From Ken Ditkowsky–make the miscreants pay the taxes that are due.

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 28, 2015 12:52 PM
To: Douglas Kinan , “” , Matt Senator Kirk , Edward Carter , Probate Sharks , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Tim NASGA , Nasga Us , Eric Holder , “FBI- ( (” , Chicago FBI , Chicago Tribune
Subject: Why are the elder cleansers not paying their income taxes on their ill gotten gains? We would all like to know.

Tax Consequences of Elder Cleansing:
1.        Unreported Inventory.
One of the most common consequences of the isolation, and financial exploitation is the taking of assets (such as occurred in the Mary Sykes case -09 P 4585) and not inventorying them.   This theft is a benefit to the miscreant guardian as well as all who join in the Conspiracy.    In the Mary Sykes case we are dealing with nearly a million dollars in gold coins.    We are also dealing with “cash” and other valuables.   It is estimated that the entire estate had a value of over 2 million dollars.
When the fiduciary (and his co-conspirators) take possession directly or indirectly a taxable event occurs and each has joint and several liability for the entire value of the asset that is not inventoried and which ultimately finds its way out of the estate.   This is ordinary income.  It can be allocated to each and all of the following miscreants:  Judges X and Y, Schmeidel, Farenga, Stern and the ARDC that covered up by wrongfully prosecuting attorneys blowing the whistle on the abuse and fraud:  Jerome Larkin, head of the ARDC, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Leah Black Guiterrez, Stephen Split and others.  Those with a finger in the pie, and those that cover up the pie, are all jointly and severally liable until the tax fraud debit is paid.
2.       Side ventures
The assets of the estate being ravaged has various assets in it that slip through the cracks after being inventoried.    In the Sykes it was quite difficult to make her home disappear.    So the guardians went into Court claiming that they needed money and the need to sell the house.    In the Sykes case the house had a value in excess of $700,000 – according to an appraisal done previously. [1]     The sale of the dwelling was for approx. $200,000.00.       This sale was highly questionable even though approved by the Court.
It is expected (and will occur in Sykes) that the property will be sold and through a series of mesne sales that full value will be obtained for the miscreants (co-conspirators).    The first purchaser will sell the property to another nominee purchaser.    This will be followed by another sale and finally a sale to the ultimate purchaser.     The final sale will be claimed as a capital gain –
As this side venture was a taxable event on day one, the entire transaction when it occurred is ordinary income.   Thus, the Sykes miscreants must pay when the sale occurred ordinary income taxes against the correct value of $1 million.    They are not entitled to capital gains – no matter how they structure the sale.
3.       Collateral pickups.
Being a guardian has with it opportunities.     They include kickbacks for playing the Ward in a nursing home, hospice facility.     In addition, employment of certain attorneys means referral fees etc.        All these referral fees are taxable income.      In the case of nursing homes as an example, the remuneration may come in the form of the income from nursing beds, an interest in the partnership controlling the facility, or the opportunity to engage in other and similar exploitations of the elderly.     These collaterals are ordinary income and the joint and several liability attaches to all of the conspirators.    Thus, it is respectfully suggested under reporting of the income tax liability may start the Statute of Limitations in operation as to the miscreant who reports the “kickback” but not as to the co-conspirators who did not report the benefit(gain).    Any tax paid however offsets the liability of the other co-conspirators to the extent of the payment
The Gore case a certain Guardian ad Litem was provided an opportunity to be the “heir” of an elderly person.    She took advantage of it and filed in the Florida Courts her claim.     The AG of Florida objected to the claim, however, he settled for ½ of the value of the payout.    That left a million dollars as an inheritance.     This inheritance was not an inheritance – it was a theft and the co-conspirators owed the tax on the money received as ordinary income.     Those who cover-up the fraud (such as Jerome Larkin and his minions SO, LBG, SS, MS, etc.) also owe the taxes due as a joint and several liability.
4.       Pick-ups.
In several of the Florida estates and in the Sykes case the miscreants have managed to get Court orders that attached property that was not part of the disabled person’s estate.      Theft is a taxable event even if a Court approves it.
For instance.    In one Florida Estate the guardian and the Court arbitrarily took possession and control over the property of one of the objecting family members.    It was clear that this control was obtained for the purpose of shutting the dissent to the elder cleansing life shut down.     The minute the guardian and Court took control of the funds that we not part of the estate each of the co-conspirators (including the Judge’s X and Y who should have known better) owed the United States of America the ordinary income taxes due.   (Constructive receipt).     These taxes vested.
In a similar manner in the Sykes estate, the commandeering of Gloria Sykes hazard insurance settlement resulted in tax liability for the guardian, the two guardian ad litem, the corrupt jurist, the attorney who was aware of and part of the theft, Jerome Larkin and his crew who tried to cover it up and everyone who joined in the conspiracy.    The taxes that they owed are ordinary income.
In some of the cases, and in particular the Florida case the theft was covered up by the corrupt jurist awarding Attorney fees from the stolen money.     The award of attorney fees and court costs is an independent act.    Money is fungible!     The fact that some taxes were paid (or will be paid) on the attorney fees is incidental and does not defray the Federal and State taxes due.    The entire fund is ordinary income and must be reported in the year of the theft as ordinary income on the tax return.    No credit is given to the criminals for paying taxes on attorney fees or other costs that are claimed to be paid out of the stolen funds.   The only credit that they are entitled to is for taxes specifically paid on the stolen funds.
The Sykes case is a corner stone case that has almost all of the pernicious events occurring therein.      The statutory protections were all ignored by a corrupt jurist and his cohorts.     The corrupt judicial officials were protected by the Supreme Court justices of Illinois and the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission and its director Jerome Larkin.    Larkin acted through attorneys who demonstrated amorality and avarice as they protected their co-conspirators from an Honest investigation.   18 USCA 371 addresses this situation and defines the fact that all who did overt acts in pursuance of the elder cleansing are co-conspirators and jointly and severally liable for not only the damages but the ordinary income taxes.     (There is no benefit of the doubt for corrupt public and judicial officials who elect to prey on the elderly and the disabled – the State and the United States of America should be able to collect the income taxes due in full and without unjust delay.)

[1] A real estate appraisal varies as it is opinion.   In the Fairway Preserve Condominium frauds, the developer was able to obtain appraisals of condo units for $350,000, while the Count appraiser appraised the same units for $100,000.00.     Historically, lender appraisals are lower than insurance appraisals.     The real appraisal occurs when the property is sold to a purchaser who is not controlled by either the real purchaser or the seller – or their representatives.   In the Sykes case because of the location, zoning potential, and size of the lot the $700,000 value is a bit frugal.

