Response to Rosanna’s complaint about Atty Fansler–a classic

As many of you know, Rosanne Miller of Ohio has been fighting for years to get justice in her mother’s case and now her father’s case.  It is well known that her father, Claire was left with a miscreant brother where hundreds of thousands of dollars disappeared while a certain court appointed attorney, Fansler, allowed Mr. Miller to live in deplorable, filthy conditions in the home, while Fansler took hefty attorneys fees and looked the other way. When Roseanne complained to the court, she was disparaged, maligned and told every which way, her complaints of abuse were not going to be heard and she was the villian in all of this!

Preposterous.  So she writes a complaint to the Ohio Supreme Court regarding the conduct of Fansler, an elder abuser who did nothing to prosecute the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars while her Father was left with the Brother to live in a stinking, dirty home, complete with a heavy dose of animal feces and filth.

Above is the response of the Ohio Supreme Court.

I am certain it is in line with our own Jerome Larkin’s policies to never, never investigate an Attorney who is in charge while substantial sums of money and property disappear, and the elder is found living in squalor.  Instead, make sure the court and the court appointed and connected attorneys blame someone else, disparage them and persecute and prosecute them to the hilt.  Always hand back reports of elder abuse to the abusers.  Cover it up.

But Ken is making inroads to one Senator in Illinois who has finally acknowledged hundreds of letters of complaint and has promised to look into the Sykes-Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel matter and others where an elder is abused and everyone runs to cover up by persecuting and proseucting HONEST family members and the attorneys that are outraged (myself and Ken).

Eventually Truth and Justice will shed a mightly light onto these matters, and oppression of those who oppose severe and pervasive elder abuse in exchange for the gold will have no place to run and hide their ugly lies, crimes and horrific treatment of elders and their honest family members.

Keep it up Ken and Roseanne.  Keep up the pressure on the authorities to do their jobs and end elder abuse in the courts and Guardianship.

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