CV19 Thing you should know–cook county law library offering free Lexis

I haven’t tried this, but on the Cook County Law Library website it is showing:

Law Library Remote Reference Services
If you need legal research assistance, reference librarians are still available to serve you. Please e-mail your inquiry to or call 312.603.5423 and leave a message for the reference desk
Temporary Remote Lexis Access
For a limited time, CCLL patrons are able to receive remote access to the Lexis legal research database. Go to to create a user account that is good for 30 days or until May 31st, whichever comes first.

Things you need to know: Comcast announces min. service plan of $14.95 per mo. for those that cannot pay their bill.

If your service has been interrupted for non payment, if you still don’t pay your bill by 5/3/19, you will be transferred to their “Assistance Program” and you will be allowed to pay only $14.95 per month until “further announcement”. Speeds will be minimal at 25/3 Mbps, but for many this will be a life saver.

Once the program is ended, you will be responsible for all past due balances.

They promise reconnection in about an hour, and I assume that’s once you fork over the min. $14.95 for the month.

I don’t know why they aren’t offering payment plans, but what ever.   I hope this really helps many people out there.

And for all those small businesses out there that got their stimulus loans bounced for big business, I hope they return all those millions so the true mom and pop businesses out there can get some relief.  I did apply but have heard nothing back.  I’m just so glad that the huge restaurant chains got $5 to $10 million forgiveable loans, Harvard (with an endowment of $40 billion) got $10 million and the rest of the peon and kulak businesses got zip.

Business as usual under the current administration.  No one ever lied to us about how horrible this would get. We all knew it all along and we have no one to blame but ourselves when this country turns into a oligarchy and kleptocracy.  What a mess to clean up.  If you can, make a donation to my charity, Justice 4 Every1, NFP via paypal, google pay or credit card.  you can email me for an invoice

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Comcast is providing free wifi service through its wifi locations

If you live near a Comast wifi node or location, Comacast has announced you can access its wifi for free.  This offer is for the public as well as existing customers.

But don’t forget to use an encryption app or program to receive and transmit this signal.  Otherwise it can be intercepted by others who can gain access to information transmitted as well as your computer.  Comcast does have an app for phones you can use to access the signal, as well as a PC app for your laptop or desktop computer.  Be sure to log in using the app or program so your data is protected.

They also announced a basic reduced price program for the indigent.  However, you must be a new customer or a customer without internet access for at least 90 days prior to application.  The procedure for signing up is automated.  I don’t know what they consider to be a reduced price at this time.  They normally run at about $90 per month including tax for high speed internet and basic tv/movies online at this time.  You do not need a set top box or other equipment to access the tv/movie feature.  It is done through your computer so you must have a newer tv which will work with a wifi link into comcast.

They also appear to have no phone customer service at this time.  I tried repeatedly to get through to an agent without success.

From ND: Comed Electric in Chicago extends no shut off deadline to June 1

from Next Door:

ComEd Taking Steps to Support Our Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that so many of us are staying home and using more energy, you may be thinking about future bills. The last thing we want you to worry about is whether your home will have power or what to do if you are without power. To help ease your concern, we have extended our suspension of disconnections and new late charges through at least June 1st. If you were disconnected prior to our suspension of disconnections, please call our Customer Care team at 800-334-7661 to have your service safely restored. Through our ComEd CARE program and flexible payment options, we will find a financial assistance solution that works for you to ensure your service remains on after this pandemic. Information about these options is available at

From KD: Joliet nursing home petri dish for CV 19

I think we all knew this was coming.  Nursing homes are ghettos for the elderly and death traps. 

The scandal of the ‘sheltered care’ nursing homes is finally getting some media attention.        The problem in Illinois (and in many other states) is the marriage between the political establishment and the leaders of the industry.        It is suggested that the regulation of the NURSING HOMES is not only lax, but corrupt.       The Philip Esformes case, while having a situs in Florida, gave an intimate view of the industry, including the massive payoffs to public officials that fueled the operation of facilities.       The lack of media attention is also extremely interesting – including the benign manner that the 23 deaths are reported.         It is an open secret that paramedics have complained of nursing home deaths too often yield corpses that are in RIGOR when they arrive – and the deaths are attributed to various common natural causes.     Indeed, please read the Chicago Tribune Article, to wit:



23 coronavirus-related deaths reported at Symphony of Joliet nursing home, spokeswoman says

By Robert McCoppin

Chicago Tribune |

Apr 16, 2020 | 7:00 AM

A man takes a smoke break on April 15, 2020 outside Symphony of Joliet nursing home, where 23 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported.