Warnings from Roseanne Miller–Radiation in US reaching critical levels

Radiation comes from a variety of industries, but nuclear power and weapons manufacturing is huge, huge.  It is interesting the Pope finally declared it a sin to make weapons and not to do it.  Thank you.  Finally.

The US is one of the larges weapons manufacturers in the world.  The top 10 manufacturers of weapons are located here.  Landmines and other hidden explosives can last for years and ruin a country (see article on bomb sniffing rats in Cambodia).

It’s time to stop the destruction of the world by all sources–probate court, weapons and manufacturers and pollution creating sources of energy.

Normal levels of radiation 30 years ago in US cities were 0 to 20.  Now we are seeing levels in certain cities near 1000.  The article shows a picture of Marie Curie’s hands near the end of her life, with the ends clearly shriveled and fingers missing. That’s the effect of radiation on health.

From Ken Ditkowsky and Gloria Sykes–the cover ups continue

Posted with permission.  Please continue to pray for Gloria and her Mom and their family.  Gloria has been through far too much excruciating pain.

Dear Ken, and all CC’s and Bcc’s…

Today the U.S. Supreme Court announced a landmark decision which, grants equal protection and due process for a class of people we’ve labeled gay and lesbian – who like all of us have the right to love, associate and be with whomever he or she wants.  Similarly, I pledge today and moving forward, that all people, including the elderly and disabled should have the same equal protections under law and due process, and have the right to associate with whomever they want, including adult children as adult children of elderly or disabled,  should have equal protections under law and due process to associate with, right to love, and be with their parent or loved one who just happen to be elderly or disabled.   In sum, as gays and lesbians asked for dignity in the eyes of the law and today prevailed – I’m founding the Mary G. Sykes Foundation, Inc., will, in fact, be able to raise the funds we all need to further the cause, such as  ***.  Love must win when it comes to the overt discrimination against the elderly and disabled.

I was in this game because of the LOVE I have for my mother, and the LOVE she had for me and her sister, Yolanda.  Although my mother’s death was unfortunate and premature – she had miles to go and a long bucket list she was prevented from achieving—before she died, mother died for a good cause: I remain in the game in order to honor her.

In 1967 CBS news did a documentary titled, HOMOSEXUALS.  The network couldn’t get any sponsors or advertisers.  2 out of 3 American’s were disgusted by gay and lesbian  relationships – and so, men and women who LIVED and LOVED the same sex, hid their preferences.  I had a very dear friend who was gay and my parents, knowing this, treated him like they treated all of my friends, with great respect and love.  I never knew there was so much hate and discrimination alive then, and quite honestly, as I matured and became more independent, I never experienced the hate crimes, which were and continue to headline the media.   Love was never a ‘straight’ thing.  It was a human thing.  Today was a good day and the majority of justices, so called liberals – did what was right.  Equal justice prevailed today.  So much has changed in the last 50 years and today, no State can discriminate against a man or woman because of their sexual preference – because of the person they chose to love and associate with.

With this most historical decision today by the U.S. Supreme Court, and as important, the removal of the Confederate Flags that caused so much hate and hate crimes in the South, we, true advocates must stand together, arm and arm, and end Court sanctioned discrimination against the elderly and disabled, and the appointment of plenary GUARDIANSHIP  of elderly and disabled people: this conduct and actions of State agencies is not just violations of the Title II of the ADA, but also, HATE CRIMES  against a class of people who, not only lose all their rights protected under the Constitution to, among other rights, associate with, and love whomever they chose, but, like my mother, are intentionally isolated, over medicated, murdered, and in most cases, cremated and their wealth is distributed between the Cottage industry of attorneys who earn their living by preying on the elderly and disabled and abuse our judicial for personal financial gain, court appointed guardians, such as Carolyn Toerpe, and private institutions such as Silverado Memory Care Center(s) and Sunrise Senior Living, Inc. – as well as Hospice industry, and private medical professionals who get kickbacks.  It is time we  too progress forward arm and arm – no heroes, no agendas, no egos.

Guardianships are unconstitutional.  Who will join me and walk the talk of equal rights under law and STOP the use of our Probate courts and the appointment of guardians of Americas most vulnerable.  “Let America Be America Again, Let it be the dream it use to be.  Let it be the pioneer on the plan.  Seeking a home wher he himself is free.  America was never America to me.  Let America be the dream the dreamer dreamed.  Let it be that great strong land of love.  Where never kings connive nor tyrants’ scheme. Than any man be crushed by one above.  It was never America to me….” Langston Hughes, 1902 -1967.

There was no America for my mother the last 6 years.  This is a pain cut much deeper because Mary G. Sykes, is/was my mother and I know it was her LOVE for me and her sister Yolanda, that kept her strong and healthy for as long as she could and so, Carolyn Toerpe and her attorneys, Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel, et al, had no choice but to murder her ….

As my mother’s death marks not just a turning point in our history, it’s a reminder of the wrongful deaths of too many elderly and disabled people trapped in financially exploitive, abusive, discriminatory guardianship, where thus far, no person has been able to prevail under any Federal court and sadly, a bad pleading by Mr. Struck (Struck v. Cook County Public Guardian), a young man who himself had a disablility, only want to LOVE and associate with his mother who was under guardianship, is being cited, along with Sykes I and Sykes II U.S. District Court decisions – although very, very good pleadings – there was no America for my mother, for Annie’s mother, for Struck’s mother, for Rudy’s mother, for countless other loved ones who were wrongfully appointed plenary guardians and discriminated against.

Let me close by saying this.  For Cook County law enforcement, and the Naperville Police who elected to turn a blind eye to the truth, you now have an opportunity to do right.  For the people who have elected to do what you must to discredit me, now is your time to rethink your positions, and do the right thing.  And for the rest of you who have either elected to stay uninvolved, or simply didn’t understand, your contributions, whether volunteer, or monitory, or even just signing a petition, it’s time to step up.

To quote Mr. Hughes, “Say, who are you that mumbles in the dark.

And who are you that draws your veil across the stars?

I am the poor white, fooled and pushed apart,

I am the Negro bearing slavery’s scars.

I am the red man driven from the land,

I am the immigrant clutching the hope I  seek,

And finding only the same old stupid plan

Of a dog eat dog, of mighty crush of the weak.

I am the young man, full of strength and hope

Tangled in that ancient endless chain

Of profit, power, gain, of grab the land!

