From FB: the UK govt ensures that Babie Alfie must die. And the parents can go ##### themselves for trying to save him.

From a FB friend:

baby alfie must die

and we all know where this is going.  The father read a “hostage letter” yesterday and told everyone to shut up (on promise or money, he told everyone to back off).

You all have been in probate, have been threatened, jailed, false accused, defamed, slighted, told to shut up–the whole works and then some.

You tell me, do these psychopaths in robes and suits every change their stripes? Nope.  99% of the time, they tell you shut up, go along, get along and you get your money and beloved back.

Ask the victims on my 35 corrupt horror story sheet (published elsewhere on this blog) if that is true.

99% + tthe time, it’s just another cruel and heartless lie.

Please pray for the all and let Baby Alfie go home or to Italy or wherever the parents decide.


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