From J. Ditkowsky–Letter to AG Loretta Lynch re: misuse of public funds by Jerome Larkin

From: j. d. <>
To: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 1:36 PM
Subject: response to one of your recent letters
Jerome Larkin, Director of the Illinois Attorney Registration and
Discipline Commission, has formerly charged Jo Anne Denison for the
printed copy of the entire contents of her blogs (, which
were inadmissible as testimony at her hearing before the IARDC, as they
had to be displayed in the original form, and which were downloaded by a
company which is noted for piracy and pornography,  AND the transcripts
of her hearings before the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline
Commission, which were recorded by a(n) unregistered court reporter.
Both of these were totally unethical actions. The second action went
directly counter to Illinois State Statute. The Illinois Supreme Court
dismissed Mrs. Denison’s motion to void these charges.  Since a Supreme
Court has to be presumed to know the law, this in effects VOIDS ALL
professional registrations, including those of attorneys, teachers,
doctors, etc.

OR, more likely, includes the Illinois State Supreme Court as a
co-conspirator in the machinations of Court Appointed Guardians. who
have deprived their wards of their civil rights to the least restrictive
guardianships, and control of their property, access to unprivileged
members of their families, even when they were housed in institutions
which by law are required to allow access of family members, and
contributed to their illnesses and untimely deaths, the court
proceedings in these cases having been published in the above mentioned
blog.  Freedom of the Press of blogs has been guaranteed by Federal
Law.  Certainly commentary on court proceedings is covered under the
First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Sawyer Case of
1959, and all of the recent First Amendment Cases including
Alvarez and Citizens United, but not limited to same.

It is believed Federal Taxes have not been paid on the illicit gains of
all Guardians and Judicial Appointers of such guardians who have taken
no action to restrain said Guardians from their appropriation of
sometimes very sizeable estates for their own use.  It is known that
both Judge Kawamoto and Judge Stuart were forced to retire to safeguard
their pensions because of their bad actions in such guardianship cases.
It is said that both also moved out of Illinois in order to avoid
further judicial action. (Note that a Supreme Court Chief Justice of
the State of Indiana who also was involved in illegal gains involving
guardianship was forced to resign within the past several years because
of his action involving an ADA case: the elderly are also covered by the
Americans With Disability Act.)

Please take the appropriate actions to make sure that Jerome Larkin pays
the full extent of his Federal Income Taxes owed in consequence of his
misuse of his power as the Director  of the IARDC and that
investigations of all the Judges and Guardians involved in the
violations of the Americans With Disability Act through illegal
restrictions of the civil rights, freedoms and even life of the Elderly
with improperly granted and administered guardianships in Illinois and
the many other states of the United States of America which also have
permitted and continue to permit impermissible guardianships.

Thank you.

Judith Ditkowsky

Letter submitted on the Contact Loretta Lynch form at

on June 30, 2016, Thursday, June 30, 2016 1L35 on CDT

From Ken Ditkowsky

 Just so the record is clear — In the course of the illegal proceedings brought against JoAnne Denison (see: Alvarez case in which action such as promulgated by Larkin in his 18 USCA 371 coverup was ruled to violate the First Amendment) Larkin engaged unlicensed court reporters.   The Illinois legislature specifically prohibited such engagement to protect the public and specially prohibited the payment for unlicensed services (see Section 13 of the act).    Nevertheless, knowing that the payments were illegal Larkin ex-parte secretly appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court to request reimbursement for the illegal payments. The Supreme Court knowing (or should have known) that the payments ere illegal compounded he felony by entering judgement providing for the payment against Ms. Denison.
Thus criminal conduct has occurred in the offices of the IARDC and/or the Supreme Court of Illinois.   If the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois refuses to obey the law, the soveignty of the State of Illinois is in serious jeapody.  
NB:  Ms. Denison’s blog is protected by the First Amendment to the United States constitution, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, and 47 USCA 230, plus State Statutes.   Here blog has been characterized by Larkin as AKIN TO YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER.    If you read the blog you will note that its main object and success has been in reporting official corruption in the Courts.   Exactly why reporting corruption in the Courts that injures the public should be punished in Illinois has never been explained.     It should be noted that the file in In re: Sykes 09 P 4585 and the File in the Alice Gore case confirm and establish the accuracy of significally all of Ms. Denison’s blog reports.    Larkin in an effort to justify his intention disregard of all ethical standards of the legal profession even went so far to the intentionally misrepresent the SCOTUS ruling in the Alvarez case.   He represented one of the rejected arguments as the ruling of the SCOTUS.    The Illinois Supreme Court appears to have rubber stamped Larkin’s perfidy.
Ken Ditkowsky,
Lawyer suspended for 4 years in Illinois for writing thousands of letters, emails and faxes to the authorities regarding corruption in Illinois Courts