A man takes a smoke break on April 15, 2020 outside Symphony of Joliet nursing home, where 23 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported.(Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune)

Twenty-two residents and one staff member at Symphony of Joliet nursing home have died of COVID-19, a spokeswoman for the facility said Wednesday.

The number of deaths at Symphony has risen sharply since early last week, when it reported a total of three deaths, including the staff member.

Nursing homes nationwide have become epicenters and “accelerators” of the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[1]

Symphony of Joliet spokeswoman Lauryn Allison said workers at the home are following all government guidelines for minimizing the spread of the disease, and have adequate staffing and protective equipment, despite claims by some nurses that many nursing homes have shortages of staff and equipment.  

It’s a global pandemic, there’s nothing they could’ve done to prevent it,” Allison said. “They’re working so diligently to protect their patients and guests. … We’d like to send the message that we are with our providers right now, they are such heroes, and our hearts go out to them.”

Earlier this month, Symphony began moving healthy residents from the Joliet home to other locations in its network,[2] Allison said last week.

A brother and sister of a woman who was among 23 people to die at Symphony say they were disappointed by care at the facility.

Diane Brooks was 65 when she died earlier this month and had lived about two years at Symphony of Joliet, her sister, Dorisell Brooks, said. She needed around-the-clock care and couldn’t walk after suffering an aneurysm and stroke.

Brooks, a former Cook County Clerk employee, complained that her feet hurt, but she often didn’t get her medication on time, Dorisell Brooks said. Dorisell and her brother, Michael Brooks, said they also found their sister in bed with bed sores and a soiled diaper.

“She was complaining that she was constantly in pain,” Michael Brooks said. “Sometimes she would defecate herself We’d come visit her, and who knows how long she was like that?” without them changing her.

The brother and sister said someone from the nursing home called over a week ago to tell them Diane Brooks had been taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and was put on oxygen, but never mentioned the coronavirus. It was a hospital representative who told them their sister had COVID-19, and she died soon thereafter.[3]

“I’m disappointed with the way the nursing home handled the whole thing,” Michael Brooks said. “We’re still grieving. Nobody’s gotten over this.”

Latasha Allen said she worked as a certified nursing assistant at Symphony through an agency last year, and again for two days last month, but she stopped working because of the lack of proper care and equipment.


The media has known of this situation from before day one and ‘covered it up!’      In spite of the fact that PHILIP ESFORMES was alleged (and convicted) of stealing a billion dollars (nine zeros) from Medicare the trial of the century and the conviction got almost no press.      The SETH GILLMAN prosecution and plea of guilty similarly got almost no press – indeed, there was no press when suddenly the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission actively commenced proceedings against Gillman’s law license when it became public that he was co-operating with the FBI.     Indeed, the marriage between the human traffickers in the elderly and the political establishment is an open secret.      Now it is costing lives.


The guardianship scandal  reported on the blogs AAAPG, Probate Sharks, NASGA, MaryGSykes ****, in articles posted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New Yorker magazine (Oct 2017), Huffington Post, *****, 4 unread Government Accounting Office reports to Congress, Netflix program DIRTY MONEY documentary on Guardianship, and in layman’s fashion in Dr. Sugar’s book on GUARDIANSHIP the perfect crime – is a major factor in the Corvid – 19  virus scandal.      Indeed, as we sit confined in our homes the IN RE Estate of Amelia Sallas 07 P 5360 (Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court) slimes it way along[4].       Many more victims of the human trafficking (gulag) are serious potential victims of the political neglect by the States (especially Illinois) of its senior citizens.     Placing these citizens in easily contaminated premises with patently inadequate supervision would be murder if LAW ENFORCEMENT had the guts to do its job!


With the attornment of corruption at the highest levels of State government, the media and impotency by Law Enforcement the C19 virus will continue to liquidate America’s most vulnerable citizens.    BUT REST ASSURRED – come the election in Cook County, Illinois it is expected that every one of the dead and infirm will file their absentee ballots in favor of the dominant political party and 100% of the residents of the ‘killing fields’ will similarly case their vote for the candidates of the dominant political party!


