What Jerome Larkin, Head of the Illinois ARDC supports–from Ken Ditkowsky

It occurred to me that Mr. Jerome Larkin and the Attorneys who have engaged or who have acted in concert with the Assault on Alice Gore’s civil and human rights are still practicing law.    Thus, pursuant to Rule 8.3 after reading the posting on NASGA I am forwarding that posting and the following as a complaint against Jerome Larkin for his part in the Conspiracy and as a complaint against all the attorneys who have acted in concert.    
Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 and 18 USCA 242 and 241 I am forwarding this e mail to the justice department for examination as to whether or not a specific prosecution should occur for the felonies committed and also so that we can assist in the prosecution of Seth Gilman and those allied with him.     
The facts as I understand them that related to the Alice Gore case are as follows:
Note: I copied the following so that there is no mystery as to the Alice Gore.   You can find this information on NASGA blog.   
Alice Gore Cook County Case No: 2006 P 000482   / Judge Lynne Kawamoto 
Alice Gore was living in an apartment building owned by Mr. Morris Esformes.  The apartment building was at Park Plaza, 6840 N. Sacramento, Chicago.  Alice was required to divulge her complete financial information when she moved into his facility.
Alice had previously chosen her daughter, Bev Cooper, to be her power of attorney (POA) for health care and financial issues. Bev, in accordance with Alice’s wishes, had promised her mother she wouldn’t place her in a nursing home, and would never make a decision to withhold medical treatment.   Bev visited her mom almost daily to help care for her mother’s needs .  [ Bev also wanted to take her mother home and care for her there, but she was denied to do so by the Probate Court and court appointed attorneys.]
Bev has a daughter, Kimberly Cooper, who was born with infantile Autism; she spent her childhood in and out of 54 foster homes; she had well-documented psychiatric illness, and was diagnosed as a child with Schizophrenia and Borderline-Personality Psychosis with Suicidal Ideations.  This condition was known by both the Lake County and Cook County courts.  During the guardianship proceedings, Bev had provided the Cook County Court with the documentation of Kimberly’s severe mental incapacity, but the court refused to enter it into the public record.   Additionally, Bev believes that Kimberly receives disability benefits from the government; this could have been easily ascertained by the court.
Karen Bowes was a business and family attorney for the Cooper family for 27 years.   She had represented Kimberly Cooper in the juvenile court of Lake County and was well aware of the psychiatric issues and legal issues that Kimberly Cooper endured during childhood.
After Bev’s mother, Alice Gore, had moved into the Esformes building and divulged her financial records, Karen Bowes approached Bev.  Karen told Bev that she should go to court to seek guardianship of her mother, rather than relying on her Power of Attorney.     Comment – this is a common ploy so that the Court can obtain jurisdiction and the miscreants can isolate, abuse and exploit the designated victim.    Probate proceedings are for specialized usage – it is a like the carpenter – he uses his hammer for the specialized task of driving nails into wood.   He could us a plumber’s wrench for the same purpose – but each has its own usage.   The Power of Attorney (durable) met the needs of Ms. Gore, but not the corrupt jurists and judicial officials who wanted her 1.5 million dollars.
Ms. Bowes stated to Bev that “Guardianship trumps Power of Attorney”, which is the opposite of what is stated by Illinois law.  Illinois law states that if a power of attorney is in place, a guardian is not required. [Illinois law also says that a POA trumps guardianship, even if one is appointed, and no judge seems to follow that on the 18th floor, hence the need for a federal monitor there and our recent call for federal monitoring of the 18th floor by someone willing to conduct HONEST and THOROUGH investigations and remove judges and attorneys that will simply not follow the law because they themselves are motiviated by kickbacks, power and greed.  Perhaps at one time this was true, a litigant did not have to come to court, but now it is code for “you better be there, or else they will fleece you and your next of kin].
Bev followed the advice of her long-time attorney.  Bev went to court to change her Power of Attorney to Plenary Guardian.
On January 20, 2006:  petition for guardianship was entered.
Karen Bowes sent an attorney named Miriam Solo to Alice Gore’s apartment.  Miriam Solo is a cousin of Morris Esformes, the apartment building owner who required that Alice divulge her complete financial information when she moved into his building. 
