Gloria asks today, where is justice for her and her mother?

Sent: Aug 30, 2013 10:46 AM
To: “” , YJ Draiman
Cc: NASGA , LUCIUS VERENUS , “” , “” , “” , “” , “”
Subject: RE: Moral Punishment for a Moral Failure?

Dear Mr. Draiman, Gov. to be of California

I lived in Los Angeles for at least 25 years before returning to Chicago when my daddy was diagnosed with a rare Melanoma: he was a healthy, mentally sharp, active 90-year old, long retired from the CPD who, not only invested his life savings in gold and silver coins, and in real estate, but also made certain that his wife, my Mother, Mary G. Sykes, would never be without the finances to live a full, unencumbered, long, healthy productive lives.  Carolyn Toerpe, my sister, who has been aided by the Cook County Courts to steal, emotionally and physically harm, and otherwise, slowly murder ‘our’ mother, was estranged from the family since and about 1996:  she is the respondent to a protective order authored by my Mother, and many complaints filed against Toerpe by my Mother, as Mother learned Toerpe was not only financially exploiting her, but depriving Mother of her assets.

I on the other hand, worked my entire life, and also generated a nice nest egg for my retirement – beyond what my daddy left me. As I write to you, my sister, Toerpe, has not only pauperized my mother and to do so, isolated her from all people she trusts and loves, including me, but also, pauperized me.  How does this happen that a court lacking subject matter jurisdiction can authorize the seizing of non-party’s assets, and the convert over $200,000 of a medical fund to the name of In the Estate of Mary G. Sykes, and name Toerpe the sole beneficiary?  How is it that a Court lacking jurisdiction can enter an order granting Toerpe possession of Mother’s home in spite of all of he legal documents in place authored by my Mother, and verified by the Courts, seel Mother’s home that is in a living revocable trust?  How is it that a Court that lacks subject matter jurisdiction can collaterally attack a final order in 2013 that was entered in 2008, with a testimony of a physician who had never met or even tested my mother? How is it that Toerpe’s husband Fred Toerpe can beat the crap out of me with witnesses, a police investigation commands a warrant for his arrest and a protective order, and yet the Cook County State’s Attorney protect Fred Toerpe, and has the criminal charges against him dismissed?  How is it that Toepre’s attorneys, the law firm of Fischel and Kahn, (Peter Schmiedel, Deborah Jo Soehlig, Amanda Bryne, et. al), and GAL’s Cynthia Farenga and Adam Stern, can accuse me of stealing $1.3 million dollars from my mother, accuse me of being the physical and emotional abuser of my mother, and LIE to every judge they go before, an the Illinois ARDC sweeps every complaint I and other interested persons write, under the rug, and Mother’s attorney and friend, who Mother requested represent her, be disbarred because he asks for an honest investigation?  How is it that a court lacking subject matter jurisdiction can willy-nilly grant Toerpe an order to sell my home and take all of the equity in the home?  How is it that both my mother and I have been raped by the Courts without due process of law, and not one law enforcement agency gives a damn — and each one believes Toerpe rather than the facts?

This goes beyond moral failure, and is a direct attack on our United States and Illinois Constitutions and all that we as Americans claim we stand for.  This is treason against he Constitution — a sense of a n American Holocaust, or American terrorism — that unless stopped, will cause the annihilation of a generation of people, including the Baby-boom generation, that has established wealth.  This is against all pubic policy set up not just in Illinois, but California, New York, Arizona, et al. When our governmental agencies ignore these travesties, in order to protect the justices protected by the political elite, one must ask, can we stop this or, is it a incurable cancer?

