CONFIRMED BY ILL. SUPREME COURT– YOU ARE VIEWING THE MOST DANGEROUS BLOG IN ILLINOIS. This blog warranted a 3 year suspension by the ARDC/Jerome Larkin! Mottos: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant". Justice Louis Brandeis ; "If the truth can destroy something, then it deserves to be destroyed" Carl Sagan; "Justice is Truth in Action" Benjamin Disraeli. Illinois uses the ARDC to quash dissenting attorney activist blogs ; "The freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic Governments" — (1776-First Amendment preamble adopted by 8 US colonies)

From J. Ditkowsky–Letter to AG Loretta Lynch re: misuse of public funds by Jerome Larkin

From: j. d. <>
To: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 1:36 PM
Subject: response to one of your recent letters
Jerome Larkin, Director of the Illinois Attorney Registration and
Discipline Commission, has formerly charged Jo Anne Denison for the
printed copy of the entire contents of her blogs (, which
were inadmissible as testimony at her hearing before the IARDC, as they
had to be displayed in the original form, and which were downloaded by a
company which is noted for piracy and pornography,  AND the transcripts
of her hearings before the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline
Commission, which were recorded by a(n) unregistered court reporter.
Both of these were totally unethical actions. The second action went
directly counter to Illinois State Statute. The Illinois Supreme Court
dismissed Mrs. Denison’s motion to void these charges.  Since a Supreme
Court has to be presumed to know the law, this in effects VOIDS ALL
professional registrations, including those of attorneys, teachers,
doctors, etc.

OR, more likely, includes the Illinois State Supreme Court as a
co-conspirator in the machinations of Court Appointed Guardians. who
have deprived their wards of their civil rights to the least restrictive
guardianships, and control of their property, access to unprivileged
members of their families, even when they were housed in institutions
which by law are required to allow access of family members, and
contributed to their illnesses and untimely deaths, the court
proceedings in these cases having been published in the above mentioned
blog.  Freedom of the Press of blogs has been guaranteed by Federal
Law.  Certainly commentary on court proceedings is covered under the
First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Sawyer Case of
1959, and all of the recent First Amendment Cases including
Alvarez and Citizens United, but not limited to same.

It is believed Federal Taxes have not been paid on the illicit gains of
all Guardians and Judicial Appointers of such guardians who have taken
no action to restrain said Guardians from their appropriation of
sometimes very sizeable estates for their own use.  It is known that
both Judge Kawamoto and Judge Stuart were forced to retire to safeguard
their pensions because of their bad actions in such guardianship cases.
It is said that both also moved out of Illinois in order to avoid
further judicial action. (Note that a Supreme Court Chief Justice of
the State of Indiana who also was involved in illegal gains involving
guardianship was forced to resign within the past several years because
of his action involving an ADA case: the elderly are also covered by the
Americans With Disability Act.)

Please take the appropriate actions to make sure that Jerome Larkin pays
the full extent of his Federal Income Taxes owed in consequence of his
misuse of his power as the Director  of the IARDC and that
investigations of all the Judges and Guardians involved in the
violations of the Americans With Disability Act through illegal
restrictions of the civil rights, freedoms and even life of the Elderly
with improperly granted and administered guardianships in Illinois and
the many other states of the United States of America which also have
permitted and continue to permit impermissible guardianships.

Thank you.

Judith Ditkowsky

Letter submitted on the Contact Loretta Lynch form at

on June 30, 2016, Thursday, June 30, 2016 1L35 on CDT

From Ken Ditkowsky

 Just so the record is clear — In the course of the illegal proceedings brought against JoAnne Denison (see: Alvarez case in which action such as promulgated by Larkin in his 18 USCA 371 coverup was ruled to violate the First Amendment) Larkin engaged unlicensed court reporters.   The Illinois legislature specifically prohibited such engagement to protect the public and specially prohibited the payment for unlicensed services (see Section 13 of the act).    Nevertheless, knowing that the payments were illegal Larkin ex-parte secretly appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court to request reimbursement for the illegal payments. The Supreme Court knowing (or should have known) that the payments ere illegal compounded he felony by entering judgement providing for the payment against Ms. Denison.
Thus criminal conduct has occurred in the offices of the IARDC and/or the Supreme Court of Illinois.   If the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois refuses to obey the law, the soveignty of the State of Illinois is in serious jeapody.  
NB:  Ms. Denison’s blog is protected by the First Amendment to the United States constitution, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, and 47 USCA 230, plus State Statutes.   Here blog has been characterized by Larkin as AKIN TO YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER.    If you read the blog you will note that its main object and success has been in reporting official corruption in the Courts.   Exactly why reporting corruption in the Courts that injures the public should be punished in Illinois has never been explained.     It should be noted that the file in In re: Sykes 09 P 4585 and the File in the Alice Gore case confirm and establish the accuracy of significally all of Ms. Denison’s blog reports.    Larkin in an effort to justify his intention disregard of all ethical standards of the legal profession even went so far to the intentionally misrepresent the SCOTUS ruling in the Alvarez case.   He represented one of the rejected arguments as the ruling of the SCOTUS.    The Illinois Supreme Court appears to have rubber stamped Larkin’s perfidy.
Ken Ditkowsky,
Lawyer suspended for 4 years in Illinois for writing thousands of letters, emails and faxes to the authorities regarding corruption in Illinois Courts

From Ken Ditkowsky — Re: govt assault on the 1st Amendment

Subject: The governmental assault on the First Amendment is being noticed.
Date: Jun 29, 2016 9:00 PM
Yesterday the WSJ had an article on how there was a move to criminalize any opposition to the current popular and government sponsored opinion.    Today CBS reported a clandestine meeting between our Attorney General and William Clinton and made no attempt to hide the fact that it thought that this was negotiation for a ‘fix.’   Of course AG Lynch denied the accusation.
The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission’s attempt to muzzle JoAnne Denison is picking up, and so sure is Jerome Larkin (the administrator) that he has ‘wired’ the Supreme Court of Illinois he and his 18 USCA 371 cronies openly admit that they hired in violation of statute unlicensed court reporters, and in spite of a direct statutory prohibition Larkin breached his public trust and dipped into public funds to illegally compensate these unlicensed individuals. (see filings of the IARDC in the disciplinary case of JoAnne Denison).
We all exchange e-mails lamenting the fact that law enforcement, the media, our elected officials and all others charged with protecting the public interest appear to have tuned out and are ignoring this corruption that threatens our republic.   Janet Phelan lives it constant fear of retribution by government for her outspokenness and has to deal with unauthorized invasions of her privacy and basic rights.    Tim Lahrman was literally seized off the street and jailed.   Barbara Stone was jailed, humiliated and forced to promise to be silent.   Gloria Sykes was beaten while Sheriff’s deputies saw nothing!  *****.
What is being concealed!   Alice Gore’s teeth being ravaged so that a few grains of gold can be stolen from her mother and literally hundreds of senior citizens isolated so that their estates can be ravaged and they can be dehumanized for the profit of nursing home operators, hospice operations and assorted predators.   Who is doing the concealment – our political and judicial elite who at this point in time feel empowered to ignore the laws of the republic and operate on rules more to their liking (and not available to us).    We the great unwashed and no-establishment dummies are too stupid (according to a Yale professor and a General) to know the difference.
The BRexit suggested that a revolution is underway.   Maybe???    This evening the WSJ reported:
Hope springs eternal, however, the Good Lord helps those who help themselves.
We now have of record before the Supreme Court of Illinois admissions by Jerome Larkin and his cronies at the IARDC of clear and concise serious violations of the Laws of the State of Illinois.    It has been almost a month since these admissions have occurred.    He has not made any effort to ameliorate his admitted crimes thus once again proving his scienter.   Why has he not been charged and been required to account?     

Nova Scotia must review dozens of cases because hair strand drug testing too unreliable

Apparently darker hair absorbs more chemicals and drugs than lighter hair, and women using alcohol based hair care products can make the alcohol portion of the test unreliable.

Nova Scotia has become the fourth known province to suspend or ban the use of drug and alcohol hair testing in child protection proceedings, after New Brunswick, British Columbia and Ontario.

“The department has decided to suspend hair strand testing for child protection cases in Nova Scotia effective immediately,” said department of community services spokeswoman Heather Fairbairn Tuesday.

The move comes in the wake of a 2014 Star investigation into the Hospital for Sick Children’s Motherisk laboratory, which found that prior to 2010, the lab was using a hair test that was not recognized as the “gold standard.”

An independent review deemed the hair test results “inadequate and unreliable” in 2015.

They were used in potentially thousands of child protection cases in Ontario as well as in British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, where they were routinely accepted as evidence with little scrutiny in court.

“The department has been reviewing the use of hair strand testing for some time. We stopped using Motherisk as soon as issues about their test results became known in 2015,” said Fairbairn.

“Since then, questions continued to be raised about the procedures used and the differences between the drug testing laboratories. The decision to suspend all hair strand testing will enable careful consideration of these questions. For the time being, we will rely on other established methods of testing and social work practice.”

Motherisk ceased its hair testing practices in 2015 prior to the completion of the independent review, but some provinces were still using hair tests from other labs in some cases until very recently.
“It’s welcome and long overdue,” said Halifax lawyer Mike Dull of the suspension. “Obviously, it’s recognition by the province of Nova Scotia that such tests are not reliable, so they’re taking active steps from preventing future harm that could result from these unreliable tests.

“But the question remains: What are they doing about the past harm, to families affected by these tests that they’ve implicitly deemed to be unreliable by stopping to use them? Those are questions that remain unanswered.”

Dull is co-counsel in the case of Nova Scotia residents William McIntyre and Natacha LeRoy. Motherisk hair testing was done in child protection cases that dealt with some of their children.

They are among an unknown number of Canadians outside of Ontario whose cases will not be reviewed by the ongoing Motherisk Commission in this province, chaired by retired Justice Judith Beaman, which is looking at files going back 25 years.

McIntyre and LeRoy’s case is being reviewed by the Nova Scotia department of community services, said Dull, but it’s unclear when they’ll receive any information.

“It’s an atrocity,” McIntyre, 50, told the Star earlier this year. “How could this be just an Ontario thing? You came down and took my hair and sent it to Ontario … This is not just Ontario. This is a Canada-wide situation.”

McIntyre and LeRoy’s 3-year-old son was made a ward of the province and later adopted as the result of a proceeding in which Motherisk said both parents had tested positive for traces of cocaine.

McIntyre and LeRoy — who were previously in a relationship and remain good friends — deny using the drug at the time. McIntyre also claims that subsequent hair testing done in the U.S. showed he was negative. They say they were asking that the court grant custody of their son to McIntyre with access to LeRoy.

There were 49 open child protection cases using Motherisk hair tests in Nova Scotia in 2014. The province continued to use hair testing services from other labs, including Toronto-based Dynacare, CBC reported.

The lab confirmed to the Star on Tuesday it has done testing for clients in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, but would not disclose who the clients were, citing its privacy policy.

A Dynacare spokesperson said in an emailed statement that it provides “robust, high-quality analytical toxicology service” and presumptive positive tests are confirmed with more specific tests.

“Analysis for the presence of drugs in hair samples has been utilized and accepted as a powerful evidential tool in many criminal cases in the last decade. It is an important component of modern forensic science,” Andrea Price wrote in an emailed statement.

Motherisk hair tests have been used in Quebec court proceedings, but they were either requested by individuals or children and youth agencies and are not tracked by the government, a Ministry of Health spokeswoman previously told the Star.

Questions have been raised for years about hair strand testing, regardless of the laboratory performing the service.

Because of the effect of alcohol-based hair products, “the risk for false-positive results appears high when monitoring a female population,” Motherisk’s own manager at the time, Joey Gareri, wrote in a 2011 paper he co-authored with Motherisk founder and director Gideon Koren.

Studies have also suggested that drugs appear to be incorporated more readily into darker-coloured hair, and there is also evidence that the way substances are incorporated into the hair of a single individual may vary from strand to strand.

Ontario’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services ordered children’s aid societies amid the independent review into Motherisk last year to stop using hair strand testing.

The results from that review, released in December, were damning.

“In the circumstances, I have concluded that the laboratory’s flawed hair-testing evidence had serious implications for the fairness of child protection and criminal cases,” concluded independent reviewer Susan Lang, a retired Ontario Court of Appeal judge, last December.

The suspension of hair strand testing across the country would appear to be a natural consequence of the Lang report, said Katharina Janczaruk, chair of the Family Lawyers Association of Ontario.

“I think a natural event flowing from this examination of hair testing is a reaffirmation that we need to look at those other factors (in child protection proceedings), we need to demand that social workers are doing their social work (role) and not simply relying on the test, that lawyers are questioning tests when tests are being made,” she said.
With files from Rachel Mendleson and Sarah-Joyce Battersby

Read more about: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia

From Janet Pipes — Quotes of the Day on Guardinship

Professional Guardianship Fraud Quotes
“A simple slip-and-fall can put someone into the guardianship of unknown persons with no knowledge to family and friends until the deed is done. Forced incompetency; get control over everything and the ward (senior) loses all rights.” Robert W Melton, Pinellas County Internal Auditor, “Dirty Tricks of Guardianships – The Need for Change,” April 2004
“You are a target because you have assets. You don’t necessarily have to be very old. You can even be quite lucid. That won’t stop these predators. When it comes to removing your rights and your money, these folks are experts.” Money Magazine.
“It’s difficult to believe it happens, but forced guardianship fraud runs unchecked throughout international probate courts. Deemed incapacitated by the courts, elderly citizens are robbed of all decision-making rights and assigned professional guardians whose only-interest lies in profiting from their vulnerable charges’ estates.” The Washington Examiner
“There is a web of murderous profiteering, all sanctioned by a corrupt legal system. As
guardianship firms take everything they can, state attorneys turn a blind eye. Crooked cops harass family members into silence, while the very attorneys you hired won’t help for fear of losing their licenses.” Katherine Hein, Journalist

“Instead of serving to protect the assets of incapacitated persons, the existing guardianship system presents the opportunity for unscrupulous guardians to loot the assets of their wards and enrich themselves with impunity.” -New York Grand Jury
“These are the people who may one day control your loved one’s health care, living
arrangements, finances, and very life. Ostensibly created to prevent financial abuse by
caregivers and family members, professional guardianship instead gave the legal system carte blanche to destroy lives.” Dr. Angela Woodhull

” … usually after the victims are purportedly diagnosed with a disease such as. Alzheimer’s (often by non-expert without medical evidence), then, in spite of protests by family members, the family court has historically , consistently approved the bilking of the hard-earned assets of elderly or disabled persons by crooks-for-hire guardians under the color of often ignored Nevada laws.” Steve Miller, former Las Vegas City Councilman
“outside of execution, guardianship is the most radical remedy we have.”  Elias Cohen, Philadelphia Attorney and Gerontologist
“your loved one kidnapped, your inheritance stolen. It’s all legal and you can’t stop it .” David Culbertson, National pipe and Plastics, NY.

See these quotes and more in Michael Larsen’s New Book,

“Guardianship:  How Judges and lawyers Steal Your Money”
This new book is a resource guide for seniors and their loved ones to help them understand the problems of not having good representation or an advocate who can help them avoid dangerous pitfalls as they age.  It is also designed to help seniors discuss the issues pertaining to incapacity before they are in that precarious position.

Available on Amazon.

Thanks Janet for sending this along.

Alabama state works on destroying a family

Whether you are pro life or pro choice or whatever is going on here, this is the bizarre story of a 14 year old girl who was raped, decided to keep the child, had the child, and then soon as the baby was born, the brilliant state of Alabama took both the mother and newborn, nursing at the breast into state custody.  Mega media was silent.  The State of Alabama also let the alleged father and rapist see the baby at the hospital against the wishes of the girl and her family.

BUT the internet went viral.  Millions of hits, all over the place.  MedicalKidnap, the Daily Haze, and dozens of smaller blogs just got the thing buzzing like nuts.

So what did DCHS from Alabama do next?  The right thing, return this mother and child to where the 14 year old wanted to live with her grandparents?  For sure not, that would make sense.  Leave mom and baby be, right?