Of grab the gold! Of grab the ways of the satisfying need!

Of work the men!  Of take the pay!

Of owning everything for one’s own  greed!

I am the farmer, bondsman to the soil.

I am the worker sold to the machine.

I am the Negro, servant to you all.

I am the people, humble, hungry, mean –

Hungry yet today despite the dream,

Beaten yet today – O, Pioneers!

I am the man who never got ahead.

The poorest worker bartered through the years.

Yet I am the one who dreamt our basic dream.

In the Old World while still a serf of kings.

Who dreamt a dream so strong, so brave..

That even yet its mighty during dings

In every brick and stone, in every furrow turned

That’s made America the land it has become…


The question is?

Who wants to help create the America we all can live free?

Who wants to join me, and create an America where there are no Guardianships of people who are elderly or disabled people, and all people have equal protections under LAW and where Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act is upheld and no person, elderly or disabled,– or their loved ones, are discriminated against. No one should be isolated or denied association with their loved ones(s) just because he or she is elderly or disabled.

The court sanctioned HATE CRIMES must stop now.

In my mother’s name, HELP ME CREATE A BETTER AMERICA …

Healthy Regards,

Gloria Jean Sykes
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2015 20:55:25 +0000
The allegations that Ms. Sykes makes are very serious.   They are consistent with not only events that have been alleged in other Illinois Probate cases, but, with other events that have occurred in the Sykes case 09 P 4585.    The very same misconduct has been ignored and ‘covered up’ by Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart, Sharon Opryszek, Lea Black and others at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.    Pursuant to 18 USCA 4, 371, 241, 242, 1341 et al we have demanded an honest investigation.    As attorney misconduct has been noted herein pursuant to Rule 8.3 the IARDC has been notified.   The reaction has been for Mr. Larkin and his co-conspirators to file intellectually dishonest pleadings and prosecutions designed to cover up the criminal activities being perpetrated against Mary Sykes and others similarly situated.

I am forwarding this material to law enforcement and once again Demanding an HONEST INVESTIGATION OF THESE ENTIRE SITUATION.

This situation includes but is not limited to:

1) Mary Sykes 09 P 4585

2) the theft of Gloria Sykes’ claim proceeds from Kemper Insurance

3) the false imprisonment (chaining of Gloria Sykes) and the criminal intimidation of her by judicial officials.

4) the Alice Gore case

5) the hundreds of elder cleansing cases in the Probate Court

6) the ‘cover up’

7) the failure of the miscreants to inventory and report literally hundreds of millions of dollars of assets stolen from disabled estates – incluidng kickbacks to nursing homes etc.

8) the rampant violation of law by judicial officials and those acting in concert with them.

9) the cover up – and violations of State, Federal and Constitutional law.

10) the failure of attorneys and others employed at the IARDC to not disclose their assets as required by State Law for all public employees

11) ******

The breach of a fiduciary relationship is a taxable event and incurs State and Federal Tax liability.    A conspiracy creates joint and several liability including the tax liability.    Jerome Larkin and those who work in concert with them thus have joint and several liability for the millions of dollars stolen from these estates  – whether inventoried or not.    The use of the IARDC commission for illegal and nefarious purposes is unacceptable.

Democracy is not a spectator sport and is fragile.    The actions described by Ms. Sykes and others is a terrorist attack on America!   It cannot be tolerated any longer.

Ken Ditkowsky

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Sent: Friday, June 26, 2015 12:23 PM
Subject: RE: The Cover -up – The letter that allegedly got Journalist and Investigative producer Gloria Sykes a ‘beating’ that the States Attorney of Cook County would not prosecute.

Dear All,

I recently located the email below that attached a copy of a letter/complaint I sent to the ARDC about attorneys Deborah Jo Soehlig and Peter Schmiedel.  Burried in the letter is a notation that I found the lack of the ARDC’s interest to investigate wrongdoers, such as Soehlig and Schmiedel, attorneys who misuse the judicial for their personal financial gain, was like the John Wayne Gacy case, where numerous parents and interested people filed complaints with the Chicago  Board of Education regarding Gacy, but all complaints went uninvestigated if not simply ignored and tossed in the trash.  WELL MY MOTHER SUDDENDLY DIED on May 23, 2015 at 2:47 a.m, and Peter Schmiedel was actively involved in covering up the cause of death, claiming she “died of natural causes because she was old” and of Alzheimer Disease.But now I ahead of the story.

On May 22, 2015, I received a phone call from Carolyn Toerpe: it was about 3 p.m. on Memorial Day Weekend. I was driving on Lake Shore Drive, just north of the City when my phone rang and I thought hard about not answering it — but I did, because I thought that it was my mother.  It was Toerpe who commanded that if I wanted to see my mother I had to be somewhere by 5 p.m., I couldn’t tell any other person, and by the way, “Mother took a turn for the worse”.  Naperville is a good 60-90 minute drive on a normal business day at 3 p.m. but on a Friday holiday weekend.  Toerpe text me the address: it was of Silverado Memory Care.

I arrived at 4:55 p.m., and leaving Shaggy in the car as I thought I’d have but 5 minutes with Mom, I was stopped by people at the front desk, who would not let me know the room number, but instead, had a young woman escort me back — the young woman had never met my mother, and was a “day social worker”.

When I arrived at “the room” the number on the room was concealed, and the room, dark.  I ran in to see my Aunt Yo and Kathie at my mother’s side: my mother’s sister Josephine at the foot of the bed.  Two or three strangers sitting or standing on the opposite side of the room next to another bed, where Carolyn Toerpe was sitting, and her husband Fred standing close by.  My mother laid, fully dressed, in the bed, with oxygen in her nose, but I thought she was dead.  I dropped my purse on a chair, and climbed in bed with my mother, and began to kiss her, and gently placed my hand on her cheek: She was breathing beautifully and showed no signs of death.  I placed my hand on my mother’s left hand and she squeezed it.  She then held my hand as I held hers, and I cried out, “What the hell is going on here?  I’m the POA of healthcare… ” and Toerpe cut me off saying, “Well, you know Gloria, Mother has dementia.” I argued back, “Dementia doesn’t put a person in a coma like state.  What medications are you giving her?”

At that point I looked at this white haired woman who stood stoic in the back of the room and asked her who she was. She told me she was the “Administrator” who “knows” my mother “well” and a “patient very special to” her.  I responded, “I don’t know you.  You don’t know my mother and please get out and leave family some private time”. She not only refused to leave, but two other people from the center came into the  room and stood or sat in the room, while Toerpe smirked at me: yep, Toerpe showing she was “in control”.