Growing old in America should not be a bad thing — but it is.  Given there are other emotionally and mentally ill people in the world, such as my sister, Carolyn Toerpe, who, investigators told me was institutionalized 20 years ago, and used the name of Mary C. Sykes  with her husband the POA of medical.  (It was not my mother, by the way).  If any person did an investigation on Toerpe, would they learn what my investigators told me that she was ‘kicked out’ of the classroom because of serious emotional issues and many complaints by student’s parents: that she took a leave of that the Union protected her and she was able to be transferred to a lower paying position with the title of guidance counselor, and yet, keep her base pay plus added income appropriate for the new position, which provided Toerpe with an income 50% over the pay scale.  That Toerpe LIED to the court as well as non-medical and medical doctors, claiming that she is a PhD, psychologist: that Toerpe actually was asked to leave, retire early or took an early retirement because she had the wealth she needed to live above her status (her husband has been unemployed for a long time, but told the Court he was retiring: how does a person retire from unemployment).  That Toerpe has filed Four FRAUDULENT Inventories on Mother’s assets and property and claimed expenses that were never made — including claiming for three years Mother had o Blue Cross Blue Shield and therefor, Toerpe had to pay over $10,000 in medical cost in 2010 and almost as much in 2011. That most recently, in front of 4 witnesses and a staff at the Sunrise Senior Living LLC in Naperville, Toerpe overtly physically and verbally abused my Mother, and yet, with the help of Adam Stern, not only got Sunrise Staff to sign fraudulent affidavits, but also, reported to the Court that it was I who verbally and abused my mother on June 22, 2013.

Now my mother is hidden from all people who love and who she trusts and loves.  In Illinois hiding an elder or child, or any person for that matter is kidnapping, but the Cook Cournty and DuPage County States Attorney offices don’t care: the Naperville Police is protecting Teorpe, and the DuPage County Sheriff’s department is aiding Toerpe as Fred Toerpe’s son, Robert Toerpe is a DuPage County sheriff!  In the real world, Toerpe would have been arrested and charged with Fenony 2, but instead, she’s so empowered, she is looking for a way to murder my mother and blame me or Aunt Yo, or somebody else, so she can collect the final $200,000 + she stole from my medical account — as the court made her the sole beneficiary as it converted the money from a non-party Indiana account to the Clerk of Cook County in re the Estate of Mary G. Sykes.

Now I’m babbling, but as you run for Gov. of Los Angeles, I will share your concerns and drive to stop court sanctioned abuses of the elderly and disabled in California with a many friends and colleagues who still reside in LA area.  Suffice, thank you for listening — although I don’t know if you have any answers and my not be able to do anything until you are voted in and is the Governor of California…

To close, here is a an open letter written by my cousin to Toerpe and her attorneys….

Open Letter to the Guardian, Guardian’s Attorney, and Both Court Appointed GAL’s

Shame on you.  Shame on ALL of you.  The arrogance and cruelty you have showered upon my mother has reached a new subterranean level by even the subpar standards applied in this guardianship.

You have the gall to allow an eighty-three year old woman to believe she would be able to visit with her ninety-four year old sister today –  for a meager one hour visit allowed by the guardian. Then, at the last minute, you pull the rug out from under her?    If there was ANY issue regarding supervision, this should have been dealt with weeks ago.

May I remind ALL of you, Judge Connor’s reprimanded the guardian on more than one occasion to be sure that her mother was NOT being isolated or kept apart from her family.  You have all had the audacity to lead Judge Stuart to believe that my Aunt is not being isolated, when in fact, you know the opposite is true.

You have been complicit in the viciousness and spitefulness with which a tyrannical daughter has separated her mother from the people whom she loves and cherishes.  Your aiding and abetting of the guardian’s actions has allowed her to punish her own mother for crimes unknown, while at the same time inflicting emotional pain throughout what was once a peaceful and loving family.

In your eagerness to have my Aunt guardianized, you erred grossly and placed her with the one person whom she asked to be protected from.  It is time you step up to the plate, and do the right thing.

As Judge Stuart has said, you are the ‘XXX.’

Thank you

Gloria Jean Sykes
Bon Ami Productions, Inc.


Great WSJ Article on the over use of psychotropic drugs at nursing homes

Dear Readers;

This great article was sent to me by Ken Ditkowsky from the WSJ but it was locked and the WSJ does not makes its contents generally available until the next day.  Judy Ditkowsky found an open article:

While Federal Laws restrict the use of psychtropic drugs except with consent of the patient–even those under a guardianship or conservatorship, and while the FDA contraindicates these drugs for those under 20 and above 60 because they are simply too hard on the brain and internal organs, yet an astonishing third of these drugs dispensed in the US go to nursing homes and the most frail, elderly populations in the US.  Obviously this is a very, very serious problem in the US that has to be addressed for the safety of seniors in nursing homes.