Of course not, they put mom with one foster family and baby with another!  Next, they took the girl’s 14 year old brother from the grandparents and put him in yet a 3rd foster home. Psychopathic monsters, they are.  As if DCHS couldn’t make a worse decision. And then, because apparently they are getting bad press and threats and no one likes them any longer, they got a gag order against the bloggers, and the family, and then sued the blogs.

Jerome Larkin would be proud.  Ruin a bunch of lives, make the state pay for it, cover everything up, and then make the state pay for that lawsuit too.

Little does Alabama know about bloggers, but these are activist bloggers and real hard core.  No, I cannot possibly publish the comments made by some of these blogs about the lawsuit, but you know I love these types of kill the messenger types of gag order lawsuits.

check out the story here:

and there are more links on these sites, so I have no idea how the court thinks it is going to enforce any gag order and force them to remove anything because every night the historical websites troll the internet and keep everything forever anyway.

It’s finally a losing battle. The internet is the great leveler.

from the Daily Haze:

The lawsuit is just a glimpse into the corrupt injustices Shelby County is doing to families on a daily basis. At the heart of their corruption lies a bizarre money trail that webs through the entire State of Alabama. Alabama holds no jurisdiction over Daily Haze, as we are not based in their state. Daily Haze has simply been doing a full internal investigation into the practices of DHR, and have broken no laws to conduct our interview, violated no rights, and followed all protocols. In short, we have done nothing wrong. The Shelby County DHR is simply trying to bully us into shutting up.

The title of this article says it all. To the Alabama DHR, f*** you! We will not be backing off this story. In fact, you just gave us more than enough reason to dig even deeper. The actions of DHR at the Shelby County Courthouse were not the actions of an innocent party attempting to help a family. These were the actions of a guilty party attempting to silence everyone that was trying to expose their illegal and unjust actions. Earlier in the day, Daily Haze released proof that the grandparents had been cleared by DHR just a week before the children were removed from their custody.

As of now, we do not have an update on how court went, but will be waiting to update that information as soon as we can. This does not look good for this family, as today we have witnessed that justice is dead in Shelby County Alabama. Today Shelby County Alabama trampled on the Constitution and infringed upon both civilian and press rights. One can only wonder how long this corruption has been going on?

There are numerous address and emails and phone numbers on these websites to call and complain to public officials.

Keep up the good work, bloggers.  Don’t let up until that family is together again.

Need more proof the IARDC is hoplessly corrupt?

Here is proof that at my Review Board hearing the court reporter was told “not to set up”, that “we don’t do that here”.  Amazing. So where are we, North Korea?

This is the very basis or root cause of corruption in the Illinois Court System–the changed transcript or the court reporter told “not to set up”.  This happens all the time in secret child custody meetings with the judge and in other arenas.  In the Phillips case, the judge manipulated a settlement discussion meeting so a “court reporter could not set up” and that cost the estate $300,000.

It is the common stated goal of an open, honest, transparent and free democracy to have open and public court hearings–nothing must be done in secret.  But here we have the ARDC advocating and even insisting on kicking out the court reporters.

You will recall when I published the covered outlets so no one can bring a laptop and blog all day long.

The ARDC doesn’t want blogging or court reporters. They want secrecy to protect their friends and cronies.  Court reporters and blogging stop them in their tracks and they don’t want that.

No court reporters need apply.  No bloggers ever period. These are covert operations.


From Ken Ditkowksy–no excuse for Larkin to use unlicensed court reporters!

I think we need to send the IARDC a Media FOIA request right away:
1) How many court reporters has the IARDC hired in the last 10 years that have been unlicensed?
2) do they check the license of every court reporter they hire?
3) who at the ARDC checks for the court reporter’s license.
4) who hired, participated in the hiring of unlicensed court reporters and court reporters coming from agencies that have invalid/expired corporate names?
6) how much has the IARDC paid unlicensed court reporters for the last 10 years?
7) who hired or participated in the hiring of each of these court reporters?
8) has any person employed by the IARDC received any kickback, finders fee or payment of any kind from any court reporter or court reporter agency?
9) has any person employed by the IARDC received any promise or benefit of any kind or type from any licensed court reporter or court reporter agency?
To: Probate Sharks <>, and 30 others…
Subject: this should tell you something!
Date: Jun 26, 2016 1:09 PM
The Supreme Court of Illinois by its obvious mistreatment of Disciplinary Cases including but not limited the JoAnne Denison case has abrogated its position and each of the justices reduced the dignity of the court to zero.
The fact that the court knows or should know that by it obvious attornment to the criminal fraud of Jerome Larkin it has effectually made all licensing in the State of Illinois void.   Larkin at all times relevant knew or should have known that he was violating the law when he engaged unlicensed court reports to provide reports of proceedings for his kangaroo hearings, and he certainly knew (also the Court knew) that his secret petition asking the Supreme Court to engaged JoAnne Denison to reimburse him for the illegal payments was wrongful.
However, the Court cannot act as a Court improperly and attorn to individual officeholders and/or public officials doing wrongful acts.   Thus, it cannot affirm a State agency or even a Judicial entity engaging unlicensed professionals (court reporters) and therefore as licensing statutes are clearly VOID Larkin can engaged unlicensed court reporters in derogation of the Rule of Law.   No valid licensing equates to a carte blanc to engage anyone as a court reporter.
The net is simple – the State of Illinois and the IARDC have been illegally licensing people for years and every dime collected must be returned to the people who have been misled by the State officials and judicial officials.   
It is dishonest for the State of Illinois and the IaRDC to not return this money immediately!
Ken Ditkowsky

From KKD – Frugality with the Truth in the Elite of Illinois

To: “J. Ditkowsky” <>,
Subject: Re: ******** Failed to Hand Over Key Emails to State Department
Date: Jun 25, 2016 7:40 AM
The decision to remove the United Kingdom was in part due to the arrogance of the bureaucracy and their elitism.   Not a single day goes by that we do not note that one or more of our public officials has been frugal with the truth, breached the public trust, or just ignored the law.  Worse yet, they get away with it.  This is the very model of elitism.
 Fraud always seems to be linked to just about any of the presidential candidates.   No, it is not time to get all hot and bothered.   We have the incentive right now right here at home in Illinois and it affected each of us more intimately and adversely that anything the Clintons, the Caphones, the Bushes, or the outfit have done, or will do.   Even the McDonald case pales by comparison.
There has been what appears to be a total breakdown in the law here in Illinois.   There has been no fan-fare and it remains our dirty little secret.  
Government governs with the consent of the governed in America; however, what the public does not know the public cannot be hurt by according to our current government.   Indeed, the public does not know.    There are two sets of rules – one for you and me, and one for the political elite.
A major danger to the political establishment is the exposure of their illegal sources of income.   Amongst the most lucrative areas of extra-ordinary compensation for our public officials is the cottage industry of Elder Cleansing.   Not only are the elite able to access and confiscate the savings of the elderly and disabled, but under Health Care subsidies such as medicare, etc the government contributes to the enrichment.    All you have to do is examine the Sykes/Gore/***** cases and the pattern strikes you point blank in the face.
The Cover-up of these felonies is essential to the cottage industry.    The Taxing authorities turning the other check and law enforcement looking the other way is an Achilles heel that worries each of the miscreants, but they have it under control if they can intimidate lawyers, objectors and other deviants.    The First Amendment has to be suppressed and the machinery is in place.   Clinton represents one method; however, much more brazen is the Jerome Larkin approach aided and abetted by the Supreme Court of Illinois.
Larkin in a effort to silence the blog MaryGSykes and its exposure of Judicial corruption and in particular elder cleansing operations promulgated right in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois brought disciplinary charges against JoAnne Denison.   Except for the fact that every charge was verified as false in the case record of the Mary Sykes Court file 09 P 4583 larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (iardc) had no problem in case.   Larkin’s frugality with the truth was exposed almost on day one, however, he had that event covered.   
Judge Connors gave an evidence deposition and on page 91 she admitted that she was wired (fixed) and it did not matter what happened in the Courtroom – she was going to reach the same decision nevertheless.   Judge Stuart admitted to lying during direct examination and to unethical conduct.   
No matter, Larkin hired court reporters who were not licensed and therefore under Illinois Statutes could not be compensated.   The Report of proceedings in reference to Judge Stuart’s admitted perjury was just altered.  (Court watchers reported this to authorities – of course nothing happened).   For the extra-ordinary and special services rendered to the Larkin cover-=up in violation of 18 USCA 371 the court reporters were paid with public funds wrongfully expatriated by the IARDC (and Larkin).   Of course Larkin was aware of the specific Statutory prohibition on payment to unlicensed professionals – he is our local version of the elite.
Illinois does not have a reputation for being corrupt that was not earned.   The Political elite such as Larkin know that they are ‘special’ and not subject to our laws, however, Ms. Denison was apparently ignorant of that fact.  SHE HAD TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON or DESTROYED
Anyone who has ever had to endure litigation knows that it is not for the faint of heart or for the poor.   In the ‘wired case’ poverty is not a unexpected result of the litigation; however, the felon who has wired the Court has to be proactive.    Indeed, the felon in this case Jerome Larkin had that problem covered.    Having breached his public trust and expropriated public funds for his own use, approximately $15,000.00 he secretly (ex parte) appeared before the Supreme Court of Illinois and demanded reimbursement for the IaRDC of the funds that were wrongfully and illegally paid.
Without a wimpier or a nod, the costs assessment was made and a secret order entered by the Supreme Court to assess these illegal charges to Attorney Denison.
As a matter of law, the Supreme Court decisions are to be interpreted to make them compliant with Federal and State Law.   How thus does the Supreme Court ‘cover’ for Larkin.  If licensing laws (especially the public protection laws) are void the order entered assessing the reimbursement of the prohibited payments is valid.   Thus, by its decision the Supreme Court of Illinois has ruled that all licensing laws in Illinois are VOID.    Not a single licensing fee for professionals is legal or appropriate.     
The Elite have won the battle against JoAnne Denison, but may have lost the war – just as the Brits have rebelled against them we have to do the same.   They cannot have it both ways!   The laws and the regulations have to apply equally to all.   The Supreme Court has to follow the law even when it does not — as a matter of law we interpret the decisions to follow the law.    
If the Brits can revolt against the Oppression of the Elites (especially the felons amongst them) we certainly can also.    It is time for a bit of HONESTY in government!   

From KKD – Licensing of Court Reporters and fraud

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To:” <>; and 50 others
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 12:07 AM
Subject: In Illinois the Supreme Court has ruled that no one needs a license – or in the alternative the Federal and Illinois Constitution is void

Fact:  Illinois requires all professional court reporters to be licensed, non-licensed Court reporters are not to be paid for their court reporting (section 13 of Act).
Fact:  Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission engaged several non-licensed court reporters to provide record of proceedings in their kangaroo panel hearings.   (see affidavit of IARDC attorney filed before the Supreme Court)
Fact: Jerome Larkin, apparently knowing that the employed court reporters were unlicensed authorized their payment even though barred by Statute and common law.  (in the Denison case he authorized about $15000.00 of illegal payments).  NB.   This payment is a breach of trust and a felony on the part of Larkin.
Fact:  Larkin in a secret proceeding appeared ex-parte before the Supreme Court of Illinois to obtain an order assessing costs, including the illegal payments 
Fact:  The Illinois Supreme Court knowing that most of the charges in Larkin’s secret petition were illegal, improper, constituted a felony and subverted the intent of the Legislature in its attempt to protect the public by licensing acts.
Fact:  When Attorney Denison discovered the multiple felonies she filed a petition to vacate the secret order.    This petition apparently has been rejected by the Supreme Court of Illinois.
Fact:   By the granting of Larkin (IARDC) grossly improper petition the Illinois Supreme Court has essentially ruled that PROFESSIONAL LICENSES in Illinois have no import and all regulation enacted by the legislature is void.   As we must assume that the Supreme Court of Illinois intends to obey the Illinois Constitution and the Bill of Rights we cannot assume that it has a different criteria and enforcement agenda for the political and judicial elite.
I’ve copied the governor of the State of Illinois as this action by the Supreme Court of Illinois mandates that all fees collected for professional licenses have been illegally collected and must be returned to the professionals who paid them.  The license fees are collected upon the pretext that the licensing is undertaken to protect the public.   As Mr. Larkin and the Supreme Court of Illinois have demonstrated – the licensing is a subterfuge. 
These funds collected (including the fees paid to the IARDC) should be returned forthwith.   
To: “” <>, 
and about 100 others….
Subject: Re: In Illinois the Supreme Court has ruled that no one needs a license – or in the alternative the Federal and Illinois Constitution is void
Date: Jun 25, 2016 6:05 AM
I want you all to know that I do not make this stuff up.  The Applicable Illinois Statute reads:
225 ILCS 415/13) (from Ch. 111, par. 6213) 
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2024) 
    Sec. 13. No action or suit shall be instituted, nor recovery therein be had, in any court of this State by any person for compensation for any act done or service rendered, the doing or rendering of which is prohibited under the provisions of this Act to other than certified shorthand reporters. 
(Source: P.A. 83-73.)

How can a public official continually ignore the law and get away with it?    If a public officials flaunts the law it is called a breach of the public trust (and a taxable event).    law enforcement is supposed to arrest miscreant public officials, and especially those who misuse public funds.    Why is Jerome Larkin still roaming the streets?    Why is the Illinois Supreme Court refusing to follow the simple words of the statute?   Why is the Illinois Supreme Court entertaining secret exparte petitions it knows or should know violate the law?   Why is the Illinois Department of Revenue not interested in collecting the taxes generated by Larkin and his co-conspirators as they ravage the Estates of the Elderly and the Disabled in these guardianship for profit elder cleaning escapades?      Where is law enforcement.


The answer to all of these questions is clear from Illinois’ reputation for vote fraud, corruption, and ability to fill Federal Prisons with public officials.   I believe that we have on former governor still in Federal custody.



Ken Ditkowsky

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From KKD–why is Jerome Larkin not in Jail?

You know that if any other attorney did what he did–present an utterly false and hopeless bill, not serve the other side, obtain a judgment, when the fraud was called out, then often prosecution is initiated for obtaining a false judgment and in this case with State of Illinois Funds entrusted to the public.  It has been weeks now.  Last pleading by SO, she wanted 2 weeks, for what? Damage Control?  More excuses?  I have not received an apology, I have not received my license back.  If it were you or I, or Ken, or Lanre Amu, for sure we would be sitting in Jail for trying to bilk $14,000 from the State of Illinois by using people who were not licensed to generate a fake bill, then file a motion exparte, then get a judgment and fight it.  It was very fortuitous that I just happened to try to get more information from one of the court reporters, could not find her address, and looked her up at the ARDC and found out she was unlicensed. And she was not just a little unlicensed, she was unlicensed since 2005. She still shows as unlicensed.
I am just really luck I have this blog.  Now with over 200 views per day, I can let everyone know what is really going on. First the ARDC dismisses tons of perfectly valid citizen complaints, some of which were regarding the Sykes case, which became the feature of this blog.  Next, they prosecute me claiming what is said on this blog is false, when in fact in the end, all discovery for Mary’s $1 million in gold and silver coins was quashed by both the ARDC and the trial court, the money runs out and Mary is narcotized to death after most of her estate goes to attorneys fees and nursing home fees–exactly as predicted by this blog and what Jerome Larkin wanted to suppress. Then we have attorneys Larkin Smart and Opryszek hiring and using unlicensed court reporters and presenting fake and fraudulent bills and obtaining fraudulent judgments. Do they apologize?  Nope, they continue on.
By the way, Real Time Reporters still has not provided me with an affidavit the court reporter was told “not to set up” and “we don’t do that” by the Clerk.  Of course you have the right to a court reporter–unless the proceeding is wired.
To: “J. Ditkowsky” <>, and 50 others
Subject: Why is Jerome Larkin not in jail?
Date: Jun 24, 2016 2:30 PM
It has been about a month since it was revealed that Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the IARDC, breached his public trust and in direct violation of a Consumer protection statute licensing court reporters, paid out public funds to unlicensed reporters.  (see section 13 of the act).   
We all know why Larkin engaged unlicensed professionals  – it was revealed in the transcript of Judge Stuart’s testimony – THE PORTION OF THE TRANSCRIPT THAT REVEALED JUDGE STUART’S WRONGFUL (AND CRIMINAL CONDUCT) WAS DELETED AS WAS THE EVIDENCE THAT SHE COMMITTED PERJURY.   It is suggested that unlicensed reporters were engaged so that Larkin could doctor the recording of the evidence as he desired.   (Court watchers and Ms. Denison have both independently revealed the alteration of the report of proceedings).    It is submitted that properly licensed professionals would not be easily intimidated to alter transcripts and would be delighted to provide the sound recordings of the testimony – they would be proud of their accuracy.
In defiance of the Rule of law, his public trust, and his duty Larkin caused to be paid by state funds amounts believed to be in the neighborhood of $14,000.00 on the Denison case alone to these unlicensed professionals.   Thereafter he in a secret proceeding ex-parte obtained the rubber-stamp of an order requiring Ms. Denison to pay over the said funds to the IARDC.
By motion this matter has been communicated to the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois and a question exists as to whether the judicial elite members of the Supreme Court will act to protect the good name of the legal profession and order disciplinary hearings as to Larkin’s conduct and/or refer his alleged criminal conduct to Law enforcement.   
Most of us are literally fed up by the Bureaucratic 18 USCA 371 cover-up of the gross corruption that every day is exposed.    It is respectfully suggested that yesterday’s vote in Britain, and the Sanders/Trump phenomenon is the public’s reaction to the public policy of up is down, right is left, truth is fiction – don’t worry the great unwashed are too stupid to know the difference!     
Jerome Larkin’s cover-ups are not will of the wisp affairs.   They involve real people.    The elder cleansing cottage industry is indeed lucrative, but it is vile and wrong.   The 700% surcharge in health care costs is thievery even though committed by the political and judicial elite, or covered by Court orders.   Form does not trump (pardon the pun) substance!