Looking around the room I noticed three family photographs hanging, or staged on two walls.  A picture with mom, dad, Toerpe and her husband and his two children above the bed, with a picture of Toerpe, me and our brother Edward when we were children and a wedding picture of mom and dad.  Nothing else appeared to belong to mother, except for her gym shoes, which looked as if they had been recently worn, and placed, as my mother would, near the bed but not in her way.  Mother didn’t have her wedding and engagement rings on, and didn’t have the 18 Ct gold chain and the many 14 or 18 ct gold pieces which she wore all the time and ever day.  Mom was wearing a brown turtle neck sweater and black slacks and white socks.  I checked her feet and ankles and noted no swelling: they were warm.  I continued to hold and stroke mother’s hand, and speak to her.  “Where are her hearing aids?” I asked.  The Administrator and the day social worker looked at one another and the day social worker said, “I know nothing about any hearing aids.”  I said, “Well, she has a pair of high end, digital hearing aids: find them.  Put them in so she can hear me.  Toerpe shook her head, “no”.

Kathie Bakken suggested we play mother’s favorite music, “Ave Maria”  I pulled out my IPhone and Kathie was checking her phone, when I noted Toerpe speaking to the Administrator who came over to me and told me to put my phone away. “I have an order from the court” she said.  And I replied, “I don’t give a damn about any orders from the court….”  I was told to put my IPhone away or I’d have to leave.  I responded, “You won’t even let my mother have any dignity or enjoyment, Carolyn” You are simply evil”. However, Kathie continued to look for mom’s favorite songs, and the Administrator stood near by, to make certain we couldn’t or didn’t take any photographs.  I placed Kathie’s phone close to mother’s good ear and all of a sudden, my Mother’s eyes began to move rapidly and she tried to speak, “I”, “I”, she said, and the Administrator announces that its time for me to go.  I said, “I am staying here as long as I want” to which the Administrator said, “Really, it’s time for you to go”.  I didn’t leave and we played songs for mother and twice more she tried to speak and squeeze my hand.  An hour and 30 minutes passed and Kathie reminded me I had Shaggy in the car and it was very warm outside.  I said I was going to bring Shaggy in and at first the social worker said it was ok but then the Administrator told me that since I didn’t bring him in when I came in, I couldn’t bring him in. I repeated that he was a service dog and that I didn’t think I had but 5 minutes with mother.  She said no and it was time for me to leave.

I kissed mom and told her that she should go and be with God and daddy and her son Edward, and her mother and father, and that she needed to get away from all this evil.  I told her I’ve tried everything and that I would continue to do whatever I could in her honor.  I told her I had to leave again, that Toerpe was forcing me to leave and then I kept crying and kissing her and telling her how much I loved her and I had to go.

The Administrator walked me put and as I approached the locked doors, I saw a family talking to an employee of the center and they were talking about placing their father in their care.  I said, “Do your homework. This is not a safe place for your loved one.  Do not place him here….”  And the Administrator threatened to call security, and I said, “I welcome you calling security.”  I made a purposeful scene and let the five or six people in the lobby know what the Administrator had done to my mother, and left by saying, “And they won’t even give my mother her hearing aids…imagine that?”

At 2:45 a.m. the next morning I woke with a stay and had this huge smile on my face.

At 8:30 am I called Silverado and asked about my mother and I was told that I had to call Carolyn Toerpe.

I spoke with Maryanne who told me to fax over the POA of healthcare and then she’d tell me anything I want to know.

At 10 a I faxed over the POA from Staples so I’d have a good record.

At about noon, I called when I got to Naperville and was told Maryanne was not there and the guy told me he got the POA and it’s a fraud and hung up.

At 1 p.m. I met Scott Evans at the Naperville Police and called 911.  An officer told me that he was very familiar with the case and that I was harrassing Toerpe.  I then said I wanted a standby police to get Hannah and the same officer met me at Toerpe’s home, that looked as if the place was vacant.  At about 3 p.m. Toerpe returned with Fred and parked the car in the driveway and said nothing to me.  I got a call from Kathie who told me my mother was dead. I spoke to the Naperville Police officer and he told me that the Naperville Animal Control wrote him an email that said I abused Hannah.  The Naperville Police went into the home and returned telling me that Hannah belonged to Toerpe.

Scott and I left in separate cars and I drove a few blocks away and parked the car.  I collapsped in tears. Then as if my mother was sitting next to me in the car, I found all this strength and I called the DuPage County cororner’s office. I was told everything and in particular, that Mom was at Suerths Furner Home, where she wanted to be laid out.  I called Suerths, and spoke to Dennis, one of the twins who own the place and both who I went to grammar and high school.  I told him not to touch mom that I was going to have an autopsy.  He told me mother arrived there at 11 a.m. and that Toerpe demanded she be embalmed. I went to Suerths where I visited my mother.  Her hair was chopped off as if recently cut to stop me from pulling out any hairs for testing.  Her lip had a recent sore and was swollen, which wasn’t there at 6:30 p.m. when I left eight hours before her death.  Her ankles were not swollen or purple, and either were her fingers: she showed no signs of death or long time terminal disease.

Dennis told me that he would not move mother without a court order.  I retained an attorney, who Dennis told the same to, but we couldn’t get a death certificate.  No one had a death certificate.  It took over two weeks before Kathie got a death certificate which I sent to my attorney: on it, mother’s date of birth was wrong and the spelling of her maiden name was wrong.  There are other very suspicious things on the Death certificate Kathie got from DuPage, however, my attorney went into DuPage to get an order for an autopsy and Peter Schmiedel was present and told the court that Toerpe entombed mother on June 4.

I will say no more at this time other than if mother truly had late stage dementia and died from, let’s say, starvation because her brain stopped sending signals to eat, which could be a late state dementia, then Schmiedel and Toerpe would have sat back and laughed at me, let me spend the thousands of dollars for an autopsy and Toerpe could have had the final laugh.  In stead, just like Toerpe and Schmiedel isolating mother from all family and friends in order to keep the truth that mother was healthy, articulate and fully sane and ***, they first quickly destroyed all evidence of the drugs by the embalming, and then, did not publicize mother’s death so friends and family could say goodby, but had a very very small service (mother’s friend and priest was not there) and entombed her quickly.  Toerpe didn’t even spend any money for flowers or living plants and there’s no sign of any ceremonial at the crypt.

