From Youtube: How the disabled are (mis) treated in Ukraine and the women that care

Here is a very interesting documentary about Forgotten Children, the disabled ones, their lack of resources, how few are adopted, and how some women (journalists and a Russian socialite) are attempting to give them a better life–the life they deserve of caring and kindness.

Note the sections on the Ukrainian Court system and how it rubber stamps the words “incapacitated” upon them and how only one managed to reverse the designation.

How many similarities to the US court system for guardianship are there?


from FB: Texas judge accepted bribes in beer boxes

Texas Judge Who Accepted Bribe Money In Beer Boxes Headed To Prison

Emergency Eviction, North Side of Chicago Help Needed for moving elderly/disabled

If you are able to help with an emergency eviction, North side of Chicago, please call me immediately.  Funds are needed to rent U Haul trailer.  Son will get off work at 7 pm and then we can move belongings to a safe place.

If you can lift a box, we need your help.  call me 773 255 7608.

We should all help one another out.

The man invovled (a court corruption victim, fake foreclosure) is very nice.