From Ken Ditkowsky — Re: govt assault on the 1st Amendment

Subject: The governmental assault on the First Amendment is being noticed.
Date: Jun 29, 2016 9:00 PM
Yesterday the WSJ had an article on how there was a move to criminalize any opposition to the current popular and government sponsored opinion.    Today CBS reported a clandestine meeting between our Attorney General and William Clinton and made no attempt to hide the fact that it thought that this was negotiation for a ‘fix.’   Of course AG Lynch denied the accusation.
The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission’s attempt to muzzle JoAnne Denison is picking up, and so sure is Jerome Larkin (the administrator) that he has ‘wired’ the Supreme Court of Illinois he and his 18 USCA 371 cronies openly admit that they hired in violation of statute unlicensed court reporters, and in spite of a direct statutory prohibition Larkin breached his public trust and dipped into public funds to illegally compensate these unlicensed individuals. (see filings of the IARDC in the disciplinary case of JoAnne Denison).
We all exchange e-mails lamenting the fact that law enforcement, the media, our elected officials and all others charged with protecting the public interest appear to have tuned out and are ignoring this corruption that threatens our republic.   Janet Phelan lives it constant fear of retribution by government for her outspokenness and has to deal with unauthorized invasions of her privacy and basic rights.    Tim Lahrman was literally seized off the street and jailed.   Barbara Stone was jailed, humiliated and forced to promise to be silent.   Gloria Sykes was beaten while Sheriff’s deputies saw nothing!  *****.
What is being concealed!   Alice Gore’s teeth being ravaged so that a few grains of gold can be stolen from her mother and literally hundreds of senior citizens isolated so that their estates can be ravaged and they can be dehumanized for the profit of nursing home operators, hospice operations and assorted predators.   Who is doing the concealment – our political and judicial elite who at this point in time feel empowered to ignore the laws of the republic and operate on rules more to their liking (and not available to us).    We the great unwashed and no-establishment dummies are too stupid (according to a Yale professor and a General) to know the difference.
The BRexit suggested that a revolution is underway.   Maybe???    This evening the WSJ reported:
Hope springs eternal, however, the Good Lord helps those who help themselves.
We now have of record before the Supreme Court of Illinois admissions by Jerome Larkin and his cronies at the IARDC of clear and concise serious violations of the Laws of the State of Illinois.    It has been almost a month since these admissions have occurred.    He has not made any effort to ameliorate his admitted crimes thus once again proving his scienter.   Why has he not been charged and been required to account?     

Nova Scotia must review dozens of cases because hair strand drug testing too unreliable

Apparently darker hair absorbs more chemicals and drugs than lighter hair, and women using alcohol based hair care products can make the alcohol portion of the test unreliable.

Nova Scotia has become the fourth known province to suspend or ban the use of drug and alcohol hair testing in child protection proceedings, after New Brunswick, British Columbia and Ontario.

“The department has decided to suspend hair strand testing for child protection cases in Nova Scotia effective immediately,” said department of community services spokeswoman Heather Fairbairn Tuesday.

The move comes in the wake of a 2014 Star investigation into the Hospital for Sick Children’s Motherisk laboratory, which found that prior to 2010, the lab was using a hair test that was not recognized as the “gold standard.”

An independent review deemed the hair test results “inadequate and unreliable” in 2015.

They were used in potentially thousands of child protection cases in Ontario as well as in British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, where they were routinely accepted as evidence with little scrutiny in court.

“The department has been reviewing the use of hair strand testing for some time. We stopped using Motherisk as soon as issues about their test results became known in 2015,” said Fairbairn.

“Since then, questions continued to be raised about the procedures used and the differences between the drug testing laboratories. The decision to suspend all hair strand testing will enable careful consideration of these questions. For the time being, we will rely on other established methods of testing and social work practice.”