On the same day or soon after, Schmiedel went to Judge MacCarthy and filed a motion for his fees.  The guardianship is over and all Toerpe can do is collect, but not pay out, and  yet, without any family being notified or having an opportunity to contest — not that that would make any difference — on the same day Schmiedel filed his papers, he was given at least $45,000 from (my) assets held at the Probate clerks’ office in the Estate of Mary G. Sykes.  Further, Toerpe’s accounting for 2014 was approved, and of course, no one was able to review the accounting except for I’m certain Adam Stern and Peter Schmiedel… but wait, the guardianship was not closed, but continued 60 day — again when it should have been closed within 30 days of mother’s death.

And none of the Cook County law enforcement agents beleive that something didn’t go terrible wrong and that Schmiedel and his troops didn’t claim all the assets for mother’s care somehoe ended up in their back pockets… with Schmiedel and the lawfirm he is associated with receiveing over $175,000 and Stern, over $60,000 with Cynthia Farenga absent from court in this case for over two year… but it is beileve she got $30,000 with Harvey Jack Waller getting $17000. and of course, Toerpe getting the rest of the estate with over or close to $1 million of assets.

Like Dr. Bennet Blum stated in a 20009 interview, when adult children are involved, the one who is appointed guardian normally will over medicate, suffocate, and MURDER the elder and then creamate.  We don’t know if somehow Peter Schmiedel had my mother creamated to truly destroy all the evidence.

Yep, all these complaints, all of Ditkowsky’s, mine and other people’s request for investigation, and just like Gacy, my mother had to die, to be murdered, in order for someone to now investigate.  It is being investigated, BTW, and so, the end of the documentary and the book is not one which I had hoped.


I was told this on day one when I was in court with an attorney for the Order of Protection mother filed to stop Toerpe from doing all she did: a person my the name of Linda *** came up to me and said, “If you don’t get your mother freed soon, she will murdered and die a pauper”.  I didn’t believe her.  (Linda was harassed, harmed, and ended up herself in treatment for depression, et al, and her mother suddenly died, just like my mother…”)

Healthy Regards,

Gloria Jean Sykes


(773) 910-3310 (Cell)

(773) 751-1310 (Fax)

(855)-376-0040 (Office)
Date: Sun, 3 May 2015 13:48:46 +0000
Subject: The Cover -up – The letter that allegedly got Journalist and Investigative producer Gloria Sykes a ‘beating’ that the States Attorney of Cook County would not prosecute.
We’ve heard, but have not verified the accusation that Mr. Jerome Larkin has some sort of financial relationship with the Attorney that journalist Gloria Sykes wrote to the IARDC complaining.     Of course as Larkin does not file the ETHICS STATEMENT that is required of all persons receiving remuneration in the form of salary from public offices of the State of Illinois such remains a secret.   So much for ethics at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

TO:  The ARDC Illinois

RE: Attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig of Fischel & Kahn

To Whom It May Concern,

Yesterday, February 17, 2012, attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig stood before a federal bankruptcy judge, (Pamela Hollis) and LIED.  This is not the first time she (and her colleague of Fischel & Kahn–Peter Schmeidel) misrepresented the facts to a FEDERAL JUDGE, or even a STATE JUDGE, but this time she did it with vindictive retaliation in order to further ‘bully’ me and dispossess me from not only my property “Homestead”, but also all property of my bankruptcy estate and procure a favorable ruling in order for her to have a huge financial gain.  It is a matter of fact that:

(1)  Deborah Soehlig will NOT get paid one penny for her unethical and lawlessness services provided to her client Carolyn Toerpe, the Plenary Guardian, unless she successfully does me great harm (renders me penniless and homeless in order to silence me);
(2)  Deborah Soehlig is giving Carolyn Toerpe legal advice on how to financially exploit, willfully deprive, and otherwise, perpetrate egregious and deadly elder abuses against my mother, Mary G. Sykes,
(3) Deborah Soehlig knows she is before a Federal Judge without standing: that she or her client, are not “creditors” and she is willfully interfering and abusing me in a proceeding that she does not belong involved in;
(4) Deborah Soehlig knows or should know the law(s) and the Bankruptcy Codes and the Rules of procedure, but still, she pretended that she had me served notice regarding her Motion to Adopt she (allegedly) filed with the U. S. District Court in re the Estate of Gloria Jean Sykes, when in fact I was never properly served and the Affiant lied;
(5) Deborah Soehlig knows or should know that her client is a ‘fraud’ and that there is but a “Naked Trust” or the trust property was improperly claimed in the Mary G. Sykes Trust rendering it thereby invalid, and that her client has no right to possession of the property at 6014 N. Avondale (“Subject Property” or “Homestead”) in whole or in part: that said, Deborah Soehlig knows or should know that the illegal and wrongful eviction perpetrated against me dictated that I be dispossessed of the second floor only and that her client LIED to the Deputy Sheriff, creating false statements against me, in order to have me forcibly removed from the entire Subject Property against my will or consent.  Deborah Jo Soehlig knows or should know that the Sheriff placed their purportedly legal sticker of dispossession on the second floor but that her client changed the locks on the first floor in order to dispossess me of the entire premises–an action which was false and unwarranted under the allegedly proper court order the Sheriff had attained color of authority thereunder.

Attorney, Deborah Jo. Soehlig, not unlike her ethically challenged colleague attorney Peter Schmiedel, have violated the same codes of ethics and professionalism and so the ARDC only need to refer to my numerous prior complaints against attorney Peter Schmiedel to pursue their investigation.  Deborah Jo Soehlig knowingly has committed serious torts and criminal acts no less than that amounting to acts of civil terrorism against both my mother and I for her own greed and financial gain, and she told me yesterday that she will “dictate when or if I get my personal property, my tools of the trade and intellectual property,  and or any of my confidential legal documents– including evidence much needed to prevail in the Federal Cases”, back into my possession. She LIED to the federal judge yesterday when she knows that the Order of October 25, 2012 is being appealed and that the court lacked jurisdiction to address that order — and yet, Attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig created the false and improper illusion that I was a “dangerous” person and her client was “in need of protection” and therefore a security company was hired to protect Carolyn Toerpe and Toerpe’s property at the Subject Property.  Deborah Soehlig knows that none of the property currently housed at 6014 N. Avondale belongs to her client, or has ever in fact belonged to her client.

