Question: what to do if you are pulled over by the police?

From numerous lawyers on (and please check these out), experienced criminal lawyers.

Don’t panic.  Take a deep breath and calm down.  Always be polite.

While the officer is walking toward the car, reach for your cell phone and push the record button and keep it as close to the conversation as possible.  You are allowed to record police.  This is a constitutional right in all 50 states and the numerous US territories.  Make sure your dash cam is on.  If you don’t have one, get one now and get one that records both forwards and backwards.  A good trick of police officers is to say they pulled you over because you didn’t have your seat belt on.  Don’t dispute it there. Dispute it in court with the nice friendly prosecutor lady or the judge or jury in front of a full courtroom of witnesses.  Often, the officer is in no mood, he just wants to issue a ticket and move on.  Be sure you’re recording both forward and backwards.  If you own a body cam, put it around your neck or clip to a shirt pocket or the neckline of a blouse or top.

The conduct of police officers has been so bad, the ACLU has an app that automatically uploads video and time and date stamps it and encodes it so it cannot be changed. Get the app and make a donation.  (donation not required, and I did not see an Illinois app, I downloaded the California app). Visit Google Play or have a 10 year old kid show you how to do this.

First, roll down your window only a crack.  The police officer will ask you why you were pulled over (they always do this trying to get some lame confession of a crime). If you open your window more than a crack, the officer may report he smelled booze or alcohol or pot and that gives a reason to arrest.

Always answer “I don’t answer questions.”  Teach this to your spouse and your kids. “I don’t answer questions.”

Pass your driver’s license and registration thru the crack.  If the officer asks you to roll down your window beyond a crack, say “I object”.

You only roll the window down a crack because you don’t want the officer to say he smelled booze or pot or whatever.  It’s even better to hold your license and registration up to the window and don’t open it at all if you can.

Anything the officer asks you to do say “I object”.  If the police officer asks you why, just say “its for the record and for the media.”  Remember, I object.  Always object. It’s always for the record and for the media. (some recent court decisions–bad ones–have been that police recording is not covered under the first amendment unless its “for the media” so say “its for the media” and then put it on your blog or facebook. for sure it will go viral)

Listen to what the officer says and always respond with “I don’t answer questions.”

If the officer says “step out of the car”, answer “I object” and do so.

If the officer says “walk a line”, do a field sobriety test, tap dance in the street or whatever, you can object and refuse to do these.  Always refuse. The officer has no right to make you do anything physical. These “tests” are designed for failure. Who the heck can do these physical tests with cars swerving around you in the middle of the night, or in snow or on ice when they are petrified of an officer with a gun and perhaps a partner with a gun. Say “I object.” if the officer asks why say “I object.” Women can say “I object, I’m in heels”.

If the officer asks you to take a breathalyzer, know these are highly subject to variations in a sensitive machine kept in a car and bounced around all day, and heaven knows when that machine was last calibrated.  They aren’t at all accurate.  Say “I object and consent to a blood test from a licensed MD”. Blood tests are highly accurate, breathalyzers are not.  Say “I object”.

The officer may say “I can make this easy or hard.”  Just ignore the abusive comment. Do not admit to anything under any circumstances. The police are allowed to lie and if you lie back you will be charged with a felony.

The officer may ask, may I search your car, your purse, your whatever.  Say “I object”.  Let them do it if this is an order, but say “I object”or “I object for the record”.

The officer may ask, can you wait because I want to get a dog to search your car for drugs.  The answer is “I object, am I free to go”.  You don’t know if your kids or the last parking valet tossed a joint butt with a tiny flower top remaining in it into a nook or cranny of your car.  Proper response is “I object.”

Always ask if you are free to leave. If you are free to leave do so quickly and quietly.  Do not chatter on or linger. Any words you say will not just be used against you, but will be twisted.

If the police officer says “I am going to arrest you and take you in”.  Don’t panic, ask to lock your car and throw your cell phone, keys and body cam into the car”.  When you get to the police station, call to get a friend or relative to pick up the car right away and retrieve the keys, phone, body cam and keep them safe. You might elect to keep your phone to make calls at the police station, but it is not guaranteed they will let you do this.

