From ND: Something Important you should know in Chicago–Virus testing for seniors (over 65)

COVID-19 Testing Available

The State of Illinois is proud to announce another Community Based Testing Site (CBTS) is open to help screen Illinoisans for COVID-19. These Community Based Testing Sites will be open seven days a week to test individuals with COVID-19 symptoms. Here’s some important information that you need to know about these facilities. Who can be tested: -Healthcare workers *with* symptoms -Seniors (65+) *with* symptoms -Patients with underlying conditions *and* experiencing symptoms -First Responders *with* symptoms -All other individuals *with* symptoms Where are the Community Based Testing Sites: Harwood Heights Opens: 7:00am Address: 6959 W. Forest Preserve Road, Chicago IL


People are also advised to wear a mask so you don’t sneeze or cough on others.  The mask should be handcrafted and if you have any commercially made masks those should be donated to hospitals, clinics, police, fire.  If used,a  commercial mask can be autoclaved (sterilized).

If you need a custom mask, go to my online store and get one for $15.  Shipping is only $3 and this is a fundraiser for Justice 4 Every1.  If you would like to volunteer to make and sew masks, contact me at

I want to thank all the docs and nurses and EMTS and other ladies who are sewing masks right now.  My sewing machine repair guy is very busy keeping the machines going and he says a lot of you ladies out there are working hard day and night to make handcrafted masks.

If anyone knows of anyone in need of a free mask who cannot afford one, plmk.


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