 1.6 Confidentiality

Brent allows Mr. Horton to know about my side of the case and repeatedly made it look like he, Brent was working when he would never ask certain questions to the opposing counsel that were

contempts against Mr. Hortons client during the trial but Mr. Horton some how knew

everything about me. In my hearing with Judge Brigmann, Horton admits to Brent telling all.


Rule 1.7 Identifying Conflicts of interest: Material Limitations


A conflict of interest exists when something holds back the lawyer from doing his job. Brent Kiker would not follow through with certain issues, like domestic violence laws or filling my suite or report Horton for acting unlawful or Judge Fuge, due to Brent’s career and probably some sort of kickback since what I personally learned fraud upon the court is driven from.


Rule 1.9 Duties to former clients to allow evidence and the clients paperwork to be returned was denied to me by Brent Kiker. See exhibit for text messages.


Rule 1.10 imputation of conflicts of interest


(3) When loyalty to the client is in question. Due to Mr. Kiker not addressing me when

contempts were sent to Kiker law firm, when Brent was not retained and then these letters were sent to me when it was to late, even though the letters were not valid contempts. Mr Horton was violating my rights by not sending these letters to me directly and Mr. Kiker violated my rights by not forwarding letters since he was not retained. Both parties failed to give timely notice by not allowing me access or knowledge of these letters in a timely fashion. This is also a characteristic of fraud.


(4) Brent Would not use the Domestic violence 2008 laws nor 2015 laws  in later court dates. In fact steered around certain questions so laws were not addressed in some cases. I feel this was done by Brent Kiker to avoid making Mr. FUGE upset since he would not allow Domestic Violence laws in the court room.  


Rule 1.16 declining or terminating representation

Brent failed to give me motions, letters from Fuge and letters sent from Marshall Horton stating contempt. This directly impacted my case by getting my appeal dismissed and being lead to believe a recusal had occurred. Also fired Mr. Kiker and he failed to remove himself as counsel for months.


(9) Brent was fired numerous times and refused to remove himself .


Rule 3.3 candor laws


(2) refused to push laws of domestic violence 2008. Law states the lawyer must fight for the client.

Rule 3.4 fairness to opposing counsel, a lawyer must not block clients right to evidence.

Brent Kiker would not give me the motion 59. I asked all evidence be given back and I have yet to receive the 2014 transcripts of state v. Maddaloni and the cd of Chris admitted violence. I had to over and over call, text, beg, stop by and was met with no response.

To ensure violations were understood, I felt it was in the best interest of my case to attach all laws broken. I have yet to correctly appeal each corrupt order due to the lack of cooperation in the Beaufort county clerks office who for months failed to send me the record on appeal. I have witness and tape recorded their denial which led me to make my own record. This is against the constitution and all due process laws. They are protecting the Judge due to a kick back system I know to be true.


Thank you


Jacqueline Pidanick



From KD/GS–Call for Court Watchers 4/16/18 at 2pm and to do justice on the 18th floor of the Daley Center

