2 thoughts on “Request from client: what to do with a corrupt guardianship case? to do list or homework list for victims

  1. Excellent advice and all clients should be aware, from a Probate Court Fraud victim: You don’t have a friend in front of, what very possibly could be, a Corrupt Judge. They will do their best to diminish to defraud. Recently, a NY Judge was indicted for stealing $4 million and then bragging to colleagues about how “easy” it was (NY Law Journal article); Document, Document, Document and if you can turn your cell on to “record” do that as well. This might sound a bit of James Bond, but look around at the world you are in….from Comey to Senators, Corruption is at an all time high in this Country, and Judges/lawyers are only men. Excellent advice from Mary Sykes!!

    • Thanks for your comments. And if you can think of anything else to help people fight the corruption, I would be glad to add it into the homework sheet for victims.
      I’m not sure if corruption is at an all time high. What I do believe is that it is getting impossible for it to be swept under the rug any longer with the internet bringing all the victims together to compare notes.
      In order to be successful at corruption, you have to keep the victims in the dark. You have to convince them that they’re wrong and the court system is always right. If you can, convince them it’s all their fault.
      Those games are quickly coming to an end with all the probate blogs like this one and books that are written about all the lies and deception.
      The Truth is coming out and when the truth involves the theft of millions and then the murder of the victim, this is indeed a mot egregious game that has to end. Thanks again for your comment

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