Motherisk ceased its hair testing practices in 2015 prior to the completion of the independent review, but some provinces were still using hair tests from other labs in some cases until very recently.
“It’s welcome and long overdue,” said Halifax lawyer Mike Dull of the suspension. “Obviously, it’s recognition by the province of Nova Scotia that such tests are not reliable, so they’re taking active steps from preventing future harm that could result from these unreliable tests.

“But the question remains: What are they doing about the past harm, to families affected by these tests that they’ve implicitly deemed to be unreliable by stopping to use them? Those are questions that remain unanswered.”

Dull is co-counsel in the case of Nova Scotia residents William McIntyre and Natacha LeRoy. Motherisk hair testing was done in child protection cases that dealt with some of their children.

They are among an unknown number of Canadians outside of Ontario whose cases will not be reviewed by the ongoing Motherisk Commission in this province, chaired by retired Justice Judith Beaman, which is looking at files going back 25 years.

McIntyre and LeRoy’s case is being reviewed by the Nova Scotia department of community services, said Dull, but it’s unclear when they’ll receive any information.

“It’s an atrocity,” McIntyre, 50, told the Star earlier this year. “How could this be just an Ontario thing? You came down and took my hair and sent it to Ontario … This is not just Ontario. This is a Canada-wide situation.”

McIntyre and LeRoy’s 3-year-old son was made a ward of the province and later adopted as the result of a proceeding in which Motherisk said both parents had tested positive for traces of cocaine.

McIntyre and LeRoy — who were previously in a relationship and remain good friends — deny using the drug at the time. McIntyre also claims that subsequent hair testing done in the U.S. showed he was negative. They say they were asking that the court grant custody of their son to McIntyre with access to LeRoy.

There were 49 open child protection cases using Motherisk hair tests in Nova Scotia in 2014. The province continued to use hair testing services from other labs, including Toronto-based Dynacare, CBC reported.

The lab confirmed to the Star on Tuesday it has done testing for clients in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, but would not disclose who the clients were, citing its privacy policy.

A Dynacare spokesperson said in an emailed statement that it provides “robust, high-quality analytical toxicology service” and presumptive positive tests are confirmed with more specific tests.

“Analysis for the presence of drugs in hair samples has been utilized and accepted as a powerful evidential tool in many criminal cases in the last decade. It is an important component of modern forensic science,” Andrea Price wrote in an emailed statement.

Motherisk hair tests have been used in Quebec court proceedings, but they were either requested by individuals or children and youth agencies and are not tracked by the government, a Ministry of Health spokeswoman previously told the Star.

Questions have been raised for years about hair strand testing, regardless of the laboratory performing the service.

Because of the effect of alcohol-based hair products, “the risk for false-positive results appears high when monitoring a female population,” Motherisk’s own manager at the time, Joey Gareri, wrote in a 2011 paper he co-authored with Motherisk founder and director Gideon Koren.

Studies have also suggested that drugs appear to be incorporated more readily into darker-coloured hair, and there is also evidence that the way substances are incorporated into the hair of a single individual may vary from strand to strand.

Ontario’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services ordered children’s aid societies amid the independent review into Motherisk last year to stop using hair strand testing.

The results from that review, released in December, were damning.

“In the circumstances, I have concluded that the laboratory’s flawed hair-testing evidence had serious implications for the fairness of child protection and criminal cases,” concluded independent reviewer Susan Lang, a retired Ontario Court of Appeal judge, last December.

The suspension of hair strand testing across the country would appear to be a natural consequence of the Lang report, said Katharina Janczaruk, chair of the Family Lawyers Association of Ontario.

“I think a natural event flowing from this examination of hair testing is a reaffirmation that we need to look at those other factors (in child protection proceedings), we need to demand that social workers are doing their social work (role) and not simply relying on the test, that lawyers are questioning tests when tests are being made,” she said.
With files from Rachel Mendleson and Sarah-Joyce Battersby