From KKD: City Hall fights discovery in civil rights cases

From Joanne;

One of the interesting movies right now on Netflix is “Dis-honesty” which is about the science of cheating.  It is a documentary on a University Professor who has conducted thousands of experiments on this issue over a long period of time.  Why do people do it?  How can it be prevented or stopped?  When are people more likely to do it?

One of the experiments noted in the movie, is that when students were given a test but paid according to how many questions were right, they tended to cheat more when sitting next to another person they were told was “good at the tests”.  Or when paired with a “strong test taker”, when paid they were much more likely to cheat. Most of the time, with or without payments based upon how many correct answers, there were always cheaters.

What did they find (warning: plot spoiler) seemed to stop the cheating on tests?  Having the test takers sign a “Code of Honor” or “10 commandments”.  Now the interesting thing about the Code of Honor or 10 commandments was 1) this held true even if the school in question didn’t actually have a code of honor and 2) before the test the students were asked to list the 10 commandments, and of course, no one could name all of them.  They only signed the “10 commandments” they came up with, which from the laughter of the Professor involved were not even close to the original ones.

So we learn you just have to have 10 good commandments, maybe it’s better if the person makes up their own 10 commandments, and that really stops cheating cold.

It seems to me that perhaps Larkin and other attorneys that seem to have problems following the law should be required to sign the Code of Professional Responsibility each time they file a pleading.  However, I would not let the ARDC make up their own Code of Professional Responsibility, I think that’s what they are doing now and it’s not working.

Obviously the statement that many courts require “This pleading is not being filed for the purposes of delay or harassment” needs to add in, it’s also not filed for someone to lie about the law.

Since the ARDC lied numerous times about lawyers and First Amendment rights: 1)  lawyers have none when in fact we do–Read Sawyer, Bates and Gentile which clearly states Lawyers do and the ARDC already got smacked upside the head by SCOTUS on the Bates case; 2)  47 USC 230 protects bloggers and provides a mechanism for anyone–including the ARDC to remove something from a blog and they did not do this as they should have; 3) they lied about the SCOTUS standard for harmful speech citing 100 year old overturned case law that this blog was like “yelling fire in a crowded theater” which isn’t at all the case–the standard now is “imminent harm”, that is if someone is demanding harm to another AND actually has the ability to carry out the request and it was not made in a joking or sarcastic manner. Schenk was replace by Brandenburg.  In this case, harm really isn’t the issue, but rather the speech itself, and if the Government wants to control speech, it falls under “strict scrutiny” which is a nearly impossible standard to me, ie, the government must show a compelling reason to control the speech, then it must use the least restrictive means, and then the government must show that the results justify the restriction on speech which is highly unfavored in the fist place.

I could go on and on about the obvious lies the ARDC has made in presenting case law in my ARDC trial, but I just don’t have the time right now.

The worst and pinnacle of their lies is the open and notorious use of unlicensed court reporters–two of them transcribing 2500 out of 2600 pages and to top this off, it appears that they obtained judgments behind my back, not sending me copies of the motions to file a response to, and it turns out the bills were just plain false and fraudulent.

They really must want to get rid of me and my blog.

Illinois law is clear that unlicensed court reporters cannot be in a court room transcribing what is said there.  They for sure cannot bill for transcripts from unlicensed court reporters.

I don’t blame the court reporters.  I am certain the ARDC did this on purpose and put pressure on the court reporters to 1) come to court; 2) transcribe without a license and 3) change the transcripts.  The lying of Judge Stuart on the stand was a classic.  The transcripts are replete with numerous other nonsensical statements because if the transcripts are nonsense, then I can’t appeal.  I asked for the audio copy, turned down of course.  It seems to me Sang Yul Lee and Zanib Alnaqib got some explaining to do to me.  What did I do to them they have this going on.  Surely they knew or should have known of it.  Why isn’t the FBI bugging the ARDC, a state agency that lets lawyers for the city suppress valuable evidence crucial to civil law suits in the courts?

It all has to be connected.

So read on: There must have been dozens of complaints, but I’m sure the ARDC did nothing: (my comments in burnt orange)

City Hall often fights to keep files secret in police abuse suits

Stacy St. Clair , Jeff Coen and Jennifer Smith RichardsContact ReportersChicago Tribune

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration routinely fights turning over information in federal civil rights lawsuits against Chicago police officers, often leaving a judge to step in and order the city to disclose potential evidence, a Tribune investigation has found.

Although typically not the type of issue that draws attention outside legal circles, the city’s handling of these lawsuits speaks to the police accountability issues that have intensified in recent months and have cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Whether by bureaucratic negligence or stonewalling by city agencies, the law department places the interests of the Police Department and its officers above the public good, according to plaintiffs’ lawyers and even some former city attorneys.

And just where is the ARDC in all of this.  I see no statement on their website they do not condone or permit attorneys to intentionally delay turnover of valid discovery materials

It’s an implicit policy, those critics say, that corrodes an already weakened relationship between the city and the people it serves.

A Tribune analysis of nearly 450 lawsuits alleging police misconduct since Emanuel took office found that in more than 19 percent of the cases — nearly one in every five — a federal judge ordered the city to turn over police reports, personnel files or other potential evidence it withheld from plaintiffs.

In cases involving allegations of wrongful convictions or serious excessive force such as police shootings, where the financial stakes are the highest and the threat to the city’s image are the most serious, the frequency jumped to 27 percent, more than one in four cases.

And in five cases, the city’s conduct was found to be so inappropriate that federal judges took the unusual step of handing down sanctions. Those sanctions led a judge in two cases to take the even rarer step of throwing out jury verdicts that had favored the city and ordering new trials.

“The (law department) believes it has to support the police whether the police are right or wrong,” said Irene Dymkar, a Chicago attorney who represents plaintiffs in civil rights cases. “But if you work for the city, you have an obligation to the public to look at things objectively. You have to protect the truth.” 

To be sure, the judicial system depends upon an honest exchange of evidence before trial. The process — known as discovery — allows the two sides in a lawsuit to uncover relevant facts through documents, sworn depositions and other disclosures. When the process breaks down, plaintiffs can find themselves at a disadvantage, their lawyers uncertain they are working with all of the evidence.

Stephen Patton, Emanuel’s hand-picked corporation counsel, rejected any implication of wrongdoing among his staff of about 45 attorneys in the Federal Civil Rights Litigation Division, which handles most lawsuits involving police. In five hours of interviews, he said that his attorneys are vigorous advocates for their clients, but said they do not cross the line into what the courts term misconduct.

“The pattern shows absolutely an absence of any kind of discovery misconduct or abuse, and that if there are patterns it is the kinds of things that happen all the time in litigation,” Patton said.

“That’s part of representing clients’ interests. It’s part of what lawyers do. It doesn’t mean anybody is withholding something or not acting in good faith.”

While Patton disagreed that the Tribune’s findings reflect a systemic issue, he acknowledged that he had identified problems and was taking steps to address them. What’s more, in January, Emanuel asked former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb to examine how the law department deals with civil rights claims, and Patton said his office is fully cooperating. Patton said every lawyer in the division had been interviewed by Webb’s team, and he was aware of some 60 cases under review.

The reforms include setting up an in-house document management system to ensure discovery can be better tracked, new policies requiring attorneys to double and triple check which records have been turned over, and hiring outside lawyers to represent individual officers in cases involving the most egregious misconduct allegations. Perhaps most significantly, he said he will drastically reduce the Police Department’s role in collecting documents needed for litigation.

Why is the city of Chicago going to pay for “outside lawyers” to represent officers who have the worst conduct?  Shouldn’t they just be fired and get their own attorney or a PD working for $70 per hour they have to pay for?

In police misconduct cases, the rules typically require the city to provide plaintiffs with arrest reports, radio transmissions, crime scene videos, witness interviews and other evidence. Plaintiffs and the city can reach informal agreements as to which records to trade, or they can submit formal requests for production. If they cannot agree on which evidence to exchange, they can ask a judge to settle the dispute. They can only take that step, however, after engaging in a “good-faith” effort to reach an agreement.

In 2013, for example, U.S. Judge Milton Shadur ordered the city to turn over documents to John Volland, who had filed a lawsuit claiming two officers beat him during a traffic stop in 2012. Volland’s attorneys wanted, among other things, records involving complaints against the officers.

When Shadur expressed his displeasure with how long the city was taking to turn over records, assistant corporation counsel Brendan Moore blamed the Police Department for the delay. He suggested the law department was just “the middle man” between the plaintiff and the police — an excuse that Shadur suggested shirked the law department’s responsibility.

“You can’t say, well, I am the … messenger, don’t execute me,” Shadur said during a September 2013 hearing.

Shadur gave the city two weeks to turn over the records. The city provided some of the requested records by the deadline — but not all of them — so Volland’s attorneys asked Shadur to intervene a second time.

The judge sanctioned the city for not turning over the documents in a timely manner. The city had to pay a relatively modest amount, $5,175 — the attorneys’ fees associated with filing the request. But the fact that there was a sanction at all was rare.

In the end, Shadur said, plaintiffs are at a financial disadvantage when they have to fight for records because it costs the attorneys time and money.

“I just don’t see the fairness of having a party being required to expend funds for purposes of getting discovery that is appropriate in the ordinary course,” Shadur said, according to a December 2013 court transcript.

Judge Shadur is absolutely correct and you know something is going on because a normal litigant would get flamed for pulling games in discovery. But apparently not city attorneys.

Patton acknowledged that having to deal with the Police Department’s legal staff has long been an issue for his office, but he said it should be mitigated by his lawyers collecting documents themselves. After a recent change of police leadership, Patton said there was less resistance to giving his assistants access to police records.

“We wear the jacket in the courts,” Patton said, “so give us the authority to fulfill the responsibility.”

The Police Department has agreed to give city lawyers access to its records “to ensure efficiency,” a spokesman said. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on June 13 issued a directive ordering all officers to cooperate with the new policy, more than two weeks after the Tribune presented its findings to the city.

The prompt exchange of documents is considered so sacrosanct, and so crucial to unearthing the truth, a law department policy manual includes a “Golden Rule on Discovery.”

“When in doubt whether to produce a document, your decision should almost always be to disclose the document,” the manual states. “It is better to overproduce than underproduce. If you have a question whether or not to produce a document, speak to your supervisor. If you are leaning towards a belief that the rules don’t require you to produce a document, picture yourself explaining your position in front of the judge and make sure you are on solid ground under the rules to not produce a document. Don’t play semantic games in an attempt not to produce a document.”

Yet the Tribune found repeated instances in which the city resisted turning over even the most basic documents or did little to force the cooperation of the Police Department or its other municipal agencies, leading to legal skirmishes that sometimes dragged on for years.

Time and again, the city blamed its own agencies as it tried to explain incomplete or missing records. Though they all fall under Emanuel’s control, records show the law department often has difficulty obtaining cooperation from the Police Department and the Independent Police Review Authority, the city-run agency that investigates police-involved shootings and other allegations of excessive force.

The Police Department often resists releasing personnel records without a judge’s order, though it is well established that plaintiffs are due that material. IPRA, meanwhile, sometimes opposes the release of videos and documents that it deems sensitive to investigations.

The city also routinely fights releasing records from officers’ complaint histories, a decision Patton described as often a strategic one because judges typically settle the dispute by giving plaintiffs fewer complaints than they requested but more than the city wanted to turn over.

The law department’s practices rankle plaintiff’s lawyers, including several attorneys who have been interviewed by Webb’s team. They say they believe Patton’s office tacitly supports the so-called code of silence that protects police by allowing other departments to call the shots.

When evidence is not turned over, they said in Tribune interviews, it can be difficult to tell if city lawyers have purposely flouted the rules of discovery or have been stymied by the Police Department or IPRA — or if the lawyers are merely hiding behind those agencies.

In those cases, their only recourse is to fight the city’s denials with motions to compel, formal requests that ask a judge to order another party to produce evidence.

“I don’t think the law department intentionally tries to hide evidence,” said plaintiff’s attorney Antonio Romanucci, who has spent more than four years waging a discovery battle in a lawsuit involving a shooting with an off-duty officer’s gun. “But they don’t do their due diligence and demand that discoverable items get turned over. When they turn a blind eye, they become part of the blue shield that protects officers.”

In one case, city lawyers stood by as IPRA lawyers refused to turn over records involving Randy Dorsey Jr.’s claim that he had been punched in the mouth by a Chicago police officer at a gas station in March 2012. IPRA said that sharing the file, which included video of the incident, would compromise its investigation of the officers, according to court documents.

But public records suggest there wasn’t much of an investigation. IPRA acknowledged that it had not interviewed the officers or other witnesses as of June 2013, more than a year after Dorsey had filed his complaint.

U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman sided with Dorsey, in part, and ordered IPRA to immediately turn over a portion of the Dorsey file, including the video.

The city settled the case shortly after for $37,000.

“When it helps the city, things get turned over to us quickly,” said attorney Ed Fox, who represented Dorsey. “When it supports the other side, IPRA and the law and police departments become obstructionists. And the city is OK with that.”

Patton said IPRA often is represented by its own counsel, so his department can do only so much to influence what it discloses. But he acknowledged his department’s policy is to err on the side of disclosure and not tolerate discovery violations by any city entity, including IPRA.

A spokeswoman for IPRA, which has new leadership, said she could not explain how cases were handled in the past. Under new Chief Administrator Sharon Fairley, the decision on what to release in civil rights cases is made on a case-by-case basis by Fairley, her general counsel and her chief investigators, spokeswoman Mia Sissac said.

The Tribune investigation comes as the Emanuel administration continues to reel from disclosures about the city’s troubled oversight of its Police Department, much of it sparked by the November release of a video showing Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times in 2014.

The law department was pulled into the fray in January, when U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang sanctioned one city attorney for intentionally concealing evidence in a fatal police shooting case and another for failing to make a reasonable effort to locate key records.

Less than a week later, Emanuel asked Webb to begin his review.

Webb’s findings have not yet been released, but the Tribune found a law department staff carrying a heavy workload and receiving minimal training on proper discovery practices until after Chang’s sanctions. City officials said a senior counsel typically juggles about two dozen active cases at any given moment and many attorneys had delegated discovery responsibilities to paralegals or the Police Department’s office of legal affairs to keep themselves from drowning in paperwork.

In anticipation of Webb’s report, Patton has ordered the division lawyers to attend a half-dozen discovery and ethics-related training sessions since January, with more scheduled. He also has added three new attorney positions to cut the workload and has hired more paralegals.

