Bill Windsor tweets, emails and has a website and he is charged with a crime? Must be Montana

Apparently in Montana if you tell the truth about the criminal justice system and corruption anywhere, they come right after you and arrest you.

Bill Windsor, publisher of “Lawless America” where many probate victims and corruption victims can be seen crying their eyes out over horrific injustices done to them and their loved ones, is easily found on

The stories are true and are told by the victims.  But that doesn’t stop the State of Montana from supressing his First Amendment rights.

Barbara Stone, an attorney in Florida, currently has a body attachment (arrest warrant) out for her civil probate case in which she merely expressed concerns that her mother should not be given Miralax, a drug with black box warnings which is contraindicated for seniors.  Then she spoke out against abuse in Jan. 2014 when her mother was sent to the ER with fractures, lacerations, contusions, pneumonia, severe weight loss, malnutrition–all under the care of Attorneys Mark Raymond and Roy Lustig–her tormenters and their 2 “care (death) givers”–none of which was ever prosecuted for these horriffic crimes nor investigated by the Fla. states attorneys offices despite the horror of their crimes, the prosecution/persecution of Barbara Stone for speaking out against elder abuse, and in particular her own mother.

Please pray today for all of these victims and their families.

Please pray that Bill Windsor isn’t incarcerated in the USA because he stands against corruption and the persecution and proseuction of probate victims and court corruption victims.

You can read the article on him here:


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