Subject: complaint against Jerome Larkin his part in the elder cleansing felonies targeting Mary Sykes 09 P 4585. – and the thefts of Gloria Sykes’ property
Date: Apr 3, 2018 7:03 PM
The fight for Justice and in particular the fight against ELDER CLEANSING/HUMAN TRAFFICKING rages on and no quarter is being given the victims, their families, etc.   So  much  money is available to steal from MEDICARE (and other Federal Health care programs) and from the elderly themselves that the incentive to continue the felonies and the assault on America’s core values is no where near ending.
Any investigator with any competence at all would upon examination of the Cook County, Illinois Probate case of Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 would be impressed by:
  1. the lack of service of summons (and in particular, the failure to serve a summons that complied with 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.   (So brazzen and established is the criminal conspiracy that the Clerk of the County failed to print out a form that complied with the Statute – the Establishment was well aware that they did not intend to comply with the law  – SHERIFF DART wrote a letter in which he acknowledged that his office never served summons.  The file contains positive proof of the intent to deceive.   GAL Cynthia Farenga wrote the corrupt judge who admitted on page 95 of her evidence deposition to be wired to inform the Judge that Mary was no longer in Cook County.  Yet all directions to the sheriff as to where Mary was living was directed to the wrong address).  Thus service of summons was not accomplished!   This is not a technicality – it is jurisdictional.
  2. (From Joanne:  Sheriff Dart has a website where you can check on service online.  You can find it here:–accordingly the game of perfidy in service is over.  Type in the case no. 09P4585 and you will find NO RECORDS OF SERVICE ON ANYONE.  In order for the court to break the Land Trust of Mary Sykes (you can also look up this Trust Document online at How did Mary’s Land Trust get broken if there is no service on Gloria Sykes for anything. She was a beneficiary.  We await Dorothy Brown to put up all those Cook County Court records (which she refuses to do) and the end of perfidy in the Sykes case is complete.
  3. The lack of notification to next of kin 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10(f).  This is jurisdictional
  4.  The lack of hearing as to competency and degree thereof.   Note 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3.   This is also jurisdictional .
Like it or not this is a major crime!    The fact that the ‘cover up’ promulated by Administrator Jerome Larkin and the corruption in the Courts is broad based does not mitigate the problem, it makes the problem much more serious.    The fact that this crime involved not only A GARDEN VARIETY fraud on government health care programs and focused instead on the theft of approximately three million dollars of Mary Sykes’ assets (and Gloria Sykes’ assets) does not sweep this criminal conduct under the bed –  it  makes it much worse.  
Of course Larkin’s crimes could not be complete until he took away the bar licenses of TWO attorneys for reveal all the corruption and perfidy and arranging fixed trials for these attorneys–myself and Joanne Denison.
To accomplish this fait accompli he used additional attorney miscreants:
Sharon Opryszek, Lea Black, Robert Verrando, Melissa Smart (mortgage paid in full), Johnny Fairman II, Robert Henderson, Gordon B. Nash, Sang Yul Lee, Ziad Alnaquib, Jeffrey Torosian, Donald Hilliker, Fran Williams, Keith Roberts Jr, Debra Braselton, Andrea Rice, Donald Torisky, Anne Loftus (awarded Judgeship out of nowhere) and of court James Grogan, general counsel.  Jerome Larkin has over $1 million in  mortgage payments paid on his home for him, by whom?  Why won’t he tell us.
The actions (or non-actions)  of Administrator Larkin, who knew or should have know that his disciplinary prosecution of both JoAnne Denison and myself was wrongful is such a serious violation as to require not only the disbarment  of Larkin, but of every ARDC attorney in any way  involved in this sordid affair.    As Federal health care funds were involved 18 USCA 371 is violated and all are culpable.    Gloria Sykes is still being abused by this criminal activity – Larkin and his co-conspirators have done nothing to mitigate this situation even though they accept public funds to protect the public – and in particular Gloria Sykes and others similarly situated.
I mention all of the foregoing because I received an e-mail from Gloria Sykes.   Gloria was Mary Sykes’ younger daughter and a journalist.   She has done some quite  memorable   work and has been recognized for it; however, like the rest of us as her own advocate she has not only done poorly but alienated people who should be her friends and allies.
The foregoing fact is common place and SOP for most victims and their families. We the  great unwashed have little patience with our own faults when we see them in others.    Nevertheless, our failure to aid and assist the victims and their families who are in the ‘sights’ of the predators forfeits the battle to the miscreant human traffickers who tomorrow will be on your and my doorstep.
