From Janet Pipes — Quotes of the Day on Guardinship

Professional Guardianship Fraud Quotes
“A simple slip-and-fall can put someone into the guardianship of unknown persons with no knowledge to family and friends until the deed is done. Forced incompetency; get control over everything and the ward (senior) loses all rights.” Robert W Melton, Pinellas County Internal Auditor, “Dirty Tricks of Guardianships – The Need for Change,” April 2004
“You are a target because you have assets. You don’t necessarily have to be very old. You can even be quite lucid. That won’t stop these predators. When it comes to removing your rights and your money, these folks are experts.” Money Magazine.
“It’s difficult to believe it happens, but forced guardianship fraud runs unchecked throughout international probate courts. Deemed incapacitated by the courts, elderly citizens are robbed of all decision-making rights and assigned professional guardians whose only-interest lies in profiting from their vulnerable charges’ estates.” The Washington Examiner
“There is a web of murderous profiteering, all sanctioned by a corrupt legal system. As
guardianship firms take everything they can, state attorneys turn a blind eye. Crooked cops harass family members into silence, while the very attorneys you hired won’t help for fear of losing their licenses.” Katherine Hein, Journalist

“Instead of serving to protect the assets of incapacitated persons, the existing guardianship system presents the opportunity for unscrupulous guardians to loot the assets of their wards and enrich themselves with impunity.” -New York Grand Jury
“These are the people who may one day control your loved one’s health care, living
arrangements, finances, and very life. Ostensibly created to prevent financial abuse by
caregivers and family members, professional guardianship instead gave the legal system carte blanche to destroy lives.” Dr. Angela Woodhull

” … usually after the victims are purportedly diagnosed with a disease such as. Alzheimer’s (often by non-expert without medical evidence), then, in spite of protests by family members, the family court has historically , consistently approved the bilking of the hard-earned assets of elderly or disabled persons by crooks-for-hire guardians under the color of often ignored Nevada laws.” Steve Miller, former Las Vegas City Councilman
“outside of execution, guardianship is the most radical remedy we have.”  Elias Cohen, Philadelphia Attorney and Gerontologist
“your loved one kidnapped, your inheritance stolen. It’s all legal and you can’t stop it .” David Culbertson, National pipe and Plastics, NY.

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Thanks Janet for sending this along.

3 thoughts on “From Janet Pipes — Quotes of the Day on Guardinship

  1. This is not only true with judges or lawyers but organizations claiming to be religious. A so called missionary swindles money from the elderly and the young vulnerable 20s youth…promising heaven if you give money and spread the word of God by being a disciple. Example …36 yr old woman employed by the missionary disciple(predator)….. marrying a man twice her age. This is a person who will one day control your loved ones health care, living arrangements, finances and very life. What does this organization do with the money? This organization seems to only buy expensive property and certain levels of employment receives high paying salaries just quoting the Bible. It’s a crime and these organizations are not religious just quoting the Bible and interpreting it there way but stealing from poor weak minded individuals who are lonely. These so-called missionaries should have government control and start paying taxes.

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