I have submitted numerous claims and requested protection under the ARDC’s Client Protection Program and I have been repeatedly denied. The loss of the properties of my estate, the egregious lies  narrated by attorney(s) such as Deborah Jo Soehlig have caused me (1) loss of money and property as a result of the intentional dishonest statement by attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig;
(2) that Deborah Jo Soehlig has wrongfully misappropriated or converted, is using, and withholding my money and my property;
(3) that these loses occurred while Deborah Jo Soehlig was acting as Carolyn Toerpe’s lawyer and in a fiduciary capacity related to the practice of law (attorney for the alleged Plenary Guardian of the Estate of Mary G. Sykes);
(4) that because of the huge losses of property, income, et. al, due to Attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig’s deliberate fraud on the court which she perpetrated in several court proceedings, she must be investigated and disbarred, or at least suspended;
(5) that I have made reasonable efforts to pursue civil remedies and as late as yesterday, in motioning the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for a Rule to Show Cause based upon numerous misrepresentations, half truths and even outright lies, attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig, after court in the hall when I once again attempted to “work things out” and “set up a cooperative time to procure my properties while we work out the adversary proceedings– the Appeal, the ADA claim and the section 2-1401 that her client will be served today or tomorrow by the DuPage County Sheriff’s office–she has REFUSED TO OFFER ANY ASSISTANCE OR REASONABLE COOPERATION WITH THE INTENT TO BULLY ME, TO CAUSE ME MUCH PAIN AND SUFFERING in an attempt to silence me!

My losses have been massive since Attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig first became involved in these court proceedings relating to the Estate of Mary G. Sykes and these losses are due in full to her negligence, her lack of reasonable investigation into the facts and affidavits previously placed on file with the ARDC and posted on this blog,  and her gross malpractice (rather than intentional dishonesty).
Some of those losses (financial and emotional), occurred because she and her client is not in fact an ‘creditor’ of my Estate in Bankruptcy.  Rather, because she is falsely parading around in the Bankruptcy court as such, my claim is for lost profits, consequential damages, and costs to recover my personal, professional, and legal litigation properties. (Deborah Jo Soehlig has and continues to obstruct justice and she further instructs and advises her client on how to obstruct justice as well, inter alia).

To ignore the egregious and wrongful conduct of Deborah Jo Soehlig, who has LIED on motions filed, verbally LIED to state and federal court judges (the transcripts of proceedings where she has appeared are replete with such lies) and yesterday, she lied again to Judge Hollis in order to influence a Judge and discredit me for her own financial gain.  Attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig’s motivation is simple: greed and money!  She made an agreement with her client Carolyn Toerpe that the only way she will get paid is if she does me great harm, renders me penniless and homeless, and in doing so, illegally sells my mother’s home (and forces the sale of my home — “No, hell no I won’t let her do that and neither should the ARDC”), for her own personal financial gain.

You can easily check on all of these facts.  Deborah Jo Soehlig cannot prove or show that she has been paid for her services over the past two years she’s represented Carolyn Toerpe.  Her and her firm are waiting to sell the Subject Property and my home as well (“my Homestead”) by forcing a partition proceeding when she knew or should have known that I paid for the home in full, paid the mortgage and I was the only individual residing on the premise and that this arrangement was well known by reputable (that is, most all) of my family members–not those who stand to financially gain by the sale of my Homestead.

The financial exploitation, the willful deprecation of both my mother and myself is so blatant, that even a challenged child can see the FACTS that Attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig is using her position and office as an attorney, and using the courts in order to not only churn assets of our estates, but also to set a course that will ultimately ‘murder’ my mother. And inasmuch as Deborah Jo Soehlig threatened my life and livelihood yesterday outside the Courtroom of Judge Hollis in a direct pursuit of  what attorney Peter Schmiedel wrote in an email to my one time attorney Joel Brodsky, that the law firm of Fischel and Kahn will do whatever they must to render me penniless and homeless for their own benefit (to get paid).

The legal profession depends upon the public’s trust.  It’s been over two (2) years since I first filed a complaint against attorney Peter Schmiedel who appeared for the first time as Toerpe’s client on February 10, 2010 and I reported to the Probate Court that he was going to sell my mother’s home and my home too for his own financial advantage and gain.  Because the ARDC has failed to act, failed to investigate, et al, Peter Schmiedel and Deborah Jo Soehlig’s wrongful acts amounting to little more than civil terrorism, I am now homeless and penniless and without any of my personal and professional property as well as my intellectual properties needed to generate an income, and of course all my legal documents.  That said, attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig, if not stopped, she will assuredly not only instruct her client Carolyn Toerpe not just on how to murder Mary G. Sykes, but also on how to murder me as well.  You at the ARDC continue to laugh, continue to charge innocents like Kenneth Ditkowsky or JoAnne Denison, and while ignoring the obvious, you are empowering criminals wearing legal suits and carrying legal briefcases and pleadings to do great harm to the exact people and general public that you, as a oversight agency, were lawfully appointed by the State of Illinois to protect.

I am extremely fearful for my life. I fear for my mother’s life.  Meanwhile, Attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig continues to LIE to Illinois Judges in order to obtain rulings that will fill, or which may be currently filling her pockets with the hard earned money of good American citizens who have repeatedly  reached out to the ARDC pleading for basic legal protection afforded to all.

I, and I’m certain other innocents, live in fear for their lives every day because of attorneys like Deborah Jo Soehlig.

FYI I have not received any confirmation that the ARDC is dong any investigation on attorney Peter Schmiedel after so many complaints were filed against him, that it appears that this is a John Wayne Gacy situation, that the ARDC will do nothing until many die — and then, it will be simply too late.

The last words Deborah Jo Soehlig said to me yesterday as I ‘begged’ to arrange for a cooperative time for me to get my properties from the Subject Property, are “You can’t dictate to me.  We will dictate when, how, and if at all you get your property back.” She then turned on her heels and with her buddy, attorney Peter Schmiedel, simply walked away from me.  Other attorneys heard this and a couple walked up to me in shock!  Hitler is still alive and well…. is the ARDC going to allow Deborah Jo Soehlig to walk me (and my mother) into the Showers, too?

Right now, we’re both living in this Concentration Camp stage of hell on earth, and we can see not too far afield the Shower buildings which is assuredly the next step in this grisly process perpetrated with the assistance of the Schmeidel team.

Gloria Jean Sykes
Bon Ami Productions, Inc.
773.631-9262 (fax and office line)

Ken Ditkowsky

JoAnne Denison, Executive Director Justice 4 Every1, NFP 5940 W. Touhy Ave, #120 Niles, IL 60714 Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights Email me at Cell Phone 773-255-7608 Work Ph 312-553-1300 or 847-600-3421 efax 312-376-8842 See our website at Please note that this message may contain confidential or attorney client communications. If you have received this communication in error, please contact the sender and destroy all emails you have received in both your inbox and trash or other folders which may contain same. Thank you.