[1] Nursing homes are intended to be sanctuaries not death houses.     Regulations however are routinely ignored, and it is not uncommon to be greeted by smell of urine (or something designed to hide the smell) as you enter the facilities.    Sanitation is spotty and many of the resident’s reek of neglect.     Residents appear to litter the hallways looking abandoned either in their wheelchairs or locked in front of the television.    Many appear Zombie like.    It is not uncommon for the residents who are being ‘elder cleansed’ to be doped and fitted with a feeding tube.     (There are exceptions – the exceptional facilities usually cater to the wealthy and the citizens who are patrons or contributors to the industry.    The ordinary individual  – such as you or me – can expect at the best poor relative treatment.      More often than not the persons working at the facility are “loaned” employees – i.e. contract workers from an agency.   In fact, most services are furnished by an agency so that management of the large chains has minimum actual exposure – but has the lion share of the profits.

[2] It is not uncommon for the ‘chain nursing homes’ to have a ‘show section’ in which patients are displayed in sanitary conditions, sans the hallway full of wheelchairs populated by ‘zombies’ and the smell of urine.      Sometimes the facility will have several floors that actually look hospital like, but *****.

[3] Deaths will occur from natural causes and for the virus – but when 22 died there is a strong implication (at least) that something is not right.     If the patient was properly monitored the first symptom would have caused a serious alert and a 911 call!     Even the ineptest media outlet has been screaming since at least day 5 that the virus was serious and elderly people were outrageous risks!      How then could a single patient’s symptoms go unnoticed so that hospital treatment was delayed an hour – much less for days.

[4] The Sallas case is a threat to America’s core values as it separates a couple who have lived in marital bliss for more than 50 years – until it became inconvenient for the appointed guardian.     As there was little tangible money for the guardian to feast upon, the interment, isolation, and segregation of the wife from the husband became a necessity.    The guardian however noted that the couple owned a home in Skokie, Illinois, and some other real estate.      The family home was easy pickings.   Most attractive was the $7k plus pension of Amelia who could fund the lifestyles of numerous probate lawyers and nursing homes

The guardian orchestrated the “refinancing” of the home and in direct violation of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 22 together with the lending bank arranged for Mrs. Sallas (his ward) to personally sign the refinance agreement.    The husband (Dean) was induced to sign upon the material representation that the then current payment arrangements would remain in full force and effect.     As making the payments as agreed would not gain the guardian a dime, he stopped payments after a few months and induced a default.    The Bank in direct violation of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 22 filed a foreclosure.    Dean discovered reality!

In Illinois in guardianship cases the RULE OF LAW is a bunch of words placed on paper – but mean nothing.    The Judge is disinterested and is little more than a rubber stamp, and attorneys who value their law licenses mouth the party line in word and deed.     Mentioning 755 ILCS 5/11a – 22 is the functional equivalent of ‘yelling fire in a crowded theater!’     No “ethical” law would oppose a duly appointed guardian’s quest for cash!

Thus, allegedly in open court, the guardian blatantly purposed a settlement.    He could obtain a REVERSE MORTGAGE on the family home.    This would yield $20,000 for the couple and Dean could continue to live in the home.

Unfortunately, for the guardian Dean can count and determined that the Sallas’ were being shortchanged by several hundred thousand dollars and objected.     He tried unsuccessfully to obtain an attorney – no attorney would touch the guardianship case; however, he did obtain an attorney for the foreclosure case.     The attorney’s strategy is not invoke the protection of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 22 as it might offend.       As Sallas is now allowed by the Court to talk to his wife or communicate with her = and she has been placed in a “nursing home” ******


from BD: Nursing homes continue to be deficient in infection control and care

Yes, this was written by my son, he is a professional journalist, but I did not ask him to write this or anything else.  He has an employer who directs his activities.  But GOOD FOR HIM.  Well written.

Nursing homes cited for deficient infection control, prevention programs

nursing home_1495574509827.jpg

DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — If you saw a food service worker return to work without washing their hands after using the bathroom, you would probably think twice about returning to that restaurant.

At a nursing home, you might feel the same way if you noticed healthcare workers not washing their hands or using proper protective equipment before providing care.

According to state inspection reports submitted in 2019 to the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), maintaining proper hand hygiene practices and use of protective personnel equipment (PPE) was reported as an issue for multiple nursing homes in Central Illinois.

Karen Liu reported Thursday for CU-Citizen Access that over half of the nursing homes in the State of Illinois that are Medicare or Medicaid certified were cited in 2019 for deficiencies in their infection prevention and control programs. Her investigation found 396 of 720 active nursing homes had been cited for such deficiencies.

