From Ken Ditkowsky –the Outrageous actions of Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the Illinois ARDC

To: Cook County States Attorney <>,
Subject: Fw: Guardianship fraud cases Illinois & California – no different than WA State
Date: Jul 1, 2016 3:55 PM
As this outrage on the part of Jerome Larkin is so obscene and so obnoxious to democratic government I want everyone to be aware of the lack of concern for the Rule of Law that is being exhibited by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission at this point in time.    
The posturing and subterfuge that are so evident in investigations concerning ******** are then things that stand out in infamy and history.   However, they do not exist in a vacuum.
Here in Illinois the Administrator of the IARDC inadvertently, due to his absolute arrogance, got caught dipping into public funds to pay unlicensed Court reporters who: 1) he should not have engaged in the first place; and, 2) who by statute could not be paid.    This ‘theft’ by a public official is a serious matter.  It is even more serious as one of his co-conspirators 18 USCA 371 admitted in an affidavit that the court reporters were not licensed.    
The perfidy does not stop at that point in time.  Knowing that the payments to the unlicensed court reporters were illegal and a breach of the public trust, Larkin and his co-conspirator filed a secret petition before the Supreme court of Illinois seeking to assess the knowingly wrongful payments as costs against JoAnne Denison.   As Larkin teaches ethics to lawyers this perversion of his public trust and office is absolutely reprehensible and he should surrender his law license instanter.   Such misconduct goes beyond any conception of decency or honor.
However, following the model of many politicians it has been reported to me that instead of coming forth and admitting the wrongdoing and offering to make immediate restitution, Larkin and his co-conspirator do not have the decency to making restitution, admitting error, and trying to make the wrongdoing right.    Instead, it has been reported that a giant subterfuge has been erected.   Ignoring the fact that it is an admitted fact that the court reporter is unlicensed, Larkin tried to divert attention claiming a Court reporter innocent minor mistake and defacto qualifications.   
Larkin is well aware that the statute was enacted to protect the public and it set forth one criteria – the act of obtaining a license.   Whether in a perfect world the Court reporter could be licensed or not is irrelevant!   THE ADMITTED FACT IS THAT THE COURT REPORTER WAS NOT LICENSED.
On another tack Larkin is reported to have suggested that Courts have accepted reports of proceedings of unlicensed court reporters.   Indeed, lay affidavits as to testimony heard by a Court have been accepted by courts.   This is another subtrifudge.    THE Admitted fact is that the Court reporter was not licensed.  This admitted fact is not mitigated or changed no matter is the unlicensed Court reporter can recite the entire Constitution of 1950 verbatium.   
The Statute if very clear – NO LICENSE – NO COMPENSATION.    A public entity creates a public trust and an absolute requirement of observing and complying with the letter of the law.   The Admitted fact of paying an unlicensed court reporter is fatal to Mr. Larkin’s attempts to obfuscate his criminal conduct.    
Attempts to justify criminal conduct after discovery of the conduct is usually evidence in aggravation and when a Disciplinary Commission is caught violating the law a serious breakdown in the Justice system.    This appears to be the situation in the Denison case and at this piont in time the Law enforcement organization in the STate of Illinois, and the Honest members of the Disciplinary Commission (IARDC – and the Illinois Supreme Court) have an obligation to the People of the State of Illinois to demand that Jerome Larkin and attorney involved in this perfidy immediately surrender their law licenses, and turn themselves into law enforcement to address the serious criminal conduct that has been perpetrated.
When the Illinois Legislature enacts laws, the said laws are not suggestions to the political and judicial elite – they are the LAW and those designated to enforce them and live by them must do so.    LARKIN and his 18 UsCA 371 co-conspirators have no excuses — 
This is simple – either the States attorney of Cook County, the Attorney General of the State of Illinois, the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, the Illinois Supreme Court either arrest Jerome Larkin and all the IARDC involved in this criminal conduct or they resign their offices!     
As Larkin has openly and notoriously violated the law, admitted the same in an affidavit by **** before the Illinois Supreme Court in light of the most recent alleged documents reported to have been filed in the Supreme Court of Illinois he and his subordinates who participated in the breach of his public duty must not only be prosecuted by make restitution to the State of Illinois for every single similar instance to demonstrate that the Illinois law and Constitution not only means something but apply to all citizen rich and poor, big and small, powerful and weak.

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