The ARDC continues the coverup and continues their crimes against the State of Illinois

From Joanne;

As you will recall, on or about 5/24/16, I filed a Supplement to my Motion to Vacate and served the ARDC with the pleading relating how the ARDC had 2500 pages (out of 2600) transcribed by an unlicensed court reporter.

The Illinois Law on Court reporters is clear that in order to protect the public, all court reporters must be licensed in order to prepare and file transcripts with the court and no judgment shall issue on any cause of action where the court reporter(s) were unlicensed.  The Illinois legislature could not be clearer on the matter.

Larkin, Opryszek, Smart, Alnaqib and Sang Yul Lee should have immediately stroked a check for $18,554.58 made payable to the ARDC and notified the Illinois Supreme Court the judgment has been satisfied out of their own pockets because the judgment was wrongfully and illegally obtained.  They are licensed lawyers and should know that they cannot bill or be involved in any proceeding where a bill is false and fraudulent.

The ARDC admits that the court reporter was unlicensed for a period beginning in 2005.

Opryszek and Larkin, in their pleading, sidesteps the issue of a false and fraudulent bill and does not explain how their filing false and fraudulent transcripts constitutes perjury, subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Larkin, Opryszek, Smart, Alnaqib and Sang Yul Lee, on or by 5/30/16, should have submitted a check to the ARDC account for $18,554.58.  Their illegal actions are a conspiracy, joint and several, against all the citizens of the State of Illinois who are entitled to protection against unscrupulous attorneys and the funds should be used for that purpose, not to commit further felonies and conversion of funds against honest and ethical citizens who are running blogs to help court corruption victims.

It is now July 1, 2016 and apparently on June 29, 2016, the ARDC has not received any reimbursement for funds taken under false pretenses from its own accounts. Instead, the criminals continue to sidestep liability and blame others for their own perjury and subornation of perjury.

By copy of this blog post, I am requesting the the ARDC intake offices open and full, honest and thorough investigation of how $18,554.58 disappeared from the coffers of the ARDC under false pretenses by paying an unlicensed court reporter and obtaining a wrongful license suspension against an innocent, honest and ethical attorney and how they used other culprits and dupes to do so–namely Morgan and Messina and Nextpoint.

You can see their pleading full of excuses and extortion here:

One of their most interesting arguments is the theory of “waiver”. Waiver applies only to civil matters and only when:

Waivers Law & Legal Definition. A waiver is the intentional and voluntary giving up of something. A waiver may be made by an express statement or by conduct, such as not enforcing a right.

A typical example of waiver is when a your landlord accepts half rent and then wants to sue for it later.  He cannot do that.  Once he accepts one dime of rent for the month and not the whole amount, without a written agreement to the contrary, it is presumed in court the balance is waived.

But one cannot “waive” a crime. These are serious felonies that have been committed and no single person can possibly waive theft and conversion of State Assets.  There is simply nothing that I can say or do to prevent the prosecution of these individuals.

This evil cabal that tramples upon first amendment rights–Larkin, Opryszek, Alnaqib, Sang Yul Lee, etc. should have immediately paid this amount back to the State of Illinois, ARDC trust account.  Apparently, they did not do this, and they continue to blame me and come after me. This only compounds their crimes against the State.

And no where in their pleading did they admit this blog tells the truth and only the truth. What the Illinois probate courts are running, and continue to run is a cottage industry of “target, isolate, medicate with narcotics, drain the estate, then narcotize to elimiate and cremate to destroy the witness and evidence”. They claim the blog is a lie, but no one else in their right mind who gets sucked into the guardianship system would ever, in their wildest dreams claim that what goes on in guardianship is nothing other than this mantra.


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