Top 10 Peaceful Protests from Time Magazine Online,29307,1887394_1861256,00.html

Today is the day we need to pray and act for our seniors, deprived unjustly by courts run amok.  Where secret lists of attorneys and “professional” guardians abound–many of whom have dozens of perfectly valid citizen complaints against them in the improper and unjust handling of seniors–primarily forcing them into nursing homes when they don’t want to go there and drugging them so they don’t care (40% of psychotropic drugs are sold to nursing homes, the use of these drugs for those under 20 and over 60 are not FDA approved nor are they effective other than as an illegal chemical restraint).

Far too many mideast countries are oppressing free speech of LGTB’s who want and deserve human and civil rights, women who want equal rights. The US still has not passed the ERA.

It is injustices like these that allow evil and greed to flourish.

Please pray for comfort and healing, peace, love and blessings and Truth and Justice for the seniors and their families you know, and those being oppressed around the world.

The power of prayer is infinite.

It is the most powerful weapon we have on earth, greater than any war, greater than any weapon.

All we have to do is learn to use it effectively.


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