“As I said when we announced Dan Webb’s review of that division earlier this year, we intended to treat this as an opportunity to improve policies and procedures, provide additional training and commit additional resources, and that is exactly what we have done,” Patton said.

The Tribune spoke to about a dozen present and former city attorneys, most of whom described a department that faces another challenge: serving taxpayers while representing officers.

“The attorneys in (the police litigation division) believe they represent the individual police officer being sued, and they are not wrong,” said former assistant corporation counsel Marcelle LeCompte, who also spent time as a Cook County prosecutor and is now a plaintiff’s lawyer. “The problem is they are so blinded by the white hat syndrome that they think getting the officer out of liability is the same as representing the city and the public good.”

As part of its investigation, the Tribune reviewed 445 police-related lawsuits filed in federal court in which discovery was conducted during the mayor’s tenure and while the Federal Civil Rights Litigation Division has been under Patton’s leadership.

About 70 percent of the reviewed cases were handled by members of the unit. The other 30 percent were given to outside lawyers, whom the city pays an hourly rate of up to $295.

In the lawsuits reviewed by the Tribune, plaintiffs’ attorneys raised discovery issues in 109 cases, or about 25 percent of the time. Those concerns were upheld by judges, at least in part, 75 percent of the time.

In many cases, the judges only partially granted the requests, meaning the plaintiffs received only some of the records they wanted. Patton said that proves his office was at least partly right to push back.

The city also files its share of motions to compel, though not as frequently as the plaintiffs.

The problems did not begin with Emanuel’s administration. The Tribune identified dozens of discovery issues toward the end of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s last term, as he bequeathed Emanuel a law department that allowed agencies to shape what records would be turned over in civil rights cases.

Plaintiff’s attorneys say the evidence exchange has improved somewhat under Emanuel and Patton, especially since the McDonald video became public. Yet they remain concerned about the city’s overall approach to civil rights lawsuits.

“These lawyers have been getting away with this stuff and pleading ignorance for years,” said plaintiff’s attorney Jared Kosoglad. “They treat it all like a game, but it’s not a game to the citizens of Chicago.”

Added plaintiff’s attorney Jon Loevy: “They have set up a system that’s designed not to work.”

While gamesmanship sometimes is involved in discovery conflicts, legal experts say such tactics can tarnish the judicial process and undermine the city’s credibility. The city has been fined five times for discovery violations since Emanuel took office in 2011, though one of those cases straddled the Daley and Emanuel administrations.

By comparison, during Daley’s last decade in office, his law department was sanctioned eight times for discovery violations.

“If you have five sanctions in five years, it suggests you have an institutional problem,” said Suja Thomas, a professor at the University of Illinois Law School and an expert in discovery issues.

Patton disagreed with that analysis, calling five cases out of the hundreds of cases handled by his office a low number, and saying the sanctions were for “usually relatively insignificant things.”

The city, however, has received two sanctions in the past year that prompted two new trials and ultimately could end up costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars more in fines. The first sanction stemmed from a 2007 lawsuit filed by a local art teacher, Jonathan Hadnott, who accused police of stopping him on the street for no reason and, after he showed them his firearm ownership card as identification, of illegally searching his mother’s home to seize his gun.

The city’s defense of the officers, who denied searching the home, depended on a complicated timeline; the officers, the city argued, could not have searched the house because they never had the time to stop Hadnott, run his name through a database to determine if he had an arrest warrant, search the home, and then return to the station at the time shown on records. The database run alone, they said, could have taken 20 minutes.

After Hadnott’s case ended in a partially hung jury in June 2011, with Hadnott losing all but one count, his lawyers began preparing for a retrial on the remaining count. Three years later, city attorneys said they “rediscovered” a coded log that showed the database search was done in 11 seconds, rather than 20 minutes, upending the timeline as well as a central argument the city’s lawyers used to win the case.

In court documents, the city called the error “inadvertent,” but acknowledged it likely had the log since before the first trial. In court documents, it described the log as “gobbledygook” that would be difficult for the law department’s “untrained eyes” to decipher.

“It was like a slap in the face,” Hadnott said of learning about the log. “I was just an average citizen trying to make a grievance against the police and then this happened. … A regular Joe shouldn’t have to go through that kind of insult.”

Although some of the city’s conduct occurred before Emanuel took office in the case, and Patton said the Emanuel administration should not be blamed, Chang ruled that the discovery violation ran through the 2011 trial, shortly after Emanuel took office. Eventually, Hadnott and the city settled the lawsuit for $200,000. The city paid an additional $350,000 for its discovery violations — more than the settlement itself.

The city attorneys involved in the violation were not disciplined after the violation was discovered.

Patton said steps have been taken to ensure such a mistake could not happen again, including a new policy requiring evidence to be scanned and logged before it gets placed in a case file.

The Tribune found that, in the 362 cases where a judge found no discovery problems, the city paid more than $56.6 million in damages and legal fees. In the 83 cases where a judge had to force the city to turn over evidence, the city’s bill was more than $59 million, suggesting the city’s resistance came in the cases where the financial peril was greatest.

That total does not include the hundreds of thousands of dollars the city stands to be fined for sanctions in the Darius Pinex case, an excessive force lawsuit stemming from a fatal shooting in 2011. In January, Chang sanctioned a city attorney for intentionally withholding evidence and chastised the law department’s sloppy discovery practices. He has ordered the city to pay attorneys fees, though the amount has not yet been determined.

In a bruising ruling, Chang ordered a new trial and detailed significant flaws in how the law department responds to civil rights cases. He described a byzantine system in which city attorneys don’t understand how police records are kept — and make little effort to find out.

The ruling reversed a March 2015 decision in which a federal jury found in favor of Officers Raoul Mosqueda and Gildardo Sierra, concluding they were justified in killing Pinex during a January 2011 traffic stop on Chicago’s South Side. Both officers testified at trial that they had pulled over Pinex’s Oldsmobile because it was similar to a description they’d heard over their police radios of a car wanted in an earlier shooting.

Before the lawsuit was filed, a law department paralegal asked the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications to save radio calls from the night of the shooting. OEMC provided a call about a pursuit in Zone 8, but did not turn over any such audio from Zone 6, where the officers were working, court records show.

During the middle of the trial, though, city attorney Jordan Marsh told Chang he had learned a week before trial that 30 minutes of Zone 6 audio had been sent to a police lieutenant in 2011. Marsh said he did not know what was on the recording and had never possessed it.

But when it was turned over, the Zone 6 audio described a different Oldsmobile Aurora and did not mention a shooting.

After months of post-trial discovery, Chang found Marsh “intentionally concealed” knowledge of the radio call and misled the court about it.

“The federal court system cannot achieve its goal of fair, just and accurate judgments without requiring that good faith be instilled into the discovery decision-making of every attorney,” Chang wrote.

Records show Marsh was not disciplined by his supervisors after acknowledging the radio call’s existence in court — a period of nine months in which he was the lead lawyer in two major civil rights trials. He resigned his position on the day Chang granted Pinex’s family a new trial and attorneys’ fees.

Patton said he had outside lawyers review about 60 cases handled by Marsh and other attorneys involved in the Pinex and Hadnott cases. So far, the cases all have received a “clean bill of health” on discovery matters, he said.

Marsh, now in private practice, declined to comment.

In the Pinex case, Chang also found that Marsh’s co-counsel, city attorney Thomas Aumann, had failed to make a reasonable effort to find the dispatch recording during the discovery process. Aumann signed a document stating that all evidence had been turned over to the plaintiffs, but court records show he only looked for documents in the law department’s file. He didn’t know how the documents were compiled, where they came from or even who gathered them, Chang wrote.

Aumann, who left the law department shortly after the Pinex trial, could not be reached for comment.

Gloria Pinex, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of her son’s estate, said she was stunned to learn of the law department’s conduct.

“I knew the police officers protected each other. But I didn’t know that the mayor’s lawyers would hide the truth,” she said. “I thought it would be different in a courthouse, but it wasn’t. It’s the same conspiracy, the same code of silence.”

The city recently agreed to settle the case for more than $2 million, a source with knowledge of the agreement said.

Patton would not comment on a possible settlement but said the mistakes in the Pinex case were “isolated” and “unacceptable.”

Even when the city does turn over records, the Tribune found, they can be incomplete. This puts plaintiffs’ attorneys at a disadvantage, as they must guess at what facts are missing or move blindly ahead with the legal process.

In February 2014, attorney Candace Gorman asked the city to turn over videos of witness statements as part of a lawsuit stemming from Divonte Young’s fatal shooting by a Chicago police officer. She asked again in September. And again in December.

Each time, court records show, the city said it had turned over all the records provided by the Police Department — a position that would have held if Gorman had not noticed a reference to a witness statement buried in the records she did receive. The statement was given at a police station, which meant it was likely recorded on video.

The Police Department eventually provided that video of the witness’ statement, but Gorman wanted more. She asked for a summary of all interviews with another witness and that witness’ last-known address.

City lawyers made several requests for the information, but the Police Department never responded, according to a law department memo obtained by the Tribune.

A month later, the Police Department turned over a document showing the witness had given another statement seven months after the shooting and had backed off his initial claims that he saw Young, 20, shooting a gun shortly before an officer fired on him.

City officials said “the failures to timely provide responsive materials in this case” would be avoided in the future through plans to give the division attorneys direct access to CPD records.

Young’s lawsuit was briefly halted earlier this year after the law department earmarked the case for an outside review of discovery practices following Judge Chang’s ruling. An outside firm found no irregularities in its review, officials said.

While Gorman welcomes the outside review and promises of reform, she still has doubts as to whether the law department wants to improve.

“The things they do are mind-boggling,” she said. “There won’t be any real change until the city truly wants change.”


Another Poor decision from Justice Thomas-searches allowed after illegal search

from the New York times and thanks to Ralla Klepak for her post on FaceBook

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that evidence found by police officers after illegal stops may be used in court if the officers conducted their searches after learning that the defendants had outstanding arrest warrants.

This means clear erosion of the “fruit of the poison” tree doctrine where if the stop was invalid then all evidence obtained cannot be used in a court of law against you.  It deters police from engaging in illegal stops.

Justice Clarence Thomas, writing for the majority in the 5-to-3 decision, said such searches do not violate the Fourth Amendment when the warrant is valid and unconnected to the conduct that prompted the stop.

Justice Thomas’s opinion drew a fiery dissent from Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who said that “it is no secret that people of color are disproportionate victims of this type of scrutiny.”

“This case tells everyone, white and black, guilty and innocent, that an officer can verify your legal status at any time,” she wrote. “It says that your body is subject to invasion while courts excuse the violation of your rights. It implies that you are not a citizen of a democracy but the subject of a carceral state, just waiting to be cataloged.”

The case, Utah v. Strieff, No. 14-1373, arose from police surveillance of a house in South Salt Lake based on an anonymous tip of “narcotics activity” there. A police officer, Douglas Fackrell, stopped Edward Strieff after he had left the house based on what the state later conceded were insufficient grounds, making the stop unlawful.

Officer Fackrell then ran a check and discovered a warrant for a minor traffic violation. He arrested Mr. Strieff, searched him and found a baggie containing methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia. The question for the justices was whether the drugs must be suppressed given the unlawful stop or whether they could be used as evidence given the arrest warrant.

“Officer Fackrell was at most negligent,” Justice Thomas wrote, adding that “there is no evidence that Officer Fackrell’s illegal stop reflected flagrantly unlawful police misconduct.”


How a Vacancy on the Supreme Court Affects Cases in the 2015-16 Term

The empty seat left by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death leaves the court with two basic options for cases left on the docket this term if the justices are deadlocked at 4 to 4.


Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, Stephen G. Breyer and Samuel A. Alito Jr. joined the majority opinion.

In a dissent that cited W. E. B. Du Bois, James Baldwin and Ta-Nehisi Coates, Justice Sotomayor said the court had vastly expanded police power.

“The court today holds that the discovery of a warrant for an unpaid parking ticket will forgive a police officer’s violation of your Fourth Amendment rights,” she wrote. “Do not be soothed by the opinion’s technical language: This case allows the police to stop you on the street, demand your identification and check it for outstanding traffic warrants — even if you are doing nothing wrong.

“If the officer discovers a warrant for a fine you forgot to pay,” she continued, “courts will now excuse his illegal stop and will admit into evidence anything he happens to find by searching you after arresting you on the warrant.”

Justice Sotomayor added that many people were at risk. Federal and state databases show more than 7.8 million outstanding warrants, she wrote, “the vast majority of which appear to be for minor offenses.” There are, she added, 180,000 misdemeanor warrants in Utah. And according to the Justice Department, about 16,000 of the 21,000 residents of Ferguson, Mo., are subject to arrest warrants.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined most of Justice Sotomayor’s dissent, along with all of a separate dissent from Justice Elena Kagan. But Justice Sotomayor reserved her most personal reflection for a part of her dissent in which she wrote only for herself, setting out in detail the dangers and indignities that often accompany police stops.

“For generations,” she wrote, “black and brown parents have given their children ‘the talk’ — instructing them never to run down the street; always keep your hands where they can be seen; do not even think of talking back to a stranger — all out of fear of how an officer with a gun will react to them.”

“We must not pretend that the countless people who are routinely targeted by police are ‘isolated,’” she wrote. “They are the canaries in the coal mine whose deaths, civil and literal, warn us that no one can breathe in this atmosphere. They are the ones who recognize that unlawful police stops corrode all our civil liberties and threaten all our lives. Until their voices matter, too, our justice system will continue to be anything but.”

Justin Driver, a law professor at the University of Chicago, said Justice Sotomayor’s dissent was remarkable. It is, he said, “the strongest indication we have yet that the Black Lives Matter movement has made a difference at the Supreme Court — at least with one justice.”

I want everyone to notice at least the women Justices got this one right and upheld the meaning and tenor of the US Constitution in protecting US citizens and their freedoms and liberties.

Question: what to do if you are pulled over by the police?

From numerous lawyers on (and please check these out), experienced criminal lawyers.

Don’t panic.  Take a deep breath and calm down.  Always be polite.

While the officer is walking toward the car, reach for your cell phone and push the record button and keep it as close to the conversation as possible.  You are allowed to record police.  This is a constitutional right in all 50 states and the numerous US territories.  Make sure your dash cam is on.  If you don’t have one, get one now and get one that records both forwards and backwards.  A good trick of police officers is to say they pulled you over because you didn’t have your seat belt on.  Don’t dispute it there. Dispute it in court with the nice friendly prosecutor lady or the judge or jury in front of a full courtroom of witnesses.  Often, the officer is in no mood, he just wants to issue a ticket and move on.  Be sure you’re recording both forward and backwards.  If you own a body cam, put it around your neck or clip to a shirt pocket or the neckline of a blouse or top.

The conduct of police officers has been so bad, the ACLU has an app that automatically uploads video and time and date stamps it and encodes it so it cannot be changed. Get the app and make a donation.  (donation not required, and I did not see an Illinois app, I downloaded the California app). Visit Google Play or have a 10 year old kid show you how to do this.

First, roll down your window only a crack.  The police officer will ask you why you were pulled over (they always do this trying to get some lame confession of a crime). If you open your window more than a crack, the officer may report he smelled booze or alcohol or pot and that gives a reason to arrest.

Always answer “I don’t answer questions.”  Teach this to your spouse and your kids. “I don’t answer questions.”

Pass your driver’s license and registration thru the crack.  If the officer asks you to roll down your window beyond a crack, say “I object”.

You only roll the window down a crack because you don’t want the officer to say he smelled booze or pot or whatever.  It’s even better to hold your license and registration up to the window and don’t open it at all if you can.

Anything the officer asks you to do say “I object”.  If the police officer asks you why, just say “its for the record and for the media.”  Remember, I object.  Always object. It’s always for the record and for the media. (some recent court decisions–bad ones–have been that police recording is not covered under the first amendment unless its “for the media” so say “its for the media” and then put it on your blog or facebook. for sure it will go viral)

Listen to what the officer says and always respond with “I don’t answer questions.”

If the officer says “step out of the car”, answer “I object” and do so.