Miriam Solo interviewed Alice; Solo did not allow Alice’s daughter, Bev, to participate in the discussion, and closed the door so Bev could not hear the interview.  Karen Bowes told Bev that she did not really know Solo prior to these proceedings, and instructed Bev to pay Solo $500.00 for her attorney services. Bev was also instructed by Bowes that she didn’t need to attend court hearings.   [This is what is always said by corrupt judges and attorneys who want to function with impunity out of the critical eye of the public and those that know better.  Always be wary when either the Judge or the Attorney says “you don’t have to come.”  Often, that is a lie.  The public is always welcome to attend court hearings, status calls and trials to ensure that tax payer money is hard at work and Truth and Justice are being served.] 
On January 24, 2006:  Miriam Solo was appointed by Judge Lynne Kawamoto to serve as Guardian ad Litem on the case.
Karen Bowes apparently facilitated the appointment of Miriam Solo as GAL, telling Bev that Miriam Solo was just to be an attorney on the case.  It later became apparent to Bev that Bowes and Solo had a business relationship during the preceding ten years, despite Bowes having told Bev that she didn’t really know Miriam Solo.
Most, if not all, of Alice Gore’s financial records disappeared from her apartment building during this time frame.   Additionally, Karen Bowes elicited the legal help of Bruce Lange, an attorney/accountant who works for Harris Bank and Trust.  Lange and Bowes instructed Bev to make repeated trips to Alice Gore’s bank to secure Alice’s bank statements for them so they could determine Alice’s net worth.  Despite the fact that Lange was paid for his services as an attorney, he never supplied the court with the financial information that he and Bowes had obtained from Bev.
On February 27, 2006: Kimberly Cooper, granddaughter was appointed as guardian of the person and estate for Alice Gore.
Bev Cooper’s Power of Attorney was revoked.
The court is aware Kimberly Cooper has a history of psychiatric illness.
Subsequent to her appointment, Kimberly told her mother, Bev, that she intended to place Alice into Hospice, a decision that Alice had many times told Bev she did want not enacted.  Alice’s primary diagnosis was arthritis, and she had no qualifying medical diagnoses to support a DNR/Hospice order.
 NB:  Comment.    The Seth Gillman indictment indicates that large kickbacks are available for referrals of people being elder cleansed into nursing home, hospice etc.   The fraud opportunities abound! [Seth Gillman’s indictment has been published on Pacer and elsewhere on this blog and you can search for it.  It contains over 100 affidavits of elders that did not want or need hospice, but GPI  or General In Patient care paid $167 per day from Medicare while Hospice paid many times that or $670 per day, so all seniors according to Seth Gillman, an attorney, needed hospice.  You will note that while the ARDC have come after Ken and I for blogging about corruption, Seth Gillman bilks the taxpayer and kills seniors for over $100 million and the ARDC leaves him alone]
Other medical decisions made by Kimberly were of concern to Bev, including the removal of the Alice’s gold teeth.  Additionally, Kimberly authorized the placement of a feeding G-tube, while the patient still had the ability to eat and drink without difficulty.
Alice Gore, the ward, was removed from Esformes’ apartment building to the Carlton on the Lake Rehabilitation Center at 725 W. Montrose in Chicago.
Alice Gore was moved into a nursing home with which Esformes had ties, Lakeview Nursing Rehab, at 735 W. Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL.  Michael Elkes was administrator at Lakeview Nursing Rehab at that time.
Alice Gore’s health declined in this facility.  When Bev requested an accurate weight on her mother, Michael Elkes contacted Miriam Solo.
Attempts by Bev to bring her concerns about her mother’s declining condition to the judge resulted in her being restricted from visiting her mother without supervision for a number of years.   
Rehab Assist, which is owned by Tom Kleinheinz, was assigned to supervise Bev when she visited her mother.  False statements were made by Rehab Assist to the judge about Bev’s interactions with her mother, resulting in further visitation restrictions.  Thomas Kleinheinz, owner of Rehab Assist, and his employees, Melody (last name unknown) and Ben Topp were all participants in these actions.
Rehab Assist is believed to have ties with Mr. Esformes.
Miriam Solo brought in other care management companies and personnel as well, including Kindred Guardian, a case manager Annette Jungheim, and Signe Gleeson, from Elder Care Solutions.  False documentation was also entered into the court record by these individuals.
Alice was subsequently moved into Warren Barr Pavilion Nursing home (a nursing home that was recently purchased by Esformes from the Masonic owners) at 66 W. Oak Street in Chicago, where she remained until she passed away.
Feb. 25, 2011 Alice Gored died.
Since the appointment of Kimberly Cooper as guardian, an estate worth over $1,500,000.00 (one million five hundred dollars) has been depleted.
Missing annuity checks, and an inventory and accounting has not been provided to the court, despite requests by Bev Cooper
Two annuity checks were sent to Bev Cooper by the issuing annuity company and were endorsed by Kimberly Cooper. The signatures were both different and appeared to be forged. The suspected forgery was reported to the GAL and yet nothing was done.