In an inspection report dated Jan. 9 of this year, Prairie Creek Village in Decatur was cited for failing to follow ‘contact precautions.’ The report stated two certified nurse assistants (CNA) failed to wear gowns while caring for a resident who was experiencing urine incontinence. They also did not wash their hands after removing their gloves when they finished providing incontinence care.

The CNA told inspectors that “we don’t wear gowns when we do incontinence care, that’s only when the nurses do wound care.” The report added two CNAs at Prarie Creek Village were unable to “verbalize the reason for not utilizing barrier precautions.”

In another case, PPE simply wasn’t accessible to healthcare workers. An inspection report dated May 17, 2019 cited Gardenview Manor in Danville for failure to follow “Transmission Based Protocols” for two of their residents. One of those residents was on contact isolation due to wound infection, and a CNA reportedly failed to wear a gown when caring for them.

The report stated two of their CNAs “acknowledged they were suppose to have gowns on, but the rack on the door for PPE was empty of gowns.”

As for the other protocol violation, a registered nurse (RN) admitted they were supposed to have worn a mask before entering the room of a resident on ‘Airborne Precaution.’

WCIA examined these inspection reports, which are available for public access on the webpage for comparing nursing homes, and reached out to many of the violating facilities for comment on how they responded to their citations.

In an August 5, 2019 inspection report, Lewis Memorial Christian Village in Springfield was cited after one of their CNAs failed to wash their hands in between changing gloves during wound and incontinence care.

Ray Dickison, Chief Operating Officer for Christian Horizons, which manages that facility, provided the following statement Wednesday.

On August 5, 2019, our community received a minor deficiency related to infection control involving a sample of 5 residents that resulted in no harm to any of the residents.  In response to the citation, our community developed and implemented a plan of correction which was submitted, reviewed and approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).  IDPH subsequently confirmed correction and our compliance on September 24, 2019. Our community remains in compliance to infection control regulations and also implemented an infection preventionist role on the clinical team.

Ray Dickison, Chief Operating Officer for Christian Horizons.

He added their organization took the following steps in preparation for the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Conducted additional staff training on COVID-19, hand hygiene, isolation precautions, and infection control policy and procedures.
  • Implemented measures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), CMS and state guidance for enhanced infection prevention.  These measures included training, revised cleaning guidelines, daily screenings of associates and residents and visitation restrictions.
  • Purchased additional PPE and implemented optimization measures for supply and equipment management.
  • Completed an enhanced infection control assessment and follow-up action plan that continues to be monitored.

Champaign Urbana Nursing and Rehab Center was cited in a report dated Oct. 18, 2019, for failure to utilize proper handwashing practices or PPE in two separate instances.

Kansas Swain, Director of Publications for Premier Healthcare Management, said in an emailed statement Wednesday Champaign Urbana Nursing and Rehab was in compliance with all regulatory requirements, “including infection control requirements.”

“Resident safety is our top priority,” Swain added. “We are doing everything we can to ensure we prevent any cases of COVID-19 within our facility, including following all local, state, and federal health department guidelines to ensure we are taking all appropriate actions.”

Springfield’s Aperion Care Capitol was cited Aug. 30, 2019 after state inspectors found their facility was not following proper isolation precautions, and a CNA failed to wash their hands after providing incontinence care.

Heather Levine provided the following statement on behalf of Aperion Care, Inc.

Aperion Care is taking a proactive approach in protecting our residents by following the recommendations of the CDC & CMS on prevention methods, including following strict handwashing procedures, and in many circumstances, wearing gowns and gloves when interacting with residents who are sick. We also are staying up to date with the CDC recommendations as they are revised. In addition, our facilities are in close contact with the local and state health departments and are following their guidance. We have a certified infection preventionist through the Association for Professionals in Infection Control to assist with implementing the CDC recommendations. We are also a Joint Commission accredited facility that completes monthly handwashing competencies with our staff. We use these competencies as an opportunity for improvement and education while reviewing trends. We have eliminated all visitors coming into our nursing facilities until further notice. We are also screening each staff member as they report to work each shift.


“Nursing home facility staff should always follow the infection control guidance from the CDC, IDPH, and their local health department, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kelly D. Richards, Illinois State Long-Term Care Ombudsman. “If individuals are aware of facilities not following infection control guidance, they can file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Public Health at or by calling 1-800-252-4343.”

