From Ken Ditkowsky — Re: govt assault on the 1st Amendment

Subject: The governmental assault on the First Amendment is being noticed.
Date: Jun 29, 2016 9:00 PM
Yesterday the WSJ had an article on how there was a move to criminalize any opposition to the current popular and government sponsored opinion.    Today CBS reported a clandestine meeting between our Attorney General and William Clinton and made no attempt to hide the fact that it thought that this was negotiation for a ‘fix.’   Of course AG Lynch denied the accusation.
The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission’s attempt to muzzle JoAnne Denison is picking up, and so sure is Jerome Larkin (the administrator) that he has ‘wired’ the Supreme Court of Illinois he and his 18 USCA 371 cronies openly admit that they hired in violation of statute unlicensed court reporters, and in spite of a direct statutory prohibition Larkin breached his public trust and dipped into public funds to illegally compensate these unlicensed individuals. (see filings of the IARDC in the disciplinary case of JoAnne Denison).
We all exchange e-mails lamenting the fact that law enforcement, the media, our elected officials and all others charged with protecting the public interest appear to have tuned out and are ignoring this corruption that threatens our republic.   Janet Phelan lives it constant fear of retribution by government for her outspokenness and has to deal with unauthorized invasions of her privacy and basic rights.    Tim Lahrman was literally seized off the street and jailed.   Barbara Stone was jailed, humiliated and forced to promise to be silent.   Gloria Sykes was beaten while Sheriff’s deputies saw nothing!  *****.
What is being concealed!   Alice Gore’s teeth being ravaged so that a few grains of gold can be stolen from her mother and literally hundreds of senior citizens isolated so that their estates can be ravaged and they can be dehumanized for the profit of nursing home operators, hospice operations and assorted predators.   Who is doing the concealment – our political and judicial elite who at this point in time feel empowered to ignore the laws of the republic and operate on rules more to their liking (and not available to us).    We the great unwashed and no-establishment dummies are too stupid (according to a Yale professor and a General) to know the difference.
The BRexit suggested that a revolution is underway.   Maybe???    This evening the WSJ reported:
Hope springs eternal, however, the Good Lord helps those who help themselves.
We now have of record before the Supreme Court of Illinois admissions by Jerome Larkin and his cronies at the IARDC of clear and concise serious violations of the Laws of the State of Illinois.    It has been almost a month since these admissions have occurred.    He has not made any effort to ameliorate his admitted crimes thus once again proving his scienter.   Why has he not been charged and been required to account?     

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