In Illinois, a person cannot have psychotropic drugs dispensed without notice, being provided with other options, and then the person has the right to refuse these drugs–primarily because they often don’t work and are actually dangerous to the senior.  See In re Tiffany, Ill. Supreme Court Opinion.  inreTiffany-notice-meds-case

If you have not read the case, please do so now and thanks to the reporter for “outing” this dirty little secret of nursing homes.

When residents are chemically restrained, you can keep them like sardines in a can.


Charges that Deny a Lawyer’s First Amendment Rights are a 42 USC 1983 violation

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Aug 26, 2013 5:52 PM
To: JoAnne Denison
Cc: NASGA , probate sharks , “” <>, john wyman , “”
Subject: the act of Mr. Larkin in bring IARDC charges that he knows or should know with a scintilla of investigation to be a denial of Attorney First Amendment Rights

Senior attorney G in her letter of July 1, the Cyntha Farenga letter to now Senior Attorney B, the patently meritorious complaints filed by larkin against both you and me are without a doubt attempts to throw a monkey wrench into our calling on law enforcement to do an Honest complete and comprehensive investigation of the flood of elder cleansing cases that are now coming to light.   Mary Sykes has been held by a Court lacking jurisdiction for more than four years and deprived of her liberty and property, Alice Gore had the atrocity of having her filings removed from her teeth and the gold not inventoried,  Wyler was placed in a dangerous position and raped, etc
When these facts were brought up, Mr. Larkin as Administrator of the IARDC decided that you and I could not exercise our First Amendment Rights and call for an investigation and he unilaterally is engaged in an attempt to silence both of us (and others) by asking the Supreme Court to take our licenses from us.    Larkin as an attorney is well aware of the First Amendment, and the recent Supreme Court of the US cases that create the rule of law that content based speech cannot be regulated by government.   Indeed, Larkin is aware of the fact that judges are elected in Illinois and the pursuant to Citizen’s United he has no jurisdiction to interfere with our speech.   Yet he persists in his prosecution of both of us.   Such has a chilling effect on not only the Bar to speak out but for ordinary citizens.
Indeed, if Larkin has reviewed the Sykes file he is aware that the Sheriff has indicated by its records that Mary Sykes was never served with summons, and her two siblings (and youngest daughter) were similarly not served and did not waive the prior 14 days notice.    Thus, as he is charged with knowledge of the law he is aware that the Court not only lacked jurisdiction but still lacks it.    It is my contention that any attempt to shut up a citizen and stop him/her from reporting a crime – and violation of civil rights of a citizen is a crime – is obstruction of justice.
The following quote explains the basis of my opinion:
“The term “obstruction of justice” refers to efforts to impede the processes of legal justice, e.g., United States v. Aguilar, 515 U.S. 593, 598–602, 115 S.Ct. 2357, 132 L.Ed.2d 520 (1995), including the sentencing process (Buckley made no effort to obstruct the guilt determining process). United States v. Wells, 154 F.3d 412, 414 (7th Cir.1998); United States v. Green, 114 F.3d 613, 619–20 (7th Cir.1997); United States v. Winston, 34 F.3d 574, 579–80 (7th Cir.1994); United States v. Gilbert, 173 F.3d 974, 979 (6th Cir.1999). We emphasize “efforts.” Obstruction of justice is a crime (more precisely a medley of crimes, see 18 U.S.C. ch. 73; Lisa R. Rafferty & Julie Teperow, “Obstruction of Justice,” 35 Am.Crim. L.Rev. 989 (1998), as well as a basis for enhanced punishment) of attempting; success is not an element in either situation. See, e.g., 18 U.S.C. § 1503; United States v. Aguilar, supra, 515 U.S. at 601–02, 115 S.Ct. 2357; United States v. Ewing, 129 F.3d 430, 435 (7th Cir.1997); United States v. Muhammad, 120 F.3d 688, 694–95 (7th Cir.1997); United States v. Sayetsitty, 107 F.3d 1405, 1410 (9th Cir.1997). When obstruction takes the form, as in this case, of perjury or other lying, see, e.g., United States v. Dunnigan, 507 U.S. 87, 93–94, 113 S.Ct. 1111, 122 L.Ed.2d 445 (1993); United States v. Norris, 300 U.S. 564, 574, 57 S.Ct. 535, 81 L.Ed. 808 (1937); United States v. Hach, 162 F.3d 937, 948–49 (7th Cir.1998); United States v. Molina, 172 F.3d 1048, 1058 (8th Cir.1999); U.S.S.G. § 3C1.1 and Application Note 4, the materiality of the lie becomes a focus of inquiry because a lie that is immaterial to the justice process is not a potential interference with it. See United States v. Barrett, 111 F.3d 947, 953 (D.C.Cir.1997); United States v. Surasky, 976 F.2d 242, 246 n. 5 (5th Cir.1992). But because the offense is one of attempting rather than of succeeding in obstructing justice, all that is required for a lie to be material is that it could, to some reasonable probability, affect the outcome of the process (here, the sentence). U.S.S.G. § 3C1.1, Application Note 6; United States v. Gaudin, 515 U.S. 506, 509, 115 S.Ct. 2310, 132 L.Ed.2d 444 (1995); United States v. Craig, 178 F.3d 891, 901–02 (7th Cir.1999); United States v. Sarihifard, 155 F.3d 301, 306 (4th Cir.1998). That it did not actually affect it is—immaterial. E.g., United States v. Harrison, 42 F.3d 427, 430 (7th Cir.1994); United States v. DeZarn, 157 F.3d 1042, 1051–52 (6th Cir.1998); United States v. Sarihifard, supra, 155 F.3d at 306; Kathryn Kavanaugh Baran & Rebecca I. Ruby, “Perjury,” 35 Am.Crim. L.Rev. 1035, 1049–52 (1998).
45 The purpose of punishing obstruction of justice is not just to prevent miscarriages of justice but also to reduce the burden on the justice system. United States v. Norris, supra, 300 U.S. at 574, 57 S.Ct. 535; United States v. Wells, supra, 154 F.3d at 414–15. If a defendant throws a monkey wrench into it the system is damaged even if the only cost is that of removing the monkey wrench before it can wreck the system. Which is what happened here. By falsely denying that he had had the BB gun with him during the robbery, Buckley induced the probation service to search around for an alternative basis for the dangerous-weapon enhancement; and since a briefcase does not look like a dangerous weapon, or indeed a weapon of any sort, there was some chance that the judge, if she believed Buckley’s lie about the gun, would not impose a dangerous-weapon *711 enhancement at all. Buckley tried to gum up the works, and the probation service, the U.S. Attorney’s office, and the district judge all had to spend time to remove the gum. No more is necessary to establish an obstruction of justice and require the obstruction of justice enhancement.”   United States v. Buckley, 192 F.3d 708, 710-11 (7th Cir. 1999)
The more I think about this situation the more obscene this entire situation has become.    By without any tangible evidence and ignoring the evidence before it, Larkin has done more to obstruct justice than Buckley.   In fact, knowing that he cannot be delegated any authority to regulate speech, Larkin and his minions have by continuing the meritless attempt to silence you and I is making a substantial assault on the American Constitution and in light of Citizens United, Alvarez, Brown, Stephan, New York Times (both cases) etc cannot deny or claim that Rule of Law prohibits his (and his minions) actions.
In light of the clear rulings of Citizens United, Alvarez, Brown et al the claim of acting in a ‘judicial capacity’ is about as thin as attempting to defend a false imprisonment case on the authority of Dred Scott!      Frankly – I am tired of being harassed!    I copied Senator Kirk and Attorney General Holder on this e-mail!    No – I am not repentant for exercizing my First Amendment Rights!   Yes you and anyone else who desires may publish these comments.    I as a citizen am demanding that I be afforded EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW.     If Mr. Buckley committed Obstruction of Justice, the Mr. Larkin in denying my (and your) First Amendment Rights (in light of the specific rulings in Citizens United, Alvarezk, Brown, et al) has equally committed obstruction of justice and *****.
We need an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of Sykes and all related cases including the ‘cover up’ and concerted actions directed at thwarting a proper investigation.   This investigation should include looking into the actions of  public and judicial officials  and particular the attempts to deny a citizen (who happens to be lawyer) of his First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights.
Ken Ditkowsky

Hear Atty Ken Ditkowsky on Feet to Fire discuss Elder and Ethics Cleansing in the US!

