From Ken Ditkowsky to another disillusioned Probate Victim

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 25, 2015 10:12 AM
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Subject: Re: HATRED in the COURTS for PROFIT – Re: Fwd: Case# 164083

I am sorry that you feel so negative toward law enforcement.      I am also sorry that so many elders and family members of elders and disabled people join with you in their belief that law enforcement is either unwilling or unable to enforce the law.
The pain that you feel is universal.    We’ve all experienced the nameless, faceless bureaucrat.   Today he works not only for the government but the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.    He is everywhere.   Call your internet provider!    After you’ve talked to the wrong department and have been transferred to fifty wrong departments the line goes dead!    If you speak to anyone with authority their supervisor is suffering from heat stroke in India.     Government always promises action, however, the action is too little too late. The classic was the fact that I wrote a letter to Senator Durbin (Illinois) complaining of the criminal activity in the Sykes case.     I pointed out that Mary Sykes had been literally kidnapped and now was being abused, isolated from her family and exploited.    Very promptly I received a letter from the Senator.   It contained a copy of a speech he gave extolling his virtue in protection social security.      I could care less whether the social security check arrived or not – it was going to be stolen by the miscreants and would further fund their criminal activities!
42 USCA 12203 prohibits retaliation for making an Americans With Disabilities Claim such as you are making.    Yes, I know that Justice Department is painfully slow in acting, if at all.     Yes, I am aware that the criminals use the State facilities to enhance their WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.    Indeed, I heard the frustration and know that piece by piece the Bill of Rights is being vitiated.     I watched Lanre Amu get drawn and quartered by bunch of racists because he was practicing Law while Black.    He and Crain’s Chicago Business   both took offense that a clout heavy judge refused to rescues herself and remained on the bench to judge the liability of a hospital that she was on the Board of Directors and that was represented by her brother.     The Illinois Supreme Court agreed with the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission and provided Mr. Amu with an interim suspension of his law license for having the audacity to complain that a clout heavy dishonest jurist was indeed dishonest!       Yes, the Supreme Court justices wore black sheets but no hoods when they made the decision.     I was not present so I do not know if they burned a cross on Mr. Amu’s lawn.    (I think not – he lives in a condominium!)
18 USCA 241 and 242 make the violation of Civil Rights a crime.     A civil right is “free speech.”    The recent Supreme Court cases make all content related and political speech immune from government interference.     JoAnne Denison and yours truly were openly and notoriously denied the right to demand an Honest investigation because two clout heavy guardian ad litem discovered that the calls were having some traction.    The Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission and the Illinois Supreme Court once again donned with Black sheets and joined in the wrongful suppression of First Amendment and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution.      (They did not burn a cross on my lawn – I never asked JoAnne if she had night rider problems.   She did have to endure some vandalism.   Law enforcement has not determined who is responsible).
Attorney General Lynch and Senator Mark Kirk have each indicated that they are actively engaged in the War on the Elderly and the Disabled on our side.    I received a telephone call from Senator Kirk’s office and General Lynch announced indictments of health care criminals and the fact that she has another 3000 on her plate.     Maybe there is more going on!
I’ve forwarded as many complaints as come my way to Justice and law enforcement.     I hope that they are being taken seriously as the assault on the elderly and the disabled is an assault on America’s core.   A single Jerome Larkin is a clear and present danger.      This ‘cover up’ of the scandal in the Probate division is inexcusable and his overt intellectual dishonesty is not only ethically challenged but amoral.    When I read the decision in the JoAnne Denison case I was sickened.       Imagine the ‘conscience of the legal profession’ being overtly dishonest as to what the words and phrases of the leading Supreme Court of the United States decision (Alvarez case) held.      The reprobate’s minions abandoned their intellectual dishonesty of prior years’ wherein they misrepresented the Sawyer case and now claimed that the Alvarez case gave them authority to regulate speech!  [1]
Indeed, so arrogant is Larkin and his co-conspirators that they have had almost a month to correct any error that might have occurred, but they stand steadfast in their dishonesty.     JoAnne remains in an interim suspension!      No proceedings are pending against the dishonest lawyers engaged in the criminal conspiracy.   Indeed, no proceeding has been brought against the dishonest lawyers who have pillaged estates of the elderly and the disabled!      Indeed the black sheeted Justices of the Supreme Court of Illinois – as they did during Operation Greylord – are four square positioned on the side of exploitation, isolation and abuse of the elderly and the disabled.
Yes – we understand.   BUT,   we elected our legal representatives and will elect others at the next election cycle.     It is only fair that we keep our elected representatives and law enforcement informed so that have the opportunity to do their jobs and earn public trust.     Here in Illinois we have a fiscal crisis.   Our state needs money –desperately!!!!!!        The loot from the Sykes case was over 2 million dollars and it is sure fire certainty that not one dime of Illinois or Federal Taxes has been paid by any of the miscreants.      Mary’s ¾ of a million dollar home was sold for a little over $200,000.00.     You can bet your bottom dollar that not one dime of the ¾ of million dollars has been reported on the 2014 tax return by Larkin, or those he acted in concert with.      It is assumed that after some mesne sales are consummated one or more of the co-conspirators will report a capital gain to cover-up the theft and get the Statute of Limitations running as to the fraud on Mary’s home.
My friends – have patience!    Keep reporting these incidents.    Democracy is not a spectator sport and it did not come to us cheap!

[1] Alvarez held that the government could not punish a liar who claimed to have won a Medal of Honor – and had not.    The Court clearly rejected government determining what content related speech was true and what was a lie.    This case was consistent with a bunch of cases that held that government could not regulate protests, violent video games, political speech including that by corporations etc.     Larkin claimed that an exception was carved out for him to regulate speech of persons who happened to have law degrees.   He cited a rejected argument as the Rule of Law as a clear ethically challenged act and such intellectual dishonesty as merits his disbarment along with that of every attorney who participated in such dishonesty.
PS-from Joanne Denison
Since my trial and when the ARDC went ballistic over my mentioning certain firey blazes at the Office of Public Guardian, I could not figure out what the problem was–until I asked around some other attorneys and found out what it was.  Turns out a certain ex-head of that department KNEW why the stairwells were locked and he KNEW that this presented a danger a danger to anyone present at 69 W Washington St.  Apparently a bunch of other attorneys know it too, and they thought it was corruption as usual and have not demanded an investigation.  We I have written the FBI demanding they reopen this case and demanding they question the attorney (now judge) in question so that 6 families in question can have closure.  If the allegations are true, I care not what the authorities do with him, other than remove him from a position enabling him to further do harm while he has no concept of ethics, justice, civility, compassion and Truth.
I grew up in Chicago and I’ve been a close follower of the Sun Time and Trib, so you know I am not immune to knowledge of dishonesty and lack of ethics, yet I still expect and demand it from those in office and those sitting in a judge’s chair.

(705 ILCS 205/4) (from Ch. 13, par. 4)
    Sec. 4. Every person admitted to practice as an attorney and counsellor at law shall, before his name is entered upon the roll to be kept as hereinafter provided, take and subscribe an oath, substantially in the following form:
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be), that I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state of Illinois, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of attorney and counselor at law to the best of my ability.

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