*******16 missing annuity checks that may have been stolen from Alice’s apartment.
There is an outstanding issue related to an annuity/life insurance policy. Alice had purchased a paid up annuity that gave her about $1600.00 or so income per month that paid her benefits from the capital and interest of the annuity until she was about 95 years old…after that the annuity continued to pay at the expense of the annuity company.
Part of the annuity package was a paid up insurance policy for about $150,000 payable to either Alice or Kimberly upon Alice’s death (beneficiary uncertain).  Alice owned the annuity and the insurance policy and in any case no matter who was the beneficiary, the policy should have been listed as an asset of the estate. The court mentioned the policy on record and they are evading listing the asset to the estate.
It should also be noted that Morris.Esformes has been under investigation by Lisa Madigan’s office in the past for allegedly placing homeless people into his public aid nursing homes; these placements were done without proper criminal investigations prior to the placement. Esformes was also being investigated by the federal investigators for improprieties in other states.  Bev Cooper has also reported Miriam Solo and her siblings to the State of Florida and the FBI for an alleged fraud committed on the estate of a Mr. Faskowitz, a resident in Florida. 
Alice Gore died alone on Feb. 25, 2011: The cause of death was dehydration, despite the presence of a feeding tube which was not used, as the patient had been able to eat orally.  Questions remain over why the patient was not adequately hydrated prior to her death.  
*********   Bev Cooper was not notified of the change in her mother’s condition, and was not able to be with her mother when she passed away.
(JMD comments in Brick Red because apparently our elected officials do nothing about this pervasive corruption, having bricks for brains.)
It is noteworthy that SOME European nations  have populaces that rate their happiness as very high.  Why?  They have free health care, free day care, free college (and many go), 3 weeks of mandatory vacation and a minimum wage of $20 per hour.  Are they smarter than us?  Better than us?  No.  They just rid themselves of war and health care corruption!  At a massive rate of health care corruption–doctors and hospitals taking money and performing no services or services on elderly and other patients not needing the services, plus the government waste in the military–millions spent on nothing for nobody, apparently free health care, free day care, free college and a minimum wage of $20 per hour is attainable (Denmark, with horrible long winters and cold weather is apparently one of the happiest places to live in the world).
It is utterly shameful that Gloria saw her mother only a handful of times in 5 years!  The Guardian and the court forbade it.  At one point, a 3 page order was drafted up (elsewhere on this site) with incredible details on how to prevent Gloria from seeing her mother?  Why?  Mary was just as competent in June of 2014 as she was in her viedoe on Veimo in a red snuggy speaking of highly intelligent philosophies with excellent cognitive skills.  But they guardianized her anyway, because she received no Service of Summons and Petition–CT dragged her to DuPage and kept her there, against her will.  Then her safe deposit box was not inventoried, but emptied by CT without any court order of hundred of thosands of dollars in valuable coins.  To this date, the court appointed attorneys Farenga, Stern and Schmeidel block all discovery and get the ARDC attorneys to do their dirty work of threatening HONEST attorneyss to stay away from the case — or else.
Gloria is devastated, having only seen her mother for one hour before she died, lying in a coma.  Then she was discourtesly told her time was up and to leave.  No funeral, no obituary for Mary.  And definitely not an autopsy that would show the brain was fine, but the system filled with deadly opiates.
The court appointed attorneys and judges know what to do. Mary’s hundreds of thousands in valuable coins disappear with no discovery, tho Gloria repeatedly asked for it.  The $1 million dollar home is on a valuable piece of land where millions can be made. That is appriased in one month for $750k and sold in a couple of months for $210k.
Are any of the attorneys brought onto the carpet by JL and disciplined?
Nope.  It is all a cover up.
But you can’t cover up a dedicated blogger.
That’s why this blog is now officially the MOST DANGEROUS BLOG IN ILLINOIS.
It threatens the entire 18th floor and it is relentless and unstoppable.
Questions will be asked.  Pleadings will be filed with the Illinois Supreme Court.  The entire 18th Floor of the Daley center, as well as numerous courts in Illinois operate as nothing but fraud on the court.  And Fraud on the Court has no limitations period.  It can be brought up at any time, over and over, just waiting for ONE honest judge or Justice to step in and kick butt.
Now the kick butt opportunity is up, once again, at the Illinois Supreme Court.
And I pledge to keep it up there until someone does something about fleecing and murdering our precious grandparents in Illinois.

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