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>

Subject: Re: Tomorrow on Feet to the Fire

It appears that this is not the first time something like this has occurred.  CBS did an interview when this first started – I believe the cover story for not airing the interview was that the tape got destroyed.    Videos of Mary Sykes disappeared from one of the social media postings = they are back up.    It appears that the removal could be traced to one of our miscreants.    John Wyman was supposed to appear on another CBS program – naturally that never occurred.     Today we have the coincidence of this particular show not being heard.
All these coincidences are getting a little tiresome.    Someone with tremendous clout is involved in making all these coincidences!   We have here in the Sykes and related cases an assault on American core principles that rivals 9/11.    Thousands of seniors are being herded into nursing homes and guardianships to be stripped of their liberty and property,    After  the last dollar – or in the case of Alice Gore – her last gold filling is removed – the seniors are subjected to retro-active abortion.    Mary Sykes is now being processed!   She is totally isolated from her home (which was sold to someone connected with a very famous Alderman), her gold coins worth in excess of a million dollars are gone – and not inventoried, and the rest of her assets have (we are informed) found their way into much more deserving hands than Mary’s!    To accomplish the final solution Mary has been hidden away and no longer has been seen or heard from by anyone who cares!    How long Mary will have the will to live – is an open question!
Unfortunately Mary Sykes is not unique or an anomaly.     She is becoming common-place and prey for the miscreants who are part of the cottage industry of ‘elder cleansing.’   I wrote Senator Kirk and Senator Durbin concerning it.    Kirk’s office showed interest, however Durbin sent me a copy of some idiotic speech that he delivered on social security.    Who cares about Mary’s social security when for four years her liberty and property has been taken from her.   Who case about her social security when it goes to pay the miscreants who took from Mary her liberty and property.
I understand the program has been rescheduled for new week.    As I keep mentioning the theft of about a million dollars in gold coins and continue to point out that the guardian had an amazing pecuniary change after being appointed by the Court  (which incidentally lacked jurisdiction) = all coincidences !.    I wonder how they will stop new week’s broadcast?
Keith – I am not bitter!    Piece by piece the word is getting out and piece by piece the miscreants will get what they deserve.   There is a special place in HELL for out miscreant friends.   No one ever gets out of this life alive!
Ken Ditkowsky

Depositions and Exhibits of Gloria Sykes, Yolanda Bakken, Scott Evans and Kathie Bakken

Bravo to these heros and heroines for standing up for truth and justice in our court system!

Give yourself a pat on the back for doing your civic duty and appearing for your deposition.

Deposition of Gloria Sykes 

Deposition of Scott Evans

Deposition of Kathie Bakken

Deposition of Yolanda Bakken

For filing tomorrow–the Depositions of Gloria Sykes, Yolanda Bakken, Kathie Bakken and Scott Evans

Dear Readers,

as you know, last month I took the depositions of the Sykes family and I was utterly amazed at how firmly they they all told the same story, how their statements, answers and question for the truth, integrity and justice and Probate was utterly severe to the highest levels.

They directly contradicted everything in my complaint.

They told the same story–a tale of horrors.  No notice, no jurisdiction, yet seizing Gloria’s assets–assets meant for her health care post breast cancer which clearly endangers her health.  They tell the story of isolation of an active, vibrant elderly woman who was active in her garden club, walked miles around her own neighborhood for everything she wanted, the bank, the garden club, neighbors, the beauty salon–you name it, if it was within 2 miles, she would “do her daily walking” there.  So it was no surprise that at age 90 she was healthy, ambulatory, lucid and coherent.

But THAT does not stop the Illinois Probate system when it has targeted a senior with a paid up home in a highly desirable neighborhood, a good bank account, rumors of millions in gold coins and cash ($40,000) in a mattress.  Nope, things like due process and the US Constitution and the Illinois Constitution and even international treaties pertaining to human rights, civil rights and due process mean nothing to these miscreants.

Who are they and how do they do these scams are still a mystery because there HAS BEEN NO INVESTIGATION.

Why don’t the feds or states attorneys get someone in there with a wire?  There are many of these cases going on, starting right now, and no one stops this cash cow machine of probate–stealing lives and fortunes.

see below and take care


In Re:


Reg. No. 6192441

Commission No. 2013 PR 0001

Atty Sharon Opryszek, Atty Melissa Smart and Atty Jerome Larkin
ARDC, One Prudential Plaza, 12th Floor, Chicago, Illinois via personal delivery and email

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on August 23, 2013 I will file a the attached Depositions and Exhibits of 1) Yolanda Bakken; 2) Kathie Bakken; 3) Scott C. Evans and 4) Gloria J. Sykes with the Clerk of Court of the ARDC, a copy of which is attached and served upon you herewith.