Read more about: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia

From Janet Pipes — Quotes of the Day on Guardinship

Professional Guardianship Fraud Quotes
“A simple slip-and-fall can put someone into the guardianship of unknown persons with no knowledge to family and friends until the deed is done. Forced incompetency; get control over everything and the ward (senior) loses all rights.” Robert W Melton, Pinellas County Internal Auditor, “Dirty Tricks of Guardianships – The Need for Change,” April 2004
“You are a target because you have assets. You don’t necessarily have to be very old. You can even be quite lucid. That won’t stop these predators. When it comes to removing your rights and your money, these folks are experts.” Money Magazine.
“It’s difficult to believe it happens, but forced guardianship fraud runs unchecked throughout international probate courts. Deemed incapacitated by the courts, elderly citizens are robbed of all decision-making rights and assigned professional guardians whose only-interest lies in profiting from their vulnerable charges’ estates.” The Washington Examiner
“There is a web of murderous profiteering, all sanctioned by a corrupt legal system. As
guardianship firms take everything they can, state attorneys turn a blind eye. Crooked cops harass family members into silence, while the very attorneys you hired won’t help for fear of losing their licenses.” Katherine Hein, Journalist

“Instead of serving to protect the assets of incapacitated persons, the existing guardianship system presents the opportunity for unscrupulous guardians to loot the assets of their wards and enrich themselves with impunity.” -New York Grand Jury
“These are the people who may one day control your loved one’s health care, living
arrangements, finances, and very life. Ostensibly created to prevent financial abuse by
caregivers and family members, professional guardianship instead gave the legal system carte blanche to destroy lives.” Dr. Angela Woodhull

” … usually after the victims are purportedly diagnosed with a disease such as. Alzheimer’s (often by non-expert without medical evidence), then, in spite of protests by family members, the family court has historically , consistently approved the bilking of the hard-earned assets of elderly or disabled persons by crooks-for-hire guardians under the color of often ignored Nevada laws.” Steve Miller, former Las Vegas City Councilman
“outside of execution, guardianship is the most radical remedy we have.”  Elias Cohen, Philadelphia Attorney and Gerontologist
“your loved one kidnapped, your inheritance stolen. It’s all legal and you can’t stop it .” David Culbertson, National pipe and Plastics, NY.

See these quotes and more in Michael Larsen’s New Book,

“Guardianship:  How Judges and lawyers Steal Your Money”
This new book is a resource guide for seniors and their loved ones to help them understand the problems of not having good representation or an advocate who can help them avoid dangerous pitfalls as they age.  It is also designed to help seniors discuss the issues pertaining to incapacity before they are in that precarious position.

Available on Amazon.

Thanks Janet for sending this along.

Alabama state works on destroying a family

Whether you are pro life or pro choice or whatever is going on here, this is the bizarre story of a 14 year old girl who was raped, decided to keep the child, had the child, and then soon as the baby was born, the brilliant state of Alabama took both the mother and newborn, nursing at the breast into state custody.  Mega media was silent.  The State of Alabama also let the alleged father and rapist see the baby at the hospital against the wishes of the girl and her family.

BUT the internet went viral.  Millions of hits, all over the place.  MedicalKidnap, the Daily Haze, and dozens of smaller blogs just got the thing buzzing like nuts.

So what did DCHS from Alabama do next?  The right thing, return this mother and child to where the 14 year old wanted to live with her grandparents?  For sure not, that would make sense.  Leave mom and baby be, right?

Of course not, they put mom with one foster family and baby with another!  Next, they took the girl’s 14 year old brother from the grandparents and put him in yet a 3rd foster home. Psychopathic monsters, they are.  As if DCHS couldn’t make a worse decision. And then, because apparently they are getting bad press and threats and no one likes them any longer, they got a gag order against the bloggers, and the family, and then sued the blogs.

Jerome Larkin would be proud.  Ruin a bunch of lives, make the state pay for it, cover everything up, and then make the state pay for that lawsuit too.

Little does Alabama know about bloggers, but these are activist bloggers and real hard core.  No, I cannot possibly publish the comments made by some of these blogs about the lawsuit, but you know I love these types of kill the messenger types of gag order lawsuits.

check out the story here:

and there are more links on these sites, so I have no idea how the court thinks it is going to enforce any gag order and force them to remove anything because every night the historical websites troll the internet and keep everything forever anyway.

It’s finally a losing battle. The internet is the great leveler.

from the Daily Haze:

The lawsuit is just a glimpse into the corrupt injustices Shelby County is doing to families on a daily basis. At the heart of their corruption lies a bizarre money trail that webs through the entire State of Alabama. Alabama holds no jurisdiction over Daily Haze, as we are not based in their state. Daily Haze has simply been doing a full internal investigation into the practices of DHR, and have broken no laws to conduct our interview, violated no rights, and followed all protocols. In short, we have done nothing wrong. The Shelby County DHR is simply trying to bully us into shutting up.