Gloria Sykes has put out a call for help.    I received by e-mail and am forwarding it to you for kind assistance  her cry for help .   Gloria unfortunately, whether you or I like it or not is our respective proxy.  To wit:
Good Afternoon everybody.  It’s been a while since I last updated you on what was actually going on in the Sykes case.  Well, nothing beyond the usual, or expected.  Sorry to disappoint you all but getting to the bottom of reality issues in not only probate, but also in my mother’s estate/decedent’s estate, have been quite remarkable– to say the least: even in my mother’s death she can’t have what she wanted to happen happen.  But first:
 One of my arguments is that this Court couldn’t have closed the estate of my mother (decedent’s estate) if it was never opened: therefore, the order closing te estate is void.  The court had no jurisdiction over the decedent’s estate, only the administration of the guardianship, that went away when my mother died.
This hearing is interesting because Toerpe has a new law firm representing her, but the same old, same old arguments.  Res judicata.  Yes, their argument is that since all the appellate courts kicked my appeals regarding my assets, and other matters never raised, or raised in contents of background, therefore the court lacks jurisdiction.  Of course my argument is that the only collateral attack and res judicata argument that should have prevailed, was my argument given that another court disputed the lumberman’s settlement funds to me in a final order: therefore, Judge Stuart could not steal my money as she did (hand cuffed me to a chair, threatened my freedoms and the life of Shaggy my service dog)  in order to get the assets, of course there was no due process.
Next, I’ve filed a motion to reconsider regarding the trust and the sale of my mother’s home in the law division where the judge is the same judge who the young Nigerian attorney filed ARDC complaints against, and lost.  To say the least, I have been prejudiced by a case I know nothing about, had no association with, and never gave an opinion either way.  My attorneys were actually threatened with sanctions with the judge saying that the filing was frivolous.  How can a case be frivolous where a beneficiary wants her share of the estate as her deceased mother commanded she get?
So please, please please I NEED COURT WATCHERS for the April 16, at 2 PM in courtroom 1804, to witness what may be my lst show of defense in the cook county probate court to at least get back what is mine.
Other than that, I am back working, writing two books, producing a documentary, and well, life is good.  We can’t go back and change what other people did, but we can live in the moment and do what we cant to find a moment of truth — even if no one else sees it or in this case, vacates void orders and commands a citation to discover assets of my mother.  What happens here will be most interesting because this judge made a horrible mistake up front.  She actually commanded me to open the estate of Mary G. Sykes because she believed it had been opened by Toerpe, and the FINAL ACCOUNTING WAS FROM THE DECEDENT’S ESTATE, NOT THE GUARDIANSHIP ESTATE. Now the Judge is sidestepping, because the motion to reopen the estate is on record but she refuses to hear it.  Toerpe’s attorney didn’t say no to it, so now hes. waived his objections, if any.   In  fact, he actually believed the estate of my mother had been opened and closed in Cook County. Remember,  Toerpe argued in DuPage County that the decedent’s estate was closed in Cook county so the court closed the decedent’s estate in DuPage.  Guess you can’t have it both ways TOERPE.
So please, please please join me on April 16, at 2 pm for the hearing of the lifetime. Bring a friend. It  would be nice if there were too many people in the courtroom, wouldn’t it.
RSVP 773-910-3310.
Thank you greatly. This time we may e able to make a difference. We may be able to show we’re united. This time, we may be able to do what is necessary, just like we did with Judge Stuart.
I see ARDC complaint flowing… or maybe not.
Thank you all greatly. God bless.
Gloria Jean Sykes
Gloria’s plight could be mine or yours!       Gloria is not the only victim of this  insidious  criminal enterprise (and cover up!)     This morning at the Northshore Senior center I called attention to the October 9, 2017 New Yorker magazine article on Guardianship abuse.   If you have not read it, please do so – it is quite strikingly similar to the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.
Indeed, there are differences between the facts related in the New Yorker article and the Sykes.   For instance, Judge Maureen Connors on page 95 of her evidence deposition take by the ARDC (Attorney disciplinary commission) admitted that she was “wired!”   (fixed!).     We can assume that the Clark County judges presiding in the New Yorker expose were fixed, but – none were so bold, arrogant, or so confident that the ‘fix’ was in all the way up to the top so as to admit it.
The  travesty  that Gloria finds herself in as a vicious assault on the Core values of America!    The threat to our sovereignty and democracy created by the co-conspiring criminals acting together and in concert to deny Sykes of her Constitutional Rights cannot be over stressed!     The official cover-up and attempts to intimidate Gloria Sykes and the attorneys who have stood up for the RULE OF LAW and have demanded an HONEST INVESTIGATION is a 9/11 attack equivalent.      NO MR. LARKIN = exposing corruption in the Courts is NOT A FUNCTIONAL EQUIVALENT OF “YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER!”
