From J. Ditkowsky–Letter to AG Loretta Lynch re: misuse of public funds by Jerome Larkin

From: j. d. <>
To: kenneth ditkowsky <>
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 1:36 PM
Subject: response to one of your recent letters
Jerome Larkin, Director of the Illinois Attorney Registration and
Discipline Commission, has formerly charged Jo Anne Denison for the
printed copy of the entire contents of her blogs (, which
were inadmissible as testimony at her hearing before the IARDC, as they
had to be displayed in the original form, and which were downloaded by a
company which is noted for piracy and pornography,  AND the transcripts
of her hearings before the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline
Commission, which were recorded by a(n) unregistered court reporter.
Both of these were totally unethical actions. The second action went
directly counter to Illinois State Statute. The Illinois Supreme Court
dismissed Mrs. Denison’s motion to void these charges.  Since a Supreme
Court has to be presumed to know the law, this in effects VOIDS ALL
professional registrations, including those of attorneys, teachers,
doctors, etc.

OR, more likely, includes the Illinois State Supreme Court as a
co-conspirator in the machinations of Court Appointed Guardians. who
have deprived their wards of their civil rights to the least restrictive
guardianships, and control of their property, access to unprivileged
members of their families, even when they were housed in institutions
which by law are required to allow access of family members, and
contributed to their illnesses and untimely deaths, the court
proceedings in these cases having been published in the above mentioned
blog.  Freedom of the Press of blogs has been guaranteed by Federal
Law.  Certainly commentary on court proceedings is covered under the
First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Sawyer Case of
1959, and all of the recent First Amendment Cases including
Alvarez and Citizens United, but not limited to same.

It is believed Federal Taxes have not been paid on the illicit gains of
all Guardians and Judicial Appointers of such guardians who have taken
no action to restrain said Guardians from their appropriation of
sometimes very sizeable estates for their own use.  It is known that
both Judge Kawamoto and Judge Stuart were forced to retire to safeguard
their pensions because of their bad actions in such guardianship cases.
It is said that both also moved out of Illinois in order to avoid
further judicial action. (Note that a Supreme Court Chief Justice of
the State of Indiana who also was involved in illegal gains involving
guardianship was forced to resign within the past several years because
of his action involving an ADA case: the elderly are also covered by the
Americans With Disability Act.)

Please take the appropriate actions to make sure that Jerome Larkin pays
the full extent of his Federal Income Taxes owed in consequence of his
misuse of his power as the Director  of the IARDC and that
investigations of all the Judges and Guardians involved in the
violations of the Americans With Disability Act through illegal
restrictions of the civil rights, freedoms and even life of the Elderly
with improperly granted and administered guardianships in Illinois and
the many other states of the United States of America which also have
permitted and continue to permit impermissible guardianships.

Thank you.

Judith Ditkowsky

Letter submitted on the Contact Loretta Lynch form at

on June 30, 2016, Thursday, June 30, 2016 1L35 on CDT

From Ken Ditkowsky

 Just so the record is clear — In the course of the illegal proceedings brought against JoAnne Denison (see: Alvarez case in which action such as promulgated by Larkin in his 18 USCA 371 coverup was ruled to violate the First Amendment) Larkin engaged unlicensed court reporters.   The Illinois legislature specifically prohibited such engagement to protect the public and specially prohibited the payment for unlicensed services (see Section 13 of the act).    Nevertheless, knowing that the payments were illegal Larkin ex-parte secretly appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court to request reimbursement for the illegal payments. The Supreme Court knowing (or should have known) that the payments ere illegal compounded he felony by entering judgement providing for the payment against Ms. Denison.
Thus criminal conduct has occurred in the offices of the IARDC and/or the Supreme Court of Illinois.   If the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois refuses to obey the law, the soveignty of the State of Illinois is in serious jeapody.  
NB:  Ms. Denison’s blog is protected by the First Amendment to the United States constitution, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, and 47 USCA 230, plus State Statutes.   Here blog has been characterized by Larkin as AKIN TO YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER.    If you read the blog you will note that its main object and success has been in reporting official corruption in the Courts.   Exactly why reporting corruption in the Courts that injures the public should be punished in Illinois has never been explained.     It should be noted that the file in In re: Sykes 09 P 4585 and the File in the Alice Gore case confirm and establish the accuracy of significally all of Ms. Denison’s blog reports.    Larkin in an effort to justify his intention disregard of all ethical standards of the legal profession even went so far to the intentionally misrepresent the SCOTUS ruling in the Alvarez case.   He represented one of the rejected arguments as the ruling of the SCOTUS.    The Illinois Supreme Court appears to have rubber stamped Larkin’s perfidy.
Ken Ditkowsky,
Lawyer suspended for 4 years in Illinois for writing thousands of letters, emails and faxes to the authorities regarding corruption in Illinois Courts

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