The title of this article says it all. To the Alabama DHR, f*** you! We will not be backing off this story. In fact, you just gave us more than enough reason to dig even deeper. The actions of DHR at the Shelby County Courthouse were not the actions of an innocent party attempting to help a family. These were the actions of a guilty party attempting to silence everyone that was trying to expose their illegal and unjust actions. Earlier in the day, Daily Haze released proof that the grandparents had been cleared by DHR just a week before the children were removed from their custody.

As of now, we do not have an update on how court went, but will be waiting to update that information as soon as we can. This does not look good for this family, as today we have witnessed that justice is dead in Shelby County Alabama. Today Shelby County Alabama trampled on the Constitution and infringed upon both civilian and press rights. One can only wonder how long this corruption has been going on?

There are numerous address and emails and phone numbers on these websites to call and complain to public officials.

Keep up the good work, bloggers.  Don’t let up until that family is together again.

Need more proof the IARDC is hoplessly corrupt?

Here is proof that at my Review Board hearing the court reporter was told “not to set up”, that “we don’t do that here”.  Amazing. So where are we, North Korea?

This is the very basis or root cause of corruption in the Illinois Court System–the changed transcript or the court reporter told “not to set up”.  This happens all the time in secret child custody meetings with the judge and in other arenas.  In the Phillips case, the judge manipulated a settlement discussion meeting so a “court reporter could not set up” and that cost the estate $300,000.

It is the common stated goal of an open, honest, transparent and free democracy to have open and public court hearings–nothing must be done in secret.  But here we have the ARDC advocating and even insisting on kicking out the court reporters.

You will recall when I published the covered outlets so no one can bring a laptop and blog all day long.

The ARDC doesn’t want blogging or court reporters. They want secrecy to protect their friends and cronies.  Court reporters and blogging stop them in their tracks and they don’t want that.

No court reporters need apply.  No bloggers ever period. These are covert operations.


From Ken Ditkowksy–no excuse for Larkin to use unlicensed court reporters!

I think we need to send the IARDC a Media FOIA request right away:
1) How many court reporters has the IARDC hired in the last 10 years that have been unlicensed?
2) do they check the license of every court reporter they hire?
3) who at the ARDC checks for the court reporter’s license.
4) who hired, participated in the hiring of unlicensed court reporters and court reporters coming from agencies that have invalid/expired corporate names?
6) how much has the IARDC paid unlicensed court reporters for the last 10 years?
7) who hired or participated in the hiring of each of these court reporters?
8) has any person employed by the IARDC received any kickback, finders fee or payment of any kind from any court reporter or court reporter agency?
9) has any person employed by the IARDC received any promise or benefit of any kind or type from any licensed court reporter or court reporter agency?
To: Probate Sharks <>, and 30 others…
Subject: this should tell you something!
Date: Jun 26, 2016 1:09 PM
The Supreme Court of Illinois by its obvious mistreatment of Disciplinary Cases including but not limited the JoAnne Denison case has abrogated its position and each of the justices reduced the dignity of the court to zero.
The fact that the court knows or should know that by it obvious attornment to the criminal fraud of Jerome Larkin it has effectually made all licensing in the State of Illinois void.   Larkin at all times relevant knew or should have known that he was violating the law when he engaged unlicensed court reports to provide reports of proceedings for his kangaroo hearings, and he certainly knew (also the Court knew) that his secret petition asking the Supreme Court to engaged JoAnne Denison to reimburse him for the illegal payments was wrongful.
However, the Court cannot act as a Court improperly and attorn to individual officeholders and/or public officials doing wrongful acts.   Thus, it cannot affirm a State agency or even a Judicial entity engaging unlicensed professionals (court reporters) and therefore as licensing statutes are clearly VOID Larkin can engaged unlicensed court reporters in derogation of the Rule of Law.   No valid licensing equates to a carte blanc to engage anyone as a court reporter.
The net is simple – the State of Illinois and the IARDC have been illegally licensing people for years and every dime collected must be returned to the people who have been misled by the State officials and judicial officials.   
It is dishonest for the State of Illinois and the IaRDC to not return this money immediately!
Ken Ditkowsky