If the officer says “walk a line”, do a field sobriety test, tap dance in the street or whatever, you can object and refuse to do these.  Always refuse. The officer has no right to make you do anything physical. These “tests” are designed for failure. Who the heck can do these physical tests with cars swerving around you in the middle of the night, or in snow or on ice when they are petrified of an officer with a gun and perhaps a partner with a gun. Say “I object.” if the officer asks why say “I object.” Women can say “I object, I’m in heels”.

If the officer asks you to take a breathalyzer, know these are highly subject to variations in a sensitive machine kept in a car and bounced around all day, and heaven knows when that machine was last calibrated.  They aren’t at all accurate.  Say “I object and consent to a blood test from a licensed MD”. Blood tests are highly accurate, breathalyzers are not.  Say “I object”.

The officer may say “I can make this easy or hard.”  Just ignore the abusive comment. Do not admit to anything under any circumstances. The police are allowed to lie and if you lie back you will be charged with a felony.

The officer may ask, may I search your car, your purse, your whatever.  Say “I object”.  Let them do it if this is an order, but say “I object”or “I object for the record”.

The officer may ask, can you wait because I want to get a dog to search your car for drugs.  The answer is “I object, am I free to go”.  You don’t know if your kids or the last parking valet tossed a joint butt with a tiny flower top remaining in it into a nook or cranny of your car.  Proper response is “I object.”

Always ask if you are free to leave. If you are free to leave do so quickly and quietly.  Do not chatter on or linger. Any words you say will not just be used against you, but will be twisted.

If the police officer says “I am going to arrest you and take you in”.  Don’t panic, ask to lock your car and throw your cell phone, keys and body cam into the car”.  When you get to the police station, call to get a friend or relative to pick up the car right away and retrieve the keys, phone, body cam and keep them safe. You might elect to keep your phone to make calls at the police station, but it is not guaranteed they will let you do this.

The same goes if a police officer comes to your home.  Always ask if they have a warrant.  If they have no warrant, say “I object and refuse to allow you in.”  If they barge in, at least you objected. They will make you sit on the couch while they destroy your home.  Sit and don’t answer questions.  Take photos of the damage later.  Be prepared for the fact they will maliciously destroy your home and you have to shut up and sit.

If the police officer is conducting an ongoing investigation not involving you, make them confirm that fact you are not a suspect and not involved and you must answer questions.   If you are involved or a suspect, just say “I don’t answer questions, I want to talk to my lawyer.” Always ask to talk to your lawyer.  Let the lawyer answer questions.

If the officer threatens to taze you or reaches for the tazer, say you have a heart condition.  Believe me, if your heart isn’t racing by then, it will be damaged after the use of a tazer.

If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, say “I am pregnant, do not use force or weapons on me”. This works for women and girls ages 12 to 90.  They have hormone treatments now for older women.  Every woman or girl should be considered pregnant or possibly pregnant because they can taze you and slam you to the ground otherwise.  Sadly, sometimes they do it anyway, even if you don’t resist.

Most of all, stay calm and keep yourself safe.  Your lawyer will answer everything later for you.  Never endanger yourself or your family by not following police orders and remaining calm and polite.

If you have a drinking or drug problem, get into rehab. Rehab in jail can be deadly. Rehab under private insurance is cushy. Don’t like rehab? Call a therapist or psychologist that you like and trust.

Being on the streets in the middle of the night and in a jail cell is not the place for rehab. Insurance will not cover your DUI charge bill.  It won’t cover the legal bill.

Stay safe.  Make sure your headlights and tail lights work and there is no reason to pull you over.  Keep your BAC at zero.  Got a problem?  Call someone.

I am publishing this because of the huge number of complaints I am getting over false arrests over corruption in probate and family courts.  The people in the courtroom ARE wired into the police and to keep the money flowing, they often use them to intimidate and control.

If you are threatened by police at the nursing home or during “stupervised” visitation of your child at a state agency, use the same responses.  “I don’t answer questions” and “I object.”  If beaten and threatened with a tazer, say “I have a heart condition or may be pregnant”.  Record, record, and then record again.

If the facility tells you they called the police, don’t stick around, just leave. Try to develop a friendship with someone at the facility who will give you a heads up when nursing staff or the administrator has called the police on you. If the police come in the front door, you go out the back door.  If you’re not there, no confrontation and no arrest.  Let the police try to get a judge to issue an arrest order based upon an affidavit you tried to visit your loved one and bathe them, wash their clothes, feed them.  Pretty ridiculous, right?

Remember, they just want to get a felony on you. They want you in jail/prison or under a Protective Order and away from the scenes of the crimes.  They do not want you to protect your loved one. Their game is to “target, isolate, drain the estate, narcotize to death and eliminate when the estate runs dry and then cremate.”  Your goal is to protect your loved one for as long as possible as discretely as possible until the authorities actually start to do their jobs.

If you do not have a smart phone with GPS and tracking and are involved in court corruption, get one now.  Put “Life 360” on your phone and it will track you by the day, the second, the hour.  Miscreants “disappear” the people they don’t like or want to incarcerate in dangerous jails. Be sure your loved ones are aware of every where you are every moment of the day or night. Make sure they can access that account to track you if they don’t hear from you every 24 hours (good reason to run a blog).

Stay safe.  And continue your good works.


sources: refuse the field sobriety test:

this one is very good and it is how the police can really screw up on the collection of evidence against you. remember the cops cannot force you to do anything physical.  You are scared, shaking in your shoes.  Refuse, say “I object.”

best short video of your rights:

where is officer friendly these days?

some good examples:


funniest quote:  Excuse me, Mr. Officer, I regret to inform you the 4th amendment did not magically disappear over night.



From Judy Ditkowsky & Reuters — More take downs of Medicare Fraud, now $712 million!

U.S. completes ‘takedown’ of Medicare fraud: officials

U.S. law enforcement officials have charged 301 suspects with trying to defraud Medicare and other federal insurance programs in 2016, marking the “largest takedown” involving health care fraud allegations, the Justice Department said on Wednesday.

The national sweep resulted in charges against doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists accused of fraud that cost the government $900 million, the department said.

The cases involved an array of charges, including conspiracy to commit health care fraud, money laundering and violations of an anti-kickback law.

This year’s sweep exceeded last year’s record in which 243 defendants faced charges in a combined $712 million in government losses. Officials said it was the largest takedown in the nine-year history of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, a joint initiative between federal, state and local law enforcement.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said some of the cases reflect new, troublesome trends, including instances of identity theft in order to prepare fake prescriptions and a growing number of cases involving compounding, or the mixing of medications tailored to meet a patient’s needs.

Compounded medications are typically very expensive. From 2012 to 2014, the quarterly Medicare spending on these prescriptions skyrocketed from $28 million to $171 million.

“As this takedown should make clear, health care fraud is not an abstract violation or benign offense,” Lynch said. “It is a serious crime.”

Health care fraud is such a serious issue that is it preventing the US from having universal Health Care

In one case, two owners of a group of outpatient clinics and a patient recruiter stand accused of filing $36 million in fraudulent claims for physical therapy and other services that were not medically necessary.

The Justice Department said that to find patients, the clinic operators and the recruiter targeted poor drug addicts and offered them narcotics so they could bill them for services that were never provided.

Another case was filed against the operator of a marketing business that received referral fees from pharmacies that filled and billed Tricare, the U.S. military’s government insurance program, for compounded medicines.

The prescriptions were submitted via “telemedicine” sites, and doctors were given blank prescription forms to fill out, regardless of medical necessity, according to the complaint.

One doctor told the FBI her identity and medical credentials were used without her permission to fill thousands of dollars worth of prescriptions.

It is not a surprise with all the people forced into nursing homes that no one wants to go to, there must be massive health care fraud in the US when we know that aging the population in place with a simple caretaker is far less expensive. And putting people on supplements and vitamins, yoga and meditation is far less expensive and can amount to near complete rehabilitation in just a few months according to recent studies. There is no reason why the US health care system has to be so bloated and ineffective that it is actually dangerous to grow old in this country.

KKD explains the difference between a “fixed” and “wired” case

To: Janet Phelan <>
Cc: “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, B
Subject: Defining terms.
Date: Jun 21, 2016 9:12 PM
Question:  what is the definition of a “fix?”
Because of my background I use the words “fix” and “wired” court in my regular discourses.    Even though everyone knows or should know what these words mean in the context of corruption, we have never defined them and thus have not made certain that we are speaking together.    As I use the word “fix” it does not mean or portray the sour grapes of a party receiving  an adverse ruling because a judge presiding in some court did not agree with you,   Such is true even if in a perfect world you would have been successful and vanquished your opponent.    Fixed or wired is intended to mean that a decision has been made (usually involving a judicial matter) by a trier of fact due to some improper outside influence introduced by some interested party. 
The Sykes case is a wired case.   The recent Tim Lahrman cases were fixed.     Here in Chicago a notable fixed case involved the Mayor of the City of Chicago’s nephew.   He killed another person on the streets of Chicago in a fight.    Normally arrest, prosecution and Jail would be offered to the miscreant for the offense however, a massive cover-up was instituted and for more than year the political establishment kept the hue and cry at bay.    The ‘fix’ was in.    Indeed the jail sentence finally extracted was a disgrace.   The case is an anatomy of a fix.     We have many examples – A Senator from Mass drove his automobile off a bridge, swam to safety himself as she drowned.    The wife of former president used a personal server to distribute State Secrets and to solicit foreign contributions to the personal Foundation.    In short, when the result of fact finding or application of the law is obvious from day one and prior to a presentation of the facts and the playing field is not level – we have the fixed case and the wired judge.    
Just to be clear it is not a fix in the situation wherein a judge, who has no prior relationship to either you or your opponent or any other interested party, rules against you after giving you a full hearing and the opportunity to present your side of the case.     Under that circumstance, if the Judge rules against you, no matter how strong you believe your evidence your loss is not a fix.      There are exceptions such as cafeteria courts wherein as matter of Jurisdictional policy you are guilty without any evidence being presented.    Traffic Court, Building Court, Forcible Entry and Detainer Court are examples.     These courts are an anomaly as well as a disgrace; and merely revenue producing entities or a place to house incompetent judges.   
Institutional bias may or may not constitute a fix.       There are judges who harbor bias against certain ethnic and racial groups.      Most of the time these biases are subtle.     For example, how do we classify the situation in which Judge A just does not like Jews and does not believe them.    One of the Presidential candidates complained that he was getting the short end of the stick because of the personal makeup and demeanor of a particular judge.   (This judge made certain rulings that appeared to be bit more than questionable).     The unlevel playing field creates a fix.    However, if the same judge could not care and does not care about who you are , what ethnic group you belong, or anything personal concerning either you or your opponent even if he/she is a moron and has the intelligence of an idiot the case is neither wired or fixed.    Such a case is a bit more challenging.    It should be noted that not all (in fact not many) of the cases going to the Appellate Courts are the result of fixes or ‘wired court.’
Now that we defined the fix or wiring of the court as the denial of a level playing field, how do we know a fix when it bites us?    
At one point in time judges were less subtle.   The wired judge received something tangible and a cost of living analysis by the Treasury Department would detect the remuneration.     Today it is very difficult to detect as today ‘wiring’ courts and ‘fixing’ judges is much more subtle.    Campaign contributions to the Judge and/or his political action committee mask the remuneration.    As Illinois Judges as an example stand for retention and it is rarer than hens having gold teeth for a judge not to be retained, the political campaign contribution while legal is nothing more than a scam payment to the judge.
  The scams are much more inventive.   A couple of payments on the Judges’ mortgage create a bribe that is virtually untraceable.    A sweetheart purchase of a commodity, real estate, condominiums, vehicles etc. go unnoticed.   Similarly a job for a family member is almost untraceable.    Of course there is other currency other than the US Dollar.    One of the bad guy nursing home operator distributed the proceeds of nursing home beds in addition to finder’s fees to deserving judges and other judicial officials.    The long and short is that whatever the consideration (whether it is corporeal, tangible, or quid pro quo) it is always present in the ‘fixed’ or ‘wired” Court.     Detection is usually fortuitous.
The Alice Gore case as an example was not a case of just bad judgment, or avarice on the part of judicial officials.   1.5 million dollars disappeared and was not accounted for.    In fact, the records kept were so terrible that the attorney who closed the file for the State literally tore his hair out to try to present to the Court something reasonable.    As the fix was in the miscreant parties escaped and laugh all the way to the Bank.  
 Even though we have not run across another situation (such as Gore)  in which the avarice was so openly and notoriously displayed by the prospecting for the gold in her teeth the felonies committed by the miscreants the active parties, i.e. the Judge and the Guardian ad litem were not investigated, not prosecuted, but rewarded for their perfidy.     Jerome Larkin using the IARDC attempted to silence dissent and hide the fact a senior citizen was elder cleansed by ‘wired courts’ and ‘fixed’ judges.    
What is disgusting is the tie-in between the guardian ad litem in the Gore case and the nursing home empire of her health care mogul relative.    Any investigation would have made public the clear disclosure of the relationship and its perfidious effect on the judicial system and the cancerous corruption in the Illinois judicial system.      The 1.5 million dollars in missing and/or misapplied assets is the consideration for the corruption.   
The Guardian ad litem’s relative is not a casual visitor to the fixing of cases and the wiring of courts.   He was exposed in the Chicago newspapers for his relationship with the Public Guardian’s office and the disappearance of homeless people from lower Wacker Drive.    (They wound up – at government expense – in his nursing home facilities.     The ‘wiring’ of the Court was easily paid for by ‘finder’s fees’, referral gratuities, or Court assignments as guardian, guardian ad litem, attorney for guardian *****.    Indeed, the elder cleansing of Alice Gore was part of the pay to play scenario that rocks Illinois.   The cesspool has few limits, except the need to intimidate the family to ‘stay away’ and the realization by the miscreants that the cover-up is quite difficult when family members are not easily intimidated.   Direct assaults and demonization of the family member who object the elder cleansing then follows.   
A case study and anatomy of a fixed or wire case is he Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.  The MaryGSykes case is the case that is most pregnant with corruption.     Thanks to Judge Connors’ evidence deposition on page 91 we have a judge admitting that the ‘fix was in.’    What was done about it?    Nothing.  
How do we know that Judge Connor’s admission was true?
The file in case 09 P 4585 is just short of incredible.    As I pointed out previously, the Illinois legislative requirements are designed to fully protect the elderly and the disabled from misuse of the guardianship statute and the use of guardianship to separate the elderly from their civil rights.     Section 3b (755 ILCS 5/11a -3b) provides that the guardianship is an accommodation to be used only to prove whatever aid that might be appropriate to the disabled person.     It was not to be used to seize all the assets, liberty, and property of the senior.      
To assure that the limited invasion of the statute be observed the Legislature in section 10 made certain that the proceedings would not be disguised, ignored, or otherwise obviated.     The Legislature then provided that a particular summons be issued and served on the affected person.    The Legislature even directed how the summons was to be served.     The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County ignored the mandate of the legislature and never provided the required summons during the relevant period of time.      A quick view of the Sykes file points out that the complaint was not appropriately filled out by the miscreant attorney for the petitioner, and even though Mary Sykes had been kidnapped and taken out to DuPage County the summons in the filed were directed to a Chicago Address.    The façade was complete with the petition with a Court order obtained leave to serve Mary by a special process server.  The Sheriff in a letter points out that no service was had by his office of Mary Sykes. [1]
To make certain that an incompetent person is fully protected in section 10 the legislature required (as a jurisdiction condition precedent) that some of the nearest family members be notified i.e. Sisters, children ****.      The file indicates that there were no notices given to anyone 14 days prior a hearing on Mary’s competency.
Of course notice would have been a waste of time as no hearing was ever held.   The two guardians just appeared before the ‘wired’ judge and she made an appointment of a guardian to elder cleanse Mary Sykes.     
Thus, we have irregularities!   The core values of NOTICE AND HEARING (due process) were not afforded to Mary Sykes.    However, do these irregularities ipsofacto provide proof that Judge Connors was wired?     The answer has to be no, even though the evidence is strong.    Do these irregularities prove proof that Judge Connors was ‘fixed?’       Again – not yet.
What is the proof required?     We have to show that Judge Connors got something for it and was induced to come to the same conclusion regardless of the proof presented.     We presume that the Judge is honest, filled with integrity, and a purer that Caesar’s Wife.    
 Gloria Sykes, who happens to be an investigative producer, rummaged through the political files and found some interesting relationships that an HONEST INVESTIGATION would have to follow up upon.   The political ties she appeared to uncover suggest that elder cleansing is a very profitable cottage industry that has many adherents in the political arena.    Of course, no HONEST investigation has been undertaken and every effort to induce such an investigation has been met with opposition from the Illinois ARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court.     It does not take much acumen to suggest exactly why there is such opposition to any investigation of the elder cleansing industry conducted in our court.      
  In our role as Caesar’s wife we are deprived of the ability to RUSH TO JUDMENT.       We do have proof!   
1.     All citizens are presumed to know the law, and Judges in particular in addition to being presumed to know the law are presumed to know whether or not they have jurisdiction.     Judge Connors if she did a scintilla of work in the Sykes case she would have examined the file and discovered that no legitimate attempt had been made to serve Mary Sykes with summons as required by due process, and that the jurisdictional obligation of prior 14 days’ notice of hearing had not been provided, or that a hearing was never held.     Judge Connors could not plead ignorance of the fact that she was never present at the required hearing as to Mary Sykes’ competency.
2.   Judge Connors admitted the fact that she was Fixed/Wired on page 91 of her evidence deposition.
The wiring of Judges does not have to occur in the initial stages of the case.    It may occur at any time.    It can take on many faces.      The key to the ‘wired’ judge is the fact that even though the evidence in favor one side is overwhelming the other side cannot win = the judge has made up his/her mind prior to hearing the evidence.      Judge Connors made it very clear on page 91 of her evidence deposition.     Had she known of the jurisdictional deficiencies she would have stopped the proceedings to correct them.     
A judge has very specific duties.   An unwired judge does not aid either side – she at all times remains neutral.    The judge is the trier of fact and therefore if the plaintiff/petitioner cannot make his/her case that is tough *****.     The unwired judge would protect that alleged incompetent’s rights and dismiss the proceedings – no jurisdiction – no legal proceeding.       In the Sykes case Judge Connors ignored her legal and moral obligations.   In the same case Judge Stuart demonstrated that she was wired, when she was informed of all the irregularities, including the fact that she did not have jurisdiction but continued to rule on the miscreant’s requests.    Ditto for every single judge assigned to the Sykes case who filed to dismiss it.    The epidemic of ‘wired’ judges exists across the Nation in these guardianship cases.    Our governments solution so far has been to ignore the corruption and in the case of [2]States like Illinois – clamp down and silence all who demand HONEST investigations.    In short, they are trampling on America’s liberty and core values [3].    
Either accepting or soliciting or receiving, or paying something of value to a public official or a judge is a felony.    A promise to get my son a favorable hearing in relation to school is just a serous bribe as my paying a public official for the result.  In Summary, the ‘fixed’ judge or ‘wired court’ is a court where the natural equilibrium is changed by something a value.       The judge who abandons his position of trust for illegal personal enhancement of his pecuniary position deserves to be disbarred and jailed.   Those in public service who cover up for the dishonest judge pursuant to 18 USCA 371 ought to be in jail.
We are citizens are helpless, unless we can be heard and can make enough of a hue and cry to require government to consider the 5th and 14th Amendment admonition to the effect that we are all EQUAL IN THE EYES OF THE LAW and the political elite and judicial elite are subjected to the same rules as we – the great unwashed! [4]      