On Monday, April 2, 2018, 12:16:51 PM CDT, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:
In the October 9 New Yorker article it says that 273 billion dollars are being administered by guardians in the the United States.
If the Mary Sykes case is any example this is a gross miscalculation.    The inventory filed by the guardian did not include the million dollar gold coin collection that the guardian stole from Mary and Gloria’s safety deposit box.   It also did not disclose the cash that Mary had hidden in the house, the valuable personal property etc.    It also did not include the real value of Mary’s house.
Let me explain.    Mary had her home appraised prior to the guardianship was even contemplated by the miscreants.   It had a value of approximately $800,000.00 as a potential sales price .  (The appraisal varied apparently with the Appraiser – the high was a million dollars and the low $800,000.)   Obviously the guardian was not going to allow a fair market sale, so a parochial appraiser was engaged.   It was rumored that Cynthia Farenga’s husband was in the real estate business and had contacts with professionals.    I trust you are aware that appraisals are important in Cook County, Illinois.   For instance Real Estate taxes are based upon appraisals.   The lower the appraisal the lower the taxes.    One governor candidate who spent 70 million dollars to obtain the Democratic nomination is reported in the Tribune to have purchased a mansion adjacent to his home.   He has maneuvered the appraisal to suggest that the house itself has zero value.   The county assessor has accepted the appraisal.
Thus, the guardian petitioned the ‘wired’ judge for leave to sell the house.    A price was suggested based upon a appraisal obtained by the guardian.   This was allegedly a low ball appraisal but as an appraisal is merely opinion – who can really say!    The house was thus placed on the market for a sum in excess of the appraisal.     The expert realtor engaged to sell the house following the scenario does not get a offer!    A conference is had with the judge and it is agreed to lower the selling price – it is so ordered.    The scenario is repeated until the offering price has a stench.    Finally, an offer comes in!
Hallelujah!  A savior has arrived!   The guardian reluctantly seeks Court approval of the sale price respectfully pointing out that BUT FOR the necessity this offer would be totally unacceptable.    The ‘wired’ judge reluctantly enters an order approving the sale.   (What is not mentioned is the fact that a respected member of the corrupt Political elite has a strong hand in this transaction – in the Sykes case it was the father=in-law of the last Illinois Governor to go to jail.    (His real estate firm found the purchaser).
In reality the purchaser is a nominee.  The purchase is completed and the nominee goes into title.    Shortly thereafter the nominee engages a ‘related broker’ and the dwelling is sold for a price consistent with the purchase price from the disabled person (Mary Sykes)    A small loss on the sales price adds a nice touch.
In the event that JoAnne Denison and others are still watching a series of mesne sales are promulgated and completed until step by step the record is spiked to indicate that the true and correct appraisals were at best inaccurate.    Finally the property is sold to the ultimate purchaser — usually a developer.    The million dollar value is now the purchase price.    This sale now is a ‘capital gain’ for the miscreants and they will report it as such on their Federal and State Tax return not withstanding the fact that they have literally stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from their ward.    The theft by a fiduciary is not a capital gain – IT IS ORDINARY INCOME.
I am absolutely certain that the approximately $600,000 is not part of the estimate of money under guardianship.    I am equally certain that the jewelry and gold coin collection were also not calculated as part of the money under guardianship.  If the Sykes miscreants retained a benefit in the final project related to the real estate that money is not included in the value of property under guardianship either!    It is also not taxed.
(NB.  As the State of Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy I do not understand why the Illinois Department of Revenue is so lax at looking in this tax fraud against the State of Illinois.   As Jerome larkin – the administrator of the IARDC = attorney disciplinary commission – has orchestrated the cover -up of the Mary Skes frauds he is a co-conspirator and has joint and several liability.    As he owes a public trust his salary is easily garnishable!    In a civil collection proceeding he has the burden of proof as well as the duty to disclose exactly how much was actually stolen from Mary Sykes).
I wonder if the director of the Internal Revenue Service would discuss this perfidy with you.   He certainly knows much more about this tax scam that yours truly and especially around tax time find it advantageous to discuss tax evasion and fraud by public officials with the press.