WCIA reported Wednesday that two additional residents died at the Fair Havens Senior Living nursing home in Decatur. A total of five of their residents have passed after contracting COVID-19.

Fair Havens was not cited for any infection control and prevention deficiencies in 2019, according to the most recent inspection reports hosted on

A full summary of all inspection reports completed since 2019 containing violations for infection control and prevention that were examined by WCIA for this story can be found below:


  • Champaign Rehab Center
    • Failed to obtain orders for isolation.
    • Failed to post signage to indicate isolation.
  • Champaign Urbana Nursing and Rehab
    • Failed to prevent cross-contamination from resident’s infection by not wearing required PPE.
  • County Health Care and Rehab
    • Failed to perform hand washing.
    • Failed to follow contact precautions.
    • Failed to decontaminate an insulin pen prior to use and storage.
  • Illini Heritage and Rehab Center
    • Failed to implement contact isolation precautions due to improper use of PPE.
  • University Rehab Center of CU
    • Failed to ensure staff use PPE when delivering direct care to a resident on Contact Isolation Precautions and preventing cross-contamination.


  • Charleston Rehab and Healthcare
    • Failed to thoroughly wash hands during wound treatment for a resident needings dressing changes
  • Mattoon Rehab and Healthcare Center
    • Failed to implement and follow ‘Transmission Based Precautions’ for a resident with a known infection, resulting in cross-contamination during incontinence care.
  • Odd Fellow-Rebekah Home
    •  Failed to ensure that staff and visitors use appropriate PPE for a resident on transmission-based precautions. In this case, a CNA told a visitor wearing PPE was ‘optional.’
  • Palm Terrace of Mattoon
    • Failed to use PPE while providing toileting care and a wound dressing change for a resident on contact isolation precautions


  • Arcola Healthcare Center
    • Failed to perform handwashing and properly disinfect a glucometer after use for six residents.
    • Failed to implement and monitor the facility’s water management program to address the potential waterborne pathogens for contamination of the facility’s residential water distribution system.
  • Tuscola Healthcare Center
    • Failed to develop a water management plan that included a risk assessment and testing protocols.


  • Paris Health Care Center
    • Failed to develop a water management plan that included a risk assessment and testing protocols.
    • Failed to disinfect the top of an insulin vial before drawing up the insulin.
  • Pleasant Meadows Senior Living
    • Failed to ensure fingernails and bed sheets were clean and failed to keep a catheter bag off of the floor to prevent cross-contamination.
    • Failed to post signage to indicate isolation.
    • Failed to appropriately sanitize scissors.
  • Twin Lakes Rehab and Healthcare Center
    • Failed to prevent cross-contamination by not performing handwashing during intramuscular (IM) medication administration.


  • Sheldon Healthcare Center
    • Failed to wash hands and use PPE when caring for multiple residents. In this case, a CNA provided bathing assistance for a resident wehile wearing gloves that were contaminated from providing incontinence care. An RN also did not wash their hands before or after administrating medication.
    • Failed to have completed their Water Management Plan and testing protocol.
  • Watseka Rehab and Healthcare Center
    • Failed to have an Infection Prevention and Control Program that tracks and analyzes resident and employee infection data to identify trends or patterns.
    • Failed to disinfect a glucometer after use and prior to placing on top of a medication cart
    • Failed to use PPE.
    • Failed to perform handwashing during incontinence care and wound care.


  • Imboden Creek Living Center
    • Failed to protect resident flooring from cross-contamination during isolation room cleaning. In this case, soiled clothes were dropped on the floor instead of being placed in a plastic bag.
  • Prairie Creek Village
    • Failed to review or update their infection control policy at least annually.
    • Failed to address or identify infection trends.
    • Failed to follow contact precautions.
    • Failed to handle soiled linens in a sanitary manner and maintain laundry equipment in a sanitary condition so as to prevent the spread of pathogens.
  • Villa Clara Post Acute
    • Failed to change a water filter per manufacturer’s directions to prevent bacteria accumulation in an ice machine.
    • Failed to follow their emergency interdisciplinary plan to monitor for signs, and symptoms of infection related to Legionella contaminated water.


  • Bement Healthcare Center
    • Failed to have an Infection Control Program that tracks and analyzes resident and staff infection data to identify trends and patterns.
  • Piatt County Nursing Home
    • Failed to develop and implement a water management program to address the potential for waterborne pathogens in the facility’s residential water distribution system.