[1] The guardian’s attorney claims a bench service, but does claim that he served the required documents.      The IARDC panel ruled that notice of a hearing had been waived.   Exactly how does an incompetent ‘waive’ anything?  How do you waive attendance at a hearing that never occurred, especially when the party with the burden of proof failed to present any?     The action of “panel” is strong evidence that it (the panel) is fixed.     (When no evidence being presented is evidence of ‘guilt’ it is pretty clear that the trier of fact is wired.    In the Amu case not only was no evidence of his wrongdoing presented by the IARDC, but Crain’s Chicago Business echoed his charges against Judge Egan almost word for word.    Of course the IARDC tribunal found Amu guilty.
[2] This case must be distinguished from the ‘sour grapes’ situation in which the Court erroneously rules that black is white, or the case wherein the plaintiff cannot prove that today is Tuesday.     (Yes, I am aware that the Judge should take judicial knowledge that today is Tuesday).     Judges are entitled to make mistakes and within limited parameters even be stupid.    BUT if one half of one penny has an influence on the Judge’s decision the case is wired.
[3] First amendment and due process
[4] The desperation of the IARDC is so great at this point to protect a source of remuneration that they unwittingly exposed the fact that they used unlicensed court reporters in their kangaroo proceedings.   It is suggested that they did so so that they have leverage to alter transcripts.     The case in point was Judge Stuart admitted facts that indicated that she committed perjury.   By the stroke of pen *****.     By Statute the unlicensed reporters cannot be paid, especially by a public agency.    Ergo, when Jerome Larkin did so, he committed a felony.   When he attempted to obtain reimbursement from JoAnne Denison he compounded the felony.

From Joanne;
Interesting that Larkin commits a felony by dictating, filing with the court a false and fraudulent bill, and the court rubber stamps an order that is nothing but Fraud on the Court and the false and fraudulent bill can be brought up at any time.
Larkin knows of this, so does Sharon Opryszek and neither has apologized or moved to strike the false and fraudulent order.
Right now, my Supplement is pending and “under review” at the Supreme Court.  It has been there for awhile now, not like the usual strike or ignore motion and move along.
Judge Theis said it is pulled and under consideration.  Judge Freeman says it is denied with the original order.
I guess no one knows what to do with this mess, and probably no one wants to touch it or get near it.
Before this no judge at the Illinois Supreme Court was signing any orders, including my order for suspension.  Court Order are nothing but paper towels until the judge signs them.  Oh, some judges might get out a signature stamp on dicey orders, and some just have the clerk sign them as if they do not know what they are doing.
But all of my orders have been unsigned.  It can even be argued that I am not suspended or disciplined because no order has ever been signed by a single justice.
Judges really don’t have a lot of work to do. They are supposed to make sure that everyone has had proper service by viewing an affidavit of service and a copy of the summons and complaint, and then after that, the attorneys do all the work preparing motions and briefs, the judge reads them and makes a decision.  Of course the judge can just read the first and last pages of the 20 page pleadings filed, but at that point he has judicial immunity and can just sit back and relax.
Next, upon making a decision, he issues and signs an order.  No order, no decision.  Some play games with this never performing this part when the case is troubled, but a transcript can be obtained and an aggrieved party may appeal based upon the transcript.
Nonetheless, if there is no signed order, there is really nothing to enforce.
I have no idea why the Illinois Supreme Court has not signed any orders in my case. What? They can’t even dig up a rubber stamp?  The clerk has and sometimes uses it.
unsigned orders:

Even the State of GA disagrees with Mr. Larkin’s bizarre interpretation of First Amendment Rights

A corruption victim sent this along to me.  Gag orders are almost always wrong and Unconstitutional.  The courts have no jurisdiction to regulate the media.

Almost the same fact pattern as In re Weddigen, but in this case, Mother is posting her comments on social media criticizing the judge, the court, the lawyers and the decision. The judge enters a gag order that the parties cannot comment on the case in his court based upon “best interests of the child”.  Mother objects to the order and an appeal follows:

This Court noted that “a trial court can require the parties in a divorce proceeding to refrain from making derogatory remarks about the other before the children.”25 Our analysis, however, does not end there. Prior restraints of speech, the order here, are not unconstitutional per se, but they bear a “heavy presumption against [their] constitutional validity. The Government thus carries a heavy burden of showing justification for the imposition of such a restraint.” a prior restraint is subject to “exacting scrutiny.”28 The United States Supreme Court has instructed:  [p]roperly applied, the test requires a court to make its own inquiry into the imminence and magnitude of the danger said to flow from the particular utterance and then to balance the character of the evil, as well as its likelihood, against the need for free and unfettered expression. The possibility that other measures will serve the State’s interests should also be weighed. 

Reviewing the injunction in this case, we conclude that the superior court failed to properly balance the danger flowing from the prohibited speech with the parties’ and attorneys’ First Amendment rights. The superior court did reference its finding in the temporary restraining order that it balanced Baskin’s First Amendment rights with “the rights of the children not to have derogatory and disparaging comments posted in a public forum concerning their parents and the rights of the children [not to] have details concerning their family’s legal issues placed in a public forum,” finding that “placing derogatory and disparaging remarks in the public forum . . . concerning the opposite party and/or placing details concerning this litigation in the public forum is detrimental to the parties’ minor children . . . and intimidating to the parties.” The court, however, failed to share the basis of such a conclusion, pointing 29 to no evidence regarding the negative affect that such speech had on the children, and it made no attempt to find that the injunction was narrowly tailored to protect any compelling interest.

We further note that although Hale filed a motion for the temporary restraining order subsequently issued by the court, he did not move for a permanent restraining order.  Instead, the trial court issued the permanent injunction sua sponte, referencing order.30 a motion to recuse filed by Baskin, as well as an action she filed in federal court seeking to overturn the temporary order, noting that her actions “[were] an obvious attempt to intimidate the [judge].”

Our review of the order, the record, and the transcript of a status conference indicates that the trial court was primarily concerned with Baskin’s public criticism regarding the litigation, including the court’s rulings, as well as the involvement of third parties who, among other actions, questioned the accuracy of court transcripts. 31 

As the United States Supreme Court has stated, [w]hatever differences may exist about interpretations of the First Amendment, there is practically universal agreement that a major purpose of that Amendment was to protect the free discussion of governmental affairs. Although it is assumed that judges will ignore the public clamor or media reports and editorials in reaching their decisions and by tradition will not respond to public commentary, the law gives judges as persons, or courts as institutions no greater immunity from criticism than other persons or institutions. The operations of the courts and the judicial conduct of judges are matters of utmost public concern.

Certainly, we recognize the authority granted to trial courts to restrict a parent’s communications and postings on social media during the pendency of a divorce or custody proceeding, as the trial court did in Lacy. However we cannot condone the superior court’s attempt in this case to restrict the parties’ and lawyers’ right to 32 33 publicly criticize the court and the litigation for the next ten years. Given the absence of any evidence of “imminent danger to a compelling interest of such magnitude that the restraint on the parties’ [and lawyers’] speech would be warranted,” as well as the superior court’s failure to properly conduct the balancing test and narrowly tailor the restrictions, we vacate the permanent injunction issued in this case.34

From the NYT medicine’s top earners NOT MD’s but administrators

MAY 17, 2014
THOUGH the recent release of Medicare’s physician payments cast a spotlight on the millions of dollars paid to some specialists, there is a startling secret behind America’s health care hierarchy: Physicians, the most highly trained members in the industry’s work force, are on average right in the middle of the compensation pack.

That is because the biggest bucks are currently earned not through the delivery of care, but from overseeing the business of medicine.

The base pay of insurance executives, hospital executives and even hospital administrators often far outstrips doctors’ salaries, according to an analysis performed for The New York Times by Compdata Surveys: $584,000 on average for an insurance chief executive officer, $386,000 for a hospital C.E.O. and $237,000 for a hospital administrator, compared with $306,000 for a surgeon and $185,000 for a general doctor.

And those numbers almost certainly understate the payment gap, since top executives frequently earn the bulk of their income in nonsalary compensation. In a deal that is not unusual in the industry, Mark T. Bertolini, the chief executive of Aetna, earned a salary of about $977,000 in 2012 but a total compensation package of over $36 million, the bulk of it from stocks vested and options he exercised that year. Likewise, Ronald J. Del Mauro, a former president of Barnabas Health, a midsize health system in New Jersey, earned a salary of just $28,000 in 2012, the year he retired, but total compensation of $21.7 million.

The proliferation of high earners in the medical business and administration ranks adds to the United States’ $2.7 trillion health care bill and stands in stark contrast with other developed countries, where top-ranked hospitals have only skeleton administrative staffs and where health care workers are generally paid less. And many experts say it’s bad value for health care dollars.
“At large hospitals there are senior V.P.s, V.P.s of this, that and the other,” said Cathy Schoen, senior vice president for policy, research and evaluation at the Commonwealth Fund, a New York-based foundation that focuses on health care. “Each one of them is paid more than before, and more than in any other country.”

She added, “The pay for the top five or 10 executives at insurers is pretty astounding — way more than a highly trained surgeon.”
She said that executive salaries in health care “increased hugely in the ‘90s” and that the trend has continued. For example, in addition to Mr. Del Mauro’s $21.7 million package, Barnabas Health listed more than 20 vice presidents who earned over $350,000 on its latest available tax return; the new chief executive earned about $3 million. Data released by Medicare show that Barnabas Health’s hospitals bill more than twice the national average for many procedures. (In 2006, the hospital paid one of the largest Medicare fines ever to settle fraud charges brought by federal prosecutors.)

Hospitals and insurers maintain that large pay packages are necessary to attract top executives who have the expertise needed to cope with the complex structure of American health care, where hospitals and insurers undertake hundreds of negotiations to set prices.

Ellen Greene, a spokeswoman for Barnabas Health, said Mr. Del Mauro’s retirement package was “a function of over four decades of service and reflects his exceptional legacy.” Nearly $14 million was a cumulative payout from a deferred retirement plan, she said, and the remainder included base compensation, a bonus and an incentive plan

Ms. Greene also said Barnabas’s compensation program follows I.R.S. rules and is established by an executive compensation committee with “guidance from a nationally recognized compensation consultant.”

In many areas, the health care industry is home to the top earning executives in the nonprofit sector.

And studies suggest that administrative costs make up 20 to 30 percent of the United States health care bill, far higher than in any other country. American insurers, meanwhile, spent $606 per person on administrative costs, more than twice as much as in any other developed country and more than three times as much as many, according to a study by the Commonwealth Fund.

As a result of the system’s complexity, there are many jobs descriptions for positions that often don’t exist elsewhere: medical coders, claims adjusters, medical device brokers, drug purchasers — not to mention the “navigators” created by the Affordable Care Act.

Among doctors, there is growing frustration over the army of businesspeople around them and the impact of administrative costs, which are reflected in inflated charges for medical services.

“Most doctors want to do well by their patients,” said Dr. Abeel A. Mangi, a cardiothoracic surgeon at the Yale School of Medicine, who is teaming up with a group at the Yale School of Management to better evaluate cost and outcomes in his department. “Other constituents, such as device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and even hospital administrators, may not necessarily have that perspective.”

Doctors are beginning to push back: Last month, 75 doctors in northern Wisconsin took out an advertisement in The Wisconsin State Journal demanding widespread health reforms to lower prices, including penalizing hospitals for overbuilding and requiring that 95 percent of insurance premiums be used on medical care. The movement was ignited when a surgeon, Dr. Hans Rechsteiner, discovered that a brief outpatient appendectomy he had performed for a fee of $1,700 generated over $12,000 in hospital bills, including $6,500 for operating room and recovery room charges.
It’s worth noting that the health care industry is staffed by some of the lowest as well as highest paid professionals in any business. The average staff nurse is paid about $61,000 a year, and an emergency medical technician earns just about minimum wage, for a yearly income of $27,000, according to the Compdata analysis. Many medics work two or three jobs to make ends meet.

“It’s stressful, dirty, hard work, and the burnout rate is high,” said Tom McNulty, a 19-year-old college student who volunteers for an ambulance corps outside Rochester. Though he finds it fulfilling, he said he would not make it a career: “Financially, it’s not feasible.”

Correction: May 18, 2014
An earlier version of the headline for this article was revised to more precisely capture the principal insight offered by the news analysis.

Request for fundraiser–Orphans in Kenya

My name is Heather Boltz and I work as a domestic violence victim advocate and an activist for child safety. Recently, I was introduced to a cause that has touched my heart profoundly. The Sima Community Based Organization in Kitale Kenya that is helping orphan children (orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic )with their food and shelter needs and also promoting and providing education for them. The ongoing issue is there is not enough ongoing funding to support all of the needs this organization has found are in urgent demand.


