Book by Louella Thomas on the Human Trafficking of her Granddaughters

An American Nightmare: The Story of the Scary Mommy and the Sex Offender

by Louella Thomas

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An American Nightmare: The Story of the Scary Mommy and the Sex Offender - Thomas, Louella
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Trying to encapsulate this true story is so hard to do. Three little girls, who were left alone in this world, with no one to help them. Ignored by their mother, their mother’s family, the father’s family not listened to….no one cared. These are my beautiful little granddaughters, Layla, Emily and Annie. My son Mick’s beautiful little girls, that we love to death, and haven’t seen for almost three years. These little girls were trafficked from Illinois, to Florida, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Brazil…..all the while against a court order. I found this information. Why couldn’t the police and the FBI find it? Why didn’t they care? And if I was able to find it on my facebook, why didn’t they find it? Because they didn’t care. Because the insertion of the police who participated seemed to have a reason to make sure that Monster never paid for his grave disgusting actions. Monster’s Uncle Ernie who is a cop, placed himself smack dab in the middle of this case, and lied and conspired to help the mother move the children to Monster. Everyone always made a clear path for Monster. And Devil Mother was always there to make sure that no one stopped him from raping her children. These little girls happen to be my granddaughters that I love. I have to hear their pain, their cries, they show me their little bodies, turned inside out, swollen, broken, horribly distended, like a monkey’s bottom. It’s something I wish I’d never seen, and something that tells me quite graphically that these little girls are being raped, sodomized, tortured. The girls begged and pleaded and screamed for help. Whenever they were with us, they would ask us why no one helped, ask our friends, and no help came. We sought help, but every time we met a brick wall. We have been harassed, threatened, knocked down, lied about….and its been horrific to bear. But the real hell has been upon three beautiful little girls, whose mother and mother’s family, have conspired to have them live with a sex offender. They have lied and conspired to place three beautiful innocent little girls with a sex offender. My mind cannot ever take it in. I love these little girls. I haven’t seen them in over two years. My heart aches every day for them. Their father is living in hell knowing what is happening to them. We all miss them more than we could ever explain. We are miserable on a daily basis, but try to endure and last until the day we know that God will allow us to see them again. I pray that in reading this book, you will realize what has transpired right here in America. Little children being trafficked and raped, by a sex offender, against a court order. No one listening. No one caring. No one helping. It’s a tragedy. And not one that little girls should ever have to endure. This is 2013. This is America. Little children should be safe from a Monster and a Devil Mother. No child should have to endure this hell. Ever. Shame on all of us that this is happening in America. If there is a God, and I believe there is, I am praying daily for this hell to stop, and I pray that as you read this book, you become as enraged, saddened, and horrified I am that this is happening, and please God, let it end.

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