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From Ken Ditkowsky to another disillusioned Probate Victim

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 25, 2015 10:12 AM
To: RosANNa , Tracey Anne Miller , Marti Oakley , Andy Ostrowski , Bev Cooper , Elaine Renoire
Cc: “JoAnne M. Denison” , Probate Sharks , Tim NASGA , Nasga Us , Matt Senator Kirk , “J. Ditkowsky” , Eric Holder , “FBI- ( (” , BILL DITKOWSKY , Chicago FBI , Chicago Tribune , Janet Phelan , SUNTIMES , fox news network llc , Diane Nash , Ginny Johnson , Fiduciary Watch , Cook County States Attorney , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “Y. ACLU” , aarp , Scott Evans , Edward Carter , Glenda Martinez , Barbara Stone , Candice Schwager , KRISTI HOOD , “Mr. Lanre Amu — Honest Atty Unfairly Persecuted By ARDC” , Illinois ARDC , “” , Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik , “” , Cook Sheriff , Alyece Russell , Jay Goldman , Tom Fields , Eric Blair , “” , Nancy Vallone , Len Holland , “Jim (” , Martin Kozak , Robert Sarhan , Kathie Bakken , Doug Franks , John Howard Wyman , 60m Cbs News <>, Mary Richards , Martha Jantho , “Truthbetoldradio (” , ACLU of Illinois , “” , Kevin Pizzarello , Wsj Lts , “” , Greg Coleman , “” , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Harry Heckert , Sylvia Rudek NASGA , Marti Oakley , The Wall Street Journal , Doug Franks , Marty Prehn , Bettergov Info , “” , Pam Zuckman NBC
Subject: Re: HATRED in the COURTS for PROFIT – Re: Fwd: Case# 164083

I am sorry that you feel so negative toward law enforcement.      I am also sorry that so many elders and family members of elders and disabled people join with you in their belief that law enforcement is either unwilling or unable to enforce the law.
The pain that you feel is universal.    We’ve all experienced the nameless, faceless bureaucrat.   Today he works not only for the government but the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.    He is everywhere.   Call your internet provider!    After you’ve talked to the wrong department and have been transferred to fifty wrong departments the line goes dead!    If you speak to anyone with authority their supervisor is suffering from heat stroke in India.     Government always promises action, however, the action is too little too late. The classic was the fact that I wrote a letter to Senator Durbin (Illinois) complaining of the criminal activity in the Sykes case.     I pointed out that Mary Sykes had been literally kidnapped and now was being abused, isolated from her family and exploited.    Very promptly I received a letter from the Senator.   It contained a copy of a speech he gave extolling his virtue in protection social security.      I could care less whether the social security check arrived or not – it was going to be stolen by the miscreants and would further fund their criminal activities!
42 USCA 12203 prohibits retaliation for making an Americans With Disabilities Claim such as you are making.    Yes, I know that Justice Department is painfully slow in acting, if at all.     Yes, I am aware that the criminals use the State facilities to enhance their WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.    Indeed, I heard the frustration and know that piece by piece the Bill of Rights is being vitiated.     I watched Lanre Amu get drawn and quartered by bunch of racists because he was practicing Law while Black.    He and Crain’s Chicago Business   both took offense that a clout heavy judge refused to rescues herself and remained on the bench to judge the liability of a hospital that she was on the Board of Directors and that was represented by her brother.     The Illinois Supreme Court agreed with the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission and provided Mr. Amu with an interim suspension of his law license for having the audacity to complain that a clout heavy dishonest jurist was indeed dishonest!       Yes, the Supreme Court justices wore black sheets but no hoods when they made the decision.     I was not present so I do not know if they burned a cross on Mr. Amu’s lawn.    (I think not – he lives in a condominium!)
18 USCA 241 and 242 make the violation of Civil Rights a crime.     A civil right is “free speech.”    The recent Supreme Court cases make all content related and political speech immune from government interference.     JoAnne Denison and yours truly were openly and notoriously denied the right to demand an Honest investigation because two clout heavy guardian ad litem discovered that the calls were having some traction.    The Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission and the Illinois Supreme Court once again donned with Black sheets and joined in the wrongful suppression of First Amendment and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution.      (They did not burn a cross on my lawn – I never asked JoAnne if she had night rider problems.   She did have to endure some vandalism.   Law enforcement has not determined who is responsible).
Attorney General Lynch and Senator Mark Kirk have each indicated that they are actively engaged in the War on the Elderly and the Disabled on our side.    I received a telephone call from Senator Kirk’s office and General Lynch announced indictments of health care criminals and the fact that she has another 3000 on her plate.     Maybe there is more going on!
I’ve forwarded as many complaints as come my way to Justice and law enforcement.     I hope that they are being taken seriously as the assault on the elderly and the disabled is an assault on America’s core.   A single Jerome Larkin is a clear and present danger.      This ‘cover up’ of the scandal in the Probate division is inexcusable and his overt intellectual dishonesty is not only ethically challenged but amoral.    When I read the decision in the JoAnne Denison case I was sickened.       Imagine the ‘conscience of the legal profession’ being overtly dishonest as to what the words and phrases of the leading Supreme Court of the United States decision (Alvarez case) held.      The reprobate’s minions abandoned their intellectual dishonesty of prior years’ wherein they misrepresented the Sawyer case and now claimed that the Alvarez case gave them authority to regulate speech!  [1]
Indeed, so arrogant is Larkin and his co-conspirators that they have had almost a month to correct any error that might have occurred, but they stand steadfast in their dishonesty.     JoAnne remains in an interim suspension!      No proceedings are pending against the dishonest lawyers engaged in the criminal conspiracy.   Indeed, no proceeding has been brought against the dishonest lawyers who have pillaged estates of the elderly and the disabled!      Indeed the black sheeted Justices of the Supreme Court of Illinois – as they did during Operation Greylord – are four square positioned on the side of exploitation, isolation and abuse of the elderly and the disabled.
Yes – we understand.   BUT,   we elected our legal representatives and will elect others at the next election cycle.     It is only fair that we keep our elected representatives and law enforcement informed so that have the opportunity to do their jobs and earn public trust.     Here in Illinois we have a fiscal crisis.   Our state needs money –desperately!!!!!!        The loot from the Sykes case was over 2 million dollars and it is sure fire certainty that not one dime of Illinois or Federal Taxes has been paid by any of the miscreants.      Mary’s ¾ of a million dollar home was sold for a little over $200,000.00.     You can bet your bottom dollar that not one dime of the ¾ of million dollars has been reported on the 2014 tax return by Larkin, or those he acted in concert with.      It is assumed that after some mesne sales are consummated one or more of the co-conspirators will report a capital gain to cover-up the theft and get the Statute of Limitations running as to the fraud on Mary’s home.
My friends – have patience!    Keep reporting these incidents.    Democracy is not a spectator sport and it did not come to us cheap!