From MG: Now is the time to get Equal Rights for Coparenting in Illinois


HB4113 has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee.  The Judiciary Committee is comprised of 10 lawyers and 1 law student (our only Co-Sponsor in the Judiciary Committee).  They are controlled by the ISBA (IL State Bar Association.

The Committee hearing on HB4113 is Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 8:00AM.  What you can do (And request everyone you know to do the same):

  1. Get on-line and create a Witness Slip as a PROPONENT.  You NEED to do this even if you have done it before.  Witness Slips do not carry over from one Committee hearing to the next.  If you are a member of any organization (IF, IFFE, WIFFE, LW4SP, NPO, CRC, whatever, list that you are with them.)  The Opponents have already started massive emails to their members.  (We always beat them in numbers; but we need to stomp them here.) (You can use Justice4 Every1 if you don’t belong to a group, no problem)


  1. Contact (CALL and email) every Representative on the Judiciary Committee.  State that you are calling on behalf of (give your organization.)  Many legislators want to know where you live and discount you if you are not a constituent.  Explain that you are representing an organization (if you do not live in their district.  Just like the ISBA and DV members, you have a right to contact every legislator.  You may even apologize that your organization does not have high-priced lobbyists like the ISBA and DV who are able to spend money lobbying for their organization members, rather than real people (grassroots organizations) looking for real change.)  Be polite, be professional, be educational.


Representative Local Office Phone Springfield Phone Email HB4113 Sponsor Judiciary Committee Member
Emanuel Chris Welch (708) 450-1000 (217) 782-8120 X
Ann M. Williams (773) 880-9082 (217) 782-2458 X
Thaddeus Jones (708) 933-6018 (217) 782-8087          X X
Andre Thapedi (773) 581-9250 (217) 782-1702 X
Peter Breen (630) 403-8135 (217) 782-8037 X
Scott Drury (847) 681-8580 (217) 782-0902 X
Steven A. Andersson (630) 457-5460 (217) 782-5457 X
Michael Halpin (309) 558-3612 (217) 782-5970 X
Lindsay Parkhurst (815) 523-7779 (217) 782-5981 X
Avery Bourne (217) 324-5200 (217) 782-8071 X
Jay Hoffman (618) 416-7407 (217) 782-0104 X



  1. Plan on attending the Committee Hearing in Springfield.


More to come as we get more information and strategize.


From MG

From KKD–NY Judge arrested for stealing–get this–ladies dirty panties!

You know, I am always advocating for the testing of attorneys and judges for psychopathy and banning them from the bar.  This can be doe with a PET brain scan.  Of course if they did this, it would empty most of the disciplinary agencies that let this stuff happen and are mostly psychopaths themselves.


Suffolk County District Court Judge Robert Cicale. Photo: Suffolk County Police Department via APSuffolk County District Court Judge Robert Cicale. Photo: Suffolk County Police Department via AP

The New York Court of Appeals has suspended a Suffolk County District Court judge who was arrested last week and charged with burglary after he was caught with women’s underwear that he allegedly stole from a private residence.

The state’s high court suspended Suffolk County District Judge Robert Cicale, 49, with pay, but gave the judge an April 12 deadline to submit papers to state his position as to whether or not his suspension should be continued and, if so, if he should be paid during that time.

Cicale was arrested on March 29 after allegedly breaking into a neighbor’s house in East Islip. A 23-year-old woman was home alone at the time and identified Cicale as the intruder, according to media reports.

Cicale was allegedly in possession of soiled women’s underwear when police arrived at the scene and told police that he had stolen the garments during previous break-ins.

Cicale has pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree burglary, a class C felony.

The day after Cicale’s arrest, Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks issued an order to prohibit Cicale from taking on new cases and to reassign pending matters before Cicale to other judges.

Suffolk County solo attorney William Wexler is representing Cicale in the criminal matter. Cicale, a graduate of St. John’s University School of Law, was elected to the bench in 2016. He previously served as town attorney for the Town of Islip.

From Joanne:

Now if the New York Law Journal publishes corrupt psychopathic judge stories, that’s okay. No one gets hurt.

But if I do it, the Illinois ARDC goes right after me and other attorneys such as Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu for telling the truth publicly.

They never investigate anything, and I mean anything (look at the Seth Gillman case and I have a list of others) and they never force tests for psychopaths on lawyers or judges (they would all be gone), further the JIB and ARDC and Ill. Sup. Ct refuses to do so, and they won’t pull the deposit records on judges and ARDC staff (Larkin) who clearly have mightily suspicious property records that look like for sure money laundering of bribes.

Which I think is funny, because when I think of money laundering, I think of washing my husband’s pants and finding $25 or $50 pulled out of the washer because he does not empty his pocket.  I leave it out for a day or two to dry out on top of the dryer, but if it’s not picked up by then (he never goes in the laundry room), it’s then donated to the food fund for the house.  Too funny. Ladies, I’m sure you know.  They watch sports and we do cookig, clening and laundry.

So I hope you enjoy the article.

Women’s dirty panties, are you kidding?

Hall of shame, sir.