Another Probate Victim to Pray for: Nancy Golin and her family in Santa Barbara, California

From the Blog on Nancy by her parents:

Since her confinement, Nancy has suffered numerous physical and neurological injuries and abuses. She has lost the use of her hands, been hospitalized dozens of times for seizures and esophageal ruptures, five years of dental neglect causing her to lose almost half her teeth, been improperly subjected to destructive psychiatric drugging, and likely molestation. All of these injuries occurred while in SARC’s and APS’s care. Not the least of the harms, she is not allowed to see her parents except under extreme restrictions and she is not being allowed to go back home for reasons she cannot understand and no one purports to explain. The parents have been denied any say in her care or standing to litigate on her behalf.

I believe this story is on par with story of Nancy Vallone and her beloved niece.  What I don’t understand is how after years of posts, and dozens of complaints to the authorities, police and otherwise nothing is ever done about the abuse and isolation of disabled adults suffering from autism.

They are systematically abused and isolated in “group homes” (of abuse and destruction).

Please pray for these young ladies who have suffered terrible:  Nancy Golin and Danielle Rene Murphy.

Information on Danielle can be found elsewhere on this blog and at:


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