Elonis v. US–SCOTUS still stands firmly for free speech.

As many of you will recall, the defendant in this case was charged with a crime for posting rap music lyrics on his website, which apparently, people at his job, his ex wife and some others claimed were threats against them, because we all know how nice rap music is in terms of threatening messages.


But the US Supreme Court isn’t buying such a standard.  The Obama administration and others wanted to use the standard, would a reasonable person feel threatened from harm and present that to the jury.

SCOTUS said the key to these cases is whether or not the speaker intended harm and not the listener.  And, to top that off, there would have to be a showing of criminal intent, that is, did the speaker intend to commit the acts constituting a crime.

So while the SCOTUS is making sure that we aren’t dumping even more people in our for-profit jail/prison system for things that really don’t amount to crimes ( publishing lyrics to rap music and having people read them to feel threatened), we have Jerome Larkin and the ARDC going after Mr. Ditkowsky, Mr. Amu and myself for publishing the truth about probate.

Then they ban all the witnesses, many witnesses testify on my behalf, but apparently the Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel team is so tied in, their testimony gets a pass over the dozens of affidavits and actual horror stories from the victims themselves who have suffered on their behalf.

Due tot he Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel team, there was never any discovery in the Sykes case, the Gold coins still have not been found, nor has there been any discovery, Mary wanted to live in her home until she died, but they sold her home for some $200k in attorneys fees–all of which is shameful behavior and all of which Mr. Jerome Larkin, head of the Illinois ARDC wants to cover up.  It’s all the truth.  The probate courts shy away from opening investigations when they should, they divvy up cases and it’s seniors and disableds for cash.

Barbara Stone’s case is “seniors for cash”– with malicious harm to her mother which was never investigated properly.  Her mother is still in grave danger of death from drugs.

Please pray for all of the above persons.  I will soon start a prayer page for all the probate victims.

Please pray for Mary G. Sykes that she died in captivity and her Advanced Directives were totally ignored by the Court and Stern, Farenga and Schmeidel at the end.


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