Respectfully Submitted

JoAnne Denison
JoAnne Denison
Denison & Assocs, PC
1512 N Fremont St, #202
Chicago, IL 60642
Ph 312 553 1300, Fax 312 553 1307


In Re:
Commission No. 2013 PR 0001

Reg. No. 6192441

Notice of Filing of Depositions and Exhibits

Joanne M. Denison (“JMD” or “Atty Denison”) herewith files the following Depositions together with Exhibits which were taken on 7/30/2013 pursuant to the Notice of Deposition shown in the attached exhibits:

1) Deposition of Yolanda Bakken, sister to Mary G. Sykes;
2) Deposition of Kathie Bakken, daughter of Yolanda Bakken and niece to Mary G. Sykes;
3) Deposition of Scott C Evans, long time and close family friend to Mary Sykes and her family;
4) Deposition of Gloria J Sykes, daughter and long term caretaker of Mary G Sykes.

You are invited to read and review these deposition which directly, firmly and completely  contradict the Complaint which the ARDC filed on January 8, 2013.

Why these depositions could not have been taken before the January 8, 2013 complaint was filed is a complete mystery.  Further, the ARDC’s failure to conduct an adequate investigation before taking legal action against Atty Denison (and Atty Kenneth Ditkowsky as well) should be seriously considered for Rule 137 sanctions under the Rules of the Illinois Supreme Court.

In a highly unusual fashion, no counsel for the ARDC appeared at any of the above depositions.  In addition, when the ARDC counsel was asked if they would like to bring back the witnesses to cross examine them, they said they would do this at trial.

In a further highly unusual fashion, the Tribunal thought it proper to require the attendance of Ms. Yolanda Bakken at trial, they would not use her deposition as an evidence deposition even though she is elderly (83+ years) and tires easily, and they desire to subject this woman to cross examination.  The undersigned attorney has never before seen a judge in the Illinois Court court system require an elderly, frail woman to attend a trial when a deposition would suffice.  In addition, it is equally cold and heartless for the ARDC not to attend her deposition and agree it may suffice as an evidence deposition.  Clearly the intent of the ARDC has not changed to a clear conviction to seek out the truth, find all miscreants in probate, and bring truth and justice to probate and integrity to the courts and their functioning.  It is highly disappointing to all honest and ethical attorneys involved.

Finally, it is further submitted that there is highly unusual activity taking place in this trial where the undersigned counsel had to take the depositions of her own witnesses, and that in volumes and pages of court transcripts, motions and pleading practice though numerous court actions in Illinois, this is the first time the Sykes family has been able to put their story on record in a deposition–or any full and fair court proceeding, for that matter.  This is most likely the first time when the Sykes family has not been abused in a judicial proceeding.

It is submitted that the blog at is in fact truthful, accurate and that the Complaint filed against the undersigned is entirely without merit and the ARDC has steadfastly refused to answer to, investigate or give any credence to dozens of complaints involving Sykes, as well as numerous entirely credible client complaints involving the following Illinois cases, all of which have been operating without jurisdiction under the Illinois Probate Act: Sykes, Wyman, Bedin, Valentino and now, because the ARDC does nothing and takes no action, and the judges and attorneys involved do not seem to care, a more recent case was invoked without notice: Marcel Payton.

No one investigates and no one cares.  The victims involved are elderly and frail.  They cannot speak for themselves.  However, this does not mean that the US Constitution and Illinois Constitution, as well as international treaties pertaining to due process and civil rights do not apply to the likes of Sykes, Wyman, Bedin, Valentino, Payton, etc.

These elderly and frail individual deserve better.  Alice Gore did not need to be isolated and have all her teeth pulled and then subject to a DNR/no food no water regimen which quickly killed her.  And that is not the only case where such nefarious activities are prevalent.

The ARDC can and must sit up and take notice that the public is becoming swiftly aware of the broken, unjust and unfair system currently residing in the probate courts.

