Widespread corruption in Orange County Cal. causes court to disqualify 250+ prosecutors!

While we have long heard many, many rumblings of wide spread corruption in Orange County California, this judge actually DID something about it–he banned 250+ prosecutors from involvement in his court room.

Turns out the Orange County evidence system contained loads of manufactured, supressed and tainted evidence–all manufactured by the prosecutors and those that assit them.

In addition, informants were placed in jail cells next to represented defendants without consent or knowledge waiting to manufacture or listen for any evidence that would guarantee a conviction–despite the fact there was plenty of evidence to already convict.

This means hundreds of convictions may be overturned once the lawyers and Public Defenders get to the bottom of the massive scheme of corruption.

Does it sound familiar to our nation’s probate system?  To the ARDC that goes after HONEST attorneys that merely speak up and tell the truth to protect Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens–the elderly and disabled?  Mr. Amu was trying to fairly represent his immigrant clients–mostly poor and mostly did not speak English very well.  But he spoke out as soon as corruption was noted.  As soon as Mr. Larkin and his ilk found out that Mr. Amu was destroying a series of cover ups in the Illinois court system, he had a fit and prosecuted Mr. Amu with kangaroo evidence and a kangaroo court.  The the Northern District Court of Illinois rubber stamped his suspension, just as they are getting ready to do mine.

The most important part of all this work tho, is not the individual attorneys involved in tracing and tracking the corruption.  It is seeing how far and how wide it goes.

In Orange County California, it apparently prompted some 500+ pages of affidavits attesting to corruption in that jurisdiction.  Orange County Cal. has 3 million residents, very similar to Cook County. The parallels are fairly astounding.


Let’s hear it for those brave Public Defenders who speak the truth and stand for truth and justice in Democracy.


4 thoughts on “Widespread corruption in Orange County Cal. causes court to disqualify 250+ prosecutors!

    • Well JM Denison. I have had personal experience with the orange county court system and those prosecutors and appointed defense attorneys. the first meeting with the appointed defense attorney she said we will plead you guilty and you will not do more than five years. I hired an attorney and he turned out to be an ex cop. This is another one of my long stories about cops and corruption. he refused to go after the corrupt cops for filing a false report and I had rock solid proof and he ignored several other cops crimes. He insisted I plead nolo contender for three days in jail time served, 500 dollar fine and two years unsupervised probation. The prosecutor could not find any reason to require bail and I was released on my own recognizance.

      • I am sorry that happened to you. It is ridiculous how the criminal (in) justice system is having the innocent enter “diversion” and “nolo contendre” programs just to pay fees and fines to the government to avoid jury trials.

        It is all horribly wrong.


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