From Ken Ditkowsky–Prominent Heads About to Roll

From Joanne

Apparently some key figures in the nursing home industry have been singing to the Feds like canaries and recently they got news from the Feds that they are now blessed with a clean slate in exchange for the information they provided to get to the head of the corruption in Illinois. As many of you know, the Obama administration and the FBI and HHS has taken a keen interested in curbing Medicare/Medicaid fraud which is bilking taxpayers and our health care system in bogus charges with fraud in some key areas (nursing homes, health insurance, hospice plans (think Seth Gillman who ran Passages for years upgrading as many patients as he could for 2 years, I do believe that the FBI from this blog has taken note it takes the ARDC years to discipline an attorney involved in health care fraud)–the health care fraud charge according to Ken is around 500 to 700% and that is the reason why we do not have single payer Universal health care in this country despite the fact every other developed country, and even many very poor undeveloped countries, have decent to good Universal Health Care.  Just think of all the undelivered wheel chairs, expensive chemo and psych drugs, scooters, IV tubes and bags–you name it, it gets billed to the US govt but the items never get put to use on any actual patient in need).  This is not even to mention the fact it costs $1,000 to $1,500 per month to house a disabled person or senior, but the nursing homes bill what ever they want, minimum $4,000 to $15,000/mo. and are bilking the elderly and their families and Medicare/Medicaid hand over fist–and via a series of complicated corporations, one owning the land, another owning the building, another owning equipment, another managing staff, another managing nurses, another managing doctors–this complicated web of corporations ensures the tangled mess can bill, bill and then bill some more.  More than one court corruption victim has asked why their loved one has their photo up or put in the nursing home book with up to three or four names!  It’s obvious those people don’t exist and to report it immediately to the Feds. Take a picture. Ask the staff and record their answers.  Turn it all in. Fraud hurts our health care system. And it’s not the little guy bilking the state, it’s licensed doctors, nurses, accountants and administrators with degrees and advanced degrees–mostly in fraud. Some steal with a gun, some steal with a pen.

From Ken Ditkowsky:

To: Claudia Donnelly <>,
Subject: Re: Guardianship fraud cases Illinois & California – no different than WA State
Date: Jul 1, 2016 2:34 PM
This morning I received a telephone call from one of the major nursing home operators  – he is a major playing in the cottage industry of elder cleansing.   He had a rather traumatic experience.   One day he discovered that the scheme that he was engaged was much more transparent that he believed and he had Eric Rothner as one of the people who wanted to talk to him.   Fortuitously, he heard of my reputation and decided to consult with me.  (my reputation was very simple – if you ask me a question and give me all the facts with which to analyse the problem you will get an answer that you may not like, but it will be honest.)   I instructed him to not to beat around the bush, not to be evasive, and be entirely candid with the Federal Government when they came to call.   TELL THEM THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.
He has surfaced several times to assure me that he is following my advice and no matter what the question is he is telling the Federal Investigator the truth.   My response has been to reiterate the fact that the elder cleansers are dishonest and disloyal; however, if you level with a special agent of the FBI (or the IRS) he will not only appreciate it, but, will never stab you in the back.   These Federal agents are not Caesar’s wives, but, all that I met in my more than fifty years in the practice of law are honorable.
Today’s telephone call was interesting.   He called to tell me that as of tomorrow all his troubles with the Fed are over and he will now have a clean slate.    He also updated me as to a number of well known ‘dirty’ nursing home operators and provided me with a status report.   Most importantly he assured me that the United States of America was not sitting idle and was addressing the issues that I have writing about in my e-mails.   In fact yesterday there was a major raid that is expected to yield valuable information that will make some of my self-declared ***** unhappy.    
Very significantly, one of the people who Jerome Larkin (administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is ostentatiously protecting has decided to be absolutely candid with the FBI.   It is the word on the street that some very prominent heads are about to roll.   Most importantly for JoAnne Denison, Lanre Amu and yours truly Mr. Larkin *******.  (censored)
Do not lose hope.    Each of the Elder Cleansers (i.e. those who participate in or provide cover for the criminals who isolate elderly victims so that they can be abused, exploited, robbed of their assets, stripped of their civil and human rights and finally their very lives) is a potential target of the United States of America and will face the bar of Justice.   It is just good business to put these bastards out of business and in jail.  Yes they have clout and yes the clout in many cases reaches the highest levels of government; however, to not enforce the Rule of Law equally and appropriately is a formula for disaster.    
As an example – Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the IARDC, has been allowed to run rough-shot over Attorneys in Illinois who believed in Rule 8.3, 18 USCA 4 and the duty of all Americans to not cower to criminal elements within government.   Larkin in his position holds a public trust.  Each year he and the IARDC collect millions of dollars from lawyers across the State of Illinois, which funds they hold in a public trust.   It was discovered by a routine audit of public records that the IARDC and Mr. Larkin have been hiring unlicensed court reporters.  (The reason for such hiring is obvious when an agency is conducting kangaroo hearings).   The Illinois statutes provide that it is illegal to pay persons performing unlicensed court reporter services who are not licensed.
Of course, in the fit of arrogance, Larkin determined that he was above the law and the concept of public trust did not apply to him.  Ergo, he certified that he made illegal payment to the unlicensed court reporters.   To add to his arrogance and criminal behavior of dipping into public funds for illegal payments, he asked the Supreme Court of Illinois to charge his illegal payments as costs against JoAnne Denison- his chosen victim.   Bingo!   Theft, breach of a public trust, perjury, direct criminal contempt of Court etc.
Will Larkin be prosecuted?   Illinois is not one of the most corrupt States for nothing!  If he is not prosecuted a great number of the Illinois Political and Judicial elite better worry for a long time!   There are just so many exhibitions into the mouths of the elderly seeking the few grains of gold therein!    (see Alice Gore case – Probate;,, AAApg.)
Maybe this 4th of July we will have real reason to celebrate!          

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