Alabama state works on destroying a family

Whether you are pro life or pro choice or whatever is going on here, this is the bizarre story of a 14 year old girl who was raped, decided to keep the child, had the child, and then soon as the baby was born, the brilliant state of Alabama took both the mother and newborn, nursing at the breast into state custody.  Mega media was silent.  The State of Alabama also let the alleged father and rapist see the baby at the hospital against the wishes of the girl and her family.

BUT the internet went viral.  Millions of hits, all over the place.  MedicalKidnap, the Daily Haze, and dozens of smaller blogs just got the thing buzzing like nuts.

So what did DCHS from Alabama do next?  The right thing, return this mother and child to where the 14 year old wanted to live with her grandparents?  For sure not, that would make sense.  Leave mom and baby be, right?

Of course not, they put mom with one foster family and baby with another!  Next, they took the girl’s 14 year old brother from the grandparents and put him in yet a 3rd foster home. Psychopathic monsters, they are.  As if DCHS couldn’t make a worse decision. And then, because apparently they are getting bad press and threats and no one likes them any longer, they got a gag order against the bloggers, and the family, and then sued the blogs.

Jerome Larkin would be proud.  Ruin a bunch of lives, make the state pay for it, cover everything up, and then make the state pay for that lawsuit too.

Little does Alabama know about bloggers, but these are activist bloggers and real hard core.  No, I cannot possibly publish the comments made by some of these blogs about the lawsuit, but you know I love these types of kill the messenger types of gag order lawsuits.

check out the story here:

and there are more links on these sites, so I have no idea how the court thinks it is going to enforce any gag order and force them to remove anything because every night the historical websites troll the internet and keep everything forever anyway.

It’s finally a losing battle. The internet is the great leveler.

from the Daily Haze:

The lawsuit is just a glimpse into the corrupt injustices Shelby County is doing to families on a daily basis. At the heart of their corruption lies a bizarre money trail that webs through the entire State of Alabama. Alabama holds no jurisdiction over Daily Haze, as we are not based in their state. Daily Haze has simply been doing a full internal investigation into the practices of DHR, and have broken no laws to conduct our interview, violated no rights, and followed all protocols. In short, we have done nothing wrong. The Shelby County DHR is simply trying to bully us into shutting up.

The title of this article says it all. To the Alabama DHR, f*** you! We will not be backing off this story. In fact, you just gave us more than enough reason to dig even deeper. The actions of DHR at the Shelby County Courthouse were not the actions of an innocent party attempting to help a family. These were the actions of a guilty party attempting to silence everyone that was trying to expose their illegal and unjust actions. Earlier in the day, Daily Haze released proof that the grandparents had been cleared by DHR just a week before the children were removed from their custody.

As of now, we do not have an update on how court went, but will be waiting to update that information as soon as we can. This does not look good for this family, as today we have witnessed that justice is dead in Shelby County Alabama. Today Shelby County Alabama trampled on the Constitution and infringed upon both civilian and press rights. One can only wonder how long this corruption has been going on?

There are numerous address and emails and phone numbers on these websites to call and complain to public officials.

Keep up the good work, bloggers.  Don’t let up until that family is together again.

3 thoughts on “Alabama state works on destroying a family

  1. I need a lawyer with the guts to sue Alabama DHR a.s.a.p. A lawyer of the people who wants to be a forever part of history and go down in the law books. My case is solid and unique. But no none seems to be brave anymore. They fear the state smh.

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