[1] Alvarez held that the government could not punish a liar who claimed to have won a Medal of Honor – and had not.    The Court clearly rejected government determining what content related speech was true and what was a lie.    This case was consistent with a bunch of cases that held that government could not regulate protests, violent video games, political speech including that by corporations etc.     Larkin claimed that an exception was carved out for him to regulate speech of persons who happened to have law degrees.   He cited a rejected argument as the Rule of Law as a clear ethically challenged act and such intellectual dishonesty as merits his disbarment along with that of every attorney who participated in such dishonesty.
PS-from Joanne Denison
Since my trial and when the ARDC went ballistic over my mentioning certain firey blazes at the Office of Public Guardian, I could not figure out what the problem was–until I asked around some other attorneys and found out what it was.  Turns out a certain ex-head of that department KNEW why the stairwells were locked and he KNEW that this presented a danger a danger to anyone present at 69 W Washington St.  Apparently a bunch of other attorneys know it too, and they thought it was corruption as usual and have not demanded an investigation.  We I have written the FBI demanding they reopen this case and demanding they question the attorney (now judge) in question so that 6 families in question can have closure.  If the allegations are true, I care not what the authorities do with him, other than remove him from a position enabling him to further do harm while he has no concept of ethics, justice, civility, compassion and Truth.
I grew up in Chicago and I’ve been a close follower of the Sun Time and Trib, so you know I am not immune to knowledge of dishonesty and lack of ethics, yet I still expect and demand it from those in office and those sitting in a judge’s chair.

(705 ILCS 205/4) (from Ch. 13, par. 4)
    Sec. 4. Every person admitted to practice as an attorney and counsellor at law shall, before his name is entered upon the roll to be kept as hereinafter provided, take and subscribe an oath, substantially in the following form:
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be), that I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state of Illinois, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of attorney and counselor at law to the best of my ability.

Another Probate Victim to Pray for: Nancy Golin and her family in Santa Barbara, California

From the Blog on Nancy by her parents:

Since her confinement, Nancy has suffered numerous physical and neurological injuries and abuses. She has lost the use of her hands, been hospitalized dozens of times for seizures and esophageal ruptures, five years of dental neglect causing her to lose almost half her teeth, been improperly subjected to destructive psychiatric drugging, and likely molestation. All of these injuries occurred while in SARC’s and APS’s care. Not the least of the harms, she is not allowed to see her parents except under extreme restrictions and she is not being allowed to go back home for reasons she cannot understand and no one purports to explain. The parents have been denied any say in her care or standing to litigate on her behalf.

I believe this story is on par with story of Nancy Vallone and her beloved niece.  What I don’t understand is how after years of posts, and dozens of complaints to the authorities, police and otherwise nothing is ever done about the abuse and isolation of disabled adults suffering from autism.

They are systematically abused and isolated in “group homes” (of abuse and destruction).

Please pray for these young ladies who have suffered terrible:  Nancy Golin and Danielle Rene Murphy.

Information on Danielle can be found elsewhere on this blog and at:


Response to Rosanna’s complaint about Atty Fansler–a classic

As many of you know, Rosanne Miller of Ohio has been fighting for years to get justice in her mother’s case and now her father’s case.  It is well known that her father, Claire was left with a miscreant brother where hundreds of thousands of dollars disappeared while a certain court appointed attorney, Fansler, allowed Mr. Miller to live in deplorable, filthy conditions in the home, while Fansler took hefty attorneys fees and looked the other way. When Roseanne complained to the court, she was disparaged, maligned and told every which way, her complaints of abuse were not going to be heard and she was the villian in all of this!

Preposterous.  So she writes a complaint to the Ohio Supreme Court regarding the conduct of Fansler, an elder abuser who did nothing to prosecute the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars while her Father was left with the Brother to live in a stinking, dirty home, complete with a heavy dose of animal feces and filth.

Above is the response of the Ohio Supreme Court.

I am certain it is in line with our own Jerome Larkin’s policies to never, never investigate an Attorney who is in charge while substantial sums of money and property disappear, and the elder is found living in squalor.  Instead, make sure the court and the court appointed and connected attorneys blame someone else, disparage them and persecute and prosecute them to the hilt.  Always hand back reports of elder abuse to the abusers.  Cover it up.

But Ken is making inroads to one Senator in Illinois who has finally acknowledged hundreds of letters of complaint and has promised to look into the Sykes-Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel matter and others where an elder is abused and everyone runs to cover up by persecuting and proseucting HONEST family members and the attorneys that are outraged (myself and Ken).

Eventually Truth and Justice will shed a mightly light onto these matters, and oppression of those who oppose severe and pervasive elder abuse in exchange for the gold will have no place to run and hide their ugly lies, crimes and horrific treatment of elders and their honest family members.

Keep it up Ken and Roseanne.  Keep up the pressure on the authorities to do their jobs and end elder abuse in the courts and Guardianship.

Top 10 Peaceful Protests from Time Magazine Online,29307,1887394_1861256,00.html

Today is the day we need to pray and act for our seniors, deprived unjustly by courts run amok.  Where secret lists of attorneys and “professional” guardians abound–many of whom have dozens of perfectly valid citizen complaints against them in the improper and unjust handling of seniors–primarily forcing them into nursing homes when they don’t want to go there and drugging them so they don’t care (40% of psychotropic drugs are sold to nursing homes, the use of these drugs for those under 20 and over 60 are not FDA approved nor are they effective other than as an illegal chemical restraint).

Far too many mideast countries are oppressing free speech of LGTB’s who want and deserve human and civil rights, women who want equal rights. The US still has not passed the ERA.

It is injustices like these that allow evil and greed to flourish.

Please pray for comfort and healing, peace, love and blessings and Truth and Justice for the seniors and their families you know, and those being oppressed around the world.

The power of prayer is infinite.

It is the most powerful weapon we have on earth, greater than any war, greater than any weapon.

All we have to do is learn to use it effectively.