The children that are living in the makeshift orphanage in Kitale, are without food. When these kids are hungry, they cannot learn. Their basic needs must be met then the longer term needs addressed. This program is helping change the lives of 212 kids who had no place to call home until this organization stepped in to help them find sanctuary. They need your help. The organizer of the group and Pastor, Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala shares that even $100 helps them feed these kids for a week. I can’t feed my family of 7 here in the U.S. on $100 a week let alone 212 children.


This is your chance to help right now, today, feed a child. 100% of your donation is given directly to children who need it.

The immediate need is most certainly for food. But once there is ongoing help with this then the need for assistance with educational supplies, technical supplies, and even ultimately a bigger space to house more orphans can be addressed. This organization is pre-vetted by this writer and is doing wonderful work for these kids. Please help keep a child from going hungry, do it today. This is really happening in 2016. We must not turn away from a child’s suffering.  These kids deserve an education and the ability to change their circumstances because of that education but it cannot happen until their hunger is cured and that is what we need your help with today.

Spread the word by sharing this page and, if you are able to, please donate! Every dollar will make a difference, and every donation is welcome and truly appreciated! Thank you for all your help!


Some of the supplies that are greatly needed are as follows:

**Urgent** Immediate Need-
Bags of Maize
Bags of Rice
Bags of Beans
Cartons of Cooking Fat

Ongoing Need-
School Uniforms
English Textbooks
Science Textbooks
Social Studies Textbooks
Mathmatics Textbooks
Geometry Tools
Television with DVD Capability
Video Camera
Generator & Fuel

There is also a threat of the space that the organization is renting for school use will be taken from them. They are behind on their rent because there has been such an urgent need for food they were not able to pay the last three months of rent.

As you can see the situation is very immediate and is in need of your assistance. Thank you again for your time and for any ability you have to help these precious children.

May God Bless you for your kindness on behalf of the orphans in Kitale Kenya and for your human rights activism.

Heather Boltz
Volunteer Fundraising Ambassador for The Sima Community Based Organization


here is the address to send items, if you desire:


Dear viewers of this site and this posting,

Programme Coordinator Sima C.B.O Wanjala Sikulu requests urgent help to buy food for the children he takes care of. Wanjala wrote me in the last days, that the situation is dramatic. The kids seem to have no food. They need also school supplies. Everything Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala, address 1691, code 30200, city/town kitale, country Kenya, street moi avenue phone no. +254735754816helps. Contact Wanjala

My email at or for paypal and chase quickpay payments

Please pray for the orphans

Start you own blog and cross post with the best! – Probate Sharks and MaryGSykes and

WordPress is having on demand Blogging U course so everyone can now start a blog about corruption in the courts. We need more books and blogs, not less.  We have to put pressure on the state and federal authorities to be accountable and seek only Truth and Justice.  The courses are FREE and WordPress is FREE and open to the public. Worried about having the blog taken down by the authorities in the US?  Wordpress is an UK corporation and covered by treaty that speech in the UK is a Human and Civil Right.

For a great movie on inspiring you all to blog and fight corruption, see “Attacking the Devil” now on Netflix about Harry Evans, an amazing journalist who fought for the right to fully publish all about thalidomide babies (“flipper babies”) and warn women and their families and get them full compensation from Distillers Corp (Johnny Walker, Tanquerrey,–all the big brands), by doing what is called “drip, drip” investigative reporting–releasing a new story or investigative report with each publication of his paper.

At first, Distillers wanted to pay only $3 million for a handful of victims, then the court allowed in another 700 victims, but by the time it was all over, all 2,000 victims were included and a fund of some $30 million was provided so these children (now 50+ year old adults) would receive the care they needed for the rest of their lives.  It was because Harry Evans and a handful of other papers kept up the pressure to do justice by these children.  Harry Evans was also the one that filed suit in the World Court in the Hague to put pressure on the UK to change the law that said the media could not publish anything on any active case in the court system.  Now UK papers can publish freely regarding ongoing litigation.

These courses are free.

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From KKD – Did Larkin arrange for the US to surrender to North Korea last night

To: “” <>,  and 50 others….
Subject: Fw: Has Illinois surrendered to North Korea last night – or why is Jerome Larkin not in jail 18 USCA 371…
Date: Jun 19, 2016 9:23 PM

Enclosed please find a copy of Janet Phelan’s latest article – it is worth reading and considering in light of the disgraceful activities of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   
Few State agencies (such as the IARDC) have demonstrated such miscreant conduct or activities.   The contempt for America’s core values as well as the Illinois Constitution, the American Constitution, and the Rule of law is just short of amazing.   Recently, Mr. Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators were discovered to have engaged unlicensed professionals (court reporters).  Section 18 recites the common law, i.e. unlicensed professionals are not entitled to be paid for services.   
Of course these unlicensed professionals were paid from public funds!   Neither Larkin or the attorney co-conspirators paid to the IARDC the illegally paid funds.   Instead, these lawyers secretly (ex-parte) petitioned the Supreme Court of Illinois to enter an order requiring Attorney JoAnne Denison to reimburse these illegally paid funds to the IARDC.    (approximately $15,000.00).    (Attorney Denison authors a blog that Larkin and the IARDC object to because it discloses corruption in the Courts – the secret proceedings were obviously intended to intimidate Denison)
What good is legislation if corrupt government officials can with a wink and nod ignore it.
Why has the Constitutional protections been suspended without notice?
il—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: Janet Phelan <>
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2016 8:58 PM
Subject: Has Illinois surrendered to North Korea last night – or why is Jerome Larkin not in jail 18 USCA 371…
Here in Illinois we have history.   We have Alice Gore being vandalized by a corrupt judge and corrupt guardian ad litem.   Unlike some of the worse foreign miscreants our local corrupt judicial officials had no problem with morality in harvesting the GOLD from the teeth of their victim.    We have not seen such amorality except in the Nazi era.   The criminals involved were prosecuted by an International tribunal.   In Illinois we have the distinction of having the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission tell the family that they saw nothing wrong!   
Unfortunately, the nefariousness of our Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 does not cease with this outrage.   In the Mary Sykes case a perfectly competent elderly lady was seized without compliance with the guardianship act to prevent her from seeking a protective order from the daughter who had been caught stealing from mother.   The petition for a protective order was a death sentence.   See 09 P 4585 (Circuit Court of Cook County).   So certain that the guardianship procedure was wired, the presiding judge on page 91 of her evidence deposition actually admitted the fact of the fixed case.   She was proud of the fact that had there not been jurisdiction, notice and hearing (due process), or evidence she would have vacated the proceeding, started a new one (with the same set of miscreants) and reached the very same result.
Commissar Larkin found nothing wrong and the report of this situation was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.    On July 4 – remember to fly the North Korean flag – here in Illinois it is much more appropriate than the stars and stripes as long as the Jerome Larkin syndrome is dominant. (I’m sure the ARDC will be selling these to promote their style of government and oppression of dissent, think Tienanmen Square).
Attorney JoAnne Denison has detailed several score of atrocities that have similar violations of America’s core values.    The Government Accounting Office has detailed many others.    The blogs Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAApg et al similarly add to the roll of disgrace.    The pecuniary profit of Larkin and his co-conspirators allows them to laugh all the way to bank and when the FIX in be assured that the Illinois Department of Revenue and the Department of the Treasury is or will not be interested.    THE FACT THAT THE STATE OF ILLINOIS IS ON THE VERGE OF BANKRUPTCY does not induce aggressive tax collection against these promulgators of the War on the Elderly and the Disabled.    It is easier for the political elite to bring the get unwashed another tax or tax increase!   Shame!  Shame!
Journalist Phelan’s article is not an academic piece – at least not in Illinois, Florida, California, Ohio, Indiana, *****.    

From: Janet Phelan <>
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2016 3:50 PM
Subject: Incoming…….

From KKD — proof that for profit is worse care than for profit

From Ken Ditkowsky
On several key measures, for-profit hospices as a group fall short of those run by nonprofit organizations.
The typical for-profit hospice:
●Spends less on nursing per patient.
●Is less likely to have sent a nurse to a patient’s home in the last days of life.
●Is less likely to provide more intense levels of care for patients undergoing a crisis in their symptoms.
●Has a higher percentage of patients who drop out of hospice care before dying. High rates of dropout are often viewed as a sign that patients were pushed out of hospice when their care grew expensive, left dissatisfied or were enrolled for hospice even though they were not close to death.
The quality of individual hospices varies widely. In some cases, for-profit hospices provide service at levels comparable to nonprofits, according to the review. But the data analysis, based on hundreds of thousands of Medicare patient and hospice records from 2013, shows that the gap between the for-profits as a whole and nonprofits is striking and consistent, regardless of hospice size.

Hospice profits vs. quality care

“Unfortunately, a lot of people have come into the business for the wrong reasons,” said Michael Girard, who with his wife Deb owns the Circle of Life for-profit hospice in Reno, Nev. “A lot of the problems we have in hospice today have happened with the entry of what I call the ‘vulture capitalists.’ ”>>

From RoseAnne Miller–happy father’s day!

Happy father’s day for all of you that are either dads, or were like a dad to a child.  Some people even posted “happy father’s day” to doggie dads and kitties.  Whatever works, in my book.  I know there are many banned today by court appointed probate court cochroaches, and those who, like Roseanne, had dads murdered in probate court.  We are trying our best to educate, inform, and warn the public.

from Roseanne:

For Father’s Day (Editorial from Rosanna Miller)

The following is a guest editorial from Rosanna Miller:A month ago I was stranded in Bellefontaine. My vehicle broke down and my cell phone had no service. I bought a pay by the minute cell phone at Dollar General on Sandusky Ave. Clerks Diana and Erica were so accommodating to help me get the phone activated as I had no way to do that. They spent over THREE (3) hours to help me activate four phones while waiting on customers simultaneously. It took so long because we come to learn this particular brand’s sims cards were outdated.

This prompted my thoughts to question how my “disabled” Dad was living 700 ft from Dollar General in his own home being isolated, manipulated, exploited, abused, living in filth, hording, and cat feces for 6 years. The entire Bellefontaine and Logan County gov’t agencies knew this yet they refused to accommodate Dad to aid him with his Major Life Activities or carry out the services, programs and activities he signed up for while of sound mind to accommodate him in later years for his disabilities after my Mother‘s suspicious death reported in the Examiner on Nov. 27, 2006. Mom was Dad’s caretaker. Her death is still an open and ongoing case today.

I was “refused” association with Dad and retaliated against for reporting the discrimination on Dad. Hence this aided all the abusers to continue their nasty discrimination for 6 years. This heinous inhumane abuse was finally acknowledged and published in the Examiner Sept. 11, 2012. In the end the abuser walked free because judge O’Connor threw out the charge of “failing to provide“. For the next 3 years the courts continued discriminating against Dad and me, refusing to accommodate him for his disabilities and denying me association. Instead they abducted him to the Campbell Place and appointed him to attorney Steve Fansler’s supervision even though he had knowledge of Dad’s abuse, disabilities and refused to accommodate Dad. Thereafter Dad tried to kill himself to go home so they loaded him on psychotropic drugs for mental illnesses he did not have. Dad was never treated for the dementia he did have. He was held imprisoned in a place he did not want or have to be.

The outcome confirms the ADA is arbitrarily adhered to in Logan County. Law enforcement, APS, Medical Profession, Prosecutors, DD Board and most of all the Court agents knew full well Dad was disabled and they all refused us accommodations that ended in a cocktail of drugs that killed my Dad and violated his legal advanced directives. Assets were stripped out to the tune of $750,000. Who is going after these heathens and turn on their own?

I fail to see how two Dollar General clerks can be so accommodating while people who are supposed to serve us, making mega bucks from our tax dollars, are accommodating their own needs while abusers murder and steal from our elderly. I guarantee if my Dad had been accommodated for his disabilities he would not be dead and plundered. Those who commit these monstrous acts should be behind bars.

I hope the people of Logan County drop in at Dollar General and sincerely thank Diana and Erica for the extended help they gave me when I was stranded and alone. It will be my life’s mission to redistribute the salaries from those who are supposed to serve us but fail their duty and give it to the simple humble people who do the most from loving acts of kindness. We should all strive to exemplify God’s love like Diana & Erica and not discriminate.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, Your Loving Daughter,

Rosanna L. Miller

Why is Jerome Larkin still licensed as a lawyer and running a lawyer licensing agency?

When his offices do not use licensed court reporters in their own proceedings?

From Ken Ditkowsky:

To: “” <>, Illinois ARDC <>, “FBI- ( (” <>
Cc: “” <>
Subject: Why is Larkin not disbarred
Date: Jun 19, 2016 12:51 PM
Mr. Larkin,
At this point in time you are very aware that you spent $15,000 plus or minus wrongfully and in derogation of the law.   At this point in time you know that your secret ex-parte petition to the Supreme Court of Illinois to assess the illegal payments as costs to Ms. Denison was pure fraud on the court as well as a bunch of other crimes.   All of these crimes are serious.   As you have neither paid the income taxes on this booty or made restitution *****.
Your notariety is increasing as more an more people become aware of the perfidy that has emanated from the IARDC (Attorney Disciplinary Commission).   The following article was called to my attention this afternoon.   The questions required have been ignored.   It is now clear that you ignore them because you have once against violated your oath, your obligations, and the law.    

Also from Ken:

One of the ways to defeat a fix, especially one on the National level is to make certain that enough people know more of the subject than the corrupt political class expects.   In the corrupt political situation everyone has to know Rule 8.3 that requires lawyers to be good little members of Hitler youth and report all the bad things that other lawyers are doing.   It also requires all of us to know exactly what the legislature intended the guardianship act to do, how it was to do it, and whether it was done.
It was easy to know that harvesting the gold from the teeth of Alice Gore was wrong, but it was not so easy to know that a special summons was necessary in the Mary Sykes case or that guardianship was so limited.  It was also important to note that due process was not only avoided – i.e. there was no notice and hearing and on page 91 of her deposition Judge Connors pointed out such as not really necessary as she would reach the same result.  (You cannot make this up!)
Going back to the political spectrum, a publication labeled Anti War something has an article that is not necessarily politically correct .