  • Aperion Care Capitol
    • Failed to wash hands before leaving a resident’s room after performing care.
    • Failed to identify a potential eye infection.
    • Failed to maintain isolation precautions for residents with known infectious diseases.
  • Auburn Rehan & Healthcare Center
    • Failed to complete an ongoing infection control program.
    • Failed to maintain infection control practices. In this case, two CNAs did not wash their hands before handling a resident’s personal items.
  • Concordia Village Care Center
    • Failed to properly disinfect multi-use glucose monitors to prevent the spread of infection.
    • Failed to wash hands before or after caring for residents. In this case, an RN administered medications without washing their hands first. The RN previously helped a resident blow their nose.
  • Heritage Health-Springfield
    • Failed to wash hands and change gloves during incontinence care.
  • Lewis Memorial Christian Village
    • Failed to wash hands to prevent the spread of infection during incontinent care and wound care.
  • Regency Care
    • Failed to wash hands in between glove changes or after touching residents’ personal items.
  • Villa Health Care East
    • Failed to properly disinfect blood glucose meters.
    • Failed to wash hands before and after resident care.


  • Gardenview Manor
    • Failed to make PPE accessible to staff.
    • Failed to develop a water management plan that included a risk assessment and testing protocols.
  • Hawthorne Inn of Danville
    • Failed to develop a water management plan including a risk assessment and testing protocols.
    • Failed to follow infection control practices by failing to remove contaminated gloves and wash hands after caring for residents
    • Failed to disinfect a blood glucose monitor after use.
  • Heritage Health-Hoopeston
    • Failed to wear PPE when providing direct care for residents in isolation.
    • Failed to have PPE accessible to staff.
    • Failed to wash hands after touching an electronic device.
  • North Logan Healthcare Center
    • Failed to develop and implement a water management program to address the potential for waterborne pathogens in the facility’s residential water distribution system.
    •  Failed to perform infection surveillance and data analysis of facility infections.
    • Failed to prevent potential cross-contamination by placing soiled linens and a soiled incontinence brief on the floor.
    • Failed to change gloves during incontinence care.

From ND: Something Important you should know in Chicago–Virus testing for seniors (over 65)

COVID-19 Testing Available

The State of Illinois is proud to announce another Community Based Testing Site (CBTS) is open to help screen Illinoisans for COVID-19. These Community Based Testing Sites will be open seven days a week to test individuals with COVID-19 symptoms. Here’s some important information that you need to know about these facilities. Who can be tested: -Healthcare workers *with* symptoms -Seniors (65+) *with* symptoms -Patients with underlying conditions *and* experiencing symptoms -First Responders *with* symptoms -All other individuals *with* symptoms Where are the Community Based Testing Sites: Harwood Heights Opens: 7:00am Address: 6959 W. Forest Preserve Road, Chicago IL


People are also advised to wear a mask so you don’t sneeze or cough on others.  The mask should be handcrafted and if you have any commercially made masks those should be donated to hospitals, clinics, police, fire.  If used,a  commercial mask can be autoclaved (sterilized).

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Something Important you should know–USPS Informed Delivery

One of my clients told me his mail is being stolen, but he isn’t worried because he signed up for “Informed delivery” from the US Postal Service.

You can sign up at and it explains:

Informed Delivery® by USPS®

Digitally preview your mail and manage your packages scheduled to arrive soon! Informed Delivery allows you to view greyscale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mailpieces and track packages in one convenient location.*

* Images are only provided for letter-sized mailpieces that are processed through USPS’ automated equipment

go to and on the menu at the top you will find “Informed Delivery”.  Click on this and you will know what mail you were supposed to receive every day.

Thanks to GG for this info.


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The CDC announces that the US public should wear a face mask and $1200 rebates

The WH is considering an Executive Order that everyone must wear handcrafted face masks.  Commercial face masks should be donated to your local hospital or clinic in need.

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In addition, the Present Administration is considering now limiting any US govt benefits to those who have filed tax returns, even if you had no income. Let me know if you have questions about this.   This is to affect social security payments, social security disability, food stamps and medicare/medicaid.  So be sure to file your tax return even if you have zero income.

It appears the $1200 payments will be distributed in order of 1) those who filed tax returns in 2018 or 2019 and listed their bank account number and routing number; and 2) the lowest earning taxpayers first.  So if you have not filed your taxes for 2018 or 2019, now is the time to do it.