The same goes if a police officer comes to your home.  Always ask if they have a warrant.  If they have no warrant, say “I object and refuse to allow you in.”  If they barge in, at least you objected. They will make you sit on the couch while they destroy your home.  Sit and don’t answer questions.  Take photos of the damage later.  Be prepared for the fact they will maliciously destroy your home and you have to shut up and sit.

If the police officer is conducting an ongoing investigation not involving you, make them confirm that fact you are not a suspect and not involved and you must answer questions.   If you are involved or a suspect, just say “I don’t answer questions, I want to talk to my lawyer.” Always ask to talk to your lawyer.  Let the lawyer answer questions.

If the officer threatens to taze you or reaches for the tazer, say you have a heart condition.  Believe me, if your heart isn’t racing by then, it will be damaged after the use of a tazer.

If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, say “I am pregnant, do not use force or weapons on me”. This works for women and girls ages 12 to 90.  They have hormone treatments now for older women.  Every woman or girl should be considered pregnant or possibly pregnant because they can taze you and slam you to the ground otherwise.  Sadly, sometimes they do it anyway, even if you don’t resist.

Most of all, stay calm and keep yourself safe.  Your lawyer will answer everything later for you.  Never endanger yourself or your family by not following police orders and remaining calm and polite.

If you have a drinking or drug problem, get into rehab. Rehab in jail can be deadly. Rehab under private insurance is cushy. Don’t like rehab? Call a therapist or psychologist that you like and trust.

Being on the streets in the middle of the night and in a jail cell is not the place for rehab. Insurance will not cover your DUI charge bill.  It won’t cover the legal bill.

Stay safe.  Make sure your headlights and tail lights work and there is no reason to pull you over.  Keep your BAC at zero.  Got a problem?  Call someone.

I am publishing this because of the huge number of complaints I am getting over false arrests over corruption in probate and family courts.  The people in the courtroom ARE wired into the police and to keep the money flowing, they often use them to intimidate and control.

If you are threatened by police at the nursing home or during “stupervised” visitation of your child at a state agency, use the same responses.  “I don’t answer questions” and “I object.”  If beaten and threatened with a tazer, say “I have a heart condition or may be pregnant”.  Record, record, and then record again.

If the facility tells you they called the police, don’t stick around, just leave. Try to develop a friendship with someone at the facility who will give you a heads up when nursing staff or the administrator has called the police on you. If the police come in the front door, you go out the back door.  If you’re not there, no confrontation and no arrest.  Let the police try to get a judge to issue an arrest order based upon an affidavit you tried to visit your loved one and bathe them, wash their clothes, feed them.  Pretty ridiculous, right?

Remember, they just want to get a felony on you. They want you in jail/prison or under a Protective Order and away from the scenes of the crimes.  They do not want you to protect your loved one. Their game is to “target, isolate, drain the estate, narcotize to death and eliminate when the estate runs dry and then cremate.”  Your goal is to protect your loved one for as long as possible as discretely as possible until the authorities actually start to do their jobs.

If you do not have a smart phone with GPS and tracking and are involved in court corruption, get one now.  Put “Life 360” on your phone and it will track you by the day, the second, the hour.  Miscreants “disappear” the people they don’t like or want to incarcerate in dangerous jails. Be sure your loved ones are aware of every where you are every moment of the day or night. Make sure they can access that account to track you if they don’t hear from you every 24 hours (good reason to run a blog).

Stay safe.  And continue your good works.


sources: refuse the field sobriety test:

this one is very good and it is how the police can really screw up on the collection of evidence against you. remember the cops cannot force you to do anything physical.  You are scared, shaking in your shoes.  Refuse, say “I object.”

best short video of your rights:

where is officer friendly these days?

some good examples:


funniest quote:  Excuse me, Mr. Officer, I regret to inform you the 4th amendment did not magically disappear over night.



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