From: Cynthia Stephens <>
To: kenneth ditkowsky <>

Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2016 10:28 AM
Subject: Re: updated analysis and there appears to be a Porn investigator for the courts!
Gosh, you may want to give Doug Gansler, the former AG of Maryland and he prosecuted the DC Sniper case.  I trust most recall that horrific ordeal and terrorizing in the DC/MD area and the murder of so many innocent just living their lives.
Well, Doug Gansler and his firm, Buckley Sander, I believe are the ones who have been hired by the Commonweealth of Pennsylvania to “unravel” and connect all the players, the recipientshare and the “srs,” and the originators of the emails in the Pennsylvania “Porngate” Scandal!  You know,  those Supreme Court Justices, lawyers, judges and those all those in their “cult” that shared, joked about, ridiculed and dehumanized women and children for years on state owned computers and on the tax payers time and money!  Some have been released in the Kathleen Kane legal ordeal, but Doug Gansler was supposed to release the first set of findings and all the connections his firm has put together at the beginning of this month (06.2016), but I believe the public has been informed the release of this public information and the connections has been put off a few months.
12.03.15 – Kathleen Kane’s investigation much broader than porn : Q&A with special prosecutor, – “”It” is about unthinkable and criminal injustices to innocent Pennsylvania citizens because of their gender, race, age, and/or other systemic deluded mindset that encourages and rewards the dehumanizing of women and minorities and intentional and willful discrimination, the denial of rights, denial of due process, denial of protections of the laws, denial of civil rights protections, rampant bigotry, misogyny, corruption and collusion in some Pennsylvania court system syndicates, like in Monroe county, Pennsylvania
How true this is that “Kathleen Kane’s investigation much broader than porn!”  “It” is about unthinkable and criminal injustices to innocent Pennsylvania citizens because of their gender, race, age, and/or other systemic deluded mindset that encourages and rewards the dehumanizing of women and minorities and intentional and willful discrimination, the denial of rights, denial of due process, denial of protections of the laws, denial of civil rights protections, rampant bigotry, misogyny, corruption and collusion in some Pennsylvania court system syndicates, like in Monroe county, Pennsylvania. 
It is a disgrace and an ordeal that most cannot even imagine, unless you and your family have been forced to endure it!  Let’s be sure the entire Pennsylvania court system is investigated and all who received these emails and passed them along are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws.  The victims of these “judges” and others in the courts, including attorneys involved in the injustices, frauds upon the courts and crimes against the innocent, solely due to gender, disability, race, or other deserve to be heard and rectified.  Some of these egregious, malicious, and criminal abuses by those in the courts have been done to innocent HOA homeowners in the HOA atrocities, criminality and property thefts in Monroe County, Pennsylvania!  It is about time the press starts reporting the truths, instead of continuing in cover-ups!
Kathleen Kane’s investigation much broader than porn: Q&A with special prosecutor
Link to news conference 12.01.15 with Kathleen Kane and Special Attorney General Gansler:
The article below states this collection of emails will only be from 2008-2015. What about before 2008. I know someone who is trying to find this out on their own. They need to go back even to 2001, or earlier, I believe and esp. in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Not just emails, but all correspondence, including faxes, or other.
Monroe County, Pennsylvania is a disgrace in my opinion and experience!  The injustices, the criminality, the corruption and collusion, frauds upon the courts, extortion, secretive kangaroo court “proceedings,” and more, that has been, and probably still is being carried out by some of those in the courts, or who were in the courts, some attorneys, HOA boards, some banksters, insurance industry personnel and other accomplices is unthinkable to anyone who knows the truth! 
Innocent peoples rights, due process, protections of the laws were denied, stripped form them and property and finances stolen by some of those in the courts and legal professions, along with other accomplices, like HOA boards, based upon their gender and sometimes, possibly race, being an elder, or having a disability. This is a mindset of dehumanization, objectification, inequality that is misogynistic and bigoted that has probably polluted the courts and those in it and their “special friends” for decades.”
The more egregious and malicious motive by some involved in this is to steal the people also. Human Traffeckiting and PA legislators, and I would expect other elected officials and investigators “know it,” and some have known for years!  It is not just PA either I am told.  Do the research and find out for yourself.  Where are all the innocent HOA victims and many intentionally targeted women and children going?  The elders?  The disabled?  Look at the NV stats, FL, and possibly countless other states like NC, also…. Wake up America!
Why have the perpetrators of these crimes and injustices not been prosecuted? Why do they continue to cover up the truths and not report  on and reveal all who have been involved, no matter who they are, or who they know?  The victims deserve their day in a “real court,” so their voices can be heard and the truths told and  to be rectified!
ps.  There have been a number of files already released prior to Mr. Gansler’s law firm being appointed a “special prosecutor” to go through what I believed was the entirety of all the emails and make the connections. Those I have put the links to below, were released I believe, as they were pertinent to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s on going legal issues.
I am going to put the link and information on the already released files directly below, before this recent news account.  I want to warn anyone who assesses the files that they are graphic.  I personally find what has been shared by PA Supreme Court Justices, judges, attorneys, state and federal employees and others on the citizens of Pennsylvania’s (the taxpayers) time and resources, computers and other, to be outrageous and immoral, unethical and inappropriate to be shared in any work place. It is especially, alarming and inappropriate using the PA state governments, or any state, or federal government resources and among those in the courts and states governments, or federal government.  On news outlet would not share one of the links, as they believe the some of the photos was child pornography, or “borderline child pornography.”  You can decide for yourself!
Excellent quotes: The Pennsylvania AG Porn Email + Scandal is about a lot more than dirty pictures, pornography and borderline child pornography.” au
“The form in which the materials were used to demean secretaries and others,… they were depravity to dehumanize women and minorities.” rd
1.) Pennsylvania “Porngate,” revealed in a lot more ways than one! What Bill Keisling has to say is true, “What Frank Fina and pals were doing when they should have been going after Jerry Sandusky.”…/Fina_Noonan_Feathers_Kane_et_al_P…
Pedophile-enabling Prosecutors and Officials Try to Run PA Attorney General Out of Office
Attorney general is up against a powerful phalanx of Sandusky and Penn State pedophilia cover-up artists
Entire article, with more photos:
HARRISBURG – The special prosecutor hired by Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane to investigate the chain of pornographic emails exchanged among state prosecutors, judges, and others will release his preliminary findings…
On Sun, Jun 19, 2016 at 7:54 AM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:

Nextpoint – is that a company that has a seedy reputation involving Internet Porn?
It of course does not matter – the corruption that is being flaunted by the Illinois Supreme Court and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is obscene – a porn specialist would be very appropriate.
Happy Father’s day!

To: “JoAnne M. Denison” <>,
Subject: Re: IPRA routinely obscured how its police investigations played out – just like Jerome larkin and the IARDC – Why is Larkin not in jail?
Date: Jun 17, 2016 6:46 AM
Congress passes laws with great fanfare, and the political elite and judicial elite ignore them.   Cover-up has a new meaning and is more pervasive than ever.   We as citizens cannot do much about open and notorious bribery solicitations of the Clinton Foundation, or the possible cover-up of the Clinton e-mail scandal, but we can address elder cleansing and local issues.   We can make noise!   We can embarrass local miscreants so that they actually do their jobs.   Occasionally we can get a corrupt political or judicial figure free room and board with the Department of Corrections.
Corrupt Judges are a cancer!   Corrupt consumer protection organizations are a cancer!   When the cancer gets to stage 4 it can destroy us!    ////////An honest and independent judiciary are essential for a free democratic society.  The revelations coming out of the probate courts suggest that such is an exception rather than the rule.   Lawyers are routinely being intimidated to SHUT UP and keep quiet.   I personally was asked by an IARDC if I was repentant – I was accused of writing a letter of complaint to the Attorney General of the United States concerning elder cleansing.   Of course I was and am not!   I got a four year suspension of my law license. (As you note – I am still writing!) 
As an example of the continued perfidy, the most recent foray of Jerome Larkin and the IARDC that has been disclosed demonstrates the contempt for the Rule of Law that the Judicial elite exhibi t    Ignoring the fact that a sitting judge on page 91 of her evidence deposition admits to being ‘fixed’ ‘wired’ corrupt is routine malfeasance.   The fact that Larkin had to misrepresent and distort the facts to carry through his portion of the 18 USCA 371 conspiracy to prevent HONEST INVESTIGATIONS of the elder cleansing scandal and its cover-up is garden variety.   The fact that the an assault of the Bill of Rights (First Amendment) was evident did not and does not even raise a eyebrow in either the media or the law enforcement community.   Such distortions and attacks of America’s core values are SOP.   (It should be noted that if a significant voting block were effected – the hue and cry from the political class would be be making noise; however, the only people affected are the elderly and the disabled – they are part of great unwashed).  
 HOWEVER, in the JoAnne Denison attorney disciplinary commission proceedings before the Illinois Supreme Court the prevarications of Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators rubbed raw any perception of disciplinary and were exposed as raw criminal activity.   It appears that the IARDC (Lawyer Disciplinary Commission paid to protect the public) ignored the Legislative protections and engaged unlicensed professional court reporters.   By Statute, the legislature determined that a State license was required before these people could be paid.
Of Course the law does not apply to Larkin – he claims that he paid the illegal payments and to demonstrate that HE IS THE LAW, HIS WORD IS THE LAW, and Ms. Denison in refusing to stop exposing corruption was going to be made an example of!    He appeared without notice before the Supreme Court (ex parte) and demanded and received an order requiring Ms. Denison to reimburse him (and the IARDC) $18000.00 plus or minus for his illegal payments.   
Denison objected to the secret proceedings and the attempted extortion.   Larkin for his part arrogantly admits his perfidy, but continues in his attempted intimidation.   The Silence by the legal profession, the media and law enforcement is deafening.  The ‘cover-up’ continues unabated.   Ms. Denison’s (and my request) request for information on just how much money has been spent on illegal payments and other extortions appears to be ignored.   The IARDC apparently is above the law and nothing shall deter them in their quest to protect the corrupt judges, lawyers, and judicial officials WITH THE APPROPRIATE CLOUT from the public.
Watch the cover-up unfold!   
Academically – with no application in the real world – I read this morning all about a recent SCOTUS decision, to wit:
Date Filed: June 16, 2016
Case #: 15-7
Thomas, J., delivered the opinion for a unanimous Court.
CIVIL LAW: The implied false certification theory of the False Claims Act can be a basis for liability when a defendant makes representations about the goods or services that it provides, but fails to disclose noncompliance with material legal requirements that make those representations misleading half-truths. Liability does not turn on whether the requirements are expressly designated as conditions of payment.
Respondents’ daughter, a beneficiary of the Massachusetts’ Medicaid program, died after having an adverse reaction to a medication prescribed by a doctor at Arbour. Subsequently, Respondents discovered that many Arbour employees lacked licenses and misrepresented their qualifications to the Federal Government. Respondents filed a suit, alleging that Universal Health (acting through Arbour) violated the False Claims Act under an implied false certification theory of liability. This theory provides that when a defendant submits a payment request to the Government, there is an implied certification of compliance with all conditions of payment. If a claim fails to disclose a violation of a material statutory, regulatory, or contractual requirement, then the defendant has made a misrepresentation that renders the claim false or fraudulent. The District Court held that Respondents failed to state a claim because none of the regulations that Arbour violated were a condition of payment. The First Circuit reversed, holding that a requirement can be a condition of payment either expressly or impliedly. The Supreme Court first established that the implied false certification theory can be a basis for liability when a defendant makes representations about the goods or services that it provides, but fails to disclose noncompliance with material requirements that make those representations misleading. The Court reasoned that such half-truths are actionable misrepresentations. The Court also turned to textual and policy arguments, holding that liability for nondisclosure of legal requirements does not depend on whether the Government expressly designated the requirements as a condition of payment. Additionally, the misrepresentation must be material and the Government’s decision to expressly identify a provision as a condition of payment is relevant, but not definitive of materiality. VACATED and REMANDED.
[Summarized by: Megan Oshiro]
The Chicago Tribune found that law enforcement investigations are not kosher!    Surprise!
June 17, 2016
A Tribune investigation of hundreds of complaints upheld by the Independent Police Review Authority shows the agency often gave victims of police abuse or misconduct a false sense that they had prevailed. IPRA’s already low record of finding allegations credible — 3.8 percent of all cases closed by the end of last year — is even lower than it seems.

Creepiest place in Chicago, Homan Police Processing facility, hands down

Ghost busters and every creepy psychic tv show has nothing on this place. It is far to creepy even for me.

One day, I had to bond out a human trafficked woman in Chicago, get her purse which was at Homan, and I have never felt or seen a more creepy place in Chicago.  I swear the voices of thousands were crying out to me for justice.

I have to tell you when I go to court at the Daley center and have to be there all day, I have to sleep, have to take a shower and have to wash my hands repeatedly after being there, but nothing out does this place in Chicago where thousands have “disappeared” into the Chicago Police System.

The entire building is creepy. Then they yell at you to stand in line, at a yellow line to get your request processed.  Okay, I am older, I tire more easily and I am more susceptible to negative energy than most.  But this “facility” creeped me out from the minute I walked thru the door.  You can basically hear thousands of people who have walked into that building crying out for justice.  Yikes!  Scary.

So this is what the Guardian relates:

Police “disappeared” more than 7,000 people at an off-the-books interrogation warehouse in Chicago, nearly twice as many detentions as previously disclosed, the Guardian can now reveal.

From August 2004 to June 2015, nearly 6,000 of those held at the facility were black, which represents more than twice the proportion of the city’s population. But only 68 of those held were allowed access to attorneys or a public notice of their whereabouts, internal police records show.

The new disclosures, the result of an ongoing Guardian transparency lawsuit and investigation, provide the most detailed, full-scale portrait yet of the truth aboutHoman Square, a secretive facility that Chicago police have described as little more than a low-level narcotics crime outpost where the mayor has said police “follow all the rules”.


  • 82.2% of people detained at Homan Square were black, compared with 32.9% of the Chicago population.
  • 11.8% of detainees in the Homan Square logs were Hispanic, compared with 28.9% of the population.
  • 5.5% of the detainees were white, compared with 31.7% of the population.
  • Of the 68 people who Chicago police claim had access to counsel at Homan Square, however, 45% were black, 26% were Hispanic and another 26% were white.

I am still scared of this place. It’s nuts.

You get there and some police guy yells at you to stand behind a yellow line. I tell him I am tired and my back hurts.  I am nearly 60.  He says “I don’t care.” I assert the ADA or Americans with Disability Act and he says “that’s nonsense.  Get on the yellow line and wait your turn.”

There are about 12 other people there of other skin colors and they tell me sit down and don’t worry. We know you are tired and we’ll keep your place.”  Police glares at me.

I get up when it is my turn. The police glare at me, but serve me.  In the meantime, every guy in the place makes untoward comments.  Police tell them to knock it off. I tell them I don’t care because at least my friends respect the ADA.

It was a mess I will never forget.

But the feeling that day was of oppression, torture and injustice.  Yikes!

You want a creepy place to investigate on a ghost type show, this is it.

Now, where did all those thousands of people go? What happened to them. Did they find justice.  My feelings tell me nope, and their impressions and those that passed over are waiting for justice.

Homan has got to be the creepiest building in Chicago, hands down.  For those of you that don’t know, when people do not receive justice, their souls leave an impression on a building until justice is done. For those that have crossed over due to torture and injustice, they will cry out.



From Ken Ditkowsky–where is the judicial accountability from SCOI?

It has been more than a week since Jerome Larkin did not answer charges that  documents that he filed in the Supreme Court of Illinois contained false averments th court reports were certified  when in fact they were not- a very serious admission that Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission intentionally violated the law in a number of its cases and engaged and paid unlicensed professionals.    
These illegal payments were made in direct violation of Illinois Statutes.   Indeed, Larkin and the IARDC hardly ever consider themselves subject to the laws that govern the rest of us so such would not be unusual.   However, what is unusual is the fact that such is a felony that is compounded by Larkin secretly appearing before the Supreme Court of Illinois ex-parte and seeking them to join in the intimidation and extortion of the illegal funds from Ms. Denison.    These unlicensed professionals charged the State of Illinois approximately $15,000.00.
The advent of Elder Cleansing was our American Holocaust!   Same MO and same result, the only distinction was that Elder Cleansing has occurred in the 21st Century and fewer Jews are being systematically provided a final solution.    The cover-up and ‘fix’ is just as venal; however, this time the American Justice System is proactive – not some group of foreign disreputables. 
My reading of the orders suggest that the Illinois Supreme Court has ducked its responsibility to the Federal and State Constitutions and has joined the coverup.   The Government Accounting Office has written four (4) reports to Congress, I and others have written hundreds of letters complaining of Court sponsored prospecting for gold in the mouth of the elderly and disabled (see Alice Gold case) and from time to time Law enforcement has taken on of the clout heavy criminals off the street.  (see Seth Gillman case).   
 My query is quite simple:   Is America still a Nation of Laws, or has it become so corrupt that there are political people out there who are immune to the laws that we all are supposed to be subject.    It sure looks from this vantage point that the FIX IS IN has replaced all the political slogans.   The theme song of the political convention this year can be: “I ‘wired’ the Court in the morning!” 
This note is directed to law enforcement!   The evidence of Jerome Larkin’s wrongdoing is on the public record.   The connivance by others in the Judicial Branch is on the public record. 
It is time to reclaim our Country and make us once again proud to be Americans.   The ‘cover up’ of criminal conduct by the political and judicial elite has disgraced the republic!
From Joanne–
PS–I want to note that Judge Theis pulled my petition for review, so good for her and I hope this indicates the right decision in favor of Truth, Justice and Accountability will be made.
Not so sure about Judge Freeman, he issued an order denying my Motion to Vacate. I don’t know if he looked at the supplement, but it is still of grave concern that he did not want to chastise the ARDC for openly and notoriously misrepresenting SCOTUS case law that makes it clear lawyers have the right to blog about corruption, problems, troubles and issues in the courts when the public files valid grievances and the ARDC does not conduct an open, thorough and competent investigation of the lawyers and judges involved, but merely dismisses with a rubber stamp these perfectly valid citizen complaints (Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Baker, Frake, etc.)