My blog is just one small part of the fight for human rights, civil rights and dignity that can and must be implemented in our Illinois Probate court system.

The above Sykes case is just one story out of several dozen that the undersigned attorney has become aware of.  Not only has the Sykes family been abused in probate, but they are being abused by the ARDC and JIB when repeated requests for investigations and action are made with no apparent results..


JoAnne M. Denison
Prepared By:
JoAnne M. Denison, Atty. No.  14,867
Denison & Associates, PC
1512 N Fremont St, #202
Chicago, IL 60642
phone:  312-553-1300
fax:  312-553-1307

Gloria asks, what would happen without the blogs?

Sent: Aug 17, 2013 6:49 AM
To: kenneth ditkowsky
Cc: JoAnne M Denison , probate sharks , NASGA , Tim NASGA , “” <>, “” , “” , Harry Heckert , “ACLU@ACLU.ORG” , “”
Subject: Re: 95-Year Old WWII Vet Murdered By Police for Refusing Medical Attention

Why won’t The tribune do a story on my mom and what happened at Sunrise
My mom said to me ‘I knew you’d come for me. I knew you didn’t abandon me.’
These words will haunt me for the rest if my life. My mom is 94 and the police let Carol drug her and Sunrise helped Toerpe remove her from the back and the police didn’t even talk to her.

Nor did the Department on Health and Aging.

What the F is going on?   A frail, elderly, 95 year old man being tasered and my mom being beat up by a so called “plenary guardian” Carolyn Toerpe.
And innocent attorneys like Ken Ditkowsky doing what’s right [telling the truth] and being disbarred?

Without the [probate] blog[s] no one would know of my mom or the horrors and whores of justice.

Every appeal I have had has been dismissed with prejudice just because Peter Schmiedel has asked for it?

from Gloria Sykes, younger daughter and excellent caregiver for 10+ years, named in her mother’s POA as preferred guardian.

Sent from my iPhone

Dear Gloria;

Because of the blogs, thousands and thousands of citizens have exactly the same question, exactly what is going on with our nation’s court system and why are the clear laws being ignored, day after day, court date after court date?

I don’t understand either.  Hundreds of people on this blog alone have asked me what is going on with Gloria and Ken and the ARDC and why are millions missing from the inventory of Mary Sykes, and no one dares to touch these questions?

Adam Stern said during Ken’s trial that “he investigated” and sent out subpoenas. From the Record on Appeal–the official court record, there were no subponeans sent out by him, no returns, no affidavits of service.

I challenged the Sykes court to show proof of service on Mary and her elderly sisters when I first started this blog in December 2011, and years later, no proof of service upon Mary, Josephine and Yolanda. The evidence consisting of declarations were published on this blog.  No response from the court or the GAL’s but I know the GAL’s read the blog because from time to time they email me.

No answers, just question after question after question.

Gloria, you were a highly renown investigative reporter. When you ask the questions and no one responds, you know what is going on.

The questions have been asked.  The court does not answer you.  The GAL’s do not answer you.  Peter Schmeidel runs and hides from us just as he did on Aug. 16, 2012 when you asked him just when was jurisdiction seriously considered before.  He is a coward and a liar.

I think it is a great story.  Millions missing, many questions.

My response is that it is clearly “the machine” in Illinois, which reaches from the politicians, to the elected to office, to those tied in with it, the zoning board, the probate court which benefits, to the actors in court which benefit.

Ken and I have stated it is a scandal greater than Greylord — no constitutional rights, elderly with paid up homes and bank accounts being declared incompetent by standing on a porch, Doctors Rabin, Amdur and Shaw never see the patients, but are psychics verified by their own court testimony, no hearings, no attorneys appointed for those that object to the guardianship, judges that say 2-1401 does not exist in probate, lie after lie after lie.

You know, it’s great fodder for a blog, for a political cartoon, for the inconvenient and embarrassing  truth. We laugh and we jest.

But it’s the ultimate in horror show for the families that live thru this, the Tylers,the Drabiks the Sykes, the Bedins, the Wyman’s, etc.

It exists to the tune of Rosemary’s baby.

And and all I can do and all the families can do is pray and light candles and ask for angels.  That’s what I do.  Each day, every day.  My hopes, thoughts and prayers are always with you.

May justice prevail and may the ARDC be not afraid to confront it.